Waiting for the Bell to be Rung

Protecting our democracy…

Every where one turns in Barbados the discussion is about when will the prime minister ring the bell. Is is unethical for the prime minister to have extended the traditional 5 year term to the 90 days allowed by the Constitution for what many believe was meant by the framers to address an extraordinary event? There is a view that the prime minister has no moral authority to lead the country given his thirst to create history by any means necessary.

In another blog BU outlined that any government preparing to contest a general election is regarded as lameduck where key decisions are delayed to await the mandate of the citizenry  -see Barbados a Country in Abeyance.

In the current situation Barbadians have not only had to wrestle with the unprecedented decision of a prime minister prepared to dilute our way of democracy that has earned our little island a global reputation.  One remembers Dame Billie Miller, the late Dame Nita Barrow et al asked to participate in international fora with a focus on electoral matters.

Given the anemic performance of the economy since the global crisis of 2008 one would have anticipated that the government would have taken the moral high ground to seek a mandate from the people they were elected to serve. One gets the impression these days that the people- where the power is meant to reside-  have allowed the political class to hijack the intent of the Westminster system of democracy inherited.

While the focus is on the decision by the prime minister to extend the tenure of his government. There is the discussion waiting to be had on the campaign trail highlighted in an earlier blog -see  Voting Checklist to Assist With Placing Your X.  One can take the position that if we have waited 5 years what is a another 90 days. BU subscribes to the view that important to how our system of democracy is meant to work must be a high level of citizen advocacy. A self critique in this regard exposes a passive approach by Barbadians since the 30 November 1966.

Clearly the decision by the prime minister – perhaps advised by Hal Gollop- to invoke the 90 day period allowed by the Constitution of Barbados to extend his government serves to be another distraction at a time when the country needs to rally behind a plan that should be marshalling our scarce resources to succeed. How do we tweak our governance model to ensure our Parliament provides oversight as intended by the Constitution. The Public Accounts Committee and Committee of Privileges come to mind. The inability to respond to the perennial concerns of the Auditor General reports that reveals an unacceptable level of financial indiscipline and malfeasance. We could mention a crumbling infrastructure- the sewage problem on the South Coast, a stressed waste management system and pothole ridden road ways come to mind.

Given where Barbados finds itself Barbadians must begin to question what we will demand of our representatives when they come knocking very soon. It will not be enough to take their accustomed rhetoric. In extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary measures have to be taken. What are we as an intelligent people prepared to do this time around.




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  1. “……“Not a cent of that money is being made available to Mr Parris. The reality is every cent that is due the policyholders of CLICO will be given to the policyholders of CLICO once the judicial manager can identify the means to get it and we don’t believe that money from the insurance company should be just siphoned away to the benefit of Mr Parris,” Alleyne said.”

    How many people in this forum know that this matter was before the Court?

    Yet certain individuals come here, WITHOUT any KNOWLEDGE of the situation, to criticize the Judicial Management process……. calling it a “joke,” while maintaining Leroy Parris is innocent and being targeted because he came from “humble origins.”

    The forensic audit revealed a questionable invoice in the amount of $3.333M for legal services rendered, which Leroy Parris said it was gratuity CLICO owed him.

    And check the “players in the game.”

    It is a known fact that Leroy Parris is a “financial friend” of the DLP. The first order of business for David Thompson when he became PM in 2008, was to use CLICO’s private jet to travel around the Caribbean; gave CLICO $10M and appointed Parris as chairman of CBC.

    Freundel Stuart was quick to remind CLICO policy holders that Parris is not a leper….but his friend. Chief Justice Marston Gibson is also Stuart’s friend…….recall he amended the law to appoint Gibson as CJ. Gibson ruled that David Thompson’s estate should be excluded from the matter. Hal Gollop is also Stuart’s buddy and he is Leroy Parris’ attorney in this matter, while former DLP attorney general Maurice “there are no gangs in Barbados” King represented Thompson’s estate.

    After Leroy Parris publicly announced that CLICO had sold over 800 insurance policies, Deputy Supervisor of Insurance Vernese Brathwaite invited the police to investigate the insurance company contravening an order by the Supervisor of Insurance in August 2009, which prohibited the CLICO subsidiary from selling new life policies.

    Vernese was subsequently sent on leave by this inept DLP administration and has been receiving her salary of $98,087 per annum for the past 7 ½ years.

    Even Stevie Wonder, Carson Small or Ray Charles could see “political manipulation” in this matter.

    • The blogmaster has repeatedly posted that a judgement was brought early in the game against Parris and the financial controller which has to be heard eventually. It is why all matters are in limbo for the moment.

  2. David March 17, 2018 at 7:45 AM #

    There is a lack of serious understanding of some people in this forum and nothing brings out the nonsense moreso than Clico.
    Very few people, certainly not myself, claim that Mr Parris is innocent or guilty of any thing. We say he must be given due process, a fair trial, and so far this has not happened. He is innocent until proven guilty – which is not the same as saying he is innocent.
    I think Barbadian taxpayers should sue the estate of Errol Barrow for the bad education his policies have produced.
    Same thing with the sewage leakage. Every man and his dog has been saying the most awful things in this blog, often in the most uncouth language, about the sewage problems, yet when a white journalist says more or less the same thing, in more civilised language, in a UK paper almost the entire nation, including the responsible minister, is complaining alleging racism and hyperbole.
    Julia Bradshaw has done a brilliant job. She deserves our praise.

