A Case for Less Intrusive Government

Submitted by Ziggy Greene

I have submitted many times that we in Bim need a new if not different political philosophy of governance. Both our main parties are social democrats or a variant thereof. There is really no daylight between the two in terms of political ideology. Both support social programmes and the only differential is the degree to which they do so. Whilst that gets them bragging rights every five years or so it has resulted in a mendicant Bim. One that sees bajans dependent on central government and if the government does not act we seem clueless as how to proceed. For example, grass would spring up in the road in front our house and unless the government come and weed it, it would dawn upon only a few of us that we could get a hoe, weed the said grass and dispose of it. Instead we would get a newspaper to take a photo of the grass and us protesting and imploring government to act. “That is their job” we would admonish, “ that is what I pay taxes for. “ This must stop.

I was very pleased by the St George North by election candidate, Grenville Phillips the Second’s plan, “ to make St George North the most prosperous constituency in Barbados” by people coming together to work for the betterment of themselves and their community. I implore every bajan to have a read and digest it carefully.

It has always been my contention that all political philosophies must change after 10 years if not sooner or they become a problem unto themselves. Whilst social democracy was in my opinion necessary at the beginning of independence when Barrow sought to expand free secondary and implement free university education, free health care etc. to assist the largely poor and disenfranchised black population, it is my position that that has ran way past its usefulness. In those days black parents would make sure that their children do their homework and pressure them to do well in school to avoid a life time of toil for the white man on the plantation for decent work in government. Not so today.

After 50 plus years of such point of service freeness, so to speak, we have become complacent. We rely too much on government. We expect to be employed by government after we get our big degrees. And if we are not or if government can’t pay us the wage we demand, we march, we protest, we bring down the government. This must stop. When we depend upon government to such an extent, the government owns us. We are their pawns to be used and abused every election cycle with gimmicks like de-bushing and building a playing pavilion whilst it employs sycophants as high paying consultants. Again this must stop.

I am a liberal in the traditional sense of the word not the American version. I want to see a smaller government, a less intrusive government but a caring and effective government; one that works for all its people. Power should be in the hands of the bajan majority, and by power I mean, economic power, from which every other power stems.

In that regard I am a sort of Garveyite. I want to see Blacks in Bim pool together and own businesses where they won’t be dependent on government and the white private sector for jobs. Where when they set out to study they would be thinking of how they would employ the theory learnt to advance business pursuits, how they could tap into the black diaspora and opportunities throughout the world especially on the African continent to build and share wealth among immediate family and wider Bim.

Equally government should not be involved in business directly but should make sure that the playing field for doing business is level, ensure that a business could be started easily all things being equal, that certain sectors of the community can’t gang together to squeeze out another section, that regulations for business to business, and people to business interface are in place and applied across the board.

All state owned enterprises and government sectors except those enforcing such regulations above and other services to be mentioned, should be sold off to employees acting collectively, trade unions or credit unions as a matter of policy. And an agreement signed to say that should there be cause for a resale of the business, government will have a majority say. This would serve to ensure that such enterprises are not sold off to certain sectors.

It this way the civil service will be reduced and economic power will redound to the majority in a collective style of ownership. That is not to say that government will have no power. Government will still have to provide security, health, and education for citizens. It goes without saying that the police will have to be independently run by an oversight body free of government interference. Education would be placed in the hands of board of governors with each school setting its own agenda according to the overall education mandate of government after broad consultation with employers and other segment of the society. The running of the QEH and polyclinics will be passed off to an authority independent of government authority but with government setting out priorities after broad consultation as to the health of the society and remediation.

The larger and more overarching role government should play is to encourage civic expectation from each citizen and show how this function is crucial to a well-functioning society. A society that is free to practice any religion or non religion, freedom of speech and expression, free to travel and interact among itself as long as such freedoms do not interfere with the freedoms of other bajans. Civic expectation also would include keeping our surroundings clean, not littering, no discrimination and a focus on making Bim livable for all bajans.

