ICBL Receives Declination with Disgorgement

Credit to The FCPA Blog

Barbados insurance company receives declination with disgorgement

The Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) received a declination with disgorgement from the DOJ Thursday for FCPA offenses related to bribing a Barbadian official.

Under the terms of the declination pursuant to the DOJ’s Corporate Enforcement Policy, ICBL paid the DOJ about $93,900 in disgorged profits.

The DOJ said agents and employees of the Barbados-headquartered company paid around $36,000 to a Barbadian government official, Donville Inniss, in exchange for $686,000 worth of insurance contracts.

Inness was a member of the parliament of Barbados and the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commence, and Small Business Development at the time.

The DOJ said Inness laundered the money in the United States through a New York-based dental company owned by his friend.

The DOJ gave ICBL credit for its timely and voluntary self-disclosure, thorough investigation, and remediation through firing of the individuals involved, among other factors.

ICBL is the first declination with disgorgement under the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy (pdf) that went into effect in November 2017.

The new policy made the FCPA Pilot Program permanent and incorporated it, with some changes, into the U.S. Attorneys’ Manual.


Harry Cassin, pictured above, is the managing editor of the FCPA Blog.

153 thoughts on “ICBL Receives Declination with Disgorgement

  1. @Hants
    A rough day…first we hear about saying no when fully primed, declination with disgorgement, then we try to figure out how cheap laundries wash without sanitizing, and now the Dean interjects one ab initio, such that DI going get tek down for a contract which was void to begin with. Even this Cuba libre avec Angostura en helping. Maybe Glennis is the fix?

  2. @ NorthernObserver,

    Glennis is my fix most days.

    At 66 I need a distraction and a reminder of when I was young. lol.

  3. You have the CEO of ICBL admitting his company bribed and profited from the bribe.

    ICBL then paid over the profit to Uncle Sam!!

    Donville is named as the receiver of the bribe.

    What other evidence is needed to prosecute ICBL and Donville in Barbados?

  4. @Sarge
    Don’t drink suds, sons will be happy.
    Same DF warned gas retailers about hiking prices on long weekends, now they do it on Wednesday instead of Friday.

  5. @ John the Quaker

    I going ask the Honourable Blogmaster to have you banned

    Look at your blasphemy of 11.13 pm this August 27th 2018 when you said and i quote

    “…You have the CEO of ICBL admitting his company bribed and profited from the bribe. ICBL then paid over the profit to Uncle Sam!! Donville is named as the receiver of the bribe. What other evidence is needed to prosecute ICBL and Donville in Barbados?…”

    John, what cusswords and derogatory language you have accosted all BU bloggers with!!

    4 sentences of such intense vileness and….. i dont even know what to call those words, oh shameful thing, o woe is all of we!!

    But John the Quaker, you would recall that the Commissioner of Police did say and I quote “We only pursue matters where we have a complaint and, as far as I am aware, no report has been made to us….”

    I sent your remarks to the grandson and this is what he sent back to me…


  6. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance with a replacement item for the remarks of John the Quaker

  7. Greene…..look……ya dummy..lol

    Despite his past actions, Simmons knows what needs to be done, or the island will go nowhere and the US and others will continue to breathe fire.

    “Simmons said he believed a number of staff had to be brought on board when the Integrity Commission came into play along with the new legislation, inclusive of specially trained financial investigators, accountants, information technology specialists, and most importantly, criminal investigators working outside of the Royal Barbados Police Force. (B”

  8. ore mi,

    you know that this legislation is Simmons’s baby. something he picked up in one of those British territories in the WI where he served on one of these said commissions.

    rumour is that he was enthralled by the submissions of British Financial Investigators which is a fancy way of saying police officers who are trained to look at bank statements and other financial records and put them down in a spread sheet with a bit of analysis that even you or Tron cant misinterpret

    i wonder how we are going to pay for all this given the footsteps of the IMF approaching and if it is necessary on an ongoing basis.

  9. I know Greene…the language is clear on Simmons’ last forage in the islands where he had to be exposing corruption, he picked up on ways to clean it up…

    Finding the money is their problem, they ALL created the corruption mess, let them clean it up…

    As long as the commission works and the act enforced and the corrupters and corrupt are punished and jailed or heavily fined, it means Simmons is genuinely trying to reverse the damage….I forgive easily, until I see it was a scam to trick us.