  3. David BU

    Some of these people write one thing and when challenged, they write something different……and then label people as idiots.

  4. Lets get it right the people writing to complain about bradshaw are the same people that have failed to write me and say that the area I am staying is leaking sewage, I should drink bottled water,take my shoes off before entering their property, bring gastro medication etc. They will spring it on me when I get there, thinking I may cancel if I was told. So they can Phuck off the bradshaw woman is doing a service to me and other tourists who are thought of as a commodity and are taken advantage of and I commend her.

  5. Exactly…again lying to the people and insulting their intelligence and Sealy got the nerve to want the Telegraph to lie to the people of UK for the corrupt incompetent Barbados government and get sued for false advertising….the people of UK are not like those in Barbados who accept lies from government ministers and halfassed newspapers..


    Sealy is insulting the Telegraph.

  6. Speaking of halfassed newspapers….barbadostoday which will be not surprisind that tiefing Leroy Leper Parris has shares and/or half ownership,…with his business partner in Platinum Motors and Bayview Hospital Peter Vivek Harris, is putting a different spin on the fact that Leroy thief Parris by law….cannot touch neither the 3.3 million nor 4.5 million in stolen clico policyholders money, by saying something completely different to what happened at the appeals court yesterday.

  7. Oh lordee..lol lol…

    “He also contended that Minister of the Environment Denis Lowe had been too weak to canvass his constituency, Symmonds charged that Stuart “cannot make a determination if to keep Denis Lowe or retire Denis Lowe [because Stuart] can’t find anybody to replace Denis Lowe”, and that last month the Prime Minister “rake and scrape and put together three nay-nay, namby-pamby candidates that together can’t make one, to run against Mia Mottley, Ronald Toppin and myself”, he said in reference to The City reject Patrick Todd, who will challenge Mottley in Michael North East, first-timer Kim Tudor, chief executive officer of the Barbados National Initiative for Service Excellence, who will challenge Toppin in St Michael North and George Connolly, who will go up against Symmonds.:”

  8. So all that braggadocious, deceitful, disrespectful and mocking of Bajàn citizens Fractured Yardfowl was spouting on BU for months to torment the electorate, boils down to….Fruendolittle not being able to get a replacement for the ailing Lowe..

    Stupid stupid..

    ……unable to convince St. John people to accept DLP fully to condemn themselves and their future generations to more neglect, disrespect and poverty from the DLP government for another 50 years…

    Along with his sick lust and desire to be seen and photographed genuflecting before a dying beast in buckingham palace, before they both croak.

    We could not make any of this up.

    Le guillotine is in order.

  9. For a man who was a journalist at serious media houses you write a lot of laughable, puffy stuff , @Hal!

    The “lack of serious understanding” and “saying the most awful things… often in the most uncouth language” did not originate in BIM and is certaintly not produced in greater quantity here either… Yet daily you offer that folly.

    Frankly, I would dismiss your assertion out of hand. There is aabsolutely no misunderstanding of the CLICO debacle. All the serious bloggers here display a knowledgeable, astute awareness of the nuances of that matter. The fact that a majority of them have found Parris guilty in this court of public opinion is based on the available public evidence of his misdeeds and their REASONZBLE interpretations thereof. Why can’t you accept that!

    In this BU jury room the verdict is 10-2 with you and likely one other voting to acquit. Maybe his lawyers can get him off on some key aspect of the law which was misapplied (that ever present ‘technicality’) or maybe they can present other evidence to save him….but on this evidence, in this court he is as guilty as original sin itself.

    And you really need to distill and dismiss uncouth chatter …and be done with it.

    As a boy my parents never cursed or used uncouth language within my ear shot …but as I attended regular schools in the heart of rollicking Bajan neighborhoods I was bombarded with uncouth verbiage and actions daily. Along with many others just like myself one distills the nasty words, picks sense where needed and dismisses the pure JAs or JennyAsses afterwards.

    So I suspect Ms Bradshaw waded through lots of uncouth behaviour and verbiage to do her “brilliant job”… a job mind you no more brilliant than that done by several scribes here regularly with just as much detailed analysis and accuracy.

    The model that a brand name paper with its bylined journo whether White or Black is the standard on which we wait to direct public opinion is PASSE.. and on an issue as this one is, pure JennyAssery…. if the ‘ingrunt’ minister has not paid attention to the voluminous social media stories, memes and videos of the sewerage problems which are clearly debilitating our tourist trade and now finds voice to respond to this recent Telegraph story then he is clearly more lost than even you appear to be!

  10. de pedantic Dribbler March 17, 2018 at 9:56 AM #

    I am used to Bajan hysteria. In fact, it puts a smile on my face when I read it. I will repeat what I have said about Parris/Clico since the beginning of the affair: due process is at the heart of our parliamentary democracy.
    Mr Parris and Clico, along with others, have been accused of serious criminal offences. A number of claims have been made and inquiries made, including a judicial management review.
    Apart from the allegations made by the suspended insurance supervisor, it is my understanding (and the only knowledge I have is what is in the public domain) that Mr Parris has never been questioned under caution and charged with any offence.
    The judicial management review has made a number of unsubstantiated allegations, but none of a criminal nature against Mr Parris which would have led to formal criminal charges.
    For reasons best known to the courts and the judicial management review, it was not given powers to subpoena witnesses or documents, nor did the review see it as important to call the former supervisor as an important witness.
    Further, it is my understanding that the judicial management review did not make formal allegations of suspected criminality against Mr Parris.
    My position is, and has always been, that Mr Parris is innocent until proven guilty; that the reason he has not faced a court regarding the allegations made by the suspended insurance supervisor is not his fault, but a failure on the part of the registry to put the case before a judge. The DPP rightly submitted his report to the courts. Again, it is system failure.
    My wider position is that in Barbados it is a cultural tradition to blame individuals, in particular by making allegations of fraud and political corruption, when in fact the system is at fault. Political interference can only work if you have morally weak officials. This is the case with financial regulation.
    Until Mr Parris is treated with due process, he must be considered innocent until proven guilty. Even rum shop Bajans can understand that basic democratic principle.

