A group of artists recorded a compilation of songs.  Their compilation was uploaded on YouTube (outside of Barbados), where it had to compete with over 800 million other videos.  After one week, it joined hundreds of millions of other videos in the YouTube graveyard.

Three weeks later, Barbadian: politicians, news media, clergy, and business leaders started to vigorously promote the video.  Their actions brought a dead video to life, and then moved it into the mainstream of Barbadian society.  The obvious question is, why.


Most Barbadians would not normally watch such a fringe video.  But we were compelled to watch it, because we were expected to join those in condemning the artists, and it is wicked to condemn someone without evidence.

The video’s main message is completely opposite to that of the Police’s.  The Police rely on people who see something, to say something.  The video’s message is that saying something is an automatic death sentence.


The video explained that there is no safe place where informants can hide.  There will be no reprieve, hesitation, negotiation, or mercy.  Informants should expect to be executed swiftly.

Saying something is a mark of a responsible citizen.  However, 16 minutes of indoctrination, suggested that saying something was wrong, while murdering informants was honourable.


Why did Barbadian politicians, news media, clergy, and business leaders undermine the Police’s public message, by promoting the gangs’ threats?  I spoke with some of the clergy to find the answer.

It appears that they were tricked by the media, to promote the video through their condemnation of it.  Our clergy do not normally use the public relations expertise available to our news media, businesses, and established political parties.  They were unaware that there is no such thing as negative publicity.  So, it is easy to see how they could be so deceived.


Barbadian politicians, news media, and business leaders do not have the same excuse.  Every day, they decide which messages they will promote, and which messages must die on the vine – by simply ignoring them.  It was easily foreseen, that the only result of their actions, would be to promote the gangs’ message.

Why was it so important, for this message of intimidation to be brought into the Barbadian mainstream at this time?  To answer this, we must remember that we have unsuccessfully tried to solve this puzzle of: gangs, guns, drugs, violence, and corruption in Barbados for decades.  Here are some of the pieces of this puzzle.


1.  In 2008, Barbados reported to the OAS that we had 150 gangs, with 4,000 members, which is an average of about 26 persons in each gang.  That same year, the Bajan Reporter published a shocking report of how gangs recruited our school children.

2.  In 2017, Small Arms Survey found that 1,675 guns were used by the Barbados military, and 2,000 by the police. The number of unlawfully held guns was estimated at 7,000.

3.  In 2017, the DLP reported that gang leaders were operating without fear of prosecution in Barbados. They noted that kidnappings, executions, drug trafficking, and legitimate businesses were part of their normal activities. They further noted that prominent members of Barbadian society were linked to the importation of illegal guns.

4.  In 2017, with gun violence out of all control, the DLP proposed anti-gang legislation.  Gang members would be liable for 20 years imprisonment, and gang leaders, 25 years.

5.  In 2018, the new BLP administration chose not to pursue anti-gang legislation.  They noted that it would only be used as a last resort.

6.  On 22 October 2019, in the 52nd sitting of the House of Assembly, former BLP politician, Atherley claimed to know that it was true that Parliamentarians facilitated drug lords in Barbadian communities.  He then challenged his fellow Parliamentarians to deny it.  None reportedly did so during the meeting.

In just 16 minutes, ten Barbadian artists solved this puzzle in a way that perfectly explained the evidence.  The final picture is particularly chilling.  Rather than thank them for solving the puzzle, we are directed to condemn them for the crude way in which they did so.  We need to look deeper.


Our police are significantly outgunned.  Their main weapon against crime has been undermined by the gangs’ most successful public relations initiative ever.  Barbadians who do what is right, because it is right, must now consider violating their conscience and self-preservation.

Again, why did they bring the gangs’ message of intimidation from the fringe, to the mainstream.  Most of us have no dealings with gangs or guns, so why was it necessary for every Barbadian household to be intimidated now?  I have no idea.  But here is a striking coincidence.


On 25 May 2021, the Auditor General published his report.  That report shows that the potential gross corruption between the Government and businesses under the last administration, has not changed under the current.  Notably, most Barbadians either work for Government or businesses.

The media ignored the Auditor General’s report until 31 May 2021.  On that same day, the trinity of our media, politicians and business leaders hurriedly directed us to watch a video.  That video informed us that we only had two choices – keep quiet, or be executed by a hail of gunfire.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

How De Yutes Get So?

Submitted by Just Observing

26 years ago there was a hue and cry when a then young Minister of Education who managed a group of artists brought school aged students to the Wildey Gymnasium to be “feted” by none other than Mr. Edwin Yearwood, Pic of De Crop winner.