  10. As I said…the US and others would breathe fire on another corrupt government on the island if something is not done, what they did to the Turks & Caicos premier who was extradited and jailed would be nothing since these like to pretend they are above board while being the best at corruption. ..the choice is theirs.

    If Simmons is genuinely trying, we will know.

    “A rare open hearing of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on the proposed Integrity in Public Life Bill 2018 was warned today that the legislation alone would fail to keep politicians honest.

    The warning came from Sir David Simmons, the former parliamentarian, cabinet minister and attorney general under several administrations of the governing Barbados Labour Party who rose to become Chief Justice of Barbados.

    But as he addressed the parliamentary committee, Sir David spoke as the man who helped establish the Turks and Caicos Islands Integrity Commission he currently chairs.

    The former Chief Justice, one of two eminent persons making oral submissions to the Committee in the Senate Chamber, recommended that an Integrity in Public Life Act must be part of a package of related laws in order for it to get the job done of fighting corruption.

    “This legislation must be part of a package. It cannot exist on its own. It cannot adequately do the job. We agree that there must be a code of conduct developed which must provide for sanctions for breach of the code,” said Sir David.

    “You need a code of conduct, but more particularly… I would like to suggest, you need legislation to regulate campaign financing of political parties…and you need a Freedom of Information Act. I think those two, plus the code of conduct and this legislation [Integrity in Public Life Bill] as a suite of legislation will ensure that Barbados has taken proper steps towards providing minimum standards for good governance and the conduct of persons in public life,” the leading Caribbean jurist told the Select Committee chaired by Attorney General Dale Marshall.

    He recommended a sliding scale of sanctions, instead of the automatic dismissal of corrupt government ministers or judges which is required under the British overseas territory’s constitution. He suggested such penalties should include a reprimand or suspension.

    Sir David stressed that Barbados needed to get its house in order for the treatment it is likely to face from the international financial sector including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with regards to corrupt practices.”

  11. And guess who Simmons blamed for all the corruption…the SAME minorities whose names we tirelessly exposed for bribing government officials in Barbados…for over the last 40 years, Simmons knows…if anyone knows he dies, the minorities invokved want jailing.

    “But in a frank declaration, Sir David blamed the private sector for corruption in Government.

    “Corruption in the public sector is a direct consequence of willing greedy and corrupt persons in the private sector. There is big money in Government contracts, everyone knows that. And where legislation for election campaign financing is non-existent and public procurement legislation is toothless, I don’t think it is fanciful to suggest that financiers of election campaigns of parties expect that if the donees of their funds are successful they would have access to lucrative Government contracts,” he contende.”

  12. The Turks and Caicos commission works BECAUSE the British send down an administrator who don’t give two shits about Simmons or any of the other Island jokers on it, …and who probably treated them like the old governors used to do back when Bajans were FORCED to be honest in their government dealings.

    Transfer that to Barbados where someone like him is chairman and a question comes up about one of the BLP ministers, and tell Bushie how it will go….

    If Simmons had said that the Chairman MUST be a foreigner selected by the Canadian / British /Jamaican or other government, THEN Bushie would have confidence in his MOTIVES…..
    but a LAWYER??? a Bajan lawyer….???
    ha ha ha ha

    Wait …. wunna think Bushie born this century…?

  13. i am truly discouraged by the lack of knowledge on this site. apart from Misick corruption another type of corruption is the amount of money being charged by the lawyers in the trial. read all about it and they are British lawyers too. the same British you all look up to. and dont talk about the investigation- a pure free for all by the British

    Too bad Ralph Thorne resigned by telephone or he could have made some good dosh there.

  14. Simmons is reported to have said ” instead of the automatic dismissal of corrupt government ministers or judges ”

    ” penalties should include a reprimand or suspension ”

    How does it make sense to allow a corrupt government minister or judge to continue in office ?

  15. I agree with you Bushman…the Commission should be headed by nonbajans, persons unbiased and uncorrupted by the nasty Barbados system..

    ..you will not find a clean judge or lawyer on the island to sit on this commission and I am saying that from a position of knowing.