    As to Julia Bradshaw’s report on the mess on the south coast: Julia has done a brilliant job of reporting; she has demonstrated better skills than we have seen in local newspapers, who willingly re-print press releases as ‘news’.
    She has done a spectacular job in this general election year and, in time, the tourism industry will thank her for it.
    The reputational damage to the nation and tourism industry is not hers, but the incompetence of the people responsible.
    She is no stranger to Barbados and there are well-known Barbadians, some of whom have been connected with the media, who can speak out on her behalf.
    But, another cultural trait, they will prefer to remain silent while a decent person’s character is traduced by elderly keyboard thugs in the twilight of their years.

  11. https://i.imgur.com/VCOW2Uy.png

    De Grandson sent this Stoopid Cartoon this morning among the RH cartoon line he has been producing.

    Sometimes a picture can relate more than any set of long talk can.

    The fact is that, whereas many of the international agencies and their proxy newspaper reporting arms would have “suppressed this shyte”, figuratively and literally, what we are seeing recently, as exemplified by certain unrestrained comments by the High Commissioner, and what bajans need to realize is, who is really holding the sceptre of sovereignty of Little England in this matter.

    It is to be noted that all the phone calls and appeals to the Demonic Lingering Party about the Shyte did very little to bring any real response to this issue, contrary to what Hamilton Hill et al would seek to advocate.

    It is the Expatriate Community in Little Barbados who, having taken offence to the filth ON THEIR BEACHES, where they go to tan their bodies, have therefore mobilized their friends in high places to Telegraph this faecal matter in the eyes of the world, as well they should.

    Remember that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and anything that will bring this administration into scope on the world scene is allowed.

    Indeed wunna will note that the ole man has long been advocating tings like dis BUT AS LONG AS DE WHITE MAN DO UM it is whu we Bajan niggers going all accord brilliance and excellent strategy to.

  12. Hal, oh what a disinformation tangle you weave!

    “The reputational damage to the nation and tourism industry is not hers, but the incompetence of the people responsible.”

    EVERY serious blogger on BU and on other social platforms has made that very point…repeatedly and with ample, verifiable info… Also Dr. Sealy said as much and too the other PhD scientist, Dr Lucas.

    Ms Bradshaw has now also evidenced that as well. Hooray and kudos to her…but do you really want to hood wink sensible people with the blarney to wit: “But, another cultural trait, they will prefer to remain silent while a decent person’s character is traduced by elderly keyboard thugs in the twilight of their years”…Really!

    That young jouno that had her character totally assaulted in Russia some years ago, or the one who died in a suspicious car crash in US and definitely Ms. Galizia in Malta are cases where citizens’ silence were a compelling case of cultural dissonance…all those journalists died (were killed) simply for doing their jobs of bringing info to the public.

    How in heaven’s name does the bombast of an ineffectual govt official to Ms. Bradsha’s piece become some dark BAJAN cultural malaise in any practical sense, other than your head-shaking folly???

    If you want to spread disinformation about the Bajan psyche please adopt a more meaningful method….this one is lost on me thus far…😐

  13. de pedantic Dribbler March 17, 2018 at 11:54 AM #

    A lot is clearly lost on you.

    You state: “EVERY serious blogger on BU and on other social platforms has made that very point…repeatedly and with ample, verifiable info… Also Dr. Sealy said as much and too the other PhD scientist, Dr Lucas.”(Quote)

    Which point? Or do we have to speculate on what you mean. Given the Barbados government has made an official complaint, then they and their supporters are not ‘serious’.
    The cultural trait is the silence from people who ought to know better – and people who know Julia Bradshaw personally as a decent and honest person and journalist. She has done us a favour.
    I cannot see the relevance of Maltese and Russian journalists to the discussion. Every year journalists are beaten up and, unfortunately, some die. (Or is this some relativism of whose job is more dangerous?)
    There is danger in a number of occupational groups. In journalism how to avoid such attacks is part of your training, that is why companies bring in ex-Special Services people to train their staff.
    Take it from me, penetrating journalism is dangerous, but being a black journalist in some parts of Europe is bordering on suicide. (By the way, a UK journalist of Barbadian heritage has just won the features writer of the year award. Congratulate him).
    The truth is the sewage is a metaphor for lots that are wrong in our society; I am on the side of getting things right, you appear to be on the side of covering them up.

  14. Talking Loud Saying Nothing March 16, 2018 at 9:12 PM #

    This is the language of Barbadians when they debate. They think it is fun and award each other points for the level of foul-mouthed invective. It is part of their insular culture, as you have previously observed.
    Unless things change, they are seeing their last days. They are drinking in the last chance saloon.

