Jail Dishonest Lawyers BUT …

By all means jail dishonest lawyers, jail persons who dare to break the law BUT for goodness sake, speedup the delivery of justice in our Courts!

Justice delayed is justice denied

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  1. Lawyer jailed for theft
    by RACHELLE AGARD rachelleagard@nationnews.com

    A FOURTH ATTORNEY was jailed yesterday, this time for stealing more than half million dollars from a client.
    Ernest Winston Jackman will spend six years and 151 days for the deed after his time on remand was deducted from a seven-year sentence imposed by Justice Pamela Beckles who told him that he had significantly breached the trust of his client John Huggins.
    “The relationship between client and attorney is one of trust, binding an attorney to the utmost good faith in dealing with his client. An attorney must act with complete fairness, honour, honesty, loyalty and fidelity in all his dealings with his client. An attorney is held to strict accountability for the performance and observance of those professional duties, and for a breach or violation thereof, the attorney must be held liable or accountable. Mr Jackman, you’ve breached that trust significantly, and failed in the handling of your client’s affairs, and for that you must be held accountable,” she said as Jackman stood in the dock with his head bowed.
    Jackman, 67, of Wiltshire Plantation House, Wiltshire, St Philip, had been found guilty of stealing $678 414.75, between June 23,
    2006 and March 5, 2007, belonging to HEJ Ltd and laundering the money between June 23, 2006 and October 18, 2011.
    The 214 days Jackman spent on remand were deducted, resulting in the six years and 151 days for both offences, which is set to run concurrently. He had repaid half the amount prior to being charged.
    “Your promises to repay the complainant the balance of his money has not borne fruit, in whole or in part. This must have caused the elderly complainant further anguish as he has been waiting for 15 years already,” Justice Beckles added, noting that the sentence was a deterrent for others.
    Recently, attorney Norman Lynch was also convicted of theft, in that he laundered $457 634, and stole $50 000 belonging to the Estate of Arthur Oneal Thomas, and a further $407 634 belonging to Thomas’ estate.
    In 2020, Cheraine Parris was sentenced to four years for stealing $302 000 from a client.
    She had originally been charged with stealing $462 000, but was indicted for the lesser amount after she repaid the difference.
    Meanwhile, Vonda Pile, who is facing a second theft-related charge in relation to $205 481.88 and engaging in money laundering of the same amount, is serving a three-year sentence for stealing $191 416.39 from a client.
    On his last appearance, two weeks ago, in the No.
    5 Supreme Court, Jackman’s attorney Sally Comissiong had asked for a twoweek adjournment as Jackman had indicated he needed the time to procure the funds.
    However, when the matter was called yesterday, Huggins’ lawyer Alrick Scott KC indicated that no more money had been paid.
    Justice Beckles said the offence warranted a custodial sentence as Jackman had stolen his clients’ retirement fund. She took note of the dishonesty, the substantial amount of money, that the offence had been committed for financial gain, the high level of inconvenience caused to Huggins, the impact on him, and the purpose for which the funds were taken which was a venture which fell through. However, Justice Beckles noted that a significant portion of the money had been repaid.
    “Having regard for the seriousness of these offences, and bearing in mind the need to maintain public confidence in the administration of justice, and the need to send a strong message to society that such behaviour will not be condoned, this court considers that eight years was an appropriate starting point for each of these offences,” Justice Beckles said.
    However, she said the starting point was reduced by one year after considering the mitigating factors slightly outweighed the aggravating factors relative to Jackman.
    These included his remorse, his clean criminal record, good character, clean presentencing
    report, and favourable testimony from character witness. Jackman had sold three townhouses without incident for Huggins, but a fourth had created issues when Jackman did not hand over the monies from that sale. Huggins had spoken to the lawyer on a number of occasions to try to recoup the funds, but was met with promises for repayment and a dishonoured cheque.
    After some time, Huggins received part payment of $50 000 and eventually reported the matter to the police.
    Following the trial and conviction, Jackman had expressed profound regret for the error in judgement, describing the circumstances as traumatising, embarrassing and the cause of much emotional distress. However, he pledged his commitment to entirely repaying Huggins, having already repaid half the total sum.

    Source: Nation

  2. By all means jail dishonest lawyers, jail persons who dare to break the law BUT for goodness sake, speedup the delivery of justice in our Courts!

    Justice delayed is justice denied


    Maybe try jailing corrupt Judges too.

  3. An ordinary citizen who steals the property of another should be made to repay, AND spend some time in jail.

    A lawyer who swears an OATH to uphold the law, and to faithfully represent clients whose hire they accept …. not so much…
    …only something like a guillotine could suffice as reasonable punishment… ..AND the stolen property MUST BE returned to the victim…. if necessary by the family (and aiders and abetters) of the damn crook.

    In six short years he (and as we speak, his family) will be living large on the poor victim’s assets…..

