Minister Donville Inniss:The Emergence of Private Healthcare

Donville Inniss - Minister of Health

Donville Inniss – Minister of Health

Peter Wickham, talk show host, pollster and social commentator join many others daily to spare no opportunity to sing the praises of Minister of Health Donville Inniss. Perhaps it explains why he was invited to Inniss’ New Year bash? If in the minds of many Inniss is doing a good job then all credit to him he must be doing some thing  right. Despite the praise being heaped on Inniss BU remains concerned at the state of the healthcare system in Barbados.

In the Christmas message of the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners’ (BAMP), President Carlos Chase was highly critical of the management of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). To quote a local daily newspaper: “BAMP has also slammed the lack of progress in talks between them on ongoing contentious matters. The continuing shortages at the institution came under fire from BAMP too.”  Implied in the report is that the industrial relations climate at the QEH continues to simmer read Alexandra. The QEH is the primary health institution in Barbados which falls under Minister Donville Inniss.

Of wider concern to BU is the emergence of a budding private healthcare system in Barbados. We are not knocking entrepreneurship but BU reserves the right to question and to share our observations in the interest of promoting transparency and encouraging elucidation. A comment on an earlier blog questioned the lack of transparency by government regarding the Al Barrack transaction. It is ironic that more than five years ago the late David Thompson promised an electorate hungry for change that should they win office – and they did – they would introduce a level of transparency in government hitherto unseen. With another general election looming Barbadians have a chance to be judge and jury.

Barbados is a country which has expended – and continues to do so – billions of dollars on healthcare delivery. Barbadians enjoy ‘free’ healthcare delivered by the QEH, polyclinics and a heavily subsidized Drug Service. A growing middleclass also have the option to seek private healthcare but it should not be at the expense of taxpayers. Commonsense dictates that if the private healthcare sector is growing then there should be a recalibration to the overall sector with commensurate adjustment in public expenditure. There should be an enunciated public policy which is transparent in how decisions at the QEH are made and how scarce resources are allocated. In other words, what is the most efficient way the public health sector can work with the private to the benefit of Barbadians.

Observers sometimes muse that very often the CT Scan at the QEH is not working and QEH patients in need need of a scan are transported via ambulance – using QEH or private (Sparman) – to Peter Harris’ radiology facility at Sandy Crest (some 4.5 miles or 20+ minutes from the QEH) in spite of the fact that CT BDS is a shorter distance away from the QEH in Belleville. BU understands that the Radiologist Dr. Lawrence Pias  who reads the CT Scan at Peter Harris’ facilities is not as experienced as Dr. Geoffrey Decaries or as well trained as Dr. Okela Ward. It should come as no surprise that Decaries and Ward own and operate CT Barbados. Should we, the taxpayers, question why Harris’ facilities are used over others?

Here is a breakout of key private healthcare providers some which have emerged in recent times:

Bayview Hospital

Currently owned by 17 shareholders. A group headed by Dr. Alfred Sparman has recently placed a down payment on Bayview with the intention of buying such.

Diagnostic Radiology

Peter Harris and family own 80% of shares, Dr. Jerome Walcott owns the other 20%


Harold Watson/ Michael Wharton/ Frank Bishop each own 33 + 1/3 %

Sandy Crest

Brian Charles 28%/ Malcolm Grant 18%/ George Drakes 13% – The remaining shares are owned by Anne-Marie Cruickshank/ David Byer/ AD Forde/ Chaynie Williams/ Euclid Morris/ Alex McDonald/ Jeff Massay

Health Smart Pharmacy – Warrens Peter Harris and Kwamie Connel
Health Smart Pharmacy – Sandy Crest and Coverly Peter Harris and Brian Charles
Warrens Health Care Peter Harris/ Euclid and Kathy Morris/ Kwanie Connell/ ?Alex McDonald
Coverly Medical Centre Owners: Sandy Crest/ Peter Harris/ Brian Charles
Elcourt Clinic Michael Hoyos
Imaging and Ultrasound Blondell Durant
Barbados Reference Lab Egbert Gibson
CT Barbados Geoffrey DeCaires/ Okella Ward
MRI Barbados Geoffrey DeCaires/ Sean Marquez
Bracebridge Medical Centre Richard Ishmael/ Jeff Massay/ Dean Straker
Nuclear Medicine Jerry Emtage
Sparman Clinic Alfred Sparman/ ? Donville Inniss/ ? Bizzy Williams

Again BU poses the hard questions to Minister Inniss.