  15. @Well Well & Cut N’ Paste At Your Service March 17, 2018 at 7:10 AM #

    Minister Sealy´s own relatives talk to foreign investors about quote “corruption” in gov. That is a FACT!

  16. @Prodigal Son March 16, 2018 at 10:26 PM “…his daughter has her education already!”

    But she still has to get and retain clients…and if daddy pisses off the people where will the clients come from?

  17. @Tron March 16, 2018 at 12:57 PM “Ten years MAM and nobody will laugh about this beautiful island anymore! She will rule with an iron fist.”

    before wunna start the iron fist thingy, in your own interest that Bajans have a long history of migrating, both legally and illegally.

    And after the brightest and the best are gone who is the iron fist going to be used on? The halt, the lame, the blind, the criminal, the mad, the drug addicted, the little children and the elderly people??

    Wunna yardies so damn silly.

    Mia can only run things SUCCESSFULLY with the cooperation of the Barbadian people.

    Or she can run things into the ground…

    And how will that help her, or help her party?

  18. @Artax March 17, 2018 at 7:41 AM “It is a known fact that Leroy Parris is a “financial friend” of the DLP. The first order of business for David Thompson when he became PM in 2008, was to use CLICO’s private jet to travel around the Caribbean; gave CLICO $10M and appointed Parris as chairman of CBC.”

    I questioned the then PM accepting a lift in a private company’s plane, and the excuse given by a Prime Ministerial advisor that the PM was “accustomed to living large”. I wondered how a young lawyer with a school teacher wife and three children, and a mummy who had “only been a secretary” could have become accustomed to living large? How?

    I questioned the $10 million “letter of comfort”, to be honest I had never heard the term “letter of comfort” and I wondered “wha dat?” and “why”

    I questioned how a man whom Bajans had nicknamed “Green Verbs” could be Chairman of a media company where precise and accurate use of the English language is critically important.

    i questioned all of these things, and in my mind they did not add up so when an election was next called I could not vote DLP because I could not hear any answers to my questions.

    And I still have heard no answers, so when an electionis next called…

  19. @ Hal Austin March 17, 2018 at 10:23 AM
    “My position is, and has always been, that Mr Parris is innocent until proven guilty; that the reason he has not faced a court regarding the allegations made by the suspended insurance supervisor is not his fault, but a failure on the part of the registry to put the case before a judge. The DPP rightly submitted his report to the courts. Again, it is system failure.”

    “But, another cultural trait, they will prefer to remain silent while a decent person’s character is traduced by elderly keyboard thugs in the twilight of their years.”

    Are these the same cultural traits which make you Hal Austin 100% Bajan, and all that?
    Remember you display the same cultural traits in tearing down and vilifying the same institutions which you are expecting to mete out justice and exercise a high standard of regulatory competence.

    We on Bu shall never forget your viciously outlandish attacks on the former DPP -the now deceased Charles Leacock for being a ‘foreigner’ in charge of one of the country’s top law enforcement agencies- in true Bajan xenophobia which you have copied well as an immigrant in another people’s ‘white’ country.

    If, according to you, the dead DPP Leacock had done his job ‘competently’ and free from ‘political interference’ your adopted friend, the Greenverbs leper, today might be behind bars singing like a canary for his daily meal to ensure his political ‘friends’ got their just dessert.

    Before you criticize others you must “first remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye”.

    You need to stop focusing on the so-called system which has some of the best legislative and regulatory frameworks in the Western world and focus on the politically incestuous players circumscribed by their own small-island mentality where the primate inter Parris is king of the social jungle.

    So Mr. Austin, Sir, why not return to your 100% Bajan home and, unlike the prodigal son, show the backward locals how things are done in miserably cold Old Blighty land where you are nothing but another wog?

    At least you have been rather socially magnanimous to both the ‘behind-the-scenes’ chief scammer with the legal brains behind the CLICO debacle and your imaginary vampire of regulatory enforcement both of whom are now dark shadows of their former selves (aka ghosts) by adhering to the dictum:

    “De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est.”

  20. And the thing that troubled me about the CLICO private jet is that I know that the taxpayers of Barbados are more than willing to pay LIAT or Caribbean Airways the less than $800 DBS to buy a return ticket so that the PM can attend necessary regional meetings.

    And I wondered how much it was costing the CLICO policy holders/investors every time the PM took to the air in CLICO’s jet. And I wondered why the CLICO policy holdrs should be funding the PM’s official travel?

    After all he was the PM of all of us and as such we have a responsibility to fund his official travel.

    So why the private jet?

    I didn’t get it.

  21. We on Bu shall never forget your viciously outlandish attacks on the former DPP -the now deceased Charles Leacock for being a ‘foreigner’ in charge of one of the country’s top law enforcement agencies- in true Bajan xenophobia which you have copied well as an immigrant in another people’s ‘white’ country.

  22. ‘Minister Sealy´s own relatives talk to foreign investors about quote “corruption” in gov. That is a FACT!’

    Tron…dont mind the keyboard idiot Ha, Ha. Austin. he will believe the guiltiness of tiefing Leroy Leper only when a British newspaper picks up the story, how quickly he believes the corruption in government now that he reads it in a British paper, posted by a female he considers superior to himself and can acknowledge what a brilliant job she has done..

    …. the house negro is alive and well and in his warped mind, government ministers would never engage in circumventing the island’s judicial and insurance laws and processes to protect thieves like themselves or skulduggery, lying, stealing and corruption with thieves like Parris, maybe he can explain where the millions of dollars in Thompson’s estate came from, which has been reattached to the court proceedings as defendants, by the Appellate Court…the hypocrite.

