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Things are so out of whack recently that I think we have gone haywire. Let me just toss a few random disjointed thoughts out there to get a real real feel for where we are right now.

  1. Persons on bail for vicious murders…BUT…end up committing others after
  2. Local parties and fetes are restricted…BUT…visitors can plan 2 months ahead of time and party soon with wild abandon
  3. Large outcry over the Trojan Riddim…BUT…and even larger outcry over the outcry over the Trojan Riddim
  4. MAM says take down the Riddim AND apologise…BUT…so far 166 thousand views, 3000 likes and Sunday School still wukking
  5. NUPW elected to represent workers…BUT….NUPW has to call in the police to save itself
  6. Minister boasts that cruise ships coming…BUT…positive cases still showing up on liners abroad
  7. We say the children under severe pressure…BUT…we force the same children to do Common Entrance
  8. Auditor General report speaks of problems…BUT…not a peep or pang from the GoB or BLP about it
  9. Cruise ships mashup Carlisle Bay coral…BUT…Minister says no problem he will plant it back
  10. Road tax removed to supposedly ease consumers….BUT……gas prices (and said tax) increasing every single month
  11. Hotel workers cannot be forced to take the vaccine…BUT…guests can demand that they do
  12. There is no price gouging they say…BUT…ask any supermarket buyer and you’ll hear different
  13. Four Seasons money written off by government…BUT…the main lawyer and main adviser running the same government coffers currently
  14. Verla’s ready to lead the DLP to next year’s election…BUT…she has to beat a certain Guy first.

See what I tell ya. We Gone Haywire.

759 thoughts on “GONE HAYWIRE

  1. Theo haven’t u noticed that chasing rabbits has become one of BU pastime favourites
    I like rabbits but chasing them No
    I prefer to chase hares
    The are smarter they believe
    They start out fast and end up slow
    That reminds me that a certain individual who thinks they are smarter than any one else
    The hare and the 🐢 a story that beckons all to be wise

  2. If your comment was directed at me, I bolted down 4 holes provided by @ac.
    Thus far she has chosen to reply to one. Crime.

  3. The last report I read in the press just a couple of weeks ago quoted statistics that showed only murders were on the increase.

  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bajanreporter.com/2011/01/barbados-police-make-number-of-arrests-in-red-sea-operation-as-two-males-go-missing/amp/

    Members of the SSU, Drug Squad, and the Traffic Branch conducted a joint operation at the Deacons Road community known as the ‘Red Sea’ on Saturday 22nd January 2011 and 5 persons were arrested.

    They are:
    1. Shem Attiba Lewellyn Cummins 19 years of Neptune Road, Deacons Farm, St. Michael;
    2. Katani Jalani Emmanuel Callender, 21 years and
    3. Akeil Hezekiah Callender, 22 years of Sunnyside Court, of Sunnyside Court, Deacons Farm, St. Michael;

    These persons were jointly charged for illegal possession of one .25 handgun and 10 rounds of ammunition – they are set to re-appear in District “A” Magistrate’s Court by 21st February 2011.

    As I said, gang men killing each other. I knew I had heard that name before.

  5. Senior police official says it’s the fear of crime that’s on the rise – by Emmanuel Joseph June 11, 2021
    Despite public fears of a spike in gun violence and resulting deaths, police authorities have announced a 26 per cent drop in overall crime for this year.

  6. When we drill down and look at the major or serious crime, we recognize that the total shows 199 crimes less than what was in 2020. There were 584 crimes in 2020 and 385 in 2021…and that is like a 34 per cent decline. If we further break down that major crime, we see that last year at this time, we had 17 murders, but this period now we have nine, which is a 47 per cent decline over the last year figures,” Boyce revealed.

    He said there were 80 reported cases of robbery in 2020 compared to 33 so far this year.

  7. John 2,

    Shem Cummins is the man killed last night. Killed by the Red Sea.

    Only gang murders are on the rise.

  8. “That reminds me that a certain individual who thinks they are smarter than any one else.”

    Although the chairman of your fan club is absent, it’s good to know you still have him in your thoughts.

  9. John 2,

    Very rare.

    The police said quite recently that it is mostly gang men killing each other. You could search for that article.

    P.S. The reporting on the ex-policeman’s murder has been very low keyed. From the proximity of the surrounding houses, a burglary attempt would have been unlikely. And who tries to rob ex policeman anyway?So…..what was the reason and why so under the radar? Miss Marple’s nose is twitching.