I know this sounds a bit pie in the sky but remember without vision people perish.

This piece does not address government’s right to tax for services provided and re pay outstanding debts etc.. That is another matter for discussion. It must also be remembered that government taxes derive from businesses and without such businesses government can’t provide services. So, the more businesses the more broad based and less encumbering taxes are.

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  1. If the taxpayers provide the funds by which GOB finance public goods and services, how can the recipients ( all taxpayers ) be mendicants?

  2. “So, the more businesses the more broad based and less encumbering taxes are.”

    this plea has fallen on the deaf and dumb in the parliament, no matter who suggests it, and many have, including IMF…..and for a very long period of time…..broaden the tax base somehow never resonates with either government that infests(ed) the parliament.

    maybe when they import 80,000 mostly euro descended people they will implement, they don’t see the need to do that for their own people and have never in over 50 years.

    small minds.

  3. I commend the writer for having put much thought into this. As I have said before, serious governement intervention was necessary in the beginning to give the majority population a leg up but now we look for government to provide a carriage. The picture taking of the bush is funny but true. Often I have tried to clear nearby lots, beaches and picnic sites I have visited of garbage and instead of offers of help I can feel the “weird” stamp being applied to my back. This is symbolic of our mindset with respect to our relationship to government. We have become too dependent.

    The rest of this submission requires me to digest it before further comment.

    My focus is, as usual, on our mind problems from which all other problems flow.

    And this is the problem I have with Grenville Phillips who supports Donald Trump, thinks that Admiral Nelson was a hero and the monarchy is an insurance policy.

    So…. he is attempting to move forward while firmly rooted in backwardness.

  4. “We have become too dependent.”

    rephrase…YOU WERE MADE DEPENDENT…it was by design.

    to this day the negro mind in the parliament don’t want to see the BLACK MAJORITY..with big businesses generating tens of millions nor billions of dollars, unless they are a yardfowls, family, associates who are all swindlers or their minority friends and bribers and more often than not, the ministers insist on being shareholders in any business on the island that people who look like them create, or they sabotage the whole thing, except for the minorities who they always want to see wealthy even if they have to TIEF FROM THE BLACK POPULATION to achieve this, your leaders are NASTY MINDED…that’s why they will NEVER broaden the tax base for the majority population to benefit via FREE ENTERPRISE….even if it means the island sinks financially and stays there.

    the wicked ni*ga mind.

    we have been telling yall this for years…your vicious, covetous, envious, greedy leaders are the problem.

  5. A well written article and food for thought. The problem though that goverment will face post covid is one of revenue. With the tourist industry decimated and 40,000 unemployed, where will goverment revenue come from to support what they now have in place?

    I have noticed the MOF has not mentioned to the public what the revenue shortfall is to goverment so far for the year. They have also not said how they intend to reduce the cost of goverment to survive on lower revenue, or how they plan to diversify the economy away from tourism dependancy.

    The article speaks clearly of change, but at the forefront of any change are those 2 little words politicians hate which are ” financial sustainability.” In other words how will we run the country while not racking up a massive deficit on a 30% shortfall in revenue without drastic change to our expenses?

    You see all we talk about above is true, but at the core is the above question which no one in government wants to entertain discussing. So in closing I will again pose the question here.

    What is the plan for running the country on a 30% annual revenue shortfall in the short to medium term?

    In replying please don’t include tourism based solutions because based on infection rates globally, most of our source markets will either be in partial or complete lock down by December.

  6. quote] We must free the “African mind” through African Centered Educational activities so that we might better understand the importance of economic self-reliance.

    One model that we draw strength from in pursuing economic and educational liberation is the model established by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in the 1920s.

    The more I read and study about Marcus Garvey, the more I am amazed at the great contributions he made to African people to become a self-reliant and self-sufficient people. At the core of Marcus Garvey’s program was his urging of African people to acquire education and economic power. As he always stated, “A race without power is a race without respect.”