A group headed by Dr. Alfred Sparman recently placed a down payment on Bayview with the intention of buying the facility as a going concern. While the other members of this group have remained a secret, it is alleged that they include you (Inniss), Bizzy Williams and Peter Harris. What about Sparman Clinic?

Minister can you confirm?

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  1. What a great night TeamDLP and supporters had on Fitts Village beach ST.James for our Errol Barrow celebrations .Over 2500 people which is a correct figure compare to the other side invisible 9000. Thanks to all the supporters and Entertainers who came out and made this event excellent .Team DLP will continue to be a party for the people .#OneLove.

  2. CCC; As a rule of thumb one should discount Political parties’ self assessment of crowds at their events by about 2/3 rds. That suggests that theBLP’s crowd last week was about 3000 and your crowd yesterday was about 800. What say ye?

  3. @..David are you telling us that Peter Wickham wields a unique brand of influence over the Barbadian populace? Food for thought nonetheless.David I have long made the point that in Barbados conflict of interest is restricted to having an outside woman and a wife.

  4. Donville Inniss talks a lot and attacks people ,
    Bajans are always fooled by talk and feel that people who talk a lot can be trusted and will do good things,
    Many a woman in Barbados have been fooled by ‘sweet talk’ from men
    I dont think Inniss is strong in the St James South riding

    Some people in Inniss constituency say that they have never seen him in the constituency .

    Ronald Jones on the other hand is a man who is seen in the area but nevertheless will definitely lose his seat
    Kellman will lose his seat in St Lucy based on information on the ground.

    Did the Service at the GYM help or hinder
    Pastors like Durant and Wesley Dear, Holford and that lot will and have influence their flock to vote DLP.
    Afterall Jim Jones and Swaggart fooled many

  5. HI bLP herd and misfits.the good news is the bell about to be ring howevervthe BAD NEWS is that the BLP platform is devoid of issues. look at this AX GONE ! BARRACKGONE! CLICO in legal LIMBO! THE BELL RING! so wunna better hurry up cause time running out and wunna issue list is practically EMPTY. however all not LOST David BU trying to help wunna out by asking “hard questions

  6. @ ac | January 22, 2013 at 8:43 AM |

    It’s the ECONOMY, Stupid! That’s what 74% of the Bajan electorate see as the main issue affecting them. Or do you think that Wickham poll is just as suspect as his ‘closeted close bosom pal’ the XXX rated business magnate Donville the King of Pornville?

    If we can believe Pornville’s outburst about the new hospital being built in Kingsland with a start date before end of 2013 we can believe Wickham’s pole or that even King David is in heaven looking down on the Mother Mary polyclinic to be opened before the date of the general elections.

    Any plans by DLP to allay their fears? Let’s start with the restart of the Four Seasons project. Since it was not mentioned in the Governor’s report on the 2013 economic forecast can we expect an announcement this week from Mr. Sinckliar about a restart of the project in the First Qtr of this year? Just listen out for the liar.

  7. It is the economy Stupid! but isthe BLP plans to fixing the economy. Guess that is top secret. cause the only one plan the BLP presented in five years is “to give away” and PRIvatise. wunna need to come clean the bell soon ring. nobody buying a pig in abag .them days over

  8. Barbados is fortunate to have so many private health care facilities.

    It eases the pressure on QEH.

    Every country in the world has a problem funding Health Care.

    I too am easing the pressure on the QEH by retiring in

  9. @ac
    leff it out. Ya talking rubbish. The longer the delay so as to take things off the table to be lampooned with, the more things there will be to lampoon with. It’s a catch 22.

    @Dr honourable
    Jones and Kellman are safe. If they were to lose (which is always possible just not probable) then Just Asking’s prediction will definitely come true.