  16. Hants…and that is why I remain wsry of Simmons’ motives to attempt to hoodwink us, a corrupt politician, lawyer, judge just don’t stop being corrupt because they were reprimanded or paid a fine, they are always looking for a way to be corrupt or someone to be corrupt with. …the nastiness is in their DNAs.

  17. @ Hants
    How does it make sense to allow a corrupt government minister or judge to continue in office ?
    It DOES…

    If you know for a fact that they all are tainted …
    …and they are your friends and Lodge brothers…

    AND if the alternative is that a NEW set of uncorrupted officials should be installed
    – people who may go digging into the records and spilling beans…
    and being ‘transparent’ ….. and spoiling legacies….

    Trust Bushie
    It makes sense.

  18. But you know how bad things are when Simmons of all people put all the blame for the corruption in government and on the island SQUARELY ON THE SHOULDERS of the known corrupt minority crooks and parasites on the lives of the majority population…who hide like the cockroaches that they are within the minority community….the usual thieves who jump out to snatch everything and bribe every lawyer, government minister and permanent secretary…he stopped just short of naming names, but he knows he should call their names and those names should be called to international authorities because all these thieves got business interests outside of Barbados also.

    Simmons thinks he can do this half way…but he cant…the country was literally robbed of billions of dollars and that money is sitting somewhere.

  19. @ James Greene August 28, 2018 6:52 AM
    “….you know that this legislation is Simmons’s baby. something he picked up in one of those British territories in the WI where he served on one of these said commissions.

    rumour is that he was enthralled by the submissions of British Financial Investigators which is a fancy way of saying police officers who are trained to look at bank statements and other financial records and put them down in a spread sheet with a bit of analysis that even you or Tron cant misinterpret”

    Is this the same set of ‘British police officers’ against whom you were measuring only recently the Bajan white-collar crime ‘Bobbies’?

    Remember you said there was no light that could be seen between the two.

    So how come the local variety cannot do the same without the need for a brand-new secondhand set of laws to enforce in another but more bureaucratically paralyzed and politically constrained system?

    When you see Greenverbs being charged for money laundering $3.3 million in local Mickey mouse currency and the tax authorities investigate the whereabouts of the gratuity payments of equivalent value then we will listen to you and your spreadsheet BS.

    But we forget that dead men can tell no tales even if there is a “complainant” who ‘forensically’ witnessed the crime!

  20. i will type v slowly here. there is no integrity commission in the UK or at least not in the form that obtains in the Caribbean. Financial investigators work mostly as police officers in Fraud Departments in the various British forces and in bank enforcing M/L regimes.

    the commission that Simmons was a part of was establish after the Misick investigation and these British FIs were brought over to be a part of that.

    having worked and lived in Europe i can tell you that they have nothing on us in terms of intelligence etc.. We have to improve on certain things of course- things that we all have already mentioned. we must improve ourselves and stop looking for outside help and if we want help, look to bajans who have experience in the area. that is another problem in itself because from the tenor of this board we dont trust ourselves or people who look like us.

  21. Donville is only the first but rest assured that those who are rejoicing in the BLP, should be very cautious.
    What I am having a very good laugh at,is that we have been told, that MPs have declared their assets but these assets , are only known to the cabinet secretary and that there are being kept in a safe. This transparency promise is a bare joke. I elect you and I vote for you but I don’t know how much you are worth. So, when I see you driving cars that cost over $200000 and gone from a modest rented bungalow, to ownership of million dollar properties, I still don’t if you were that rich or if you involved in corruption.
    The real reason, I believe that those assets were not made public, is the simple fact that there are some people in parliament, that worth so much money that if it were revealed, the Integrity Commission, would have to meet very first thing in the morning , to hear where they got all of that money from, even before they were MP’s.
    Full disclosure: In the interest of transparency, let the public know what they are worth right now!
    I don’t elect no cabinet secretary.

  22. Greene..ya full of shit..you don’t even know what the UK have and don’t have..do you really think they are going to tell you..oh please, get over yaself..

    if things are so great in Barbados, why are you in UK..

  23. mostly i am in Europe because i dont want to deal with people like you and Tron, who talk about things they have no clue of and refuse to do a bit of research.

    i love Bim and i know we have a bit of work to do wrt strengthening our institutions so that they work efficiently to a process that doesnt encumber bajans. it is the process that is important and not so much the people altho people ensure the process is followed.

    i know that Bim is not unique in how it misfires. i have experienced enough dysfunction in other part of the world to know this. a lot of you people get here and cuss white people but ironically when you want an issue solve it is the foreign whites to whom you all want to turn.

