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A Win for David vs Goliath

Omari Drakes

Submitted by Chefleur In the High Court of Judicature, little only me, with no formal training in law, but armed with just intelligence and perseverance was able to show that Attorneys ‘don’t know it all’.  In fact they don’t know a damn great deal. Ironically, Omari Drakes of Clarke Gittens and Farmer, a prominent Law firm, was trashed, after he

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Wren Herbert – Lawyers Continue to Abuse the Public with Abandon

Concern has been perennially expressed about the distress members of the legal fraternity visit on the lives of citizens of Barbados. Although the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) and the Disciplinary Committee have grounding in law to discipline the profession, there is little evidence lawyers who run afoul of the laws are satisfactorily sanctioned. We are a nation of laws enacted

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Difficult Conversations – Credit to my Nation

I pledged allegiance to Barbados since the pledge was established in the 1970s. As a child, the pledge was simply words to be recited on command. As an adult, I accepted the responsibilities associated with that solemn pledge. To uphold Barbados’ honour, I tried to: do what was right, bring light where there was darkness, and provide evidence-based correction where

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13 Years Later – Everton Cumberbatch Vs Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham

The blogmaster understands the matter Everton Cumberbatch versus Larry Tatem, Leroy Parris and Johnny Cheltenham is finally set down to be heard on January 26-27, 2022 in the Barbados Courts. For those who have not read the previous blogs – see links below – this matter was filed in May 2008. Let that sink in! Although former President of the

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Why CBC/(ICB) and BCC Can NEVER Optimize


Submitted by Cherfleur In two separate court hearings, these two iconic institutions said a lot about themselves. It explains where and why they are where they are in the scheme of progressiveness. BCC –The Chair, no less than Velma Newton, Attorney-at-Law (I am told), advised the Court (through the Deputy Chair, Ms Denny) that the Hand-Book is not contractual. After

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George Bennett Drug Case: The Good Guys are the Bad Guys

The arrest of George Bennett, a former high ranking member of the Police Drug Squad now a practising lawyer once again confirms the whispers and rum shop talk. Although the traditional media delights in emblazoning the mugs of ‘little black boys’ on the front and court pages caught pushing drugs, commonsense supports a view that prominent, respected citizens are important

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A Request to Attorney at Law Joseph Serrant of BlackStone Law Firm

According to its website the BLACKSTONE Law Firm was established in 2011 and is headed by Joseph Serrant located at Strathclyde Drive, Bridgetown, Barbados. Further, the law firm advertises the expertise to represent in areas of: Property Law (conveyancing & mortgages) Law of Succession Debt Recovery Incorporation of Businesses The blogmaster writes on behalf of a concerned citizen who continues

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In an earlier blog – Customer Versus Carmax the plight of an ordinary Barbadian whose only crime was to purchase a vehicle from CarMax located on Hastings Main Road in Christ Church has resulted in a tale of woe. A simple summary: in 2014 the Barbadian purchased a pre owned Kia Sportage 2000 cc diesel 4WD Engine# D4EA5H112253. Within the

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Lawyers Continue to Laugh at We

A few weeks ago Chief Justice Patterson Cheltenham revealed that after a ‘dig’ 70 matters were discovered lying idle in the court system. In other words, some lawyers are filing a notice of appeal and leaving the matter in abeyance without active follow up to activate the matter therefore adding to the burgeoning case load. When the matter is called

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Difficult Conversations – She is Infallible

Grenville Phillips

Last week, I described the Leader of the Opposition’s irresponsible actions that unnecessarily delayed the Court case, and the Judge’s rejection of his adjournment request.  I will now report the Attorney General’s main arguments. The Attorney General offered two main arguments.  The first was that the Leader of the Opposition’s appointment was not of sufficient public interest.  Therefore, it should

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CCJ Dismisses Appeal of the Estate of Marjorie Ilma Knox v John Vere Evelyn Deane and others

The feud between the Knox and Deane families spans decades. Several of the protagonists et al have crossed have shuffled off this mortal coil. The one good the matter has presented is to give the Caribbean Court of Appeal (CCJ) another opportunity to ridicule the supine nature of our justice system. May this matter rest. Media Release – CCJ Dismisses

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Computer Misuse – growing threat or the price of progress?

The following submitted by social commentator and environmental activist Kammie Holder – with the message “computer misuse as interpreted by Judge Birch” – Blogmaster INTRODUCTION In previous years, the use of words and images to inflict damage, create menace or discomfort to others lay in the province of defamation, whether criminal or otherwise. Such cases were relatively few in number

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Donville Inniss Sitting Alone in the Dock

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim Dear Blogmaster: Re Inniss, a reasonable person might acquaint himself with any relevant rules of engagement.   Such rules will inevitably vary from jurisdiction (e.g Barbados)  to jurisdiction (e.g Florida or New York).   But, familiarity with them can be instructive if not edifying.  It can even save the inattentive and the unwary aggravation in terms

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Donville Inniss Matter Raises Questions About Unwillingness of Local Authorities to Unmask Corruption in High Places

The conviction of former Minister Donville Inniss in the United States of America an his upcoming sentencing has been smothered by news of the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020. The matter blipped twice in the newsfeed this month when first it was reported Inniss fired his lawyer Anthony Ricco and replaced him with Joel Hirschhorn to challenge how he (Inniss)

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