  23. @Hal Austin March 17, 2018 at 10:23 AM “remain silent while a decent person’s character is traduced by elderly keyboard thugs in the twilight of their years.”

    What you have forgotten is that all of us are not sitting in our arm chairs 4,000 miles away. Some of us worked with CLICO, some of us had parents, siblings, spouses, children, etc. who worked with CLICO, and some of these people walked away from CLICO holding their noses as they walked out the door.

    But they have not kept their mouths shut.

    Some of these people may also disagree with your assessment of Leroy Parris’ character.

  24. Simple…I can’t remember a time NationNews twisted a story in such an ugly manner as barbadostoday did because of the Leroy Leper business partnership….I hope to see Leroy Leper in handcuffs eventually.

  25. Ring the Bell 🔔!

    Screams Well well !

    Too bad fuh he and others !

    No bell 🔔 ain’t ringing until His Majesty returns to Bim after his U.K. trip in late April 2018 !

    In the meantime MAM needs to address the SERIOUS allegation about voter fraud !!

    She is being given more than enough time to address it !!!

  26. MTA pun fire.

    is it not possible the GoB was charged for that travel? The fact the carrier is not public, doesn’t mean you cannot charge for its use.

  27. Good point Northern. If we the taxpayers [not the GoB) were charged for the flight(s), than it raises other questions. How much were we charged? And were we charged the going rate for a Barbados/Trinidad/Barbados flight?

    Or were we charged less?

    Or were we charged more?

  28. Well, Well March 17, 2018 at 3:28 PM #

    Recently an international construction company sued former CEO for 100 mill. USD. Reason: Sub-company bribed in South America. Allegation: lack of compliance.

    Barbadians need to understand that a reasonable international investor will run away as soon as the first taxi driver tells him about bribery or any minister approaches him for bribes.

    In the 21st century the rules on compliance are so strict, no company from North America or EU can afford such conduct anymore. Bribery is as bad as murder in the context of international business. There won´t be ANY sincere major foreign investments from North America or EU in Barbados AS LONG AS the present DPP closes her eyes. How long are Barbadians willing to sacrifice their country for such an unprofessional behaviour? In the States, Canada and most member states of the EU, the article in the Telegraph was enough to start investigation. And Barbados?

  29. Tell them again, maybe they will start understanding the more we say it Tron…..business people who are not criminals do not want to be extorted for bribes from small island 4th rate government ministers, bribery and corruption are being clamped down on worldwide, most companies do not want their names associated with either, one whiff of corruption and their stocks and business standing could take a dive.

    the little trifling petty government ministers take corruption as a sport, a game to be played, tricking the people to enriched themselves, bet these same ministers are not lashing at the citizens they play for fools since that Telegraph article anyone though.

    the DPP should do her job and run a full investigation, using the previous report on Leroy Leper, it is time something is done about him and his banana republic ministers who are loitering on parliament steps, if they want international business people to stop turning up their noses at Barbados, they have to publicly tackle the corruption and make examples of the corrupt, or keep their corrupt designation.

    there is a special counsel trying to take down the clown president in the US for corruption and other crimes, so I don’t know who these small island idiot ministers and their corrupt criminal friends and lepers think they are, some of them want investigating for international crimes….as ummm, umm, ummm.

  30. ….the little trifling petty government ministers take corruption as a sport, a game to be played, tricking the people to enrich themselves, bet these same ministers are not laughing anymore at the citizens they play for fools, rob and lie to since that Telegraph article though.

  31. JA Donville Inniss says words to the effect that Cabinet makes decisions after consulting with the people on the ground and therefore ipso facto Cabinet represents the interests of the majority people.The Majority People have had concerns about 1)bus service,2)garbage collection,3)badass roads,4)crime,5)Schools management,6)south coast Sewage,7)Increased vat to 27.5%,8)loss of disposable income thru taxation to mention a few of the many problems this Cabinet is unable or unwilling to resolve to the benefit and satisfaction of the people.

  32. The stench of economic decay is overwhelming Barbados

    ” Barbados stinks. It really does. A foul effluvium bubbles up from the manhole covers and rainwater drains in the streets, pours into the roads and pavements,

    and out on to the island’s pristine beaches 24 hours a day.

    Red flags along the white sands tell us it is unsafe to swim. The smell of human excrement is sometimes unbearable.”

    DO “island’s pristine beaches ” include Paradise, Batts rock,Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane, Holetown, Heron Bay ?????

    Are any of you offended by inaccuracies contained in the article ?

  33. Hants,

    The description of the beaches shows to me that the author is not familiar with Barbados at all. Obviously, the author resides in some big villa in some gated community with a big swimming pool (like the whole Barbadian elite) and knows the beaches, where the masses reside, only from TV.

    The article is democratic fake news, since the situation is by far worse 😉 Barbados has not only a deficit problem, but the highest debt in the whole Caribbean and the downgrades go on and on since many years. The author also forgot the many backlogs at the Supreme Court, the nepotism in the public service and the Cahill disaster.

  34. The author also forgot the Crop Over massacre, the killing of Rihanna´s relative, the attack on the minister at the ATM, to name a few other little problems. Maybe the Telegraph is too dependent on Barbadian adverts and pressed the author to water down the article before publication. Who knows …

  35. Tron March 17, 2018 at 5:41 PM #

    She knows Barbados, likes Barbados and is a friend of Barbados. We must abandon this impulsive reactionary nationalism and face reality. We cannot continue to live a collective life of denial. We are not as great as we think we are.
    Julia has done us a favour. Great woman.

