The Ageing and Elder Abuse…relationship between social security – Pensions

We continue our focus on elder abuse in Barbados – Blogmaster
Submitted by Cheurfleur

Pensions are paid to old people from the NIS Fund which is financed by contributions from the employed. That group of able persons ages 18 to 60, originally, i.e 42 years by 52 weeks plus  plus 7 years by 52 weeks, i.e 67 years now.  

With a population of 1000 able bodied persons paying $100 for 42 years or 49, using annuities calculation the pot makes X to support Y in 1900s but Z currently.

I shall leave the actual calculations to Mr Annuity.  I am only concerned with elder abuse.

At its inception there weren’t that many people living far beyond 60 years of age. What we had was more contributors and less gobblers.  By the turn of the 19th century with better health services, vaccinations and greater production and higher income people began living longer.  No problem.

Then came the 20th century with women’s lib and all the other ‘liberations’ and fewer children were born ) per woman/family) thus fewer worker/contributors 20 years later vis  a vis elders migrating out of the system plus more more men on the ‘block’. (It’s worse in Japan).

There is a dilemma now.  How to balance this imbalance?  Have governments done anything constructive to balance it? 

They have raised contributions and extended the age of retirement by 7 years.  

But contributors are actually living until retirement (originally 60s) and surviving way beyond 80s (not the prayer request) at time of conceptualizing the ‘scheme’.  With the ‘rich man diseases’ prevalent, the plight of the fund managers is grave and great.  This was not how it was supposed to be.  You aren’t supposed to be there to get back 40 years of contributions.  Never mind the presumption of interest gained from your investments.  Ask Rockefeller or Rothschild.

Mr Annuity can tell you that there isn’t enough money to do business for these long-life, now  ‘good-for-nothing’, ‘resource sucking’ retirees.  Albeit some have worked and put aside extras in private pensions and endowments to make a better nest but they still have to give back what they took earlier.  Mathematicians nor Actuaries can fix this.

Every man for himself and God for us all.  Stay clear of hospitals

Forget your children and relatives who will prey pon yuh fuh yuh li’le pension and other valuables.  The real abusers are the vultures who first took the contributions and are taking again.  Notice how many of the aged population died during 2019 to 2020 and are still the most vulnerable.

What goes?

I have to ask questions from here on.

  • What profit it is to anyone faced with this quandary to put policies in place to protect you – old work horses?
  • Why fight to save a life that is costing you on the down side when there is no income from the up side to make it feasible?
  • Why expend resources on a population that is not giving any returns (at point) when the resource can be invested on a population to bring up resources?

If it would save some lives, won’t someone just propose that those who can fend for themselves, economically, do so and relieve the burden so that no one would want to move them out of the way, earlier?

It is not only family and the nearby public that are abusing the elderly.  

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  1. @ Pacha
    We keep believing that we can get up one morning and change well ingrained cultural habits- it simply will not happen.
    It is an established fact that poor people of forty years ago were eating better food than the poor can even think about affording today.
    @Bushies approach is not brutal at all butit seems to suggest that a very strict diet can be enforced or something like that. It’s not the best approach.
    In your case , the diets that you recommend carry a cost that is far beyond the reach of the poor.
    This problem is going yo take at least 25/30 years to bring under control.
    With high cost of living , and just above starvation levels, the poor masses will pay the price of having to bring up their children on cheap ass ramen, inferior fast foods and so on.
    Ain’t that easy in the real world my Brother.

  2. @ Bushie
    We’re the slaves told that too: remember thy creator in the days of your youth. So you think that all the black people that are marginalized and exploited paying some righteous debt for ironing their creator in their youth?
    Can’t buy that now and abandoned that teaching a long time ago.
    Are you telling me that some poverty stricken youth who hungry as hell and ain’t got bus fare this morning to get school and no frigging proper breakfast because he en got ten O levels four years from now and going to catch his ass , is going to pay some price for ignoring his creator in his hungry and poverty stricken youth?
    Reel and come again Bushie. No disrespect to your religious/ Christian beliefs . But you better reel and come again.

