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This Island State

Submitted by Mama Leah “look at the King, look at the King, the King, the King, the King is without his clothes.” Barbados has no legislation to specifically address and protect abuse of the Elderly. You would think that a country that boasts so many centenarians would have had the presence of mind to prepare and provide for this group

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Monday Sermon – Encourage Others To Growth

Last week, we learnt that Jesus instructed those who wanted to follow Him, that they should obey His commandments.  These commandments or instructions train the follower for future responsibilities.  As we train, we grow. Those who choose not to pursue this training will not lose their salvation.  However, they do themselves a grave disservice.  If they happen to be influential,

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Sex in Schools

Solutions Barbados is disappointed with the Ministry of Education’s weak response, to the warnings from Charlie Spice of the Adult Industry Association. Mr Spice noted that over the past three years, there have been countless child pornography videos of Barbadian school children circulating via smart phones.  He noted that child prostitution was growing exponentially across Barbados, and that Barbados was

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The Rhetoric of Austerity

ECONOMIST SIR FRANK ALLEYNE says one of the reasons why Barbados was in the current economic mess was the country’s failure to pay workers based on productivity. Sir Frank, one of the Freundel Stuart administration’s trusted advisers, said yesterday that had the various governments followed through on the productivity focus after the 1991 economic crisis, many of the problems the

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