    Your list makes for interesting reading. Inniss’ hands in different cookie jars given that he’s the head baker leads for an illusion of conflict. Can anyone give any info on when his “interest” in these interests began? Will he ever refute/explain Fiesta Catering? Does he realise that this is all that SH needs to put a dent in that slim majority he got back in 2008? Ignoring the allegations worked in 2008. He’s now third in line…some things can’t be ignored once they’ve reached the public. Hope he’s reading.

    Just Observing

    • @Observing(…)


      What many on this blog don’t understand and others looking on is that the BU household is about discussing issues wherever they show themselves. It does not matter if it B or D.

  10. @ac
    nobody buying a pig in abag .them days over…….

    These are the first true words you have ever spoken on BU.

    You are so right. Never again will the electorate buy a pig in the bag. They did in 2008 and look where we have ended up! The DLP’s slogan was time for change and people bought into it and have smelt hell from then.

    Never again! You are right this time, Caswell and Miller would be proud of your post!

  11. @ ac | January 22, 2013 at 10:25 AM |

    We hear the PM reads this blog and is proud to ape the miller’s catchphrase borrowed from good old Barbadiana dialect coined in the cane fields of yore.
    “Wha evah me do, me monkey do too” squarely sums up this so-called privatization or divestment issue.
    The DLP started it in 1992. The BLP continued with it by selling the government’s majority share in the now permanently emigrated BNB. This DLP has now completely sold the entity to “foreigners”. But what is amazing that the DLP has gone a bit further and like it did with Bartel approved the sale of the majority of NIS investment in the BL&P.

    The question going forward is this: What has been done with the proceeds from the sale of these investments? Used for financing conspicuous consumption?
    What will the DLP do? Continue to lie to the people about not divesting or outsourcing the inefficient functions of statutory corporations. The NIS funds soon dry up!

    “Wha in baboon (DLP monkeys) book ent in schoolmaster (IMF & credit rating agencies) book”.

  12. Why wunna very rancised this morning. the bell ringing and wunna acting very ignorant. now tell the electorate how wunna going to fix de economy. no sense acting like yardflows .

  13. Well well well……Jews coming home soon to Jerusalem…Giant awake, your time up.
    WIP article

    Recall as bluntly put, blind men should avoid playing dominoes, especially when the ole belfry just received a good old clean down. Impaired horse or none, a tempting rope is dangling. To feel comfy in such times is to be of the complexion of a Jesse James or a Clint Eastwood …-For Whom the bell tolls-.. Truly infectious times indeed, not for the feint or weak hearted or mint calling. Question begs, who is really robbing (holding up ) this train, an incoherent fugue strategy, circumstances or a wannabe Jesse?” Whichever the one, time has ran out now, and a precipitous decision must of necessity be made. An epic fall out for all n sundry, plenty egg for furlong faces of quandary…….morning affa….laughable.

    I hold my tongue

  14. BLP Slogan, “WE WILL FIX IT”. Owen Arthur “economy in a mess right now, we will fix it”. They [BLP] will fix the economy. They will fix it. They will fix the national debt. Barbados is all in the red, flat broke, they will fix it. They will fix the tourism industry. They will fix it They [BLP] are now the fix it folks and will fix things. The BLP before leaving office (2008) broke things and left them broken: Al Barack, Violet Beckles, Now they are the fix it folks. LOL

    The BLP, public statement from Facebook, ‘we can’t change what happened in the past [massive land fraud, Al Barack, VECO, etc.], but the BLP has an envirable and proud reputation of keeping promises”.

    Time for a THIRD PARTY. Time to sweep the island clean, exempting nobody and no one. Time for someone serious about leadership, express some fresh new ideas, QUICKLY.

  15. @ LOOK
    Who fool you ? …..seems like another one of the giant addle eggs hatch.
    DLP will not win this one son.

  16. To this thread……
    Donville will have a lot of lost votes to count…. a result of a fractured and inhumane Drug Plan….There are lots of aged voters who had to pay thru their pooch….imagine eye drops costing $ 173.00 and counting….the middle class too of SJS who lost their allowances (hence salary cuts)…shall also repay Donville for their sorrows…least we forget….it will not be an easy road for the Don….

  17. The issue here in case it gets forgotten is how comfortable are we with the ownership of private healthcare sector in Barbados. To what degree is our minister and past minister (Walcott) involved in the private healthcare sector.

