Long Live the Republic!

For many the decision to replace Queen Elizabeth II with former Governor General Sandra Mason will mean very little to many Barbadians. Hopefully after the government delivers on the promise to engage with the public next year about what is contained in the Barbados Constitution as a prerequisite to reform, civic awareness will be heightened. 

The time must come soon when the Constitution is regarded as a living breathing document to reflect the will and aspirations of Barbadians. One suspects it is only when such a connection is made will apathy and cynicism of Barbadians at the ‘establishment’ be replaced with trust.

The blogmaster is sympathetic to the argument there was enough time for this government to have reengaged the public to deflate a narrative which suggest switching out the head of state is about naked political opportunism or laziness on the part of the Mottley government. The old people have a saying that every thing happens for a reason. The irreversible process creates the opportunity for Barbadians to be craftsmen of our fate has started, let us make the most of it.

The first step to usher in an era of citizen engagement by formalizing to a republican system will see the consciousness of Barbadians raised to fight the good fight to sustain a quality way of life for generations to come.

Key points from the blogmaster’s toast to the nation reflecting realistic expectations:

  • Relevant transparency laws are proclaimed and operationalized
  • Auditor General reports and recommendations are not ignored
  • NIS and other important SOEs are ring-fenced from political interference 
  • Meaningful reform to the education system i.e. academic, technical
  • Vetoing lip service by respecting the environment i.e. waste management, educating citizens etc
  • Honouring the adage justice delayed is justice denied by improving delivery by Barbados Courts
  • Understanding the Bajan identity and implementing relevant strategies to nurture and grow pride and industry; retaining and repurchasing strategic assets for example
  • Reallocate tourism dollars to support agriculture and entrepreneurship; cottage industries to respond to a market place that prioritizes contractual arrangements above tenure for example 
  • Transform to a model for Renewable Energy in the world by banning the use of fossil fuel to a negligible number to fuel a new economy
  • Democratize the political party system with an objective of luring citizens of integrity to the political arena. Those willing to serve country first
  • Improve public transportation to a standard when vehicular traffic is banish from selected locations
  • Oversee a system of meritocracy (nuture a performance based culture) in Barbados

Members of the BU family are invited to share thoughts on the type of Barbados we must create for our children.

156 thoughts on “Long Live the Republic!

  1. Trevor Marshall is being brutally honest but i think he got the wrong continent….lol

    “He suggested that Barbadians have merely substituted the British cultural master for North America’s.”

    Some people like this young lady Dr. Kristina Hinds is being circumspect and practical in their thinking regarding this, this is the day after and reality has arrived. and in ya face.

    “….If we make some significant reforms to our education system so that people don’t feel they are useless by age 11 because of how they perform in a test or which school they have gone to, I think we can be a really innovative and exciting place to like,” the political scientist declared.

    Conversely, she fears that if the “wrong fork in the road is taken” and the country continues business as usual, some harmful things await this nation on the horizon.

    “I can see increasing crime, increasing disenchantment, mistrust that would cause this to be the kind of place I don’t necessarily want to live in,” she added”

    too much long talk from Belle and Wickham……political poison never makes any sense.

  2. btw…who is going to PAY REPARATIONS for TERRORIZING Black people for HALF CENTURY for trying to feed themselves and their families…..i remember vividly who did it, those in the parliament were PROUD to send police to demoralize, disenfranchise and pauperize these people for all this time EVERY GENERATION……all they needed was a complaint from the drug trafficking gun running minorities that line the streets with their dilapidated dusty little one door stores to implement wholesale terror on Black people for trying to live and survive the DAILY torment…and many times they did it just to show they could because they got that small island petty power……..just about 6 weeks ago they were still harassing these people making it more difficult for them to eat…….let me see them attempt to get reparations from UK for those anti-black crimes they themselves committed…..can’t wait for them to put in their claim….

