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Altruistic China?

The following article is reproduced from the Canadian press at the request of Money Brain. Is China as altruistic as some would have us believe? Across the globe, especially in the great motherland Africa, there are horror stories being recorded about this new marauding. What insights are there to be learned by impoverished states of the Caribbean? Besides fueling our

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The Rhetoric of Austerity

ECONOMIST SIR FRANK ALLEYNE says one of the reasons why Barbados was in the current economic mess was the country’s failure to pay workers based on productivity. Sir Frank, one of the Freundel Stuart administration’s trusted advisers, said yesterday that had the various governments followed through on the productivity focus after the 1991 economic crisis, many of the problems the

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The End Game, Part 3 – Taking Milk from a Baby

Internationally competitive European industries wanted to legally exploit the developing Caribbean markets.  To achieve that aim, their governments wanted to negotiate a trade agreement with the Caribbean.  That trade agreement was called the Economic Partnership Agreement. With the benefit of our FTAA preparations in 2002, Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean were well-positioned to negotiate a favourable trade agreement

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Post General Election Musings

Of concern to Barbadians everywhere is the ‘fatigue’ that has set in triggered by an economy stuck in the doldrums for  more than 10 years. Some Barbadians although tired of the persistent state of affairs seem to have expected Mia and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to flick a switch to quick fix the economic problems of the country.  Old

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The End Game, Part 2 – Choking on Worms

Industries in developed countries normally mature until they are internationally competitive.  When they are ready to expand beyond their national borders, they ask their Governments to negotiate trade agreements to legally exploit the less developed markets of other nations. Barbados was consistently given the same strategic economic advice from the Inter-American Development Bank and others since at least 1989 (30

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