Strange BLP Morals

Submitted by Brandford Padmore

William Duguid MP apologizes for outburst

The Democratic Labour Party agrees with the very first line in the BLP’s column last week: “Tuesday, November 20, will go down in Barbadian political infamy as the date when” MP William Duguid showed his and his party’s true colours. His constant taunting of Minister Donville Inniss in Parliament is an almost weekly offensive. The difference this time was that the cameras and mike captured it. Since then, Mr. Duguid’s party has been urging him to issue a public apology “to save face”. This he eventually did three days after his vulgar outburst. But, that apology was self-serving, and was made only because video of the repulsive assault, and the vile and detestable language used, went viral. The “gentleman’s” lame excuse was that he was provoked. Well, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t hurl boulders!

Indeed, we wonder what one would call the constant abuse hurled at Minister Inniss about ownership of an alleged porno website, which local ‘fact-check’ has disproved since 2007; and Mr. Duguid’s assertion that “the Member for St. James South is immoral and can’t qualify as a camp director”. That is what started the to-and-fro.

But, who was really provoked? We wonder! Was it a seasoned two-term MP, whose weekly and weakly slings and arrows at Minister Inniss are like water on a duck’s back, suddenly snapping and going on a tirade, despite the Chair’s earnest pleas to desist? Or, was it a decent, first-term MP who is constantly peppered with vile comments; and whose sotto voce retorts are understandable? After all, he is still human. Watch the video of what transpired, and you be the judge!

Why did “the honorable gentleman” react the way he did? Well, many believe that, for one thing, he is not returning to the electorate; and two, that is his modus operandi. Also he may only be following an example set by his Leader Arthur as it is his style to Cuss people (this is usually in the wee hours of the morning after the ESAF has started to bite ) who disagree with him on any matter. What is inculcated sooner or later emanates. The BLP should try to explain away such gauche conduct and impropriety.

For sure, not even the Prime Minister’s most boisterous critics could imagine the Honourable Freundel Stuart behaving in such an obscene and disgusting manner; yet he is the most vilified and maligned politician in the DLP. The Opposition hacks take pleasure in attacking him daily; but, such only serves to embolden him and make him the gentleman he is. Yes, we still have politicians who are real gentlemen.

There are some questions the public wants answered; never mind Mr. Duguid’s refusal to take any when he read a prepared statement at his advertised ‘press conference’. We want him to truthfully reveal what was said to him? Was his a preemptive ploy that went terribly awry? Why were his colleagues urging him on? Why did it take him so long to tender an apology?

Tuesday’s vicious and vulgar outburst did not even resonate with your few supporters. How will you explain to our youth your misbehaviour? But then, we remember you do not have to; Canada is beckoning. Some BLP politicians could not care less! Like their leader, they attend as few sittings as possible to ensure their seats are not declared vacant, and to secure a parliamentary pension by holding on to once safe-seats, then exit the stage in a blaze of profanity.

What a way to go! The newfangled BLP Way!

60 thoughts on “Strange BLP Morals

  1. My point exactly the BLP’s long running abuse of Donville Inniss as the sultan of pornography is ignored by some looking to find excuses for Duguid’s foul mouth outburst.
    Inniss cant be the culprit he’s kept his cool amidst relentess ‘porn’ insults by the Bees.
    The culprit is the one who could’nt control his emotions or his potty mouth.
    By the way good riddance Duguid as you take off for the northern lights of Canada.

  2. It seems as we get closer to the ring of the belll the BLP has gone on suicidal mode. who could have prdicted such an outcome !the proverbial “foot and mouth disease” has given the BLP a terible case of verbal diaharrea and the horse that was seen as awinner now looks old, tired, and weak,sumbody tell OSA time to shoot that horse.


    One abusive outbursts by Duguid is preferred in an improved economy with money in people’s pockets than a DLP government limping along and taxing the electorate throught their teeth and Freundel Staurt talking shoite.