  3. This society does not understand relevance and importance
    Her rise to status of being Hero is embedded in emotionalism and yardfowl politics
    Making lite of such a prestigious award waters down the human sacrifice of many who have gave up home families and life fighting for freedom
    Yes she is a philanthropist
    One who can afford to give lavishly where the word sacrifice is not painful in every essence of the word
    I applause her philanthropy in the same manner others before her have given
    Needless to say none of which were awarded a Heroes medals

  4. Shaking my head if this is true

    The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer. Rhianna gets $10.000 per month as Barbados Ambassador and will now begetting another $12,0000 as a National Hero, in all it will be $22,000 per month that the tax payers have to fork out that probably 60% of the working population doesn’t make that in a single year.

    • So many more reasonable arguments to disagree with the appointment of Rihanna, how much we pay her is pittance compared to the benefit Barbados will get in return given her global presence.

  5. Sir Garry Sobers is the only real hero in the pantheon of heroes for the simple reason that he represented every single Bajan and was loved by each and all.

    All of the others are about division and one is “just beyond your imagination” and exists in the mind of one or two historians.

    Even his image is a concoction.

    Nobody knows how he died, when h died or even if he died.

    BTW, did you know Samuel Jackman Prescod was probably a Quaker?

    His image is taken from the image of him painted at the first Anti Slavery Conference of 1840 … most if not all Quakers!!

    The only real people who actually gave their lives for Barbados in armed conflict are Nelson and the names of those on the Cenotaph who died in WWI and WWII.

  6. @ angela cox December 1, 2021 7:00 AM

    Your idol Barrow designed Barbados as a large plantation: Taxpayers are the new slaves. In the past, the master at least had to provide his slaves with food and clothing. Today’s taxpayers, however, have to work hard, pay for their own food and clothing, and, on top of that, hand over at least 50 percent of their income in taxes and customs duties.

  7. Angela…can’t let ya dog Rihanna ..when she gives to the island she does not hold back, we need to hold the conversation instead about the BILLIONS of dollars missing from the the VAT, treasury and pension fund under DBLP>..over the last 40 plus years..that is a better cause to pick up, what you are talking about is chump change..compared to what was STOLEN to leave the majority in poverty…

    and the other half of the traitor brigade would have done the same to reel in the Rihanna brand…

  8. “…who is going to PAY REPARATIONS for TERRORIZING Black people for HALF CENTURY for trying to feed themselves and their families….”

    You need to stop feeding spies with self defeating narratives that they can use and watch this space for the white guilt for white supremacy racism and slavery to manifest fully in these times as Black Lives Matter, and they even say that Queen Elisa is a supporter of the hashtag movement.

    Reparations are to make good for damages for the sins of the father for those who are out of pocket and to redeem their souls from the bad things that their parents do that cause suffering as the legacy of their inheritance which are the antithesis of love peace and harmony.

    The local players of capitalism in a plantation nation that inherited a system of exploitation for the poor working classes and the snobs who looked down on them as they were higher up in the pile of shit should be held accountable and could be taxed to the max.

    Propagandists of powers that be in this dog eat dog cut throat world, look down on socialism to help poor sufferers as solution to the remedy for the agony and is the great leveler like the Universe and God above, but I and I say let Trots be free, like the birds in the tree.
    Reparations is not an issue for Sovereign Governments that can print money with QE Quantitative Easing like QEII nor is it for Governments that can charge it to the game with Sovereign Debt. They can look at it as investments for justice and world peace.

    Love peace and harmony
    God gives his heart to me


  9. I forgot say..

    Herb is the Healing of all Nations

    So roll up a fathead doob and then light it up and lay off the rum as it will make you tumble down

  10. “So many more reasonable arguments to disagree with the appointment of Rihanna, how much we pay her is pittance compared to the benefit Barbados will get in return given her global presence.”

    My thoughts:
    Can someone tell me what else Rhianna will be doing besides being herself? If you cannot, then given how to rich she is said to be, she can donate the pittance to a local charity.

  11. I have seen some come up with criteria for determining a national hero. If I was to take them literally “fought” and “died” would only include folks who are long forgotten or barely remembered.

    Given what I have read of this young lady, she has done more for the island than most.

