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What is Barbadians NOT Being Told about the External Debt Restructuring Agreement?

The following was posted as a comment to the Central Bank of Barbados Review of the Economy: January to September 2019 blog by Walter Blackman, Actuary and son of the soil in reply to the following by the blogmaster: @John A, Walter, Northern Observer et al, You guys read this document?” So far, we have been provided information on the

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US Dollars Needed, Not Barbados Dollar Savings in Order to Invest

Reproduced with permission, the full text of Dr. Delisle Worrell – former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – October 2019 newsletter: One often hears the comment that there are hundreds of millions of dollars of idle funds at commercial banks that ought to be directed to investment projects to create employment and grow our economy. However, we need

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Barbados Economic Recovery and the Falling Pound

Benidorm in Spain was a small fishing village, then the big boy’s moved in the Spanish Govt rubbed their hands €€€€€€€€/ now look at it. Barbados a wonderful little golden island in the sun and the big boys are wanting to move in, Gov’t is the $$$$$/ €€€€€€or ££££££so important that you become the concrete Benidorm of the Caribbean, LET

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Does White Oak Have a Plan B?

The Mia Mottley government forced a debt restructure on locals holding bonds. The government boasted about the speed it was completed although truth be told it was a Hobson’s choice. On the other side of the debt restructuring transactions the external bond holders have so far been nettlesome at the negotiating table. Approaching 18 months and there appears to be

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Worrell Recommends Dollarization

Thanks to fellow blogger at for reminding the BU blogmaster to continue focus on the economy. The controversial former Governor of the Central Bank continues to push a line of argument about the advantages of dollarizing the economy. Discuss for 10 marks – David, blogmaster DeLisle Worrell: Sovereignty and the US Dollar Source: Reproduced with permission, the full

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