Politicians and lawyers continue to laugh at we

In yesterday’s press there was a reminder of Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham’s appointment as Chairman of the Parliamentary Reform Commission (PRC). The mandate of the PRC according to Attorney General Dale Marshall at a recent press conference is to review the structure and function of parliament. 

The other news of interest was the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) calling for action from government to address “issues affecting the rights of persons in police custody…protocols governing the conduct of attorney’s confidential communication with accused persons’ (Nation newspaper 13/02/2023). The BBA was reacting to the discovery of a cellphone in recording mode found in the interview room where attorneys at law interview clients.

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in its 2018 Covenant of Hope states at item number 3, ‘The Barbados Labour Party stands for good and transparent governance’. Similarly under Aims and Objects item (g) of the Guidelines of the Barbados Bar Association (Chapter 363) it states- ‘To settle questions of professional conduct, discipline and etiquette’

The two news items should given Barbadians cause to pause. It is over 50 years the two main political parties have been promising Barbadians to enact transparency laws i.e. integrity and freedom of information legislation. Two committees of parliament, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Committee of Privileges have always predictably failed to bring matters tabled to a head. Is there any reason the public is apathetic about governance matters and as a consequence unwilling to participate in government the essence of which is required to maintain a relevant democracy?

The same ineffectiveness can be attributed to the BBA and its complementary entity the Disciplinary Committee (DC). Barbadians have rightly been resigned to complaints raised before the two entities – mandated in law to serve the public – being willfully frustrated. Attorney after attorney rotate through the job of president of the BBA in the hunt for two letters – QC, KC, SC take your pick. The letters confer seniority and priority how the conferee does business in the court system and importantly the ability to charge larger fees to the public. It is a system that continues to be manipulated by the legal fraternity to the disadvantage of members of the public. 

Barbados Underground has posted several blogs supported by documents to expose a matter which involves attorney at law Richard ‘Johnny’ Cheltenham. For the purpose of this blog the same matter requires Cheltenham to present himself at a Disciplinary Committee meeting. From all reports he has refused to appear AND the DC seems powerless to resolve the matter. The continued manipulation of justice by the BBA and DC with the support of government translates to ordinary citizens being chafed. Now we have the news a government that promised ‘good and transparent governance’ has appointed Cheltenham as Chairman of the PRC, another example of the political class laughing at we.

See a few relevant links:

Prime Minister Mottley and members of her government can continue to deliver the pretty talk, however, as long as citizens continue to be frustrated while seeking justice, it is all a pappyshow forcing chickens to come home to roost. Are we there yet? The President of the BBA can issue pretty statements, however, as long as citizens are frustrated in the hunt for justice, it is all a pappyshow forcing the chickens to come home to roost. Are we there yet?

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  1. People in positions of power abuse the trust that is given to them and also do careless terrible work. They should be held accountable and lose their positions.

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  2. Pacha…apparently it’s only in Barbados and in these tiny jurisdictions with incompetent fools, politicians can laugh all the way to the bank and get away..

    .these int laughing for this collossal f-up…though..

    “Spain Spends $275 Million On Trains That Won’t Fit Through Tunnels

    Any hole’s a goal unless you’re a Spanish train operator.

    Two transport bosses from Spain’s rail operator Renfe have been fired after ordering €258 million ($275 million) of trains that don’t fit through the railway’s tunnels. Although the image of a train trying to fit into a small tunnel [insert your own tasteful mental image here] is amusing, fortunately for all Spanish rail passengers, the mistake was discovered before the trains could become impromptu convertibles.

    As with all government debacles, this involved a diverse team of highly trained screwups, including rail infrastructure management company Adif (who didn’t measure things correctly), Renfe (who ordered the wrong trains), and transport manufacturer CAF, who figured out the error in 2021 but didn’t do anything until now.”

  3. Hants,

    As a very obedient slave, I am doing just that. Freezer full of melt in yuh mout cassava. Sweet potatoes big and sweet fuh days, plum tomatoes, lettuce, beans, pigeon peas, okras, kale, sweet peppers et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!


    Taking a break from fretting!

  4. @Donna
    Did you kill off cuhdear and raided her crops?
    Indeed, the time for Barbados to start thinking of feeding itself is now. We should not wait until there is a worldwide food shortage to think of feeding ourselves.

    But what about those who commit predial larceny or the monkeys that steal the fruit. Apart from a call to grow more food, these groups of bad actors need to be taken into consideration.

  5. @ TheOGazerts,

    hope you planning a kitchen garden strategy for when you become a returning national.Also don’t forget your ” duty free ” entitlements.

  6. For some reason, which i will post in a few…i dont think they will laugh much longer. Gabby got it right.

    I wish I was a medical doctor

    But that I’m not

    Several medical doctors

    Put big phama on the spot

    They have surely proven

    The Covid 19 vaccine
    We take

    Is nothing but a medical disaster

    A phony
    Yes a fake !