At the time this mass “party” was unheard of but clearly went on to become a staple of B/DLP politics, campaigning and our cultural and sub cultural landscape.

Fast forward 27 years to the present and we have a young Minister of Education who manages a group of artists and uses them for promotional and motivational student videos (covid, back to school, stop the bullying etc.) including the popular Mole, Peter Ram and others.

BUT, here is the rub. The attached video shows the duality of entertainment and the flip side of performance roles.


So, one day it’s go to school, learn well, sanitise and don’t trouble nobody. The next day it’s gunshots showering like storm, high grade, kush, 357’s, AR’s and coffins for informers who get shot.

All coming from the same mouths, with the same faces, in the same spaces.

All managed and seemingly endorsed by a young Minister of Education whose business interests apparently diverge from the broader national, social and values based interests when convenient.

Imagine this at a time when violence, guns, shooting and fear of serious crime continue to climb. This is what far too many of our young people glorify, rejoice in and give praise to.

As one of the same said artists said over 30 years ago…..

“Well boh, I find out doh, uh NOW realise how de yutes get so”

Hail King Swallow: A Polished Man of Kaiso and Art

Submitted by Dr. Hollis ‘’Chalkdust’’ Liverpool

My last article on ‘’Respect for PhDs’’ caused many eyebrows to be raised: some people wanted to find out if persons without PhDs should not be respected; others asked if we shouldn’t show respect for the Opposition members in Parliament as well. My response to all such vain questions is that at age eleven at Primary school with Mr. Lionel P. Mitchell in Tobago, we had to write in our Government copy books for penmanship the following lines: ‘’Have respect for every man because he is a man.’’ I rest my case.

Well, the need to show respect for every man and woman was, however, again awakened in me when Antiguan Sir Rupert Philo (Swallow), a man in every sense of the word, went to heaven last Friday, for I recalled him telling me in the mid-1980s that it was a joy for him to sing to the Trinidad audience, since singing in Trinidad meant that he was mixing with the top calypsonians, and, ‘’Charkee bwoy, the Trini people does show me respect.’’ In terms of respect, he explained, that when his name was announced by Tommy Joseph at Spektakula Forum, the crowd roared with delight; when he went to book his room at Chaguaramus Flats where he normally stayed annually, the authorities there knowing that he came to Trinidad every year, already booked it for him without any down payment made; when he walked the streets of Port of Spain, all hailed his name aloud; when he checked in to BWIA without having the correct ticket and booking, his seat on the aircraft was already assured; and when he sought to go to a concert of any kind in Trinidad and Tobago, no one dared to ask him for an entrance fee. The voice at the concert door was always: ‘’Swallow, you are free to enter.’’ In addition, Sunshine Awards gave him the prize for the ‘’Best Engineered Recording’’ and ‘’Best Calypso Arrangement’’ in 1989 (Fire in the Back Seat), and had placed him in the ‘’Sunshine Awards Hall of Fame’’ in year 2008. For all the afore-mentioned reasons that sparked of respect, Swallow loved to sing in Trinidad and Tobago and did so up to a few years ago when he appeared nightly at the Calypso Revue Tent with top artists such as Sugar Aloes, Pink Panther, Cro Cro and Sprangalang, to name a few. I recall one year when Swallow was here, while we were travelling to Skinner Park, he fell ill. When I saw blood coming from his nose, I turned my car and headed straight for the hospital. The nurses at the Emergency ward began to interview him, as it were, for on hearing his accent, they were asking him if he was a Trinidadian, since the medical service was for Trinis. I immediately jumped in: ‘’Folks, are you all mad? That is Swallow,’’ I bellowed! Hearing the magic name Swallow, they immediately changed their attitude and wheeled him inside where he obtained, in the hour that followed, the best that a Trini hospital could offer. Truly, Swallow was held in high esteem by Trinidadians, especially after he sang ‘’Trinidad, the Caribbean Godfather.’’ In addition, one of Gypsy’s absolute gems in calypso is the one entitled ‘’Respect the calypsonian.’’

In terms of respect, however, the history of calypso shows that there have been multiple occasions, too numerous to mention, when calypsonians in Trinidad were shown total disrespect. For example, in 1955 one sunny Friday evening, five calypsonians were entertaining tourists on Wrightson Road, then a haven for tourists, when suddenly, the police darted into the calypso crowd and arrested three of them. The litigants spent two days in prison and were charged five dollars for their crime on the following Monday. Years later, one of them told me that he could not travel to New York because of that ‘’criminal’’ stamp placed on his passport and the fact that the bad mark from the Court stained his character for the rest of his life. Headteacher L. P. Mitchell used to make us write also: ‘’When character is lost, all is lost.’’

