Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early in her tenure, it seems a no-brainer if one considers that commercial trade with traditional markets has increasingly been adversely affected by the geopolitics of the More Developed Countries (MDCs).

Unfortunately in the last 20 years, to pick the period of worse social and economic decline, Barbados has experienced a falloff in thought leadership among key stakeholders – government; public sector, private sector, non governmental organizations; trade unions. The easy path to exploit a service/tourism based economy popularized by the Owen Arthur AND vigorously pursued by his successors has landed the gem of the Caribbean in the spot of bother we find ourselves.

The news that two Barbadian Fintech companies GIFTS and IPAY have signed an agreement with a major Nigerian service provider to allow entry to the Nigerian and potentially to the wider African market represent baby steps but encouraging nevertheless. The Barbados Investment Development Corporation (BIDC) must continue with this kind of trade penetration facilitated by our Embassy/High Commissions. Appointments to these outposts are perceived by the public as a sweet deal with the opportunity to acquire ‘perks’ to feast on return from the overseas assignment.

Barbadians have developed a level of entitlement given our passage in a pre-globalized world. To compete in the present AND future marketplace, strategies to facilitate and sustain a good number on the Human Development Index (HDI) demands urgent change. No ifs or buts. Many years of debate in this space (search BU Archives using tag ‘governance’) and elsewhere point to radical changes that must occur if Barbados is to disrupt the trajectory the social and economic free-fall direction the country continues to be locked. It must begin with key changes to how we educate our people. It must begin with key changes to the governance structure. It must start …

The blogmaster has observed the attempt by the government to fast track digital transformation in the public sector and be a lead influencer in the Barbados space. In October of 2018 the Mottley administration set up a regulatory sandbox administered by the Central Bank of Barbados to allow fintech companies the space to innovate. There was the introduction of robotics at the teaching college. All of this is commendable but the pace must quicken to achieve meaningful outcomes in a world that is on the move. The last administration started on a similar journey to significantly increase penetration to domestic energy supply with renewables, over a decade later we have fallen short at where we should have been. Given the current state of affairs in the country mixed with our obligation to give the next generation a fighting chance to build and protect a quality life, WE must not continue with the vacuous and lethargic approach to leading our affairs.

A favourite quote of the blogmaster is ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’, many think they know but in actuality they know not. The upside is that this is the scenario that gives rise to good leaders. There is a lot the country needs to do and it is good to see a few reforms have started. Let’s hope that more can be completed to quicken the pace of transformation to lead to diversification of our economy and the knock-on benefit to the social landscape of Barbados.


  • Cuhdear BajanJuly 19, 2021 5:35 PM

    The Drax family alone received the equivalent of £502,996.91 for their 189 slaves. That money was borrowed from Lloyds of London, and repaid by the British taxpayers. Taxes extracted from the pa ycheques of Donn’s parents and my siblings helped to pay off the loan used to pay off the Draxes and other slave holders.


    No doubt you know that the Lloyds and the Draxes were both early Quaker families.

    There is a Drax application for £4,293 12s 6d for the 189 slaves.

    You’ll probably find that the provision of churches and schools to educate and cater to the religious needs of the freed slaves ate up most if not all of the compensation the Drax family received.

    You’ll also find that the early Drax family on Barbados was involved with other families in trade and made their fortune on the high seas, not from sugar.

    Here’s a bit about the early Lloyd family.



  • No dollar signs in my eyes. I don’t expect reparations will ever be paid. But when white assholes come disparaging black countries as poor countries and black people as being inherently inferior people unable to make money, I take pleasure in telling them how their countries got rich.

    Through pure evil and exploitation. That is the extent of their “superiority”.

    They are better at being EVIL!


  • This vile creature named John would have us believe that the slave trade and system was pursued so fervently and maintained for hundreds of years AT VIRTUALLY NO GAIN TO THE SLAVE MASTERS.