    It’s absolutely amazing

    How we got flummoxed
    With a stab

    A Medical Piranha
    A blood clot causing jab

    The way authorities pushed it

    It seemed to us a charm

    To go to a medical facility

    And get it in your arm

    In all the years of medicine

    When trials cause people to die

    After a dozen or so deaths

    We kiss the experiment goodbye !

    But not this Corona Baby

    We Feed It Everyday

    Into people’s bodies

    Without a Hope or Pray

    Healthy people

    Once given this ‘ vaccine ‘

    Sees a health Transformation

    The Undertaker
    Then takes the scene

    Many family members
    Hurting to the core

    Their parents
    Brothers and Sisters

    Are with us all no more!

    This is Medical Malpractice

    And should be treated as such

    This is but the kiss of death

    Given with a velvet touch

    Where’s the investigation

    Throughout the world
    And the West Indies?

    This is truly
    Legal Disease

    By the Big Pharmacies

    They have already admitted

    The jabs can’t stop the Spread

    Of this Plandemic Fiasco

    Get ready to bury your dead !

    Written February 13th, 2023. From 6.31pm to 7.06 pm. By:
    Chief Omowale
    ( Gabberts )”

  7. All laughing done…not a fella int laughing no more..

    This is how the story really went, the first post had the Swiss attorney general as the one facing prosecution, it’s in reality the health minister…in case it still dont look that way, they coming for all the MINIONS….watch it cascade.

    “Criminal Charges Filed Against Swiss President For Lies Over COVID-19 Jab Safety & Effectiveness
    A Swiss banker named Pascal Najadi has reportedly convinced the Switzerland Attorney General to prosecute the Swiss President and Minister of Health for making false statements about the COVID-19 shots.

    “The President himself and the Minister of Health are under investigation, indictment, and prosecution by the Swiss Attorney General,” U.S. Attorney Todd Callender said.

    “It’s the first criminal complaint anywhere on the planet that has legs. This is the first time anywhere anybody has been charged with these crimes and it happened in Switzerland,” he added.

    “I’m also working with a Royal family in Southeast Asia who had one of their family members killed. They are able to by virtue of their lineage and power in that country to convene their own war crimes tribunals,” Callender noted.
    Callender explained they’re pursuing those charges outside of the United States because they can’t get anything done inside the Unit.”

  8. TheO,

    Nope! I am missing her just like you are. I hope she is well.

    I reap only what I sow.

    I am just getting better at it.

    I have seen only two monkeys this side years ago although I heard they were around and doing damage. Apparently there has been some attempt at culling recently though.

    The praedial larceny guys want more than I have to offer. But I did get my neighbours flock of sheep THREE TIMES. Got at my sweet potato leaves and the cherry tree leaves but…..the mad woman has dealt with that.

    They will not be back!

  9. From what I see, the case has to do with spreading false information about the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing the spread to others.

    That idea was about only for a short time in Barbados. It soon became clear that it wasn’t entirely effective in that regard.

    I do remember that it took our government a little time to change course.

    How much did they understand is the question!

    • Artax,

      Did she really? I didn’t see that. These days I only do hit and run. I never checked for her reply.

  10. Government’s chief legal advisor Attorney General Dale Marshall is deeply concerned about the callous gun-related deaths in Barbados. In fact, he describes the 2022 crime stats, 43 murders, 33 by gun, as outrageous.

  11. Artax,

    I know exactly which one. I just did not bother to check for it.

    Almost every comment, the poor fool keeps bringing up about people calling her a liar. Of course, she never thinks that the fault lies with her lies!

    She cannot get over people calling her what she is.


    The funniest one was Lawson and the clicks. You couldn’t make that one up!

    See how Lawson disappeared! He knew he no longer had plausible deniability after what he said. Flat out RACIST! Even with the so-called Afrikan attempting to provide cover, he knew the gig was up.

    Poke them hard enough and they show themselves!

    Trying to provide cover for racist systems, politicians and cops, shifting the blame to black people in a sneaky way that can appear reasonable is what Lawson always did. Some people, including black people fall for it. It is dangerous.

    But…back to the topic.. at least for others. I am taking a break from fretting.

    • A reasonable perspective shared by the Senator.

