Well Done Sandra Husbands!

Submitted by Phoenix

Donville Inniss      (DLP) Sandra Husbands (BLP)

David fights against the giant. Dressed in his simple tunic, carrying his shepherd’s staff, slingshot and a pouch full of stones, David approached Goliath. The giant cursed at him, hurling threats and insults.” Am I a dog that you send this kid to challenge me? “

We all know how the Biblical epic goes. David takes up the challenge and slays big able Goliath with a first time slung stone. Sounds very current and maybe soon familiar as first timer Sandra Husbands etches away into Donville Inniss, a second timer’s territory daily. St.James South constituency was the stomping ground for BLP Liz Thompson before the last elections when Donville dethroned the incumbent by a meagre 311 votes.

Donville Inniss has now had more than four years to rearrange the furniture to suit his end, but how well has he managed to do so is debatable? Husbands has managed to infiltrate, the Don’s accustomed largess and pittance with down to earth solutions for her constituents’ concerns and neighborhood needs. The Don has been using governmental debushing and cleanup resources to the max. Husbands with limited resources, has organized many fund raisers and re-started  The West Terrace community neighborhood watch. She was also instrumental in their crime prevention thrust.

Already with things heating up, both politician are squaring up like two Haitian Prize fighter birds. Who shall win this now evenly see-sawed battle, the Joan of Arc with a potential 6% polled swing behind her, or The Don holding on to new found territory with more than enough financial resources ‘en breach’?

This one for sure, is one to watch, and may be full of surprises. Should the Don’s garrison fall, so will Sinckler’s, Sealy’s and the prize scalp, Stuart’s. Pundits are already placing much attention to this seat . The marginal seat with mega bucks verses a snowballing swing.  St.James South will  surely be the watershed and litmus, make no bones about it. A lot is riding on this seat.

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  1. We backing Donville 1000% – Donville Inniss has done more in St. James south in a recession than the previous MP did in 14 years .
    No lotta long talk – Donville will win because he deserves to win. From 2008, non stop he has been working and finding time for his constituents while managing arguably the most challenging ministry in Barbados.
    Give credit where credit is due – Donville has my X and I would be encouraging DLP and BLP supporters to join the Donville For victory campaign.

  2. This post is an exercise in counting chickens before they are hatched. People are forgetting that the seat is only won when the returning officer makes the announcement. You must realise that Donville Inniss is not an idiot: he is one of the few DEMS who acknowledged that the Cadres poll was cause for concern. As a result, he will pull out all stops to turn things around. Don’t count him out just yet. Both candidates still have lots of work to do before we can call it.

  3. Definitely a fire cracker…..David is eager to confront Goliath again in this era and might again do the dog….and you above… will still have your chance to mark your X .This is an extremest seat of Big Dollar wine . v. an escalating snowballing swing…..No matter how BIG the wine, Bigger may be the projected swing…311 votes offers no safety net….Here lies a marginal seat that the DLP won by a swing in 2008 and may lose by one again.

    Has the DLP been able to establish enough ground in 4 yrs to hold this seat, we will soon know. The ‘real raw meat’ for DEM is having to face the middle class which predominates this area….We all remember the entertainment travel allowances cuts and the increase in professional fees that may still be leaving some with sores and backs and ankles. SUV’s and big rides too so fashioned.

    Question is how many are willing to forget? A true litmus seat indeed…for not many will be able to afford the resources that will be put into this garrison…A fall here may be a signal to others…this is one that cannot be ignored.

  4. This seat is a real difficult one for the Dems.You have to factor in some apathy against Liz the last time as well as a swing against the BLP. If that swing can be recovered it would be very interesting. Donville will have to come up against a number of factors in this riding.
    1, His party has made many mistakes, bleeps and blunders with respect to the middle class.
    2. Donville has angered the pensioners with respect to drugs.
    3.Donville has shown an arrogance when he said he does not mind losing a few votes while he was savaging the poor working class people in Haynesville when the costs of drugs went up
    $, Donville has to come clean on some of the shady inferences attached to him,
    6. Donville has to answer if a special road was built so that he could bemefit
    7 Donville will have to convince alll Barbados and SJames South if the Dems really have a plan for a new hospital especially since ti was announced the Country was down graded to junk.
    I could go on but these would suffice for now. Donville for all his bravado is a political neophyte and a person who has a lot of bark. i would not say he would n’t bite but I do not know . Think on these things

