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The RE in RERE

BU commenter sirFuzzy posted the following comment to the blog Prime Minister Mottley Talks Digital @BITT Conference. @BU David, may i suggest a blog on REnewable energy. it is a longer term focus but it is a good “RE” with almost guaranteed payback. With the trade wars between China and US adding pressure plus USA potential backlash on any country buying

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Violating the Prime Directive

Dr Michael Howard’s many questions were recently answered by the Barbados Economic Recovery Team (BERT) economist, Dr Greenidge.  Hopefully he can answer our single question. Let me first state that BERT’s austerity-based solution will likely work.  The austerity is supposed to be very severe, for as long as it needs to be until it works, which is expected to be

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Barbados Government Responds to Professor Michael Howard

Prime Minister Mia Mottley responds in quick time to Professor Michael Howard’s Sunday Sun article – David, blogmaster Barbados Economic Recovery Team’s responses to the questions posed by Professor Michael Howard on page 26A in the Nation’s Sunday Sun for Sunday, September 9, 2018:   Ques: What are the projected dollar cuts for current expenditure over the loan period? Ans:

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The George Brathwaite Column – Ready for BERT

Hardly anyone inside or outside of Barbados would underestimate the gravity of the socio-economic situation confronting the Mia Mottley-led administration. The current circumstances challenging Barbados, inclusive of: the threat of devaluation, the insufficiency of investments and earned revenue, the high incidence of taxation, the need to exercise fiscal discipline while attending to several infrastructural problems, restructuring the public sector knowing

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BERT to the Rescue

The government has announced its decision to lead the country into an IMF program. Soon the citizenry will brace for the roll out of phase two, three and the several others that will be required – given the stasis state of recent – to kick start the economy and the social benefits that must be be sustained and improved. The

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