      Query over commission
      INDEPENDENT SENATOR Dr Kristina Hinds is questioning the timing of the reconstituted Parliamentary Reform Commission (PRC), which was announced last Friday by Attorney General Dale Marshall.
      While she did not go into detail due to her position in the Senate, the University of the West Indies political scientist and radio call-in programme moderator said it would make more practical sense to activate the PRC after the completion of the constitutional reform, rather than having that as well as the Constitutional Reform Commission (CRC) operating alongside each other.
      “Then we would have an idea of what the relationship would be between the different Houses of Parliament, and I think then you can make better decisions on how to deal with parliamentary reforms. I think it would make more sense for it to come after that Constitutional Reform Commission’s work is finished and we have an idea of what will be in the new constitution, than the two of them functioning at the same time,” she said.
      During a post-Cabinet press briefing at Ilaro Court, Marshall said the PRC will review the structure and function of Parliament.
      “How it functions; whether or not it could better made up; whether or not we should have an Upper House and a Lower House; whether or not parliamentarians should be elected by all of Barbados rather than just constituents; whether there should be constituencies. All of these matters are going to be under the purview of this commission. So this is not a commission to be looking at what salaries parliamentarians are to be paid or what other benefits they are
      supposed to benefit from,” he stressed.
      The Attorney General also made it clear that the PRC is not intended to do the work of the CRC.
      “We believe that the work of the Parliamentary Reform Commission is much broader than the scope of the Constitution and will complement the work of the CRC,” he said.
      Wickham supports
      Political scientist and director of Caribbean Development Research Services Peter Wickham, had given his backing to the PRC, adding that dealing with the functions of Parliament will be different to what the CRC was undertaking.
      “Constitution relates to the relationship between Government and us as people . . . . The Parliamentary Reform Commission should really relate to the function of Parliament and the way that the parliamentarians relate to it. So I think that that’s a very different type of relationship to what the constitutional reform is supposed to be about.
      “For example, in the United Kingdom, they have specific regulations that deal with the selection of Conservative and Labour leaders. That is part of their whole parliamentary tradition. They have regulations dealing with the level of transparency that’s required for Members of Parliament. There’s currently a process that deals with complaints against the Prime Minister and against the Members of Parliament that violate privileges. We have a Privileges Committee, but it doesn’t benefit from a whole range of regulations in the way that theirs would. So it’s a very different type of commission, a very different type of mandate, and it deals with a different type of relationship to what the CRC does, so I support it entirely,” he said.
      However, Wickham said there were additional issues that should be under the purview of the
      PRC that will be chaired by prominent attorney and former president of the Senate Sir Richard Cheltenham, with labour expert and former parliamentarian Sir Roy Trotman as his deputy.
      One of the issues he said was of critical importance was the treatment of former Prime Ministers.
      “For a long time I’ve felt that we need to streamline some of the regulations. For example, the treatment of ex-Prime Ministers right now is subject to, one could say, the whims and fancies of an incumbent. I think that’s the type of thing that should be part of it so that we have an understanding of how Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders are treated across the board . . . .
      “But then there’s some other points about dealing with transparency issues while people are in Parliament, and so on, that they could look at,” he added.
      Other members of the PRC are former Government minister, now Deputy President of the Senate Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson; medical practitioner Dr Richard Ishmael; Professor Velma Newton, former senator and head of the Canada-funded IMPACTJustice; Dr William Chandler, attorney and Sunday Sun columnist; the Democratic Labour Party’s Maxine McClean, a former minister; and attorney Corey Beckles, who was recommended by former Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley. The secretary is Clerk of Parliament Pedro Eastmond.
      Marshall said the work of the commission is expected to be completed in six months with a number of public hearings and the submission of a report to Cabinet.

      Source: Nation

    • Bar demands swift action

      THE BARBADOS BAR ASSOCIATION (BAR) is calling for swift and strong action to immediately address issues affecting the rights of persons in police custody. This includes protocols governing the conduct of attorneys’ confidential communication with accused persons.
      In a release yesterday, president Kaye Williams said it was being made against the backdrop of the association receiving “an alarming complaint” of an incident on February 4 at District “E” Police Station, involving a suspected recording of a private conversation between a lawyer and her client.
      “A person in custody has a constitutional right to legal counsel, and that consultation is governed by principles of attorney-client privilege. While the association is informed that the matter is currently under investigation, we urge that the investigation be completed with dispatch, and the results be made known in the coming days,” she added.
      Williams outlined what
      should occur when attorneys meet with clients in police custody.
      “There should be a dedicated meeting room which must be fully private, they must be cleared of all items and only contain a desk and seating, and attorneys must be afforded an opportunity to inspect the room prior to conducting an interview,” she said.
      “In the past, our members have repeatedly raised a number of issues affecting the rights of persons in police custody. The time has come for stakeholders to work together to address these issues, not in a reactionary manner, but address them in their totality.
      “These and other steps can and must be immediately implemented to begin to restore what could be seen as a serious breach in trust, confidentiality and the fair and due process of the law.”
      In an exclusive story in last Friday’s WEEKEND NATION, King’s Counsel Michael Lashley confirmed that he had received a complaint from a junior attorney in his law firm about a suspected cell phone recording taking place
      while she was interviewing a client at District “E” Police Station.
      Reports indicate that the interview was interrupted by a loud buzzing, vibrating sound and after a few seconds, a cell phone fell to the floor from under a table with duct tape around it.
      The client was eventually charged with possession of a firearm.
      Both Attorney General Dale Marshall and Commissioner of Police Richard Boyce said the incident was being investigated.
      The BAR has indicated that it will await the results of the investigation before making any further comment. (MB)

