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The map below is meant to connect dots based on a ‘relationship’. There are no rules to the request. Simply suggest images to add to the map and if the blogmaster agrees they will be updated. The blogmaster added a few to get things started.


Thanks NO and John.

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  1. All this is meant to do is to keep Donville name in the public eye so that Mia can continue her chant of Corruption.

    What new is this article saying.

    How many articles so far on this issue.

    What about corruption within mia’s group

    How about a blog on what economist and former prime minister Owen Arthur had to say about mia’s disastrous decision to default on the debt and the small amount of money given by IMF which will keep us in a financial bind for 4 years.

    Talk about that too nuh.

    • You continue to show yourself to be nothing more than a politically partisan person. The blog you are correct is meant to focus on endemic corruption by attempting to leverage what is known and current. The narrative from a bitter anti Mia former prime minister does not shape the blogmaster’s narrative.


  2. @ T.Inniss

    I do verily despair with you.

    This is The Honourable Blogmaster’s Blog and inasmuch as you might not like or agree with what he says and the articles that are his “top Posts” you have to “lump it”

    Or submit a post LIKE THE J.CK*SS cuntsultant George Brathwaite and see how many hits it gets WHILE YOU PROSECUTE THE MATTER TO THE FULLEST

    Or go to the seemingly easily distracted Verla Depeiza and starting a Blog at the Democratic Lbour Party site which will be automatically watched by Charles me Love you Jong time.

    The point that the Honourable Blogmaster is making and which you do not seem to get is that this Pornville Matter shows the corruption that is endemic in Barbados.

    You have shown, and continue to show, a flaw in your polemicist skills because you continue to argue on the emotive as opposed to bringing meat to the table.

    You fail to expose the similar, IF NOT EVEN WORSE, corruption practices of this government of the BLP.

    So the Honourable Blogmaster shows the Pornville Connection you should be able to “counter” this with a similar structure and for that matter show bank records of a party who has been and continues to send $$ overseas UNDER SIMILAR COVER.

    Look at the polemicist skills of John the Quaker.

    You may not necessarily like the man because of his predisposition as it relates to slavery BUT of one thing you can be sure HE IS DAMN INTELLIGENT so you respect those “half lawyer” reasoning skills.

    That man has done won the case showing how Teets and Pain are robbers and that a Judge whose name I cant seem to locate (is that *** J?) seems to have colluded with them in this scheme.

    Stop! Rethink your strategy! Regroup! & Relaunch”

    Do the Re Re thing that Mia talking bout and will seek to implement and claim authorship for (WERE IT NOT FOR heheheheheheh but de ole man got wunna number BECAUSE WUNNA IS SCUM. ignore that aside that is for certain people who see one computer but not the second one)

    Stop this infantile fighting T. Inniss and up the game with information solid information.

  3. T. Inniss,

    Most of us here are well aware that corruption occurs in both parties and we have frequently said as much. I know that Donville has a brother called Terry. If you are he then stop fretting and chill. Donville is smart enough to prove his innocence if he is in fact so. Do you know how many lies have been spread about me in my lifetime – repeated so often that they are accepted as fact by people who don’t even know me? That is life.

  4. @ T Inniss

    I agree 100 percent with the feedback given by @piece ABOVE..

    Too much corruption and criminal activity going on in Barbados by Politicians in BLP and DLP.

    Besides Donville Inniss, Dale Marshall, and George Payne there are many many more.

    So this partisanship must stop and expose and lockup ALL.

  5. @ David

    I could not agree with you more.

    Just think of the meaningful contribution he could have been making to this country right now with the BLP having won ALL the seats……..not like the time when he went begging for crumbs from the DLP where he was embarrassed and then rejected.

    What a bitter man! It is his way or the highway…………

  6. It is passing strange that the dems on BU are so ready now to agree with OSA’s assessment of the BERT programme yet they have blamed him for all their mis-management of the economy 200-2018…….it was Owen Arthur’s fault.

    Now he is their go to person…….wow….politics at its worse……if only they had listened to OSA during the lost decade…..we would not be where we are today and they would not have had to endure the indignity of a REDWASH.

