A group of artists recorded a compilation of songs.  Their compilation was uploaded on YouTube (outside of Barbados), where it had to compete with over 800 million other videos.  After one week, it joined hundreds of millions of other videos in the YouTube graveyard.

Three weeks later, Barbadian: politicians, news media, clergy, and business leaders started to vigorously promote the video.  Their actions brought a dead video to life, and then moved it into the mainstream of Barbadian society.  The obvious question is, why.


Most Barbadians would not normally watch such a fringe video.  But we were compelled to watch it, because we were expected to join those in condemning the artists, and it is wicked to condemn someone without evidence.

The video’s main message is completely opposite to that of the Police’s.  The Police rely on people who see something, to say something.  The video’s message is that saying something is an automatic death sentence.


The video explained that there is no safe place where informants can hide.  There will be no reprieve, hesitation, negotiation, or mercy.  Informants should expect to be executed swiftly.

Saying something is a mark of a responsible citizen.  However, 16 minutes of indoctrination, suggested that saying something was wrong, while murdering informants was honourable.


Why did Barbadian politicians, news media, clergy, and business leaders undermine the Police’s public message, by promoting the gangs’ threats?  I spoke with some of the clergy to find the answer.

It appears that they were tricked by the media, to promote the video through their condemnation of it.  Our clergy do not normally use the public relations expertise available to our news media, businesses, and established political parties.  They were unaware that there is no such thing as negative publicity.  So, it is easy to see how they could be so deceived.


Barbadian politicians, news media, and business leaders do not have the same excuse.  Every day, they decide which messages they will promote, and which messages must die on the vine – by simply ignoring them.  It was easily foreseen, that the only result of their actions, would be to promote the gangs’ message.

Why was it so important, for this message of intimidation to be brought into the Barbadian mainstream at this time?  To answer this, we must remember that we have unsuccessfully tried to solve this puzzle of: gangs, guns, drugs, violence, and corruption in Barbados for decades.  Here are some of the pieces of this puzzle.


1.  In 2008, Barbados reported to the OAS that we had 150 gangs, with 4,000 members, which is an average of about 26 persons in each gang.  That same year, the Bajan Reporter published a shocking report of how gangs recruited our school children.

2.  In 2017, Small Arms Survey found that 1,675 guns were used by the Barbados military, and 2,000 by the police. The number of unlawfully held guns was estimated at 7,000.

3.  In 2017, the DLP reported that gang leaders were operating without fear of prosecution in Barbados. They noted that kidnappings, executions, drug trafficking, and legitimate businesses were part of their normal activities. They further noted that prominent members of Barbadian society were linked to the importation of illegal guns.

4.  In 2017, with gun violence out of all control, the DLP proposed anti-gang legislation.  Gang members would be liable for 20 years imprisonment, and gang leaders, 25 years.

5.  In 2018, the new BLP administration chose not to pursue anti-gang legislation.  They noted that it would only be used as a last resort.

6.  On 22 October 2019, in the 52nd sitting of the House of Assembly, former BLP politician, Atherley claimed to know that it was true that Parliamentarians facilitated drug lords in Barbadian communities.  He then challenged his fellow Parliamentarians to deny it.  None reportedly did so during the meeting.

In just 16 minutes, ten Barbadian artists solved this puzzle in a way that perfectly explained the evidence.  The final picture is particularly chilling.  Rather than thank them for solving the puzzle, we are directed to condemn them for the crude way in which they did so.  We need to look deeper.


Our police are significantly outgunned.  Their main weapon against crime has been undermined by the gangs’ most successful public relations initiative ever.  Barbadians who do what is right, because it is right, must now consider violating their conscience and self-preservation.

Again, why did they bring the gangs’ message of intimidation from the fringe, to the mainstream.  Most of us have no dealings with gangs or guns, so why was it necessary for every Barbadian household to be intimidated now?  I have no idea.  But here is a striking coincidence.


On 25 May 2021, the Auditor General published his report.  That report shows that the potential gross corruption between the Government and businesses under the last administration, has not changed under the current.  Notably, most Barbadians either work for Government or businesses.

The media ignored the Auditor General’s report until 31 May 2021.  On that same day, the trinity of our media, politicians and business leaders hurriedly directed us to watch a video.  That video informed us that we only had two choices – keep quiet, or be executed by a hail of gunfire.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com


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  2. Just be glad you are finding out now so that your future generations can be told how treacherous these colonial agents in the parliament are, all their names must be recorded for what they brazenly do..