      Source: Nation

    • Final submission date
      THE FINAL DATE for submission of comments and recommendations to the Constitutional Reform Commission (CRC) is 4 p.m. on April 14.
      This disclosure has come from chairman of the CRC, Justice (Retd) Christopher Blackman, who is encouraging the public to continue submitting recommendations for the new Barbados Constitution.
      People should email their submissions to constitutionalreform@barbados.gov.bb or send their views in care of the Director General – Governance, 2nd Floor, E. Humphrey Walcott Building, corner of Culloden Road and Collymore Rock, St Michael. (BGIS)

    • Donna

      I agree.

      I’m sure you probably realised I don’t contribute as frequently as I did previously, and I’ve also decided in 2023, not to engage in any ‘tit for tats.’

      A few days ago in response to Frank and Bimlady on the “UWI Discrimination” thread, I ‘said,’ I’ve read several historical perspectives relative to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and origins of Islam.”
      It is very IMPORTANT to NOTE I also mentioned, “If THIS and other information I’ve SEEN ARE TRUE……”

      The lady, COMPLETELY IGNORED that statement to
      use FOUR (4) CONSECUTIVE contributions…… and 5 or 6 thereafter, to verbally abused me.
      Perhaps the epitome of “contributing something useful to BU.”

      UNSURPRISINGLY, a member of her fan club, also came out to make a dishonest, malicious comment in her defense.

      But, what the heck. Why bother one’s self with people with whom you do not share any professional, casual or personal relationship?

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  14. Final submission date
    THE FINAL DATE for submission of comments and recommendations to the Constitutional Reform Commission (CRC) is 4 p.m. on April 14.

    Perhaps the D of the B to the U could set up a brand new fred to hack into the branes from the brightest of the dimmest Buers eye dears

    People also ask
    Is Barbados part of the USA?
    Barbados is an independent country. Free of colonialism, imperialism and other ownership ism’s.

    What is Barbados political ideology?
    The politics of Barbados function within a framework of a parliamentary republic with strong democratic traditions; constitutional safeguards for nationals of Barbados include: freedom of speech, press, worship, movement, and association.

    Is Barbados republic or democracy?
    The tiny Caribbean country of Barbados has attracted headlines worldwide for its transition in November 2021 to the political status of a republic after more than three hundred years with the British sovereign as head of state.

    What is the economic crisis in Barbados?
    Barbados has continuously incurred debt, from international financing institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, since its independence from Great Britain in 1966. As of 2017, the estimated national debt of Barbados is $7.92 billion (USD).

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  15. Pacha…keep that mental level up to its highest degree. It certainly was the right call. No turning back, ah just wont post on specific people anymore…with the limited amount of DNA to go around, wont want to end up with another army of family bosie….dont know what i will get next…..keeping and embracing evabody as is my nature…because it is what it is…but i dont have room for anymore…so when ya see me silent on people and only referring to issues in a broad manner..that is why.

  16. Yes, Waru. Will try!


    Poor Cheltenham, as compared.

    There was a case where one of his colleagues showed up at a murder scene and proceeded to alter the evidence in significant ways before investigators were called.

    Their Greek, Socrates, is allegedl to have posed the eternal primary philosophical question about what a particular phenomenon means in and of itself.

    Will there ever be a time when the answer to his question can be approach? Is it not past time when the very nature of what passes for reality be interrogated, in fundamental ways?

    Poor Cheltenham!

  17. Disinfo black ops
    A special investigation exposing the companies and states behind global disinformation

    Why are white peoples lies called black ops shouldn’t they be white ops

    Why is it to stand and deny the work of his Imperial Majesty
    Emperor Selassie I?
    Why is it to rebel against each other when we work to establish
    our own nobility?

    So Negro,dem no really know we yet
    Score done show say dem have no pie-fry!
    Oneness-mess up dem and dem wicked flex
    Warrior roll wet or dry,hey!
    Blackness! some ah dem no really know we yet
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  18. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/02/15/mixed-views/
    From BT
    “Attorney General Dale Marshall announced at a post-Cabinet media conference last Friday that an eight-member Parliamentary Reform Commission (PRC) will provide recommendations on how the legislature could be transformed to better suit the country’s needs. ”

    Is anyone keeping a list of the various commissions?
    How many have we created in the past 5 years?
    How many active commissions do we have?
    Is anyone overseeing all of these commissions?
    If not, please appoint me lead commissioner – (King For Commissioners) with the title of KFC
    (I am here fighting for a good (sensible) F word, but cannot find one.