    For judges and politicians, the penalty should be extracted at dawn, in the Market Square, on the Monday, one week following the sentence….

    These bunch of brass bowls who have been mekking mock sport at the spiritual laws of God and Nature have brought us ALL to the brink of calamity…

    By our silence and consent, we also fully deserve the coming karma…

    • @Bush Tea

      The Justice System is fundamental to maintaining an orderly society therefore officers of the Court are charged with a weighty responsibility. To whom much is given much is expected. That this case idled so long in the system and the victim’s reward that of being out of pocket is regrettable. What about forfeiture of assets? Then again Jackman would have anticipated being the lawyer he was.

  4. Is it money laundering when a lawyer uses his client funds to pay a next lawyer to represents him?

    Are these trials one big scheme to wash the money?

    Let’s stop believing in the goodness of man and speculate a little when funds are not clawed back and given to the victim?

    When light sentences are imposed, is it possible that judges are accomplices in the dastardly swindle? The crooked lawyer gets a share (50%), his legal representative gets 25% and the judge gets his 25%.

    As the client’s legal representative also get his fees from the client we have four winners. The only loser is the client as he/she ends up with an empty tube of Vaseline and a sore butt.
    He got screwed at least twice.

  5. Do not fall for what appears to be some kind of justice as it is a wicked firm of public deception.

    What a victim wants is his/her money back. If these guys can keep the money and spread it amongst themselves as legal fees, then we have robbery/theft masquerading as justice.

    Don’t believe the hype. Ignore people who will come her beat their gumbd and act as if justice was served.

  6. TheOGazerts on November 24, 2022 at 8:21 AM said:
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    Don’t believe the hype. Ignore people who will come her beat their gumbd and act as if justice was served.


    Pretty difficult if the media is deceiving people and no one gets called to account.

  7. “The only loser is the client as he/she ends up with an empty tube of Vaseline and a sore butt.
    He got screwed at least twice.”

    4 times, if you count how many other legal crooks benefitted financially from the client’s misery and 17 year long wait for any type of justice….and STILL INT GET IT… since 9 months is a prison year.

    remember all these frauds wannbe a slave master complete with a plantation….and tiefing evabody money to achieve it…

  8. The most corrupt system anyone will ever encounter is called the Court System. It is run by greed and injustice so don’t be surprised with lawyers stealing as much as they can and ignorant arrogant biased lazy Judges who will never administer balance fairness and justice.

  9. They were dishonest before entering law school, everything that they have should be sold and pay their clients…what is going to happen to all these young lawyers that graduating every years?

  10. @ Bush Tea who wrote ” only something like a guillotine could suffice as reasonable punishment ”

    I disagree.I prefer to let them live but more importantly the client should be repaid every wrasse whole cent plus interest plus damages for mental anguish suffered.

    • You may not get it Hants, but it is soft hearted men like you and emotional women who have got us in this position between a rock and a hard place.
      This is why you should stay with fishing and music, and leave the leadership to bushmen.

      The Laws if Nature are intractable.. They do NOT depend on yours, or Bushies consent or approval.
      Either we COMPLY, or our donkeys will pay the price….
      Karma is NOT open to negotiation.

      If our shiite leaders continue to follow the albino centric jokers with their ‘touchy feely’ approach to wickedness, we MUST expect the same results that are now aligned for the donkeys of these advocates of Evil.

      By JUSTIFYING and CONDONING wickedness in high places (at the State level)…
      By condoning this kinda shiite in courts with a slap on the wrist, (while hustling a hungry misguided boy off to jail for stealing some shiite ‘impurity’ bread) we are institutionalizing EVIL…. when we clearly know better.

      Execute two three of these high level %$&^#@s ….and try as hard as you can for the next decade, Bushie is betting, that you could not find another $%#@^& for the guillotine.

      There is a way that SEEMS right to brass bowls…. BUT it is the way to death.

  11. @Hants
    That should be the primary outcome. The victim get his money.

    If the outcome is that the victim is not repaid; if the outcome is that the lawyer gets to keep the money and only has to share it with his partner (legal defender), then we are seeing sham justice.

    • “That should be the primary outcome. The victim get his money”
      Yet another albino-centric philosophy!

      The PRIMARY outcome should be JUSTICE.
      Justice …and doing the RIGHT things (righteousness) – these are the key issues that should concern an enlightened State here Boss.

      The money back is just a corollary of justice…. provided that the money was honestly earned by the ‘victim’ in the first place.

      No wonder that so few people understand Caswell….

  12. Suppose a good and honest lawyer is elevated to be a judge in a corrupt system, then we should look at him the same way we look at the rest of the cast. What has been done is to use his reputation to provide a cloak of propriety for a den of thieves.

    We should not use good and honest man as the measure of the honesty of a court, we need to look at the worst of the bunch, for it is there that injustice is practiced.