    Parliament is not a place of Priests and Peace, it is a place of Politicians and Puglistic Pursuits so stop Pretending that the Presence of People in Gowns and Suits makes it a Church.
    All sorts of things go on in Church.

    A man brandished a GUN in Parliament
    What if the other man had reacted
    A man called out another man
    and the other man cussed his ass —
    So that is going to make any difference to the result of elections in Barbados ?

    Man give me a Phucking break !

  4. One of the worst things to happen in Parliament was the legislation of the 8% cut to Public Servants Salaries. It was akin to a Criminal Act . IT WAS COMMITED BY THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY

  5. @ Douglas Leopold Phillips disciples
    Drivel and hypocrisy!You are pastmasters in the art of lying abuse of your opponents and speaking ‘french’ is always part and parcel of your armoury.
    It is understood however that a dying man will clutch at a straw and your attempt to make a mountain out of the use of a profanity which bajans have been known to use judiciously since 1639 is not only amusing but indicative of your ignorance of the history of your party.

  6. Somebody call me and tell me bout this but I say is bare lies wunnah telling on de BLP. But I just see it and hear it pun de video fuh myself. Well well well and Cinty dey sit down side a he skinning she teet and ponging pun de desk. I cant believe dem get on so rediculus. weel well well

  7. She was pounding and skinning she teet like you said when the man was making the speech. When he uttered the words he was seated and the video cut at that point . So get yuh facts right -Eric Perlexin Pearlie Lewis .

    It is amazing how you all people seek to change and colour things to suit yourself. This is a favourite pastime of some Bajans.

  8. Just a Ass King … Yuh miss de point cinty is a big experince woman and should be giving de man guidance, but it look like in de picture like dah was just sport tuh she. Is alright Dear heart. I could tell you aint take you Jenkins tabelets today. And dat is you business tuh keep guessing who I is. Dont make me laught. You want praying fuh!

  9. hahaha island gal you more wicked than onion even miller. Where is miller and onion they not commenting on their boy pillsbury obscene mouthings. Miller, onions where have you two morons disappeared to?

  10. Once again Dupoorly has done the public of Barbados a great disservice what he delivered yesterday in what was sold by the BLP as an apology was nothing more an excuse to the decent people of Barbados as to why he felt he should use the floor of Parliament mind you the highest court of the to curse an Honourable Member Of Parliament.

    This mealy mouth parasite who is living off the hard working tax payers by drawing a salary under the false pretenses of representing the people ought to have the guts ( and guts he has plentifully ) to have made a sincere apology minus the clutter an apology is what was required not an excuse for his gutter, slimy mouthing.

  11. licks too hot fuh miller and onions i hear onions have been downsized tio “deputy dog” and miiler Contract has not been renewed.

  12. What sense does it make in airing one,s dirty laundry in public albeit that one is having a “problem”while at the mean time attackingthose who could not meet a need .this operson is a free loaderand have no shame in demonstrating it.

  13. Duguid will have to explain at what point he underwent the ” grievious ” provocation that included attacks upon his wife and children that he spoke about . I invite ALL viewers to the video clip to take note that it was about FIVE SECONDS after he had sat down from his harangue that he blurted out the offensive and offending remarks . Certainly nobody could have carried out that level of provocation for which he attributes his foul mouthed retort IN FIVE SECONDS . Duguid’s ” apology ” is nothing more than a lame, self serving attempt at seeking the public’s sympathy . However it falls flat when his ” DEPUTY LEADER ” Marshall , informs that they are solidly behind him .
    WELL ! WELL ! What is the position of the NON-PLAYING CAPTAIN ARTHUR in all of this ? He too has a reputation for foul-mouthed offerings but I have never heard anybody accuse him of such conduct IN PUBLIC . The party on the other hand is ironically going up to Brittons Hill with all the power at its command to deal with the ” leadership of Freundel Stuart ” . Mr Stuart must surely be having a good belly laugh at all of this . If ever this country needed a person of the CHARACTER , INTEGRITY , DECENCY and DECORUM of a Freundel Stuart IT IS NOW …..