  19. “There was a case where one of his colleagues showed up at a murder scene and proceeded to alter the evidence in significant ways before investigators were called.”

    I read about that in a book….it was terrible, the whole ugly saga, and very detailed, who was involved in the coverup, who desecrated the deceased…….so disrespectful of the diginty of the victim..so inhumane.

    They cant see reality even if we drop it on their heads, one of the reasons being, they dont want to.

  20. @5:02

    I share the same thoughts of Kristina Hinds.

    This is like taking your car to two repair shops and have one working on the back and the other on the front end. It is more likely that you will end up with a problem and not a car in perfect working order.

    But then again, it is possible that all of these appointed commissions are all pointless PR exercises. Didn’t we have 2 or three previous constitution commissions???

  21. @5:03
    The Barbados Bar Association moves quickly and speaks loudly when the ball is ‘not’ in their court.

    On matters that lies within their domain, there is no sign of life. Posturing and lying is their only game.

  22. General comment but may seem directed.
    Just say what you have to say and don’t let others silence you. That’s my approach…

    Laugh if it is funny, ignore if it is false and punch back if you think it is necessary… but don’t be silenced.

    If it’s a comment from 555 then “don’t inhale”.
    Why do I do that.. I know he will most likely have an outlandish reply, but that don’t bother me…in fact, I like his replies.

  23. Good comments TheO
    …signs of sanity in the new BU reality where 555 has taken control, and now infest every blog with rolls of shaving cream.

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  25. Pacha, at least this mental case had the good sense to resign.

    ..think it’s the case where this big hardback man dressing up like. and calling himself a woman with wig and evating…problem is he has a history of violently raping women and this fool belched out all this nonsense about his right as a women…hell is wrong with her and all of them….if he attacks a woman in that prison and she guts him you wil hear she got charged and convicted to decades in no time.

    “⚡️Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Resigns (Sky News)

    It follows a car-crash interview last month in which the former leader said that trans women were women but not treated so in prison.

    Sturgeon then refused to answer whether a double rapist was a man or a woman.”

  26. Waru

    If there is one body here dat would know these things is you.

    But unless you know them, everything else you think you know about this here deeply sick society is foolishness.

  27. Waru
    On Scottish PM, Nicola Sturgeon, former or outgoing, has been the darling of the wokist fanatics in the West and their slaves elsewhere. The liberal authoritarians who are want to talk irrational shiite about limitless freedom as a function of the battle to maintain a dying Western empire. She shepherded a Gender Recognition Act, which would have allowed men, for example, to simple declare that they are women, given all rights of women, and vice versa. That 4 year old children could simply tell their school teachers that they feel like the opposite assigned sex and the teachers were, under legal penalty, bound to treat same as the opposite sex, or whatever pronoun desired by the children. It’s time for the mushroom clouds, is it not!

  28. “It’s time for the mushroom clouds, is it not!”

    They are certainly begging for it. Where did commonsense go. Yes, empires are dying, but was western education not meant to create and reproduce better and better, go from strength to strength….or so they said during geberational talk fests.

    Apparently, not even they believe in their own bullshit anymore…maybe that signals it’s time for us to take over…those of us who can see past the slavehood…and small time desires and attitudes.That’s what powerful blood lines are for…better, not worse, stronger, not weaker, moving forward, not backward.

    Cant see how their trajectory will improve anything and not lead to anarchy.

  29. This cunt’s opinion has always been that, “Too far east is west.”

    Gender dysphoria is a real thing. It has always been and will be for the foreseeable future.

    Transpeople are here. They are not going anywhere.

    Nobody would choose to put themselves through this by choice.

    Common sense says that they cannot help it!

    These are human beings, therefore they are entitled to human rights. But at the same time, they must not encroach upon the rights of others.

    My issues have always been, firstly the dangers of admittance of transwomen to women’s bathroom facilities. It OBVIOUSLY opens the door to perverted MEN to masquerade as women for the purpose of spying and even rape. It is often difficult to tell the difference between a transwoman and a man in drag.

    They need their own bathrooms and locker rooms at the gym etc.

    I never even thought of prisons but that too is problematic.

    They need their own block!

    My second issue is transwomen in women’s sports. The compromise of allowing those who have never been through puberty to compete, may be workable as they would not have developed male body advantages, apparently.

    Too bad for the rest! They need their own category.

    And my final issue is the changing of official documents to reflect their new “sex”. They should not be able to simply tick the female box. They need their own box – transwoman!

    How else is a man to know to whom he is saying I do?

    Some of these transwomen can fool the inobservant person!

    Natural-born men and women have rights too.

    “Too far east is west.”

    These are real issues to which common sense must be applied. That’s all it takes! No mushroom clouds needed!