  3. William Skinner

    You of all people must know with certainty that starvation is the best medicine.

    That starvation is a more complex phenomenon than the mere absence of a good diet

    A lot of what you say is wholly correct. But how are we as a people to develop if a radical orientation is not to be personally imposed on self.

    And yes Skinns. This writer’s recommendations may at times be beyond the reach of most people. However, those recommendations are rooted in , for example, green leafy vegetables, as staples. Not merely to add color. Calloloo, for example, and this grows wild in most places where our people live.

    Why continue to eat nuff meat and carbs, which are sugars, when we know that they are killing us. Why wait until somebody has to say we have diabetes to eat right? Starvation needs not be an enemy. It’s best s friend to restore balance within and without. Development must start with a restoration of a national mind,

  4. “With high cost of living , and just above starvation levels, the poor masses will pay the price of having to bring up their children on cheap ass ramen, inferior fast foods and so on.”

    Serves them right for promoting supporting and always endorsing trashy, questionable business people who sell nasty, unhealthy food, and goods not fit for human consumption, but never supporting their own local vendors and look down on them…

    .let them lose their limbs and die from silent killer NCDs, a lot of them are so obese they should hide instead of waddling around in public…seeing as these lifestyle diseases are reverseable…..starvation will indeed wean them from their addiction to an avaricious overabundance of meats, starch and sugars.

    maybe other generations may, or not, learn from their mistakes…

    Someone pointed out recently seeing the pretend elites eating like pigs like they never had a decent meal before..

  5. William Skinner
    On his religious proclivities we must demure.

    His is cut from the same cloth which was racist from the very beginning and imposed on African peoples as less worthy of that same invention of a god.

    That it continues to raise it’s ugly head as some moral whip for the dispossessed of the world is of and in itself an extreme form of backwardness now that we have the complete developmental arc of humanoids, including the origins of a God consciousness.

    So on this matter we are forthright in our determination that your sensibilities represent the profound, his the profane.

  6. No Waru

    These are still our people. Even in their misguidance. We should cuss them, yes. But the door to redemption, an Afrocentric enlightenment, should remain ajar.

  7. Pacha…we also have the enemy within, they are suffering at every levelm but would not hesitate to run carry news and sell us out at the drop of a hat…they cannot be saved.

    …the others who are seeing that bright light are waking RAPIDLY…those are the ones who listened to us..

    The unknowledgeable know it alls would gladly and unhesitatingly destroy us however they could to shut us up..i have no use for them…

    It’s not that they don’t know the results of bad diets and ravenous obesity induced overeating as garbage eaters….they are famous as the amputation capital, claim an education literacy above everyone else and witnessed over decenniums what happened to others who came before them…..then they rarely patronize their own Black establishments but revel in fast food dumps….i have absolutely no sympathy.

  8. @ WURA
    We don’t agree that it “serves them right” The poor always carries the brunt of all the shit created by this Duopoly.
    As @ Pacha correctly reminds us: they are our people and we must protect them and defend them at all times , when they are being used and abused by the political and corporate class.

  9. “But the door to redemption, an Afrocentric enlightenment, should remain ajar.”

    Not an easy task when they would rather read shite and not redemptive Afrikanized literature that would reverse and exterminate political brainwash and colonial indoctrination that haunts and reduces them to what we laugh at…….again, they will attack us first to remain in comfort zones of black destruction.

    We can keep that door open 24/7/365 for another 1/2 century and only the newer generations will venture through..the slaveminded are eternally doomed..

    That’s why young mindsets are easier to shape and point in the right direction. It’s time to recognize that we lost 3 generations to neocolonialism…and focus on saving the rest…young pliable minds that wicked politicians are trying to poison with their evil.

