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Barbados – More About Pig-food Than Paideia

Submitted by Pachamama The Black-African trained, philosopher, Plato concluded that Greek education was only ‘fit for pigs’. Another Greek, Socrates, also educated in Kemet, considered paideia, or deep education, as singularly worthwhile. Both Plato and Socrates were educated for decades at the feet of Black-African scholars. From the Pre-Dynastic Period to the 30th Dynasty, these were the inventors of the

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The decision to to retrench public workers based on LIFO has provoked comment by some who are questioning why has the PDRS- a performance based system- not been used to fairly release employees. What the blogmaster has been told is that the government has not been able to fully implement it throughout the Public Service in over 10 years. Dare

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – A Fair Retrenchment II

“Why aren’t layoffs taught as a subject at business school?” Robin Astrigo asked himself. “Boards expect executives to do them well, but nobody knows how.”- “The Layoff”- Harvard Business Review [2009] As the phenomenon of retrenchment shifts focus from central government employees to those in the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and, inevitably to those in the private sector, last week’s column

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LIFO in 2018?

The following statement was issued by Toni Moore, General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU). The blogmaster confesses the statement raised many questions regarding the retrenchment exercise government is committed to executing as part of BERT. Why in 2018 the LIFO is the method used to identify workers to sever from the public service? Toni Moore hinted in her

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