Another example of the disrespect occurred in the 1960s when calypsonians used to entertain guests at tables in restaurants all over Port of Spain. A few restaurant owners felt that the singers were a nuisance. Indeed, a restaurant at the corner of Frederick and Park streets had at its entrance a large sign which read: ‘’No calypsonians and dogs allowed.’’ I can give you readers several more examples of disrespect shown to calypsonians but the above, I believe, should satisfy the point.

On the other hand, the government of Antigua displayed total respect for Swallow and continues up to this day to do so to all calypsonians. First, for his contribution to the art form of calypso, Swallow was named a cultural ambassador for Antigua and given all rights and privileges to the esteemed post. Second, when I was Director of Culture and travelled to Antigua, I was given an ‘’Official’’ passport. Swallow would ask me where was my ‘’Red’’ passport, since he thought that I ought to have one. I may be wrong, but I have never known any calypsonian in Trinidad and Tobago to have been given a red, diplomatic passport (in some countries they are black). Besides Swallow, other artists namely Short Shirt in Antigua, Frankie McIntosh in St Vincent and Gabby in Barbados (2007) were named as cultural ambassadors for their countries and are holders of such passports which indicate to the Immigration officers of foreign countries that they, as holders, are diplomats and are acting on behalf of the countries that they represent. Thus, everything is usually done in their lands and overseas to make their travel smooth, comfortable and without any hiccups.

Third, in year 2011, Swallow was knighted by the Government of Antigua and the official title of ‘’Sir’’ (the highest award in the state) bestowed on him. Fourth, on being made a knight, he was granted a monthly salary by his state until his death. He called me on receipt of his monthly salary one night to find out if mine was bigger and to ascertain if the state of Antigua was robbing him. He could not believe that the ORTT award in Trinidad given to me carried no perks: salary, housing, medical insurance etc. His knighthood had all such perks to the extent that during his illness, the government of Antigua paid all his medical expenses in New York for more than a year. Fifth, many singers in Trinidad could not understand how Swallow was able to come here for carnival annually. Well, although the calypso promoters in Trinidad had to pay for his hotel and other expenses, the government of Antigua granted him free travel whenever he promoted the land and its culture overseas, so that Swallow, naturally, in singing calypso was seen by Antiguans as selling Antigua to the world. Accordingly, they paid all his airfares.

Sixth, when in the 1980s a band in New York refused to pay him for his performance at Madison Square Garden and was coming to Antigua to perform for carnival there, Swallow promptly told them that unless he was fully paid, they couldn’t come to Antigua. Of course, they laughed at him and landed at V.C. Bird airport. Swallow went to the Prime Minister, then Mr. V.C. Bird, and laid his complaint. History would record that Mr Bird ordered the Immigration to put them out of the state. The band begged him and offered to pay since they had contracts to fulfil in Antigua. Prime Minister V.C. Bird refused. ‘’Leave the state for ridiculing and disrespecting Swallow.’’ It is, in my opinion, true to state that no government in Trinidad and Tobago, colonial or post- colonial, has ever treated any local calypsonian in the esteemed manner, as was done by the Government of Antigua to Sir Rupert Philo (Swallow).

My heart is overjoyed, then, when our Caribbean universities see it fit not only to honour PhDs but to state that artists like King Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Roy Cape, Pelham Goddard, Merle Albino DeCoteau, Winsford Devine, Eintou Springer, Derek Walcott, Earl Lovelace, Black Stalin, Bro. Superior, Mighty Shadow, David Rudder, Mighty Gabby and Red Plastic Bag in Barbados deserve to be named to the table of doctorates, because of their noble contributions to their nations in particular, and to humanity in general. Their lives explain the meaning of the title, man. Indeed, we can say with Shakespeare: Swallow’s life ‘’was gentle and the elements so well mixed in him, that nature could stand up and say to all the world: this was a man,’’ polished, artful, refined, civilized.

David Comissiong Critiques Third World Performance

Third World Band publicly acclaim the magnificent performance of the Third World band performed "last Friday night at the Naniki Music Festival"

Third World Band publicly acclaim the magnificent performance of the Third World band performed “last Friday night at the Naniki Music Festival”


As the whole of Barbados knows, I am a passionate believer in the valuableness and beauty of our Caribbean and Pan-African Civilization: and so, when I witness or experience an exemplary manifestation of that Civilization I am obliged to publicly acknowledge it and bring it to the attention of my fellow citizens.