  14. No one in the BLP has the integrity or honesty to call a spade a spade. The most nasty expletive ever uttered on the Barbadian history of public broadcasting has come from a BLP politician and not one (including the poor excuse of a leader Owen Arthur) can come out and say ‘Duguid, you wrong”.
    5 days and then a poor attempt to excuse his behaviour.

    I think this crop of BLP politicians are more arrogant now than even in 2008 when they were rejected. We will make a big mistake if we ever vote to bring back this crowd. The BLP clearly has no respect the people of Barbados.

  15. Dr. Duguid is just a big pot belly liar.

    Provocation is only a defence in murder.

    Dale Marshall as an Attorney at Law should have told him that.

    The public is not aware that Dr. Duguid murdered Mr. Inniss because he alleges Mr. Inniss provoked him !

    1.It was only a few Parliamentary sittings ago that the same Dr. Duguid got up on the floor of Parliament and read from a piece of paper purporting to be a letter from one of his constituents. When the Speaker Michael Carrington called for the document…..Dr. Duguid produced a blank sheet of paper !

    2. During the Owen and Mia leadership fracas it was the same Dr. Duguid posing with both feuding camps as a “loyalist” !

    That specimen … a fraud !

  16. Dont know why all of you wasting your time, getting your pressure up worrying about Dr.Duguid, what he said, did not say, when he apologized and when he should have, or what he should have said.

    Fact of the matter is, Dr. Duguid is not running for parliament again. His family moved to Scarborough two years ago. He has been commuting. Calling him a parasite is ridiculous, he still has his 20+ apartments pulling down good rents. Where ever he goes, he will still be a dentist and can pursue his profession.

    To criticize his weight is cruel. Unc was heavy and so was his father. It runs in the family. Lots of Bajans bigger than him, just from eating too much of the wrong foods.

    Our late Prime Minister, The Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, God rest his soul, told another MP in the esteemed House of Commons to Phuck Off. When he was questioned by the Speaker, he said the words he uttered were “fuddle duddle”. Apologize? Nope… to the opposition’s fury. Millions of “Fuddle Duddle” bumper stickers were sold in the ensuing years. I am almost sure Hants bought one.

    Bajans not enterprising. Look at all the money to be made from some new bumper stickers rather than arguing back and forth without resolution.

  17. They all foul mouthed on both sides of the divide. Stuart just utters his in shakespear speak so the average bajan would not understand, cause in their minds it sounds like proper english. They all guilty as hell of profaning the bajan public, while continuing to be friends and godparents to each others children. Can u say playing games????

  18. We will make a serious mistake if we vote DLP in the next election.

    If you think that Duguid cussing Donville Inniss is going to win the DLP incompetent Government another term , you got something else coming yuh side.

    If Estwick brandished a Gun in parliament, SINCLIAR telling lies all over the place, the former DLP Prime Minister mixed up in Clico stinking mess, the unfulfilled 100 day promises and the failed promise to reduce the Cost of Living can win the DLP a Government Duguid cussing sluttish Donville Inniss for calling he a FAT slob and saying that he is a jacket baby father will not stop the BLP from winning any election in Barbados. (CALLING ALL “”FAT SLOBS”” in Barbados to vote against Donville Inniss and the DLP)

    You now come. You all seem to think politics is some kinda pursuit where nobody gets vexx, nobody curses, nobody pees, nobody goes to the toilet to pupp, nobody bathes, eats nor sleeps. You seem to think that politicians are Super human being so Duguid falls from this and you condemn to BLP.

    You need to grow up
    Yes I talking to you above including Perplexin Pearlie-
    Wunna now come so wunna know very little

    Politics is Blood Sports
    You need to grow up

  19. @Pat
    Fact of the matter is, Dr. Duguid is not running for parliament again. His family moved to Scarborough two years ago. He has been commuting.
    Duguid is a very lucky man to have a job that allows him the flexibility of commuting so far, wonder what his constituents think of a non resident representative.