    • Off topic but too good to pass up –

      Poor John Boy the Frognosticator is wrong yet again!

      Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin for Alaska seat -AGAIN! Score another one for me. TOLD YA!

      You really should stay out of the political analysis business.

      Don’t hijack the blog with the nonsense though! What can you say anyway?

      And I have said my piece and that is all there is to say.

      So much for the statistical master! You have to be able to read PEOPLE.

  13. “If the outcome is that the victim is not repaid; if the outcome is that the lawyer gets to keep the money and only has to share it with his partner (legal defender), then we are seeing sham justice.”

    If we were to examine ‘justice’ within the context of the above comments, then, we’ve been “seeing sham justice” for several years.

    Are the victims of burglaries, muggings, car jackings COMPENSATED for loss of their property by the perpetrators of those crimes?
    By the time the perpetrator is eventually caught, he had already disposed of his ‘ill gotten gains’ and enjoyed the ‘profits’ therefrom.

    Shouldn’t an individual who, for example, was robbed of his/her wages be likewise compensated by the robber, or are we confining the ‘repayment’ issue exclusively to lawyers?

    • Wuh part uh de Bible prescribes capital punishment for theft of any kind by ANYONE??????

      This is what “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” was meant to put an end to way back then – punishment that exceeded the crime.

      Making restitution is also an ancient principle, nothing albino-centric about it.

      Nothing emotionally female about it. I would counter that the misogynistic male here is the one abandoning reason and reverting to animal instinct. Typical masculine, violent mindset!

  14. No wonder I can’t understand many of BU’s contributors either.

    Bushie wants the guillotine for lawyers, while other contributors seem to be suggesting, lawyers who steal their clients’ property should be given special treatment, if they come from communities such as Deacon’s Farm, Orleans, Chapman Lane, Nelson Street or the Pine.

    I recall on Thursday, September 5, 2019, when Attorney-at-Law Vonda Pile, was sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of stealing $191,416.39 belonging to her former client, Anstey King, between April 29, 2009 and October 26, 2010.
    Some BU contributors were of the opinion Ms. Pile was ‘a victim of class prejudice’ and ‘made a scapegoat for an incompetent and corrupt system,’ simply because she came from Deacon’s Road.

    Similar sentiments were also being expressed by certain individuals as it related to CLICO, the policy holders and Leroy Parris, because he came from humble origins.

    • Divide on the ‘Kojak’ way
      The shots fired across the bow of the Barbados Police Service earlier this week by a former ace detective have triggered a series of mixed reactions among the public about the pros and cons of his comments.
      Retired assistant superintendent of the then Royal Barbados Police Force, David “Kojak” Callender, well known in his time – and still today – for a look akin to the very popular television character of yesteryear with that moniker, pulled no punches when he said in essence that the streets needed a bunch of tough cops to restore respect for the police, particularly among the growing criminal element.
      He harked back to the days of men with names like “Dirty Harry”, “Rap Brown” and “Tracksuit Top” who ruled the roost, so to speak, when it came to fighting crime and dealing with some of Barbados’ notorious criminals.
      “Back then when youngsters saw the police coming, they would run and hide their contraband . . . . That is not the case today,” Kojak said, adding that instead of running, the deviant young men want to strike back.
      For some people of a certain age group, it cast their minds back
      to when such lawmen appeared to have little to no fear when carrying out their duties.
      “Kojak” found some support, according to talk Cou Cou heard on the streets, from those who felt the police top brass sounded too “soft” and “diplomatic” when publicly addressing the issue of rising crime in recent times.
      To summarise, people have been saying that the Barbados Police Service needs to present a tougher public face to the issue. They said while they don’t want to see an allguns-blazing approach to arresting the gun crime, they want that when the police speak it drives “the fear of God” into the hearts and minds of criminals or those contemplating criminality, prompting them to put down their guns, or else!
      However, the call by “Kojak” has been shot down by some who argue that he and company did not have to deal with so many illegal guns on the streets, where it appears that any Tom, Dick or Harry owns a gun or has access to one – and not just a little pocket pistol.
      They say the threats to their lives have been amplified by the number of “little thugs” and wayward youth who, as Deputy Commissioner Erwin Boyce stated a couple weeks ago, have access to guns at an “unprecedented”
      level and are not afraid to fire away at anybody.
      He added police were “now beginning to see on our streets firearms that are not wanted guns”, that is, weapons that have not been traced to multiple hits.
      The long and short of it all, some say, is that the criminal is more willing to fight fire with fire these days, including using high-powered assault weapons like AK-47s, and it was not like the days when the most feared criminal would use the odd gun, dynamite, cutlasses or even “big rocks” to fight back or carry out their criminal deeds.
      One man said that was something “Kojak” and others like him need to put in their pipe and smoke it.
      After all the “lotta long talk”, Cou Cou will wait and see if the call of “Kojak” is answered, but one way or the other, something has to be done to rein in the growing gun violence and these trigger-happy criminals.

