This Government Needs to ‘Retire’

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Months ago leader of the Opposition -in guarded language- hinted that all was not well with the South Coast Sewage plant. Barbadians on the ground who have interacted with the workers would have been aware of the unavailability of parts and tools to perform required maintenance on the plant. As expected the government remained loyal to its tried and trusted MO -to be silent. The few times it broke silence was to issue denials.

Successive governments have struggled with implementing effective maintenance programs. What is unraveling on the South Coast should therefore comes as no surprise. The latest report is that a part that is required to fix the sewage problem will take about three months to be installed.

Enough is enough!

Blaming the BLP will not resonate with Barbadians. This government through its agent the Barbados Water Authority found the resources to construct a 60 million dollar edifice on St. Barnabas Hill, the Sanitation Service Authority is currently constructing its headquarters at Vaucluse, YET, a few parts to fix the sewage plant on the South Coast and to make the Sluice Gate at Graeme Hall operational remains undone. How many blogs have been posted on BU to highlight the ramshackle sluice gate? The very gate the government refused assistance to make operational?

The BU household will continue to pray that the players charged with correcting the problem on the South Coast are able to move with haste. Already there are reports of cancellations by tourists and locals who traverse the area have has to tolerate the putrid smells emanating from one of our main tourist resort areas. All the gains accrued from the 50th anniversary have dissipated.

We now turn to the matter of accountability.

The PR stunt undertaken by Minsters Richard Sealy and John Boyce although understood given the threat to our tourist product trivialized the seriousness of the matter. Whether there is fecal matter leaking into public spaces or stagnant water and decaying matter from Graeme Hall swamp the average Barbadian and tourist who travel the area know there is a problem. There is the very bad smell AND the ‘weeping’ manholes. Then there is the video posted by the owner of a property on the South Coast.

The problem on the South Coast is indicative of how as a country we have managed several others. There is Combermere Secondary School now closed for 1 month because someone sabotaged the sewer covers IF we are to believe the principal. There is the Barrack transaction that has costed the taxpayers over 100 million dollars. What about the NCC and Employment Rights Tribunal matter? Alexandra Waterman Commission and CAHILL???

Against the forgoing shouldn’t Barbadians be calling for the immediate retirement of this government? At worse a few heads should roll. 

Today’s Nation newspaper is recommended reading -here is an extract:

Abracadabra connotes a sense that by mere pronouncements, great things take place. For instance, in this year’s budgetary presentation, Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler told Barbadians that “with a concentrated effort by all parties we can at least have the City of Bridgetown ready for this type of business (duty-free shopping) before Christmas”. Just eight days shopping left, sir. Sinckler is particularly prone to over-promising in his Budget speeches as we can see in four extracts taken from presentations in 2010, 2011 and 2013 in addition to this year’s.

2010: “Reductions (of fees for public service vehicles) will be performance-based as operators will only be able to access these benefits if they have demonstrated proper standards on the public roads. Some of these will include the wearing of uniforms by employees while on the job; a drastic reduction in traffic violations; the elimination of the playing of loud and offensive music and generally good deportment.” Proper standards? Good deportment?

2011: “…Following months of analysis and consultation, this government has decided to move ahead with the construction of a brand new multi-purpose, state-of-the- art cultural and performing arts centre. It is expected that the centre will be financed and constructed through a grant from the government of the People’s Republic of China and it is proposed that it will be located, once the Town Planner approves, on the land at Spring Garden opposite the Brandon’s Beach facility in the constituency of St Michael North West….” That was over four years ago, sir.

2013: “The National Housing Corporation, along with a private developer, is expected to begin work on the Exmouth Housing Complex in October of 2013. This is expected to inject Bds $33 million in investment in the housing market over the planning period with another 75 jobs to be created.” Not so fast, Mr Minister.

-See more at:


  • Well Well & Consequences

    But new buses, a new sewage system, 1 billion dollar price tag remember, so being suspicious by nature, I believe the sewage plant was deliberately allowed to deteriorate by one or both governments……new buildings, has anyone realized that neither government is fond of refurbishing their state owned buildings that are all rotting and dropping to the ground, but choose to instead waste taxpayer’s money to lease or rent at unbelievably and inexplicably high prices,….everything must be new…a new 60 million dollar BWA building, Lowe now wants a spanking new, is it Drainage, building probably 60-100 million dollars…Lashley will want a new transport board building that will be..another 60-80 million. …… how much was the Cahill scam again…was it 700 million dollars….all of that new fever generates years of opportunities for kickbacks and bribes.

