Only Bout Hey

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Only bout hey, can you rattle off a list of 40 supermarket items, but yet the supermarket total bill remains as high as ever.

Only bout hey, can a utility take money to invest in its operations, and then look to take more money years later to invest in the operations it never invested in.

Only bout hey, can a “consultant” resort to going to court to recover money from a project of which he was the Executive Chairman at the time and whose lawyer now sits in the big Chair.

Only bout hey, can the former MoF who oversaw NIS money going to a failed project become one of the country’s chief advisor on economic matters in Washington.

Only bout hey, can the Auditor General do his job year after year, only to be told year after year, we will not do ours.

Only bout hey, does a GoB claim that the systems are the problem, not the people abusing it day in and day out.

Only bout hey, can we see an increase in Covid cases and deaths, but the CMO remain behind the laptop in his office.

Only bout hey, do we send indigenous sheep to another country, instead of strengthening our own local market first

Only bout hey, can a MoT in thong and feathers say how glorious the season is, only to see the stats and stakeholders saying completely the opposite.

Only bout hey, would we depend on a single industry, watch it get decimated, then resort to depending on that single industry AGAIN

Only bout hey, can a minister not know the real or estimated cost of the largest National Identification Card project in our history.

Only bout hey, can we have three investigations into a juvenile penal institution, only to be told again…..Coming soon.

Only bout hey, can we promise 10,000 houses when we can’t even repair the 100 or so from Elsa over a year ago.

Only bout hey, can a MM vilify a MM, only to give the second MM business and concessions both in Bridge and George Towns.

Only bout hey, can a Minister of Energy lambast ordinary citizens for speaking out about energy on behalf of ordinary citizens while hugging the cloak of Parliament

Only bout hey, can a GoB devalue people’s bond investments, then ask the same people to invest in bonds

Only bout hey, can school be starting in 4 weeks and no one knows how school is starting

Only bout hey, can major education reform be in the works, but no one in education knows anything about it

Only bout hey, do we hail national athletes when they win, yet do nothing about the national stadium to help others to win

Only bout hey do we claim not to have known the NIS was in trouble, then come to the people who will suffer as a result to offer solutions.

Only bout hey, can a non-national be arrested for 3+ million dollars in drugs, and no local person at all be connected to the arrest.

Only bout hey, can “certain” major court cases disappear or be squashed, yet minor first time offences end up on remand.

Look, I gone.

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  1. Murdaaaah, de Country Cunt on a roll! Now the consultant actuary has offered, almost word for word, a suggestion given by De Country Cunt more than once on BU. NOBODY paid her any mind.

    It pertains to those disabled folks wrongly classified as “invalids”.

    Many of these people cannot handle a regular 40 hr work week or cannot handle their regular job but could handle part-time gig or a different line of work, or a stay- at-home side “slow hustle”. For instance, a teacher might not be able to handle working in a school, but he/she may be able to give lessons at home for a few hours a week. A cook may not be able to work at School Meals but he/she could do pudding and souse on Saturdays. An account may not be handle a KPMG workload, but could handle some simple small business accounts at a leisurely pace. I could go on and on.

    At present, the rules stipulate that these people cannot work all. In fact, they would lose their benefits if found to be working, no matter how little. Most people couldn’t afford that and so they do nothing. And some hide and work.

    The assessment and classification of what is an “invalid” needs to be revisited so that full invalidity benefits need not be paid to those who can supplement their income.

  2. Half CENTURY BEHIND everyone else as usual…in terms of room for improvement…in EVERYTHING…

    i encountered the VISUALLY IMPAIRED and other physically challenged individuals holding down CORPORATE JOBS decades ago ….offshore of course and a CREDIT to any organization or CONGLOMERATE……….

    backward and nonprogressive….

  3. Going to leave now.
    It is a beautiful day where I am, I hope you say the same regardless of where you are: country. town, diasporaL
    Allow me twist a phrase Garrison Keillor: “Have a great day Barbados, a play where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”

    Have a great day cc, stay strong ( 🙂 cc is not a typo).

  4. I wish our Most Honourable Prime Minister and her cabinet of strength, justice and honour a happy Sunday.

    Stand firm until the last member of the DLP is purged.

