David Comissiong Responds to Sinckler and Inniss and their Demagoguery


Ministers Donville Inniss and Chris Sinckler

Perhaps Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler  and Minister of Industry Donville Inniss could explain to us Barbadians how the process of having Mr Mark Maloney construct a  hotel at Bay Street, St Michael would boost Barbados’ reserves of foreign exchange.

It would seem to me that Mr Maloney would be likely to use up and further deplete Barbados’ reserves of foreign exchange during the process of constructing his hotel, since most of the construction material that he would be using would be imported into Barbados and would therefore have to be purchased with our scarce foreign exchange.

Any possible foreign exchange earnings from such a project would clearly be several years down the road, if and when the hotel gets up and going and is able to attract additional foreign tourists to our Island.

Furthermore, it is factually incorrect to suggest that I, David Comissiong, have had Maloney’s project put on hold by way of a High Court injunction. Rather, what I have done is to ask a Judge of the Supreme Court of Barbados to subject the grant of permission to Maloney’s company to a process of JUDICIAL  REVIEW.

The facts are as follows:-

In July 2016 Mr. Mark Maloney made a public statement  asserting that he would be commencing the construction of a 15 storey Hyatt hotel in September 2016 .

I then responded to Maloney’s statement by writing  to BOTH the Chief Town Planner and the Minister Responsible for Town and Country Planning (Mr Freundel Stuart) expressing consternation at Maloney’s statement, and asserting that the Law of the land demanded that Maloney’s application be subjected to a physical and social “Environmental Impact Assessment” (EIA).

Needless to say, I received no response from either the Chief Town Planner or the Minister — not even a letter of acknowledgement of receipt of my letter !

Furthermore, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart — the Minister Responsible for Town and Country Planning — ultimately went ahead and simply granted Maloney’s company permission to construct their 15 storey hotel without having the benefit of the findings of an Environmental Impact Assessment to guide and inform him in the making of his decision.

It is against this background that I decided that it had become necessary to have a Judge of the Supreme Court of Barbados examine the manner in which Mr Stuart had dealt with the application of Maloney’s company, and determine whether Stuart’s decision was lawfully made. This legal procedure is known as JUDICIAL  REVIEW and it is provided for by the Administrative Justice Act, Chapter 109 B of the Laws of Barbados.

It needs to be noted that under the Laws of Barbados there is a category of construction projects that require the carrying out of an Environmental Impact Assessment “BEFORE” any permission can be granted for them to go ahead. And this is so because these projects possess the potential to do serious damage to the precious physical and social environment of our country.

It is therefore in the best interest of our country to have a Judge of the Supreme Court examine Mr Maloney’s project and its implications for the physical , social, cultural and heritage environment of Barbados, and determine whether the manner in which the Application for the project was processed by the Minister was in compliance with the standards and procedures required by the Laws of Barbados.  This is what the Application for Judicial Review that I filed in the Court on the 22nd March 2017 is all about.

I also subsequently filed an Interlocutory Application requesting that the Court grant an INTERIM  ORDER suspending the Grant of Permission to Maloney’s company  until the Court can hear and make a decision on the JUDICIAL  REVIEW application. This request for an INTERIM  ORDER is in keeping with Section 72 of the Town and Country Planning Act of Barbados. However, this Interlocutory Application has not yet been dealt with by the Supreme Court of Barbados.

Furthermore, Mr Stuart, the Minister Responsible for Town and Country Planning, has indicated that he is opposing the request for an INTERIM  ORDER suspending the grant of permission to Maloney’s company while the Court carries out the process of JUDICIAL  REVIEW.

Thus, as of today’s date, the grant of permission to Maloney’s company still remains in effect, and, to the best of my knowledge, Maloney is continuing to do work on the Bay Street site.

Ultimately, a Supreme Court judge will review this entire matter and will determine whether the permission that was granted to Maloney’s company was lawfully or unlawfully granted. If it is determined that the permission was not lawfully granted, one would then expect the Court to quash the decision and the permission.


  • @William Skinner April 21, 2017 at 6:41 AM “Privatizing the QEH is actually dismantling
    free health care.”

    But health care has never been free.

    We have always understood that we pay for it through our taxes.

    Was our understanding incorrect?


  • NorthernObserver

    I’d be interested in the GAIA, nothing else.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ NorthernObserver April 21, 2017 at 1:16 PM

    What about the BWA? That soon would be on the chopping block. Why do you think it has been brought (again) under the FTC regulatory framework?

