A Win for David vs Goliath

Submitted by Chefleur

In the High Court of Judicature, little only me, with no formal training in law, but armed with just intelligence and perseverance was able to show that Attorneys ‘don’t know it all’.  In fact they don’t know a damn great deal.

Ironically, Omari Drakes of Clarke Gittens and Farmer, a prominent Law firm, was trashed, after he arrogantly stated that my matter was ‘statute bared’ and even blocked me from being able to serve on the absentee owner and 3rd Defendant.  Mr Smith of Smith & Smith Law firm [4th Respondents] also tried to dissuade me with the very rhetoric.  Yet, the Judge struck out the case after asking Mr Drakes what was his response to my showing proof and instances [from the Limitation Act, Part III] that it was not.  Mr Drakes said that I did not plead my case – his lamb in the bush. This is hilarious.  BCC in their defense to my claim said my case was prolix.  “What a mighty web we weave as we try to deceive”.  

Yet, Mr Drakes has refused to prepare the order [issued since August 2020] so that I can proceed to have the decision appealed or pay him the ‘blood money’/cost and move with a new Claim and Statement of Claim. What are they afraid of; the doer and enabler?

Fabian Walthrus, too, bragged that he was an Insurance Agent for 15 years and was adamant that the matter at hand was governed by the Insurance Act which as of 1997, prevents litigation against a ‘named beneficiary’.  This was the position of dozens of Attorneys from 2005 to 2015 when I got ‘mad’ and decided to handle my matters myself; inflaming the nobility.

Fabian Walthrus, like many others, could not read and understand that the substantive entity was a Group Pension Plan [from CBC] – tricked into paying out  the benefits to someone the Plan does not cater for.  Further, even if it were an Insurance Plan, Fabian Walters, Dawn Grant and dozens more could not decipher that the substantive entity was executed before 1997 and therefore that law doesn’t affect this Policy.  What do we have going for us (representation), Mr Blogmaster?

Here again, the matter was struck out on the ground that ‘Letters of Administration had expired’. Fabian Walthrus too is still to prepare the order so that I can file to appeal or pay the ‘vex money’ in cost and proceed with filing a new, robust claim.

Mr Blogmaster,  Justice must not only be served but must appear to have been served.  You tell me. What is happening here in these instances? This once noble profession now seems to be in the throes of prostitution.  Far too many attorneys are taking money and defending indefensible cases or bending the law and in so doing breaching the law.  Far too many Attorneys are being fingered for other illegal activities [land theft, misappropriating client’s money, etc].  We seriously have a crisis with a lot of these attorneys.

Little humble me – with NO Degree!

17 thoughts on “A Win for David vs Goliath

  1. Congratulations…that’s no easy feat.

    you don’t need a law degree, easy to beat arrogant overreach.

  2. No..i did not contradict myself….it’s the LENGTH OF TIME it takes to beat them EASILY at their own evil games….some cases are still winding through the court 12-31 years later…..and it will just take some simple legal brief to end it……all of it the unethical doings of the lawyers and some judges.

  3. I agree with mr publishing, bajans have to stop relying on lawyers and elites which get them mired in the legal system for years or death till the course of justice just fades away. These unforced errors by naïve locals depending on good advice and never getting it causes them emotional and financial hardships . But this is not new My wife told me when she was a little girl it wasnt unusual to see bajans at the bushes all along white park rd beating themselves..

  4. Off message.
    @ African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved

    A British academic is currently on holiday in Barbados under quarantine.

    I am sure you remember the statue of an English slaver being thrown into a river after it was unceremoniously daubed in paint during a BLM rally in Bristol by White protesters. They recently had their day in court.

    You may be comforted by his article.


  5. TLSN..i saw it earlier this week, times are really changing, unfortunately not everyone wants to change with it, they wat to continue as heavy baggage and dead weight in people’s lives….also saw where the 3 savages got life in prison in the Armaud Arbery case…..very different times, people on the island who are traumatized by these clowns need to take note and CLAMP DOWN ON ALL OF THEM..

  6. The people in Barbados and the Caribbean need to stay vigilant and start resisting…our young people are depending on us..

    .”They did all of this confident in the belief that no one would ever question their decisions, as no one would ever come to care about Colston’s crimes or his victims. Their confidence sprang from their collective inability to envisage a future moment in which the Africans who had perished in the bellies of the Royal African Company’s ships, or on the plantations of Barbados or Jamaica, would matter to anyone in Bristol or beyond. The moment they were unable to conceive of is now. The generation for whom the lives of Colston’s victims matter deeply is the generation from whom the four defendants in this case were drawn.”

  7. “I am sure you remember the statue of an English slaver being thrown into a river after it was unceremoniously daubed in paint during a BLM rally in Bristol by White protesters. They recently had their day in court.”

    Inquiring Minds want to know who is the Mystery Artist

    Bristol is where Banksy and Massive Attack come from

    Racist Faces in Racist Places
    Colston was a British Tory MP Slave Trader for Royal African Company
    Incumbent Tories (UK Government) Priti Patel (Home Office) Boris Johnson (Prime Minisiter) are Anti #Black-Lives-Matter as they are Anti-Black
    Farage and Johnson were anti-Obama from day One when he returned a Bust of Churchill

    The British People, Colston, Tories, Royal African Company, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Winston Churchil and their friends and families are all dead racists to me

  8. Thank you BU.
    Especially for providing the platform for persons to air their plight without the contempt of media houses whose Editors butchering it to make the corrupt look pleasing.
    The Constitution states that judges must bring their decisions in three months and within 6 months – the max. Two Judges breached that, willfully, Now what of the Order? Is it a ‘bastard child’? The Order is part of the decision process.
    I wish to publicly thank the caller on Brass Tacks who advised me on who to contact regarding the recalcitrant Judges.
    Can someone say what the score is regarding orders of court decisions?
    Why so long after the oral order is the formal order not served?

    • @Cherfleur

      It is no secret our court system is in a mess straining under the weight of a heavy case load made worse by the pandemic.

  9. “Can someone say what the score is regarding orders of court decisions?”

    bad track record…i see it as they are very disorganized among other things…they rotate judges who have civil cases into the Assizes so your case is pushed to the back of the line…..took me 6 years before the judge was able to complete a simple case and that was the 2nd judge….10 years in all…, which included the disgusting defense attorneys delaying it at every turn, .they hired more judges so one would think that there should always be 3-4 judges available to complete reserved judgements within the allotted 6 month period and ease up the work load on the other judges in the Assizes…..but bad habits die hard..

  10. One more detail, when the repulsive attorneys with their delaying tactics realize they are losing the case, they will file orders after the deadline and cause another 2 years of delays when the judge cant find them…the one who was determined to sabotage just abandoned the case and left the island….then no one turned up for the end of the case….they are the ones causing all the problems at the supreme court, the other problems are caused by disorganization as it relates to timely administration…some of those wicked lawyers need 50,000 and hundred thousand dollar FORTHWITH fines to set them straight…

  11. Lawyers make more money dragging it out and styling it out
    look at overcharging as monthly rates with hours accrued and costs padded out to the max for quarterly bills rinsed and repeated
    on a finger in the air basis guesstimate that what should take a month to do takes a year
    so a 6-12 month case = 6-12 years

    Om the D Lo I noticed
    African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2021. All Rights Reserved
    are not warring or threatening to sue each other for 5 minutes already
    but will not mention it to jinx it

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