    I am yet to hear Blackett call for new children centres staffed by doctors to help minors, teenagers and young adults, even middle aged and elderly adults deal with rape and abuse. The sign on the Child Careless Board is missing a few letters that are not important enough for any of them to replace….there is no bribe or kickback in any of that for the ministers to divvy up…..there is a growing need for mental health centres in Barbados, ya can see it in the population, particularly in the young,……the government can get the funding from worldwide organizations for these upgrades, but they cant thief it, so they don’t want it….animals.


  • Anonymouse - THeGazer

    Sending out an SOS
    A BU regular is MIA
    Piece if you are still out there, send up a smoke signal
    Hope all is well with you and your family.


  • @ millertheanunnaki,

    Don’t waste too much energy on me.

    I am just a mischevious under acheiving Bajan/Canadian citizen who uses BU for therapy and entertainment.


  • @ Hants December 17, 2016 at 12:14 PM #

    lol…man yuh let muh give up too easy.


  • @David & CO;

    I may have an almost 3-decade “SOLUTION” to the problems you good FOLKS* are having there in Barbados and possibly applicable 4 the entire Caribbean region…

    I have taken some steps to look at the viability of this cost-effective technology as it would greatly alleviate the sewage problems hoteliers, villas, POSH-houses & other middle-class families would have given the current looming crisis in Barbados…

    The business “MODEL” could make the right PERSON(s) quite rich in a very short space of time given the territorial “DISTRIBUTION” licensing and how this may very be a GOD-SEND* – offsetting the pressures upon gov’t’s to spend absolute fortunes propping up antiquated technologies that have passed their sell-by-date …

    As you already know David & CO – the difference between “THE HAVES” & “THE HAVE-NOTS” is simply KNOWLEDGE* (INFORMATION)…

    When that “KNOWLEDGE” is correctly applied – the rewards can be HUGE*…

    I am putting it out there on BU* in the event that anyone who is seriously interested can reach me at:

    I am willing to fly home to have this “TECHNOLOGY” displayed in the LOCAL MEDIA* and to move from local R&D to full implementation within a couple weeks…

    Something I believe the “WHITE-BOYS” on the island as well as the GOV* who happily embrace given the “TRACK-RECORD” of SUCCESS* this technology has provided…

    As the ‘ole people would always remind us:

    “Nothing ventured – nothing gained”!!!


  • @TB

    You should send a communication to the PM under copy to the leader of the Opposition.


  • Bushie

    You better be careful that they don’t give you some atrazine.

    You’ll be laying eggs like a hen. LOL


  • @ Pacha
    If it were possible ….Bushie’s ass would have been grass long ago….
    But it is not possible to touch BBE’s anointed….. especially one with a big-ass whacker…. 🙂

    When it happens, it will be BBE’s will…and also the best option for Bushie at that time.
    Meanwhile, there is just too much bush to be whacked for that possibility…..


  • Sir George Herbert Walter, KNH (1928 – March 4, 2008) was an Antiguan politician of the Progressive Labour Movement and Premier of Antigua and Barbuda from 14 February 1971 to 1 February 1976.[1]
    After being defeated, Walter was convicted of allegedly selling metal illegally to the Antiguan government.[1] He was imprisoned for three months whilst his rivals came up with a case against him.[1] It was successfully appealed to the West Indies Court of Appeal, which ruled it groundless.[1]

    Could/would this ever happen here even if it is overturned as happened in this case?


  • David

    This alarming news could do with a seperate post…..what say you?

    Alarming! | Barbados Today
    Government’s decision to raise the domestic debt ceiling under the Domestic Loans Act by $1 billion to $7.5 billion has been met with grave concern from the private sector, as well as at least one local economist who said it was a worrying signal…
    Barbados Today|By Marlon Madden


  • David,
    Government’s decision to raise the domestic debt ceiling under the Domestic Loans Act by $1 billion to $7.5 billion has been met with grave concern from the private sector, as well as at least one local economist who said it was a worrying signal.
    Correct me if I am wrong; isn’t this what the U.S. government does almost every year? Revise the debt ceiling upward? With the billions Bajans have in the commercial banks, there is enough money around to handle this increase. What is worrying-that we do not have to borrow overseas, and can raise the funds locally? It worries local businessmen who want to see the devaluetion of the Bajan dollar, so that they can make more money off of imports?


