Sometimes the Right Path is Not the Easiest One

It is during times we are currently the blogmaster misses the contributions of late Pat Hoyos from the media space. The lack of financial literacy by the local fourth estate- especially at a time the economy is experiencing unprecedented stress- should be a concern to Barbadians. For more than two decades using the popular metric debt-to-gdp, it has been trending in the wrong direction made worse by the global recession of 2006.

Successive governments have taken decisions that will impact households for generations. It seems a no-brainer a country vested in educating its people with annual budgets north of $500,000.00 should be experiencing a greater return evidence by our ability to engage in more insightful debate about the financial affairs of state.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Attributed to Albert Einstein

What will it take to explain to the average educated Barbadian the bad outcomes that will result if we remain locked to consumption behaviours which translates to spending more than we are earning? Listen any day of the week to the usual ‘educated’ talking heads regurgitating tired narratives which confirms zero return on ROE (Return on Education). 

It was refreshing to listen recently to local talk show host Dr. Kristina Hinds pushing back on the tired narratives by offering the correct view that the pandemic is a game changer. The controversial fiscal policies implemented by the Mottley administration- at continuing great sacrifice to Barbadians- to chart a new path for the economy has been eroded. We need a new plan. Even IF the developed world agrees to some debt forgiveness or moratorium on loans, if we do not change our consumption patterns, we will be at this point down the road – unless we create opportunities to earn our way in the world that are sustainable.

The global recession of 2006 is known to have destroyed individual wealth and levelled havoc on the social landscape of Barbados. The pandemic has added weight to our problems. Local talking heads tossing about sterile unemployment numbers, offering glib commentary about the need to grow the economy, although relevant falls short of projecting a holistic view to reset the misplaced priorities of citizens. These expectations must be disrupted and recalibrated to current align with current reality.

The local economy was in distress long before the pandemic. It seems the Mottley administration with an eye on 2023 maybe doing the country a disservice by delaying the implementation of necessary policy measures in order to shore up popularity. Unfortunately this is the dysfunction caused by our culture of adversarial politics. We are in a dark place when the paramountcy of political parties take priority above national concerns.

For leaders in the country to be pushing pre Covid 19 talking points given the current state of affairs exposes a level of ignorance, incompetence, ‘indolence’ and dishonesty. On the present trajectory there is an inevitability to the outcome.

The time has come for the good of country for our leadership to take the people onboard by dispassionately distilling the issues at hand to inform the path with the highest probability of survival in the near term. The blogmaster appreciates there is no play book to select a best practice given the unprecedented nature of where we find ourselves. If we are to find the right path out of this mess, we will have to do it together.

108 thoughts on “Sometimes the Right Path is Not the Easiest One

  1. The global economy recovered from the recession of 2007 by 2011, that is an accepted fact based on global performance and economic reality. Some politicians here were still blaming that recession in 2o16 and 2017 for our poor economic performance though. Never did they stop to admit it was their poor policies and economic management that had us in the economic toilet still at that stage some ten years later.

    Fast forward the same economy now to 2020 to 2021 under the covid crisis and here are the facts of where we are after 10 years of no real growth.

    We have revenue that has fallen by over 25 percent coupled to increased borrowing to keep a under performing economy from the last decade going. We are therfore spending way more than we are collecting in this exercise, at a time when we can least afford it. At the same time we are banking heavily on tourism as our economic savior. In the last 18 months in light of all this we have done little to restructure our economy away from tourism dependency.

    One can call it what you like but basically we have an economic storm brewing here which unless serious decisions are made soon, has the potential to devastate this islands future. If we don’t act now we will clock up a massive deficit by the end of this year. As for all the reserves we have that the politicians love to brag about, bear in mind 80% of that is made up of borrowed money that has to be repaid. Yes repaid and in hard currency from an economy whose tourism revenue has been cut in half at the very least!

    Wunna now understand after all the financial dancing and big words, like debt to gdp and all the tra la la, where we stand in simple terms? Basically if Bim was a person all them credit cards max out and the light bill due, while at the same time they salary get cut by 30% and they still got to eat and pay the house rent out of the little dem getting! This all coupled to the fact that their boss has told them he is not sure when they will be receiving a full salary again.

    That is the shop keeper economic statement in simple bajan words!

    • @John A

      Is it fair to suggest the 2006 global recession forced Barbados to add to its debt burden and because of our over-dependence on services (tourism) it became a nuanced situation for Barbados to manage.

  2. @David

    The figures show if you look at tourism revenue that between 2011 and 2019 we had decent tourism earnings pre covid. Remember all the talk about how good tourism was doing? Unfortunately we also had a poorly managed economy that ate up these earnings with little to show for it. Truth is neither party over the last 20 years has made any real attempt to restructure this economy. We have been able to muddle through this up to 2019, however Covid has now moved the goal post.

    • @John A

      Point taken. We are here now. We have to find a way, our talking heads to change the narratives. See above as an example.

  3. In 2020 Barbados public debt was 6,606 million dollars, has increased 270 million since 2019.

    This amount means that the debt in 2020 reached 148.97% of Barbados GDP, a 22.19 percentage point rise from 2019, when it was 126.78% of GDP.

    If we check the tables we can see the evolution of Barbados debt. It has risen since 2010 in global debt terms, when it was 4,930 million dollars and also in terms of GDP percentage, when it amounted to 108.16%.