  7. @ Prodigal

    Who gives a shit both corrupt Political parties have fackup the island of Barbados.

    You are no different to the DLP yardfowls.

    You are a BLP yardfowl.

    Point Blank.

  8. @Punchinbuv Wewaite: “Dey prolly only corrup cause a dem albino-centric demons corruptin we yute!

    I suspect you think you’re being clever by writing in a language you think no one else can understand.

    Try Mandarin next time. Or, perhaps, Latin. Or Igbo…

  9. @Prodigal Son: “…we would not be where we are today and they would not have had to endure the indignity of a REDWASH.

    But this is where we find ourselves. How do we fix it?


    I refuse to believe this is beyond our ability.

  10. Ok T.Innis i second your concern
    Lets see the blog master post an article on OAS statements in Barbados Today and see how much hits it get
    Notice! mention of OSA comments send the partisian blp yardfowls running for cover
    Watch them now

    Blp yardfowls come out of hiding
    OSA has several messages for Mia

  11. Blah blah Prodigal who said that the dlp supporters agrees with OSA analysis
    But this we would like to know if the blp yardies agree with OSA comments or not

    No cuss words please
    This is my version of a Monkey survey. Heee heee

  12. Five weeks 5 days until October 23rd, then we will hear about preliminaries….interesting times ahead.

    Ah wonder what the next election will bring.

  13. @Mariposa September 12, 2018 3:34 PM “OSA comments send the partisian blp yardfowls running for cover. Watch them now. Blp yardfowls come out of hiding.”

    I love Owen.

    I love Mia too.

    Don’t make me choose.

    Sparrow had a song “Both of them”

    That’s me.

  14. @ David BU

    Surprised there has been no discussion on the Carilend connection. The more important issues continue to be elusive to many.

    Not familiar with can you educate those of us in the dark.

  15. From what I can see people in Barbados and the Caribbean need to stay the hell away from this Carilend scam…it is just one more scam to rip off majority populations of their houses and land and years of productivity and keep them enslaved paying back thieves for paper.

  16. What type of product and service does Carilend provide?

    All I know is that Alex Tasker went back to Digicel from ICBL as CEO when the Fraud Racket was discovered.

    Innes the fired ICBL CEO then started new company with former Digicel CEO who Alex Tasker replaced.

    My question is does Digicel and this New company Carilend do any major business where Fraud could be taking place currently in their Network of Dealings?

  17. Barbados is a small island that naturally breeds incestuous behaviour. The who is who all share school ties, have become in laws or other. Is it so difficult to appreciate that a bribe is not considered a bribe? The culture lends itself for outsiders to exploit.


  18. @T.Inniss September 12, 2018 8:04 AM

    Dear Inniss,

    As long as people like you endorse corruption, Barbados will not gain access to any big foreign investment. The
    profit is simply too low given all the kick-backs you have to pay to the representatives of the Deep South.

    It is very clear that education in Barbados failed. Just look at Big Sinck, the king of Black Rock. People like you and Big Sinck might wear a fresh and clean suit, but that does not change the fact that a foreign investor will qualify such people as typical representatives of the failed Deep South.

  19. Knowing the mentally…they will ALL still hide in the dark with their cockroach masters from the minority business community to keep the corruption going, it might not be as easy as they have become accustomed over the decades because they are all afraid of social media..but that will not stop some.. as soon as they get more comfortable and believe no one is watching. .

    For corrupter/corruptee…briber/bribee…that is all they have ever known since 1966, CORRUPTION IS THEIR BIGGEST MONEY EARNER…their largest source of income, that is how they all managed to rip off the treasury and pension fund for decades, they need each other to carry out those crimes against the people and each successive generation in the majority population ….to make the corruption work. .

    the population/electorate will have to sever all those ties between them all next election by severing this government completely from the parliament next election…just like they did DLP …….and WATCH each new candidate claiming to aspire to represent the people, dig up their lives, past and present…monitor them all constantly and consistently. ….stop allowing politicians and lawyers to believe they are free to do whatever they like to the people…once they are elected by the people…

    This corruption has to end, the island will go no where unless it does. .

  20. To this Tron individual

    Do you read back the crap you all write or do you read and understand what others write.