      Source: Nation

  15. “Are the victims of burglaries, muggings, car jackings COMPENSATED for loss of their property by the perpetrators of those crimes?”

    I think you broaden the net too much. I was talking about lawyers who steal from their clients and have them in a quite different category than burglars and car jackers.

  16. @BT
    “The money back is just a corollary of justice…. provided that the money was honestly earned by the ‘victim’ in the first place.”

    I suspect victims are more interested in the corollary than in what you think is justice. Don’t give these lawyers free housing and food and then allow them to keep the money as well.

  17. I leave the upper level logic to the likes of Bushie, Artax and TheOGazerts.

    My conclusions are based on little things like the cost of an Air Ambulance from Barbados to Miami or Toronto.

    I doan have to read an spell fuh wunna.

  18. @ TheO
    “…Don’t give these lawyers free housing and food and then allow them to keep the money as well.”
    Extract compensation from them and /or their family or other beneficiaries of the loot…..
    THEN deal with their donkeys.

    When you take a solemn oath to uphold the Law, to do what is right, and to defend the defenseless, THEN you cannot be compared with ordinary brass bowls…. you need to be beaten with many stripes…

    …and of COURSE our shiite Laws have been warped for generations. They are designed to protect the property and money of alnino-centric demons…like the same lawyers / politicians /merchants …and the poor misguided wannabes …now running around with guns..

    It is ALSO why we are now in duck’s guts…..

    @ Hants
    Boss, you are so hopelessly indoctrinated with the a-c culture (albino-centric) that you would not know a ‘principle’ from ‘principal’ – unless the interest rates were shown…. LOL
    Come away from Babylon Hants….. 🙂

  19. Donna
    on November 25, 2022 at 9:56 AM said:
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    Off topic but too good to pass up –

    Poor John Boy the Frognosticator is wrong yet again!

    Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin for Alaska seat -AGAIN! Score another one for me. TOLD YA!


    This may be above your pay grade but let me try and explain it to you.

    Murkowski and Mitch changed the election rules to ranked choice elections to ensure she could keep her seat in the Senate against Kelly Tshibaka, another Republican but the one who was actually chosen by the Republican party of Alaska!!!

    The single Democrat got about 10% of the vote and most of the rest was split between the two republicans.

    Murkowski won because she got the second choice votes of the Democrat who ran.

    Crazy election manipulation!!

    In the House, the result of the ranked choice was that two republicans ran against Peltola, Palin and Begich.

    Between the two of them, they got way more votes than the Democrat, Peltola.

    Alaska remains Republican.

    It was a foregone conclusion from the primaries once the two republicans ran against each other.

    Interestingly enough Murkowski in the Senate race endorsed the Democrat Peltola in the House race and vice versa.

    Palin and Begich in a winner takes all primary would have meant only one republican candidate would have run and that would have been Palin who would have easily won at a canter.

    The vote in the general election along party lines would have meant Tshbaka would have won the senate seat and Palin the house, but for the rule change.

    Can you figure out what the result means to the RINOS and the old GOP with Mitch McConnell?

    They are exposed.

    The republicans have the House 222 to 213 and Pelosi is gone.

    The Alaskan House and Senate seats were worth losing just to expose Mitch, Murkowski and the Old GOP/RINOS.

    There is no ambiguity now about Mitch.

    Trump had him figured out ever since even though h endorsed him in the 2020 election,

  20. Murkowski inherited her seat from her father, normally she would have been a shoo in like Liz Cheney in Wyoming.

    But the Republican Party not only censured her but did not give her its nomination.

    The only reason she and Peltola won their seats was because of the rule change.

    Mitch got what he wanted at the cost of a House seat, but the new GOP is under no illusion about him.

    His days may soon be numbered because of the way he exposed himself.

    Trump wins!!

    …. again!!


  21. Lawyers are a business
    They represent Criminals so they can walk
    They represent Mothers so they can shaft Fathers
    They Rip off Fathers who want basic rights to see children
    They should go to Hell on Judgement Day

  22. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/24/judge-chastises-lawyer-for-violating-trust-after-theft-and-failure-to-repay-clients-money/“She added that based on the mitigating factors – that Jackman
    had shown genuine remorse,
    his clean criminal record,
    good character,
    favourable pre-sentencing report, the fact he had been assessed as having a low risk of reoffending, and the favourable testimony from his character witness – the term would be adjusted downwards by one year, to seven years.”

    Wait a minute!
    If I murder a man in 2006 and the judge is sentencing me in 2022 and I cry a few crocodile tears, Have I shown remorse and do I still have a clean criminal record ? Am I still of good character? I would promise not to reoffend and I am quite certain my mom, sister and wife (excellent citizens) would give favorable testimony.

