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Closer Look at IMF’s Austerity Programme for Barbados

Submitted by Tee White On 17 May, an IMF team led by Bert van Selm, a Dutch economist and senior IMF functionary, held a press conference in Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown. At this, they announced their findings, after a 10 day review of the country’s implementation of its IMF approved austerity programme, the Barbados’ Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan. A

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Kemar Stuart: A 21st Century Conversation

Submitted by Kemar Stuart, Bsc Banking and Finance (undergraduate), University of the West Indies. Prepared For Presentation at the , Democratic Labour Party, Astor B. Watts, Lunch Time Lecture, May 2019 The digitization process of Government is an initiative which the Barbadian community should embrace it may provide savings from duplication of processes within the civil service however this will

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Barbados in the BIG Picture

Submitted by Tee White Much of the discussion going on in Barbados today about the current situation in the country tends to ignore both the historical and international context. However, it is very difficult to make sense of the current situation without taking these into account. From a historical point of view, the origin of modern Barbados can be traced

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Pay the $3.50 or Alternatively Drink the Poison

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” ― Edward R. Murrow The blogmaster continues to listen to the fury in the feedback by Barbadians triggered by government’s decision to increase bus fare to $3.50.  After more than four decades has the national discussion changed about the state of public transport and the burgeoning sub culture which accompanies

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2018 CDB Economic Review – Vote of Confidence?

The Caribbean Development Bank in its 2018 economic review supports the economic approach the Barbados government has taken.  The optimism is ‘premised’ on a favourable tourism performance, the opening of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), continued implementation of BERT supported by private sector projects in the pipeline – the possibility of external shocks a possibility. See report:

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