It is against this background therefore that I would like to publicly acclaim the magnificent performance of the Third World band last Friday night at the Naniki Music Festival, and to take issue with Ms. Natanga Smith’s review of the concert in the Sunday Sun newspaper of 15th January 2017.

From the moment Third World announced themselves on stage with the classic “Sattamasagana” — a mystical song of deep spiritual longing for and connection with the African heartland — it was clear that we, the audience, were not experiencing just another pop band , but the stellar representatives of a particular culture imbued with a particular historical and spiritual ethos. In other words, we were experiencing cultural ambassadors par excellence of our own Civilization!

And just in case some of us may have missed the point, Third World immediately followed up with their international hit song “Reggae Ambassadors“, thereby declaring to all and sundry their proud commitment to this indigenous Jamaican / Caribbean art-form, and their determination to represent this music and the culture that it derived from all over the world.

Third World then proceeded over the next two hours to hold up before our very eyes the history, beauty, and spiritual depth of our Caribbean and Pan-African Civilization. They gave us our history — the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion and the post-Emancipation struggle for Black dignity — with “96 Degrees In The Shade“; they explored our deep ancestral connection to Africa with “Kumina” and with a brilliant display of Conga drumming; they revelled in the deep rootsical spirituality of “Jah Glory”, “Dreamland” and “Irie Ites“; and they confronted us with the militant call to cultural authenticity and activism of  “Uptown Rebel“.

But that was not all! The leader of the band, Stephen “Cat” Coore, transformed us — the audience — into a choir and enjoined us to sign tributes to our heroes– Nelson Mandela, Sir Garfield Sobers, Muhammad Ali, and Bob Marley among others.

Cat also pointedly signaled to us that our sense of national and racial consciousness must remain connected to a universal appreciation of all humankind when he followed the band’s brilliant exposition of African percussion with an equally brilliant rendition– on the cello — of a composition taken from the classical European canon of Bach, before proceeding to move us deeply with his stately, profound renditions of “Rasta Man Chant”, “Rivers of Babylon” and “Redemption Song“.

How Ms. Natanga Smith could witness such a performance and characterize it with such phrases as “flat at times”, “needed to up the ting”, “there was nothing much to shout about”, and “the crowd seemed to be in a slumber”, is really beyond me. In addition, I find it unbelievable that she would consider the performance of the young Antiguan singer, Asher Otto, and her “Itchyfeet” band to have been better than Third World’s. Perhaps Ms. Smith — a native of Jamaica — was unduly motivated by a sense of false modesty in relation to this truly outstanding Jamaican band?

It is true that Ms. Otto did a relatively good job, but to compare her with Third World is really akin to the proverbial comparison between chalk and cheese.

Where all of the six members of Third World were engaged in presenting a total performance– visual and musical– Ms. Otto’s musicians exhibited very little emotion or animation on stage, and Ms Otto herself interacted minimally with her musicians and also danced minimally on stage. In other words, there was much that was lacking in the presentation of Ms Otto and her band as a performance spectacle.

Furthermore, unlike Third World, who consciously established the theme of “love” as the central motif of their performance (ending their set with “Now That We Found Love What Are We Going To Do With It?” ), there was no particular theme to Ms Otto’s performance. Nor was there much variety for that matter — it was a set of American style soft rock and R&B songs, all delivered with  similar raspy voiced vocals. And while it was clear who and what Third World represented, there was virtually nothing in Ms Otto’s performance that evoked her Antiguan homeland or even the wider Caribbean.

I am not trying to unduly knock young Asher Otto here. As stated above, she gave a very commendable performance, but the reality is that there is much she could learn from observing Third World and taking notes.

The same can be said for Barbados’ Philip Seven. He too exhibited great vocals, but his was a juke-box type performance— he merely stood on stage (or moved minimally) and sang song after song after song, reproducing the record versions of the songs as faithfully as possible, and not– among other things– permitting his musicians to stretch out and display their prowess with substantial solos.

This is a common mistake that so many of our artistes continue to make. We, the audience, do not pay good money to come and hear a juke-box! Rather, we wish to experience an entertaining multi-dimensional live performance unfold on stage.

Philip Seven also made the mistake of not adequately interacting with his musicians on stage. In fact, unlike Third World and Asher Otto, he did not even introduce the members of his band to the audience, much to the detriment of the several young musicians who were on stage with him and who need to get their names “out there”.