    The problem here, “NO”, is that both the GAIA and BWA have been ‘reserved’ for foreign buyers paying with foreign money. But you are too small a financial fly to qualify.


  • Where there is a sense of morality and the redressing of past imbalances assuming importance in the delivery of a safe peaceful Barbados for the majority black people,the Stuart administration is allowing itself to be duped by a few of the albino centric minority.Barbados had better wake up to Barrows warning.Without being xenophobic keep a watch on that new Indian hospital in Upton.Guyana is riddled with the corruption and evasiveness of the Indian input.Indians are equally as racist as the albino and the japs.


  • Miller
    A colleague told me he called BWA to enquire the balance of his account and was told that up to yesterday April 20th the bills have not yet been updated for March water supply.The 82 year old Chairman and the new banker for a General Manager saw it fit to expose Bajans to the nastiness they drink last nite on DLPTV.We witnessed 3 guys coming out of a water well in shoes and ordinary clothing purportedly checking on a malfunctioning new pump.Why does BWA think a citizenry need to know the nitty gritty of their inner workings.People want clean water not that type of inside washing of dirty linen in public.The woman joyanne and the new man in the van.You all are wasting people’s time.Explanations are now past tense.People want clean water and a smooth running BWA.You at BWA are totally ineffficient from the bloody top down.I’ll give the engineering staff a plus for their knowledge and efforts,but marketing,management and administration a huge minus.


  • Public transportation in Barbados is partially privatised and apart from the nonsense some drivers do, private buses are arguably more reliable than Transport Board. The question is what framework would be put in place to ensure all routes are appropriately served and drivers disciplined. I we can take the hustle out of then the “wildboys” should behave.


  • Dark clouds usually bring rain


  • Enuff
    In the bad old days of Whitehall oversight aka colonialism,things worked in the plantation called Barbados.Unfortunately as is the current situation things were one sided.Certain people of a certain hue lived liked lords of the manor.Their enforcers got a small bit of the pie but it made them accessible to the lord or lady of the manor and they worked doggedly to keep the majority folk at bay.All the celebration and all the hifalutin talk,the lord of the manor switch horses from the manor location in the plantation yard and move to the seaside portion of the plantation carrying the same modus operandi.The only obvious change is the hue of the law makers now of the majority people but they may as well be still labouring in the fields and hills beyond recall because the same manor man running things whilst accessing the majority people pension money.So the majority people still in bondage or slavery because when they think they are saving for a rainy day,the black parliamentarians giving the lord of the manor access to the black man savings.Another way to control and enslave.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger


    One of Allen Sanford’s Antigun pimps to be extradited, am so glad, that is what happens to black men who have no self respect and would sell their souls and own people to any minority inexçhange for bribes and kickbacks…hope he too gets 150 years in the cell next to Sanford….traitor.

    ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The way has been cleared for the extradition of the former head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), Leroy King, who has been accused of being involved in the multi-billion dollar Ponzi Scheme that was operated by former businessman R. Allen Stanford.

    The decision was handed down in court yesterday by Justice Darshan Ramdhani who said that after reviewing King’s arguments, he saw no reason why King’s claim for constitutional relief or the application for leave should be allowed.

    On June 24, 2009, the United States made a request for King’s extradition to face trial on 11 fraud related crimes.
    Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Anthony Armstrong argued against King’s appeal on behalf of the United States.

    King has been accused of helping Stanford in exchange for US$100 000 in bribes. The charges against him include wire fraud, mail fraud and conspiracy to obstruct investigations. (CMC)

    See more at: http://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/95965/financial-services-head-extradited#sthash.hehqNoOV.dpuf


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger


    The bribe share must be getting smaller and smaller that Inniss is complaining….ya would think he would talk about the lack of govermnt regulation of the ponzi schemes ad mòney collection agencies for insurance compnies in Barbados.

    Of course things are tight everyone wants to be top crook and top thief, the islanď is not big enough, the population growth is sĺòw ànd has hàrďĺý chanģèd in 20 years…and will not exceèd 300,000 people.

    Besides Dumbville shoùld know, his close buddy sold CGÌ Towers to Scotìa bank and is now rèñtìnģ some officè spàçe in the same building, from Scotia….lol

    “THERE MAY simply be too many insurance companies in Barbados, said Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development Donville Inniss.
    Related articles

    During his feature presentation in the latter part of the General Insurance Association of Barbados’ annual general meeting at Radisson Aquatica Resort today, Inniss said such high numbers served to the detriment of the industry.