    When we examine the economic condition of Africans in America, and throughout the world, we find one glaring problem—African people do not control our economic resources at the level we should. This is primarily due to our miseducation as a people. In a disproportionate manner, African people depend on the European and Asian world for food, clothing, and shelter. More often than not, the European and Asian worlds are the producers, processors, distributors, and wholesalers. African people are the consumers.


    To implement his program, Garvey set up the Negro Factories Corporation (NFC). Its objective was to build and operate factories in the big industrial centers of the United Stat- es, Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa. The NFC established a chain of cooperative grocery stores, a restaurant, a steam laundry, tailor and dressmaking shop, a millinery store, and a publishing house.

    Mr. Garvey also established a steamship company, The Black Star Line. He envisioned a fleet of steamers carrying passengers and establishing trade among African people of the United States, Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa.[unquote


    • @Greene

      Tell us something we do not know?

      The challenge is how do we make the quantum leap as a collective to uncouple our minds and capital from the establishment that has done a good job- honed from centuries of perfecting- to be a barrier.

  7. The article has some bright spots but mostly misses out on highlighting the main problem all governments regardless of model (democratic, socialist, communist, monarchy, etc.) refuse to properly address to varying degrees and that is transparency, accountability and ensuring a baseline living standard no citizen must be allowed to fall below.

    All governments need to stop talking about this and that is freely provided by the government. If I pay taxes, it is not free but a service I am paying for indirectly and needs to be managed properly.

    Governments need to start giving simple and proper account on a quarterly, and annual basis so the citizens can clearly see where and how their money is being used.
    1) Revenue being earned in the areas of transportation, health care, education, law enforcement, tourism, agriculture, etc. from taxes, user fees, sales, etc.
    2) Expenses in the same areas in 1) broken down by Debt Service, Operating costs(staff, building, maintenance, etc) and Projects/Consultants costs.
    3) Define our baseline standard for our citizen report on the numbers below baseline and measures being taken to improve those numbers. e.g. is it free education across the board or free till you reach a certain level of competency, then you seek to fund the rest through student loans, etc.

    Doing those three things will paint a clear picture for everyone to see where the country stands and government will also be crystal clear in their minds what needs to be changed.



  9. Yall small island clowns and nobodies pretending to be world class can’t continue BLAMING..UK, i said that under duress, and EU for YOUR CRIMES AGAINST YOUR OWN PEOPLE FOREVER…

  10. “At the core of Marcus Garvey’s program was his urging of African people to acquire education and economic power. As he always stated, “A race without power is a race without respect.”

    obviously the payasos in the parliament from 1966 either never read Garvey or they were so busy MALICIOUSLY KEEPING economic power out of the Black population’s hands, criminalizing African Spirituality and Black independence as well as creating the Public Order act so that the African population remained DEPENDENT on everything on everyone in Barbados, that they did not give a shit what Garvey wrote…everything leads back to ya stupid leaders who kept the colonial system INTACT and then complain that EU continually shifts the goal post, wuh is their system they can shift it any and everytime, you are WORSE THAN THEM TO KEEP IT….simple commonsense that ELUDES PAYASOS..

    the real entertainment will be to watch them keep a colonial system after becoming a republic and still continue with the same complaints of using EU as their favorite scapegoat to fool Bajans.

  11. @David,

    there are no new ideas. only ideas that have not been tried. you constantly yo ask for disruption and i have consistently ask what disruption looks like to you but you never answer.

    people often ask for change but really what they want is a change in personality and not a change in the system. but it is the system that needs changing to change personalities.

  12. @ Greene

    They want change but continue to repeat the same false, age-old ideas which they learned by rote. What new ideas have we had in public space since March and CoVid? What new ideas have we had in financial regulation since 2008, the global financial crisis? What new governance ideas have we had since November 30, 1966?
    Instead of facing real change, they hide behind a wall of reactionary nationalism, or abuse or cheap laughs or whataboutism.