Again, I am not trying to unduly knock Philip Seven— in spite of the flaws that I have pointed out, the truth is that he too acquitted himself quite well. It is just that there is so much more that he could add to his performance, and I hope and trust that he too learnt something from observing the magnificent Third World.

Emancipation Dance

Submitted by Peter Thompson

Peter Lawrence Thompson

Peter Lawrence Thompson, Social Enterprise Advisor on a USAID funded project

It is August 1st, Emancipation Day across much of the formerly British Caribbean. It commemorates the Slavery Abolition Act (1833), which legislated the end of slavery in the British Empire in August, 1834. Here in Jamaica it is part of a week of parades and parties leading up to Independence Day on August 6th. In Barbados this year it coincides with the Crop Over Festival and its climax, Grand Kadooment, a day where Bajans let their hair down (not to mention much else) and party can’t done.

Read full article – Emancipation Dance

West Indian American Day Carnival Association Responds to Discrimination Charge

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID)

The West Indian American Day Carnival Association, Inc, has responded to concerns raised by the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy about discrimination  based on national origin  – See West Indian Day Carnival Association Accused of Discrimination.

Read full text of statement from WIADCA’s

Laff-It-Off 2012 …Some Things Never Change

Submitted by Due Diligence

Looks like some things never change.laffitoff-talkcheap


Barbadian Youth Film "PAYDAY" at London Cinema

Submitted by Sankofa Televisual

Let all your friends know that we have a RARE OPPORTUNITY to see a Bajan film let alone a Bajan youth film at a London cinema – ‪”PAYDAY‬” 15 December 2014.

We have also spoken a lot about engaging the youths with their roots back home so let us also encourage young people in the UK to experience their Caribbean heritage via the cinema screen. Flyer attached.

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Barbadian Founded Film Production Company to Premiere PAPA MACHETE at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

Submitted by Third Horizon

Papa Machete - Sundance FIlm Still - 02MIAMI — On January 23, 2015, the short film Papa Machete will make its U.S. premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, one of the most prominent film festivals in the world. Founded in 1985 by actor Robert Redford, Sundance has launched the careers of many of Hollywood’s most acclaimed independent directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh.

Drawing on Haiti’s revolutionary history and modern struggles, the short documentary explores the mysterious martial art of tire machèt — Haitian machete fencing — through the practice of one man, an impoverished Haitian farmer named Alfred Avril.

A new trailer for the film can be viewed at the following link: https://vimeo.com/112665822

Papa Machete‘s selection by Sundance is a yet another breakthrough for the film. In September 2014, the short film world premiered at the celebrated Toronto International Film Festival.

Papa Machete is the first release from Third Horizon, a Miami-based film, music and art collaborative that aims to explore the stories and culture of the Caribbean and the so-called third world with new levels of nuance and insight. Third Horizon was recently a winner of the Knight Foundation’s prestigious Knight Arts Challenge, in support of its upcoming film, art and music festival.

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Barbadian is the Consummate Anglophile

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group

Gorg. 2014 Party Monarch winner singing Meh Rum - Click to listen

Gorg, 2014 Party Monarch winner singing Meh Rum , hugely popular but has attracted criticism in some quarters

The same way no Jews will overlook the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis, Barbadians must never overlook the significance of Emancipation Day. Indeed, for us it must be seen as even more important than the observance of political independence.” Daily Nation (Barbados) Friday August 1st. 2014

Sometimes words are just words. The editorial quoted above justifies this position. While the nation newspaper was lamenting the fact that Barbadians were generally ignoring the advent of Emancipation Day, the Barbados Today online journal, was wondering aloud, if the day really had any significance. Barbados Today predicted that unless the national conscience is lifted the celebration of the day will fade away. We concur.

It is time to call a spade a spade: Barbadians have never been pro-African and this has its historical roots in being almost ruled or enslaved exclusively by the British slave/colonial masters. To be crude, we are all Anglo Saxon, in one way or another. The powers that be, the black political managerial class, have done little to educate the citizens about slavery, emancipation and the Black struggle, to any significant degree.

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Crop Over & Carnival – What is Caribbean Culture? What Does it Mean? Where Are We Going?

Submitted by Pachamama

... festivals in the Caribbean hold any particular excitement any more...

… festivals in the Caribbean hold any particular excitement any more…

We are working with a few ideas.