    He said the local insurance network had developed to the stage where there were 22 domestic insurance companies, 23 insurance brokers, 16 loss adjustors and more than 500 agents and salespersons.

    “The simple reality is we have to ask ourselves what is the absolute number of entities you can have in each industry in Barbados.”


  • NorthernObserver

    true I am too small…but I can raise the money. I don’t believe the BWA should be privatized, so even if it is a good financial opportunity, I would look away.


  • @Gabriel April 21, 2017 at 2:14 PM “to expose Bajans to the nastiness they drink last nite on DLPTV.We witnessed 3 guys coming out of a water well in shoes and ordinary clothing purportedly checking on a malfunctioning new pump.Why does BWA think a citizenry need to know the nitty gritty of their inner workings.”

    Oh please the citizenry are not delicate children.

    We know that once the rain falls from the sky, that it reaches the ground so all water is drawn from the earth. Whether it comes from river, lakes, or underground rivers and lakes.

    Most food is grown in dirt.

    Eggs come out of the botsies of fowls (although I always wonder about the first fellow, who seeing how eggs are produces said to himself “that looks like something good. i think I’ll eat it)

    Milk is the bodily secretion of cows.

    Ships dump their sh!ts in the sea, and we eat fish from the same sea.

    Abattoirs smell, and killings go on there.

    The citizenry really needs to grow up.


  • So what are you saying Simple Simon…. that you want to see a weekly program on CBC showing ships dumping shit at sea…? …or food growing in dirt?

    YOU need to grow up.

    If BWA wants to show an enlightening, educational series with well researched data that emphasises the value of clean water…. fine.

    …but shiite man!!! EVERY week some PR novice coming with the same pedantic (pun intended) nonsense about petty, lukewarm, internal operations?

    Coming up nest week …. how BWA drivers keep to the left of the road…..??!!??


  • HUNDREDS OF LOCAL business practitioners are still in a meeting at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, discussing ways to help Barbados out of its current financial crisis.



  • @David

    “No information has come to BU that there was an island wide problem with processing card payments yesterday. In fact the BU household made several transactions at multiple retailers yesterday. It could be that one bank on the island experienced a problem yesterday.”

    Wily has come to the same conclusion, that establishments using Scotiabank were the ones having problems


  • The other implication, Wily, is that you are economical with the truth – which I am sure you ae not. I do not trust technology.


  • @ Simple Simon
    We pay taxes but we pay bus fare. Our taxes built everything but we pay for services. When we leave home and turn up at the hospital, we are not asked to pay before we are treated. We pay taxes but the service is free at the point of delivery. Same thing with UWI before we had to pay. So, if we sell the QEH and you feeling sick, you cannot even go there if you dont have the insurance. That is not the present case.
    Maybe if the QEH is privatised, the point will be clearer.


  • Commentator AKA waiting

    In Barbados the Hyatt project is stalled by one ego driven individual blocking hundreds of poor black people from getting jobs in the construction and operation of a world famous brand. Hyatt is capable of attracting millions over time in foreign exchange. Whereas in Barbados the unemployed battle poverty and Aleppo Abed predicts the island will collapse over in the Bahamas a Hyatt opens its doors with PM Christie noting 1600 jobs have been created as result. Instead of copying the Bahamas success story we are stuck with Charles Herbert, Tibbits, Commisiong, Abed, Mark Smart Williams and other wannabe politicians who will never get a single vote from the electorate. Their antics suggest they want to run this country through the back door side stepping the legally elected government. Beware my people.


  • Aka Waiting

    The only back door in operation in Barbados is the one where a private developer who is also the major financier of the DLP government, managed to permission for 15 story hotel without an environmental and social impact assessment study.

    ………..but the new Hyatt is being build down in Bay Street where only poor people live so anything goes, ‘they’ don’t have to care about poor people cause according to ‘they’ are powerless and their favour can be bought Election Day with a few $100 bills.

    I bet you the TCPO or the Prime Minister would never have approved a Hyatt like that on the South or West Coast cause they only too well that those with means would make them grunt legally and politically.


  • Pretty soon when Barbados starts taking on the features of Cuba the next great idea would be that of calling for Barrow statue to be replaced with a statue of the great black hope
    a man called Comissiong.


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