    When do I stop having a clean criminal record? Is it just a piece of paper or is it the human condition?

  23. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/19/no-jail-time-for-guilty-three/

    From BT with my comments enclosed in []
    Justice Greaves told Sealy no conviction would be recorded against him, but he would have to serve a 12-month probationary period and would have to adhere to conditions of counselling as directed by the probation officer.

    [Does that mean he has no criminal record?
    What a thing …
    Forget the police check and ask Lickmout Lou or the village gossip.

    Could it be that, judges are too soft on crime>]

  24. In the end, Peltola took just under 55% of the vote. Palin got just over 45%. Palin got a boost once fellow Republican Nick Begich III, who finished third, was eliminated and his 64,392 ballots redistributed during ranked choice tabulation. Nearly two-thirds of his voters chose Palin as their second choice, but 21% didn’t make a second choice – and nearly 12% went for Peltola, who won the two-year term.

    • Editorial
      Sound advice for young attorneys

      Back in 2008, then Chief Justice Sir David Simmons had some sound advice for a group of young attorneys being admitted to the Bar.
      “You are entering a profession with a long and noble tradition. The Bar is one of the great professions and those who join it are colleagues in a great fraternity,” he told them.
      Fourteen years ago, then Justice of Appeal Sandra Mason was a new member of the Court of Appeal and she was attending her “first special sitting” after her elevation to that high position on the bench. Today she is the first President of the world’s newest republic and she and Mia Amor Mottley, Barbados’ first female Prime Minister, both lawyers, are on a short global list of women who are the head of state or leader of a democratically elected government.
      Back then, too, the country’s attorneys were numbered in the hundreds but today they total more than 1 000 practitioners who represent clients in court, draft wills and other key documents and interpret laws of equity, trusts and other vital elements of daily life.
      They are also key advisors to Government, the private sector and civil society. Interestingly, just as important, at last week’s admission of 48 attorneys to the Bar in a ceremony in the Supreme Court, women outnumbered men by at least two to one.
      At the same time, four attorneys are currently in
      Dodds Prison for breaking some of the profession’s sacred rules of trust which they had sworn to uphold. This has reinforced the principle that no one is above the law.
      In much the same way that Sir David advised the youthful lawyers about what to avoid or pursue, both the current Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham, and the Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams (who was acting as Attorney General and is also a seasoned attorney) urged them to uphold the Bar’s traditions.
      To that list of “truths” we add some of our own. They should:
      • reject any “overweening desire to get
      rich quick” because, as Sir David warned, it will inevitably lead to a breach of the legal profession rules and, as seen in recent cases, get some practitioners into legal hot water;
      • be upfront with clients and keep
      them informed about the progress of their cases;
      • in accordance with Rule 88 in the
      legal profession Code of Ethics, “never mingle funds of others with their own and shall at all times be able to refund money being held for others”;
      • avoid tardiness when representing
      clients, as absence or lateness causes delays and, after all, “justice delayed is justice denied”;
      • watch their tongue and the way they
      address the court. Folly, poor language and inappropriate attire hardly impress judges and juries.
      Sir Patterson urged the young lawyers to “learn to respect the court and the court will respect you” and refuse to follow the mistaken belief there is a pot of financial gold at the end of the civil work out there done at the expense of criminal work. It can trigger two things – deny criminal defendants effective representation and cause punishing delays.
      Abrahams also cautioned them not to be slaves to precedent. “Do not let anyone stunt your creativity,” he added.
      On and on we can go, but we urge the attorneys to always remember that people’s freedoms and their resources are often at stake. How efficiently they practise their profession plays a major role in not only meeting their clients’ needs but also how the profession is seen in the eyes of the public. Reputation
      and respect are equally as important as revenue or returns. It is on the former that they will be ultimately judged.

      Source: Nation

  25. Cleaning up Corrupt Shitstems
    Lawyers found guilty of crime are Employees of Law Firms who should be held fully accountable as Employers for malpractice and should make good for all out of pocket losses to Clients and/or be made insolvent.
    Lawyers found guilty should be struck off and disallowed from “practicing Law”.

  26. Looking at the Global Village of Planet Earth and Micro Village of the Underprivileged in Barbados at the Macro Level in legacy systems of endemic institutional corruption, it is clear that the rich hold the power and the poor feel the strain and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the little that the poor man has will be taken away do you hear what I say. This is how the system has been intentionally designed.

  27. Don’t mind all the judicial dancing for their fellow bar fly, that is right up until ALL THE OTHER VICTIMS COME FORWARD….with claims of years of thefts of various amounts, am sure a hundred people or more can come forward..

    “good character,
    favourable pre-sentencing report, the fact he had been assessed as having a low risk of reoffending, and the favourable testimony from his character witness”

  28. “Between you and WARU you fuck up every blog topic.”

    i don’t even be on BU like before, all i have to do these days is post something that can’t be used as a distraction tool, something filled with reality and all the cowards run…not a fella comment.