    SO… they did these evil deeds for fun?

    And a few small “school buildings” ate up all the Drax profits?

    Man, do you have nothing better to do than shit all over the place daily???


  • And a whole civil war was fought by the South in America to hold on to NOTHING!

    And France fought the Haitian rebels for NOTHING!

    AND European powers fought each other to take over little islands FOR NOTHING!

    Next he will be saying they got nothing out of Africa as well!


  • It is all about trade and position in the trading networks!!

    The little islands had three things going for them, location, location and location!!


  • “This is not something that can be won in their courts of law.

    Quite frankly, I expect no reparations from the British Government”

    British Courts are corrupt as fuck and were so racist that they would never have given blacks any rights at all up to recent times.

    there are numbers of reasons to hold brits accountable for misdeeds and many tools in the toolbox that can be used for leverage

    responsible for white supremacy racism with false justification that blacks are subhumans as per slave code
    torture inflicted physical and psychological terror
    rape of girls from age 14 forced to breed up to 15 children

    number of slaves imported / exported in western slave markets 14,000,000 is equivalent to population of England at the time

    the vast wealth generated to the crown who had monopoly on slave trade funded colonialism and industrial revolution

    I think an archive of every single bit of information available should be made for fact finding research

    slaves were not random they were individually branded and details logged and were deemed and treated as property so there is full record of all the assets held in accounting records and all slaves sales were

    the white devils should be boycotted with sanctions by the non-white world


  • @ david

    you need to block and filter out the BU user John Knox

    slavery were first shares traded in city of london which set up their banking shipping and insurance industries
    and was the bedrock foundation for USA and Canada etc

    materials taken back in slave trade triangle from new world colonies were used in manufacturing industries which started global trade and capitalism to replace the farming agricultural society where people had to grow their own food


  • The trade winds and gyre in the north Atlantic determined the value of the small islands in the lesser Antilles in the days of sail …. ie, up to the mid to late 1800’s.

    It made sense to split the voyage from England to America in two.

    It was both safer, quicker and more economic.

    So Barbados prospered principally as a way station.


  • Whitewash

    The British Royal family would like to play dumb and claim they do not know how much of their estate came from proceeds of crime from their reprehensible repugnant slave trade

    their wickedness took brutality of slavery to a different level

    when the white cunts ‘stopped’ slavery they still continued with indentured workers like slavery of before where others had servants instead of beasts of burden / humans treated like animals


  • “Next he will be saying they got nothing out of Africa as well!”

    that’s why they should ALL BE EXPELLED FROM Africa with their bloodsucking, murderous selves…and the wicked corrupt little minorities Mia is trying to push to the front of Black/Africans in Barbados and the Caribbean….GASSED…(that’s my slave master bloodline talking and would fcuking do it) .just for the hell of it to show the nigas that no one is tolerating sellouts and their minority CRIMINALS stealing Black birthrights in this or ANY OTHER CENTURY going forward..

    ya want to keep Black/African people in permanent bondage, inhale some gas.


  • “Quite frankly, I expect no reparations from the British Government”

    don’t hold your breath, someone petitioned them to pay back the money they took from the descendant taxpayers to pay off slave master’s debt over the 72 years to 2015, and they said straight up, sorry, it will disturb the social order, or words to that effect….i shit you not, and that was just months ago…

    work on ridding yourselves of the nasty black face governments every 5 years,STOP ALLOWING THEM TO NEST IN THE PARLIAMENT….. they beg for votes and crawl into the parliament to sell you out to minority criminals…..until every last Black person can extricate themselves from the slave society they are DETERMINED to keep in place, they are the biggest danger to Black lives right now, with their gunrunning, drug trafficking TIEFING minorities.

    personally i would RIP UP their voting order, just stop voting for the slave society….but you will need to have an exit strategy and that takes a lot of critical thinking and time..