    According to the last data point published, Barbados per capita debt in 2020 was 23,016 dollars per inhabitant. In 2019 it was 22,078 dollars, afterwards rising by 938 dollars, and if we again check 2010 we can see that then the debt per person was 17,607 dollars .

    The position of Barbados, as compared with the rest of the world, has worsened in 2020 in terms of GDP percentage. Currently it is country number 183 in the list of debt to GDP and 162 in debt per capita, out of the 189

  4. @David.

    LOL I hear you.

    Truth is they are only 2 ways out. We can either try to increase revenue in real terms, in other words not taxation, or reduce spending to match our revenue base while allowing a small manageable deficit.

    The second option I doubt you will see so close to an election and in the current climate to increase revenue from say Tourism, will be difficult. I believe government will continue to run a sizeable deficit up to elections so as to try and avoid rocking the boat. At the same time they will keep a tight grip on our pockets so as to keep the IMF happy. Basically it will be business as usual between now and elections.

    In other words a similar plan to what Sinkyuh used in the run up to elections. That’s why I say ” 6 of one or half dozen of the other.” Problem is though the more you postpone seeing the doctor the more bitter the medicine will be!

  5. @ John A July 23, 2021 7:40 AM
    Wunna now understand after all the financial dancing and big words, like debt to gdp and all the tra la la, where we stand in simple terms? Basically if Bim was a person all them credit cards max out and the light bill due, while at the same time they salary get cut by 30% and they still got to eat and pay the house rent out of the little dem getting! This all coupled to the fact that their boss has told them he is not sure when they will be receiving a full salary again.

    That is the shop keeper economic statement in simple bajan words! (Unquote).

    Professor John A, you have outdone yourself on this occasion.

    Pure basic economic commonsense delivered in a non-partisan-non-bullshitting nutshell.

    How can Barbados expect to borrow other people’s foreign money to live ‘sweet’ off the imported high hog without earning its daily bread in return?

    How can Bajans expect to import tamarinds in boxes, stale water in plastic bottles, coconut water in tetra paks, fishcake batter in plastic bags and processed/synthetic fruit juices in boxes and tilapia fish from China when the country’s main forex earning engine has gone on the blink?

  6. This kind of economic malaise deserves answers from govt
    Problem being no one dares asked govt the hard questions
    There is an economic virus that is covering the nation in need of eradicating

  7. Those of you who can walk, chew gum and use your computer at the same time could listen to Brasstacks on vob929

  8. TLSN…they are still to understand that ALL THE POVERTY and degradatION of the society and infrastructure is BY DESIGN, it was no accident….the corruption is deliberate, all one has to do is check out most areas on the island like Bush Hall etc and at least 9 out of the 11 parishes and see that THEY ARE ALL MOSTLY IN THE SAME DECREPIT STATE AS THEY HAVE BEEN SINCE THE 1960s under Barrow and every TRAITOR that has crawled and LIED THEIR WAY INTO THE PARLIAMENT…it was NEVER meant to be advance the progress of the African descended populations…they are AND will always be the THE SACRIFICE with black faces in charge of the destruction…

    so they are blindly beating their selves to death posting and regurgitating the same old and WASTING VALUABLE TIME FOR NOTHING…

    all am telling the TRAITORS of the Slave parliament is perish the thought that they are now powerful and DANGEROUS enuff to weasle their stinking apartheid trained selves unto OUR CONTINENT to SACRIFICE AFRICANS….it will be the last thing they do…..OUR ANCESTORS ARE WAITING..

  9. THe parliament frauds don’t believe people know what’s REALLY GOING DOWN….and that will be their permanent DOWNFALL…you have to have lived across a few Caribbean countries to fully appreciate and understand the PURE EVIL BEING UPHELD BY WICKED BLACK POLITICIANS AND GOVERNMENTS..

    but the SAVAGES will pay for their crimes..

    ” My parents emigrated to the US from Jamaica and Montserrat, and I’ve travelled to the Caribbean throughout most of my life. The cultures across the islands of the Caribbean are distinct, but I’ve noticed too the different expressions of neocolonialism over time.

    Haiti has been a site of conflict for centuries. Colonised first by Spain and later France, which was responsible for instating a three-tiered caste system: les grands blancs (white elites), les affranchis (freed Blacks), and les bossales (the captive African population). The Haitian population defeated Napoleon’s army in 1804, and with this achievement Haiti became singular in the world – a free Black state. Despite the successful Haitian revolution, orchestrated by the African population, most struggled to advance economically.

    Le Code Noirs, as it was known, remained after its white creators fled. John D Garrigus wrote that the caste systems caused “tension” that “was more a matter of social and political conflict than racial prejudice”

    unlike small-time shitehounds in Barbados who were TRAINED in racism and apartheid to keep those twin curses alive in Black lives….AND NOW THE WHOLE WORLD….especially Africa knows.

  10. I guess the shopkeeper was speaking to the few who didonot know because I think most people know very well how to add and subtract.

  11. @Miller

    Thank you sir I got to put it in simple language cause when the biscuit truck and the drinks truck pass I got to got dem money!

    Seriously I have been listening to some of the big ups talking on the economy and I got to tell you I have never heard so many talking AROUND the issue, as opposed to talking ABOUT the issue! They can dress it up all they want but it will not change the situation nor the eventual solution.