  13. Exactly which part of it is a fairy tale????

    There are countries that are far better run and more equitably rendered though not perfect and these countties have satisfied citizens for the most part.

    Why not us?

  14. “the real entertainment will be to watch them keep a colonial system after becoming a republic and still continue with the same complaints of using EU as their favorite scapegoat to fool Bajans.”

    So you think it is the packaging of old wine in a new wineskin and just stamping a new label on it.

    Let me encourage you to continue your preaching.

  15. “So you think it is the packaging of old wine in a new wineskin”

    no different to the other republics in the Caribbean, who did it in the 70s, check Dominica, generational poverty and accusations of corruption, violating the citizens rights, all manner of crimes attributed to the leadership, Guyana, racism, poverty, extrajudicial murders, corruption, a long list, Trinidad, though on a different level also has massive problems… none of them shed the colonial system, so it’s more of the same.

    so these wannbes won’t even bother with the new wineskin, they will just jump straight to acting out their slave master roles right away, it seems like that’s all they have ever dreamed about, don’t know what they put in the water or food nor what they learned in school, but it’s very clear, that is all the politicians, lawyers, etc aspire to be on the island, slave masters lauding it over their people…a serious criminal and moral violation they should all be imprisoned for….that’s why i keep reminding Mia that she is not getting Elizabeth’s job, so she can perish the thought of being head slave master across the Caribbean with our ancestor’s reparations money in hand..

    we all watched on UK TV when Mia was on stage couple years ago “we gathering” victims..a lady asked her what is being done about fraud against the elderly on the island, Mia, for the whole world to see told the lady to go to the police in Barbados, that’s what she did, flew all the way from UK, only to hear the police tell her that no one cares about her father but her and they had previously tried to have her arrested when she entered her father’s place as his beneficiary….someone decided that they were going to take his children’s place and grab the man’s estate since they had already stole his body and buried it, well she was having none of it and eventually got all the fraudulent letters testamentary that was forged, forged will and all manner of criminality involved rescinded….end result, they weren’t having it and retaliated and had her arrested, because she would not allow them to tief her family’s estate in peace…she is now in jail, they did not care what they had to create to get her there for fighting for HER HUMAN RIGHTS…do you think such savages can change just because the island will obtain a republic label, trust me, things will only get worse for the Black majority.

  16. Theo…these are the people who control the court system and police force, that the retired officer complained is interfering in law enforcement in an newspaper article just yesterday…Bajans better wake the hell up and stop playing games with la basura…everyone will now have to secure their properties on the island, register them offshore or the thieves will come after them and you will lose everything, continue to play docile and see…

    “Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie has been given 2 charges. The people who have complained about Ms. Jean-Marie are the same people who are trying and almost succeeded in acquiring her father’s estate absolutely. They have however committed some questionable acts in order to get their hands on Mr. Ishmael Steele’s house, land, car, household items and money. Valerie has all the information and has given copies to certain people in case something happens to her. These people are now hoping to discourage and intimidate her by doing this. Do you believe these are the same people who showed Valerie the watch she had given to her father and told her they are not giving it back to her because she does not deserve it? If they were not in her father’s house they could not have got it. They did not know Jackie Stewart was Valerie’s friend and sent documents showing what they were up to to Jackie. The tenants they had in Valerie’s dad’s house; yes they were renting it out; have said they offered to sell them the house for $450 000. How can you sell something that is not yours? These people are greedy and wicked and are attacking this poor girl for what is rightfully hers.”