  • “the first thing the courts will tell you is that slavery was not illegal at the time and so they owe us nothing.”

    this is the simple philosophy…if “WE” did not make slavery illegal, then it was not a crime back then, and no slave master worth their salt will criminalize “themselves” something that makes them billions, until it doesn’t any more..and they have a more viable replacement….TIEFING FROM AFRICA…….

    i posted proof on here already that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY REPARATIONS…..it’s a matter of moral suasion, but ya need morals…

    and then ya still have to get past the criminals in the parliament who want the money for themselves and their evil, covetous minoritiy friends to live happily ever ..imagine, building a RACIST city in St. Lucy for themselves and vicious minorities and tourists to enjoy with YOUR REPARATIONS MONEY….OFF THE BACKS, BLOOD, SWEAT, RAPE AND MURDER OF OUR ANCESTORS…,while you work for $6-8 =$3-4 US an hour for the next 50 years…

    BUT….may they and 50 generations of their evil offspring FOREVER BURN IN A HELL THEY WILL NEVER ESCAPE…until the earth ceases to rotate.


  • There was a female call in regular on Brass tacks going by the name of Ms. Africa haven’t heard her for a while


  • Black John is in an INESCAPABLE HELL already….the family LOST ALL THEIR ESTATES built by their BLACK GRANDFATHER……….and stolen by the criminals in the bar association/parliament, the crooked minorities and with the help of Black John’s own treacherous family….ya can’t want more hell than that, and there is no way to get it back…that’s called KARMA..


  • and with the help of Black John’s own treacherous “WHITE” family…😂🤣😍

    he should tell the story about the “niga tree” they had in the yard of one of the properties, where their Black workers would congregate during break or lunch in the shade and that’s what the family named the tree…


  • Yall better rid ya Black lives of DBLP rats d’egout immediatement…or pay the ultimate price….ya can’t say ya had no warnings….9 YEARS WORTH….ideally, ya should turn ya back on all stinking politics for self-preservation…but that’s a whole nother topic..


  • They did not need all those slaves to take control of the islands and conduct trade.

    Enough of you! I think David’s “Steupse” will suffice from now on. No-one is buying your crap anyway.

    Not even Lawson. He did not buy the stolen election crap either, as I recall. He has not totally lost it.


  • Did i mention that out of the 265,000 plus African descendants/survivors in Barbados that the rats d’egoute from the DLP only planned to give 120,000 any reparations that they plotted and were salivating over..and am sure they would HAVE SHORTCHANGED THEM significantly, or CHANGED THEIR MINDS completely if the UK was mad enuff to give them anything to TIEF…

    …..but it was.a tiny step up, looking good on paper only, from BLP who did not plan to give the descendants ONE DIME…but more oppression and enslavement…..you have some of the most evil black face traitors on earth in a parliament that YOU FUND…think about that..


  • “Enough of you! I think David’s “Steupse” will suffice from now on. No-one is buying your crap anyway”

    people tend to find and use information that supports their beliefs and will bend and twist truths to support them

    Brits knew the wickedness and crimes to humanity of their industrialised slavery which they reconciled by the fallacy notion that blacks were not humans and should be treated by animals with extreme torture and brutality

    As mentioned Brits only stopped slavery after the crown lost Tax income and power of control of America in the war of independence and then wanted to undermine USA from prospering and getting their own slaves from Africa
    Quakers subsequently did help slaves in USA to get their freedom and states like Pennsylvania became sanctuary to go to


  • What you will find is the profits generated from trade also financed the abolition of slavery.


  • i see the forked tongue frauds who said the George Floyd movement was just a “trend” now piggybacking on the world-wide reparations movement to see if they could get their sticky, tiefing hands on reparations……and that swollen, bloated thing in St. Vincent got some kinda nerve…


  • Steupse!