    • It is being purported elsewhere on social media the man sitting outside the murdered retired policeman’s home while evidence taking was ongoing is the man arrested shown in the other picture. BU cannot confirm.

  10. Artax,

    Wuh the tag team tink so too! As I recall, he suppose tuh be some sorta genius!


  11. 😄
    I believe it is time I get myself some kind of religion. I enjoy waking to a beautiful morning, sunshine streaming through my window and to birds seeing. There must be more to my life than my daily experience.

    Most days when I go outside I see a rabbit or some other fat creature running for cover and I have seen deers in my yard.

    Yes, it is a beautiful day; the kind of day that makes you feel it is a wonderful world. Hoping, that wherever you are, it’s a beautiful day.

    Have a great day Barbados. Let your loved ones know you care.

  12. But yuh got some here with heads buried so far in the sand that all they can see are gang related murders
    Two men who has serve Barbados when call to duty was required has been slain at the hands of thugs and criminals
    The above video where a young business man states he knows who have stolen his goods
    Serves purpose for the jueniville justice system to get involved in handling this problem in a swift and efficient manner
    The young business man details who the criminal is

  13. @ Donna

    Apparently, ‘Floats’ died from injuries as a result of a dispute with his ‘wife’s’ grandson.

    As I have mentioned before in previous contributions, these gun related crimes were progressively increasing from around 2015 when there were several ‘hits’ on known drug dealers and ‘hit men,’ as well as retaliatory and gang related.

    While for AG Adriel Brathwaite was busy reminding people he had friends who were breaking the law by squatting at Rock Hall, St. Phillip……….. the current AG Dale Marshall seems to have opted for his right to remain silent.

  14. Lest we forget

    In 2017, anti-gang legislation was proposed by the Attorney General’s Office, pledging sentences of 20 years for gang members and 25 years for gang leaders. In 2018, this was dropped by the new government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley. The current administration then began considering its own version of anti-gang laws, which also were never implemented. In late 2020, one of the country’s top prosecutors called for a life sentence for a gang member on trial for murder

  15. Donna

    I agree with you 100% that the wild Wild West is usually gang/ drug related

    Just did want the two cops to be left out
    To two are the most important.

    The gangs killing each other is saving tax payers money from court cases and feeding them for years in the hotel at dodds

  16. “Lest we forget”……the former administration ‘came to office’ on January 15, 2008…… and the anti-gang legislation was proposed 2017…… NINE (9) YEARS later.

    But, ‘PROPOSED’ is the operative word.

    Was the legislation enacted? If not, why not?

    If it was, who were the gang members and leaders that were sentenced to 20 and 25 years respectively in 2017 to May 23, 2018?

    Why “was it dropped by the new government of Prime Minister Mia Mottley?”

  17. Not hitting at Mari

    Can there be legislation of gangs in Barbados?

    What would be the legal definition of a gang member / or leader. (Dlp)

    I am thinking about the constitutional rights to belong to any group/ union or something to that effect
    – freedom of association – (BLP)

  18. @David June 27, 2021 7:52 AM

    I guess you forgot the cop shows you watched. Suspects usually go back to the scene of the crime to gypsy leading to an entertaining chase scene if identified there and then or later incompetent cop humor when crime scene pictures show the suspect was watching them investigate.

  19. @John2

    The problem of course is the innocent bystanders that get injured or killed cause these wild boys can’t shoot straight.

    I say let’s pass a law called the Culpepper Conflict Resolution Law. We put two solar powered huts stocked with weapons, drinks, food and some cable on Culpepper Island. Gangs and people with beefs against each other can be dropped off there for 24 hours and whoever lsurvives gets to come back.

  20. The old ‘government’ proposing the legislation and “leaving it standing on the books” is tantamount of CHOOSING not to implement it.

    And, perhaps the new ‘government’ chose not to implement it, because they were not obligated to do so.

    But, more importantly…….. BOTH administrations REFUSED to implement the legislation.

    And, what does that tell you?

    Both BLP and DLP are guilty.

  21. Cannot with certainty say that a proposal in 2017 by past govt would not have been implemented if past govt had regain the power to do so in 2018
    However that being not the case
    A case should now be put forward as to why a govt holding a 30-0 mandate could not hastily legislated law for criminals found guilty of actively engaging in criminal activity

  22. “Holding a 30-0 mandate,” as you put it, does not necessarily mean laws would be hastily legislated………. as opposed to the former administration that had TWO (2) TERMS ‘in office.’