The people who seem to know, like to consider a culture as the beliefs, enactments, values, mores, stories and maybe traditions of a people. We always talk about the dead-endedness of the political and economic cultures in the Caribbean but it is also difficult to measure any higher level of vibrancy in any other aspects of the general ‘culture’. This is true from Trinidad to Barbados, as we will argue, if we are permitted to use Carnival and Crop Over as metrics.

The project to create a new Caribbean identity is no more visible in Jamaica than it is in St. Lucia and it is doubtful how festivals contribute. The radio call-in programs seemed to have served their purpose of absorbing critical public expression, as a release valve, like these festivals, but not much more. The market share of church attendees maybe more and more consolidating into a business organizational revivalist camp. They take their orders from elsewhere. In all this, it is difficult to reconcile the visionary, even hopeful, articulations by eminent Caribbean statesmen/women of yesterday, people like CLR James, Lloyd Best, the Great George Lamming, William Demas, Derrick Walcott, Rex Nettleford, Michael Manley and others, with what is happening today. Thankfully, none of these could have sung the praises of the queen and accept a knighthood.

Maybe it is a function of age but none of the carnival festivals in the Caribbean hold any particular excitement any more, seem chronically staid, represent a ‘monotony of a sameness’ year after year, unable to transform themselves far less their societies, but pass for the most popular cultural expressions still. And we seem not to be able to break out of this downward spiral. Disconnected from the visions which our leading sons and daughters held for us. We can no longer see the wisdom of writing another social commentary, as a calypsonian.

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We Give You Youth Ambassador Rihanna



BU has come to the realization pop star Rihanna is a slave to publicity. To be fair to her, the line of business she has made her own requires a script to be followed to sustain success, this a business with a relatively short shelf life and making money is the name of the game.  To quote Rihanna her, she intends to raise the bar by breaking the rules.

One sure way celebrities attract publicity in this world is to bare it all, especially when the body state satisfies the stereotypical view of what is beautiful. There is a view held by many Barbadians we should not be critical of Rihanna because of her unprecedented global success. There is another view – why criticise Rihanna, she does not care or neither does it erode her success.  Theses perspectives are spurious and soaked in false logic. Barbadians on a daily basis offer critique about Presidents Obama and Bush and other non Barbadians so what is the point?

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Rihanna, We do NOT Want Our Daughter to be Like YOU

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

Rihanna receiving her AMA Icon Award from her mother.

We have had a couple of interesting news items in recent days which served to piqued the curiosity of members of the BU household. Sir Hilary Beckles is of the view Barbados must capitalize on the success of Rihanna and her one billion dollar enterprise. To support his view he referred to Jamaica having built an industry around Bob Marley and reggae.  BU is unsure how Beckles is able to make the comparison to Marley riding the crest of an indigenous genre of music anchored in the DNA of a nation. Rihanna maybe Barbadian – with Guyanese lineage -but her success has been manufactured on the back of a US-international genre of music. How Barbados can bottle and leverage for success the way Jamaica did for Marley remains highly sceptical but BU is optimistic.

Then we heard from Canon Frank Marshall on the need for Barbadians to embrace values which represented the core of what drove our success of yesteryear. Many will query though whether these values have to be embodied in a religious dogma to qualify.  There is a strong view held by some Barbadians that when the Church played a leading role in our society the nation appeared to be in a better place morally, socially and economically.

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Barbados Has Become a Nation of Shows

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte

soca_on_the_hillThink it was Ian Webster the calypsonian  who first penned that Barbados is quickly becoming a nation of shows. Why almost every fortnight now, one could hear of regional artists especially from the Land of many rivers and the Land of Iwor who seems to love  a regular weekend trek to this Land of austerities and quick money to be made, bungie-ing. Somehow, not many of our troubadours repatriate with equal fervor.

Bajans as always,  are only too willing to accommodate and pay dearly to hear “put your rag in the air and  jump and wave.” So why should we be complaining, after all Bajans’ new money is being circulated (passing from land to land), Vat is being collected, at 17.5% and most of all much needed spin off employment is being generated from these flings. What about the more farinaceous, the forex? It is a well know fact that these entertainers often ask that they be paid in US currency for ease of transport and whatever else. More so, how about this new silage mentality now well entrenched in the party hearty of spend, spend, spend, even borrow if must?

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Senator Santia Bradshaw Companies Rake in $647,857 From Enterprise Growth Fund

Senator Santia Bradshaw and CEO of  Pyramid, Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East

It has been drawn to BU’s attention that several companies which Senator Santia Bradshaw has significant interest have benefited in the hundreds of thousands from the Enterprise Growth Fund (EGFL). EGFL is a government agency which manages several funds to ‘assist with financing through tooling and retooling and expansion of businesses in the productive sectors’.