    ….they have NEVER TAKEN CARE of the majority adequately, and there is always some elaborate plot they and the minorities set up to ROB and UNDERMINE any progress of THE BLACK POPULATION each generation…like clockwork, then cover it up, then pass the blame to their victims…

    our grandparents and parents never knew how evil both sides were, never knew the depth of greed and self-hate they carry, or the true intent of the minorities who are covetous, envious and wicked, and display PURE HATRED for the people they FEED OFF, but we do, there is no excuse to keep the information from our families..time to shut down the shit show permanently.

    exterminate the pestilence and parasites.

  3. If Dr. king had not the moral courage to do what he did, we would still be living in segregation today, so we have to have the moral courage to do the right thing irrespective of the outcome.

  4. Donna…the bottom line is they all want DRAGGING OUT OF THOSE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR PROPERTIES they ripped off from the elderly and their beneficiaries and locking the hell up…but first we have to find out how much stolen billions they LAUNDERED OFFSHORE….and WHO laundered it for them…

  5. 555dubstreet

    Sir, you sound like a dysfunctional product of the American inner-city ….with his bag of ghetto nonsense ….. why don’t you stop mimicking the garbage and trash lyrics from the atrocious rap music …….

  6. 555dubstreet

    I wonder why the inner-city rap artists refused to rap about the loads of garbage throughout the inner- city?

  7. @ nextparty246:
    The media ignored the Auditor General’s report until 31 May 2021. On that same day, the trinity of our media, politicians and business leaders hurriedly directed us to watch a video. That video informed us that we only had two choices – keep quiet, or be executed by a hail of gunfire. (Unquote).

    Glad to see you are learning your lessons [well] by gaining some political street sense and credibility.

    You have come a long way from being the peeping tom for the porn police to being considered for the post of the Chief of Security of the People’s Democracy.

    You are doing a far better job than the placeholder bishop in Parliament pretending to be some light of Opposition for only the devil to see.

    Now for the real lesson for you to imbibe:

    Which is the ‘greater’ sin for the Bajan to commit?

    Watching porn while listening to the lyrics in a music video portraying the reality of the Bajan underground ‘world’?

    Or stealing (shamelessly blind according to the Auditor General’s reports) from the naïve taxpayers while promising them Justice on earth?

    “How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience would have achieved success.” ⁓ Elbert Hubbard

  8. Donut Dompey

    I was pointing out Grenville did not know what an informer was
    i.e. criminals making deals with pork chop patrol for immunity

    Get off My Dick & Tell your Bitch to come here instead

    you bore me
    I’m not a donut
    you can never glace me
    stop engaging
    like a faggot ass n199a


  9. 555dubstreet

    Sir, stop playing the Frozen stereotypes of the ghetto,and go an actively do something to empower your Black community, instead of getting on social media, and spewing and pedaling your everyday ghetto colloquialisms.

  10. 555dubstreet

    When last you have been to the ghetto Sir? Well I am here practically, everyday and I could say to you without any fear of contradiction that no aspect of Ghetto life, as a Black man living in America, I wish to emulate because it does a disservice the Black people who elected to move away from that lifestyle.

  11. Which ghetto in Amerikkka do you dwell Donut.

    I used to live in Teaneck NJ and saw two black men arguing outside a liquor shop where one was saying “have you got a gun..if you don’t have a gun you shouldn’t try and argue with me..”

  12. 555dubstreet

    Never lived in the Ghetto son, but I have worked in one, however; just to inform your understanding: the old man brought me from Barbados in the 1980s, to White Suburbia to rub shoulders with the White Racists.

  13. @ Grenville
    Very thought provoking. The cool aid drinkers amongst us and the “ sophisticated propagandists :apologists and want -to- be political spinners are pretending that they don’t or can’t see the massive media tactics being used hourly to confuse the populace.
    They believe that we are all ignorant to how the country is being skillfully manipulated by certain political and corporate forces.
    Note how quickly Bizzy pulled back from banning the artiste. There are very sinister machinations being put in place. Note how aspiring DLP politicians jumped ship to go to their other home.
    This is the same crap that happened when several of the young DLP aspirants left and went with Arthur.
    It’s a game they have played repeatedly and some come here on BU pulling the same nastiness.
    They ignore the atrocities against the black poor masses and cannot find the guts to call out the whites and other minorities who are daily practicing economic mass killings of the majority.
    That’s why they despise WURA and others who are prepared to brand the Duopoly as political serial killers.
    This digging up the video and pretending that the artistes are promoting crime and violence would have worked thirty years ago but the youth of today are up to their dirty tricks and the backlash has been swift and effective.

  14. “That’s why they despise WURA and others who are prepared to brand the Duopoly as political serial killers.”