  • So it has become a world-wide reparatory movement, with the inclusion of the native first peoples, indigenous Africans WORLDWIDE and the indentureds…..it’s no longer a one man show to tief money and further disenfranchise Black populations, it carries more power and may see results maybe within the next 50 years… …when ALL THE THIEVES DEAD AND GONE….and those with better commonsense to distribute whatever is issued …FAIRLY…


  • “What you will find is the profits generated from trade also financed the abolition of slavery.”

    more shit plucked from the backside of a cunting hypocritical little boy troll
    who claims credit for what others did in fight for freedom but is on wrong side about reparations

    it is a spiritual war against wicked whites who transgressed God’s laws when they stole and abused children and the time is now to make good for damages to humanity, but get this, whites are also the ones who will be fighting for justice and reparations on behalf of non-whites

    Earth Liberation Sound & revolutionary minds

    whites are a minority in the big picture but still want to rule world in dominion by hook and crook but their days are done


  • This is the readon, the free for all with evabody peeping into evabody else phone and when they realized evabody start exposing it..lol

    ⚡️”President Macron’s phone TARGETED by Morocco using Israel’s Pegasus spyware – Le Monde

    10 Prime Ministers, 3 presidents and a king are reportedly on the Pegasus project list including:

    ▪️ France – Emmanuel Macron
    ▪️ South Africa – Cyril Ramaphosa
    ▪️ Iraq – Barham Salih
    ▪️ Pakistan – Imran Khan
    ▪️ Egypt – Mostafa Madbouly
    ▪️ Morocco – Saad-Eddine El Othmani
    ▪️ Lebanon – Saad Hariri
    ▪️ Uganda – Ruhakana Rugunda
    ▪️ Belgium – Charles Michel
    ▪️Morocco – King Mohammed VI

    Some 50,000 people including journalists, politicians, and activists were targeted by several governments – including Hungary, India, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and others – who misused the military-grade Pegasus spy software to snoop on them.”


  • ya done know the little half-assed monkey see, monkey do idiots in the Caribbean believe they are big up world leaders ….well, if ya messed with any phones, it’s easy to check and terminate ya ass,

    “Shalev Hulio, NSO’s CEO called the accusations “disturbing” and vowed to terminate the contracts of clients in cases it had been misused – the software is designed to be used ONLY against criminals and terrorists.

    The spyware has the potential to turn smartphones into 24-hour surveillance devices – able to record calls, copy and send messages or even film people via their phone camera.”


  • Why is Prescod LYING…the African population on the island experience OVERLY SEVERE hardships and poverty because politicians/ministers/lawyers are CORRUPT and rob them for indians, whites and syrians to live COMFORTABLY and WEALTHY off them…in exchange for bribes….stop lying…

    we know what UK, Drax and all the others have done and STILL CAUSE but yall are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBILE for a lot of what is happening TODAY, the modern day slavery, the RACISM, the South Africa model of evil apartheid ya keep a live and well with ya wicked selves, the COLONIAL SLAVE SOCIETY, the POVERTY, the miseducation filled with colonial LIES that yall refuse to get rid of that people been begging yall FROM THE 1970S to REMOVE…….the tiefing minorities robbing the treasury and pension fund, the racist, slavery dependency tourism….i can go on ALL DAY…

    the people experience disadvantage because yall ARE TRAITORS AND SELLOUTS…not a fella ain’t making yall do it, ya doing it on ya own and should go to prison..

    “Speaking from Barbados, the Labour MP Trevor Prescod said: “Drax Hall witnessed terrible pain and suffering – and people today still experience disadvantage that is the outcome of generations of slavery.”

    btw TLSN…Drax, the inheritor of crimes against Black/Africans was deserving of a special mention in someone’s book…


  • @ WURA-War-on-U,
    The article states some several hundred people attended the march.
    If such a march were held in Barbados how many would attend?
    There are some articulate souls on BU who wave the republicanism flag yet cannot see the irony that Drax’s Hall remains in the hands of the original colonialists. The owner of Drax’s Hall needs to be relieved of it, and fast.