Based on the documents attached Pyramid Entertainment Management Inc  received what is described as a cumulative grant in 2011 of $450,000.00, Got Rythmn Inc received $146,000 in 2010 and Entertainment Network $51, 857.00.

In summary three Santia Bradshaw companies received $647,857 from the EGFL over a relatively short time period.

This is a government agency which is funded by the taxpayers of Barbados therefore BU deems our forage into the financial transactions mentioned as a matter of public interest. We want to know the basis for advancing greater than six hundred thousand dollars to the goodly Senator. The taxpayers want to know!

Relevant Links:

A Picture Sums It Up!


The sights and sound…yes the pic is meant to arouse sensibilities on a Sunday morning

There is a lot one could blog about this image. In this case the less said the better (check those grinning in the picture). All who witnessed this and similar incidences on the road, what was your thinking? Have we become numb to the point it makes no difference?

Recently Minister Stephen Lashley commented on the slack dress sightings at the popular  Wadadah’s Back 2 School Party. What does he and others in authority plan to do about it if anything? Yes individuals are responsible for their actions but some times one has to save jackasses from themselves.

The Globe Cinema On The Path Of The Empire Theatre

Submitted by The Scout

The Globe Cinema

The closure of the Globe Cinema has brought to an end a period which will always be fresh in my mind. As a young boy, a group of fellows would have a cinema day, we started by attending the Globe at 12.30 PM, Olympic at 4.30 PM, Empire at 8.30 PM and the Plaza at midnight. From there it was Baxter’s Road for fried fish and we took the 6.00 AM bus for home.

The Globe Cinema was not only famous for good movies. I recall the night Jackie Opel out performed Percy Sledge and the Opels doing the same to the Drifters. Additionally there were many morning matinee shows with the Fantastics and other bands of the day.  Nowadays because of technology and progress many prefer to watch movies from wide screen TV’s in their living room or even on their lawns. Maybe the Globe can still be used for shows and concerts, we have the Frank Collymore Hall but that is limited in capacity. The Globe can accommodate a larger audience. Personally I wouldn’t want to see the Globe go in the same direction the Empire has gone. Both of these cinemas were blessed with very good stages suited for shows, we’ve allowed the Empire to run to ruin. Please do something to keep our heritage alive, going to the cinema was a true Bajan culture. Many relationships were made from cinema going. The Globe is the last of these cinemas.

Maybe government and private sector can assist with keeping it alive by using it as the concert hall for the National Youth Orchestra and Steel Band or any such functions. This is part of our past that should not be allowed to descend into a state of disrepair.

The Empire Strikes Back II, The Big Picture

The most effective way of using the Empire as an arts venue is to have it run under the auspices of the Central Bank management who currently administer  the Frank Collymore Hall (FCH). In this way, the administration is minimized with both operating under the same management team. We have to approach the task at hand in a holistic way, it is the only way, it is the only way.

While the Empire would run as a performing arts venue solely, the FCH ought to be marketed for business meetings, equipped with the latest in teleconferencing services, presentations, recordings,  other ancillary services and of course serve as a performing arts venue. The FCH has limited wing space, no fly space, a shallow stage and no orchestra pit and its seating is small. To put in an orchestra pit would mean sacrificing about 100 to 150 seats and the expense of excavation to access the pit by underground  would take it out of use for a long period of time.

The work begins with the need to build competitive packages to attract record companies that meet or undercut other international studios. This would include a cooperative effort by local stakeholders; the waiving of taxes on equipment brought in by recording companies by government and the like.

Then, there needs to be a major marketing push, Barbados, because of Rihanna has become a top of the mind name across the globe, we are ideally placed to be able to approach prominent names in the business. People like Simon Cowell, Mick Jagger  and L.A. Read to name three. If we build it, they will come because Barbados is not unfamiliar, these people have become known faces on the West Coast of Barbados over the years.

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Rihanna Barbados Tour In The Works



Rihanna was plucked from the Combermere Secondary School in 2004 by international recording producer Evan Rogers. Her first release pon de replay was a mega-hit and since then it has been one hit after the next. The one disappointment for most Barbadians is the fact Rihanna has not been able to perform for her fans living in Barbados and in the region.

Based on our usual unimpeachable sources plans are afoot for Rihanna  to perform in Barbados at a date(s) between August and October 2011. The location of the concert is likely to be at the Kensington Oval. It is early days yet in the planning of the Rihanna Barbados Tour but indications point to the fact she plans to dazzle Barbadians by laying on a world class produced event. Our sources say the Rihanna Barbados Tour has the full backing of the Barbados government.