  36. Even the tourists are putting Sealy in his place for his lies and insulting disrespect to the Telegraph, in their comments….acting as though he does them a favor paying for advertising and fully expect them to tell potential tourists lies to get them to visit Barbados…false advertising for payment…jackass.

    Tron…ya forgot the Bjerkham/Paradise/Ministers scam and the still cant be accounted for 60 million US dollars belonging to NIS/treasury…..that cannot be found.

  37. Don’t mind Fractured Shithound, they are all now out to sea, Fruendolittle and his gang of corrupt incompetents are now on their last gasps..

    …am looking forward to more exposure and entertainment from the retards in the coming weeks, this one was a real beauty this weekend from the telegraph though, let’s see if they can come up with something even better, we still got 80 days left to go..lol

  38. The JA boy from St John was on CBCTV news talking to nodding octogenarians(wat it is he say?)at George Street saying that the article in the Telegraph was defamatory of the Cabinet of Barbados and the Cabinet should sue the Telegraph.Whatanaazzole.St John the least developed parish and with some of the most undeveloped and crooked people like de leper and the JA representative for ChCh WC

  39. Once elected Mia has a duty to make sure some handcuffs are put on Leroy Leper….or she too will be held responsible for the CLICO thefts, someone has to go to prison for the Clico/Thompson/Parris thefts, the Thompson estate holding millions of Clico dollars that cannot be explained should also be seized..

    Sad and very ugly that governments aid, abet, collude with and allow their friends and everyone else to steal from their own people, while they themselves pad their bank accounts so those thefts can continue while no one, including themselves, are held accountable or goes to prison.

    I also dont believe it is too late to lock up Parris or seize the Thompson estate…when Fruendolittle and his gang of corrupt incompetents no longer have parliamentary powers or priveleges would be a good time to arrest Parris and whichever former ministers conspired with, aided, abetted and protected him in his criminal thefts against policyholders….backward, crooked government ministers who even mismanaged the banana republic they created.


    “No charges have been brought against anybody from the perspective of the regulator,” Fowler said.

    “The case that was brought against Mr Parris was done because of a forensic audit, and it wasn’t even a comprehensive forensic audit. It was a forensic audit that was done by the judicial manager and they were able to come across the discovery of the $3.3 million.

    “So it is a sad thing for Barbados and the Caribbean that, to this day, nobody has really faced the law courts for the debacle of CLICO and British American,” she declared.

    While Fowler believes it is not too late for someone to be held accountable, she does not believe it will happen.

    “Nobody will touch it because there are too many incestuous relationships between that organisation and the governments in the region, whether it is one party or the next. And I think that is a sad thing for us in the region,” the BIPA chairperson noted. “

  40. WHAT IS MOST OBVIOUS HERE are Grown Men and Women who Waste Precious Moments in life CONTENDING ONE WITH ANOTHER on all the ISSUES but WHO FAIL MISERABLY to ACKNOWLEDGE the ROOT CAUSE of All our ills!!

    We continue to Experience Serfdom and Oppression in our Modern Day Existence in Barbados

    Socialism Abounds and Prospers at the Expense of our Nation. Socialism is Economic Cannibalism.

    Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it’s just a destructive, Envy-Driven Fantasy about Redistributing Wealth after something else (and somebody else) creates it first. The slow poison of Government and Corporations, Crony Capitalism has infiltrated almost every level of Socialist Countries and is now being used as Fodder to promote Socialism.

    What most do not realize is that Serfdom still exist today in the guise of Socialism and Prospers Worldwide and we that are on the Isles of the sea are not exempt. The same Philosophy that wants the Statue of Admiral Nelson removed which was paid for by Public Subscription, gave us the Emancipation Statue while putting us in ECONOMIC SLAVERY. OVER TAXATION IS THEFT…

    Isn’t it Ironic that you want to take down the Statue that Barbadians felt was reminiscent of the one who Saved them but Celebrate the Emancipation Statue paid for by Government and they are the ones who are Taxing Barbadians into Slavery. People received their Freedom and it was Heralded as something Great they even Erected Statues to Celebrate Emancipation paid for by the Government, and then they proceed to make us Serfs. We have thrown off the Colonial Masters and now we have another one, Government and they are Celebrating Freedom with us while making us Slaves to the State!…That is the Ultimate Deception!!

    Do we not understand that the Ideology of Socialism is a Godless conspiracy bent on Divisiveness and Destruction? I see some here playing the Race Card to perfection… Socialism does not have a Race you are being Used by a System that promotes Hatred by via the Adversary’s Tool ‘Racism’ by putting one against another. Contention is of that very same Source. Do You Not Understand That?

    The Reality is that Under the Banner of Socialism we are ALL Serfs, understand that the plan is” CONTROL”. Socialism is a slow process of Rot, while promising everything and Delivering Nothing!!

    They say One Thing but Act Contrary to Reality and want us to Believe the Lie that they are Caring and Benevolent.

    In reality they are Our New Masters not Civil Servants of the People.

    Tell me again, are we Free when they take more than Half of what we earn to Prop Up themselves and their friends?

    And in addition Engage in the Corrupt Game of Pay To Play!!