  18. @DAVID
    What many on this blog don’t understand IS HOW TO STICK TO A TOPIC

    • @GP

      Was waiting for your input. It concerns BU too much how our healthcare system is being ‘dished-out’ and general public is clueless. Even on this blog some are more concerned with the political benefit or damage and not the material issue.

  19. @David…BU needs to start attacking the main stream more often,speaking directly to their tardiness.Certain topics should not be allowed to be relegated so easily.

  20. @ David
    I maintain our health system is and will continue to be predominantly private and its expansion with increasing costs for some services is worrying. The issue them must be how to contain overall costs.

  21. Sparman apparently has sent home a lot of the staff there including doctors. GP knows that the public health care system can do better, but as it is, it is making and has made things difficult for private people to succeed. I glad as shite. I am just tired of being exploited by the same old jackasses who after making big money as a result of a good paying job or a successful business enterprise, will seek to further exploit Barbadians through the need to be healthy rather than put their money into “productive” FX generating enterprises.

  22. RE David | January 22, 2013 at 12:51 PM |
    Was waiting for your input. It concerns BU too much how our healthcare system is being ‘dished-out’ and general public is clueless. Even on this blog some are more concerned with the political benefit or damage and not the material issue.
    Our public system was doing fairly well between 85-95 for sure. Folk FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE ATTENDED INCLUDING CIVIL SERVANTS, POLITICIANS, LAWYERS ETC
    One of the main problems then, and now is wastage of the expensive drugs that are dispensed. There is often hoarding of medication . Too many folk do not take their Rx, but return for more.
    Another problem is the fact that there may be a long waiting period, but this also occurs in private offices. Bajans reached a stage when they thought that going to their specialist was a big thing. They forget that the oldest specialty is the GP.
    We have also failed to fine tune the Polyclinic experience or to improve the system. Last year, I was very happy to see our system being employed in St Lucia . But there one could get x rays blood tests done in house.
    There is too much political interference.

  23. @enuff



    Why would the QEH not know last year that its stock of tamiflu shots had expired. Isn’t this the kind of information a complex operation like the QEH would maintain using the ‘computer’? How could the lifes of Barbadians be jeopardised over such a simple admin requirement?

  24. That is a difficult call David. The stuff that expired was probably left from the last epidemic or pandemic. It would not be economical to have new stock on hand, or know how much to buy until the next out break—-only to let that expire with out use also.

    Recall there was no tamiflu in 68 or 72 and we survived.
    The flu is more of a nuisance than a major killer in Barbados.

  25. @ Carson de Cad 7.27am Jan22
    I was at the fete at Fitts Village and if there were 300 people there there were a lot of people.That Good Shepherd site is very small and I overheard a local saying that when he was small the mobile cinema used to be in that location and 50 people used to fill the school yard.So your 2500 is bare boo..

  26. @ BAFBFP | January 22, 2013 at 4:11 PM |

    Yeah, BAF! Thanks to you also for putting the poor guy on the spot and boxing him in the corner confession. He graciously admitted that the traditional Media because of the need for advertising revenues to survive and feed the big lifestyle of the management boys and greedy shareholders must succumb to the openly applied pressures from the political parties and unmitigated support from their financiers in the business community.

    You BAF are just one smart aggressively diplomatic negotiator whose skills have been sharply honed on BU with plenty of teachers to learn from and students to practise on.

    Good job today, BAFBFP!

  27. Can someone explain, in a single paragraph of forty words or fewer, what exactly is the ideological, political programmatic, policy difference between the BLP and the DLP? That is, apart from personalities and personal hopes about who (and whose spouse or sibling or cousin) will get a snout in the trough. Can anyone explain the ideological and political difference?

  28. K’donnette Qua’inissette

    If you view politics as I do, pantomime, then you too would be of the opinion that the term “political ideology” is a misnomer …!

  29. @enuff
    I think slaying is putting it mildly. And the real show hasn’t even started yet!

    The DLP are for national development via people development and individual/social empowerment. The BLP are for national development via economic (individual and collective) empowerment and infrastructural (physical and organisational) development.