    And the Speaker in Canada never questioned Trudeau about what he allegedly said, an Opposition member accused Trudeau of uttering an obscenity in the House of Commons and when Trudeau was questioned by the Press afterwards he denied it and said that he moved his lips and uttered “fuddle duddle”.

  20. For sure, not even the Prime Minister’s most boisterous critics could imagine the Honourable Freundel Stuart behaving in such an obscene and disgusting manner; yet he is the most vilified and maligned politician in the DLP.
    He might not curse in Bajan but he does curse and insult people nevertheless.
    It does not make him a capable Prime Minister
    anyhow. Maybe he should use some bajan curse words.

    There are no Saints in the House. Never have been. There were questions even about Errol Barrow , the so-called greatest Prime Minsiter of Barbados.

  21. Pat wrote, “Our late Prime Minister, The Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, God rest his soul, God rest his soul, told another MP in the esteemed House of Commons to Phuck Off.

    That was no surprise given how worldly he was. Smoked dope in foreign lands etc. etc.

    And no I did not buy a bumper sticker. I was never that stupid.

    The point is that Duguid and Inniss are both wrong.

    There is no justification for behaving like that in Parliament and I don’t give a puck who did it before in Canada or up the cow’s ash.

    If they want to cuss come on BU.

  22. If that is the case , all Parliaments are poor-rakey

    I keep saying that Politicians are not SAINTS. I know that some people worship them but they are there to do a job like anybody else. The problem in these small islands is that we tend to bow down to Politicians.

  23. @ Sargeant

    Thanks for the refresher. I stand corrected. It was 1971 a long, long, long time. Every car in my parking lot had a sticker. Kids on the bus started using the words to cuss each other.

    @ Hants

    There was a cousin in Toronto, not sure its the same Duguid though. I got the impression he was older, like the same age as the Dr.s father. Dr. Duguid’s family came from B.G. So there may be lots more with the name and not related. Father part Indian, mother part white.

  24. So we are holding our politicians to a higher standard of behavior than ourselves?
    Yes, and quite rightly.
    They put themselves up for election – to be our representatives and they should behave better than we do or face the consequences.

  25. I support Hants all the way.For me it makes no difference from which side the offensive comments came.Bottom line is that these remarks never should have been made,and we must all be cognizant of the fact that tomorrow’s children will be seen as the mirror image of today’s people.Exacly what message are we trying to send?

  26. You people who are so die hard when it comes to the BLP and DLP would do anything in your power to protect them. Even in the face of their obscene, repugnant and disrespectful behaviour they are the magicians that in your minds eyes have the economic wand to bring Barbados back to prosperity. Borrow and spend for 14 years and waisted money on stupid projects such as greenland, gems, the prison and the list can go on are what you considered good mangement. I bet you all got some good money from them hence the reason for your loyalty amidst what is obvious. Then you criticize this government who faced with serious economic challenges have tried. Yes they did they share of shite and blunder and of course lies but how can that compare to what the BLP cronies did during their 14 years of blunder. My vote will be cast but I will tell you now not for any of these two parties. And indepdent wil get it.. Some one else will have to profit but surely not these two brutish parties.

    • It appears the prevailing argument by politicos is that comments made as asides should provoke no reaction from the public.

  27. David from Duguid’s approach it was very clear to see he was intent on saying what he premeditated and said, it was no accident he was heard, it was his wish and his design to be uncouth and foul mouthed as showed off to be.

    I have NO SYMPATHY at all for him he is brash unmannerly sod and never forget his use of the computer at Parliament to post some of the worst post and post that were threatening to the lives of some, his uncouth behaviour and support he received from the vacant headed Drizzled Fowl Forde one would have expected her to have been trying to stop Duguid embarrassing himself and the two BLP parties that sit in opposition. But note a word of correction or control of the Philsbury Dough Boy.