  • And because the USA decides to increase its debt annually, on a percentage scale they remain way below little Barbados. And what Bajans have in their personal accounts is irrelevant unless you are suggesting the GoB is going to seize these funds.
    It concerns local business people, because they do NOT wish to see a devaluation. They will not MAKE any more money, the prices to the local people will just double or triple. Their percentage markups will not change.
    What you need to note is the employers, not the government who is by the largest, but the private ones are not investing a cent in Bim. They are growing, they are doing deals, but elsewhere. This helps their profitability but doesn’t do a damn thing for Bajan employment, only taxation, for what profits they do not direct to other tax jurisdictions.
    You cannot run a country by having a Texas standoff with the private sector, with the exception of tourism.
    The GoB is arrogant, and will not seek any compromises beyond their way. As the saying goes “my way or the highway” so businesses are taking the highway, that leads to Florida, Latin and South America and other Caribbean islands. How does this benefit the people of Barbados?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    The credit unions better make sure that neither government gets their greedy coveteous little hands on their members money. They can hardly seize the foreign banks money…the government wasted money on crap fpr 8 years, refused to listen to the credit rating agencies, or IMF to reduce spending, now they cannot borrow on the international markets, let them feel it, they cannot pass the blame or point fingers for that, it’s theirs to own…lol

    Let them ask money from Alvin’s friend Clare Cowan, let Bjerkham, Maloney, Cow, Tempro, Parris, Harris and all the crooks who benefitted over the years from taxpayer funded contracts to enrich themselves and ministers, let them contribute to the degraded economy, they have been sucking the life of the island for decades…time to give back.

    Dont mind Alvin, he is trying to mix apples and oranges, he dont know what the hell he is speaking about and would like to see his own people’s savings stolen and wasted…he is a beast.


  • Miller and Well; (Due Diligence too).
    The following headline, appearing in Barbados Today intrigued me.
    “Vauclause recycling project on track, says Cherry.
    It intrigued me because when there was all the furore generated by the so called “Cahill” affair, I was pilloried by you folk. When I TOLD YOU THAT THERE WERE OTHER PERSONS; BIG PLAYERS, WHO WERE INTENT ON TRYING TO DESTROY THE GOVERNMENT,(and B’s Recycling, aided and abetted by Kammi and the future Centre
    trust, ) BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO HAVE THEIR FINGERS IN THE PIE, I WAS CALLED ALL SORTS OF THINGS AND HAD ALL SORTS OF EPITHETS THROWN AT ME. Is there a bigger figure in the waste haulage game than Cherry?The whole story makes for very interesting reading.
    I feel vindicated, because as I said, the truth would come out at some time. We shall see what transpires from here on in.
    I knew I was right, and it has been proven.Cherry has; and has always had, the support and backing (of course it is reciprocal) of the BLP. Nuff said!!


  • No Well Well:
    I am not a beast. I just know what I am talking about. You keep forgetting Barrow’s mirror image speech. I can look in the mirror and be content with what I see. You on the other hand hate yourself and so many others who look like how you used to look. You have never been content with your mirror image and now what you see is different from what you were and despite what you do, you still cannot better the inner you.That is why you hate everyone else.
    By the way Government departments do not do their own purchssasing, generally. This is done through Central Purchasing Department.


  • Adam Smith’s economic theory spoke of the working class, middle, class, rich elites and so on. Smith died unaware of a new socio economic group the traitor class. The traitor class reveals itself in Prodigal who rants he couldn’t care less about the diaspora. The diaspora mind you are fellow nationals residing overseas. The diaspora’s importance to the economy surpasses manufacturing and agriculture . Remittances are only exceeded by tourist receipts on government’s balance sheet. Barbados wouldn’t be the Number One Developing country without the input of the diaspora.

    The miller belongs firmly in the traitor class. That imbecile’s appeal to tourists is to skip the island and spend their foreign exchange elsewhere. A sickening display by the traitor class is the owner of the little guest house whose profanity of ‘sewage’ on his property went viral. One is forgiven if the bigot with the stink mouth is mistaken for a Alabama red neck. His vomit inducing babble conjures up hillbillies in white sheets burning crosses and hunting coons aka negroes.

