Question Time Continues for DLP Candidate Donville Inniss (Fiesta Catering International Inc)

The following was sent to BU and other social media sites.

  1. Why did you company Fiesta Catering and its subsidiary allow minors to register with it?
  2. Why did and your company as co owner get sued by an Ohio man who was arrested for having unlawful sex with a minor in 2007?
  3. This was at a time when you were still a director of the company as you disassociated yourself on election day 2008 and put in place your wife.
  4. This man made it clear that your website facilitated him in meeting, chatting and arranging the encounter with the said minor.

Where is your integrity or will you continue to hide from the truth. All voters should be circulated with this information.

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34 thoughts on “Question Time Continues for DLP Candidate Donville Inniss (Fiesta Catering International Inc)

  1. The following was received by email:
    You are becoming the mouthpiece of the BLP. You published the same rubbish last elections and Donville won. All you are doing is increasing the margin by which he will win. Googling the site, there is nothing to indicate Donville’s association with the said company. Anyhow here is the outcome of the case to which you are referring.
    Sixth Circuit finds that a user cannot sue for allowing minors

    SNR Denton

    Marc Zwillinger


    January 6 2009
    In a decision handed down on Dec. 30, 2008, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the dismissal of all fourteen claims against for allowing a minor to use its site. Doe v., et al., No. 07-4182.     In a case of first impression in the Sixth Circuit, a user of, who was arrested after using the site to find and have sex with a 14 year old girl, sued the website for breach of contract and other claims for failing to prevent the girl from using the site after misrepresenting her age as 18.
    The user sought to hold the owners of site liable for failing to enforce its Terms and Conditions to preclude the use of the site by minors, and for falsely representating that all users of the site were over 18. But the Terms and Conditions of the site also disclaimed responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the information provided by others users. Based on that disclaimer, the court agreed that the website owners could not be liable for having promised to ban minors who misrepresented their age, nor could users have justifiable relied on the website representation that all users were over 18 years old, when users knew that no verification took place, and could see the registration process for themselves.
    The court also affirmed the dismissal of 12 other claims brought against the website including negligent misrepresentation, failure to warn, breach of warranty, and deceptive and unfair trade practices.
    Of note, the court did not affirm the district court’s alternate grounds of dismissal – that all of the plaintiff’s claims were also barred by Section 230 of the communications decency act. Instead, the appellate court disparaged the district court’s ruling on Section 230, claiming that the district court “read Section 230 more broadly than any previous Court of Appeals decision has read it, potentially abrogating all state- or common-law causes of action brought against interactive Internet services.”

    • Let the record show BU did not publish any blogs about Inniss and his association with XXX websites last election. In fact BU was pro-DLP last election.

    • A comment received via email:

      If a person or company is not prosecuted on a technicality of the law does that mean that it is ok or just that the law has not yet caught up with the abuse of the technology.

      It is MORALLY WRONG for a man who is seeking public office to have had a website that facilitated people meeting minors for sex. How many others were not brought to the attention of the police.

      And further through his wife contiunes to control and operate this service.

      This is absolutely disgraceful and all of his constituents should be made aware of how he has become wealthy.


  2. I wonder how many St.James South residents read this blog and may be “swayed”.

    One would think after 2008 that a potential future Prime Minister/Deputy would clean out the closet a little better.

    Just Observing

  3. @ David

    You don’t find it passing strange how every time Peter Wickham sings the praises of Donville Inniss with 48 hours an article appears somewhere online about Donville and pornography?

    People don’t pelt rocks in empty mango trees, ask Peter Wickham he knows of this old bajan saying.

    Did anyone ever find out whether or not Peter Wickham received money from the intelligence against of the USA government for the information provided?

  4. David you are right to attack Donville Inniss for remaining a politician.
    he is a factin idiot (Bajan terminology).

    Barbados is still a “religious” country albeit most bajans are hypocrites and not true believers. That explains why Donville’s popularity as a politician remains high.

    If he has made millions through facilitating Porn sites he should not be a politician.he should be an Investor in legitimate businesses and driving his own Jags and Range Rovers like LP.

    Maybe he should follow Duguid to Canada where Government funds the making of soft porn films.

    As an aside Internet sites print disclaimers re underage users but do not require proof of age.So some of the BU bloggers could be actually be 10 years old.