    The reality is, successive BLP and DLP administrations have FAILED to address crime.

    Crime should be a bi-partisan issue. The safety of Barbadians should be of paramount concern for all and sundry.

    Instead, we’re politicizing the issue and operatives from both main stream political parties are blaming each other.

  23. The past govt did not
    However the question remains when will present govt past legislation to tackle the ongoing nonstop criminal activity

  24. Instead, we’re politicizing the issue and operatives from both main stream political parties are blaming each other.
    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cxxxxx


    Who is the BLP operative/s ?

  25. Since Crime seems to have trumped Poverty, Stimulus and Unemployment, what about
    1. The $124M write off re Clearwater Bay. That could be a crime, we ( nor the AudG) just haven’t been given any information.
    2. Failure to submit annual reports for the NIS IS A Crime. 3 yrs under the B, 10 yrs under the D’s, and now 2+ under the B’s.
    Barbadians should be marching to demand answers. B or D these are BOTH YOUR money.

  26. Artax,

    That is why the reports were muted. A family affair. Embarrassing to the “wife” too.

    Some stupid people want to argue with the pronouncements of the same police they claim to be so concerned about.

    It is the POLICE who said that the murders are
    mostly bad man killing bad man, not DONNA, even though I had already concluded the same from deductive reasoning.

    As long as we are alive there will be crime. It cannot be eliminated, only contained or reduced.


    So running around crying blue bloody murder over the killing of one police officer is pure politicking and nasty opportunism.

    I would bet my last dollar that you, I and John 2 care more about the murdered policeman than Angela Cox does.

    He died doing his job, responding to the cries of his neighbour. May he rest in peace and his family be conforted. And may the neighbour who called him forgive himself.

  27. I too would have like to call for a ban on guns except for the protective forces
    But then I remembered the entry in the dead of night and beating of an old lady in her home , to get money they thought she had , i changed my mind.

    I wish she had owned a gun and had blown away they asses when they entered .

    Other should have a right to protect their property. An old retired person (or anyone ) should not have to do hand to hand combat to protect what is worked for .

  28. Before Miami building collapse, $9 million in repairs needed
    When I first got news of this catastrophic story my mind took me back to a similar story that occurred in Britton Hill
    A story that still asked for the question
    How and why did this happened and why no one person or persons were held accountable for such a disaster leading to fines and jail time
    Families lives destroyed in minutes because of failures and several layers of incompetence
    So frigging sad

  29. “When we drill down and look at the major or serious crime, we recognize that the total shows 199 crimes less than what was in 2020. There were 584 crimes in 2020 and 385 in 2021…and that is like a 34 per cent decline. If we further break down that major crime, we see that last year at this time, we had 17 murders, but this period now we have nine, which is a 47 per cent decline over the last year figures,” Boyce revealed.

    If you don’t know what you are doing you should keep quiet.

    Boyce correctly compared the rates of crime over the same time period. I was about to call him a “dishonest fellow” for comparing all of 2020 to half of 2021 when I realized the BU blogger copied numbers without realizing the importance of stating that the same time period was compared for the the two years

  30. @Donna June 27, 2021 11:06 AM

    You made three interesting points.

    (1): Some stupid people want to argue with the pronouncements of the same police they claim to be so concerned about.

    Your comment I listed as # 3 is equally applicable………. “it is pure politicking and nasty opportunism.”

    (2): As long as we are alive there will be crime. It cannot be eliminated, only contained or reduced.

    Yes, you are correct. But some nostalgic people love to compare crime in the 1950s, for example, with crime presently.
    Reminds me of someone who ‘said’ they “remembered a Barbados that was free of crime.” And, when asked what year or duration of time Barbados “was free of crime,” a brilliant man said the person was “right, if you define crime as meaning arrests and prosecutions and convictions.”

    Between 1973 and 1982 will always be remembered as the period of the ‘cane field murders’ and those crimes remain unsolved to this day.
    Is it being suggested because a suspect or suspects was/were not arrested, prosecuted or convicted, meant the crimes did not occur and Barbados was crime free during that period?