    Saddle Head Kerrie Simmons aka wife beater is a representative of the traitor class. His tirade on “jobby” was more certified buffoon than so called lawyer . The raving of the ass is likely to do more damage to the tourist business than a hurricane. These low life are specimens of the traitor class most of whom are in the BU household. Adam Smith would be in shock over the new socio economic category. The reality is they are a minority in spite of delusions to the contrary . A Christian understanding awaits them at a time and place chosen by the silent majority.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    That government closed ranks years ago in their agreement to lie to and deceive the people, Inniss just so desperately wants to be prime minister to display his brutal side that he is taking any chance he deems necessary to appear not be just like them, but he is just like them and would like the opportunity to be worse.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Ya talking rubbish Alvin…ya just jealous of Cherry, you preferred see a con artist, broke white woman from Canada aligned with Bjerkham, Tempro and bribetaking government ministers succeed with a scam to kill bajans and destroy the island, than a black man with a cleaner and safer approach, succeed with waste removal and processing. That is why you were pilloried so stop trying to turn yourself into some martyr for attention…ya just like Clare Cowan, get yaself a fake seer seeker and you wiuld be twins,

    What vindicated what, are a fraud Alvin…hateful and envious of your own people’s success…you the one have to live with that….not me.

    Liked by 1 person

  • When those elected to serve can only see success as riding political waves to gain power and notoriety there is always a possibility that when the winds of failure come howling across the shores the excessives of political opportunism that lead to failures would be fully exposed.
    The gladiators of the South West sewer plant and their obsession for quick political power engineered by divisiveness was certainly exposed

    Btw what happened to PDYR he has never hidden the fact he has health challenges .hope PDYR is alright .he has been away too long
    David say something many in the forum has been asking for PDYR


  • Ok did some research on PDYR and these are the findings taken from the horses mouth Btw i believe he is ok

    pieceuhderockyeahright November 15, 2016 at 3:52 PM #

    I am actually disengaging Gazer.

    Bajans are not a serious people at all.

    We are more interested in Trump and every one else in the world and a simple conversation as to how we ensure that Mugabe Mottley’s crew does not bring more of the same, is an exercise in futility.
    So we have these articles about where i stand is where i sit and inance topics that all lead to Donald Trump or the proselytes preaching of the wisdom of a DLP government again.
    So sometimes it is best to just sit back and watch the sameness of it all.

    Then buy your ticket and leave.


    Wow DT has wield his power and influence via social media dragging and toppling PDYR influence on barbados underground

    waiting to see how long PDYR tenure in political exile shall last

    #####gone too soon


  • Well Well & Consequences

    ACs..ah bet Piece is sitting and laughing his ass off right now at the poop running on the streets and into the sea ruining the lives of the 2018 voters and business people while Boyce and Sealy were shown up as liars by the tourists who posted to Tripadvisor, while Fruendel is too ashamed to come out, ah bet Piece is laughing too hard to type and post anything too BU, until he returns, give him time to recover from laughter….lol


  • Movement of Concerned Citizens updated their cover photo.

    Yesterday at 13:24 ·

    Crisis after crisis after crisis. Here’s the real #BarbadosSewageCrisis

    1. The Debt Crisis

    2. The Combermere Crisis

    3. The Alexandra Crisis

    4. The QEH Crisis

    5. The Water Crisis

    6. The Sewage Crisis

    7. The Pothole Crisis

    8. The Unemployment Crisis

    9. The Crime Crisis

    10. The Drug Shortage Crisis

    11. The Airport Crisis

    12. The Industrial Crisis

    Oh what a crisis!

    Image may contain: 23 people, people smiling



  • PDYR had me fooled i thought he was a tireless soldiers on the warpath for truth and justice never in my wildest dreams would a dark horse from foreign soil trumped de ole geezer lol.


  • All those crises are not crises.

    They are symptoms.

    There is a single crisis in Barbados

    Neither the BLP not the DLP is capable of running the country.

    The symptoms are clear evidence of this simple fact!!


  • One single crises, two if you think of the BLP and DLP as separate!!


  • We have one crisis, to deal with and it is for us to deal with!!


  • John!John!,
    You and Well Well, need to keep looking in the mirror, and asking the question:Am I a Loyal son of the soil? The answer will surely come back, “of course not”. Whether the BLP or the DLP govern, the answer is written by Shakespeare, “First to thine own self be true…”


  • @ Alvin
    …you need to ‘retire’.


