This Government Needs to ‘Retire’

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Months ago leader of the Opposition -in guarded language- hinted that all was not well with the South Coast Sewage plant. Barbadians on the ground who have interacted with the workers would have been aware of the unavailability of parts and tools to perform required maintenance on the plant. As expected the government remained loyal to its tried and trusted MO -to be silent. The few times it broke silence was to issue denials.

Successive governments have struggled with implementing effective maintenance programs. What is unraveling on the South Coast should therefore comes as no surprise. The latest report is that a part that is required to fix the sewage problem will take about three months to be installed.

Enough is enough!

Blaming the BLP will not resonate with Barbadians. This government through its agent the Barbados Water Authority found the resources to construct a 60 million dollar edifice on St. Barnabas Hill, the Sanitation Service Authority is currently constructing its headquarters at Vaucluse, YET, a few parts to fix the sewage plant on the South Coast and to make the Sluice Gate at Graeme Hall operational remains undone. How many blogs have been posted on BU to highlight the ramshackle sluice gate? The very gate the government refused assistance to make operational?

The BU household will continue to pray that the players charged with correcting the problem on the South Coast are able to move with haste. Already there are reports of cancellations by tourists and locals who traverse the area have has to tolerate the putrid smells emanating from one of our main tourist resort areas. All the gains accrued from the 50th anniversary have dissipated.

We now turn to the matter of accountability.

The PR stunt undertaken by Minsters Richard Sealy and John Boyce although understood given the threat to our tourist product trivialized the seriousness of the matter. Whether there is fecal matter leaking into public spaces or stagnant water and decaying matter from Graeme Hall swamp the average Barbadian and tourist who travel the area know there is a problem. There is the very bad smell AND the ‘weeping’ manholes. Then there is the video posted by the owner of a property on the South Coast.

The problem on the South Coast is indicative of how as a country we have managed several others. There is Combermere Secondary School now closed for 1 month because someone sabotaged the sewer covers IF we are to believe the principal. There is the Barrack transaction that has costed the taxpayers over 100 million dollars. What about the NCC and Employment Rights Tribunal matter? Alexandra Waterman Commission and CAHILL???

Against the forgoing shouldn’t Barbadians be calling for the immediate retirement of this government? At worse a few heads should roll. 

Today’s Nation newspaper is recommended reading -here is an extract:

Abracadabra connotes a sense that by mere pronouncements, great things take place. For instance, in this year’s budgetary presentation, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler told Barbadians that “with a concentrated effort by all parties we can at least have the City of Bridgetown ready for this type of business (duty-free shopping) before Christmas”. Just eight days shopping left, sir. Sinckler is particularly prone to over-promising in his Budget speeches as we can see in four extracts taken from presentations in 2010, 2011 and 2013 in addition to this year’s.

2010: “Reductions (of fees for public service vehicles) will be performance-based as operators will only be able to access these benefits if they have demonstrated proper standards on the public roads. Some of these will include the wearing of uniforms by employees while on the job; a drastic reduction in traffic violations; the elimination of the playing of loud and offensive music and generally good deportment.” Proper standards? Good deportment?

2011: “…Following months of analysis and consultation, this government has decided to move ahead with the construction of a brand new multi-purpose, state-of-the- art cultural and performing arts centre. It is expected that the centre will be financed and constructed through a grant from the government of the People’s Republic of China and it is proposed that it will be located, once the Town Planner approves, on the land at Spring Garden opposite the Brandon’s Beach facility in the constituency of St Michael North West….” That was over four years ago, sir.

2013: “The National Housing Corporation, along with a private developer, is expected to begin work on the Exmouth Housing Complex in October of 2013. This is expected to inject Bds $33 million in investment in the housing market over the planning period with another 75 jobs to be created.” Not so fast, Mr Minister.

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  • One single crises, two if you think of the BLP and DLP as separate!!


  • We have one crisis, to deal with and it is for us to deal with!!


  • John!John!,
    You and Well Well, need to keep looking in the mirror, and asking the question:Am I a Loyal son of the soil? The answer will surely come back, “of course not”. Whether the BLP or the DLP govern, the answer is written by Shakespeare, “First to thine own self be true…”


  • @ Alvin
    …you need to ‘retire’.