    The DLP focuses on an ideal of gains via long term progress and mindset alterations…the BLP focuses on strength via immediate but consistent gains.

    The DLP are more. programmatic, the BLP are more policy oriented.

    But, both of them contain elements that are all for tiefing, lying and leeching.

    Hope that summarises.

    Big ups! You are now the official BU Ambassador to the Mainstream. Collect your diplomatic papers and carry on smartly! Remember we little people when ya dine wid d kings and queens!

    Just Observing

  30. @DR. THE HONOURABLE | January 22, 2013 at 8:14 AM |
    “Pastors like Durant and Wesley Dear, Holford and that lot will and have influence their flock to vote DLP…Afterall Jim Jones and Swaggart fooled many”

    do you think that people are so naive that they will go into a booth and vote for a particular person because they pastor told them too? bajans are not so uneducated as you may be.

  31. Enuff | January 22, 2013 at 4:51 PM |

    @ Gabriel

    The BLP already put out a comment on that fete: They are slaying the DLP via the social media, CBC is irrelevant.


    this explains why in the last few days the DEMS have launch a series of attacks on social media? the irony of it all is in 2008 the DEMS used social media good and put alot of lick in the BEES.

  32. Smooth Chocolate i for one never would of believed that bajans would let pastors tell them to come up with collections for $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, and $2 bills and at the end call for more $100s because it was not enuff.

    i had the displeasure of seeing that with my own two eyes. so to answer your question, yes some will vote for who “pasta” say to vote for.

    PNM = 12 SEATS
    TOP = 0 SEATS

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

  34. Just last Friday night on CBC evening News, we heard the Prime Minister in his speech ,opening the new Mount Gay Rum facility, berating Bajans , yet again,for crying down what is their own , while embracing things from overseas. Then on Sunday night at the Herr Reinhold Bonnke’s crusade, the PM sitting in a front seat ,gave us a perfect example.
    Perhaps before we start spitting in the air, we should first check the direction of the wind flow.

  35. David | January 22, 2013 at 3:18 PM |
    Why would the QEH not know last year that its stock of tamiflu shots had expired. Isn’t this the kind of information a complex operation like the QEH would maintain using the ‘computer’?
    And do not talk of sending the QEH’s highly qualified managers back to the cane field, because at the start of the Sugar Crop last year the highly qualified ones in that industry,discovered that the stock of white lime was exhausted. Only in guvment!

  36. More Education
    More Degrees
    Moe Diplomas
    More Certificates
    More Confusion in the workplace, especially the Public Service
    More Tensions
    More Women

  37. K’donnette Qua’inissette | January 22, 2013 at 5:27 PM |
    Can someone explain, in a single paragraph of forty words or fewer, what exactly is the ideological, political programmatic, policy difference between the BLP and the DLP? That is, apart from personalities and personal hopes about who (and whose spouse or sibling or cousin) will get a snout in the trough. Can anyone explain the ideological and political difference?
    Absolutely No Difference between DLP and BLP

    Reference > Windforce –Mighty Gabby

  38. Surely Minister Inniss who is on the talk show today could not be referring to BU. We have posted documents to show he is currently involved in a court matter in the US and also inconsistency in change of directors in Fiesta Catering.

    Of course Peter will NOT ask him about this matter. Perhaps DJ or antiAmerican can assist.

  39. @Smooth Chocolate
    “do you think that people are so naive that they will go into a booth and vote for a particular person because they pastor told them too? bajans are not so uneducated as you may be”………………….

    Smooth C,
    I do not know if the people actually cast their vote for the DLP in 2008 but I can tell you for sure Pastor Holford and his wife implored their followers to vote for the DLP. I was that Rev Baird did the same to her flock!

  40. @ David | January 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM |

    Listening to the way Pater Peter is treating Donville the Mafiosi with kid’s gloves on this call in programme. He is trying to boost the image of the Don instead of Chris whom seems to have fallen from political grace. He wants the King of Pornville to be the next leader of the DLP and we would see an immediate political volte-face back to the waiting arms of the DLP by this same Simon Peter ditched by Freundel.
    Do we expect PW who is in bed with the Don to give him a political slap around the face unless it is for ‘rear’ erotic pleasure.
    But what do you expect from a media prostitute like PW? He will sell his media cornwell to whomever is paying the higher price to promote his Cadres Business interests.