  41. WW
    Bios is correct.Nothing will happen.Hot air and fluff but it will be business as usual.Even If window dressing like the Duffus foolishness.Until a benign dictator comes riding on a high wave of popularity we will be frustrated by the political class.Our taxes will continue to be wasted on paying people like Mara Thompson as the widow of a PM plus her slice as a parliamentarian who like all the others do nothing for the constituents.Parishes were better represented in the old days of the Vestry system and the District Councils.

    • Of course Fowler is correct, the way Clico matter was managed was to cover up. It is no surprise that people are now being paid days before an election.

  42. It is a mess that should stay highlighted at all times, never give any of the government ministers abd their fellow corrupt friends and partners in the busines and minority community the opportunity to hide or cause people to forget their destructive thieving practices, there is a worldwide movement to keep government criminality exposed and always in the public domain.

    Definition of tyrants and corrupt givernments:

    “Washington Post noted, In nations without a strong democratic foundation, tyrants cling to power by belittling perceived enemies and insulting and co-opting other institutions, such as a free press, law enforcement and the military, coercing them into subservience,”

    Barbados is not a democracy, but an easily exploited modern day slave society.

  43. And note how British American policyholders appear to be being treated differently to CLICO. BA policyholders can’t get a cent until 65 it seems.

  44. @ David March 18, 2018 at 4:24 PM

    David BU:

    Do you know from where the new company Res Life (the reincarnation of the Bajan arm of CLICO) will be getting is money to cover its on-going administrative operations if the money put up by the government is to meet policyholders’ long overdue obligations?

  45. Exactly one week later ……and the once BOISTERIOUS …..Mia Aman Mottley…. is now on MUTE.

    Following the vote – fraud allegation against her in St. Michael North – East !!!

    Imagine that !!

  46. @ David March 18, 2018 at 4:52 PM

    Yes they should; at least in their inchoate years but later on the prudent investment of the residual premium revenue.

    That ‘fickle’ sector of the financial products market relies heavily on the savvy persuasion of Ponzi marketeers along with a solid dose of confidence in the industry and government’s demonstrated competence to ‘regulate’ the players.

    Which Bajan Johnny- unless from St. John- would buy new insurance and pension policies aka buying a concealed pig in a black bag from a company burnt with the image of CLICO?

    Would you? Certainly not the young UWI graduates who would be making up the new market for insurance policies!

  47. Which Bajan Johnny- unless from St. John- would buy new insurance and pension policies aka buying a concealed pig in a black bag from a company burnt with the image of CLICO?
    Many, many!!
    Many, many, many!!!

    Even some who previously brought from a ‘CLICO’ that was run by a clearly retarded, semi-literate, megalomaniac.

    Brass bowls are predictable.

  48. What Clico and Paris were allowed to do is so criminal that the entire financial market in Barbados but especially the life insurance market is now fraught with apprehension and doubt.There is a lack of confidence in the marketplace and one can lay the blame squarely on the man called the leper,the keeper of secrets of the political con men of the DLP.When Stuart said in Parliament that the man is his friend,it was a requirement,an order from the bailor.If Stuart think people forget his threats to “expose” a list of a particular class of investor in Clico,Stuart the SOB,got another think coming.The fuchvr.

  49. In response to the ‘Article Stench of Economic Decay is Overwhelming Barbados’

    One FB Friend said “June, I’m here trying to figure out what an exaggerated and wicked story on my country has to do with outstanding CNN journalist AC’s regret over his president’s comments on Haiti…. I’m not denying the sewage issue is a national crisis, but I don’t recall the fact that Barbados is the global No. 1 choice for travellers being lauded on BU on anywhere else. In fact, one newspaper put it in a small space and another carried the story two days late. Now, YOU are juxtaposing it with Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment. Does this all sound or seem fair to you, June. You disappoint me.

    My Response was R…. you were one of the Journalist who I considered Fair that seemed to care about the Truth in my case anyway…. not sure why you would be disappointed? Have you considered that those Surveys taken to put Barbados in such a commendable Position would have been done recently? Think about it! The Journalist who wrote the Story lived here and called the South coast her home. She did not speak from an Emotional point of view like AC (Anderson Pooper)of CNN Fake News Network trying to Drum up Anti-Trump Sentiment as they Always do…

    You did not refer to my comments above the Article that explained exactly why we are in the Position that we are Presently on our Beautiful Gem Stone!


    Why dismiss the Root Cause of our Ills and dwell on Emotion which is never Governed by Rational Thinking? Our Business is one among many that are in Peril on the South Coast, should I remain Silent if I Know Why? Should I not Sound a Voice of Warning and a Hope that others may see the Light of Day?

    As stated by Hal…The reputational damage to the nation and tourism industry is not hers, but the incompetence of the people responsible…

    I am not disappointed in you… you may never have considered in Depth of the Dogma of the Beast Satanic Socialism. However that is what makes us All Equally Poor in Misery Except for the Fat Cats who Suck the Life Blood out of Nations… Have you considered how wide spread the Adversary’s Ideology is and we on the Isles of the Sea are Not Spared? Mine is only a voice of Warning my friend.


  50. One week later and MIa Aman Mottley has not cleared her name from the damaging charge of committing electoral fraud !

    There is no statute limitations to a criminal act !!

    If you want to be PM of Barbados…..address this matter real fast MAM !!!