    They conveniently forgot when reminded of their comments, and asked “who was the idiot that said Barbados was crime free, when crime was with us from the days of the garden of Eden.” And, then went on a ‘Googling spree’ to copy and paste definitions of crime from the UK’s Home Office website.

    (3): So running around crying blue bloody murder over the killing of one police officer is pure politicking and nasty opportunism.

  31. I belive that the emphasis should be the controlling of crime
    Not so
    Therefore an all out awareness should be made towards govt that enough is enough
    Percentage high or a dip does not give comfort to those who are living in the high risk areas where criminal activity is evident

  32. Correction @2:33
    On rereading J2. The second half of the statement provides the relevant time period “last year at this time”.

    Sincere apologies to J2.

  33. @John2
    It is actually quite simple. All monies remitted to the NIS are placed into an escrow account to be released WHEN the NIS has complied with its legal requirements. Naturally they will be private, as the public will continue (unless they have restarted running an IOU with the NIS).
    A similar VAT escrow remittance, would squeeze GoB cashflow.
    You can only be “nice” up to a point. IF you wish results, you must take actions which will render results and not promises or long talk.
    We have one contributor who speaks of ‘ holding feet to the fire’ but dodges HOW. This is not to personally criticize this contributor, it is par for the course. Many know, but cannot risk the vindictive consequences, of speaking out. And certainly don’t want to suggest solutions which could be deemed illegal, to counter prior illegal acts.
    The spinners are sure to find “the rich White business class are starving the poor, ordinary Black Barbadian” to deflect from the NIS or GoB responsibility, required by law. And the merry-go-round continues.

  34. One would hope that citizen activism by speaking out can forced govt hand to make changes
    That is as much citizen activism can do in holding govt feet to the fire

    • One would hope party supporters are honest for the good of country to call out wrongs when they occur.

  35. NO
    i have to digest what you said – it not registering with me right now.


    You don’t have to beat around the bush. Most know where you coming from and where you heading. it is a shame you have to use the tragedy of other to pretend …

  36. John 2


    You don’t have to beat around the bush. Most know where you coming from and where you heading. it is a shame you have to use the tragedy of other to pretend


    Are u embarrassed
    I belive the tragedy is befitting and which gives support to many undeniable truths attaching govt officials to corruption
    Yes and the Arch cot story fits well into such scenarios

  37. The sad part of these catastrophic events is that no one would be convicted
    Families left behind to mourn their loss and pick up the pieces of memorabilia to help them get over a long lasting devastating memory
    Corruption at its worst and no one would spend a day behind bars

  38. Doesn’t prove anything. There isn’t anything in the comments that suggests corruption…….only rumours, speculation and innuendo from Jerome Hinds and a few others that sit on his ‘side of the fence.’

    You thrive in that type of environment.

    Hence, the reason for your persistence in pushing the tragedy, hoping for someone to comment in such a way that would give you the opportunity to ‘say’ what you really want to ‘say.’

  39. The Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Chief Andy Alvarez said he was part of the team in Barbados for the Arch Cot rescue.

  40. @Artax
    ac is drawing a parallel between the USA and Barbados. You may recall an incident involving a former Minister and two employees of ICBL. Corruption was rife, demonstrated in a US court, but nothing in Barbados, even though the US used Barbadian laws to get one conviction thus far.
    Similarly one can expect legal actions to follow in the US, but little on a similar, though quite different, local issue.

  41. NO

    Don’t get fooled
    The MO is always the same. One tracked but pretending she cares about something different …. The environment/ poor etc

  42. To the critics
    Love you Barbados
    Why do they question my love for you
    A love that is unending and true
    It is a mature love not that of a youth
    One that forces me to speak the truth
    Like the psalmist I raise my voice in your praise
    Wishing happiness and success to the end of days

    How can I in my right mind
    Allow you to proceed as if I was blind
    I could lie and pretend not to see
    Could close my eyes and just let things be
    But then I would be a cheater and not a lover
    And you would awake one day to discover
    That the sweet sounding lies were only a cover
    Sweet sounding nothing’s from the mouth of a liar

    Tell them search and find my navel string where it is buried
    They may find it before they find their own
    Lying safely in the place I call home.

  43. Was there any compensation given to the arch cot family members on behalf of the victims
    A horrendous story

  44. “……………. even though the US used Barbadian laws to get one conviction thus far.”