  29. TheO,

    Does one get an honorary doctorate for doing NOTHING????

    It is my understanding that though you may not have studied in the formal setting of the learning institution, those so awarded usually have a body of work that had a great impact on society.

    Here it is that you are placing book work above real life and often EXTRAORDINARY contributions to society!

    Nobody is going to give you or me an honorary doctorate because we have not EARNED ONE.


  30. From above
    “At the same time, four attorneys are currently in
    Dodds Prison for breaking some of the profession’s sacred rules of trust which they had sworn to uphold. ”

    Counting the number of attorney in Dodds is not an accurate reflection of the number of thieves that are lawyers. This is similar to look at the number of people currently imprisoned and believe that we have all of the criminals under restraint.

  31. @Donna
    A convincing argument, but sometimes honorary doctorate are awarded for just standing on one leg.

    But very persuasive. Thinking.

  32. “To that list of “truths” we add some of our own. They should:
    • reject any “overweening desire to get
    rich quick” because, as Sir David warned, it will inevitably lead to a breach of the legal profession rules and, as seen in recent cases, get some practitioners into legal hot water;”

    Is that tough talk. Here are two sentences.
    1) if I catch you cheating then you will be in hot water
    2) if I catch you cheating then I want my half and your half, be prepared pick your clothes out of the road (in paper bags) – those that aren’t burned. Don’t come within 200 yards of the house. I will give away your expensive toys that you left in the house. The homeless will be wearing your suits. Hopefully, the side-chick has a roof for the two of you.

    The second one spell out the penalties. Only a man with nothing to lose would think that the two sentences are the same.

  33. One of the commandments goes like this “don’t get caught” and even you do pretend you didn’t, even with a court judgement, and get yourself a lawyer….other than that, we got yuh back.

    Why yuh tink they got away with it for 100 years.

  34. A next acronym – TTSN
    Talking tough and yet saying nothing.

    When you list the penalties to be suffered, then a victim can come and say ‘but you promised this and promised that’. Your words are pregnant with actions that must be delivered when an infraction occurs.

    When you say ‘hot water’, it may sound tough and good to some fools, but the lawyers know your words are weak and empty, a vague call to do something (meaningless) and a signal that nothing harsh will be done.

  35. Lawyers and Police Officers Unions provide standard scripts to plead in Courts so Judges can give them a Bligh
    “I’m sorry I fucked up”
    “I forget stealing was illegal”
    “I was scared for my life so I shot the black youth dead”

  36. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/26/appeal-against-courts-refusal-to-disbar-attorney-to-proceed/

    It’s games, a mockery of justice and sheer bullshit – the lawyer keeps the funds.
    You win but yet you lose – the lawyer keeps the funds.
    You run from this court to that court – – the lawyer keeps the funds.

    The mistake most victims make is that they fall for the promise of a win. What they need to do is to develop a strategy (before entering court) on how they will get their hands on the funds when and if they win.

    Do not fall for the trick of running from court to court as you are participating in money laundering/washing. If you win, you lose.
    Here is how it works
    (1) Lawyer A steals your money
    (2)He hires lawyer B (his partner in crime) and pays him. Your stolen (dirty)money is now converted (clean) to by payment legal fees to his partner
    (3) Meanwhile, you also have to pay an attorney to fight two crooked attornies
    (4) If the sum is large enough for you to chase, it may be further washed by going through several courts
    (5) The integrity of the judges must also be questioned.

    I am not a lawyer but I am going to give you the best bit of legal advice you will ever get.
    1) If the proceeds in your case exceed $200,000 it is best that you be your own lawyer. A win will be recorded as a win and a loss will be recorded as a loss.
    2) Half a loaf is better than none.
    If the case is worth $400k then avoid the lawyer and go the company and say. This case is really worth 400K but if you put a check for 200K in my bank account I will be happy.

    With a local lawyer (the only outcome is a loss)
    if you lose the case then you lose the case
    if you win the case then you lose your money

    The mistake most victims make is that they fall for the promise of a win. What they need to do is to have a strategy on how they will get their hands on the funds when and if they win. Do not fall for the trick of running from court to court as you are participating in money laundering/washing.

  37. That is good advice.
    Accept the fact that if the sum is large enough a win is becomes a loss for you.
    Take you half of a loaf and thank God


    Cop: I saw her put bag in ’fridge
    Lead investigator sergeant Jamal Williams said he saw accused Hazel Greenidge exit the back of the Akademiks Sports Bar, deposit a black handbag in a drinks crate and run back inside the bar.

    He was giving evidence in the No. 3 Supreme Court in the gun and ammunition trial of Greenidge, who has denied illegal possession of a Glock 23 semi-automatic S&W .40 calibre pistol and seven rounds of ammunition, all on February 18, 2018.