    Are you listening Mia.


  • Imagine that, these are using the opportunity to blame ALL THE CRIMES they themselves committed against the majority population AND PROFITED FROM in the last 30 YEARS…..on dead slave master wretches…

    opportunity knocks…but ya can’t run nor hide from the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS missing from the Barbados economy….UK did not tief that……YOU DID…with ya criminal minority partners…hope they break out the handcuffs for ya brazenness..


  • “If such a march were held in Barbados how many would attend?”

    one person would attend with placards as normally happens…and the others would stay at home to see if the person got arrested and laugh….like what happened when bizzy’s little criminal racist beat a black customer and the racist said he was having a bad day, not one soul joined the lone Black man who protested outside the racist hardware store…

    It’s not Drax alone, there are other slave master spawn on the island still working slave plantations….that is why am calling out Prescod for the hypocrisy, remember he was to tell the people all about the “white shadows” when he got OUSTED in the cabinet reshuffle….and Mia rush and hurried and gave him some shite title and another salary and quick so, he shut his mouth and we never heard what he SWORE he was going to expose to the public…..but i found out anyway, so he could keep it….they have active slave master spawn on the island committing social massa-cre DAILY, they NEVER LEFT.

    there are racist colonialists all along the length and breadth of Barbados domiciled….creating social havoc and they are the ones who DON’T NEED TO TIEF….like the bottomfeeding williams, etc,……they still live off the proceeds of slavery diversified….but as long as there is something in it for the criminal ministers and lawyers……they are free to direct the social reduction of the Black population……check what racist sandy lane does and they are irish……so imagine what the ones who are direct descendants of slave masters do..

    ..Drax plantation always remained operational, ask the people who live in the surrounding areas, it was upkept with Black people’s tax dollars…..we just need to ask, exactly HOW MANY ACTIVE SLAVE PLANTATIONS that the DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES money never stopped subsidizing…

    anytime ya see they are trying to SHIFT all the blame for everything that is happening today on to dead slave masters, they are covering their own..tracks…


  • DBLP governments COULD NEVER be absolved, they are in collusion, they lie to deceive, weave a web of wickedness to blind the electorate and do whatever it takes to be elected, and crawl into the parliament so they can hobnob with new age slave masters, it makes them feel all big up…and think they got the whole world fooled….but it will all come out in the wash….it already started..


  • TLSN

    Did you know that the “Drax” family who came into possession of Drax Hall changed their name to Drax?

    Henry Drax in his 1682 will left land to his nephews but only if they changed their surnames to Drax from Shatterden or some such spelling.

    Henry Drax’s aunt, Frances Drax, married Christopher Codrington I. She was the grand mother of Christopher Codrington III who left Codrington College and his lands to the SPG c. 1711.

    The Codrington and Drax families were not only related by blood and marriage, but also by their beliefs, they were Quakers.

    There were Drax marriages into the Hiliard, Colleton and Pye families, all Quakers and also movers and shakers in the development of trade which subsidised the agricultural exploits on Barbados and fed, clothed and housed the slaves.

    By the time of emancipation, the owner of Drax Hall was Richard Earl Grosvenor whose attorney was Forster Clarke.

    The 1817 slave return for Drax Hall showed 154 slaves owned and by 1834, this number had grown to 189.

    Richard Drax the Conservative MP, is the son of Henry Walter Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (1928–2017) whose mother Mary’s second husband was Baron Robert Rothschild.

    Baron Rothschild helped draft the Treaty of Rome of 1957 which was the foundation of the EEC.

    Certainly that should gain points with any anti Brexit supporters.


  • William….the “white shadows” are surfacing. We heard about them since we were children and not one lowlife who fraudulently slithered into the slave master parliament ever alerted the African population OR altered the slave society arrangement……they are INDEED SLAVES….the worst type to crawl out of colonial slavery..

    wuh i glad enuff i carry slave master blood or i won’t understand a thing…


  • oh, oh, cousin Boris got caught in something again, it is worrying white people, so you know that is never a good sign…they do not consider themselves any lamb to anybody’s slaughter, so Slave Society Barbados, ya on ya own..



