Death of Lawyer Sparks Wrath!

The death of the Lovell family formerly of Breezy Hill, St. Philip continues to be a talking point. The event as reported is unusual for Barbados not accustomed to a family that included young children perishing in questionable circumstances. The blogmaster will resist speculating about how the event occurred.

However, it is interesting to note one of the deceased persons was lawyer Allison Alexander-Lovell who was sanctioned by the Disciplinary Committee for withholding $160,000 of client’s monies in 2016. It is reported she was due to reappear in Court this week on the matter.

The blogmaster as a human being joins the majority of Barbadians who are sorry the Lovell family met untimely deaths. However, it has not gone unnoticed the ire many Barbadians have taken the opportunity to direct at lawyers. For many years lawyers have been known to sit on clients funds and important legal documents for unreasonably lengthy periods; sometimes for always without fear of being sanctioned by the Barbados Bar Association and Disciplinary Committee. 

The fact that successive governments have been composed of members of the legal profession has stoked public cynicism that this is a profession that is about preserving the establishment and the way it does business at any cost. The blogmaster has cited too many examples since its inception in 2006. One of the more blatant examples is a sitting Speaker of the House Michael Carrington who had to be ordered by the high court to surrender monies to a septuagenarian former client without having to step down from serving as Speaker of the House of Assembly AND with the blessing of then prime minister Freundel Stuart. You cannot make this stuff up.

Members of the legal profession in Barbados should be aware of what is referred to as the ‘tipping point’ – ‘defined as the point at which a series of small changes or incidents become significant enough to cause a larger, more important change’. Let it not be stated this blogmaster is stoking ‘insurrection’ against the legal fraternity, the blogmaster has friends and family who are members. Notwithstanding the affinity, rising anti-lawyer sentiment in the country is real and will not take many more changes to set the cat amongst the pigeons. 

We are living in harsh economic times, citizens will not continue to be docile while access to money and property are withheld from them by greedy, corrupt lawyers. The time has long past for the Barbados Bar Association and Disciplinary Committee to switch from PR mode to one of policing its members in the interest of the public it serves. There is also a role for government as policy maker to protect the public it swore to serve.

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  1. Capslock jammed had to reboot.

    when i saw what i did on FB…then realized how EASILY people are deceived.

    …there was bound to come a time when others would see through the barrage of lies and masking…

  2. Pacha…ya should see the jokes on Boris….they even have one with his head off his shoulders, on the ground looking all shell shocked and surprised ….. and puppet master with strings attached to the body hollering …”get ne anuzzer one.”

    it’s BRUTAL OUT THERE…creatives OUT IN FORCE….

  3. “Maurice King said there were no eggs. How come he can now speak of chickens coming home to roost???????”


    Don’t worry, she also ‘said,’ “I remember a barbados that was free of crime.”

    I simply ‘asked’ her too remind the forum what year or duration of time Barbados “was free of crime?

    And, her self appointed lawyer, a ‘citadel of all wisdom,’ responded with:
    “It depends on how you define crime. We always used to steal cane from the passing trucks. But you are right, if you define crime as meaning arrests and prosecutions and convictions.”


    But, when REMINDED he DENIED making those comments, ‘saying,’ ‘crime was with us since the Garden of Eden.’

  4. Short attention span ?

    Back to the issue of lawyers tiefing client funds.

    Bajans have to exert pressure on lawyers who refuse to give client’s THEIR MONEY in a reasonable and timely fashion.

    Violence is not a good option but there are other ways .

  5. Problem with the British parliament is that the next man or woman will probably be no better than Boris.

    But back to Barbados, many an idea I had for the improvement of my little corner of St. Philip was shouted down with much relish. Hardly likely that national leadership is my destiny. Unless it is children. They listen to me. You want me to lead an army of children into battle?

    I walk and talk to complaining Bajans and when I suggest that there is something that we could do I am met with the inevitable “wuh yuh could do” shrug.

    When Bajans are ready to battle they will rise up like 1937. And I will be leading from the back!

  6. And no, I don’t post all day. I post before and after I plant, water and reap in my Garden of Peace.

    Okras, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, beets, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, eggplants, spinach, hot peppers, beans, cantalope, sugar baby, honey dew melons, sour sop, pomegranate, almonds and all manner of herbs don’t grow and reap themselves!