    • @John A

      The call is to search out other avenues to expand GDP. It should have been done a long time ago but we are here now. Our leaders – pressured by citizens – have to agree to short medium and long term strategies. This is where our leaders must step up to chart a path and by their leadership inspire John and Jane public to buyin, including key stakeholders in civil society.

  12. We all know that what Miller calls our “Mickey Mouse” money cannot buy imports.

    No foreign currency, no purchasing power overseas.

    But the conundrum is that if we don’t import for resale, those employed in certain retail sectors will lose their jobs.

    This calls for a massive change in mindset, a shift in the minds of entrepreneurs in what type of business they pursue and the public, in what they purchase.

    I prefer mauby to champagne anyhow.

  13. “This is where our leaders must step up to chart a path and by their leadership inspire John and Jane public to buyin, including key stakeholders in civil society.”

    Solution to Barbados’ problem is not about spending but about investing
    which is called public spending and social services
    which is not a Business solution it is a Government solution

    New World Illuminati Pyramid Model of Trickle Down Capitalism works for those at the top like a Ponzi scheme,
    but the Money tree has to be built from the roots up and work in reverse
    A Black / African / Slave Class are meant to suffer in the current system
    Investment must spend at the bottom level of the foundation on people

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  15. In keeping with the thrust of this blog the Delta variant is infecting populations in key source markets as they attempt to reopen come what may to fuel economic activity. It is the same reason Barbados is struggling to implement policies to manage the risk of coexisting with the virus. We are in a dark place.

  16. @ all
    Say what we will, we cannot produce a 2021 model car on a 1921 production line.
    Similarly, we cannot restructure an economy without reforming the educational system.
    This is more than about earning foreign exchange; this is more than the fickleness of consumers. This is as @ Donna says, a needs change in attitudes and mind set, as to how we want to exist.
    In other words , an economy geared for 2021 and beyond cannot be developed on a 1921 model.
    Ironically, almost all the solutions rendered here and elsewhere are the same that were rendered and pursued in the last sixty years.
    We are stuck in a Eurocentric colonialist mentality. We should now talk about saving forex and not earning it. This is what will drive agro industries and re-educate consumer habits.
    We need to carry out very intensive research regarding the new enterprises that are springing up. We must then move swiftly to get them up to date on all areas of marketing, packaging and developing business models for both local and export markets.
    Note how quickly @PLT’s tourism project has taken off!
    This is more a mind and cultural problem than an economic problem. We need bold political and corporate leadership at all levels otherwise we’ll be just wasting our time on doing the same thing and expecting different results.

  17. “We are stuck in a Eurocentric colonialist mentality.”

    while the colonialists themselves have decades ago moved onward and UPWARD…and will never be caught dead stuck in a 17 or 18th century time warp of the mind.

    the clowns are proud of being backward and aspire to keep everyone else right there with them….and have been very successful….while they all regress spectacularly…and consider themselves “the best slaves”

    William…it seems like we have been saying for decades and STILL….

  18. it seems like we have been saying THIS for decades and STILL….

    that’s why the likes of slave master spawn Farmer could do what she did and no one would have known, am sure she has done it for decades…and Drax could decide he’s returning and the ones domiciled on the island never stopped keeping up the momentum generationally for half century…. your ignorant leaders are useless and always will be…DO SOMETHING..

    get rid of the con artist families who believe they own the island and entiled to sacrifice black lives because YOU elect them to the parlianment…

  19. How many times do we have to tell the 265,000 BLack majority to TAKE CONTROL OF THE ISLAND….and fcuk the dirty sellout politicians…ministers, liars, lawyers SCUM OF THE EARTH…,..get rid of them, stop electing that variety of TRASH…

  20. @ WURA
    “the clowns are proud of being backward and aspire to keep everyone else right there with them….and have been very successful….while they all regress spectacularly…and consider themselves “the best slaves”
    Exactly ! How long are we going to continuously depend on a system
    that has enslave us : mentally, physically , culturally and economically?
    Constantly trying to keep alive a basically dead and irrelevant economic system that keeps the majority in persistent poverty..
    How long ?

  21. Can somebody send this to Mia her big belly cabinet and mibaton of consultants gran Murray

    The position of Barbados, as compared with the rest of the world, has worsened in 2020 in terms of GDP percentage. Currently it is country number 183 in the list of debt to GDP and 162 in debt per capita, out of the 189 countries

    Just maybe this is the wake up call necessary

  22. Constantly trying to keep alive a basically dead and irrelevant economic system that keeps the majority in persistent poverty..
    How long ?

    for as long as the PEOPLE who elect TRAITORS and allow them to LIE, DECEIVE and STEAL their money, land, resources and the future of each generation…..sacrificing them and their children and that minority criminals can reap the benefits…….ALLOW IT…

  23. @ David

    Here is our major source market the United Kingdom.

    New cases May 19th 2135
    New cases July 7th 53969

    Wunna work out the percentage increase in just 6 weeks.

  24. William…have you noticed they refuse to stop ALWAYS NEEDING some white face slavemaster type to lead Black people in everything, no matter HOW BASIC, it’s ugly, but it’s just a matter of time before you hear they refuse to pay NIS benefits and salaries..and guess whose side the parliament traitors will take in any dispute, like clockwork.

  25. This government lacks confidence in its own people and appears to have no interaction with them.

    It was Mia who stated that the black lives matter campaign was merely a trend! This rhetoric has been reflected in her decision making which appears to favour and prioritise other groups.

