It is no secret to the BU family and elsewhere the man behind the Barbados Welcome Stamp is Peter Lawrence Thompson. To his credit he thanked the BU family for helping him give birth to the concept.

The Barbados Welcome Stamp is a work programme which establishes a visa to allow people to work remotely in Barbados for a maximum of 12 months. The visa is available to anyone who meets the visa requirements and whose work is location independent, whether individuals or families – see Barbados Welcome Stamp FAQs.

It is with regret the government implemented Peter’s idea which has been quickly copied by several countries in the region. To date Peter has not received official recognition from the Barbados government. The refusal by government to give Peter his due is immoral and unethical, take your pick. To rub salt in the wound he was not selected to sit on a face saving panel to come up with a new brand slogan after the Little Island, Big Barbados campaign was jettisoned by Prime Minister Mia Mottley. In the same way the prime minister has intervened in this matter and others before it, she needs to remove this stain from whatever legacy she is building for herself and the country. Also political and NGO voices must speak up for what is right.

We will never know if the reason Mottley shelved the campaign is based on political considerations with an eye on a 2023 general election. What the blogmaster knows is Peter Lawrence Thompson should have been asked to sit on the so-called Destination Reboot Panel. The truth is if he was asked it would be an admission of what is blatantly being denied.

1. Sir Hilary Beckles – Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, historian, Chair.

2. Most Honourable Anthony Gabby Carter.

3. Gayle Talma – hotelier.

4. Renee Coppin – hotelier – Infinity on the Beach and Pirates Inn hotels.

5. Mark Kent – hotelier, Butterfly Beach Hotel.

6. Stedson Red Plastic Bag Wiltshire – entertainment industry professional.

7. Rorrey Fenty – entertainment executive.

8. Dillon Atkinson – hotel worker.

9. Krystal Griffin – hotel worker.

10. Abraham Norville – water sports operator.

11. Tyronne Best – Airport Taxi Association.

12. Josea Browne – Book and formerly from

13. Aisha Comissiong – creative industry professional.

14. Anthony Walrond – former chairman of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).

15. Dean Straker – entertainment industry professional.

16. Carol Roberts – CEO, NCF.

17. Andrea Franklin – country manager, Harrison’s Cave.

18. Wayne Cummins – World of Water Sports.

Destination Barbados Reboot Panel


  1. Our Supreme Leader has summoned the best of the best to join her team, including PLT. Unlike the DLP, Mia Mottley listens very carefully to experts.

    We are fortunate to have such a great leader and Prime Minister who will soon be President for Life.

    Thank you, Mia!

  2. @ Theo

    Thanks for the support. Truth is many of these guys are unable to debate based on facts, so they all fall back to what they know which is the B or D crap.

    Regrettably the politicians know this too so as a result no discussion ever goes anywhere, because they know sooner or later it will degenerate compliments of the fowls into the cesspit of politics. Pick any topic on this blog and it starts out being debated, but by say the 15th comment the fowls come out to play and from there its pointless bothering to comment further.

    What they don’t realise is the politicians feel they don’t have to defend or explain their position to the country then because of this nonesence. I mean why would they when they have their warriors decked in red and yellow to deflect the issues for them?

    Loyalty without the ability of independent thought is a dangerous thing. If you doubt me look back in history.

  3. @ John A June 1, 2021 7:52 AM

    You also have the miller’s admiration.

    Maybe you should change your moniker to Mr. Commonsense.
    For “Commonsense” is like poison to the sycophants in the political barnyard.

  4. @ Miller

    Thanks for your kind words but some find it easier to wallow in the political sewage than openly discuss an issue.

    Let’s be honest if we don’t as the populace ventilate the issues who will do it for us? The press and opposition are a total waste of time so who is left? We are the last barrier of defence against what some may consider their God given right to do as they feel.

    So who what I say offends they have my condolences, but I will continue to ventilate what is put before me regardless of whose feathers get dislodged, be they D OR B.

    • @John A

      You should not be sidetracked by the voices from D and B. Like you stated the voice in the center must also raise their voice. This is the nature of what we refer to as a democracy.

  5. It’s exhilarating to only focus on output these days and ignore all the empty noise….one gets much more accomplished that way..

  6. John AJohn AJune 1, 2021 7:52 AM

    @ Theo

    Thanks for the support. Truth is many of these guys are unable to debate based on facts, so they all fall back to what they know which is the B or D crap

    You pull the political card when its convenient for you especially when you are under pressure.

  7. @ John2 June 2, 2021 9:47 AM

    So what’s your ‘revised’ position on the potential of the slogan to ‘drive’ tourist traffic to the shores of Barbados now that your boss lady has thrown the slogan baby out with the ‘imported’ water all down Maxwell money pond?

    Are you going to do like the pure-bred sycophant Enuff and hold you bloody face in shame?

  8. IF they ever saw the packed airlines of tourists headed throughout the continent, they would all look for something better to do other than making themselves look dumber and dumber depending on only one economic lever..

    ….diversify is a word and once ya got the brain power, quite achievable.

  9. mILLER


    I gave my view on the slogan before MM pulled the slogan.

  10. They don’t need no 20 person committe to come up with no slogan either. For the price of hosting them meetings they could of had a local competition open to all, where suggested slogans could be sent in and when it was brought down to the final 5, the populace could then of voted on the best one via an online platform. The winner could then win a $10,000 prize or some thing.

    Why 275000 must go with the decision of 20 when better can be done?

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