    I have this week reaped or am about to reap everything on that list.

    Cabbage cassava and pumpkin in a couple more weeks.

    Kale, chinese cabbage, zucchini
    (hopefully) in a few more weeks. Sweet potatoes in a few more months.

    Pea trees died and their replacements are babies.

    And the lime tree, guava tree, cherry tree, sugar apple and golden apple tree are struggling and in need of intensive care.

    Even the banana plants need the dry leaves removed. The coconut tree I can only watch my cousin clean up.

    Betcha I left something out!






  8. Hants,

    My first attorney, a former BLP stalwart, waived some of his fees. That goodly gentleman died a few years later. No connection to the fees waiving.

    My recent lawyer problems were nipped in the bud.

    I have an HONEST LAWYER FRIEND who stands real clear of the Bar association maggots and pretty soon my son will have a lawyer brother who has been well raised by his father. I do not have a lawyer problem.

    Bajans are too intimidated by lawyers. I have no quick fix for that.

  9. “Let us take Jamaica as an example with a people who have repeatedly demonstrated more activism than passive Bajans.”

    Why are these Bajans more talk than walk you may well ask.
    My hypothesis is that they are soul boys and girls and not dreads.

    Don’t blame it on the sunshine
    Don’t blame it on the moonlight
    Don’t blame it on the good times
    Blame it on the boogie

  10. Great idea

    An online petition that calls for the removal of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has attracted more than 1 million signatures.

    The petition, titled “Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas,” was created on the public advocacy organization website MoveOn in May.
    Just maybe a Barbadian with gust can use that same idea as a step in the right direction to remove Barbados do nothing AG

  11. I don’t normally quote Selassie, but in this instance, it’s very appropriate.

    “tuffgongworldwide “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” – HIM Haile Selassie I #thursdaythoughts

  12. Less than 24 hrs and the madness continues

    Police probe shooting incident – by Barbados Today July 7, 2022
    Police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred in the carpark of Chefette Restaurant on Black Rock Main Road, St Michael around 3:40 p.m.

  13. angela coxJuly 7, 2022 4:51 PM

    Great idea

    An online petition that calls for the removal of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has attracted more than 1 million signatures.

    The petition, titled “Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas,” was created on the public advocacy organization website MoveOn in May.
    Just maybe a Barbadian with gust can use that same idea as a step in the right direction to remove Barbados do nothing AG


    On what grounds would he be impeached?

    The signatures are either bots or immensely stupid people …. same thing.

  14. …. but the AG on the other hand is an elected member of the House of Assembly.

    People should be able to move him.

    Clarence Thomas is there for life or until he feels to resign.

  15. According to lawmen, a masked man who was riding a bicycle opened fire on three men who were sitting in a motorcar.





  16. With the daily shootings you notice less police around . It does not reassure the public they are protected.

    We don’t know if there’s a master plan to lessen the out of control gun violence. Law enforcement does not take the community into its confidence so we can only guess.

    Something has to be done we cry knowing full well nothing will be done.

    The police are respected but it seems they are more reactive than proactive.

    The public doesn’t get the sense there’s a well thought out plan of action to crackdown on lawlessness .

    The public believes the men with the guns reside for the most part on the blocks and they expect the police to be of the same view.

    However joe public doesn’t have the intelligence on criminals that professional law enforcement possess.

    Why aren’t there regular raids on the blocks (and roadblocks) where guys spend days and nights openly using and selling illegal drugs.

    At least such proactivity on known crime spots would make the public feel a bit safer.

    The police have stated numerous times the blocks are where the gangs reside.

    Confidence is extremely low among ordinary people that law enforcement can stop the daily gunplay.

    At the very least police high command should share a plan of action excluding details that need to remain secret.

    The police joining forces with BDF is a tired exercise in futility.

    It never helped curb gun violence or serious crime. Its a peep show .

    You may glimpse a few soldiers and police drive past in a van.

    Then you never see them again meanwhile shootings and murders continue.

    The government incredibly has told the public they are not responsible for crime. Its the criminals.

    Government yard fowls say government cant stop crime. Only the parents of the anti social elements can they whine.