    She knows that her policies are doing irretrievable damage to Barbados majority population. Does she care? I believe not.

    Her leadership is designed to maintain the social order of yesteryear. These are just my views and may not reflect those who reside in Barbados.

  26. it may not be their views but they are the ones feeling the negative impact of the backward gazing policies that retards advancement for the majority population…there is always an excuse to deflect from reality…and the pretense that there is no problem as long as the slaves are quiet and don’t “make the country look bad” by complaining about their captivity steeped in generational bondage….and the wholesale THEFTS of their money land and opportunities…

  27. Boss eats big chicken we want some too
    Got to fight against injustice
    Got to fight against low ration
    Got to build a better nation
    under this time from creation

    Now the the Little Island of Little England is departing from Babylon Queendom with it’s due departure date in November it would be good timing to develop a social model for the levelling up of the poor African in the Western Hemisphere

    As per the Cuban musings the Americanophiles can go live there if they love it so much

    Union Call / Strike Strike Strike

  28. New directives for private business employees
    Get vaccinated or pay for a PCR test every two weeks
    More madness more confusion but the virus going no where when the borders are opened

  29. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
    Attributed to Albert Einstein

    Another school of thought states that this was misattributed to Albert Einstein
    As it turns out, insanity might be crediting that quote to Einstein over and over again. He never said it.

    However I think he might have said if he was not a hard man fi dead as there is a thin line between genius and madness like there is another thin line between love and hate

    Insanity is saying the same thing over and over on the Barbados Underground and expecting different results. Time to knock it on the head. Ding!.

  30. AC,
    I see it. I might not be able to do it justice.

    It soon will be propose by officers of the state
    That being vaccinated become a national mandate
    And for those who comply it will be done free
    Those who refuse will pay a PCR fee

    Sheer madness and confusion
    In trying to keep our borders open
    Virus remaining in circulation
    Or brought in by tourists like Lawson

    -still in bed–

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  32. In my mind the Carribbean of nations miss a great opportunity to unify when big countries closed their doors in the early months of COVID
    What I have observed that big countries are stilling giving employees an option to work at home if employees choose not to have the vaccine
    Also standard protocols remain in place

    • Can frontline workers work from home?

      Can Barbados afford to keep borders closed? How will it pay for food petrol, medical supplies etc.

  33. Afro futurism movement
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    Thinking ’bout the Sci-Fi movie Hidden Figures which was not real but was based on a premise that black woman were human computers it occurred to me Barbados could link up with Nasa to set up a Launch Pad in Africa to send people black people to space to the moon and Planet Mars and back to Mother of Mankind Alkebulan where it all began in garden of Eden to Shake What Your Momma Gave You

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  36. “Can Barbados afford to keep borders closed? How will it pay for food petrol, medical supplies etc.”

    there is always Monsieur Macron….the ladies think he’s easy on the eyes..

  37. DavidJuly 24, 2021 6:41 AM

    Can frontline workers work from home?

    Can Barbados afford to keep borders closed? How will it pay for food petrol, medical supplies etc.

    Of all the occupations u chose to focus on front line workers many of whom are govt employees and govt has said that no one would be forced to take a vaccine
    Then u speak of borders opening for economic sufficiency
    Have u not noticed that throughout all of the economic problems attached to COVID along with borders open
    Govt has been accessing millions of dollars from loan agencies to help fight COVID along with free vaccine and other medical supplies

    Also my mention of closed borders were solely meant if the Cartibbean basin had implemented policies by which all could agree to work together

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  41. Living in a fools paradise

    Woman cries foul over ‘land sale’
    By Randy Bennett
    A couple’s dream of owning a piece of the rock has been dashed by an alleged fraudster.
    More than a year after making a down payment on a plot of land in St Martin’s, St Philip, Janelle Coppin is no closer to finalizing the purchase on the plot on which she and her boyfriend intended to build the home of their dreams.
    In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Coppin said to make matters worse, the man who “sold” her the land over a year ago was no longer accepting her calls, forcing her to turn to the police for assistance.
    In recalling the details, Coppin said she found the man on FaceBook associated with a company.
    She said he was advertising rent-to-own land lots in St Martin’s, St Patrick’s and Long Beach and Coppin said she called the number provided and spoke with him. She said she eventually met him at the site in St Martin’s Terrace where he showed her the plot of land he had for sale.
    Coppin said she subsequently received a land agreement from the man which she showed to a friend who is an attorney-at-law.
    She admitted that she was advised not to make any payments on the property until title deeds were produced.
    However, after being told by the “seller” that the land was in heavy demand she decided to pay a deposit to secure it.
    “We wanted the land so bad and he told us that we had to pay $2000 to secure the spot so he wouldn’t advertise it anymore.
    He also said there were only two spots left and people were very interested in buying them.”
    Coppin said she arranged to meet the man in SkyMall to pay the deposit.
    That meeting aroused her suspicion somewhat since she expected to meet him at his office but he told her it was under renovations.
    In addition, the way in which he was dressed also caught her attention but in spite of the red flags, she still paid the deposit.
    She said things began to go downhill when she tried to get the title deeds from the man to whom she had handed over the money.
    Coppin said whenever she enquired about the deeds he always gave an excuse as to why he could not provide them.
    Fed up with being given the runaround, she said she asked for a refund, which he promised to give.
    She maintained that despite several promises to return the money, months later she had not received a cent.
    Coppin said she made a report at Central Police Station and was directed to the Fraud Squad.
    She alleged that police officers told her they had received several complaints about the man and that they were investigating him.
    The woman said what confirmed his dishonesty was when she told a friend to call him to see if he would answer. Not only did he answer, he also took the friend to the same plot of land on which she had paid the deposit.
    Numerous attempts to reach the man for comment proved unsuccessful. (

  42. Lol…after being told the land was in heavy demand…the lady buyer ignored every suspicion…must have been the BF$$$ or she is stuppid gran mer. A fool and their money is soon parted.