  12. “The local players of capitalism in a plantation nation that inherited a system of exploitation for the poor working classes and the snobs who looked down on them as they were higher up in the pile of shit should be held accountable and could be taxed to the max.”

    the fake leaders who enabled and condoned too…they are the real 21st century culprits of local anti-black crimes, who had the people fooled that what was happening to them DAILY was the UK doing it and that was/is A BLATANT LIE…and claiming they could do nothing about…while they themselves committed more and more crimes against the populace….they cannot get away with what they have done…not at any time…. enriching themselves, carrying out massive corruption plots at the expense of the people who elected them comes with consequences….they should NEVER GET AWAY…and must ALWAYS BE REMINDED……

    again…..reparations can be paid at any time in the next 100 YEARS so that our descendants would understand it better when they are the ones advocating for recompense for those centuries of crimes against humanity. …reparations should never be paid to thieves and sellouts who don’t plan to put it in the hand’s of the descendants anyway…and that’s why they SHOULD NOT GET A DIME…talking shite about buidling infrastructure, why would any intelligent people want to do that when climate change and rising sea levels will only end up putting it all under water….one strong Cat 5 can do that even without rising sea levels and climate change…..

    no reparations FOR THIEVES…..they are NOT entitled..

  13. See now why ya should be careful running up and down the world stage prancing around TALKING RUBBISH….ya can’t have it BOTH WAYS…

    there is climate change….there is rising sea levels….and there is the ANNUAL HURRICANE SEASON….so what do you need reparations in the billions to build infrastructure for….when all ya need is a Cat 3, Cat 5 is overdoing it on a tiny rock, to topple everything into the sea…

  14. DavidDecember 1, 2021 7:03 AM

    So many more reasonable arguments to disagree with the appointment of Rihanna, how much we pay her is pittance compared to the benefit Barbados will get in return given her global presence.

    So easy for that comment to come out of your mouth
    Guess u are one of the 99percent who can afford to pay another govt bill
    Most who are supporting govt on this Heroic feat does not understand that what she is giving would be paid back by use of govt revenue
    Also at the tax year end period she can use those gifts given to Barbados to receive tax benefits
    from govt
    If we clearly understand who benefits the most
    I would agree for her to be Awarded a medal of outstanding achievements for Humantarian causes
    But hero not willing to go that far
    That area should be designated to those who gave their life in a higher sacrificial manner
    Don’t see her ” heroism ” standing next to the likes of a Malcolm X Marcus Garvey Dr. Martin Luther King
    Rosa Parks and others who have dedicated a life full of service without honorable mention
    Rihanna can afford to give without having to feel the pain or sacrifice of the other notables mention

  15. “Don’t see her ” heroism ” standing next to the likes of a Malcolm X Marcus Garvey Dr. Martin Luther King
    Rosa Parks and others who have dedicated a life full of service without honorable mention.”

    but you have NONE OF THAT in Barbados, you are speaking about heroes in the US who stood up to Jim Crow, racism, civil rights violations and Black genocide, ya can’t get not one government minister to stand up for or expose human right violations …or end it……ya can’t get not one lawyer to do the same, if they mention it once in the newspapers ya never hear from them on that issue again because they don’t want to be blacklisted and then get no work for standing up for Black rights…….so Rihanna is the closest thing ya will get to a hero on the island….all the fake elites and fake pedigrees are ZEROS…

  16. Angela….quit while ya ahead because it is right around this time that some blogger is going to remember and remind you about Carrington tiefing hudreds of thousands of dollars and property belonging to a now deceased but back then wheelchair bound elderly man who was helpless, spent years trying to get back what is rightfully his to pass on to beeficiaries and Fruendel despite a judgement given still advised that crook lawyer to get a lawyer to defend the indefensible….so when ya talking about real heros found in US and elsewhere and the zeros in Barbados there is no comparison…

  17. For many the decision to replace Queen Elizabeth II with former Governor General Sandra Mason will mean very little to many Barbadians.


    Suppose it is in the UK’s interest to be rid of Barbados?

    Does the Crown have any liabilities for any malfeasances of the local politicians which we know to be multitudinous?

  18. Prince Charles to my way of thinking can never become the King of England because he cannot wear the title Defender of the Faith.