  5. David,

    Release the ac! Ronnie Obama is sharing some well-deserved and well-directed licks!

    She will not have to make stuff up nor stray from the topic.

    • @Donna

      Ac is free to post. Unlike what some are saying her comments were routed to moderation because she refused to take the guidance of the blogmaster. Unlike Bush Tea the blogmaster subscribes to a view rules are necessary to prevent chaos not to say sone should not be changed from time to time BUt there is process.

  6. @Donna
    That was honest and was very nice of you.

    I doubt that ac will be able to stay within the lines as she colors, but we have many who will point out when she strays.

  7. Unlike Bush Tea the blogmaster subscribes to a view rules are necessary to prevent chaos
    Looka how a bushman can sue you for defamation …easy so…. in the BU Court.

    Fortunately for you, Bushie is already rich as shiite …
    PLUS … he don’t bother about what others think..

    ac will be back ….
    She is just playing stubborn and own-way ….and probably ‘pouting’ down de place….
    But all like now she must be still posting her lotta shiite as always…. and just frighten to press ‘POST’… cause she ain’t sure what ‘MODERATION’ means…

    ha ha ha

  8. AC is enjoying herself am sure ….we get to expose the FRAUDS since she is not around….to pick on and bully…lol..

  9. Just heard a woman from Lynches I think dat in St. Philip call and say she garbage en get tek up fuh three weeks.
    She got to be lying. Another gloom and doom, Mottley hater.
    Just like dem who come here on BU saying dem garbage en get tek up.
    Just can’t stand bold face liars, and David Ellis, I think he’s a Dee letting dem come and talk nonsense bout dem garbage en getting tek up. He was given a big job and failed to do um. He just want to pull down dis guvmemt.
    Look, I gone

  10. Off topic i see you took down the legal case with Ms Daisely.In my view you have got to be careful.Every story has two maybe three sides.After you posted that story i noticed the regular conpiracy theorist and her sidekick washing their mouths on the lady seeking in my view thst she was dishonest.These persons do not know the lady but do not care about facts as long as they can serve their daily agenda.I am glad after hearing from Ms Daisely that you took it down.Do not let some of these in my view nut cases cause you problems going forwsrd.I gone.


    Hopefully, people are recruited for the full spectrum of jobs.

    After more than 5 decades of tourism Barbados should be able to supply more than gardeners and maids. I have no intention of putting down these two categories of workers, but am merely stating that we must try to have Barbadians in every stratum of the tourist industry.

    Notices of being unable to find skilled staff for higher level positions must stop. If you want to bring in a master-X from Mars, then there should be time limit imposed on the length of stay and a local should be appointed as an apprentice.

    I love this.
    There were several phrases that caught my attention

    “water bills drowning people, light bills shocking them”

    ” What the hell does a special envoy on reparations in a three by six country do that relates to that title?”
    *****The 3×6 tells me this was Baje.

    ” Do we have enough culture to divide among so many people?”

    “Do these people tell government the same thing every day for a month and get paid? I would think that if I have a problem and I have a consultant and he tells me how to deal with the problem, I take his advice, I pay him and that is that. End of consultancy. But people in government must have very hard heads if they have to pay a consultant every month [as is the case now] for him or her to keep telling them the same thing, the same consultancy subject area, every day.”

    “Will we soon have a consultant on mauby bark?”

    “Pinching [yes, pinching] above out weight!”
    No poetry, but funny as hell.

  13. “…… there should be time limit imposed on the length of stay and a local should be appointed as an apprentice.”

    That’s supposed to be one of the stipulations attached to the approval of work permits, but obviously ignored by hoteliers.

    It’s “only bout hey” they could ‘get away’ with exploiting the system.

  14. The Prime Minister’s Office wishes to make it absolutely clear to Barbadians that at no time during her recent overseas trip was Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley on a plane that was involved in any accident.

    “It is fake news!” the Prime Minister said tonight.