    WURA is half right and half wrong or 30% right and 70% wrong but in my opinion 10% right and 90% wrong repeating pure wickedness and hate about minorities and does not compute. You are same repeating duopolies in every post like a cussed old man with no ambition. Neither of you represent youth who by default will take over when the oldies leave earth and go to judgement and end up being tortured. Ideas should develop and people should be true. Youths don’t hate minorities like old farts.

  15. “They believe that we are all ignorant to how the country is being skillfully manipulated by certain political and corporate forces..”

    that’s what the traitors in the parliament and the corrupt minorities do when they are setting up again to rob the majority population of billions of dollars, they always find a red herring, be it squatters, vendors, now the same artistes they sponsor…

    .whatever their evil greedy minds have to conjure up, they use that to divide the people and while they are distracted they are gone with the money and replacing it with POVERTY in the communities…it’s a pattern and they have been WATCHED FOR DECADES……they never deviate.

    don’t know whose grandchildren and great grandchildren they plan to continue running that scam on so they could TIEF…. and run their drugs and guns, pedophilia and prostitution and modern day slavery..but they are in for a real life BRUTAL AWAKENING….with their thieving small island selves.

    “They ignore the atrocities against the black poor masses and cannot find the guts to call out the whites and other minorities who are daily practicing economic mass killings of the majority.”

    let them keep it up and see how much MORE FAMOUS they can be made…..the black faces of parliament enable the criminal minorities to commit every crime they can think of…help engage in the same crimes against those who look like them.as long as they get their cut from what THEY TIEF FROM THE TREASURY AND PENSION FUND, money belonging to Black people, money that belongs TO NONE OF THEM….that is always their target…and use anyone and everyone to achieve their goal of stealing to waltz around being racist and pretending to be superior..

    this time they were too BLATANT and it blew up in their faces….leave them to the young generation who can clearly see all the scum for exactly who they are..

  16. William….they can like me or lump it….THEY are the ones keeping me around, i could have gone about my business YEARS AGO and they would be getting away with all manner of crimes….but they too love to VIOLATE BLACK RIGHTS and rob BLACK people of what is rightfully theirs through their corrupt supreme court….

    they are bad minded and COVETOUS, jealous minded and envious and HATE to see Black people who look like them with anything, so now they got ALL OF ME since they want me around.

  17. Negroes should stop blaming minorities and negroes for Government fucking up.
    Incumbent 30-0 regime is as good as it gets
    Barbados independence will flop unless nation unites and stops whining like bitches playing the victims

    “they are bad minded and COVETOUS, jealous minded and envious”
    Here are the original lyrics for educational fair use under copyright law


  18. Well…ya can’t remove yaself from colonialism even if only from the symbolic figure head but hellbent on keeping the same slave system and colonial slave politics. And the young generation should never tolerate it from black face traitors for politicians/government ministers or anyone else…who will soon be crawling around everywhere BEGGING BLACK PEOPLE FOR VOTES again after the crimes they committed against them. Everything must go including the gun running, drug trafficking TIEFING MINORITIES.

    “Queen’s portrait DITCHED at an Oxford College over “colonial links”!

    A student body at Oxford University’s prestigious Magdalen College voted to REMOVE a portrait of the Queen, because “for some students depictions of the monarch and the British monarchy represent recent colonial history”.

    “It was decided that the room should be a welcoming, neutral place for all members, regardless of background, demographic or views,” said the committee president.

    UK Education Sec Gavin Williamson SLATED the news as “simply absurd,” insisting the Queen “has worked tirelessly to promote British values of tolerance, inclusivity and respect around the world.”

  19. This troll seem only to go to bed with me in mind and wake up everyday just to troll me, too bad ya can’t stop shit.

  20. “too bad ya can’t stop shit.”

    too bad you can’t stop talking shit

    and it’s the same shit everyday

    you must be a nag who repeats herself over and over again

    and are not the messiah or a liberator of minds

    just a glorified talking parrot who steals original ideas

  21. “Barbados independence will flop unless nation unites and stops whining like bitches playing the victims.”

    For the ignorant:

    Barbados’ independence is FAKE…they have limited sovereignty, and that’s as autonomous as they will ever get……even as a republic, they will still be limited to commonwealth magnetism….and subordinate.

    .they are just replacing one figure head with another, a president….it changes NOTHING…unless they OFFLOAD THE COLONIAL SLAVE SYSTEM, slave society, colonial slave politics, slave laws and slave codes, they WILL GO NOWHERE and keep going AROUND IN CIRCLES. ..

    it’s much better FOR ME…if they continue to “victimize” me, i will make QUADRUPLE what they think they can tief from me, just exposing their niga asses everywhere….

    .so much for “victimizing” someone with more than 2 brain cells…

    William….the trolls ain’t ready yet, neither are the fowl Slaves who don’t know if they are coming or going.