  24. Speak for thyself…maybe you have to turn to foreign whites for everything just like the crooks in Barbados who sell everything to foreign whites..

    …had both governments not been so corrupt for so long, the US nor anyone else would have to get involved so they don’t end up paying out millions of dollars in AID to a suffering population..every year… because of corrupt black criminals in the government and in the Bar Association, who colluded with minority business criminals to rip off the population their land and money..think on that.

    And that David Simmons better be telling what he knows to international authorities…he knows exactly who robbed the treasury and pension fund….they can’t very well expect to access international loans and don’t clean up the filthy corruption they all created.

  25. Some people are supposed to know when they are in over their heads, they have degrees, are lawyers, was attorney general AND Chief Justice….other people are digging up old documents..I did not even know this information existed online since 2009 or I would not have wasted energy doing research on CGI Insurance…all the information is already online and someone is reviving them.

    “Sir David’s Corporate Records Not A Pretty Sight

    Keltruth Blog digs into the murky corporate records of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons

    The folks over at Keltruth blog have been at it again — rummaging through the property and corporate records that are available to them in Barbados. They don’t always find all of the records, and we have a feeling that some records disappear at exactly the time they walk in the door, and then magically reappear when they leave the government office.

    But they always seem to find enough records to piece together the most curious of stories every few weeks, and this week is no exception.

    Chief Justice Simmons – Career Politician Is No Independent Judge!
    As a lifelong professional politician, Sir David Simmons at times served as Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados, Attorney General and Cabinet Minister in the Owen Arthur government. In private law practice Sir David represented many clients in large land deals and was himself involved in land speculation and business deals through various companies in which he had a stake.

    After making his fortune and mastering the Art of the deal, Sir David decided to leave the rough-and-tumble of politics for the stately dignity of the post of Chief Justice of Barbados.

    As Barbados Free Press extensively covered in the past, David Simmons had to reinvent himself [at least publicly] before taking the position of Chief Justice. Much like a girl whom too many men know too well, Sir David had to be reborn as a new virgin in search of a husband — or in this case, a respectable job.

    He attempted to do this by resigning from politics and the government for a few months before then Prime Minister Owen Arthur [his good friend and drinking buddy] anointed him as one of the most powerful men in Barbados. Once freed from the backroom deals of politics, Sir David’s dignified place in Barbados history was assured… Or so it seemed…

    The only fly in the ointment are all those legal documents floating around Barbados that Sir David signed before he became Sir David!

    Well, Keltruth Blog has rounded up some of those documents and it’s not a pretty sight. Apparently the Chief Justice recently testified that he resigned from one of his corporations in 1994. The only trouble is that no record of his resignation appears until 2007 when he was about to be exposed. And then there are other of Mr. Simmons’ corporations where no financial statements were filed for years — contrary to the law.

    Barbados deserved a Chief Justice who could be seen to be independent of politics and political favoritism, but the good of the country came second to raw ambition and the consolidation of power.

    It was unethical for Prime Minister Owen Arthur to appoint his Attorney General as our Chief Justice. It was unethical for David Simmons to accept the office of Chief Justice, but he wanted it so badly for himself that he was willing to undermine the independence of our judicial system and our courts.

    Sir David Simmons wanted to appear as Chief Justice like a Virgin bride on her wedding day, but the corporate documents found at Keltruth are like an old boyfriend at the back of the church yelling, “Hey Hot Stuff, remember that night when?”


  26. So much information has been out there online all this time about him and CGI Insurance, Peter Harris and Rommel Marshall and the Transport Board contract…and what I posted over the last 5 years is nothing compared to what has been there for years before that, goodness me.

    So I guess those who monitor internet activity already had the information from 2009…

    As I said, ya have to know when ya in over ya head.

  27. Greene…we both know better, I am just really pissed that I spent so much time doing my own research when the damn information was there online all the time, just look at the multiple links…steupppsss

    feel free to google..everyone is sharing..

    Barbados Chief Justice involved in Corporate Law breaking – documents online

  28. That was quick, their IT guy Piece’s friend Jong is working for his money, but too late, everyone already got the info.