  5. CBC was just a sea of yellow and blue…some smiles stretched 8″ w i d e…….but TV monopoly is just that…..news reaching these ears were not so rosy…..some places ..tell of FLASH GORDON…hmmm

  6. There ought to be a law against the nonsense that parades itself as news on CBC.Pastor Stuart,grinning Irene,Johnny Walker Todd,hurted Hutson,just in Husbands,semple Kellman,desperate Don,all bleating fire ‘n brimstone but won’t call the election for fear of losing the fatted calf now down to its bones.

  7. This self serving praise written by a MAN IN A WOMANS’S BODY down to voice and all is incapable of running a business but wants to run a seat, what a selfserving load of drivle and crap she has written on here,

    If she cannot convince even her own husband she is worthy for his support, she went to the nation talking to itself nonsense the other night meanwhile her husband went and listened to and took in the Prime Minister’s lecture at the UWI and was seen loudly cheering the presentation along and was the first person to spend some time chatting with Prime Minister after his lecture.

  8. @True To Form
    You speak in ignorance.

    Many of the middle class are also public servants who have not been sent home and many of the middle class are also educated and travel and are quite aware of how global events including fluctuating oil prices can affect a small open economy.
    1.They appreciate the debushing efforts and the push for greater accountability of owners of the vacant lots next to them to be cleaned and maintained.
    2. Donville Inniss is one of the most down to earth and approachable politicians in Barbados who has always embraced his humble roots.
    3. As a resident in the community, he has kept quite close to address the concerns of residents proactively.
    3.His visionary leadership in the Ministry Of Health is what was needed after the disasters that were Liz Thompson and Jerome Walcott.
    4.His rising stock nationally should come as no surprise to those who know his capabilities and the groundwork he has been doing from 2008.
    Donville Inniss is one of the best representatives that we have in Barbados.Decisive and a doer who deals with issues forthrightly.
    Vote Donville Inniss in St. James South. It is the right choice.

  9. “At this point BU is calling this one for Husbands.”

    At this point BU is calling all for the crooked Barbados Labour Party.

  10. Do you all really thinks it matters if the DLP or the BLP win the elections? Really and how does it matter? What will change? We just complained four years or so ago and now we are complaining again.

  11. @We voting for Donville
    I think the case against Donville from the points I have made have not been answered but I expect you to travailise and ignore the sailent points of my post. You seem to think that the puny and the trivia will suffice. People have not been sent home is not an economic policy. It is a political decision.. The Dems have not grown the economy and therefore there can be no expansion of jobs. The Private sector has lost thousands of Jobs, Are some of these people not Bajans living in St James South? Do these people matter? It is your economic policies which would put people in work and maintain the public sector in work,.not the simple decision to keep them employed. The Dems must do better. They and Donville have been put there to use economic and social policy to make the lives of Barbadians better not to make hollow claims . The danger of not moving the econmomy forward is costing all barbadians many millions doallars in debt service and a bloated current account deficit. You must answer to Dems failure to do some thing positive for mniddle class Barbadians. The points I have made still stand. Donmville must answer for the failure of the DLP and his less than candid responses to the dark and unspeakable side.. Let him come out swinging. We need to hear him. Think on these things

  12. GO Sandra GO…….On behalf of all THE MIDDLE CLASS ..who took the FULL BRUNT of the austerities……WE PLAN A OPERATION PAT BACK…IS we time…Go Sandra GO !