    All the poor unprotected frightened communities can do is hide in their houses wishing and hoping the bullets miss them.

    This is who we are.

  17. The dam place has become a drug hole and a shooting gallery
    Peeps stay away from large crowds and chit chat on sidewalks
    Safety first

  18. @angela cox July 7, 2022 5:24 AM “The country reached the tipping point many many years ago.”

    Barbados was born in 1627 the iniquity of slavery. Wickedness in this country is nothing new. It has ALWAYS been so. Land was stolen from the indigenous people, labor was stolen from the enslaved African people. I asked a white female acquaintances once “why?”

    She told me that the black people learned their bad behavior from the white people.

    I did not argue with her.

  19. @Terrence Blackett at 5:53 AM “…billions will die from war, famine, planDEMICS & a sleuth of ecological disasters.

    CORRECTION: billions will die from war, famine, planDEMICS & a SLEW of ecological disasters (ALL* man-made)!!!

  20. @Hants July 7, 2022 8:43 AM “Let us hope that Cecil Marshall gets his $165,543.88 + as soon as possible. He is the victim.”

    I doubt that he will get even the 88 cents.

    The house was likely the only substantial asset. I don’t know how much it will be worth after explosion()s, fire, and haunted by the blood of innocent children.

  21. @African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved July 7, 2022 11:19 AM “FREE THE PEOPLE from 100 years of OPPRESSION”

    So according to your lies Barbados has been a bad place from 1922 to 2022.

    Let me tell you something, in 1922 both of my parents and all 4 of my grandparents were alive in Barbados and they told me that Barbados in 1922 was hell ole hell for the majority of people including those 6 people I just mentioned, and “yes” one of the 6 was murdered and it was not by any 21st century boy on the block.

    This society was born in the violence of slavery and racism.

    And Terrence Blackett has mentioned how he felt abandoned and that he acted out even while being raised by loving grandparents.

    We need to ask ourselves how many of our “bad boys” feel as abandoned now and Terrence felt then, and how many are acting out now just as Terrence did then.

    But we don’t want to acknowledge that slavery also destroyed families, separated families, taught our men and women to disrespect, denigrate, and dishonor each other, and in the process destroy our own children.

    Hard truths, not yet acknowledged.

  22. Its my professional conclusion from working with Scotland Yard that the defendent gave her husband the funds to fulfill his obligation as a contractor and was unable to replace funds. A case of kiting going terribly wrong which saw the defendent defrauding her client. Thus, murder suicide is my submission which will be confirmed by phone transcripts.

    The sale was completed early in August 2015. However, when the complainant contacted Ms. Alexander later that month, he was advised that funds were missing from her account but that the matter would soon be resolved. The complainant was later informed that he could collect a cheque from Ms. Alexander’s husband on 21 August, 2015.

    Mr. Marshall made attempts to have the cheque processed but these were futile and concluded with him being advised by his bank that the cheque should be referred to the drawer. After seeking answers, the complainant was informed by Ms. Alexander that she had overpaid some of her clients and that she was currently in the process of recovering said sums from these clients after which he would be paid.

    This did not materialise. On another occasion, the complainant was informed that Ms. Alexander was in the process of closing the sale of a hotel out of which she would be able to repay the amount owed. On 30 September 2015 Ms. Alexander sent an email to the complainant indicating that there was a delay in the receipt of the funds from her client but that she was working on providing the complainant with an interim payment on 2 October 2015 until the funds were received.

    Despite this promise, the funds were never repaid to the complainant resulting in him filing a complaint with the Committee against Ms. Alexander.

    Ms. Alexander also suggested that the speed at which this matter was dealt with by the Committee was a factor worth considering. She pleaded that In the Matter of Mortimer Clarke BB 2008 CA 7 ( Clarke), the length of time it took for that matter to be heard facilitated the repayment of the amount owed. Meanwhile, her matter had been speedily addressed resulting in insufficient time for repayment. There was no substantial real or personal property available to be utilised, and in addition, the family home owned solely by her husband had been placed on the market. To date there has been no sale to facilitate payment.