  43. lawd…break out the fake certificates and tests..

    “Anyone attempting to come into Barbados with falsified COVID-19 vaccine certificates or PCR tests will pay a heavy price.

    Offenders could pay as much as $100 000 or face two years in prison.”

  44. Slave Society Barbados is taking their discriminatory practices against the Black employees too far..

    find a way to eat and shut down Barbados slave master wannabe’s establishments and get them off the island, they will have to run…THEY ALL GO BROKE…they mean the Black population malicious harm and injury…

  45. A couple of months ago there was a conversation concerning the Windrush scandal in the UK. There appeared to be some confusion concerning the Windrush scandal. I hope this debate will clear up the matter.

    A Jamaican lady who appears to reside in Barbados appears to have set up her own You Tube Channel.

  46. Someone like the UN need to tell these small time bottomfeeders that discrimination is illegal, they removed that part from the constitution but we still have it….if you don’t want people to make choices, shut down your establishment and leave, yall are parasites anyway….why don’t you tell patrons don’t come in your establishment if unvaccinated and see how quickly you will have to shut shop..

  47. The link @ 6.02 appears to be disabled. Try typing in the text below. It’s an explosive interview featuring Maxine Mclean, the former DLP MP.


  48. “We wanted the land so bad and he told us that we had to pay $2000 to secure the spot so he wouldn’t advertise it anymore.”

    1) she paid so the land would not be advertised anymore
    2) Who would expect title deed for land on such a small down payment
    3) she ignored her gut and the advice of others; even legal advice

    Not feeling any sympathy.
    “You cannot fix stupid”.

  49. No surprise Hewitt would put his own spin on Windrush, although knowing that the WHOLE TRUTH IS OUT THERE….people are appalled, not me, can’t stand politicians or fruadulent christians…one and the same.

    Weekes need to UPDATE her presenter game, the first 7 minutes were pure TORTURE to the mind…no one who understands the scam boasts about western degrees anymore, we have seen how fcuked up the minds of most of those who possess them are….they spew pure poison and lies while stuck in their fantasy world……and actually have some kinda invisible lock squeezing their brain out of shape.

  50. Many people who watched the video gave thanks that there was actually ONE ADULT in the Zoom room, the dude Glenroy, hope i got his name right…who actually KNOWS HOW TO TELL THE TRUTH…

  51. @WURA-War-on-U,
    Weekes may need to improve the quality of her broadcasts. However, let’s be grateful that she is focusing on mainstream issues that appear to be off-topic with our so-called national media.

    I understand your concerns with Hewitt. After all he is just a human being. I know little of the man, however it’s apparent to me that he outshines Mia on the human value scale. He appears genuine, credible, sincere, empathetic, clean and someone who has principles.

    By the way the so-called adult in the room was a common bus driver. I believe he stated his father was a common train driver. Both dudes were union men. What opportunities would these common men have have had in Barbados – yesteryear or today?

    He also spoke of retiring or spending a period of resting in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Which was his way of stating that he had little faith in Barbados.

    Hewitt was flawed in his assessment of UK Caribbeans. I believe he is not familiar with the with the huge contribution made by the generation from the fifties to the eighties who left a huge social and political footprint.

    He should have said that from the nineties til now the current set of Afro- Caribbeans have dropped the baton. The Afro- Caribbean population has morphed rapidly into a mixed race community who have become totally assimilated into a modern day Britain.

    Most of these young people have little knowledge of their culture or any knowledge of the country of their grandparents.

  52. Going along with UK Windrush cover up to get along will not help Hewitt, and is disasterous/injurious and dangerous to Black/African populations..

    “By the way the so-called adult in the room was a common bus driver. ”

    genuine panafricanists never hide their backgrounds….they don’t attend univerisities to boast of the paper they achieve or accumulate, they actually go to do serious reseach and LEARN of their great ancestral history so they can SHARE IT with those who don’t have the avenues to gather the information…they don’t pretend to be elitist bullshit artists….like those you find polluting Barbados..

    Barbados is a Slave Society..that’s all it will ever be within the present colonial framework…

    forget Barbados’ media, they can never reach that level…too politically pimpish.

  53. btw..I did hear Ms. Weekes got quite a few threats because of her videos, when that happens you know someone, the purveyors of LIES and DECEIVING the people, don’t want the truth out there.

  54. @TLSN
    Ms McClean was a Senator, who was given Ministerial responsibilities. The D’s had no elected females, so to fill the gender gap, both McClean and Byer-Suckoo were elevated. As is the current case with Lisa Cummins.

    This ‘auditing challenge’ is not new. To get business many have been allowing certain practices they should not. Ably aided by certain board members who want share prices to grow. Failure to comply can lead to client loss, for there is frequently another competitor who will provide what the client desires.

