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Countdown to the end of the IMF program Continues (September 30th 2022)

Submitted by Kemar Stuart Barbados is still under a state of emergency and the Emergency Management Act holds supreme as law of the land as it was extended for no logical reason by the Ministry of Health yesterday September 13th. AG Dale Marshall in the press conference sought to defend the state of emergency legislation which de facto keeps the

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Only Bout Hey

Submitted by Just Observing Only bout hey, can you rattle off a list of 40 supermarket items, but yet the supermarket total bill remains as high as ever. Only bout hey, can a utility take money to invest in its operations, and then look to take more money years later to invest in the operations it never invested in. Only

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Strike Action During a Pandemic!

The ongoing dispute between Unity Workers Union (UWU) and government exposes the boast we are an uneducated people. It seems the height of ignorance actors on both sides are unable to resolve a dispute involving healthcare workers during a pandemic. This has occurred in a country with a social partnership established with a mandate to prioritize a space to facilitate

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Gooding Family of Southern California Extends Best Wishes to the People of Barbados, World’s Newest Republic

Shirley Gooding

Submitted by Don James (MASTER MEDIA STRATEGIES, INC) In honor of my late husband, Cuba Gooding Sr. – who was a dual citizen of America and Barbados – I,Shirley Gooding and family, send this congratulatory message to the country and people of Barbados forbecoming the world’s newest Republic. My husband passed in 2017. However, there’s no doubt that ifhe were

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Long Live the Republic!

For many the decision to replace Queen Elizabeth II with former Governor General Sandra Mason will mean very little to many Barbadians. Hopefully after the government delivers on the promise to engage with the public next year about what is contained in the Barbados Constitution as a prerequisite to reform, civic awareness will be heightened.  The time must come soon

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People Waking Up


Barbados has officially joined the ranks of politically polarized societies. Like the fly on the wall the blogmaster has been observing the quality of debate on a myriad of issues and as a commenter on BU would describe it, the signal noise is deafening and the divisiveness is real. Permit the blogmaster be clear, citizens of a country giving vent

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Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early

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Barbados in a Wobble

Barbados is currently being affected by significant ash fall from the La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent. Dust in the air, dust everywhere. There is the consolation view Barbadians should be thankful because we do not have it as bad as Vincentians on the ground- many who have seen priceless possessions destroyed or damaged. Thousands have had to be evacuated

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Rebuilding Barbados

Submitted by Peter Lawrence Thompson The pandemic is a paradox; on one hand it has destroyed our major industry, but on the other it is giving us a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild a much more resilient economy around services that we provide digitally to the global marketplace. Our economic future is under a dark cloud because the

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Message to Barbadians

The climate developing countries have to manage affairs of state appears to be very challenging at this time. Barbados the former colony can no longer expect to hide or be protected by England. There was a time we benefited from preferential trade treatment which seemed fair in a dog eat dog world where the ‘strongest’ always has the best chance

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Becoming the SINGAPORE of the Caribbean

The pace at which Singapore has achieved so-called first world status- in a generation- has ensured mention in case studies to be found in any management volume of standing. By every account it is a well managed country directed by a relevant strategic plan, disciplined society, adequate workforce with required skill sets to execute plans, routine enforcement of laws etc.

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