  23. @ Peter Falk aka Colombo
    Your theory sounds plausible and setting fire to the home that would have been repossessed if a due judgement against the lawyer was found in Court corroborates this and the guilt, stress and pressure infers double suicide and murder of children is also possible.
    The case should set precedent for changes in Law so Lawyers are prohibited and restricted from dipping into Client funds for personal use even if the intention is to move the monies back as the situation got out of hand and she seems to have been robbing Peter to Paul struggling with debts and illiquid assets in an insolvable position.

  24. robbing Peter to pay* Paul
    incurring debts to pay debts
    income redistribution from clients to lawyers by confiscation of funds for personal use

  25. @Detective ColomboJuly 7, 2022 11:48 PM

    There does seem to be some logic to that murder suicide theory especially since she was to appear before court that same day. But the killing of the two children leads me more to believing some outside party perpetrated the crime.

  26. This thievery of client funds will only stop when the politicians pass a law requiring all proceeds from sales and settlements can only be disbursed to the client.

    Lawyers can then invoice the client for their fees and expenses.

  27. Detective Columbo is late to the crime scene. His old car must have broken down.

    But why is it hard to believe that parents would kill their children when they consider the future that the children would face? Such desperate parents would rather close their eyes knowing that the children would not be suffering without their protection.

    Let me repeat, the idea of killing one’s children before one’s suicide is to SPARE them the miserable life one sees in their future.

    Happens all over the world. Regularly happens in T&T.

    Why not here?

  28. These shootings are probably connected. I was expecting them. Anyone who wasn’t ain’t got a clue.

  29. For personal injury judgments and settlements, two cheques can be issued, one for the attorney’s fees and the other to the client. That already happens in a few cases.

    There is absolutely no reason for it to be done in any other way.

  30. Pacha….seems like someone assassinated the former Japanese PM…dropped him dead..

    “This thievery of client funds will only stop when the politicians pass a law requiring all proceeds from sales and settlements can only be disbursed to the client.

    Lawyers can then invoice the client for their fees and expenses.”

    It’s the clients have to DEMAND THEIR CHECK….in their name…from the lawyers…politicians WILL NEVER DO IT…..most are lawyers themselves and handle personal injury cases….and have BAD TRACK RECORDS with client’s funds..

    if the lawyer THINKS that the clients don’t know this, that they can DEMAND THE CHECK IN THEIR NAMES…. they will arrange for the check to go in their names instead…….and TIEF THE MONEY..

    YOU HAVE TO KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS A CLIENT….i keep telling people tak some legal courses..


  31. Still makes you wonder why they did not ride it out, they had an option to move to Trinidad.

    there are lawyers in Barbados accused of STEALING billion dollar properties AND TENS OF MILLIONS of client’s money…been going on for DECADES..

    “But the killing of the two children leads me more to believing some outside party perpetrated the crime.”

    if the family can afford a private autopsy….but there is a track record of HIDING/DISPOSING OF BODY ORGANS to hide crimes……….which would easily tell if they were all dead before the fire…if they get the organs back and can have an independent autopsy, then we will know..

    if they dispose of the organs….we will know something else happened…


    can’t believe some of you have lived on the island for 70 and 80 YEARS and don’t know shit that goes on in it…

    but then again, ya ate the black belly sheep for 400 YEARS…and never knew it was part Afrikan and part English….so nothing will surprise anyone about ya lack of knowledge…

  33. @Donna, the old car was giving some trouble. My good friend religion and the belief in the afterlife is a very plausible factor in why I concluded murder suicide. No parent who really love their children will kill them. The act was selfish and cruel. Me hope their were given sleeping pills and not the horrible portion of poison.

  34. To all in Barbados, my findings have confirmed fraud in very widespread in Barbados and not only junior lawyers are guilty but Senior Counsels formerly QCs. I am concerned that if an independent body of citizens do not put pressure on lawyers… something more drastic may happen.

    Sadly, I have also uncovered a link between gun related crimes in America and reactionary murders among the youth in Barbados. About to work on a file on a major corruption in government tendering process and have a coffee.

  35. Society in general would like this sad event to be a muder-suicide executed by one of the family adults.
    If only because the alternatives are far less palatable.