  10. William…that answer goes to you as well….many, not the younger generation, know the full history of the politics from the 1930s, know what it did to bring them to this door of no return….know that the generations closely linked to that evil mindset..went nowhere, know that these greedy corrupt beasts still exist in other forms…know that that it carries doom for Black Afrikan descents into other generations, know they desteoyed 3 generations of poor black people, sacrificed them for status and class, their great grand parents, grand parents, parents, uncles, aunties cousins…children and young people….no one escaped…

    .. but not only do they STILL VOTE FOR THESE CREATURES, but promote, support , endorse them and are INFLUEMCED BY THESE CRIMINALS…….am sure most who attack us on BU are well aware but does that stop any of them…,

  11. Influenced by them…

    They are the ones influence and tell them to go buy the health killing fast foods and they go right ahead..

    .then they complain in the newspapers about the rise in NCDs…..bribery still the stock in trade..,

  12. so in essence @Pacha @William…given our experience, they know exactly what to do with and about us.

    but have no clue what to do with or about the historical political beasts who have negatively INFLUENCED THEM for multiple lifetimes and are on a course to further reduce and injure them SOCIALLY and ECONOMICALLY….

    they swallow all their LIE…that’s on them..

    we wish it was not the reality, but it is…

  13. William…just to prove my point, there is this Time Magazine 100 cover and although no one takes western media seriously anymore and don’t believe any of the shit they post about leaders in general, because we are not our foreparents in personalities or docility and complacency anymore….but Time may as well had added the additional info themselves because someone did to Mia’s image, so it reads as follows right across the same cover:

    “Caribbean Political Gangster
    Treason – Bioterrorism
    Subterfuge & Financial Fraud

    people are no longer wasting time to showcase what they know is reality..

  14. “Caribbean Political Gangster
    Treason – Bioterrorism
    Subterfuge & Financial Fraud”

    I do believe people are genuinely tired and FED UP of the 90 YEAR OLD HAUNTING and are committed to doing something about it, it’s just the stupid fowls and pimps…the WEAKEST LINKS….who will try to throw up barriers…those i have absolutely no use for…and they are now MUTED anyway…only handcuffs needed to cure them…

    “If you look at the website of the bar association, you can easily see that its efforts are a joke. The Code of Ethics page is blank, there is no listing of disciplinary actions taken to protect clients, and all of the hyperlinks are dead. This is a pathetic attempt to appear to be a gatekeeper, but it is obvious that it is not discharging it’s duty to the public at large.”

    if you can’t get basic things right, no one needs you around as DEAD WEIGHT….but given the way this entitiy was set up and by whom…they will be forever haunted.

  15. These are deficiencies that are easy to remedy. I am quite certain that a hungry student will manage/fix/update the site for a fee.

  16. Waru

    We have a question and would like to offer a few anecdotes.

    Cheikh Anta Diop was always this writer’s most favored Afrikan intellectual because of the rigorous, transformative and radical scientific methodological approaches he brought to our understandings. Diop almost single-handedly transformed the world.

    And as great as he was and is, still, even in death, you would have had to have had lunch with him to see what such a colossus eat. Bare carbs and meat. No wonder he died toooooo early.

    John Henry Clarke is another – blinded toooo early presumably by diabetes.

    Runoko Rashidi is another one. Has taught us more about the ancient global Afrikan, in one lifetime, more than it were possible for all the Ancestors themselves to have learnt in theirs collectively. Yet Dr Rashidi for a man hardly 5’ 7’’’ weights maybe 350 lbs.

    These are all people which you adore. But they had or have one thing in common – an abiding love for Afrikan peoples even as they recognized that Afrikan peoples are not easy to love.

    Our question to you is, if you are not doing this inspired by a deep love for our peoples, in spite of all our faults, why bother.

  17. Africans are smart people. I went walking in a national park with my Kenyan buddy when a grizzly charged us, I pulled out my 22 pistol , he had experience with guns and said.. thats not going to stop that bear, so I shot him in the leg.