    Shyte man like you failed Comprehension at school.

    Show me where ONCE DID I ENDORSE CORRUPTION.Steupes.

  21. “Jerry Mervriel Nurse · 11:55 During 1999 Barbados General Election the late June 2010 deceased Attorney at Law Tyrone Estwick – former National Housing Minister was on stage / Campaign Platform at Silver-sands, Tyrone Estwick said in his Campaign Speech regardless of what Government is in Power Godard Enterprises and COW Williams are both Annually Guaranteed $100.000.000 Barbados Government Contracts.”

    Mia needs to explain if she too is going to continue this criminal, corrupt rip off of taxpayers funded contracts…

  22. Simmons should not have gotten a dime for that legal opinion that either a UWI law student or Leodean Worrell..a lawyer…could have read herself…but they all insist on ripping off the taxpayers with the blessing of government..

    The taxpayers have a right to know how much they were ripped off this time around, but this Halliday clown is keeping it a secret…so much for transparency Mia.

    This is a precursor and reason enough to get rid of the Mia government come next election..

    “Halliday would not reveal the dollar amount of the legal fee, though he confirmed that the water authority did engage the retired jurist’s services to determine whether the five per cent pay hike for public servants announced in the June 11 mini-Budget and approved by Parliament on August 14, also applied to BWA workers.”

  23. WARU,

    A top-lawyer in NYC charges around 500 – 1000 USD for a multi-billion-case per hour (excluded expenses).

    Since the paper is quite short and only some insignificant local cats and their wee-wee at stake, the sum should be much lower than 60,000 USD.

    120,000 BBD sounds more like Hollow “LEC” Gollop.

  24. Simmons should not be taking another dime from Bajans after the damage and destruction he wreaked on the Supreme Court that contributed significantly to its destruction and nonfunctional state…these types of criminals have no shame and no conscience..

  25. ah guess the jig is up…lol..GP…murdahhhh!

    Ya know the jig is really up when that fraud Giuliani is jumping out to offer pardon to Manafort., I think he forgot that conspiracy against the US = treason……lol

    “Paul Manafort agreed to cooperate in the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, a prosecutor said Friday.

    Robert Mueller’s lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissman, made the stunning revelation as the former Trump campaign chairman pleaded guilty to two federal crimes — conspiracy against the U.S. and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

    Judge Amy Berman Jackson later said that Manafort had agreed to cooperate “fully and truthfully” in Mueller’s probe. The agreement includes providing interviews, debriefings and documents, as well as testifying in other proceedings, in “any and all matters as to which the government deems the cooperation relevant.”

  26. Taxpayers had to fork out $15,000 to a father/daughter tag team opinion that does not even make much sense…and Leodean with her wretched self is still talking about she is making the amount public with Simmons’ permission….the amount is supposed to be public knowledge, the money belongs to the public, not to Mia..

    When will they stop ripping off the people.

    Simmons owes the public and should not be charging them.

    “Chairman of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) Leodean Worrell today revealed that the state-owned water utility paid the sum of $15,200 plus VAT and not $120,000 to former Chief Justice Sir David Simmons for a legal opinion he submitted in conjunction with his daughter, attorney-at-law Lynne Marie Simmons to the state-owned entity last month.

    This afternoon Worrell declared her intentions to make the invoices public, putting to rest claims circulating on social media as well as from anonymous sources at the BWA, that the sum of $120, 000 was paid for the service rendered to the state-owned water company.

    “The amount that was paid was BDS$15,200 plus VAT. I say this with the permission of Sir David and his daughter and I will make the invoices available to all with a detailed breakdown of what was entailed,” said Worrell, who made it clear that the BWA was in no position to play fast and loose with its finances.”

  27. Has Leodean worrell made the invoice public via the media.If she hasn’t its still her word to be believe or not and once the media publishes her claim of $15,000.00 then she can decide not to submit that invoice.

    I also ask is that the only monies paid to david simmons or any other lawyer or consultant so far?

    david simmons’ report seemed to hedge his bets and was not clear and definitive.

  28. @ T Inniss

    Let de ole man help you expand on that point a little.

    DO you remember your Caribbean Arithmetic exercise books?