    Live and let live!

  30. David,

    My apologies for straying from the topic at hand.

    But I’m going to crave your indulgence here.

    In the US, Marjorie Taylor Greene Goblin has bemoaned the “hard work” and “small salary” of the US congressperson.

    In the UK, it seems that some have the gall to suggest a pay increase, while condemning their parliamentary table fare and wine!

    In Barbados, Edmund Hinkson laments ….well EVERYTHING about his conditions, it seems!

    Pinch me, David, for I must have been dreaming! Or did you miss that one?

  31. “On matters that lies within their domain, there is no sign of life. Posturing and lying is their only game.”

    It’s like that throughout the sordid sideshow…..dont look for any better, it will never materialize……given information out there…the degradation is real.

    you will notice their voters and supporters are STILL not calling anyone of them out for the LIARS they all are, still waiting for more slick talk and lies, to admire, feel proud about, so they can justify and cyclically vote for the same old….and then come and anonymously tell us they did not know what else to do…..although they know evating fuh evabody and got talk fuh evabody else.

  32. That’s what powerful blood lines are for…better, not worse, stronger, not weaker, moving forward, not backward.

    Pacha..let me reiterate cause those who know no better may believe and get it in their heads..that am speaking about the bullshit artist politicians that have haunted our lives for 100 years and have become a living disgrace…..

    …i assure you am not….there exists those with REAL bloodlines who dont have to put in any other effort except to do what is necessary..What a most pleasant state of affairs..a refreshing change..

  33. Pacha., William…wuhloss…info with proof circulating is that poop is in the streets again, no amount of political postering can change that reality.

    Guess the quick fix sleight of hand bandaid just came full circle.

  34. Pacha……and as soon as that was posted, Gaston Browne got his own personal video from his backers asking him to RETURN the many itemized millions he got for this that and the next..

    Oh, how the tide is turning.

    Dey gine be busy enuff trying to hide and cover up evating…problem is,
    TOO MUCH TO COVER UP..cause their imps and pimps wont know which direction it’s coming from..

    Karma & Retribution.
    ..this video was so detailed, the forum went silent…

  35. “(War!) Don’t forget Judas who betray us.”

    Problem with that, when ya put faulty bloodlines…aka judas traitor slave bloodlines in charge of the colonial system…there can be only one outcome…this is it..

  36. Some apparently believe this is all a joke that will go away and everything will then sink into their comfortable same old…we can be the spectators to that wishful thinking.

    Btw..does Barbados have the most talked about decades promised integrity legislation yet? Take ya time to think, cause it’s one of many, anti-corruption legislation still not ratified, the latest lie scam….marijuana still not legalized..but the imps and pimps cahn see dat…

    the stories about that one…huh!

    “KINGSTON, Feb 15 (Reuters) – Jamaica’s anti-corruption agency has referred the prime minister to its director of prosecutions over government contracts awarded to a construction company between 2006 and 2009.

    The Integrity Commission released a report on Wednesday referring to an investigation into a recommendation made by Prime Minister Andrew Holness for contracts with Westcon Construction Limited, citing a potential “conflict of interest”.

    Holness said in a statement that he “strongly disagree(s) with the findings of the Integrity Commission regarding conflict of interest based on mere associations”.

    Making it up as they go along.

  37. Yes we can if we work towards it
    never say never despite the hardship
    just be strong we can all get along
    no need to be heartless

  38. “WTF !?🤯🤯
    Zoophilia pride march in Germany.”

    Pacha…the poor animals who have no way to consent are being roped into to psychotic evil…animals do their thing one way or the next naturally…they need no crazy human inputs….this is now way out of control….and showcases the depths of depravity involved…

    Only emptyheaded, brainless idiots will try to justify any of this as it regards children and now animals…

  39. 2 words….death penalty.

    Some extremely long prison sentences for the minions who assassinated a sitting president for some stupid list of names…another bunch of losers , dozens, in prison Haiti. How do men get caught up in these types of life ending events.

    “Haiti President Assassination: Four Arrested In Florida

    Four men – Colombian national Arcangel Pretel Ortiz and US citizens Antonio Intriago, Walter Veintemilla, and Frederick Bergmann – have been charged with the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in 2021, Miami-Dade federal officials announced.

    Ortiz and Intriago are accused of hiring over 20 Colombian ex-soldiers, who denied knowledge of the plot’s basic details, insisting they thought they were providing security for a presidential candidate.

    Bergmann has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder by illicitly importing bullet-proof vests for the alleged mercenaries. There are now 11 defendants in US custody over the case.”

  40. There is an interesting documentary series on Netflix called African Queens, the first series is about Njinga

  41. With two more international tours scheduled to be hosted in the coming months, an executive member of the Barbados Polo Club believes the sport has the potential to help revive the country’s tourism sector and generate significant foreign exchange.