  18. @Dompey May 23, 2022 12:58 AM “…they start to gradually administer hospice medical which overtime slows down your major organs.”

    What is hospice medical?

  19. “ou would have had to have had lunch with him to see what such a colossus eat. Bare carbs and meat. No wonder he died toooooo early.”

    they did say his diet was contributor, imagine surviving a plane crash, then dying from bad diet…they say a lot of the bad diet stems from slavery and colonialism….but we have more access to information now, so there is no excuse..

    another thing, don’t know who started that idiocy, but the people on the island abhor drinking water, althoughte they are told by those who know better, that at least 70% of their body should be filled with water EVERY DAY, for healthy living….they would look straight at you and tell you..we int like nuh water….and have kidney problems, diabetes, this that and the next and STILL there are no public announcements encouraging water drinking especially in the schools…a lot of bad health can be prevented from just drinking a set volume of boiled, distilled or filtered water…

    “an abiding love for Afrikan peoples even as they recognized that Afrikan peoples are not easy to love.”

    you said it, they go out of their way to make it difficult, we can argue it’s socialization…but they are too comfortable in it…and need to take a closer look at their mindsets..

    “Our question to you is, if you are not doing this inspired by a deep love for our peoples, in spite of all our faults, why bother.”

    because i have seen results…despite the barriers and challenges..

    when Mia got elected, i posted she should get rid of those stinking slave codes/laws and anti-black legislation from the 1600-1800s….now it’s biting them with the GIS scandal …..dismantle the shite neocolonialism system…… one lifted a finger, it was a battle just to get them to take down the cursed nelson statute……now look at them…they tend not to believe us….and still stuck in their 1930s to 50s TRAP..

    .i kept saying it was not done out of any malice and spite, but because it was clear what was coming…just because they could not see it, did not mean it was not approaching….now it’s here…

  20. @William Skinner May 23, 2022 8:31 AM “…bring up their children on cheap ass ramen, inferior fast foods.”

    Actually fast foods are more expensive than cooking at home. But sometimes I wonder whether people have loat interest. and/or lost the skill of home cooking.

    Last week I was in a shopping mall longer that I expected. I bought a plate of mall restaurant food, not anything fancy. It cost $23BDS, I said “wuhloss!!!” because not too long ago that plate would have been maybe $15BDS at most. Then I went to the market and bought 5 lovely steaks of dolphin which cost $21BDS, the steaks were so large that I had to cut some in half, because one was too big a serving. So I had enough good quality protein to serve 7 adults. With a breadfruit free or cheap $5 at most and a handful of spinach from over the paling a perfectly good dinner for 7 for about $3.71 per serving. No fast food restaurant anywhere in the world can deliver a healthy adult serving of food to the consumer for $1.85 USD per serving. And dolphin, breadfruit and spinach cook very quickly so only about 15-20 minutes worth of fuel. And maybe 1/2 hour prep time.

    But hey! Coming soon or already here uber eats or something similar.

  21. Understand that some of our people proudly no longer eat breadfruit, sweet potatoes, yams, eddoes and other traditional “poor people food” But will equally proudly eat ramen, and fast food french fries.

  22. Theo…they don’t want the site updated or would have done it already..they just want to keep things STAGNANT so people have no clue what is going on or how to remedy anything.. keep the rotten anti-people status quo intact..because the popular view since 1940 is that everything is about them and no one else………it’s deliberate.

  23. Off topic Ac, Waru, TLSN this is for you three in particular.Ms Mia Mottley currently among the top 100 inflential persons not in Barbados , in the region but IN THE WORLD.LET ME REPEAT MS MOTTLEY IS AMONG THE TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN THE WORLD.LET THAT SINK IN.Therefore all your talk of dictator and other rubbish has not resonated with anyone but the doom and gloomers on here everyday.As the old people would say you all ain,t want nothing with Ms Mottley.Congratulations to you Ms Mottley and continue to bring accolades and attention to Barbados.I believe the majority of bajans are behind you as you try to pull around the country left in the doldrums by the demsMay god continue to guide the government and yourself going forward.I gone.