  13. @True To Form
    Nonsense. If thousands of potential tourists in the UK and USA and Caricom are out of work , would this not affect the demand in our hospitality sector and exert pressure to maintain employment levels in our biggest foreign exchange earning sector?
    Think on these things.You seem to try to suggest that in a global economic crisis of unseen proportions that employment in Barbados would be booming. The Tourism Relief Fund saved many jobs in the hospitality sector. The question should be asked why was the Barbados economy not restructured earlier instead of maintaining such a heavy dependence on tourism.
    Who should answer that question?
    In the Ministry Of Health – tell the people of St. John and St. Joseph, why the St. John Polyclinic was never restarted or why the St. Joseph Hospital was allowed to degenerate and be abadoned?
    Who should answer that question?
    Why was the electrical upgrade at the QEH not undertaken previously?
    Who should answer that question?
    Donville Inniss is decisive and action oriented. He gets the job done.He responds quickly to calls, requests and texts while managing one of the biggest and complex ministries in Barbados. He cares.
    We have a good MP in St. James South and we ain’t changing him.
    Come again.We voting For Donville.

  14. We have a good MP in St. James South and we ain’t changing him.

    WHO FOOL YOU…..St Andrew sooooooo far from St James…..visitor

  15. @we voting for Donville
    it was the Dems who stopped the St John Polyclinic.
    Your are saying that demand in the private sector fell and so jobs fell in the private sector. Agreed. So if jobs fell in the private sector then demand must fall in the public sector. so a decision to manintain job in the public sector is not an econonic policy. It is a political decision..
    You must answer the queries frontally and fully and let me say we can debate the work of Donville in the Health ministry anytime. There will be some credits but by and large he has to answer to the immgrants whom he wanted to disadvantage. He must answer to the pensioners whom he made pay for many drugs which would be a burden to them. He must answer to the people who must now go from place to place to find the drug that they feel comfortable with. He must answer for his arrogrance for stating he does not mind losing a few votes for his behaviour.
    he must answer for his announcement about the new hospital when there was no study or no plans on it. The hospital announcement came only days before Barbados was reduced to junk. These are but a snippet of the things he must answer and I notice that you cannot answer them either Think on these things..

  16. @ We voting For Donville | October 14, 2012 at 8:14 AM |
    “The question should be asked why was the Barbados economy not restructured earlier instead of maintaining such a heavy dependence on tourism.”

    Restructured into what? Growing marijuana like St. Vincent instead of sugar cane? Setting up of porn filming centres and bestiality farms employing young Bajans in mass orgies as part of our international business expansion and thrust to increase our exports to 40% instead of Kellman’s recently announced 20% in 6 months calculated using Kellmanomics econometrics and regression analysis?

    Barbados is a very small island with its only major natural resource being the sea and beaches. This is where its competitive advantage and niche positioning lie.

    Bajan workers might claim to be relatively highly literate but discipline and productivity in a business environment and legal and governance framework where people take timely decisions are more important and attractive attributes to foreign investors. There is where this country falls down badly.

    Now tell us, ‘voting for pornville’, where is the much promised Master Plan for the Tourism Industry? Where is the restructuring of the BTA now a headless parasite on taxpayers?

    What alternatives can you proffer in your restructuring programme?
    The International business Sector that has seen the flight of investment and companies in the last 2-3 years never seen before? What is the “Donville” and his bloating neigbour Georgie administration’s record in this area? The forgoing of Est. US$ 500 million in FDI and potentially 2,700 jobs? Brilliant!

    We will see with the present state of the economy -and the fast contracting private sector where the taxes come from to run the public sector – how long the government will continue to keep on the payroll an army of people doing nothing just for political opportunism to win an election.

    • @Miller

      Is there any reason why the ‘business facilitation’ ideas being floated by Arthur today could not have been implemented yesterday?

      What about the Master Plan for Tourism?

      Did public sector reform work?

      How about the BWA which was left to decay?

      The problem Miller is that we go through this nonsense every 5 years. It has to stop.

  17. @ Miller
    “The question should be asked why was the Barbados economy not restructured earlier instead of maintaining such a heavy dependence on tourism.”
    That ‘visitor’ to st.James talking SH!te…What more restructuring you could want than INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS…..THE SECOND LARGEST REVENUE EARNER…….Tom Adams introduced IBC’s and Owen Arthur increased it during his 14 yr tenure BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS…With the help of the likes of Peter Boos, Dr. Carmicheal, PWC and the financial fraternity….international business GREW and GREW and GREW under the OSA administration ….only for these SLACKERS to drop the ball and now going after a few $$$ casino gambling…..INEPTITUDE and IGNORANCE…’en grandous’….my friend…like ac unadulterated verbal diarrhea.