  • I bring evidence not opinions.


  • i don’t even know why they bother, by the time they are 35 all their hair fall out and they start looking like 60.

    ..Black women have a penchant to look like teenagers clear into their 30s and then hold on to age like it’s treasure….only radiance..


  • “I bring evidence not opinions.”

    people spread shit on internet for idiots like you

    racist coon


  • No, there would be at least two! Barbadians are getting better. And I am sure nobody would be arrested.


  • if kiki the nobody is asain, southeast or otherwise he really got a serious mental problem……borderline inferiority….given the physiology and knowledge that they are not the strongest people in the world but believe themselves superior…that takes a lot of work….mental strain.


  • OK Troll / Boy / Rick / Ross

    Tell us the “Evidence” of racism YOU have been subjected to in your life by Bajan Asians

    we will all be able to tell if it resonates with the vibration of truth or just in your mind


  • “if kiki the nobody is asain, southeast or otherwise he really got a serious mental problem……borderline inferiority….given the physiology and knowledge that they are not the strongest people in the world but believe themselves superior…that takes a lot of work….mental strain.”

    You know I’m asian

    we know you have no logic and are an emotional basket case

    a berserker warrior who is a crazy fighter


  • William Skinner

    Dr. Don Blackman tried and he ended up in exile after flirting with both the BLP and DLP.
    All the “ progressive” brothers seem to have found comfort under Mottley’s tent and are effectively silenced in the same way that Barrow silenced the progressives back in the 60s, 70s and 80s
    Others have found voluntary exile the only way y to keep their sanity.
    There is only one progressive voice in Parliament and that is Comrade Prescod, who has been politically neutered by


  • Ross radiates energy of his star ( Lion🦁).


  • The white man tells you that he is racist but you say not.

    The Indians tell you that they culture is anti- black , but you say not.

    Case closed.


  • “Prescod, who has been politically neutered by

    he is not helping and is PART OF THE PROBLEM….look who she is sending into Africa to BETRAY our brothers and sisters and create more hatred and genocide on the continent and told herself she will get away with disenfranchising the 265,000 descendants of their African birthright, while the “neutered” eat and drink up all the Judas money in salary and keep swelling and swelling with TREACHERY…, all they are doing with their COMPLICIT SILENCE is creating more generations of exiles who have to run from the island to keep their “sanity,” that is regression and DISLOCATION..

    black traitors are poison to the African soul…she and they will NOT GET AWAY with keeping the population in generational CAPTIVITY so the parliament FRAUDS can run around on the world stage and show of their black asses with LIES…and DECEIT.. to mask the continuance of lifetimes of African financial DISPOSSESSIONS, and impoverishment…..it’s DONE…she will NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS…they are ENEMIES of and a DANGER to Africa and ALL African descents and that is what AFRICA IS FINDING OUT….These anti-African thieves and wretched could easily have continued undetected for another 200 years if the slave master spawn and the parliament nigas weren’t so greedy and hateful of the Black population and not want to see them access their African inheritance…..but they WOKE OUR ANCESTORS with these crimes and now will come FACE TO FACE with them.

    “a berserker warrior who is a crazy fighter”
    ya ain’t seen anything yet, watch the FULL POWER COME TO THE FORE…

    doesn’t matter either way, we will get your RACIST, bottomfeeding asses OFF our continent…..and restore Ma’at..take your evil destabilizing colonial agent tails right back where you belong..,,,what is OURS is OURS, not yours..

    rats d’egoute of parliament will PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST THE CHILDREN OF RA….tenfold.

    they’ve sold their empty carcasses for so long ago that they are now useless, even to their new age masters..