    He is an adulterer married to an adulteress.

    Pointed that out when Harry and Meghan had their interview with the Big “O”.

    Harry like wise is out of the line of succession for the same reason, he is married to an adulteress which makes him an adulterer.

    Prince William is more likely the next King of England and he gets to start with a completely clean slate and a clean line of succession to follow.

    QEII has to hold on a little longer so King William can start his reign cleanly and seamlessly.

    There is no connection between him and Barbados, or Dominica or wherever has become a republic in the recent past and have been cursed by a bunch of unsavory politicians who have sworn an oath of allegiance to the Queen as Head of State.

  19. @David et al,

    The importance of your is deeper than a bunch of things to achieve. It speaks to the real issue of what underpins the success or failure of the nation, republic or not.

    That is an ethical and cultural change in outlook and reality.

    There can be no success without that. Full stop.

    On the republic, it is all about identity and psychological benefit.

    Ironically, Barbados still relies heavily on the UK for tourism currency.

    Moreso than any other industry or any other country.

  20. “Ironically, Barbados still relies heavily on the UK for tourism currency.

    Moreso than any other industry or any other country.”

    it’s the heavy dependency that makes it all look like a very long overdue farce……another reason to wait and see if anything impressive emerges..in the form of no more heavy dependency….it will require the use of brains to achieve….the social and fiscal EMPOWERMENT of the majoriity….and the jettisoning of the parasitic minorities…which the people have the power to institute by refusing to be their permanent CONSUMERS…stop spending ya money with them, shut them down, let them go elsewhere to do business, North America and Europe…..where they can be monitored better…and jailed for any crimes against those citizens..

  21. Babylon has fallen

    AFTER 400 YEARS of British colonial control, domination and oppression of its land, people and consciousness, Barbados has rid itself of the status of British monarchical dependency. Babylon fell like a leaf in autumn.
    Since 1966, with formal Independence, the monarchy held no relevance to the politics, society and economy of Barbados. However, like an appendix in the body politic, though immaterial to survival, it persisted as an archaic and sometimes painful nuisance, awaiting surgical removal.
    It was only a matter of time when the factors of progressive leadership, a sufficiently energised grass-roots social movement, a global movement for self-respect and reparations, and British global decline would meet in a single moment to make the break from the British monarchy opportune and possible.
    Hearty congratulations
    The leadership, Government and people of Barbados deserve hearty congratulations for this important step in the political development of the country. It represents the last stage in the formal constitutional decolonisation of the country, following upon independence in 1966, and the removal of the British Privy Council as the country’s highest court in the early 2000s.
    That the occasion and moment has not been embraced as a collective mass celebration of political unity and unanimity of purpose, is an indictment on the pettiness of partisan politics masquerading as “finding something to oppose” because it is the job of an opposition to oppose. It is also true that in the context of a 30-0 electoral defeat in 2018, whatever is left of the opposition might have taken a stance of shouting above their numbers and giving no quarter and fighting a scorched earth battle as the only option of “remaining relevant”. Some sections of the “independent voices” in the country might have adopted a similar stance, on the flawed basis that because of the 30-0 defeat, it “must be shown” that someone can oppose the government.
    Opposing for its own sake is always a mark of an underdeveloped political consciousness. To oppose on an issue as fundamental as overcoming the colonial condition, and at a time when a collective
    and unified stance was necessary, correct and expected, is indicative of an acute political backwardness and an opportunism bordering on recklessness. A close reading of the loud minority busy pouring cold water on the move to republican status, would indicate that they are unable to separate such a monumental constitutional change from their pre-occupation with the personality and politics of the prime minister.
    Alive to remember
    Despite these murmurs of political frustration, there is no doubt that this moment will be remembered as one of the most important steps that separates Barbados’ pre-history from its post-colonial future. It is a moment that many progressives are grateful to be alive to witness.
    It is to be savoured and enjoyed. Congratulations Barbados. Now build your post-colonial future with confidence and pride.
    Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs.