    • @Onions

      You know better than to come to BU with ish. International Buiness, Tourism, Remittances are all ‘externally driven’. It means if there is a global recession we have all of our eggs in one basket. We need to be innovative finding ways to cost save on energy and food. Alliances with Belize, Dominica, Guyana etc for food and energy we needed to have started what this government is attempting in hard times. Sometimes revenue can be found via cost savings and in the process a new segment sof economic activity can be created.

  18. @ David | October 14, 2012 at 9:06 AM |
    “The problem Miller is that we go through this nonsense every 5 years. It has to stop.”

    I can assure you, David that as night follows day or vice versa it will be stopped.
    Not by the politicians. It will be taken out of the hands of the politicians.
    It will be forced upon the country by outside forces.

    Privatization is a sine qua non for Barbados economic and social survival. We have a very short window of opportunity to avoid the radically invasive economic surgery by immediately taking some bitter preventative and corrective medicine ourselves despite protestations by the sick patient called John Public Worker.

    As repeated by the human subject of this thread: “Time longer than twine”
    And I would add: “Tempus fugit” and our airport is very much insight for fast landing to welcome the outside managers to oversee the process of putting poor Bim in administration to avoid potential bankruptcy. This is where a ‘fair” comparison between Greece and Bim can be made. It’s just a matter of time!

  19. @ David | October 14, 2012 at 9:33 AM |
    “You know better than to come to BU with ish. International Buiness, Tourism, Remittances are all ‘externally driven’.”

    That is not entirely true in the case of Bim. We lost, should we say, market share to many of our competitors because of the way we maintain our business household and other internally driven factors.
    This is especially so with regard to the international business sector. Many companies have migrated to other more ‘attractive’ jurisdictions. What about the opportunities lost with regard to the US$ ½ billion in FDI and est. 2,700 jobs all because of local lethargy and incompetence in both the civil service and legal sector?

    Also in the Tourism sector we have lost out a lot to more appealing and cheaper but offering value-for-money destinations in the region and the lure of un-spoilt, exotic, eco-friendly upcoming destinations like Cuba and Cost

    • @Miller

      Window dressing!

      All of the IBs that expressed an interest in doing business in Barbados would not have stayed. However the bigger point remains, we have all of our eggs in one basket as far as sales is concerned. Which offshore destination is striving? Five years ago BU alerted that with the 5-year expiration of treaties with Canada that other countries would be opted for as domiciles. It is business and we have to move on. How can we improve business facilitation when both governments lack the will to deal with the civil service and by extension the unions? What social partnership what!

  20. @ David
    The question begged of restructuring…..but again enters the Ole Goal Post shifting yet again…..Some seems to have forgotten the solar electricity explosion and IT recent ingenuity only really flourished about ja decade ago. Hence how serious could be this ask..

    “We need to be innovative finding ways to cost save on energy and food.”

    Barbados had just risen like a phoenix from the 1994 DLP ashes, and the ask is even more quantum development with overall sustainability intertwined addressed as well..Really how disingenuous can we be?

    The BLP came in 1994 and found the country in ruins..unemployment 24%…tourism assets dilapidated…IBC non existent..Manufacturing dwindling.. AND WE FIXED IT…WE SHALL DO IT AGAIN….rest assure people

    • @Onions

      You gained the reins of government on the backside of the oil recession followed by the greatest economic boom the world has seen. Financial analysts are beginning to suggest if the growth was built on sound a foundation given the collapse of global economies.

  21. @ millertheanunnaki | October 14, 2012 at 9:49 AM |

    Last para should have read:
    “Also in the Tourism sector we have lost out a lot to more appealing and cheaper but offering value-for-money destinations in the region and the lure of un-spoilt, exotic, eco-friendly upcoming destinations like Cuba and Costa Rico have contributed to our losses and moribund state of the local industry. “

  22. Here is a classic middle class HORROR of a family from Paradise Height. Mother, father and two daughters and a son final year in university in UK. One daughter second year UWI. Son on a supportive student revolving loan and Mon just got the green slip. Finances were tight before (allowances cuts). Now they about to collapse and son may have to return home.Real trouble on the horizon. You can be sure there are many of the middle class similarly plighted, but too shame to say a word.No girl that would spread like wild fire.

