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Barbados based Fintechs on the MOVE


The advancement in technology has given rise to Fintech companies. These companies are utilising technology to innovate in order to deliver financial services once the preserve of traditional operators. Although an underdeveloped sector in Barbados we have a company or two leading the way. In a previous blog – Excellent News BUT …! Barbados Underground highlighted the success of GIFTS and

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Covid 19 and Economy Fatigue ‘Virus’ Spike

The COVID 19 virus is wrecking havoc on the Barbados landscape based on the number of infections experienced in recent days. Our worse fears are being realised with 92 reported infections listed in the recent dashboard. During a press conference yesterday authorities advised current trajectory if left unchecked could see 500 cases of Covid 19 infections daily starting as early

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Barbados, Slave to Debt


A report in the local press yesterday piqued the curiosity. It detailed former Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler will be working with the region, including Barbados “with the reform of the international debt architecture and issues surrounding vulnerability of small states”. His involvement is as a result of an engagement with former employer Caribbean Policy Development Centre, where he was

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A Citizenry Contented to be Baffled by BS

Let’s see which tranches were defaulted and exactly the amount. And what value the “books” placed on the asset(s). All neatly hidden, because we can never see what those entities who received the “loans” did with that money, other than defaulting on repayment. Everybody got bailed out except the local taxpayer. NorthernObserver (call for transparency by BU commenter in the

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Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early

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Our Economy Should be Designed to Thrive NOT Grow

We have discussed the conspicuous consumption model which people everywhere have become addicted at every level of society. The individual aspires to buy a house, car, travel and in large part sees the acquisition of material things as a badge of success. The government (reflecting the sovereignty from the people) works hard to maintain popularity with the people and therefore

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The Great Hornswoggle

Recently the blogmaster observed a sign that announced the takeover of Montrose supermarket by behemoth Massy. A caller to a talk show asked what does it mean if all of our successful businesses are being ‘huffed’ by ‘outside’ interest? Education and health are the top two allocations in the national budget. Minister of Youth Dwight Sutherland recently announced a $100,000

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Minimum Wage (Yes) Timing (No?)

Whether studying the issue in the classroom or conversing in a rum shop the amount and timing of the implementation of a national minimum wage generates robust discussion in any country. Pros and cons are easy to find on both sides of the contentious issue. The Barbados government some suggest are moving like the proverbial bull in a china shop

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Outlook is Gloomy

Dr. Kim Quimby, a Lecturer in Immunology at UWI, Cave Hill appointed to the committee to advise the government of Barbados on the selection of vaccines issued the following chilling pronouncement recorded elsewhere in the press. I don’t think anyone can say at this time when we will get back to normal. There are just a lot of variables going

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