Is Senator Sandiford-Garner On-board With Kingsland?

Submitted by John Dillinger

Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner

Now isn’t it ironic that the parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Health, Senator Virginia Irene Sandiford-Garner happens to be the DLP candidate for St. Andrew, yet her administration takes a decision to site the new general hospital in Christ Church? Totally disadvantaging the folks in the northern parishes encompassing St. Andrew, St. Peter, St. Lucy (DLP stronghold held by Minister Denis Kellman), St. Joseph, St. Thomas and St. James.

Does the DLP really plan on making any inroads into the constituencies in these parishes? Certainly that decision to site the new general hospital will impact on Senator Sandiford-Garner’s chances as DLP candidate for St. Andrew in the next general election. Wait a second…was not her specific function as dictated by the late PM David Thompson the redevelopment of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital? By deciding to move ahead with a new general hospital, does it signify that the goodly Senator has failed in her role to redevelop the QEH?

Is all the massive upgrade and capital works at the QEH which was so glowingly spoken about going to go to nought when the general hospital is moved to Kingsland? Is this move a slap in Senator Garner’s face by her own administration? Are these people from the northern parishes only to rely on the outpatients clinics? Aren’t the residents of these parishes taxpayers too?

I believe like most other Bajans that the Hothersal, Waterford, Lower Estate or Salters areas would have been the ideal location for a new hospital but then again, we ordinary Bajans and taxpayers weren’t on the high powered committee or in cabinet who chose the site

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  1. Since there will be no redevelopment of the QEH there will be no role for Irene to play. No responsibilities mean no job.
    We can’t ask citizens to tighten their belts, implement public sector restructuring programmes as espoused by the MoF and at the same time carry an oversized, bloated and underutilized Cabinet; the biggest ever in Executive government since Independence. There might be jobs for the boys but Peace being a Thompie gal there will be no room on that “what not” stand for a pretty face windup doll. All things being considered one would wish to see you replace McClean. You got what it takes except you need to wrap up your arrogance in an old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.

  2. With all due respect but Minister Donville Inniss was flying a kite trying to divert attention from the economy last Friday as he knew that this bad news from Standards and Poor’s was coming. The MOF said that they expected the downgrade. This is how the Dems play their politics!

    New hospital what? Where is the finance going to come from? This land that they maybe considering was a large garbage dump site for many years. When the environmental studies are done, there is no way that they would be able to build there and plus this land has been the subject of serious legal wrangling for decades.

  3. I think we can seriously dismiss any idea of a new hospital. for the next ten years.

    1) No specs yet, as confirmed on thse blogs.
    2) No drawings, etc etc thus tenders, costings of equipment etc, far away.
    3) Building such an institution will take two to three years
    4) Impact of S&P downgrade, souring of finance (although someone did say that they ‘heard on the radio’ finance was coming from Canada, privately raised, thus a donation to Barbados, true or untrue?
    5) Prioritisation of revenue earning / supporting projects vs social infrastructure (that would create jobs over the capital project however) will be a consideration.
    6) Election on the corner, will impact ultimate solution.

    So, QEH redevelopment will have at least an 8-10 ye shelf life.

    But once again, who owns the Kingsland land?

  4. WHY WE JUST BEEN BUSTED………… S&P don’t tell some are willing to entertain thoughts of $1,000,000,000,.00 spend on a new Hospital ?
    Where would one look to find his kinda money? Trinidad ? Yeah let’s see if they interested in a PRIVATE hospital…..a very profitable investment.

  5. I fail to see the Irene connection Mr. Dillinger ……could this be yet another
    DECEPTION ? I rather talk Crop Over……

  6. @ Prodigal Son | July 18, 2012 at 8:10 PM |
    That is why I took up my cudgel and laid into him when he appeared with his bs. He might be able to fool the likes of CCC and ac but certainly not people with common sense.
    See the man has disappeared. Now that the downgrade shit has hit the fan the new hospital kite has popped and landed in Martindales Road for Irene to recover. Where would government be able to borrow over a billion dollars to construct a public good with few if any economic returns from overseas investors carrying a label marked “downgraded investment status aka junk bonds”?
    From Usain BOLT or T&T for the fireside sale of the air and sea ports?

  7. Don’t worry Miller all of Donville tricks will turn to bricks and Sandra Husbands and the middle class people of St. James South…..will do as with his wall ..push them down on him.. Minister of Health in the next administration Sandra Husbands…sounds good nah Sandra….




  9. The minister has come and gone it seems?

    BU regrets that Minister Inniss did not respond to a question posed by a commenter whether his family or related others have interest in any of the private health care facilities springing around Barbados.

    • @Enuff
      In response to this comment:

      Submitted on 2012/07/13 at 9:52 AM
      A very timely and thought provoking article BU/ David.
      The MOH input must be highly commended. Do wish more of our politicians were this forthcoming.
      While the minister is categorical in stating that he has no financial interest in any health care facility here in Barbados, can he also extend such a claim to relatives? This is not intended to “trip” the MOH up, however, it is being asked because we do know that one can make an investment in a relative’s name – e.g. mother, wife etc. while claiming that you are not the investor. I am prepared to accept the MOH at his word re this query.
      Does anyone worry that patient information/ confidentiality be compromised if we have non-doctors calling the shots in Barbados’ health care? Who is stopping any of these owners of such facilities from looking at patients’ health care records?

      Here is how the minister responded:

      Submitted on 2012/07/12 at 12:00 AM
      BU. I am happy to report to you that I have no interest directly or indirectly, in any private healthcare facility or health service provider in Barbados or any other place. My sole interest is in working with all stakeholders to continue to raise the level of healthcare available in Barbados.

  10. @ David | July 21, 2012 at 7:29 AM |

    The TRUTH hurts!
    Like a sword it will cut a clear, bright and shining path through lies, deceit, hypocrisy, ignorance and darkness.
    Adieu, Monsiuer Ministre de la Sante!

  11. @ David
    You sure he didn’t? I thought he did reply denying the allegation. What about the QEH cafeteria though?

  12. @ david
    aaah he never touched the family part. Oh well. But should his family starve because he is a Minister, recuse himself or the place too small?

    • @enuff

      You are retreating to same old same old position. This is not about starving but moreso transparency.

  13. If the location happens to move in St. James will the next article be about the MPs of St. John and St. Philip. If it goes in St. Thomas will the next article be about the MPs of Ch Ch. GROW UP!

    • @TJ

      Although BU agrees that a transportation plan can be designed to satisfy the hospital at the Kingsland, the point is that from anywhere in Barbados Bridgetown is currently accessible by ALL.

  14. @ David anywhere in Barbados, Kingsland can be accessible to all as well. I am not one of those Bajans that would prefer Hothersal, Lower Estate or Salters areas. There have public transportation problems as well for those areas so you cant with that argument. And btw the majority of the populace is in Ch Ch, St. Ph. & St. Michael. So as I said before in another post wherever the hospital ends up there would be unsatisfied people as they would want it ‘close by them’.

    • @TJ

      The issue here is not about the majority of the population, other factors are at play. We have many people who live in CH.Ch and St. Philip, should the hospital be located in Kingsland, would have to catch two buses.

  15. And if its in Hothersal, Waterford, Lower Estate or Salters areas many more will have to catch two buses. I live in St. Ph and I would have to catch two regardless. As you and I said before the Bridgetown area is the best.

  16. @ TJ
    It is not where the majority of the population resides now, BUT where they would be in the future and the absence or presence of a fully integrated polyclinic-hospital system.

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