  23. @ We Voting for Sandra | October 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM |

    The next 3 years will witness a serious contraction of what you class as the “middle class”. These middle feeders off the State welfare food chain will be the biggest and hardest-hit losers with many finding themselves either living in poverty and putting up appearances in the heights, terraces, parks and gardens or returning home to the ‘villages’ and ‘Halls’ again among the poor and suffering from whence they came. As Black Stalin says in his song: “Sufferers can’t discriminate”. All of them are truly one!

    It might just be a blessing in disguise for the economic sanctity of Barbados and a mending of the societal fabric for blacks in Bimshire.

  24. @Miller
    “– how long the government will continue to keep on the payroll an army of people doing nothing just for political opportunism to win an election.”
    You need to ask the current opposition leader Owen Arthur that question.
    You guys have no shame.

  25. @True To Form
    “it was the Dems who stopped the St John Polyclinic”

    The DLP came to office in a recession and found the Country Park Towers housing project abandoned. The DLP restarted the project and completed it.
    What is your point?

    Ger Real.

  26. During the DLP mass canvass in St. Jmaes yesterday, that joker Sandra Husbands was driving around in a taxi trying to follow Donville.
    So it will be on election night. She will trail Donville big time.
    We voting for Donville.

  27. @ We voting For Donville | October 14, 2012 at 12:25 P
    “You guys have no shame.”

    And you have no sense! Aren’t you aware that this is 2012 and NOT 2007? The DLP is the party holding the reins of government not the BLP or OSA.
    The BLP can’t keep their people on governments’ payroll with people doing nothing.
    But why don’t you guys take Kellman seriously and get rid of those unproductive BLP agent saboteurs and operatives that have been accused of undermining the Cabinet’s policies and programmes. These people so accused are not widgets but identifiable individuals that can be dealt with accordingly. Why cast aspersions (sorry, “aspirations” to quote Kenny B.) on a whole group of people when those individuals are well known? Why not start in the Cabinet itself? There is at least one quisling among the rats who are about to jump ship again.

  28. @This one for sure, is one to watch, and may be full of surprises. Should the Don’s garrison fall, so will Sinckler’s, Sealy’s and the prize scalp, Stuart’s”

    i do not agree. no one knows how anyone will vote on that day. so if Don loses who’s to say the others will lose too? i do hope that Sandra does win this seat ’cause i think that don norville is a slimy, sleazy dog, i really do and he should not be in any position leading normal human beings. only total poppets will put another poppet to lead them

  29. @e voting For Donville | October 13, 2012 at 5:42 PM |
    ” Donville has my X and I would be encouraging DLP and BLP supporters to join the Donville ”
    what retarded ass are u? can u make a BLP supporter join the Donville …

  30. @Rough Chocolate
    “i really do and he should not be in any position leading normal human beings. only total poppets”
    An apt description for the corrupt,lying Owen Arthur.

  31. @Miller
    “The BLP can’t keep their people on governments’ payroll with people doing nothing”
    They did it for 14 years – ya joker…sorry.. ya hypocrite.

  32. @DAvid
    Is the middle class vote your only rationale for calling it for Sandra?
    the “measly” 311 votes understates the size of the swing he crafted (overcoming LIz’s deficit and then taking a lead).

    Just observing.

  33. @ David

    I can report that the DLP joint St. James branch meeting at Queens College has had a turn out which is not only very impressive but might be cause for concern for the BLP. The crowd is massive and is growing by the minute and police have been dispatched to direct the thongs of traffic at the junction where Queens College is located.

    The hall at the School is full with approximately 1,000 people and there is standing room only outside for and with another 500 people. The car park has been completely full since 5.30 this afternnon and cars are parked pass Husbands and down towards Holders Hill

  34. @ True

    Donville has to answer if a special road was built so that he could bemefit …

    What a pity. This cannot be hidden and it is indefensible. Donville is a bit of an ass, but his nest has always been well feathered. If there is one ex-public servent that knows how to use the public service connections to his advantage it is Donville. Truth be told the DLP had to beg him to win a seat for them. He has been in the party for a very long time but frankly he really don’ give a f#ck …! That new road thing only prove my point …!