  24. @Lorenzo
    Congrats to you and your auntie.

    But to be quite frank with you, given that Bushie is aware that our world is in the middle of a great spiritual battle, where the evil forces are clearly ‘running things’ currently, Bushie would be wary of being the object of ‘widespread praise and adulation’ by the world at large.
    This may lead to speculation as to which side of the spiritual divide you are aligned.
    Indeed, we are warned that the RIGHTEOUS actually should expect to be victimized and harassed (somewhat like Caswell)

    Your supreme leader would do herself a great favor if she could try to get at least some shiite right for a change…. when it comes to Barbados.
    Because despite the lotta ‘world praise’ we are getting…
    – the sewerage still going in the sea
    – agriculture is dead and a food crisis is looming…
    – the roads are a mess
    – the debt is growing and our income is falling…
    – and we still have not had any explanation for the “Radical vaccine” ploy.

    It would be nice to hear of some actual achievement that justifies PM Mottley’s elevation to global sainthood …so that we can ALL feel justly proud. But knocking down functional buildings and fire stations to build parks; and clearing volcanic ash and bush from Waterford don’t seem to quite cut it…
    The 5000 houses sounds to have some potential, …but shiite man!! should we not AT LEAST put up the Chinese metal houses first…?

    Help Bushie to understand Lorri…

  25. Bushie

    The war in Ukraine and the victory of the Eurasian Bloc would mean a forced Jubilee for Global South countries in the medium to long term based on their proposals for a new financial architecture.

    Even as Biden is showing signs of senility in public and passing water on himself in front the pope The PM is posing as a Western darling, Mia Mugabe Mottley, is so doing on the cover of Time Magazine, as Rome burns and instead of looking for a Jubilee is openly supporting the fascists in Ukraine and international bulling at home and abroad as represented on these two flags all over Barbados.

  26. Remote Control
    War games nowadays for at least last 20 years have been all about drones by satanist Israel USA UK war whores.

    There will be no Bu thread about the Time Magazine Cover as Bajans are predictable naysayers moaners and groaners.
    People who are promoted will keep getting more promotions and are to be fast tracked to the top regardless.
    Mia is now an International World Leader being groomed for the future.

  27. :Lorenza the fowl…am not impressed by any of it, slave codes and laws are still on the statute books, the people from whom these shite awards and recognition come from, ALL ARE SUSPECT….and no longer believed or entertained by intelligent people worldwide….so those useless accolades do not register on the spiritual scale….or in sensible minds

    ..none of them have to answer to me, but they will ANSWER and PAY..

    l am not a sheep to be lead or be influenced by people who are being investigated.., i can think for myself…

    ya sure ya ain’t one of the Sweet 16 names about to be handed over to law enforcement for the usual Barbados CROOKERY..

    when there is something actually worth recognizing, let me know..

  28. Bushman…can’t believe the foolish fowls still believe that what impresses them impress everyone else….

    Pacha…that’s the problem i always have on BU, they are always trying to reduce you and PULL YOU DOWN…to their low level of thinking, as fowls…….epic fail….

  29. @ William Skinner
    “Bushie ….Were the slaves told that too: remember thy creator in the days of your youth. So you think that all the black people that are marginalized and exploited paying some righteous debt for ignoring their creator in their youth?
    Can’t buy that now and abandoned that teaching a long time ago.”
    Bushie would normally let that pass outside the leg stump and settle for the ‘wide’. But your genuine commitment to the wellbeing of poor Bajans has been much too evident, and too passionate to ignore.

    Look boss…
    There is a way that LOOKS right to ordinary thinking, BUT the RESULTS therefrom are suffering and death.
    You appear to be one of those people who think that the way to ‘help’ the poor is via providing generous alms.