  17. @ Donna
    You should know by now that once it was not said by Mottley or Depeiza it is a fairy tale.
    A real fairy tale is giving visionless hoteliers $300 million for an industry that is basically in intensive care!
    The same workers they pretending to save are daily getting final pink slips with no promise of jobs and no damn severance and or national insurance. The frigging fairy tale is that there is no blasted minimum wage and poor black people working for less than $300 per week sometimes in excess of 60 hours ,are expected to survive. In the meantime every Tom, Dick and Henry hauling in $10 000 per month and more as consultants.
    Another fairytale is paying a cabinet of nearly thirty MPs in a country that technically broke.
    These are the real fairy tales.
    The latest fairytale, is going into a constituency after running the country for sixty years and could not build a pavilion. Now they polluting the night air blaming each other.
    The DLPBLP is the real fairytale. And they are those who fuel these fairy tales by the amount of kool aid they drink all day and night.
    More fairy tales to come. Damn hypocrites.

  18. WW

    If you don’t know just say so

    What u said in ur comment is not what the IFM is suggesting when it says to widen the tax base

  19. I am going to listen to a dummy like you and other fowls who did not know that the Caribbean is in the Americas and that yall were born in the Americas and that African people are also indigenous…..right..

    am more concerned that platforms with billions of people are viewing others posting TODAY about the INEQUALITY IN BLACK MAJORITY COUNTRIES IN THE CARIBBEAN like Barbados …countries that have BLACK LEADERS….

    lack of human rights.

  20. U mad woman

    If u don’t know there is nothing wrong with saying so

    I never any type of interaction on any of those topics that you mentioned

  21. I guess this dude don’t know about the DECADES of HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES against Black people in Barbados by both crooked human rights violating Black governments, but we will make sure the whole world knows soon Enuff…black trash, thieves, slave master wannabes refuse to stop violating their own people’s basic civil rights. We are going to make yall world class famous, just as famous as ya are for ROBBING THE PEOPLE, refusing to upgrade the economy to include the people who fund the country…human rights violators….put yall nobodies on some radars.

    “”That suggestion has come from Charles Small, a Barbadian who is the top non-judicial officer in the New York State civil court in Brooklyn.

    As his birthplace gets ready to welcome a new Chief Justice, Small indicated the door should be open to substantial reforms designed to speed up the delivery of justice.

    Small, originally from Gregg Farm in St Andrew, was speaking to the DAILY NATION.”

  22. “I never any type of interaction on any of those topics that you mentioned.”

    Interesting how they create this little bubble and live inside of it. Must be fun to close one eyes and live in oblivion.

  23. Theo…leave them in their madness, they want to play games, just watch all their deep, dark, dirty secrets all come tumbling out, the Black population whose rights they have violated for 3 generations are sick and tired of all of them, things that not even i knew about them is now being revealed, they bit off much more than their stapled stomachs can chew right now….i was shocked at what they have all been doing, we knew is was bad, but not this bad…we will leave the international community to unravel it all…cause it’s them they have to go abegging for debt relief….after all the TIEFING THEY DID…

  24. All the signs have always been there, who have been pretending not to see them are the ones most impacted. When people see their children’s future is at stake because they remained silent…..things tend to change and they will TAKE DOWN GOVERNMENTS….for trying to REVERSE decades of hard fought for, but barely detectable progress, because Black people’s human rights have always been violated by lying, Black governments.

    2t1Sphooonssotred ·
    I just watched a disturbing video talking about the level of corruption and police brutality in Barbados. I certainly know at times the capacity to get things progressing in certain areas is extremely slow! Simple case in point- Enforcing our animal laws. But beyond this, I am disheartened by a few things right now in the world as the corruption is massive everywhere, but if Barbadians turn the other cheek on the issues that matter then we are accomplice by our silence and compliance.”

  25. DLP created at least one new business that i can think of – Sandals – even though they gave away the tax concessions.
    They also tried to create Hyatt.

    Blp – the new tool store on the abc highway and the homes over in st george. on top of that they giving out loans to bajan to start up their own companies.

    That conversation you had about the caribbean is in the americas etc was with a ROBERT not with any John2

    Next time if you dont know either say you dont or just dont response. when you come with foolishness and the try to attack me with with more foolishness you only confirm to all BU what a big mad ass fool you are.

