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The Grenville Phillips Column – Put Up or Shut Up

This is the most crucially important general election that we have ever had since our independence.  We are so much in debt that we are facing economic ruin.  If any successful political party fails to significantly improve the economy within their first year in Government, the majority of Barbadians will suffer unimaginable harm.  We are […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement – South Coast Sewage Project Not Listed on Contractors Website

South Coast Sewage Crisis_Statement_180116 The Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) recognizes that the current state of the South Coast sewage system is a looming national health crisis in the making! BIM feels compelled to act at this time to ensure that this national crisis is managed and resolved so as not to escalate to epidemic proportions. […]

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Barbadians Must See Beyond the Sophistry

Submitted by William Skinner Emboldened by a now decadent and decaying two party system, we have apparently opted to embrace a society bereft of regulatory might. The citizens have been, in some cases, willing accomplices to the cowardly abandonment of their historical mission by the political managerial class. In every area of civic responsibility, we […]

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Another Heather Cole Column – Five Asses Who Don’t Know ‘Shit’

Submitted by Heather Cole It has all come down to shit. A few days ago Donald Trump’s racist use of the word shit-hole when referring to some African Countries, elevated the word shit to more prominence on the International scene than it has ever held. Interestingly enough shit is also trending in Barbados but not […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – MY VOTE HAS A PRICE

After many years of observing the quality of governance that Barbadians are forced to undergo at the national level, I decided that I would stay away from the polls at the upcoming general elections. Then, after seeing the lavish Christmas gifts that certain members of parliament distributed to their constituents, ostensibly, in my opinion, to […]

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Another Heather Cole Column – JERK HAM AND BALONEY

Just before Christmas 2017, the Print Media published an IMF Report that had been commissioned by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Barbados on the Supervisory Framework for Sagicor Life Inc. The report revealed the dismal state not only of the Insurance Industry but for the FSC itself. It alluded to the lack controls, of […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Demands Government Address the Nation to Update on South Coast Sewage Crisis

Submitted by the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Barbadians have given the Democratic Labour Party Administration the benefit of the doubt since the inception of the South Coast sewage issues that every effort was diligently exhausted to ensure that this problem would have been quickly rectified. It is apparent that this problem has now escalated to […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – A Bunch of Hypocrites

As I engage the younger generation, who we are training to manage Barbados after we have gone to the great beyond, I am normally impressed with their general boldness and ability to articulate their concerns. I recently saw a young fellow who appeared to have just graduated from secondary school selling newspapers.  I bought one […]

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Time to Vote Third Parties NOT BLP and DLP

Submitted by William Skinner As we prepare for another General Election, it is imperative that we call a spade a spade. Unless there is some unknown, mysterious progressive visionary leader hiding deep in the bowels of the Barbados Labour Party or the Democratic Labour Party, the election would follow the pattern of carnival like exercises […]

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Private Sector ‘Signals’ No Recovery Until After the General Election

There is a BU commenter whose oft-repeated refrain is that ‘there will be no recovery under Fumble’s fools’. The commenter we have come to know as someone who postulates the positions of the private sector. It therefore comes as no surprise that the commenter’s observation aligns with that of the head of the private sector […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Brace for the Consequences

My last article on Barbados’ vote against the US received sufficient feedback to justify a further explanation.  Some felt that it was simply a case of the US bullying another country, and Barbados’ courageous stand against the US’ offensive threats of retaliation against countries who dared not vote with it.  But is this true? In […]

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Of Intersectionality and Rat Lines

Submitted by Pachamama As another election looms it may be good look at the relationship of the elites to intersectionality and their usage of rat lines. Intersectionality is a popular term deployed by social scientists generally and activists, more particularly, to measure the degree of connectedness between the systems around us. The master narrative being […]

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The Caswell Franklyn Column – Civil Servants Vote to Your Interests in 2018

The New Year is almost upon us and very shortly this country will be transformed into a veritable electioneering circus, some might say with an assortment of clowns, to select a new government. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) emerged victorious in the last two contests. However, this time around, political pundits and wishful thinkers have […]

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Why the Haste to Appoint a Governor General?

In early 2015 Prime Minster Freundel Stuart announced that Barbados will switch from the monarchical system of government to republican status. It is December 2017- almost two years later- with a general election on the horizon and clearly Barbadians must conclude that this is another empty promise by a politician. The appointment of Justice Sandra […]

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A Grenville Phillips Column – Find Redemption Like Scrooge

Sometime during the Christmas season, I normally find myself watching a movie of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.  The story describes the reactions the selfish Ebenezer Scrooge to visits by ghosts of Christmas’ past, present and future on Christmas Eve.  However, his redemption only happens after he sees the impact of his selfish actions on […]

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CARICOM Disarray on UN General Assembly “Status of Jerusalem” Vote

Submitted by Mohammed Degia Al-Quds. Photo courtesy of The Caribbean Community group of countries or CARICOM has for a long time feigned at having a common foreign policy. While this may be true with respect to some issues on the international agenda, particularly in the area of development, this pretence of unity dissipates on […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The First Domino has Fallen

The Government has decided that after 3 years of sewage problems in Worthing, the solution was beyond the capabilities of the Barbados Water Authority.  This is not surprising.  The Government has been degrading Engineering posts for some time. Barbados came to a crossroads over 40 years ago.  We could have continued with our highly professional […]

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Another Heather Cole Column – Destruction of the Barbados Brand

A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22 Vs 1 From way back in the 17th Century when sugar was king, Barbados was a brand. It made the best sugar and the best rum. Even the first President of the USA visited […]

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