  35. There is no special road, sir. Donville is a resident in St. James south. If roads in the neighbourhoods are done, it is obvious that the residents if one of them is the MP like other residents will drive on it.
    That is non issue.

  36. Quote from DLP joint meeting of St. James branches:
    “Owen Arthur said that Sandra Husbands has the personality of a cardboard”.

  37. We voting For Donville

    You flipping idiot. There are scores of roads in the constituency, and a couple of blind corners as well; roads in need of repair, areas where sidewalks could be placed and the ONE road that is repaired leads to Donville and Junior Alsopp’s homes … Even Maxene who just live ’round the corner din’ get a repave …

  38. I have supported the BLP over the years but this time around I will be voting for Donville Inniss in my area unless Freundel really messes up.

    I have seen a level of freshness and creativity brought to St James politics since Inniss arrival. I am aware of Sandra’s ever presence in the area – but I also realize that she seems to be unemployed and therefore has lots of time on her hand.

    I am not sure what Sandra has attempted to do since running from St George and St James North seats (where she was not welcomed). But I have seen new play parks, drainage improvement, roads resurfaced, signs erected, new housing starts, 200+ Haynesville residents stop paying rent, my kids can get to school easily, Wanstead Park now used for family activities, Haynesville concert (now an annual event), vacant lots cleaned up, plus alll the work done at the national level.

    What annoyed me the most though, is when Sandra and her supporters could say that Inniss is very rich and does not need the seat so vote for her. I find this insulting. Is she in it just for the money? I am happy to have someone who is independently wealthy and willing to serve their country. Such souls cannot be bought.

    I am satisfied that Inniss is deserving of my vote. SH may mean well, but entering politics at the age of 55 and up against a performer like Inniss who is 45, I rather go with the younger, more energetic one.

  39. @ Proud Bajan
    Like your predecessor,the ‘visitor from far far East” -Voting for Donville”, your bias and leaning sentiments place both of you squarely in the category of ‘singing for your supper’ and not to be taken as the gospel truth.

    We all remember the Wickham episode few weeks ago. If professionals would falter, then why won’t biased monikers.We all know Sandra is a proven worker, her affiliation with SBA out shine your accusations. Last night’s launching ( with the car park filled with vehicles from as far as St.Lucy and st.Philip) along with your surreptitious contribution, is all good as it does confirm the importance of this seat to the DLP’s future.

  40. Proud Bajan … understood, allot though NOT by his hand. But why the f#ck did he have to spoil all that with such an obvious abuse of responsibility …?

  41. David,

    Which one .. John are Darcy. If ever there was a Minister that could wag the dog it is Donville. I hear the talk about the popularity of Stinkler and I have taken a shine to the pit bull, but it is going to become increasingly obvious that what ever Donville wants he will/has get/gotten.

  42. @BAFBFP
    West Terrace was repaved and the thousands of residents there are quite happy for that. You can go in any constituency and say this should be done and that should be done but the BLP supporter who lives opposite Donville and calls the call in programmes regularly is not complaining.
    That is a non issue. The road is there for all to use including you.

  43. We voting For Donville

    As far as I can remember opposite Donville is bush land.

    There is another pertinent complaint about Donville coming from a guy who set up a drinks stall at one of his community fairs that were held on Saturdays in the NCF’s car park. The guy had a drinks stall and had to spend his time witnessing Donville giving away drinks for free only a few feet away. This is a small issue that exposes a far bigger undercurrent. These guys jus’ don’ give a f#ck. In the case of Sandra, she will be answerable to Owen the supreme dictator who also does NOT give a f#ck. You see the problem …?

  44. We the people of St. James South are deserving of better representation. The first time I saw Donille since elections is last Saturday when he was out canvassing. Mrs Husbands on the other hand has been very visible and seems genuine in her quest to represent the constituency. Me and my family will be backing Mrs Husbands one million % .

  45. Well Dun Sandra…well Dun……D posters dat pull down….if I did you…I won’t put them back up….PEOPLE DOAN VOTE FOR POSTER……not when Entertainment Travell and Brand name drugs ..pulling moe weight.


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