  • Well Well,
    A scam is a scam; whether committed by Claire Cowan; for which the so called evidence is merely circumstantial, or by Cherry (political consideration evident) it is still a scam. And whatever is done, at the end of it all the absence of a landfill will still require a modern solution. Whenever it is al finished, and whoever does it, a Plasma Gsssification Plant will prove to be the desirable method of Solid Waste disposal. Composting is already in Place (SBRC) Pelleting of Plastics ia already in Place (B’s Recycling), Garbage separation (SBRC), and landfilling still continues.


  • Sorry Bushie;
    I am the energizer bunny, I keep going and going. Up and On forever!


  • By the way David: The Combermere Crisis: no crisis. A [roblem, that can, and will, be fixed


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Alvin..ya full of crap, I am from the “to thine own self be true era”…the earth is filled with soil….OWNED BY US ALL…I am a daughter of ALL soil.

    Whether in Canada or Barbados…to the soil we all will return.

    Yall brainwash post slavery was final and repugnant and should never be allowed to pass on to the next generation, it would be a crime of humanity.

    Ah glad it’s hurting ya wicked old heart to see a black man like yaself succeed in Barbados insread of a crazy, white broke Canadian woman…let it finish ya off fool..I want you to live to see the day the slaves in parliament become too afraid to sell out the majirity blacks on the island to minority of criminal minded, crooked business people, that would be the final nail for you disgusting excuse for a human.


  • @Alvin

    The inept manner the Combermere matter is being handled has catapulted it to a crisis. You have a secondary school where teaching has been disrupted for over a year and even now they are no closer to zeroing on the cause of the problem and you say no crisis? You have no idea.


  • @ David there is no crisis at Combemere. Just a small problem with a few teachers and students getting sick.

    They all getting a little extra vacation. Isn’t Barbados a vacation destination where de people real laid back ?

    I am willing to bet that Combemere will be cleaner than it has ever been. They will have it smelling like Febreze.

    David just be patient and let the teachers and students enjoy their extra long Christmas holiday.


  • Two Ministers went swimming at Worthing.

    If they were real real tough men they would have gone swimming in Graeme Hall swamp.


  • “Sending out an SOS. A BU regular is MIA. Piece if you are still out there, send up a smoke signal.”

    Don’t you read the papers? Piece has had his homegoing. The eulogies were truly striking — both in voice and in nationally published print — given Piece’s bullying and witless vulgarities in earlier lives. Perhaps Piece made his peace, by the end, but there comes a time in certain lives when “telling it like it is” becomes revealed in its true nature, as the unthinking and inherent authoritarianism of the deluded and unkind.

    May Piece be at peace.


  • @Alvin Cummins, your linking me to some ignorant sinister plot against GOB belongs in the dump. Your aiding and abetting is tantamount to treason thus you and BDLP operatives will be found guilty by future generations.

    The most dangerous person is one who offers advice for their own benefit knowing it to be detrimental to others. I have zero patience for hard heads but respect their right to an opinion.

    #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Too many in Barbados have sold their souls and conscience to political parties to the detriment of good governance in Barbados. #SelfishYardfowlsBarbados


  • They may think that they have sold their souls to political parties, …but we need to look at who is the ultimate owners…
    Just like those political parties who sell out to the local ‘Bribers’ may be unaware of who owns the frontline bribers, …and of who own those owners…

    Judging from the fruit that we are reaping locally, only one guess is needed as to the identity of the ultimate owner….


  • Did you hear the one about the fellow who fell into Graeme Hall swamp. This good Samaritan, pulled him to the edge of the water and proceeded to apply artificial respiration. But every time he ended up with a mouth full of shitty water. Not trusting himself, he shouted “Does anyone knows anything about artificial respiration?”
    A bystander replied, “No, but I know about hydraulics.”
    The good samaritan ,carried on, and again kept getting mouth full of shitty water.
    Again he asked the same question, and again he got the same answer from the same guy. “No, but I know about hydraulics.”
    Becoming a bit annoyed, he yelled at the guy, “Ok you clever c***, what hydraulics have to do with this?”
    “I know that if you do not drag that man’s arse h*** out of that water, you gonna pump that Graeme Hall sewerage plant dry.”


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