  36. A man once told me that the majority of young lawyers he knows in the USA drive second hand economy cars trying hard to pay back their student loans and hang out in the courts daily trying to get a case or two to pay their rent.
    He told me young lawyers called to the bar in Bim want to own a luxury car plantation house and mansion six months after graduation. They don’t even have to worry about student loans.
    I told him he talking bear shite.

  37. Frank,

    I don’t wish it to be anything at all. There are hitmen in Barbados. Sometimes a Jamaican one passes through. That is well known. As to the lawyer being killed to hush her up – why would anyone think she was about to blab on anybody or anything?

    The women’s section at Dodds is quite comfortable, I imagine. Not crowded. Not many murderers or violent women. Feuding gang members – zilch.

    Even so…. she has Vonda the Deacon’s Brave for protection. And the Parris girl for pleasant company.

    What would she have to gain by blabbing? Do we do sentence reductions for blabbing on non-related matters?

    Nothing to gain and one’s life to lose.

    More likely that somebody cracked under the strain. They couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Detective Columbo,

    Miss Marple perceives that you do not understand that desperate persons often enter a state where their thought processes are not normal.

    Yes, in these circumstances, one can kill one’s child out of TRUE LOVE, when one’s thinking is unhinged.

    What is selfish about it? What would be his gain?

    And yes, I did say his. It is most likely.

    We shall see what we shall see.

  38. Detective Columbo,

    That’s Miss Marple to you.

    In defining “true love” and the things desperate people can do for true love’s sake – YUP!

    There is nothing to suggest that these children were not truly loved. Quite the contrary. They were “neatly” and my guess is LOVINGLY arranged on the bed. ALL TOGETHER IN DEATH AS IN LIFE.

    No more suffering. No more pain.

    But…..we shall see what we shall see.

  39. “He told me young lawyers called to the bar in Bim want to own a luxury car plantation house and mansion six months after graduation. ”

    slave master wannabes, bunch of liars frauds and thieves, it’s like a disease.. not one currently sitting at Dodds waiting sentencing for theft….and the big plantation he got sitting where it has always been from the 1700s or thereabout…and if evabody he tief from come and litigate cases against him…. ALL AT THE SAME TIME…that one will never get out of prison..

    the other one sitting there gotta watch herself too, there is a congoline of aggrieved clients.

    …that’s their only goals in life,,,tief, buy a plantation, or steal it…AND PRETEND…

    they took the slave master criminality too seriously as the only career available..

  40. @ CA
    This thievery of client funds will only stop when the politicians pass a law requiring all proceeds from sales and settlements can only be disbursed to the client.”
    Boss… It is TOO far gone to be stopped…

    ..Too many people would have to be charged…
    ..There would NOT be Enuff lawyers, judges, or other legal officials left back to do the cases
    …and we don’t have that sorta space at Dodds anyhow, so they would have to be on bail…
    …and BY LAW, lawyers MUST be employed in CRITICAL AGENCIES, so they would have to judge themselves
    …plus, only lawyers (and Caswell) can interpret the shiite laws we have bout here – they are not written in normal English

    So after all the chaos, we would be back to square one, with the Foxes running the chicken coop…

    We may as well just accept that we have been screwed….and that lawyers MUST have their mortgage and BMWs funded by clients who have NO CHOICE but to hand them our $$$$….

    It is too far gone for brass bowls….
    BUT it will all come crashing down just now, …in the coming chaos.

  41. William….don’t worry, the Brits will clean up themselves quite nicely and the new Negros will be the ones left in the steaming, HOT PILE of 100 YEAR OLD crimes….holding the bag… Negro criminals….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    hope they are still not salivating on the reparations SCAM…

  42. holding the bag

    i certainly hope it’s a BIG RED BAG…

  43. @ WARU
    The real problem here is politics. There is no mature leadership on either side. What these new colonialists can’t do is to understand that crisis in education and crime , cannot be successfully handle by blaming each other . And that’s what has been happening in these areas.
    We can get here and pontificate but unless we remove the bread and fish politics out of the equation , the problems in education and crime will , to a large extent, remain unsolved and unresolved.
    There are really no adults in the room.
    Topless and bottom out.
    Party time.

