Flashback to Old Barbados

It is important for Barbadians to remember our history. The pictures in the BU gallery were captured from the Facebook Timeline of Dolores Grandison. The pictures vividly demonstrate the progress we have made on many fronts. The struggle is how do we continue to advance change in our little country that is positive and respect the struggle of our forefathers.

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  • @ David,

    Those videos of Janet should be shown to every 5th form student in Barbados.


  • forget 5th form child every builder what is with people building eaves on houses how soon they forget


  • @Hants

    The housing stock in 1955 was poor especially compared to today. However may are of the view- including Grenville Phillips the engineerengineer- our current housing stock would be severely tested if we were to suffer a CAT 2 or greater.


  • Many of the old poor housing stock on props in the hills of St.Andrew survived,whereas then newer houses built with money sent back from the UK or Curacao in the same area with the new fangled idea of flatter roofs did not survive Janet……..we do not learn.


  • @ David,

    ” Low income” housing built by Government should be Cat 2 resistant.

    Poor people who build wooden “chattel” houses generally cannot afford to build a “wall house”. Unfortunately they are at risk during a hurricane.

    However Barbados has been lucky not to have a direct hit.


  • This is a very enlightening video. I was born and raised in Lodge Road, Christ Chur. I was 5 years at the time. All I remember is the howling of the wind. My mother and my sister who was 3 years at the time left our home after the roof was blown off. My mother was planning to go by a relative further up the street who owned a stone house along with a shop. We never reached there since the wind was so ferocious. We ended up at the next door neighbour. Her house was a four-roofed house with a very tall cellar. We stayed in the cellar. I think we stayed there for a few days. I am sure if my mother had perservered the three of us would be killed. I don’t remember where my father and my brothers were.

    As I grew older I then heard about the loss of life that occured in Lodge Road, Christ Church where the Wesleyan Holiness church had collasped and a number of people killed. My mother’s relative house was a short distance from the Wesleyan Holiness church

    From what I heard from my mother and aunts and others hurricane Janet left a lasting impact on the people. One day my father was talking about the hurricane and he said that a lady from Parish Land who left her house to go for shelter lost her infant girl when the wind blew her out of her mother’s hand and the child ended up in a pond.

    Watching this video showed me that apart from the devastation of the housing stock, the after effects of disease was just as bad. I believe all Barbadians young and old should view this video.

    There are some things that happened ten years ago and I cannot remember them, but that day when I was five is etched in my memory as my mother held my hand and lifted my sister in her arms. Every day I thank God for saving our lives. Fortunately none of my relatives were injured. I think we need to reflect on our lives and realise that an incident can occur that can change our lives for ever.

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  • @ David

    Just to make a correction.

    The photo of the yellow, green and red coloured bus, registration number H3312, subtitled “Old time bus,” is actually a “Creole Bus” owned by Grenada Helvellyn Tours.


  • Thanks Artax, will make the correction.


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