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A People Insensitive to War


Submitted by Steven Kaszab I could not sleep last night. Watching the news casts about the war in Ukraine and Putin’s orders placed to put Russian Nuclear Weapons on high alert just took my breath away.  It’s like a time warp where we have returned to the 1960’s cold war.  Have you noticed that we are desensitized to what is

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Russia/Ukraine Conflict


In this part of the world there is the misconception by many that because we are located thousands of miles from Russia and the Ukraine, we will be unaffected by events unfolding. This is far from the truth given the interdependence of the global economy and how unrest fueled by war and rumours of war will further disrupt supply chains

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People Apathy is Real


In the pre and post 2018 general election analysis Barbadians were and continue to be subjected to a myriad of reasons why the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was resoundingly rejected in consecutive general elections. All kinds of analyses completed with the jargon from the world of statistics have been dumped in the public space – swing analysis, standard deviation, outlier,

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The Problem is us


Submitted by Observing In 2020 voters turned out in high numbers and groups merged to ensure that Trump would not be President again. They succeeded. Regardless of political view, there will still always be a 40% of America that will vote for Trump. Despite the 2022 unity, the cohesion on the Democratic side though is not so certain. Back at

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Who Will Win The Fight For Power?

Sandra Mason

General Elections were held in Barbados on January 19th, 2022, and the ruling Administration the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) came away with a resounding victory capturing all 30 seats, leaving all the other opposition parties with zero. Today, 14 days after, now that the dust has settled, it is clear that despite this achievement, the government of Barbados is fighting

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An Open Letter to Barbadian Voters

Grenville Phillips

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II, president of Solutions Barbados Dear Barbadian Voters: First, let me state the obvious. The chances of a third-party candidate getting elected in Barbados at this time, is somewhere between extremely unlikely and non-existent. We are fully aware of this. Yet, we persist. After each election, we receive the same three types of responses. They are:

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Did Many Hands Make Light Work?

Mia Mottley out-strategized all comers to win the recent general election by inflicting another 30-0 drubbing on a hapless Democratic Labour Party (DLP). The win is all the more incredible because it was achieved after a 3-year period of unprecedented economic challenges caused primarily by the ongoing pandemic AND the brought forward state of a weak economy. Besides the chatter

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A Moment in Time

2022 general elections

Submitted Observing The 2022 elections will be remembered for many things but, two key features will be the timing of the call by the Prime Minister and the lack of measures put in place by EBC to allow Covid Positive patients to vote. In other threads I have already criticised the Prime Minister for calling an election when rates are

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