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If Not Mia Mottley, Who?

It is approaching two years since Mia  Mottley and the Barbados Labour Party were swept into government in unprecedented manner 30-0  – the question forming on the lips of some – do we have political leaders/parties in waiting to rival Mia Mottley and the Barbados Labour party? A strong democratic systems demands a robust dissenting view. The Mottley government has

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Urgent: Credible Third Parties Wanted

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won a landslide general election 30-0 on 24 May 2019.  The result was an unequivocal rejection of the last Democratic Labour Party (DLP) government. After 10 years of being governed by a government with negligible political stock, Barbadians changed the script by giving the BLP an unprecedented victory at the 2018 poll. The landslide victory

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Foreign Policy in Barbados and CARICOM

Submitted by Kemar J. D Stuart, President of The Young Democrats Foreign Policy discussion has not been a strong pillar of discussion within the political environment as it is perceived the voting public may not be too keen on engaging political parties on their foreign policy positions during campaigning or debate time. However after last May 24th 2018 general election

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We Are All Sunk

As a small independent country, there are a few maxims that should guide our behaviour.  Never blast a hole in our boat, because it can sink, and we will all suffer.  Never contaminate the food on our boat, because we will all get sick.  Never sabotage any part of our boat, because it will hinder our progress. The only justifiable

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State Owned Hotels

This article is based on notes for my presentation today to the Fourth Caribbean International Tourism Conference (CITC 2019) at UWI’s Cave Hill campus. My presentation will be on Trinidad & Tobago’s State-owned hotels to outline the results and provisional conclusions of my research. I designed that research program to examine the existing State-owned hotels as a way of understanding

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