  15. Wunna fellows only now coming to grasp the meaning of ‘brassbowlery’..???!!?

    Brassbowlery is an ingrained philosophy that defies common sense. It actually seeks out idiocy and pursues illogic.
    This is why, for example, we are so enthralled with having lawyers in charge of the commanding heights of our society…

    Despite the FACT that:
    – They are so compromised, that they DARE NOT entertain an audit of client fees – ALL accounts in a mess..
    …so we have put THEM in charge of the National Treasury.

    -They have been UNABLE to get the LEGAL system (THEIR area of expertise) to function – even like it did BEFORE UWI.
    ….so we have put them as Chairman of practically EVERY Board, every organization, every public operation….

    When a fella FAILS at a moderate task- like Four Seasons, NISE, Chinese Houses, Radical Vaccines…etc etc
    We give them BIGGER jobs… like Debt Restructuring, NIS, Senior status, and National Awards …..

    …and when some brass bowl performs WELL (Like Bostic did) he quickly disappears into oblivion…

    Wuh!! this ONLY makes sense if we have a DEATH WISH!!
    ….soon to be granted….

    From BT
    “Much has been made of the increasing number of Barbadians begging to be accommodated in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom as refugees.”

    Trinidad experienced this in the 1980’s where people fled for various reasons including claims of racial discrimination. Just like Barbadians, someTrinidadians felt the these ‘refugees’ were giving the island a bad name just for selfish reasons.

    It would be interesting to know if they are more people are fleeing now than they were during the lost decade. Perhaps, the island is experiencing a greater level of desperation and misery than it did during the lost decade. Empty promises, fixing nothing and just making fancy speech is a recipe for disaster.

    To believe that if life is good for the 30% that voted for you then all is well may be “good partisan’ politics, but it is sheer folly. The worst kind of vote is when people star voting with their feet and passport.

  17. Do you realize that if Barbadians start to flee the island then the most ‘refugees’ may be able-bodied and willing to work. We could be losing some of the voting age population. Let’s say that 10,000 Bajans stumbled across the US/UK/Canada border,

    Year %Voting No. Voting Registered VAP % VAP Pop Tot Pop
    2022 41.73 % 111,135 266,330 46.20 % 240,556 302,674

    Advance Mathematics
    Begin Course
    Instead of 80,000 then we would have to import 90K. Total voters 240-10+90=320

    Do you realize that 90/320×100=28%.
    Mia would have destroyed the DLP, the BLP and the country in one stroke.
    A large foreign block which given the slim margins and the toss-up between the BLP and the DLP during an election may end up winning from ten to twenty seats.

    They will be running to give us in the diaspora the vote.
    End lesson

    Where does this man get his nonsense… Do you really believe that 90,000 people will come to Barbados just to fund NIS. They will want immediate citizenship and to vote.

    It is possible that there will be just an anouncement and no referendum on this import. However it comes “Just say No”.

  18. They say “desperate times call for desperate measures”
    Importing 90,000 cannot be described as desperate on any scale. We are now on the upper end of the lunacy scale.

    Is it possible that our political geniuses believe that transforming a black majority population into a politcal minority and eventually the minority population will not affect their political leadership role. Bad mathematics and flawed thinking on display.

    I can assure you, that at first Mia may get a few of their votes but then they will want what is their 𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐟𝐮𝐥 due.

    The NIS may be a very tough problem but starting with the wrong solution will not fix it. They will only create a greater mess.

    On this item “Just Say No”

    Importation is a No.
    The solution is Ronnie O.

    This will get me cussed and labeled.

    🙂 I have seen the future and it is not nice
    In a surprising turn of events, 555 has become the President of Barbados. Throngs of elderly Bajans who commented on BU around the time of the lost decade are now seeking to leave the island as Prime Minister 555 has promised to even old scores.

    His playlist and his promise to legalize marijuana use on his first day in office were decisive factors in his victory.

    Have a great day.
    Have a great day all.

  19. “In a surprising turn of events, 555 has become the President of Barbados. “

    the son of man has come to break away their chains and open up the 7 seals
    so if the son sets you free you will be free indeed

    p.s. you need to differentiate between stupid jokes and digs. Bajan humour ain’t funny it is slow derivative thinking by third world people with under developed brains.
    You just ain’t ready for banter.

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