    The statement about more businesses = More taxes is true.
    When Imf says to widen the tax base it means to make more (poor) people pay takes. example – if those make 50000 a year are now exempted from paying taxes than you can drop that limit to about 25000, making those over 25000 pay direct taxes. or you can make everyone pay taxes but on a sliding scale.

  26. WC

    If i remember correctly didnt you say that a few of your NDP comrades has since moved on to the BDLP and are being successful?

    Then how come there are your Comrades while anyone else who support the BDLP (even if the didnt vote for them) are cool aid drinkers / hypocrites etc?

    Wouldnt you “comrads” be bigger coolaid drinkers the BUers?
    And wouldnt that make you a big hypocrite like all of us ?

    After nearly 3 decades are the grapes still……….?

    Stop with the shite about a cant build pavilion in the glebe in 60 years! there were pavillion build all over the island during that 60 years. the playing field at glebe was up graded over the year and the pavilion was started un the previous BLP administration.

  27. With all the boasting going on about “investors” hot and ready to do business in Barbados despite EUs blacklist, did they bother to tell Black Bajans what type of “investors” they are ATTRACTING…the white ones who are hiring Black Bajans to work and then REFUSING TO PAY THEM…..because they know a corrupt government aspiring to be slave masters in a slave society will PROTECT white trash…..they need to tell the low crawling tiefing minorities to pay the Black people, they too have families to feed..

  28. GREENE

    All state owned enterprises and government sectors except those enforcing such regulations above and other services to be mentioned, should be sold off to employees acting collectively, trade unions or credit unions as a matter of policy. And an agreement signed to say that should there be cause for a resale of the business, government will have a majority say. This would serve to ensure that such enterprises are not sold off to certain sectors.


    100 % agreed

    You would get my full support but not my X 🙂

  29. @ John2

    Why bother yourself? What else do expect from someone who is suggesting African people brought to the Caribbean as slaves are indigenous to the territory? This happens when ‘Facebook’ becomes your only source of knowledge.

    Also, they’re being untruthful, mentioning people did not know the Caribbean is in the Americas.

  30. seriously

    i dont vote but if i did i would have voted for Moore which ever party she ran for. personal reason, not because she is union leader

  31. that part about the workers i like.

    i will say my bit abot GP2 plan after the election.
    he enough lick for the last 2.5 years and donna not letting up (not that what she is say is worng)

  32. The BIG GUT PIGS in the parliament need to stop PIMPING free food from the fraudulent, racist “investors” when they open their restuarants and pimping FREE ROOMS when they open hotels, then maybe they will have more RESPECT for their Black workers, PAY THEM and stop treating them like slaves, yall are too opportunistic and NASTY…all of you..

  33. greene

    when i am in Bim we have a wee bit of similarities in residence (grow up and in adulthood) and Unions. yet i do not know her personally.


    i was not part of that conversation. her head and memory is shot out. I remember the conversation pretty well

  34. Yardflowls are yardfowls….they don’t know who they are, where they came from, nor anything about African history or Africans…they have no clue what went on in the Caribbean, before nor after, they are slaves with no spirituality, no connection to anything, no sense of self…so it’s expected to hear shite talk coming from them.

  35. On the wura train
    on the piece train
    Sometimes on the Mariposa train
    A great fan of Hal (most times)
    Thinks Baje, Donna and cuhdear are straight shooters( even though cuhdear misses the mark now and then)
    Thinks the GOB gets it right at times

  36. Theo…they’re on MELTDOWN…they don’t know if they’re coming or going…and the shit has not even fully hit the fan yet, am sure they can find some private planes to RUN…when the kitchen goes into nuclear drive….

    they will learn that you DO NOT POKE AT ANGRY BEARS…..and then can’t even run back to Elizabeth for cover…

  37. out of all those names you mentioned i think cud dear is the best even though she miss the mark sometimes. We all miss the mark sometimes.

  38. “Learn some Spanish, dumbass slaves.