    Source: Nation

  22. With all the long talk, the first order of business is to rid the island of colonialism, crypto racism and those dangerous legislations/statute laws IMPEDING Black progress still…”we is a republic now” SIGNIFIES NOTHING……..unless the criminal elements poisoning the lives of the majority are REMOVED you are going NOWHERE fast…

    …there have been republics in the Caribbean since the late 60s and/or early 70s and NOTHING CHANGED…for the Black populations…ask. Dominica, Jamaica, Trinidad, Haiti…etc…..all still creatures of commonwealth holdings DECADES LATER….

    and the tired excuse of “ya know is UK doing dis to we and we cahn do nutten”…..is UNACCEPTABLE….ya either GO ALL THE WAY…or SHUT UP…

  23. Jamaica,

    scratch Jamaica in that sentence.forgot they are still contemplating republic….BUT….saw a video this morning where Holness had to be reminded WHO OWNS HIM…..and the country/population…..republic for them will make no difference for DECADES TO COME….unless…

  24. Dr. Tennyson Joseph, a hack and conservative apologist is describing the BLP fascist-gang as “progressive.”


  25. @ Elon Musk December 2, 2021 10:44 AM

    Tennyson Joseph is a faithful servant to his Supreme Leader.

    What you call fascism is, for the overwhelming majority of the population, liberation from the yoke of DLP rule and the unfortunate colonial legacy of a Barrow.

    One party, one nation, one leader!

    So says Tron, the flamethrower oil and igniter of the Mia Mottley movement, keyword woman/man for state and party.

  26. Don’t know how many have been paying attention but everywhere is now infected, new variant on the loose and running wild, the good news is if the new strain takes over from Delta and the reported symptoms stay mild, this may be the end of the horror show…..we can hope.

    “A new report found Omicron was in the UK for at least four days prior to South Africa warning the world of the new variant with nine cases in Scotland traced back to before the UK introduced travel restrictions.

    Elad Maor, 45, cardiologist at Sheba Medical Centre near Tel Aviv, travelled to London on November 19 and stayed at a hotel in Islington while attending the three-day convention at ExCeL London in Newham, east London, before returning to Israel.

    He then tested positive for the virus four days later, on November 27, and suffered mild symptoms including a sore throat, fever and muscle ache.”

  27. @ African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved December 2, 2021 2:26 PM

    As long as vaccinated people suffer MILD symptoms, the new strain is NO threat but just another cold. At the end the new strain might even be beneficial.

    We should be grateful to our brothers and sisters in Africa when they replace the deadly delta mutation with a harmless mutation.

  28. Pause for the cause

    Barbados became a Republic 30/11/2021

    People are saying it was a #BlackLivesMatter thing in effect

    That’s just the way it is
    And some things will never change
    That’s just the way it is
    That’s just the way it is, it is, it is, it is

    A #BlackLivesMatter Essay

    Eric Garner had just broken up a fight

    Michelle Cusseaux was changing the locks on her door

    Tanisha Anderson was having a bad mental health episode

    Tamir Rice was playing in the park

    Natash McKenna was having a schizophrenic episode

    Walter Scott was going to an autoparts store

    Bettie Jones was answering her door

    Philando Castille was driving home from dinner

    Botham Jean was eating ice cream in his living room

    Atatiana Jefferson was babysitting her nephew at home

    Eric Reason was pulling into a parking spot

    Rayshard Brooks was asleep in his car

    Ezell Ford was walking in his neighbourhood

    Elijah McClain was walking home

    Dominique Clayton was sleeping in her bed

    Breonna Taylor was sleeping in her bed

    George Floyd went to the grocery store

  29. Three days after and thinking

    When Verla dismissed some of the old hands
    Seems as of the old hand loyalist were prepared to burn the whole house done
    Today the party is splintered don’t know how much of the splinters found amongst the fiery rubble can be put back together to rebuild the dlp house

  30. With the thousands of maskless people going to cropover events one would think that a Covid exemption was given to Barbados

  31. Latest another crooked pastor was Rob at gunpoint of 1million plus dollars in jewelry he was wearing during church service
    The Pastor next sermon should be titled
    A thief from a theif mek the devil laugh oul.loud

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