  • Well Well,
    A scam is a scam; whether committed by Claire Cowan; for which the so called evidence is merely circumstantial, or by Cherry (political consideration evident) it is still a scam. And whatever is done, at the end of it all the absence of a landfill will still require a modern solution. Whenever it is al finished, and whoever does it, a Plasma Gsssification Plant will prove to be the desirable method of Solid Waste disposal. Composting is already in Place (SBRC) Pelleting of Plastics ia already in Place (B’s Recycling), Garbage separation (SBRC), and landfilling still continues.


  • Sorry Bushie;
    I am the energizer bunny, I keep going and going. Up and On forever!


  • By the way David: The Combermere Crisis: no crisis. A [roblem, that can, and will, be fixed


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Alvin..ya full of crap, I am from the “to thine own self be true era”…the earth is filled with soil….OWNED BY US ALL…I am a daughter of ALL soil.

    Whether in Canada or Barbados…to the soil we all will return.

    Yall brainwash post slavery was final and repugnant and should never be allowed to pass on to the next generation, it would be a crime of humanity.

    Ah glad it’s hurting ya wicked old heart to see a black man like yaself succeed in Barbados insread of a crazy, white broke Canadian woman…let it finish ya off fool..I want you to live to see the day the slaves in parliament become too afraid to sell out the majirity blacks on the island to minority of criminal minded, crooked business people, that would be the final nail for you disgusting excuse for a human.


  • @Alvin

    The inept manner the Combermere matter is being handled has catapulted it to a crisis. You have a secondary school where teaching has been disrupted for over a year and even now they are no closer to zeroing on the cause of the problem and you say no crisis? You have no idea.


  • @ David there is no crisis at Combemere. Just a small problem with a few teachers and students getting sick.

    They all getting a little extra vacation. Isn’t Barbados a vacation destination where de people real laid back ?

    I am willing to bet that Combemere will be cleaner than it has ever been. They will have it smelling like Febreze.

    David just be patient and let the teachers and students enjoy their extra long Christmas holiday.


  • Two Ministers went swimming at Worthing.

    If they were real real tough men they would have gone swimming in Graeme Hall swamp.


  • “Sending out an SOS. A BU regular is MIA. Piece if you are still out there, send up a smoke signal.”

    Don’t you read the papers? Piece has had his homegoing. The eulogies were truly striking — both in voice and in nationally published print — given Piece’s bullying and witless vulgarities in earlier lives. Perhaps Piece made his peace, by the end, but there comes a time in certain lives when “telling it like it is” becomes revealed in its true nature, as the unthinking and inherent authoritarianism of the deluded and unkind.

    May Piece be at peace.


  • @Alvin Cummins, your linking me to some ignorant sinister plot against GOB belongs in the dump. Your aiding and abetting is tantamount to treason thus you and BDLP operatives will be found guilty by future generations.

    The most dangerous person is one who offers advice for their own benefit knowing it to be detrimental to others. I have zero patience for hard heads but respect their right to an opinion.

    #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Too many in Barbados have sold their souls and conscience to political parties to the detriment of good governance in Barbados. #SelfishYardfowlsBarbados


  • They may think that they have sold their souls to political parties, …but we need to look at who is the ultimate owners…
    Just like those political parties who sell out to the local ‘Bribers’ may be unaware of who owns the frontline bribers, …and of who own those owners…

    Judging from the fruit that we are reaping locally, only one guess is needed as to the identity of the ultimate owner….


  • Did you hear the one about the fellow who fell into Graeme Hall swamp. This good Samaritan, pulled him to the edge of the water and proceeded to apply artificial respiration. But every time he ended up with a mouth full of shitty water. Not trusting himself, he shouted “Does anyone knows anything about artificial respiration?”
    A bystander replied, “No, but I know about hydraulics.”
    The good samaritan ,carried on, and again kept getting mouth full of shitty water.
    Again he asked the same question, and again he got the same answer from the same guy. “No, but I know about hydraulics.”
    Becoming a bit annoyed, he yelled at the guy, “Ok you clever c***, what hydraulics have to do with this?”
    “I know that if you do not drag that man’s arse h*** out of that water, you gonna pump that Graeme Hall sewerage plant dry.”


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