    Mundos Africanos en las Américas -pasado/presente-
    5h ·
    🔴🗣️👉🏽En la #NovedadEditorial de esta semana les traemos el libro de “Indemniser l’esclavage en 1848. Débats dans l’Empire français du XIXe siècle”, de Jessica Balguy.
    Resumen: Esta obra reproduce las discusiones que condujeron a la abolición de la esclavitud en el imperio colonial francés. Los alegatos de los dueños de las plantaciones, como Cyrille Bissette o Víctor Schoelcher. Así como también los intercambios al seno de la comisión instituida para preparar el reglamento y las deliberaciones parlamentarias que se siguieron para abolir la esclavitud en los territorios de ultramar franceses.”

  39. “Yardflowls are yardfowls….they don’t know who they are, where they came from, nor anything about African history or Africans…they have no clue what went on in the Caribbean, before nor after, they are slaves with no spirituality, no connection to anything, no sense of self…so it’s expected to hear shite talk coming from them.”

    ‘CONFESSION is good for the soul.’

  40. This will give the slaves and wannabe slave masters some incite into the minds of those who are free.

    “Ramzu Yunus
    tSp1ionsorthedu ·
    Family, sometimes ignorance or fear has us acting like what we should be ashamed to be. Most of us are ignorant of the most important right that exists: THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION. In simple terms it means: Blacks have the right to takeover the plantation they live on instead of voting for the next slave master.
    Please join the conference call @8pm EST (701.791.9664) as we discuss SELF-DETERMINATION and how we are organizing to exercise that right which is the ONLY GUARANTEED ROUTE TO JUSTICE & REPARATIONS.”

  41. Neither DBLP governments can be trusted, they all have information on each other’s massive thefts and corruption but prefer to play nasty petty, reputation damaging to the young, idiot games. DLP must be totally ignored if they are too much partner in crimes to take down the Mia government permanently with all the information they have on her and never ever elected to the parliament again if they can’t produce, neither of them are worth being elected. Public nuisances.


  42. The “we gathering ” crowd famous Enuff, wuh they got a big able video taken in UK as evidence of their deceit and liesto Bajans in the Diaspora TO TRAP THEM and put them and their beneficiaries and descendants at risk of losing their properties and bank accounts……..wuhloss…fyah in ya wyah.,.

  43. The stupidity is now exposed on the world stage, careful what ya wish for, world classless.


    “Must our politics wallow in filth? Earlier today I wrote an article that spoke to my concerns as they related to a statement made to the media by the head of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), pertaining to the future of Kemar Stuart, who is presently the General secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). and President of the Young Democrats. In that article I wrote, ” Based on how the article in that online newspaper was written, it seems young Kemar was arrested late last week, more than likely Friday, and had to spend the weekend in lockup. If that was the case, then it was a “very not nice” experience for this upstanding young citizen of Barbados.”. The arrest being spoken of here is for a small quantity of cannabis that was alleged to be in his possession. After sharing the article, I was told that the case being highlighted in the media pertaining to Kemar and cannabis was one from 2018.

    It was then that it dawned on me that Kemar told me some time ago at a cannabis forum held at the UWI (Cave Hill) about the cannabis case he had. If memory serves me right, he noted that the cannabis found was not really in his possession but located near to where he was. I am quite sure he said that he took the wrongful charge to save someone else who could not afford to take it, from having to do so.

    I do not believe in coincidence, and after a crystal clear look at how low $400 would make our Prime Minister limbo, one can only wonder at the timing of Kemar’s cannabis case being highlighted in the manner it was in the media. It is very unusual for someone to attend court, and then have an article written on it the following week, unless court was Friday. Was the media instructed to highlight Kemar’s case in an attempt to discredit the DLP in the upcoming by-election?

    As the Barbadian Prime Minister marches forward on a path many are now describing as egotistical and dictatorish, she is leaving in her wake a host of questionable actions and attitudes towards her fellow party members, other politicians and the people she is supposed to be serving.”

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