    • @NO

      Agreed. It seems developing countries are helpless to find a sustainable path to navigate within the ‘establishment’. Let us not forget those nettlesome credit rating agencies and the role they played in 2006/7.

  55. PLT…is this you? ah know they wicked enuff to place someone with your name in that position, even though knowong that he won’t even posess 000000.1% of the intellect.

    “Some property owners say they are finding it difficult to rent to Welcome Stampers based on certain requirements.

    Recently, chief executive officer of Remote Work Barbados Inc., Peter Thompson, said while there were 1 900 successful Welcome Stamp visa applicants, to date only about a third of that number had arrived in Barbados.

    He noted that the island’s inventory of about 2 600 rental properties was inadequate to meet the demand.

    Realtor Dexter Yarde, of Own Piece of the Rock Realty, told the Sunday Sun that based on what he was seeing, sometimes Welcome Stampers’ budgets did not meet the requirements. (RA)”..

  56. I have no idea where Barbados is heading to. I just pray that her people will determine their own future free from their dead wood politicians. A utopia…. perhaps?

    What has Mia done for her people since she took the reins of power?

  57. Western Multinational corporations do not pay their in fare share taxes , they underreport or falsify revenue (profits)made . They shift/ divert billions in corporate profit out of the countries they operate in order to avoid paying taxes.

    Zambia, one of the poorest countries
    in the world, is haemorrhaging wealth
    that could support vital public services
    and anti-poverty programmes, as a
    result of tax dodging by multinational
    mining companies. About $3 billion a
    year – is lost by the people of Zambia
    to tax avoidance and tax evasion by
    multinationals. Overly generous tax
    incentives provided to companies by
    the Zambian government have also
    played a role. Attempts by the Zambian
    government to reform their tax system
    have met opposition from powerful
    mining companies and international
    organisations supported by Northern
    countries where the multinationals
    concerned are based.

    One of the major parasites is Glencore.
    NGOs accused Glencore of tax evasion and involvement in corruption. “Publish What You Pay” named Glencore the most opaque mining company in terms of tax transparency as they incorporated half of their 46 subsidiaries into tax haven.

    A tax haven is simply a country that offers individuals or businesses little or no tax liability. The Caribbean offers some of the most popular tax havens in the world, providing benefits such as very low tax liability and financial privacy. Among the most used Caribbean tax havens are the Bahamas, Panama, and the Cayman Islands.
    The only cost for most of these countries is an annual business license fee, with a 0% tax rate.

    EU adds Barbados, Anguilla to tax haven list…

    The EU list, set up in 2017 after revelations of widespread tax evasion and avoidance schemes, now includes 12 jurisdictions: American Samoa, Anguilla, Barbados, Fiji, Guam, Palau, Panama, Samoa, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Vanuatu.
    (Reuters, Oct, 2020).

    Non-payment of taxes has serious social, economic and political consequences. The countries affected lack the money for basic public services. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), investing an annual $ 8.7 billion in health care in 46 African countries would save the lives of 4 million children a year. And $ 5.2 billion per year would be enough to pay for the teachers needed to allow every child in Africa to go to school.

    Tax evasion and avoidance thus have an enormous impact. Governments of countries like Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad, Niger or Liberia spend less than $ 6 billion a year. While it is true that some African presidents embezzle part of their countries’ revenue, corruption committed by politicians and civil servants makes up only a tenth of the amount that African countries lose due to tax avoidance by corporations, according to the research organisation Global Financial Integrity.

    Because of lost tax revenues, countries in question struggle to develop sustainably and build strong economies. To promote entrepreneurship and create jobs, countries need basic infrastructure that includes streets, electric power, schools and research facilities. They must also be able to grant loans to encourage investments and new businesses. Without tax revenue, governments cannot provide these things and thus depend on outside help. According to numbers collected by the policy watchdog Global Policy Forum, the revenue lost is comparable to the amount of official development assistance (ODA) that sub-Saharan Africa receives.

    It will be next to impossible to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) if tax evasion and avoidance continue unchecked.

    Trickery and deceit :

    Multinational corporations and the natural resource sector use many tactics to avoid paying taxes. Even as they are negotiating mining contracts, companies use their negotiating power, their knowledge of contract clauses or plain bribery to ensure that they are exempt from certain taxes either entirely or for a long time.

    Another trick is what is known as transfer mispricing. The company sells the commodity it has extracted to a subsidiary in a tax haven for far less than the market price. This means that the company makes little profit in the country where the commodity is produced and pays very little tax accordingly. On the other hand, very few taxes are incurred in the tax haven where the profit was shifted to. The country’s low tax rates are what makes it a tax haven after all. If such no- or low-tax countries did not exist, companies would have fewer opportunities to evade and avoid taxes in commodity-rich countries. Dishonest practices are also used to avoid paying value-added taxes, excise taxes, licence fees and dividends.

    Double taxation agreements can be used to avoid taxes as well.
    The use of double taxation agreements to evade taxes is not illegal, but it is extremely dubious in moral terms. The international non-governmental organisation ActionAid has demonstrated as much with the example of an Australian mining company that operates in Malawi. In order to avoid taxes in Malawi, the company made use of a tax treaty that existed between Malawi and the Netherlands. It established a subsidiary, with no employees, in the Netherlands and sent its Malawian money there. The tax rate in the Netherlands was zero percent, so the money could flow without deductions on to the company’s headquarters in Australia. Over six years, the company thus saved $ 27.5 million it would otherwise have had to pay Malawi’s tax authority.