    A farmer has 12 prized cows. Each (sea) cow costs BDS$ 15,200 plus VAT.

    What is the total costs of his herd of cows?

    Unlike you, it has become evident that Barbados today has people in the BLP administration WHO are giving the the dirt on the multi tiered contracts.

    The ones with repeating monthly contracts which come from 3 or 4 sources FOR THE SAME THING.

    I again suggest to you that if you are going to be effective you are going to need to improve your intelligence gathering.

    What you are doing right now is really not good enough.

    You are remarking on someone else’s news and that is simply not good enough

  29. With the greatest respect Piece,and only if you care to listen,I would suggest that you look for the right source to deposit your noteworthy ideas.

    I have not answered before to your comments ,however I will take this opportunity now to once again advise you to direct your comments where they truly deserve to go.

    Enough said.I won’t be commenting any further on these gratuitous excellent suggestions,especially since I believe they were given with pure intentions.

    Nuff respect Piece.

  30. What a joke.

    So evidently the issues facing water authority are of a legal nature…
    Why else would we have a lawyer running things ….and having to hire another lawyer to give an ‘opinion’ on some shiite that any CXC student who understands the English to that level can give?

    How much did she pay for an opinion on what to do with the damn sewerage?
    Bajans are such jackasses…

    A lawyer (Mia – plus or minus the LEC), appoints a lawyer -(Abrahams) to oversee the Water authority.
    He appoints a lawyer (Worrell) to oversee the board – and since she does not understand simple English,
    SHE appoints a lawyer AND his daughter (a lawyer) to translate this English into Bajan….
    One wonders who Simmons’ daughter paid a twenty dollar bill to write the actual ‘opinion’?
    … Maripoka?

    Meanwhile, the shiite is flowing into Graeme Hall swamp….

    The question is NOT if we paid Simmons and his daughter 15,000
    It is …
    How much are we paying Mia, Abrahams,Worrell,Simmons et al, Maripoka and Lord only knows who else…. to raid our Treasury while the ACTUAL problems get worse…

    Brass bowls and their money are quickly parted….

  31. True about that opinion. It was the same opinion I gave my best friend before I saw what Simmons had said. No they are not strictly entitled by law since they are not part of the Civil Service proper but they would have what I called a reasonable expectation due to what had transpired in the past.

    If it is not yet decided whether or not they will act in accordance with the opinion, what the badword did they get the opinion for? To use as a weapon against the union in other matters?

    • Getting an opinion from outside the BWA is about projecting that it is coming from an independent source to the BWU and other players. The more important issue is how are the lawyers selected to do government business if there is government department setup to do government’s legal work.

  32. “if there is government department setup to do government’s legal work”

    Either do not ask for external opinion or fire 50 % of the staff in the AG Chambers. We all know that the present SG and DPP are not the best. Too much pride, not enough industry. The typical Barbadian malaise. The island is simply too small to source enough human resources with high quality.

  33. According to Tron:

    ‘We all know that the present SG and DPP are not the best”

    Speak for yourself buddy.That young lady who is the DPP has been heralded by many within the legal circles as being bright,hardworking and fair.

    But of course you BLP adipose lip kissers don’t like her because she was appointed under a DLP administration.

    This is one of the reason why your BLP adored government will run into deep,deep problems.They don’t look at how effectively the person is doing the job but whether they think the person is Bee or Dems.

    David Thompson to his peril decided he had enough of that and wanted to get on with the job in 2008 and left most of the BLP plants in the civil service …….. and years after we see the result of that.

    I will never forget Caswell Franklyn right here on this site spoke truth to power as is his wont,and unequivocably stated that a lot of the permanent secretaries and some senior civil servants were appointees of the Owen Arthur BLP govt and showed their affinity there.

  34. @ David
    Getting an opinion from outside the BWA is about projecting that it is coming from an independent source
    There is no such thing as an independent legal source in Barbados.

    This is one big unholy cabal. Only a BB would see a David Simmons opinion as politically independent. More to the point, these lawyers’s main objective is to share the bones of the calf among themselves. The BLP has a lot of catching up to do with the likes of Hal G, Byer and Guyson.