  • given the physiology and knowledge that they are not the strongest people in the world but believe themselves superior to the original indigenous AFRICAN….mental strain..

    that has merely turned out to be CENTURIES OF WASTED ENERGY…


  • “Dr. Don Blackman tried and he ended up in exile after flirting with both the BLP and DLP.”

    i always knew something was very wrong about that chain of events but was not on the island for much of it so could not grasp a full understanding, because you need all the information to piece together the crimes against Black people…. the parliament TRAITORS would have done anything to keep the Anti-African, Anti-Black status quo alive, just as Barrow did, so they can die as comfortable Slaves instead of revolutionaries……they still would, but significant BLOWBACK for their decades of BLACK HATRED is now upon them….and they CANNOT ESCAPE any of it, our disrespected ancestors will NEVER ALLOW THEM…..


  • @William

    The blogmaster is unaware of our most ‘progressive politician’ having come out publicly to address wrongdoing to Don Blackman by the DLP. Please share any links or books to corroborate your claim. The official position is that Blackman made a decision not to contest the 1991 general election.


  • “given the physiology and knowledge that they are not the strongest people in the world but believe themselves superior to the original indigenous AFRICAN….mental strain..”

    Is it true that you are a bed ridden old cripple
    are we meant to feel sorry for poor old Abigail
    or glad that you are well sick
    you probably deserve it


  • Like

  • I am not sick, perfectly healthy, accidents happen to everyone all the time..and i heal like a true indigenous African and recovering nicely……not good news for invaders and thieves..


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  • yall are just as savage as the cave beast slave master spawn and must be removed from Africa.

    “Couple jailed for keeping a slave who weighed just 40kg when found
    Celine Wadhera 1 hour ago

    A couple in Australia were jailed by Victoria’s Supreme Court in Melbourne on Wednesday for keeping a slave.

    a person standing in front of a building: Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia – Getty Images© Getty Images
    Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia

    Getty Images
    Kumuthini Kannan was sentenced to spend eight years in prison, while her husband, Kandasamy Kannan, was sentenced to six years behind bars.

    In April, the court found the couple guilty of intentionally possessing a slave and intentionally exercising the right of ownership over a slave between 2007 and 2015.

    During the trial, the court heard that when she was discovered at the couple’s Melbourne residence in 2015, the enslaved woman – a grandmother – was malnourished, with untreated diabetes, septicaemia, and weighed just 40kg, ABC news reported.

    The court heard how when the woman collapsed Ms Kannan called for an ambulance for her only after she had taken her children to a school concert, and provided the paramedics a false name for the woman who was found in a pool of her own urine on the bathroom floor.

    When the woman’s family became increasingly concerned about her welfare, the court heard how couple failed to reveal that she had been hospitalised, even when pressed by police who were conducting a welfare check at the woman’s relatives’ request.

    The woman, who cannot be named, told the court how she was promised pay in exchange for maintaining the household and taking care of the couple’s children when she moved from India to Australia in 2007. Instead, she said she was beaten with frozen chicken, burned with boiling water, and permitted only one hour’s rest each night.

    She said that she was at the couple’s “beck and call” and was paid roughly AUD$3.39 (£1.82) per day – as of 1 July 2020, Australia’s minimum wage is $20.33 (£10.90) per hour.

    During the sentencing, which spanned nearly three hours, Supreme Court Justice John Champion said that the Kannans had committed a “crime against humanity” and urged the public to take on a more nuanced view of slavery in the 21st century.

    He said: “Slavery is regarded as a crime against humanity”.

    “We must rid ourselves of ingrained images of rows of men chained together at the oars of the galley or men, women and children working in fields in bondage”.

    “Slavery cam be much more subtle than that, and may not involve physical restraint.”

    “Using or possessing a person in a condition of slavery is repugnant, degrading of the human condition and a gross breach of human rights.”