    Tax Havens are depriving some of the
    world’s poorest countries of vital resources to fight

  58. @rickross.
    “Tax Havens are depriving some of the
    world’s poorest countries of vital resources to fight

    First time I have seen this part of the problem stated. Because of tax havens, not only are the big countries losing money but so too are the poorest countries.

  59. House negros are and will always be the worst things to crawl out of a woman…they are a danger to African people everywhere.

    • Why continue to post videos nobody clicks on, instead give a comment in your words about what is on the video.


  60. Do yall remember when DLP frauds paid the same Canadian company owned by the finance minister MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, overlooking local actuaries like Walter Blackman to audit the NIS, and then what happened? they never told us NIS is broke, robbed by their thieving minority social parters and in comes the tag team BLP and allowed the thieving hoteliers to refuse to pay the workers severance or salaries…and yall believe these TRAITORS for house negros care about the majority BLACK POPULATION.

    all they are interested in is keeping criminal minorities in fine feathers, for their cut, and the Black population in generational deprivation, unable to advance socially or economically.

    stop playing with the parliament frauds, you are being set up again.

    btw…the continent is mesmerized that this level of corruption is ongoing in small islands..they have it on a very large scale, but had no clue we were so immersed in it ourselves. I told them straight up, Caricom frauds put on a very good show, don’t get reeled in…or what they got going on presently will look like nothing..

    yall crabs will not get away with selling out the Black population and then slithering and sliding your way onto OUR CONTINENT without them knowing how dangerous all of you are…

    they has never been a better opportunity to dismantle the slave society, but do yall see Mia taking it, she is more determined than ever to keep Black people in slave society bondage, even if she ends up before the Hague…and she can’t deny it…all the signs are right there.

  61. From getting better to getting worse
    These are not good times to cause angst amongst people
    One day more chickens would come home to roost and he’ll gonna break loose
    The management levels at this time should be exceptional
    What purpose it serves to have new buses and not enough capacity for the volume of people to get to their homes during late night hours
    Dam shame

  62. I was led to believe that these buses would be the be all and end all for commuters night mares
    Now lol and behold the capacity is 75 percent and no access for people to stand .
    Another gawdy exercise in unaccountably and transparency which if was transparent would have laid out to the public concerns with specifications

    • Carry on smartly postings links which do not generate clicks. Some of you have hard heads and feel no way spurning good advice.

  63. Don’t know how many times people in the west have to be warned, DO NOT GIVE or send money to anyone in the Caribbean or to the continent to purchase land, DO NOT SIGN contracts with anyone in Americas or the Caribbean to purchse resources, DO NOT SIGN contracts on the continent UNLESS YOU HAVE INVESTIGATED them thoroughly…..DO NOT GET INVOLVED in any business unless you go through the process available through the various ministries in the target country, that’s what i do, yall know all about tiefing scam artists when it comes to land AND money already, you need look no further than ya own governments for PRIME EXAMPLES for how despicable and underhanded things can become..

    it’s nice to watch the videos to see what is possible, but do not get involved unless you are on the ground, know who the land owners are, who handles resources etc….as soon as people see lots of money they tend to get STUPID…look at the condition of the islands and it tells you everything, no need to get tied p on the continent or anywhere else..


    Wonder how many of them from DBLP who were in the house of assembly BACK THEN in 1937 had their dirty traitor hands in the illegal deportation of Clement Payne for trying to educate the Black population and help them pull themselves out of the poverty created by criminal minorities and parliament rats, just as happening today, but now they got the nerve to use him as a prop in their fake slave republic…..while our ancestors watch..

  65. Pandemic Fears
    St. Lucia changes govt
    Barbados to become a Republic on Nov 30 the so says PM Mottley

  66. Congratulations to St. Lucia’s newly elected prime minister, Phillip J.Pierre and the St. Lucia Labour Party.

  67. “And for those who are asking, ‘what is all this?’, a nation that cannot define who it is,”

    yall need to come to terms with the fact that Barbados is still a slave society that yall maintain with Black people’s MONEY…you will NEVER define yourself unless the Black/African population can IDENTIFY with their TRUE AFRICAN HISTORY, ancestral education, customs and traditions…..everything else is a FRAUD playing into the hands of minority criminals to keep the thefts ongoing indefinitely..

    “or what we have done,”

    you kept the descendants of the enslaved under white trash minority rule of racism, apartheid, as SECOND CLASS CITIZENS in a country our ancestors BUILT and which they still fund through the descendants…for 60 YEARS…

    “or what we stand for and who we are as a people will never be able to secure its way on the journey; it will never be able to do so and,”

    you will get nowhwere unless the discriminatory framework of colonialism and the slave society concept are PERMANENTLY REMOVED along with ya slimy bottomfeeding, TIEFING racists, frauds and criminals in the minority community..

    “therefore, across all boundaries and sectors and classes and ages and races in this society we must in the next few months settle on those one or two pages that settle for us and the world what matters to us and what we are prepared to fight for as a people.”

    the WORLD MUST BE TOLD what yall, DBLP tag team, have done for 60 years post emancipation to the Black/African descendants…and STILL ARE…….the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT…’s clean up time..