  44. “What these new colonialists can’t do is to understand that crisis in education and crime , ”

    apparently they don’t understand the crisis CAUSED by those who FUND THE POVERTY, GUNS AND DRUGS on the island either and have from the 1980s…..a cartel curse wreaking HAVOC on the island..

    …..teets was having a good old laugh at it while pretending he knows nothing…

  45. @ WARU
    The real problem here is politics. There is no mature leadership on either side. What these new colonialists can’t do is to understand that crisis in education and crime , cannot be successfully handle by blaming each other .




  46. These are the same FRAUDS had us believing since we were young that it was UK doing all of this, and they were being FORCED….

    BUT…now all their dirty fingerprints were FOUND ALL OVER THE POVERTY, GUNS AND DRUGS CRIME SCENES…they still believe they can slither, joke and LIE THEIR WAY OUT OF IT..

  47. @ BAJE
    Ah jus’ trying to get dem to accept muh. So ah trying de lil complaining ting. Next ting yuh hear is dat I get deported and ah bring back de crime wid muh or dat being a St Michael man, ah responsible fuh de crime.
    Baje, lef muh and leh muh get accepted in me own country nuh.

    • @Wiliiam

      Sometimes less is more. At your age and experience you should try to lift the debate instead of these irrelevant interventions. Time is precious. Has the blogmaster asked you if you wear a bullet proof vest when visiting the Mall?


  48. Baje, lef muh and leh muh get accepted in me own country nuh.





  49. @Sarge
    “I haven’t seen any instances of the Courts ordering restitution to victims of lawyer theft, which essentially means that when lawyers are convicted, they will serve their time and on release, they get to enjoy the fruits of their ill-gotten gains.”

    This is why I wonder if these trials are not one big charade; if this is how the .money is washed and shared. The crooked lawyer’s legal representative (really an accomplice) receives his share of the spoil as legal fees..

    Still puzzled about the role of the judge

  50. By the way, who is the “we” forced to fund the lawyers’ excessive lifestyle?

    Not Stinking Donna!

    “High win’ know weh ole house live an’ duppy know who tuh frighten.”

  51. More and more info is coming out about that explosion..

    .let’s see if the official version is the same..

  52. @Donna July 8, 2022 5:55 AM “But why is it hard to believe that parents would kill their children when they consider the future that the children would face? Such desperate parents would rather close their eyes knowing that the children would not be suffering without their protection.”

    None of us can see around a corner.

    Who says that children raised by other than their parents suffer? Don’t we know that some foster and/or adoptive parents are better parents than biological parents?

    If the children were murdered by their parents [and I don’t know the facts] before another child dies parents should know that they can surrender their children to the Child Care Board. Both my sister and I have long term fostered. Two of my cousins worked with the Child Care Board for decades, looking after children who come to daycare, and looking after children who came to live in a children’s homes.

    Perhaps it is hubris which would lead biological parents to believe that they are the only people capable of providing excellent care for their children.

    That belief is false.

  53. Donna

    Nope. I missed nothing. I rarely miss anything.

    But people rarely reach a state of desperation in a moment.

    All too often hubris prevents us from reaching out for help when we first realise that things are beginning to fall apart.

    I this world we are rarely alone, unless we choose to be alone.

  54. The following extracted from Nation columnist Michelle Russell’s column.

    Finally, Barbados was rocked by a tragedy this week which shocked us all. I was particularly shaken as it involved two of my close friends of over 20 years and their children. Due to the circumstances surrounding their untimely demise and the allegations of professional misconduct that preceded, I understand why some who mourn them have sought to do so quietly. It’s neither a simple nor easy situation. It has been a confusing time and I have experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Even if I didn’t agree with everything they did in their lifetimes, I will still hold them fondly in my heart.
    They were with me through some of my darkest times and they helped me when I was too broken to help myself and when no one else would. There’s so much about them many don’t know, except the sole narrative that is promoted in the media. But that is not all they were. I also understand why that is all some can see and why some are enraged. As I often say, we must remember that more than one seemingly opposite thing can be true at the same time. Nevertheless, I mourn their loss and send my condolences to those they left behind, and for matters left unresolved. Goodbye my dear friends.

    Michelle M. Russell is an attorney with a passion for employment law and labour matters and is a social activist. Email:

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