    That assertion by Monique Archer follows the conclusion of the international polo series between Barbados and the USA, which climaxed at the Holder’s Hill polo field last weekend.

    It was the first polo series on the island since 2019 as the COVID-19 pandemic had initially resulted in the curtailing of sporting activity.

    In an interview with Barbados TODAY, Archer said the just-concluded series, which Barbados won 2-1, was a success and she estimated that the crowd on hand for the final game last Saturday was the largest ever for that particular series.

    “We are very happy to have had a very successful first tour with the USA team here and it went really, really well. The BTMI [Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.] assisted with bringing some great entertainment that the visitors and locals certainly loved – the tuk bands and stilt walkers as well as people in Crop Over costumes – it was our biggest crowd ever that we’ve seen at a USA final, so that was phenomenal,” Archer said.

  42. Pacha…i had taken a few days off and only just saw all of this happening in the Sahel.

    “France, the former colonial master in the Sahel, is receiving a series of blows as its foothold shrinks on the back of growing anti-French sentiment and increasing Russian incursions.

    After their retreat from Mali following a ten-year failure to eradicate Jihadist groups, now Burkina Faso asked France to withdraw its troops from the country within a month.”

  43. Bushman…earlier this afternoon someone brought to my attention that the people who were refused the right to vote in Barbados last year because of the covid scam….were not told that they could have voted by PROXY….meaning they could have sent an agent to vote in their place…check it out and confirm…i think there were at least 3,000 who could not vote, given a lying covid excuse…you have an illegitimate government as John said all along..

    Is that really the type of nasty government wunna got who would deliberately withhold that type of human rights violating information from the people??? And deliberately withheld their constitutilnal rights out of maliciousness, stinkness and evilmindedness …is that the type of nasty government wunna want???

    Ah want the fowls to come fuh muh fly out and jump out…come out fowls or Slaves or whatever wunna is dese days..



  45. Jamaica PM strongly rejects conflict of interest allegation
    -after Integrity Commission refers report to director of corruption prosecution

    (Jamaica Gleaner) Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness has rebuffed allegations of wrongdoing in the awarding of millions of dollars in government contracts to the company of a business associate.

    The Integrity Commis-sion has referred a report implicating Holness to the director of corruption prosecution after it concluded that he may have influenced the awarding of the contracts.

    The recommendation was made in a 107-page report which contains details of an investigation into the award of government contracts to Westcon Construction Limited between 2006 and 2009.

    The report said the company’s directors, Robert Garvin and Donovan Simpson, are known to Holness for more than 20 years.

    Contracts were awarded through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI), when Holness served as portfolio minister, the Social Development Com-mission (SDC), and the National Works Agency (NWA).

    In a statement last evening, Holness rejected allegations of impropriety.

    “I strongly reject any suggestion or insinuation of wrongdoing and I will do all in my power to ensure that the truth is known,” he declared, noting that he has referred the matter to his lawyers.

    Full Statement

    I have just completed my preliminary review of the integrity Commission Report.

    Please note my initial comments:

    1. The matter covered in the report of the OCG/ Integrity Commission (concerns) the award of contracts as far back as 2006-2009, over 14-17 years ago.

    2. The failure of agencies to comply with various procurement rules cannot be attributed to me in any capacity and we note that the report does not make such a conclusion.

    3. In my response to the Integrity Commission queries of these dated matters, I made it absolutely clear that at no time have I ever exercised influence on any process for the award of contracts.

    4. I strongly disagree with the findings of the Integrity Commission regarding conflict of interest based on mere association.

    5. It has been the longstanding practice that Members of Parliament are asked to recommend local contractors to undertake works in their constituencies as a practical matter. This practice was introduced during the 1990s and has continued across multiple administrations since. Furthermore, it is also the practice that Con-stituency Project Officers for the Constituency Deve-lopment Fund (CDF) are recommended by the Member of Parliament. It is not unusual that CDF Projects Officers are persons who are already working in the constituency organisation and are associated with the MP. I am certain that a review of local works and CDF Projects Officers will find that MP recommendations feature significantly in a vast number of them, and this has never been cited as exercising undue influence.

    6. The Integrity Com-mission’s report also ignores the circumstances of an emergency, where in 2008, 15 years ago the ‘Christmas Work’ programme was late in starting and workers faced a high probability of not being paid. I was asked to recommend an entity to facilitate payment of the ‘Christmas Work Program-me’ before the close of business for the Christmas holidays. This was done in good faith. To see this being targeted and made into something it is not, is gravely disappointing.

    7. I strongly disagree with some of the findings of the report and have referred it to my lawyers. I strongly reject any suggestion or insinuation of wrongdoing and I will do all in my power to ensure that the truth is known.