    In fact, alms is the VERY BEST methodology of keeping poor people poor and mendicant.
    As an example, the British DESTROYED our sugar industry by offering people who think like you do, ‘preferential prices’ for sugar. This led to inefficiency, waste, graft, and the demise of what should have been a GOLDMINE for Barbados in exporting a premium product.

    NATURE’s incentive to develop productivity and competitiveness is called HUNGER.
    The most effective incentive for promoting JUSTICE and FAIRNESS is called suffering.
    and the vary best encouragement to plan for the future is referred to as previous ‘BAD EXPERIENCE’

    Your ‘goody-two-shoe’ approach is actually counter productive. It only REALLY ‘helps’ the TRUE mendicants and sheeple among us, who are TRULY hopeless, by delaying their inevitable collapse. At the same time, it destroys the incentive for potential GIANTS among us to arise and
    This is a BASIC rule of NATURE, i.e. that “by the sweat of a man’s brow should he eat bread”. It ACTUALLY WORKS to develop REAL men…rather than the kind of mendicant political lackies that presently characterize our landscape, pathetically awaiting handouts from their political sugar daddies and aunties…

    So William, if you ‘abandoned that thinking’ long ago, this may explain why you are still grappling with basic issues like political failures and mass poverty….cause Nature’s Laws CANNOT be trumped.

  30. Bushie

    What are you talking about. The anti prosperity gospel aimed at William Skinner.

    You must certainly know that 90 percent of the wealth in the world is owned or controlled by 10 percent of the people.

    This writer curses your rasssoul god every day for he has no power or perceived power over us. These perceptions are merely eponymous. A madness Skinner, unlike you, is not known to suffer from.

    That 10 percent are the most wicked by far, in fact your devil himself. When compared, William Skinner is a morally wealthier man than all of them.

    These cheap shots about losing rassouuuul elections, as the lotteries they have been, should be beneath you. We demand an immediate withdrawal of those rasssoul dirty .comments

  31. @ Pacha @ Bushie
    Bushie , please explain in clear english:
    “ by the sweat of a man’s brow should he eat bread “
    Please identify the “ bread “ our ancestors got for their sweat.
    You talk about alms.
    These “‘alms” were earned. Nothing was given to those who survived the Middle Passage and that debt can never be repaid in full. Quite frankly we should not only be seeking reparations; we should be taking all the ill gotten lands and other wealth that we created and sweated for.
    So when you get a chance just explain what the hell you are saying.

  32. Bushie

    You have descended so deep into a book of lies that you are now irretrievable.

    You unjustly criticized William Skinner on the basis of him not being a misguided Christian that you well cloaked yourself as.

    And went onto to commend that such a position was causal of what you perceived to be his failures. This is rasssoul foolishness!

    It is you who insist that the same slave master’s book of lies should be central in our lives is the one worthy of failures, not Skinner. And such an underlying position represents exactly that.

  33. “You must certainly know that 90 percent of the wealth in the world is owned or controlled by 10 percent of the people.”

    who sweat for nothing and TIEF EVERYTHING…enslave others, pauperize others…all manner of evil…


    who don’t believe in any god….they believe themselves the gods….sheer lunacy but it worked for 500 years…until the REAL GODS are now waking up…having been put to sleep for 3,000 years…

  34. Lawson…we are mostly 50s, 60s, 70s etc….like yaself, are comfortable and don’t have to be out there or some may have multiple businesses and doing just fine…

    ..opportunity is always available as long as it’s not generationally STOLEN and SUPPRESSED…which is known to happen in these colonial traps with small-minded politicians…

  35. Africa all I am saying is if you keep telling people they have a reason not to try or excel and give them excuses for not even putting an effort in ..human nature will tell them why bother its somebody elses fault I cant make it. Negativity is only good if you want to create beggars. Please stop it ..use you skills to promote positivity for a while and let see what happens

  36. Lawson….tell that to the greedy, and explain it in ways they can understand..

    “”In straight or happy times wealth grows because of spreading it.”-AnkhsheshonqExplanation: It is optimal for a society for wealth to be broadly distributed.”