    Nor have I heard a word uttered by one or the other the two party leaders neither Arthur nor Mottley have said a word in apology of the utterances of one of their own, now it is the CORRECT Or Twin leadership of the BLP. That ain’t saying Nutting, funny how life can be when you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

  28. Wuh happen to Onions? Has his shelf life expired? Did the word police arrest him because of his multiple personalities? (If he was a movie his name would be Sybil) All these bloggers pelting licks in the BLP tail and not a whiff of Onions.

    Onions I hate to say this I miss you and your Beephonics.

  29. Jevan the blogger The Red Indian from Red Advertising who said last election that he earned hefty money from Arthur to write and spew the message that corruption was fine once it was carried out by Mottley, Nicholls and Arthur, his contributions on here in the two names he goes under have been sorely wounded.

    I trust that with the attention to the work as a political operative that Red Advertising clients are not being neglected because in addition to the loss of business from both Mount Gay Rum and Harris Paints because of his political ties these business people have dropped Red Advertising because they rather not do business with those so deeply in bed with Arthur, Nicholls and Mottley.

    I hope that all the work permits are in place for the 3 American operatives that have been assigned to work with Jutugir bearing in mind the two workers brought in from Trinidad are here under the skilled nationals program but it does not cover the three American operatives that Nicholls has paid for to be here, and if you doubt me check the Coral reef Hotel where they are being accommodated since the beginning of this month.

  30. HELLO–This is not the Topic but I feel moved to make a comment on the Alexandra Report

    The Commissioner;s report in the Alexandra School affair does not worth the paper it is written on. The Report should be thrown in the Toilet.

    The commissioner has already shown cultural bias when he referred to you up here and they down there, The report reflects this cultural Bias and should be thrown in the Toilet. It is bare shoite.

    The commission of Inquiry was a waste of money, The Report is a waste of time that has a Eurocentric Cultural Bias that portrays the Commissioner as a relic of the Colonial past with racial and cultural biases so glaringly evident that disqualifies him and the entire exercise,

    Grade = Poor Poor Poor-rakey
    Conclusion : Only bout hey”

  31. Pat

    May 30, 2008 at 12:57 am

    May 29, 2008 at 10:09 am

    “…..Duguid is a nasty piece of work.”


    I have heard that before – from within his own family.

  32. for four years the BLP had been salivating at the mouth about all the wrongs of the DLP this blog could not stop the persistent and overload of misinformation and perceptions given as facts ,now the foot soldiers in onins and miller has disappeared in avoidance of the onslaught and the truths that have become evidence by the mouthings of theleader and MPS of the BLP .i heard that onions stole the bell.

  33. Gort

    May 29, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Some more information that might help: the computer at parliiament is in a room frequented by very few MP’s during that time. All of them were BLPs. Duguid was a regular visitor along with Liz Thompson. Those are the only two who used the computer.

    As to Duguid saying he never used threats against anyone. How laughable. Any man who woul conspire with a Speaker in the House to call members – in their absence – “the good, the bad and the ugly” would not fear threatening anyone.

    I have heard Duguid say some of the things he does to his opponents and some of the rumours he spreads against his opponents on the ground. These guys idolise Tom Adams and every wicked streak he had in his body. Duguid is a nasty piece of work.

  34. two hundred and eighty eight hits .the blp ship sinking and not a word from onions and miller seems like they grab the lifeboats and headed for shore.

  35. When you guys finish your back and forth fun-da- poke on the Donville and Duguid debacle let us come back to earth and face the reality of where this country is and where it is heading. I receave my light bill on friday the amount to be paid is $458.02. As it has been for the last 30 + months. This monthly bill can be reduced by simply instructing BNOC to reduce they profit margins. My Water bill continues to be around the $250. Range every month.

    The road leading to the area where i live was under repairs since February 2009 and it is not yet completed. In fact it worse now than when the repairs started. The cost of living that was job # 1 continues to spiral out of control with no end In sight, not even a solution seems to be on the table. So please tell me can we realy take another 5 years of this.

    My friends this is where the discussion needs to be, not on Donville and Duguid. there will cuss- out today and share a drink with each other tomorrow while you and i suffer, unable to pay our bills, cannot put enough or propper food on our tables (look at the size of the Ministers) cannot improve our family life and most of the middle class is needlessly sliping back into poverty.