    @ NorthernObserver

    I’ve read people expressing that view in their contributions, which caused me to wonder how the US could use the laws of another jurisdiction to charge a suspect for committing a crime in the US………. and not for accepting bribes as is outlined in our laws.

    However, having read the affidavit, the impression I got was Inniss was charged with two counts of money laundering as a result of two money transfers to the bank accounts of a New York dental office and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

    The US Court strengthened their case by indicating the laws he broke in Barbados to facilitate breaking US money laundering laws.

  45. The big topic on Brasstacks is noisy kites in st.James. Sandra Husbands spinning and David Ellis batting.

    What they need is a few consultants to figure out how to persuade the KITE FLYERS TO CEASE AND DESIST.

    I am willing to become a consultant to the consultants if they will pay me CAD $5000 per month.

  46. Nice try, but still no cigar!

    I was conceived here, taken to England by plane, returned as a child, spent fifty years here. Love it so much I could not bear to leave.

    And I had at one point over twenty Barbadian children who people, including their parents, used to call my children because my every moment was lived with them in mind.

    My love is not mout talk. It has been a DOING word.

    Navel string done dry up and rot. I EARNED MY CITIZENSHIP.

    P.S. Your side swiping attempt to revive a dormant issue AGAIN is noted.

  47. And one more thing- when I speak of “we” I am not referring to England.

    So when I say, for example, “WE will get it right” there is only one “WE” I am speaking about.

    No divided loyalties. No other affiliations. Both feet in Barbados. ALL IN!

    That has to trump navel strings.

    P.S. Forget the plausible deniability. And your pointed reference to navel strings was telling.

    Really strange since it was your poetic ability that was being questioned, not whether or not you wished the best for Barbados.

  48. @Artax
    My understanding
    Laundering = cleaning. IF the money was clean, the laundering charges would not be relevant.
    Hence the US DOJ had to prove, using Barbadian laws, that bribery was illegal in Barbados, and the said funds were a bribe. Subsequently the movement of funds through US channels constituted laundering. ICBL’s parent, admitted the funds were a bribe. Hence the “disgorgement”.

  49. So you say! But I am the one who answers you people ALL THE TIME and lastly engaged on the matter AND I am the only one whose navel string would definitely been found long after yours because you would have to dig overseas. As Hal Austin took pains to point out. Without that bit, you would have had plausible deniability. May be you did not consciously do it.

  50. And oh, the king of superfluous words has no idea about rhythm. Prose too should have a type of rhythm. His has too many beats per minute.

    His sentences go on for twice as long as they should.

  51. Last/Last
    “May be you did not consciously do it.”
    The subconscious and obvious are in alignment. No obsessions/secret desires/fantasies are present.

    It was not about you.

  52. @ WURA
    “The Minister of Home Affairs insisted
    He said: “When we brought this into play, it was intended to provide a haven for persons for a year, we did not at the time contemplate the success of the programme, though we wished for it, we did not contemplate the success of the programme and the overwhelming response from persons who actually wanted to stay on in Barbados.” (SB)

    The administration has taken complete credit for @PLT idea. Imagine saying when “ we brought this into play…….”
    Now pray tell if thy so shamelessly claim credit for another citizen’s idea, what can we really expect when it comes to other issues ? The BLPDLP thieves.

  53. Award winning performance yesterday by Bill Cosby and his team if lawyers
    A performance worthy of an Oscar
    A performance which left the bobblehead prosecutor looking like a fool
    Makes for wonder how much he was paid to bring the charges against Cosby

  54. What a story you spin?
    It was the TRIAL JUDGE who ruled on a promise, made by a former DA that Crosby would not be charged, to prevent him from invoking the ‘fifth’ in a civil suit by Ms.Constand. A subsequent DA, post the civil suit settlement, went back on that promise, charged Crosby, and the Trial Judge ruled the case could proceed. Now the Supreme Court has ruled that promise trumped the Trial Judge’s allowance, and Cosby could not to be charged.
    This doesn’t mean Cosby is innocent, for he admitted certain things when deposed in the civil suit. Only that based on the promise not to charge, he cannot be charged, and those facts he admitted cannot be used against him with respect to Ms. Constand.
    The Supreme Court 4-3 decision, reflects poorly on the Trial Judge, not the prosecutor?

  55. Off topic i would like to offer my condolences to PM Ms Mottley, her parents and other siblings on the drath of her brother Warren Mottley.Stay strong in the name of the lord.

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