  29. Apparently there is something people don’t know about the internet and I am definitely not going to be the one to tell them..

    “No Financial Statements Found for Any of the Three Companies
    We were unable to find any financial statements for any of the Chief Justice’s companies. In particular, CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Company Limited may be required by law to file audited financial statements. I would have thought that since CGI was an insurance company, it would go to great lengths to comply with the law. I believe the public is due an explanation.

    Here is a quote from Barbados Underground, “Dateline Bridgetown, Barbados”, September 28, 2007:

    We assume this is the same Rommel Marshall who participated in the award of an insurance tender to Consumer Guarantee Insurance (CGI) which it is alleged was higher than the nearest offer. On top of that, there is the conflict of interest angle where a Director of CGI, Mr. David Shorey, is known to be a very close friend of Prime Minister Owen Arthur.”

  30. @James Greene August 28, 2018 9:47 AM
    “….having worked and lived in Europe i can tell you that they have nothing on us in terms of intelligence etc.. “

    @ James Greene August 28, 2018 11:07 AM
    “i know that Bim is not unique in how it misfires. i have experienced enough dysfunction in other part of the world to know this. a lot of you people get here and cuss white people but ironically when you want an issue solve it is the foreign whites to whom you all want to turn.”

    Dear James, it seems you have your knickers in an argumentative twist in posting the above conflictingly contradicting statements.

    Or are you having a laugh while taking the mickey out of the Bajan BU ignorati blissfully unaware of how things operate in the UK when it comes to white collar crimes?

    How can you seek to put on the same keel the SFO in the UK with the Tom & Jerry managed Bajan FIU?

    Do you really think that given the amount of forensically-gathered evidence and available in the public domain the white-collar hoodlums involved in the CLICO heist would be able to get away with financial blue mass murder if such outright fraud was perpetrated in the UK?

    BTW, if the Bajan sleuths are such top dogs in the art of criminal investigation why are they sent for ‘further training’ at Hendon?

    Shouldn’t that ‘mother-of-all’ training institution be looking to recruit and employ from the Bajan police gene pool of highflyers parading in yellow and blue?

    Doesn’t such a still lingering colonial dependency reinforce you point about Bajans still needing “foreign whites” to tell them what and how to do things ‘right’?

    If you want to compare things ‘Bajan’ with things ‘British’ then just stick to the game of cricket; not even beer drinking.

    Barbados is an incestuous rat-hole of ‘failing’ institutions when compared to the UK.

    Go compare yourself with St. Lucia or Antigua or even Jamaica!

  31. miller,

    i dont think its the SFO conduct such duties any any longer. i believe the agency you are after, is called the National Crime Agency sort of like the FBI but in the British sense and has taken over much if not all of the SFO’s crime fighting functions. even on these simple facts you all have to be corrected time and time again.

    if you went to Cawmere i am duly ashamed.

    to the topic- the Bim police from what i have seen of them are just as good as any crime agency i have seen. the British and the US have the technology but at granular level they have nothing on Bim. Bim police get info that those other services pay top dollar to get and even then it is not as good.

    what i would concede is that there needs to be a regional police service that cuts across the region like the FBI or the NCA. and it must be an offence to give a false statement of material fact in any investigation being conducted by such a regional force.

  32. @ James Greene August 28, 2018 6:59 PM

    How is that “info” extracted other than signed confessions, so-called? You better ask PUDRYR about Nazeem B!

    You have to be a true-blue joker.

    Next minute you would be telling BU that the BDF is just as good as the SAS and MI 5 & 6 combined.

    You have missed the point. Whether the SFO has had a makeover-and its main functions of fighting serious fraud and corruption- have been taken over by an agency renamed the NCA or even ‘CAN’ the point remains that there is absolutely no comparison between the Bajan ‘Intelligence’ agencies and the security management and crime fighting abilities of those law enforcement agencies in the UK.

    Let us see if, as in the case of Barbados a recently appointed female lawyer, would make a difference at the SFO.

    But, in the final analysis, we get your point. The local boys are rather overly competent in catching the small-fry petty criminals well known to them; even the regular corned beef thief paraded in your daily scandal sheet.