    Bajans are just BB patsies…

    In ANY case, EVERYONE and their cousins know that salary increases in Barbados are based on how committed the unions are to getting their own way…. and how much of a bully they can be…
    It has ZERO to do with any shiite that is written down anywhere for lawyers to interpret…
    This is in fact the reason the place has become so uncompetitive….

    Basically we have monkeys playing with guns…. in this case, with sewerage…
    Incompetent jokers making decisions that defy common sense and which dig us deeper into the shiite hole that the DLP dd so much to accelerate ….after Owen started the excavations….

  35. @T.Inniss September 15, 2018 8:59 AM

    Dear Inniss,

    Our standards of comparison are just very different. I work for the common good and I am not on somebody´s payroll.

    First, praise in Barbados does not mean much.

    Second, I do not hammer onto the DPP for being appointed by the last gov, but for what she is not doing, for the simple fact that she and the COP do not take action against corruption and other illegal gov activities.

    I would be the FIRST to praise her if she came after ex-minister Inniss.

  36. The BWA wasted $15 000 dollars for an opinion that is worthless. I am told that the”custom and practice” is that whenever the civil service is given a salary increase then BWA workers are given the same increase. So did it matter what opinion the lawyers come up with? And does it matter which lawyer gives the opinion? Good grief, the Minister and the Chairman are lawyers along with half the parliament, yuh mean none of them couldn’t give the same “legal” opinion fuh free. This opinion will be tested either in a law court (so more legal fees) or in the “court” of industrial activity (more loss of money).

    The PM clearly needs something to do on a day. What is achieved attending a climate change conference in san Francisco other than meking sure not to be in Barbados if Issac hit. LOL.

    • She has to network to unlock the money? These are clubs and relationships must be forged, something Stuart failed miserably.

  37. @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    The ole man will let your comment about Chairman Mia Mao Ze Jong approaching the clubs and networks slip through first slips.

    Not all spectators to this blood sport have the acute vision that you have with this matter so they would lack your optics.

    Yes it is refreshing that these National Indicative Program Funds are being pursued at this time for these and other reasons that some of us are privvy to.

    Forgive de ole man this crudity as i seek to make a point.

    Have you ever had sex with two women at the same time in the same bed?

    It is known as double dipping if one shifts from one woman to the other one.

    The thing is that the male is quite safe if you are using a condom or two (or so i am told)

    But did you know that the women who are thusly shared are exposed to various STDs that the other might have?

    What does my crudity mean?

    Is it with reference to that acute vision remark?

    Does it refer to the fact that going to all these “clubs” simultaneously and so steadfastly, WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF HARMONIZATION OF THE COUNTRY’s NIP funding, becomes an obvious double dipping to these international agencies, who by the way, DONT WANT STDs?

    Oh dear me California? heheheheheheheh whu dat is where the Real Rhi Rhi lives, heheheheh wunna really “got dis” in truth!!

    wunna really think that GOD is a man though…

  38. Decades after the Federal Palm and Maple were donated to the Caribbean by I believe Canada…the uselessness of Caribbean politicians and ministers to theur own people ..with their swollen heads filled with air and inflated egos filled with false status and fake titles are being highlighted…

    “(DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE) — The World Bank recently completed a preliminary study on a ferry service that would move goods, people and vehicles from the north of the Caribbean to the south of the Caribbean.

    In making the announcement, the Deputy Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, Trevor Brathwaite, also said that the World Bank is now making a pitch as to how the private players can develop such a ferry service.

    Brathwaite said that the Central Bank and the World Bank are trying to influence the consolidation of existing ferry services, including those running between Martinique and St. Lucia.”

  39. Well what do ya know…lol the continuation of the rip off of Bajan taxpayers by governments and every low life lawyer attached..

    In another section of the Press:

    Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL) to Simpson Oil Limited (SOL) could soon be the subject of an investigation, according to Government sources.

    One of the burning questions the pending investigation is expected to examine is why a particular attorney was paid $3.125 million for legal work on the project.

    What is particularly disturbing about this fee, the sources said, is that the last payment of $1 million was made to the attorney on May 23 this year – the day before the last General Election.”

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