    8. I, and the government I lead, remain strongly committed to tackling corruption in our country. The processes of doing so must, however, be practical, balanced, and fair to all concerned

    End of statement

    The report said 10 contracts were awarded to Westcon Construction through the MOEYI totalling $21.8 million. Five were reported to the Office of the Contractor General by way of the MOEYI’s quarterly contract award (QCA) reports for the period.

    The report said that Garvin is “personally” known to Holness and had been employed both in his St Andrew West Central constituency and his personal business.

    Garvin was also a director in the Positive Jamaica Foundation Limited, where Holness remains a director.

    Garvin, Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke and Warren Vernon were noted as ceased directors as at November 1, 2016.

    Both Holness and Garvin were also listed as directors of the company Sunshine Mobile Company, for which the core business activity was the provision of transportation consultancy.

    Garvin was also listed as a ceased director as at November 1, 2016, in the company West Central Saint Andrew Trust, for which Holness was listed as a director.

    Both Garvin and Juliet Holness, the member of parliament for St Andrew East Rural and the prime minister’s wife, were listed as directors of the company Omega Bridge Finance, for which the core business activity recorded was investments.

    The prime minister ceased being a director in that company in September 2007 and is listed as a shareholder together with Garvin.

    The report said Westcon Construction Limited was recommended in a letter which was dated December 20, 2007, and authored by Holness for the award of contract in the amount of $1,450,000 for works in St Andrew West Central relating to the 2007 Christ-mas Work Programme.

    The NWA awarded 34 contracts to the company totalling $33.7 million. The report said 26 fell within the value threshold which required the NWA to submit particulars of the contracts to the then contractor general by way of its QCA reports. Only six were reported.

    Two contracts were awarded through the SDC to Westcon totalling $370,000 and $1.4 million. Both were reported to the OCG but there was no evidence of the SDC utilising formal tender procedures for the procurement, the report said.

    In relation to the contract that was awarded by the SDC to Westcon Construction, Holness wrote to the SDC, in a letter dated September 23, 2009, and advised that Garvin was employed as the project manager under the Constituency Development Fund in St Andrew West Central. Subsequent invoices were provided to the SDC requiring that payment be made to Garvin in care of Westcon Construction Limited.

    “The matter concerning the potential conflict of interest which arose in relation to the recommendation which was made by the Most Hon Andrew Holness is being referred to the director of corruption prosecution for consideration with respect to breaches of the Contractor General Act, the Public Sector Procurement Regulations 2008, the Corruption (Prevention) Act and/or any other applicable law,” the report said.


  46. Pacha, William, TLSN etc evabody, this one i know of personally. The island is in deep crisis, so what are the self-proclaimed boastingly proud PATRIOTS on BU going to do about it….wuh if ya int do nutten, ya only a PRETEND PATRIOT…

    “Barbadians! I had a conversation with an attorney at law, this attorney reached out to me, having read 📚 the information that I posted on the Facebook page.

    Barbadians! This attorney confirmed to me, along with 8 more attorneys at law, that, having followed my research, they are of the opinion that this country does not have a Constitution.

    Barbadians! I asked the attorney, who shall remain nameless, why are you, and, your colleagues afraid to come forward and settle this vexing issue once and for all, I was then told, they fear victimization.

    Barbadians! I was further told by the attorney that too many of the attorneys have business enterprises as their clients, therefore, they cannot, and, will not come forward to address this issue.

    Barbadians! Lawyers are uncomfortable with what is happening in Barbados 🇧🇧, over 60 lawyers has reached out to me so far on the constitutional crisis that has taken place in this country, they told me that they are vey upset with the Attorney General and Mia Mottley.”

  47. Pacha…ya dont want to be anywhere near the vacinity when these boys are playing…this need to be reinforced for small island wannabes…lawd..

    “Killnet Founder Vows Future Attacks on NATO Servers

    “It’s no small feat to make Stoltenberg squeal and it means we hit the right target,” KillMilk said about the Killnet DDoS attacks that disrupted NATO websites.”

  48. I visited Oistins, earlier this week to check out the government buildings that are been threatened with demolition. It has been suggested that they will be replaced with A.N.OTHER hotel development. The current structures are historical and are clear markers of our development as a people. They are in strategic location, accessible and facilitate community interaction.

    I spotted a plantation style house which was in need of complete refurbishment and another building which appeared to have no roof on it, which was in the same location as the above. I could not help but notice the prevalence of litter.

    There is a case for the introduction of cultural public buildings which enhances the life’s of Oistin’s local community. The existing plantation house could be transformed into a library, café, cultural space with decent public toilets. The beech front restaurants within the vicinity should be demolished and upgraded. This area should be given a new lease of life.

    The current day Oistins still has a lot of charm. It still has that local feel. It would be a pity if this bone headed idea of introducing, yet another, hotel becomes a reality.

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