  41. @ millertheanunnaki

    But Miller it will be all in vain as neither Chris nor Donville can emerge when they are both vurnerable to losing their seats in the next general election. Donville and DLP holding a jam in St. James on EWB day to shore up their weakness in St. James and then this morning boring Chris Sinckler, the Minister of Thuggery on SLAMM FM sounding like poor immitation/inpersonation of EWB, somebody tell that boy he done, the people already reactiving positively to Gregory Nicholls.


  42. Dr. Estwick would be brutal as the Leader of the Opposition. it is rather unfortunate that he will not be mounting the DLP political platforms besides those in St. Phillip West.

  43. @ Additional Services | January 23, 2013 at 2:34 PM |

    What about Kelly? The man fancies himself as the greatest spokesman on all matters especially finance and economics. Moreover, he has been in the trenches on both sides of the political battle divide for many eons.
    He deserves to be leader of something.

  44. @ Miller

    He is already the Premier and Mayor of the Republic of St. Lucy, the biggest State in the Union of Barbados. He can’t be the Governor as well you know?

    As a spokesman for the DLP Kelly has the honour of the only MP who is able to sucessfully argue one point of view before switching and undermining his very own arguement with a convincing defense against it.

    Did you ever hear when he railed against the NHC housing program in Parliament saying the DLP should NOT encourage people to by NHC houses, the should cut up the GOB land and encourage bajans to buy land.


  45. @ David (not BU)

    Peter is neither B or D, he is an M, as in Money.

    FS popularity as a leader gone to 28% already despite his predictions all last year. Peter Wickham is a double agent for the DLP and when OSA and MAM find it out, it will be too damn late. Only thing is MAM ain’t going to really care cause as far as she concern, another defeat and OSA done and relegated to history books for ever more.

  46. Miller,
    The man fancies himself as the greatest spokesman on all matters especially finance and economics……………………..

    You mean the greatest jackass! I listen to the debates from the House regularly and this man says the most outrageous things……. I mean when he rises on a point of order….I have to say, is this man for real?

    I know for sure that if the DLP loses, Kellman will vote for himself again and then horse trade his support to get what he wants like he did in 2011 after the GG summoned all of them up to Government House. He told the GG flat out, I will support Freundel Stuart only if I get a ministry. You think Kellman easy??

    So much for all this talk Donville Inniss put down this morning on Brasstacks that the DLP is a team! What made me laugh is when he said that Freundel does not interfere, he lets them get on with their job.

    Donville, the truth is Freundel cannot tell any of you anything and secondly he is a lazy man so he would not want to take on any extra work! Get real, man!

  47. Heard Donvile “Pornville” Innisl on Brasstacks today. He is sounding as terse as his leader. I hope he will get up lock in the states for his shady business.

  48. David (not BU)

    Additional Services has painted a tainted picture. Peter is and “entrepreneur” full stop. When White owned construction companies swing both ways jack asses have little, no nothing to say. Now there is a critic made of a “small Black man”, surely of a highly evolved species ….!

  49. Vindictive Arthur cussing everybody in sight to find out who behind the PARO ads “People against the Return of Owen”. Arthur has been encouraging his supporters by the BLP cartoon page to lampoon and denigrate the current Prime Minster.
    As the Bajan people say _ Day does run till night catch it.

  50. BAFFY

    You retard, PRickham is apolitical consultant, analysis and pollster. He is also talk show moderator.

    PRickham was a supporter until Stuart FIRED at CBC because he was playing politics and encouraging party warfare by suggesting that Sinckler was the most popular DLP politician.

    This is NOT about color you spastic freak.

  51. Wonder when people with supposed intelligence will stop admiring, supporting and kissing ass of others, just because of riches real or imagined.

  52. I was told by a DLP operative that Freundel is a loner and does not trust anybody in the cabinet.He is unsure whether these guys will support him and that is one reason why he is going down to the wire.Freundel does not trust any of his cabinet colleagues and does not mix with them unless he has to do so.Never mind his public persona.He will not forgive these guys for going to the GG.He knows it and the electorate is aware of it.

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