  37. I think ya missed the STOLEN and SUPPRESSED part…although they were in ALL CAPS…

  38. Anyway, i just saw a clip with this UBI dividend….which is really a stimulus check to jumpstart spending in the economy….it’s nothing new, the wheel was not invented although they are acting like they did…..these things have been around for DECADES…call it dividend call it what ya want….but don’t pretend like if no one ever did it before or heard about it, that they are claiming it’s the FIRST IN THE WORLD it’s happening and everyone should follow….that is DISHONEST….

    i got one from Afrika year before or last year..or something so…

  39. @ William
    You want Bushie to explain the ‘obvious’ in plain English…?

    It is generally intended that people stand on their own feet, and not only look after their own needs, but indeed, be in a position to support family, neighbors and their wider community.
    This is as opposed to sitting around looking to see what they can beg, borrow or steal with minimal effort.
    Those who therefore ENCOURAGE persons to sit around awaiting handouts are doing them no damn favor. Best to teach them to fish.

    Your continued references to slavery and how black people were treated are totally irrelevant -except for the emotional milage that you clearly seek. The reality is that the only damn difference between the slavery of which you harp and the current status quo is that the criminals and the victims are no longer clearly black and white.

    Just like the former had their house niggers and sweet girls who did their bidding and dirty work, we now have the yard fowls and political hangers-on doing the same shiite.

    Bottom line.
    The way to incentive BBs to grow up and become MEN and WOMEN is NOT to hand out minimum survival necessities, but to teach them to fish.
    If then they refuse to fish, or (like Hants) they can’t catch a sprat, then hunger would become their best teacher….

    @ Pacha
    Your bible paranoia is your Achilles heel.
    Be careful of Priam’s son Paris, whose arrows are guided by Apollo……

  40. Bushie

    This writer can never be made to be afraid of hell fire or any other threat from your wickedly false, White man’s god and bible.

    That shiiiiite has been long rejected and shall forever be.

    You can never be free, as you pretend to be, while still tethered to a book of lies.

    We going to the death with this total rejection of it and all that so flows.

    We know that you believe in provable lies.

  41. Bush Tea poor fella you sound bitter and angry over Ms Mottley, s latest alcolade.I know how you dems operate i hear them everyday nitpicking on is a pity your golden boy Mr Thompson never got to those heights as he never displayed any quality as a Prime Minister in my view.This would be a bitter pill for you to swallow poor fellow keep nitpicking.I gone.

  42. Man wait!! don’t go nowhere Lorenzo..
    Bushie is neither ‘poor’ nor ‘bitter’ … a bit angry perhaps, but only because we can do SOOO much better.

    All Bushie is asking is for you and/or Enuff to share wunna vast inside knowledge pf the extensive ‘influencing’ that your supreme leader has been busy doing. We want to join in the celebrations too.. but we need DATA!!
    Help the bushman nuh !!!!

  43. All groups are abused in Barbados, only poor people they call Elderly! Abused by Courts, Police, Schools, Doctors, GIS, Black Rock, Child care board, DODDS, Anything run by the government and banking are also abused! BFP

  44. “but we need DATA!!
    Help the bushman nuh !!!!”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so many hours passed, it’s soon 24 hours later, and they still can’t get back to you…wuhloss…