  68. Donville to go to jail today
    Former Government minister Donville Inniss is expected to turn himself in to a United States federal prison today to begin his two-year sentence.
    Sources told the Weekend Nation that the 55-year-old will serve his time at a minimumsecurity camp or alternative facility near Tampa, Florida, where he has a home, or in Alabama.
    He has to surrender by 2 p.m. today and has already been assigned a prison register number – 70853-018 – by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
    The former Minister of Industry and Commerce under the last Democratic Labour Party administration was found guilty in January 2020 and sentenced in April this year, by Judge Kiyo Matsumoto at the Eastern District Court of New York, on two counts of money laundering and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.
    The evidence revealed that in 2015 and 2016 Inniss took part in a scheme to launder into the United States approximately US$36 000 in bribes that he had received from high-level executives of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL).
    Two contracts
    In exchange for the bribes, Inniss leveraged his position as the Minister of Industry to enable ICBL to obtain two insurance contracts from the Barbados Government to insure over $100 million worth of Government property. To conceal the bribes, prosecutors added, he arranged to receive them
    through a US bank account in the name of his friend’s dental company, which had an address in Elmont, New York.
    Acting US Attorney Mark J. Lesko of the Eastern District of New York said after the sentencing: “In accepting bribes and laundering the payments through banks on Long Island, Inniss not only abused the public trust that was placed in him by the people of Barbados, he also stained the US banking system with the proceeds of his corrupt scheme. The defendant’s sentence today reflects the seriousness of his crimes.”
    In addition to the prison sentence, the court also ordered Inniss to pay US$36 536.73 in forfeiture. He will also spend two years of supervised probation.
    However, the former St James South Member of Parliament has appealed the sentence in the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. (MB)

    Source: Nation

  69. Donville is going to Club Fed…he may get a book deal out of it…

    if the CCJ REALLY knew what goes on in that shithole for a judiciary, they would do more than blast them, they woul bring in human rights bodies to SHUT THEM DOWN…

    “The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has taken Barbados to task again for “a cuss-out in a schoolyard” landing at its steps 12 years after the accused was charged.

    Earlier this month, the Trinidad-based court sent the case, involving Dottin’s Academy Incorporated versus Beverley Norville, back to the Barbados Court of Appeal, but not before once more chastising the country’s slow pace of dealing with legal matters.

    Norville was charged with six offences in 2009, including use of indecent language, causing a disturbance and threatening to burn down the private school after it removed her son without returning to her the $5 000 fee.

    Norville was convicted six years later in 2015, but never sentenced because she appealed and that case was heard in 2016 with a ruling four years later in 2020. The Court of Appeal, headed by then Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson, found that Dottin’s Academy had no legal standing to bring charges against Norville. (MB)”

  70. No surprise that a small colonial government is determined to practice marijuana slavery on African descents and ended up with nothing.

    “An Emancipation Day Letter to the PM. Reminder: Tomorrow morning Aug 1st, at 8am we gather for the annual Emancipation Day celebration at Bussa. The African Heritage Foundation (AHF) will be speaking on CULTURAL EMANCIPATION A FOCUS ON CANNABIS, and reading a letter addressed to the Prime Minister demanding that the African culture of consuming herbs for traditional medical use, that is greatly perpetuated by the Rastafari movement, be respected and recognized. As such the letter calls for all Barbadians to be granted legal access to the cannabis plant for spiritual, medicinal and economic purposes. The AHF is inviting you to come out and sign this letter. Emancipate yourselves from cultural slavery, none but ourselves can free our culture. Have no fear of wicked politicians for none of them can stop the time. Cultural Emancipation now! Please share and we will meet tomorrow by Bussa. Ras Simba Akoma.”

  71. anyhoo…which is it, Donville was crying in the newpapers just months ago how broke he was, now we hear how “healthy” his bank accounts were…prior to his receiving $36,000 from ICBL that he can’t explain…outside of how “dah is how we do business in Barbados”…all the other crap is waste of space, someone had money to throw around posting nonsense….it’s amazing how these elite vote beggars get tied up with these questionable foreign types..

    “Evidence not challenged

    FBI agents testified that Inniss was desperate for monies to settle a debt with David Stier ($75,000) and to pay his son’s tuition bill at College in Tampa. Discovery material (emails) provided ample evidence as to why the loan of $75k was not settled earlier. Inniss was being blackmailed on matters regarding David Stier’s clients in Canada and Stier was advised that loan repayments were being tied to this issue being resolved as Inniss was not prepared to incur any legal expenses in Canada or elsewhere because of Stier’s clients.

    As at trial only 2k of the loan was settled in cash. The issue of availability of US $ was also raised in correspondence to Stier. None of this was addressed by defence counsel and the jury was left to infer that defendant was desperate for money. With respect to son’s college expenses, as a US citizen his son’s tuition was approximately $6k per annum. Not a large amount.

    The US Government sought copies of defendant’s bank statements from First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) in Barbados for the period 2015-2017. Not sure if this information was formally presented by the bank. However, the defendant did voluntarily provide to defence counsel his bank statements from FCIB for the period of 2015 – 2016 which showed that at no point in time was the defendant facing financial hardships. Additional bank statements from other banks could have been provided to further evidence the defendants financial health. Instead, the jury was left to infer that defendant took monies because he was broke and facing financial hardships.”

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