    PLEASE floks, stop and think.

  36. Firefox,”not on Donville and Duguid. there will cuss- out today and share a drink with each other tomorrow”

    I have a feeling there is real hatred between those two.

    Uh wunda which a dum gine use the Canada FOI to get de real dirt firs?

    • @firefox

      Do you think that as intelligent people we can debate and address multiple issues? With respect to cost of living do you believe that any government can reduce cost of living in any significant way? Even Troy Lorde speaks to softening impact as oppose to price spikes.

    • David i honestly think that the cost of living can be reduced. I am reliably told that the average supermarket stocks about 40 – 44 thousand products. If we take 1% (400) of those items, things that poor people use on a daily basis and either reduce or remove the V A T would that not help. The problem is; nothing is done not even an effort to create the impression that they want to help.

      Sent from my BlackBerry® device from Digicel

  37. Instead of drunken rantings you should be studying what happens to you once the DLP bubble buss and they have no furthur use for your uselessness. See then if Kelly Glass or Ralphie will support you cause I doubt that anyone will want to go in business wid you after what happen to your last partner. Is true you offered Karb Cable contract to Red Advertising in Bequia this year? You know it is…but you were ignored as a little man of less influence. We hav bigger fish to fry…your lies change nothing. You represent a useless government and in that you fit perfectly. Go back to drinking bad rum in the boatyard and preying on ugly tourists….that is what you do best!

  38. These lazy bunch of foulmouth sleaze bags must be made to understand that they are not allowed to hate and curse each other (or pretend to) on taxpayers dime. Even the microphones the vomit their lying garbage out of is taxpayer funded.

  39. Seems to me that the Red Indian getting a little touchoust, LOL I only reporting what comes to my desk, and trust me plenty comes my way, if you have issues with people you are free to a rant and a rave but calling me names will not stop me from reporting the facts as they come to me Mr Red Indian, seems like Mr Gilkes has your head in a pickle, good for him, I am not he but if he has your measure I need seek his help to rattle you some more.

    Maybe rather than striking like blind elder Leroy and David you should say if yes or if no if your work has diminished because of your political affiliation to the drunkard Arthur and the BLP.

  40. How funny was it to hear Dale Marshall last night trying to sanitize the image of William Duguid.Were it not for parliament tv such an effort may well have been successful.There is no one in the current crop of parliamentarians as disruptive as Duguid.Also his apology and Mr Marshall ‘s lame attempt would have been more palatable had either one brought just a little clarification to the charge of making threats to a private citizen via the same PC as used by the BLP.Duguid is no saint.

  41. william duguid
    July 19th, 2007 at 11:53 pm
    My Friends

    I have been out of the country from time to time but I have followed the various conversations. but I was not moved to comment. First because no matter what I say people try to turn it around and secondly some people use this blog to be abusive and I will not sink to those levels.

    I came into public life with integrity and I will leave whenever the people no longer want me to represent them with my integrity intact.

  42. “William Duguid, the BLP Member of Parliament for Christ Church West, returned to Barbados yesterday from Canada amid accusations that he and his family have immigrated to Canada while Duguid unethically retains his parliamentary seat & salary. Even BLP supporters are complaining that Duguid is not providing proper representation to his constituents and are calling for his resignation. (Nation News: Call for Duguid to step down.)”

  43. Owen Arthur needs to stop promising everything he can think of and start telling the truth. He is not telling Bajans what spending he would cut.
    Mitt Romney went up and down America saying how bad things were under Obama but refused to be specific on soltions. You realise Arthur is doing the same thing – not one specific on spending cuts from Arthur, you want to know why?
    Because Arthur knows that he will have to send home thousands of public sector workers and the “privatisation” was the way to do it.He has no other plan. Thousands of public sector workers will lose their jobs – that is what the BLP has in store. Next time you hear Arthur speak, check that he never specifically outlines spending cuts. He will never be specific. The devil is in the details.

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