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2021 Canada Elections Declared!

2021 Canada Elections

Submitted by Steven Kaszab Election 2021 has arrived. Our leading political parties are vying for Canadians trust and votes. Many promises, with limited explanation’s no how they can be accomplished financially abound. an election , short lived and bitterly fought. Enjoy 🙂 Green Party: Their message grabs at our hearts and souls, our very hope to survive. Will our planet

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Submitted by Pachamama As we all witness the harrowing pictures coming from Afghanistan we are reminded of the events in Saigon, circa mid-1970’s, when American troops and their local interlocutors were ‘throwing away their frames’ from rooftops to catch a ride out of Vietnam. Afghanistan has long been regarded as the graveyard for empires. From the Romans to the Soviets

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De Peiza versus Hewitt – (D)LP for Democratic

Guy Hewitt and Verla De peiza

The annual conference of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is scheduled to be held from 18th to 22nd of August 2021. Although political parties are technically private clubs, parochial decisions taken have national ramifications. In this instance the establishment and incumbent President of the DLP Verla De peiza will be challenged by newcomer Reverend Guy Hewitt IF all things remain

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Our coming transition to republican status is a proud moment for our country. As has been acknowledged before, it is not a slight to Her Majesty, Her Family or the UK, for which we have tremendous respect, but rather represents the ultimate statement of confidence in ourselves and our boundless capacity. Our commemoration of this moment comes at a particularly

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Viva La Revolucion

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II For the second time in my lifetime, masses of Cuban people publicly protested against the Government – in Cuba.  The first time in 1994, protestors called for the freedom to leave Cuba.  Castro allowed them.  This time, they are calling for freedom from dictatorship.  The Cuban Government’s response was disturbingly violent. The demonstrations have been

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Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early

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The Great Hornswoggle

Recently the blogmaster observed a sign that announced the takeover of Montrose supermarket by behemoth Massy. A caller to a talk show asked what does it mean if all of our successful businesses are being ‘huffed’ by ‘outside’ interest? Education and health are the top two allocations in the national budget. Minister of Youth Dwight Sutherland recently announced a $100,000

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Submitted by Observing With all the action going on nowadays its forgiveable for the average person to see doubles once in a while. After all, they say more is less, or is it less is more? We have a Commissioner of Police, Two Deputy Commissioners AND still a former Commissioner who’s a consultant. DOUBLES!!! We have a Minister of Finance,

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Submitted Observing Things are so out of whack recently that I think we have gone haywire. Let me just toss a few random disjointed thoughts out there to get a real real feel for where we are right now. Persons on bail for vicious murders…BUT…end up committing others after Local parties and fetes are restricted…BUT…visitors can plan 2 months ahead

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Four Seasons Project: Public Servants Must Serve Taxpayers NOT Politicians

The Four Seasons Project – Story of Failure continues to be an example of how the public continues is short changed by public officials elected and recruited to serve us. The inability of taxpayers to solicit answers to legitimate questions regarding the quality of decisions made by successive governments is an embarrassment to the type of democracy we should be

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Mia’s Blunders

In recent weeks two events created embarrassment for the Mia Mottley led government. First it was the still born Little Island Big Barbados BTMI matter followed by the snub after she demanded the smutty Trojan Riddim video be removed from the YouTube streaming service. Three years after achieving an unprecedented victory in the 2018 general election and riding the crest

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Whither Labour?

Submitted by Just Observing The history of the Trade Union movement is a checkered one, but, regardless, it has always been consistently associated with numbers, strength, values and representation. Oh for the good old days. The past 3-5 years has seen a rapid decline in the interest, membership and integrity of our trade unions through the actions (sometimes shameless) of

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