    Justice Champion took aim at the couple’s apparent lack of remorse, pointing out that their behaviour between 2007 and 2015 clearly demonstrated that they knew they were acting illegally.

    He said: “I’m quite convinced that you both believe you have done nothing wrong.

    “Neither of you have shown remorse or contrition.”

    “Her life was controlled largely in he privacy of your own home and care was taken by you to keep her true status from others in your community … so that your dirty secret was maintained.”

    “You both grossly exploited a vulnerable person for which you should be ashamed.”

    He added: “On behalf of the Australian community this court condemns you for your disgraceful conduct”.

    Prosecutors have also asked the court to order the pair to repay the woman for her years of servitude.

    Kumuthini Kannan will be eligible for parole in four years, while her husband, will be eligible in three. Lawyers for the couple are believed to be drawing up an appeal against their sentences.”


  • DonnaJuly 19, 2021 10:18 PM

    And a whole civil war was fought by the South in America to hold on to NOTHING!


    This may help you understand.

    Modern day historians are out by a factor of 10.


  • DonnaJuly 19, 2021 10:18 PM

    And France fought the Haitian rebels for NOTHING!


    Napoleon wanted a North American Empire in New France.

    Haiti/St. Domingue was the gateway to New France, La Louisiane.

    Once lost, French capital simply moved from Haiti to Louisiana and Cuba and sugar was produced there.

    Nelson then loomed large and in charge on the High Seas once war resumed so Napoleon sold off La Louisiane/New France to the newly formed USA!!

    Nelson’s place in history is determined not by sugar but by trade. Trade was the major plank of the British economy so Nelson’s interventions were critical.

    By liquidating France’s assets Napoleon got the loose change to fight the Napoleonic Wars which ended in 1815.

    He also admitted defeat in his plans to develop New France … Nelson!!.

    Louisiana Purchase 1804.

    Check how much bigger La Louisiane/New France is to Haiti.


  • Keep playing games with slave master spawn, wannbe slavemasters and their little niga Slaves in small island positions of antiblack power and see what yall will get..



  • You, devil’s spawn, can help me to understand NOTHING!


    Hope that helps you.


  • Just saw a video of the ceremony in Ghana with the bones or soil or whatever, Mia said both so i don’t know which, however, the flag WAS NOT BURIED, it was taken out before the grave was covered.

    what i don’t know is how she could claim about closing a circle, did not specify who is returning, DID NOT EVEN HONOR OUR ANCESTORS WITH WORDS, …spoke about how resilient “we are’ did not mention just how resilient the Black majority have had to be in the last 60 YEARS to survive 2 backward of their ancestry TRAITOR GOVERNMENTS and thefts of wealth and resources….

    but pick up some criminal minorities, hateful of Black/African people, thieves, gunrunners and drug traffickers, and opening doors for them on the continent like the descendants don’t exist…ya continent words must match ya BARBADOS ACTIONS…


  • The exact words were:

    the “remains soil”


  • William Skinner

    @ David
    William Skinner said thus:
    “There is only one progressive voice in Parliament and that is Comrade Prescod, who has been politically neutered by
    At no time did I write he was “our” most progressive politician. Furthermore, I am quite within my right to state whom I think is the most progressive voice in the present parliament.
    As for the confusing reference to Blackman, I really have no answer.
    You need to start practicing quoting me properly.


  • AM
    are you using the word physiology in correct context, it is a big word


  • Republicans love to say KKK was Democrats formed after emacipation of slaves
    but after Civil Rights era their Southern Strategy targeted racist whites votes
    Donald Trump is the new KKK grandmaster


  • “Deodat Maharaj, Executive Director, Caribbean Export described the partnership of the three companies as a clear indication of the opportunities for commercial relationships between the Caribbean and Africa.

    He believes it is time that we translate our inextricable historical and cultural connections into business opportunities for the people of Africa and the Caribbean. Rising Africa represents a bright new frontier for Caribbean business.”



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