    Not guilty of gun and ammo charge
    Hazel Donna Greenidge yesterday shed tears of joy after she was freed of a gun and ammunition charge.

    The hairdresser, of Block 11 B Bottom Close, Wildey, St Michael, had pleaded not guilty to illegal possession of a Glock 23 semi-automatic S&W .40 calibre pistol and seven rounds of ammunition, all on February 18, 2018. She was 46 years old at the time.

    It took the nine-member jury about an hour and a half to return the unanimous verdict in the No. 3 Supreme Court.


  39. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/11/30/cjs-call/
    “In a no-holds-barred speech to mark the ceremonial opening of the legal year 2022-2023, Sir Patterson lamented that the judiciary had not changed much in the last 60 years and the system was “burdened with overloads” and “anchored to operating systems long obsolete”.

    Is the CJ part of the solution or a part of the problem?

    Every few days someone steps to the microphone and tells you how bad the system is, what is wrong and what needs fixing. Then they ask for more staff, more judges, more departments and then they go on hibernation. In the end, nothing changes.

  40. The speeches are all good. Men of words deliver beautiful words and are short on actions. They are wordsmiths and not swordsmiths. The people want warriors and to see men waving swords instead of whispering into microphones.

    Isn’t Mia well known for delivering outstanding speeches on big stages. In fact, the bigger the microphone the more eloquent/grandiloquent/mellifluous is her speech. But a few of us, with hungry eyes and empty bellies ask ..”Where’s the beef?”

    A clanging empty pot cannot satiate a ‘meat and potatoes man’; he leaves the good speeches (the equivalent of bright shiny objects) to those who love a melody.. Where’s the meat?

  41. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/12/02/no-need-to-fear-2/
    “Trebor Randle, Special Agent-in-charge of the Atlanta Office of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, told Barbados TODAY it could serve as a useful tool in helping Barbados and the rest of the region bring an end to the importation of illegal weapons.”

    One man’s opinion.
    By now many of you have figured out that I am no lawyer in Barbados or the US.

    It is not clear if this “Agent” is suggesting the testing of port officials or of ‘customers’ or both. If it is the officials, then the union should protest and fight against this course of action.

    I am willing to bet that there is no port in the US where ‘customers’ enter and are then subjected to a polygraph test.

    I am willing to best that this agent may have used polygraph test but it is not to test the general public and that it is only used when some criminal act is suspected and the suspect is under police control.

    It always amuses me when these US agents can suggest solutions for Barbados that are against the laws in their domicile. They would extend their arrogant, uncouth and dictatorial behavior to our citizens at their port of entry to us at ports in our own country. We cannot allow these US officials (regardless of their color) to advocate for the violation of our (civil) rights. They cannot do it in the US, they cannot reccomend it here.

    No! No! Damn you, No! Actively pursue our criminals. Combat the importation of illegal guns, but not at the expense of the right of our citizens.

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    —Martin Niemöller

  42. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/12/16/dutch-menace/

    Jesus! I need to come to Barbados with a boatload of guns and drugs. If caught I will pretend that I cannot speak English, get fined and hopefully deported from Barbados. Now I don’t anyone to say “I know he. He born here. He went school with me”

    This guy should have been fined, forced to spend the remaining 342 days in jail and then deported. Like it or not, what you are seeing is a two or three tier justice system.

    (Don’t panic… I will not push my luck… I know my tier and I know lickmout Bajan will snitch on me)

  43. Those persons who have lost money by the actions of Attorneys-at-law should file a claim with the Barbados Bar Association to obtain compensation as the Association has, I believe, over one million dollars in hand on deposit at a Bank.

    Every practising Attorney-at-law has to pay $200.00 every year to the fund. otherwise the Attorney-at-law cannot obtain a practising certificate and risks proseciution


  44. https://barbadosunderground.net/2022/11/24/jail-dishonest-lawyer-but/

    I thought I had seen and read it all, but the (in)justice system has once again caught me by surprise.

    Let’s pretend a murder was committed and you (YES YOUU) though innocent are accused and held on remand. Let’s assume that evidence which clears you is available after your first6 months, then how long will you be on remand?

    One year maximum?
    No you failed. In Barbados … 10 years.

    Here is a next question.
    So you are innocent, can/will anyone produce information which proves you guilty?

    No! Things don’t work like that in Barbados!.
    You failed again. In Barbados? Yes. Some guy passing himself off as an expert on bite marks, provided evidence that was found by other experts to be flawed. The “Bajan” expert did not have the qualification or training that was up to the task. He was only able to drive a drove a nail into the accused (innocent) coffin,

    Last question…
    If you don’t get this last one right, please please get off your computer, go outside and toss a ball around.