  22. Social issues must be addressed

    Wed, 06/09/2021 – 5:45am

    Existing social issues are creating the conditions for crime and violence in this country.

    Leader of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI), David Denny, therefore stressed these must be addressed holistically if there was to be lasting change.

    “There are many social issues within the education system, there are many social issues at the community level, there are many social issues where people are calling for the right to work and calling for the right to proper housing and for the right to be able to benefit from the tourism industry. There are many workers who were sent home from the tourism industry and up to this day, they have not received any severance, so you have a lot of social issues affecting Barbadian people and that is the root to this crime situation,” he said.

    Denny suggested now was the time for more community policing and social services outreach programs as well as one focused on empowerment to help create a new way of thinking in the island.

    “People should not be seen as beggars in their own country and that is the problem. You have a lot of young men and women not working and just buying food from a canteen or shop every day, where they are just looking to get some change and go buy food today. If you go into communities where there is poverty, you will see that there are serious, serious social problems within those communities and the time has come for a politician to stop just giving a man a $5 or $10 and empower him and create the conditions so they could work for themselves,” Denny insisted.

    To aid in this, he said the movement had spoken with Special Envoy, Trevor Prescod, requesting the support of a project for persons within several communities to be trained in digital media, sound engineering and other social media-related courses. (JMB)

    Source: BarbadosAdvocate

  23. “.they are just replacing one figure head with another, a president….it changes NOTHING…unless they OFFLOAD THE COLONIAL SLAVE SYSTEM, slave society, colonial slave politics, slave laws and slave codes, they WILL GO NOWHERE and keep going AROUND IN CIRCLES. ..”

    Slavery is done, but Barbados suffers from third world politics, which is a potential class war time bomb ticking away ready to explode..
    is a more accurate analysis thesis looking from outside in

    a black nationalist agenda like Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler combined would not get very far as it is better to live good in the neighbourhood

  24. As a philosophical thought experiment for Half Term BU Assignment

    what would be the result of flooding ghettos with more guns

    would it result in informers or political class being exterminated

    or are people passive aggressive with nuff chat

    in Burkina Faso there was a revolution that overthrew Government with clubs and fire

    Informer, Tear Down Dancehall, Informout

    Wackies Production

    • The point has been made here and other places- we should focus more on efficient enforcement. However, there is the other task of nurturing wholesome attitudes/behaviours between all segments of society. As it stands there is growing distrust between the young and mature segments of society.

  25. Have a great day Barbados.

    Going to sit on the sidelines
    And listen to the drumbeat
    Changes moving the manner of a snail
    Forward and at times in retreat
    Circular motion considered as progress
    Measured by a line, we have regressed
    Send out the spinners and apologists
    Watch their stories turn and twist
    Know that regardless of which party holds sway
    It is the same story and ending as yesterday
    Living in a land with groundhog day.

    Have a great day Barbados. Resuming groundhog day on Thursday.

  26. D
    The biggest problem in Barbados (according to some BU comment data) is there is a very wealthy class living large in a very low tax haven heaven and a very poor class living in a ghetto hell being tortured every day in every way and the business class and political class are scammer jammers milking the system shortchanging public

  27. Even their “high science secrets” have hit social media…

    .that’s when they are wicked in mind and use it against Black people and ONLY TO DO EVIL…

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  29. What kinda FAKE minister of education yall got that not only don’t know that the 11 plus Slave test should have been ABOLISHED when she said it would be, they had all the time in the world to get rid of it, and dont know that the kids are not mentally ready to take a slave test…


    so what are these kids to do, why was a new curricula not set …THEY HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT TIME in over a year to create a new one…

    “but the Ministry of Education has found that more than half of the students may not be ready to sit the test on July 28.”

    only dummies would be impressed by them, an entertainment lawyer who worked to sign up the same artistes now accused by the PM and her racist sidekick sponsors of a video THEY ALL HAD KNOWLEDGE ABOUT…now minister of education……and yall expect the kids to not be disenfranchised and left behind..

    was the $800,000??? they got in loans EGF for some scam ever repaid or was it a grant or was that also written off..

  30. “This thing with artistes smut lyrics from Lil ric and company and Pyramid Entertainment is old news.”

    Are you saying that there is some sort of accountant who audits the content of the vocals in the music you listen to and has a point system that works like karma to tally your score and if you listen to bad music you will end up in a bad place like bankrupt Barbados


    • We did not address it properly in the past and it has rushed back to create the dysfunction we are grappling today.


  31. “We did not address it properly in the past and it has rushed back to create the dysfunction we are grappling today.”

    Barbados Underground must have more to blame for the dysfunction of Barbados today

    think of how much social media impacted USA and UK with alt-right populism of Trump and Brexit


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