  45. Humphrey: It’s heartbreaking
    Minister of People Empowerment Kirk Humphrey described the way the disabled community was still being treated in Barbados as heartbreaking.
    On Wednesday, Government made the first major step to improve the lives of the disabled in Barbados, in what Humphrey said was the most important work in which he had ever taken part.
    An advisory committee was launched on Wednesday in the Warrens Office Complex in St Michael with the purpose of guiding the establishment of a special commission with the role of finding ways to improve the lives of people with disabilities.
    “I have been involved in social care and transformation for a long time and the greatest deficit is in the lives of those with disabilities. What we are about to do is so important, because even in this year of 2022, many Barbadians still don’t fully appreciate the challenges naturally embedded in our society and the impersonal way people convey certain biases and discriminations against those with disabilities, which really breaks my heart. “I feel this committee has the opportunity to transform, not only legislation, but the lives of those with disabilities and society as a whole. The task before me is very difficult but timely, we have set very strict deadlines – six months, until November 30 – to achieve some of the most important work of Government,” said Humphrey.
    The minister said some of the work of the committee would include preparing a national policy on disabilities; drafting a bill which would offer protection for people with disabilities; reviewing the existing draft legislation to see how it could be improved and developing the terms of reference for the upcoming commission. He said this process would have the assistance of Sir David Simmons QC and Professor Velma Newton.
    He also spoke about the proposed merger of the National Disabilities
    Unit, the Welfare Department, the Child Care Board and the National Assistance Board into the Department of Family Services, scheduled to be completed by year end.
    “Unless we offer a cohesive, seamless delivery of services, we will not be able to do what we are supposed to do. During these times, people who are exposed are becoming even more vulnerable, so unless we get this right, we will be adding to the burden of those with disabilities.
    “Seemingly simple things like going to town, going to the beach, getting a parking space, [having challenges with] these things aren’t right in a mature society. I also want to plead to the private sector and Government as well, to hire people who are capable of doing the job but are being denied on the basis of discrimination, which has nothing to do with the disability, and as we establish the Department of Family Services, that is what we must do as we can’t be talking the talk but not walking the walk,” he said. (CA) The chairman of the committee is parliamentarian Edmund Hinkson. He said people with disabilities and their issues needed to be brought further into the mainstream as they had the right to be involved in all aspects of Barbadian life. (CA)

    Source: Nation

  46. Call for tougher laws to fight elder abuse
    MORE EFFECTIVE LEGISLATION is needed to prosecute people who engage in elder abuse.
    This was one of the recommendations coming out of Brasstacks Sunday on Starcom Network yesterday where the issue was examined prior to World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Wednesday.
    The panel featured acting director of the National Assistance Board (NAB) Colleen Walcott, president of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons, Marilyn Rice-Bowen, attorney and convenor of the Bar Association’s human rights committee Nailah Robinson, and a relative of a victim of elder abuse referred to as “Maggie”. The moderator was Glyne Murray.
    Robinson said there was a need to empower the elderly by making it easier to bring before the courts persons “engaging in exploitation and financial abuse” of that group, and to further empower social workers who have to deal with those situations.
    She also wanted to see more statistics and data, a shortcoming noted earlier by Walcott, who said “there is a dearth of information as it relates to elder abuse and therefore we do not have a true sense of the prevalence of the abuse”.
    The acting director said the information at NAB was based on what was seen in the community and referrals, while adding
    that elder abuse was “very underreported”.
    Rice-Bowen also expressed concern about the lack of data. She said BARP would “make plans to address the needs of the seniors” based on a poll which showed many of them were lonely, depressed and felt a “high level of anxiety and some were experiencing abandonment”.
    “Maggie” also supported the call for stronger legislation to deal with those who abused the elderly, and encouraged families to be supportive of efforts to eradicate the scourge.
    The issue of the Garbage and Sewage Contribution on water bills was raised by a caller who thought that was a case of elder abuse for some seniors.
    Walcott said there was provision for relief.
    She explained that at the Barbados Water Authority there was a Garbage and Sewage Relief Board on which the NAB had a seat, and those eligible for a waiver of the levy included the elderly and those with disabilities.
    “Each month I know there are application forms available at the National Assistance Board [and] at the Welfare Department where you can apply as an elderly person, where you can get a waiver after the assessment has been done – not on the water but the Garbage and Sewage Contribution.” (JS)

    Source: Nation

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