  5. Fiddler on Roof



    Wah Donville do you …? The man was not a willing participant in the last election, He does not and has never had to rely on elective office to make a good living. In fact he is a net earner of FOREX. If you want to take up Donville on anything, now that he has got a taste of being in the lime light, tek he up pon de ways that he has used his public office to benefit his private interests and those of his close friends (like Peter Harris). Now I would gladly join you with that campaign …!

    • @Baffy

      What many don’t seem to realise is that it matter not whether we receive information about BLP or DLP, whether Arthur or Stuart or Inniss or Mottley, we will post it.

      On the matter of collusion between private sector players Sparman, Harris, Walcott, Macdonald eta al have we not highlighted this as well?

  6. If some of you on these blogs think that off shore drug, prostitution and loan sharking money has not ended up in Barbados, think again. Just talk to some of the former employees of the Barbados High Commission here in Ottawa. It seemed to these workers that the powers that be under the former admimistration did not care where the money came from. There were not questions asked. In fact, the only question asked was “HOW MUCH”.

    Leave Donville alone. He has learned from the white man how to make easy bucks and we denegrating him for it. I am sure some of you men on this here blog has bought a Penthouse or Playboy or two.

    I once told Peter Odle, when he was with tourism that if I returned to Barbados, (this was many years ago), I would open an escort service. The man did not bat an eye.

  7. Oh if this were about a Bee, we would hear the end of it. But Donville gets a pass, it is a business. Does Donville have daughters?

  8. Correction
    Oh if this were about a Bee, we would not hear the end of it. But Donville gets a pass, it is a business. Does Donville have daughters?

  9. Prostitution is NOT a moral issue, NOR is pornography. So David is busy tying Child Soliciting to the campaign to bring some weight to the dissenting opinions. HA HA HA. Osama Bin Laden was accused of blowing up the WTC because a questionable, interested agency accused him of training people who trained people who were relatives of people that the proposed pilots people knew … I believe the process is called “stretching” …

  10. A man whois in this business should not seek to further tarnish the reputation of Barbados by sitting in Parliament.

  11. Caswell franklyn wrote “A man who is in this business should not seek to further tarnish the reputation of Barbados by sitting in Parliament.

    What reputation. How many mps in barbados past and present are paragons of virtue.
    Do you know what MP stands for? Ask Bushie? Okay I may as well tell yuh ……. M ore P ussee.

    Some of them have boasted of the perks that come with the position.

    I do agree that an MP should resign if the business he is in can damage his party politically.

    Gambling is as evil as porn but wunna ain’t talking about the owners and users of Slot machines and lotteries.

  12. Owen Arthur is reported to have said “Freundel Stuart, in his wisdom, has decided to call this election during the season of Lent. We are a Christian society in the large majority, and we will respect the Christian values of Barbados,” Arthur told the crowd, estimated to be in the region of about 10 000.

    we will respect the Christian values of Barbados,” Arthur told the crowd,

  13. Peter Wickham should be ashamed sucking up like that. Donville has two sons but these days boys so easily turn themselves into girls. Besides, Donvilles head is so filled with arrogance and pompousness, will he really care for anything other than the money he makes, time to get him off the taxpayers payroll. Then he will be free to pursue other business interests, or not.

  14. I am not here to get personal. I want to ask a simple question If it is such a financial struggle at the moment to run the QEH, how will one be able to run the ST. JOHN POLYCLINIC? Will money be diverted away from the QEH to that entity?

  15. @ Roverp | February 11, 2013 at 3:59 PM |

    It will be interesting to see how this new facility to be called the David Thompson Memorial Complex has been provided for in the Estimates for 2013/14. If the QEH cannot even pay its bills including its statutory obligations for PAYE and NIS one wonders where the MoH will find the additional money to run this new polyclinic.

    BTW, do you know if the complex has been outfitted with Renewable Energy technology and other green economy infrastructure like rain water collection to use in toilets and for irrigation purposes?
    After all our most recent green living bandwagon hopper Freundel Stuart has declared his party’s intention to turn Barbados into the No.1 green economy of the developing world.
    Let us see if he has put the taxpayers’ money where his yellow mouth is.

  16. @david

    And we’ve been hearing about Pegasus recordings for months. Well well well.

    Who will be left to pick up the pieces afterwards??

    Just observing

    • @observing

      Donville has a history of NOT responding to challenges as well as making outlandish statements, we shall see.

  17. @david
    Nothing to respond to here. Interesting to hear marginal Brathwaite up in the mix as well. Wonder what ac, fractured, fiddler, ! And carson will say about honesty and integrity, morals and values in this case.

    Just Observing

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