    Now let us see if your well-trained and summa cum laude Bajan investigators can enforce the following piece of legislation:

    “Sec. 3. (1) A person engages in money laundering where
    (a) the person engages, directly or indirectly, in a transaction that
    involves money or other property that is proceeds of crime; or
    (b) the person receives, possesses, conceals, disposes of, or brings
    into or sends out of Barbados any money or other property that
    is proceeds of crime.

    (2) For the purposes of this section, a person engages in money
    laundering whether he knows or has reasonable grounds to suspect
    that the property is derived or realised directly or indirectly from some
    form of unlawful activity or, where the person is

    (a) an individual, if he fails without reasonable excuse to take
    reasonable steps to ascertain whether or not the property is
    derived or realised, directly or indirectly, from some form of
    unlawful activity; or
    (b) a financial institution, if the person fails to take reasonable
    steps to implement or apply procedures to control or combat
    money laundering.

    Any act done by a person outside Barbados with intent to do
    that act within Barbados is, if it would be an offence within Barbados,
    an offence under this Act.”

  33. Ah keep telling Greene he is full of shit…let him go back to Barbados and get a crime committed against himself and he will see just how good they are…unless the cops on the island hear drugs, they don’t even move..lol

  34. @WARU August 28, 2018 8:40 PM “unless the cops on the island hear drugs, they don’t even move..lol”

    True, true.

    I reported a break and enter and theft of $60 On Whit Monday, June 2010. And because a member of my household had seen the burglar, I even told the police EXACTLY where they can find the fella who routinely sells stolen goods on lower Swan Street. I LAID A WRITTEN SIGNED COMPLAINT.

    To the best of my knowledge he has never been arrested yet.

  35. James Greene,

    Again you are right. The SFO is a totally different organisation. The National Crime Agency – an amalgam of the Regional crime teams and the investigative arms of customs and immigration – acts as the UK’s FBI.
    CARICOM urgently needs a cross-border team of investigators with powers to arrest in any member state; this can be done, as I have suggested before, by separating the uniformed police from the detectives, giving the detectives their own command structure (while they are at it they can separate the traffic police in Barbados).
    A CARICOM detective agency with a witness protection programme, working closely with the various Coastguards, would be in a position to take the fight to the big criminals.
    But training is key. Beating up suspects is not good policing.

  36. Simple…ya think they are easy, someone ran in the back of me sometime back, the police were called immediately, I sat there waiting for three hours, saw a police car pass with their windows rolled up, about half hour later police control called to find out where this accident is because the police saud they passed there and dont see it…so naturally I said will I saw the police past right by the accident on a damn HIGHWAY…two cars parked, one extensively damaged and they never stopped..

    Greene is full of crap.

    One night some ladies had a flat tyre on the highway and police vehicles after police vehicle passed and not one of them stopped to find out if it was a murder being committed, if someone was sick and in distress…nothing, they all just zoomed right by, had someone told them there was drugs and money in that car…the whole damn police force would have turned up,

    but to hear Greene tell it, oh they are much better police investigators in Barbados than can be found in UK…but ya can guarantee he is not leaving europe.

  37. @ the Sage Annunaki and WARU

    I see that the two of wunna baiting de ole man to comment on the erratic remarks of one European out patient!

    The comments he has been mankind for the last few hours are consistent with those of suspects at district A Police Station whose *** and balls were slammed in the station sargeant’s drawers.

    The ones in the desk not the other ones heheheheh

    Oh Sage Annunaki you sais ant i quote “…the point remains that there is absolutely no comparison between the Bajan ‘Intelligence’ agencies and the security management and crime fighting abilities of those law enforcement agencies in the UK…”

    And no amount of bath in in a plastic bag over my head will cause me to retract my agreement with that statement ELSE WE WOULD HAVE HAD A FEW ARRESTS AT ICBL and maybe even Rommell Marshall heheheheh

  38. Rommel should be getting a 25 year prison sentence under the new integrity legislation act, he is still a pimp for CGI/Harris…that was a massive bribe he took to sell out the Transport Board…..if only the drafters of the same integrity legislation were not trying to hoodwink the population by setting the statute of limitations to 2 years only, instead of making it retroactive to 20 years…. in their desperate attempts to cover their own asses from some prison time for THEIR corrupt practices while in government and sitting on the supreme court bench back then…in the 90s-2008.

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