  51. No one should buy insurance from that new scam insurance company, let them pay out the CLICO policyholders and shut the hell down, they are too blighted and cursed with the ghosts of Thompson, Leroy Leper, the whole corrupt board of directors and their noxious, toxic stench still lingering and permeating the air with their ponzi schemes and thievery…give them no new business, let the Restored Scam die a natural death.

    A new name changes nothing, the same players are behind the scene…in the shadows waiting to collect free millions.

    Frustrated…the game is up….no one wants Fruendolittle as PM, they certainly dont want yardfowls around them either weighing down any future prigress with yall useless selves…be gone, you must know when you are unwanted, stop forcing yourselves on the population.

    Is it true yall got stoned in St. John? that is the story making the rounds, if true ya deserved it…..yall should be stoned in every parish…ya were useless to the same people you are now begging for votes….useless for 10 long years, useless to the people of St. John for over 50 years.

    Go away.

  52. The good news is as I have seen on Facebook this morning, commenters have exposed Leroy Leper Parris and the DLP government crooks to the world…..for everyone to see and read , I dont know what barbadostoday thought they would achieve but it sure backfired on them all..lol

    I am surprised I did not see Ha, Ha Austin on FB defending the leper and the government so the FB users can tear him a new one and I get to laugh my ass off….he sure would not have been able to complain to anyone as he loves to do on BU, cause Facebook could give a rat’s ass as long as ya exposing thieves and criminals at any level…lol…such a pity Ha, Ha keyboard idiot was not there.

    More days ahead to enjoy their embarrassments.

    Fractured yardfowl…check out FB…yall are famous.

  53. @ Fractured BLP March 18, 2018 at 9:31 PM #
    “One week later and MIa Aman Mottley has not cleared her name from the damaging charge of committing electoral fraud !
    There is no statute limitations to a criminal act !!
    If you want to be PM of Barbados…..address this matter real fast MAM !!!”

    And one year later MIA Aman who has not yet produced her LEC is still breaking the law by offering her services to the accused Ms Holder.

    So what is your AG doing about it even the though the jackass johnny who wants to superimpose himself on another set of johnnies gave him a November 2017 ultimatum thereby extending a similar deadline the same AG gave to Parliament in 2016 in support of the Lowedown boy now on his dying bed, both politically and biologically?

  54. Miller…all the Leroy Leper/Thompson/government ministers CLICO theft is on facebook, their collusion to sell fraud insurance to steal policyholder’s money and protect the leper from going to prison for those thefts.

    Where is your friend Ha, Ha the clown, when you need him to go on facebook and tell these commenters that it is the insurance regulators fault and not the leper thief or the government’s fault thatCLICOpolicyholders got robbed?

  55. Do you recall how dismissive one of our pundits was about the youth of America.
    It just goes to how Bajan pundits have wrong ideas about many things.
    Go, young America. you are the future.

  56. Robert Mercer is the 71-year-old funder of an assortment of right-wing causes, ranging from Cambridge Analytica to Breitbart News to Republican campaigns…In recent years he’s become famous for his political investments: the research group that looked into Hillary Clinton’s alleged conflicts of interest and bankrolled the book “Clinton Cash,” the Government Accountability Institute; Breitbart; and the campaign of Donald Trump.

    These are the people the political class of St. Kitts dealt with.

    Does our political class deal with Cambridge Anal–lick–ita and Briebart News as well?

  57. This is definitely an interesting development……yesterday they wrote:

    “Mariposa April 24, 2018 10:14 PM: Sir I am not a member of any forum or political party.”

    Today they wrote the following, which could be reasonably interpreted that the above statement is a lie…

    “Mariposa April 26, 2018 1:27 PM: Ready to kick the bees a.ss……Let them bring it on…”

    Since they claimed not be associated with any political party, the following comment is applicable:

    “Mariposa April 24, 2018 10:14 PM: It never cease to amaze my mind with wonderment how the so called (a)political can be so adamant in their pronouncements quick and ready to hold fast to their political banter and just as quick and ready to be tribal bearers to those they serve..”

    As such, it is only fair for them to be described by their own words re:

    “Mariposa April 24, 2018 6:54 PM: Furthermore your political slip is showing and it has a nasty stain..”

    “Mariposa April 25, 2018 10:27 AM: …your political slip has a nasty stain and in dire need of a bush bathe.”

    As I mentioned previously…….the nasty stain has been exposed eons ago!!!!!

    I like nuff, nuff sport

  58. Expect the DEMS to attack MIA, point to last minute cosmetics like new roads etc., and tell Bajans once more to fear the BEES who will do all types of bad things to them. They will forget 10 years of no increase in pay for civil servants, 23 downgrades, poor bus service, poor management of most government institutions. The smokescreens of the DEMS will be upon us. The LIES of the DLP will come daily! Bajans do the right thing VOTE the DLP out of office!

  59. Yes, endorsing the politics does not mean being a member……..but you can’t escape the fact that endorsing clearly indicates that “your political slip is showing and it has a nasty stain……”

    You’re the real fool here…and a hypocritical one at that.

    And I bet you’ll respond just to prove that the characterization is accurate.

  60. May Stuart disappear to Marley Vale never to grace a public office ever again.The worse Prime Minister and the worst AG in the short history of an independent Barbados.

  61. Where is Mottley today is the day she prayed for and only sighting of her is on facebook. This woman is well known to call a news conference for every cock and dog fight and on this important occasion her presence is sporadic. Not even the evening news she has not made an appearance or on her favourite media sight VOB

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