    How much money do you think that an innocent man who was held for 9.5 additional years received?
    No! No! You are wrong again.
    He received less that $2M BDS dollars.

    Now I have come to accept people getting lost in the system because of lousy paperwork. But when you can knowingly hold an innocent man for 10 years then something is wrong with your system.

    Jesus, How many canaries have to die, before someone figure out there is a problem in the coal mine? Justice seems like a discriminating hooker.. she doesn’t sleep with everyone, she dispenses her favor to select Johns.

  45. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/01/04/attorney-says-appealing-1-8m-payout-to-former-accused-would-be-wrong-move/

    Of course it is is the wrong move.

    Government must be dissuaded from keeping people ‘in custody’ for an unnecessary and extraordinary length of time and there is only one way of doing this…. Hit them in the pocket book hard an often.

    Junk justice and injustice must not be tolerated.

    Whilst the AG is going through one door saying the money should be decreased, the lawyers should go through another door asking that the amount of compensation be increased. ( I’m not a lawyer, so this may not work): Suggesting – Ask for more money; ask for a jury and ask to get me on the jury … I will help you to open the bank. If dem brek, I will help you brekkem up.

    I would bet that if compensation of $5M was ordered, the jail would be emptied by tomorrow of all those who were unnecessarily detained or wrongly detained for an extended period.

  46. This one almost slipped past me..
    Imagine this
    (1) On May 17, 2022 – A lawyer was found guilty of stealing $50 000 between August 18, 2005 and December 21, 2008.

    (2) On May 17, 2022 – He was found guilty of stealing $407 634, between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008.

    (3) On May 17, 2022 – He was also found guilty of money laundering in the disposal of $457 634, being the proceeds of crime, also between June 22, 2007 and December 21, 2008.

    That is almost 17 years between the start of his crime spree and when “injustice” was rendered.

    The reporting on these stories is so incomplete that it is difficult to follow. However, it appears that the Lawyers was in the courts on Friday 2/3/2023 and the sentencing was postponed to 2/23/2003.

    Conspiracy theory alert:
    Having exhausted the victims with this drawn-out affair, they will be repeatedly called to the court and see this matter postponed until they give up any hope of seeing some form of justice.

    Advice to New Lawyers
    I have studied SEVERAL of these cases and based on the outcome of these trials, I have advice for new lawyers – One of the charges was money laundering.

    My study has informed me on how to launder money. The safest way of laundering stolen money is to pay it to a next attorney as fees. That washing machine works out in the open and will not/ cannot be questioned. Steal a sum that is still large when divisible by at least THREE and then subject the victims to the snail pace of Barbados.

    Why THREE? It doesn’t make sense stealing money and getting a judge that wants to do things quickly. Our slowpoke system will drag out the affair until the second coming of Christ. But you need to have sentencing postponed until victims cry and give up. To use a baseball analogy… you need to have all of your bases covered; you need a strong bench.

    And most importantly, you need to be assured that the money will not be “clawed’ back from you and if it is – the rest of the unholy trinity will give back their share.

    Prediction: After 307 postponements, this guy walks in 2037 as all of the victims are deceased.

  47. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/02/07/attorney-demands-apology-from-minister-humphrey-over-elderly-persons-draft-law/

    The three young men who came with a proposal should be commended. When one considers that we had several pieces of legislation issued and then needed revising one would think that the GOB would say thank you and make use of this proposal in drafting legislation.

    However, the arrogance/ego sent this Minister on a power trip and prevented him working with the three young men.

    TheO’s prediction:
    It would be interesting to see the ages of those who were robbed by some crooked lawyers. I suspect that robbery of the elderly is a planned stream of money for some of our legal eagles. There will be no law on elder abuse until every elder person is penniless.

    TheO’s advice to the 3.
    Firstly, you need to be quiet and let the minister get all of the credit that come from such an exercise.
    Secondly, one or more of you need to be a card carrying member if you want to get near to the government teats.

  48. I saw a story in BT’s epaper “Trio jailed for crimes against pensioner”.

    It appears that the trio were not lawyers but were connected to the bank. The victim worked in the USA and England and sent her money home.

    TheO’s points..
    (1) The word is out. Not only are lawyers stealing from the elderly but others are getting into the act.

    (2) If you are sending money from overseas, your chances of getting mugged by SOME of the locals is doubled or tripled.

    (3) If you are elderly and working overseas, it may be best to keep your money under your bed where you are.

    (4) If you are ‘younger’, please make a frequent check of your funds.
    As fast as the young Usain Bolt was his money disappeared faster.

    (5) The Bajan wheels of injustice turn slowly. This crime occurred in 2011 (11 years in the past. Barbadians are expected to live 77 years, so if you are older than 66 (77-11) and overseas, at least put aside some money (separately) for your burial. You are not going to live long enough to recover from the big cheat.

    It happens way too often for me not to comment.

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