Last month Barbados launched the Diaspora Conference geared at enticing Barbadians living abroad to invest in Barbados. The initiative, the brainchild of Prime Minister David Thompson has come at a time when the Barbados economy is being severely affected by the current global economic conditions. To have Rihanna perform in Barbados – who can easily claim to be the most recognizable Bajan on the planet – provides a fillip to the government’s Diaspora initiative.

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Rihanna's Image, Let It Go

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

I’ve read the article in Barbados Today regarding Rihanna’s image.  Sad to say, she’s not that interested in how anyone really feels. She’s in the business to make it by any means necessary.  Sex always was a big seller even if one has to use his or her imagination. Rihanna is selling what the public wants. See Rihanna’s latest video which is creating the buzz.

I can understand your feelings regarding her holding a diplomatic passport and expecting her to be different in her business approach. However you should never loose focus, she is in business not for herself but under contract to do what the company wants i.e. to recoup the money they expensed towards promoting her.

I saw the video and it is what it is to who want to take it where their imagination wants to go.  She is in the business to make money for the company so she too can get paid. Rihanna came on the scene like little Miss Innocent, but as time passed, she had to do what was expected of her if she wanted to be make it big.  Many of us do worse things than what she’s doing in her videos or her songs;  She is on her **JOB** doing what she has to do to stay on top of the industry.  We might not like what she is doing  but remember she is now a woman who can make her own choices;

I remember Grace Jones from Jamaica who was off the hook how she dressed and acted. This doesn’t make the person less than who they are at the end of the day.  Just hope and pray that during her run that she will continue to be successful, and be a **LADY** in public.  To be quite honest with you what she is doing isn’t nothing new or any different than many others who are in the business.  Rihanna never started out to be another Queen of Soul.

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Fighting The Fight Against The Corruption Of Public Morals

CEO Senator Santia Bradshaw of Pyramid and Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East (santiabradshaw.com)

Sometimes the most optimistic person in this world is forced to hang their heads and cry shame. Listen to the audio of one of the most popular artists in Barbados. Although recently fired by Voice of Barbados (VOB) he had no difficulty getting back on the airwaves compliments of SLAM 101.1. He is everywhere, on the ZRs, in the dancehalls, the calypso tents, on facebook, dub fetes, he is ubiquitous. He has a loyal fan club mainly comprised of our young minds.

What does he have going for him? He is a member of the Pyramid stable of artists managed by budding politician Senator Santia Bradshaw.

BU family you be the judge. Is he entitled to unbridled freedom of expression under the cloak of freedom of expression? How should we view the role of CEO Senator Santia Bradshaw of Pyramid and Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East in this matter. Do we have a case of an artist corrupting public morals?

What can we say? What are we to do?


Guh Down, Guh Down, Down De Toilet – The Chicks Are Coming Home To Roost

The video like many is being circulated on Facebook and captures some of our young children dancing to the popular Lil Rick song Guh Down. BU notes that there are adults in the thick of things. In the words given currency by Fred R. Barnard, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things – King James Bible

Should The Barbados Board of Tourism Lead The Way In The Revival Of Our Crop Over Festival?

Submitted by People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Another Crop Over Festival in Barbados has ended, with entertainer  Blood capturing the Road March title from other contenders with the song “Foot on Fire”. And truth be told, had NOT for its own capacity to be made so intensely commercially viable but so wretchedly politically exploitable by a few power-hungry money-grubbing people, this Crop Over Festival would have long gone by the way side like it previously did.

But, like the wider society, polity, and so-called economy in Barbados, this really little, cultural extravaganza, a micro-cosm, is being used by many elites/government functionaries for the primary purposes of aiding in the elite/state political exploitation of the masses and middle classes by ideological financial cultural imperialist means.

So, while there is no longer – as it really was – during the old Barbadian plantation enslavement society  – the burning of “Mr. Harding” to signal the ending of Crop Over festivities and the beginning of “hard times” in between the Crop Seasons then, and while there is no longer in today’s post-independence Barbadian society too – but quite regrettably however – the burning of Mr. Harding to signify the end of the modern day Crop Over Festival, it can be safely argued by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC) that long since those days when the Crop Over Festival was revived by the Barbados Board of Tourism in 1974, to principally woo more tourists to the island during the so-called summer season in Barbados, following its demise in the 1940s owing to the continuing decline in the importance of the sugar industry to the Barbados economy, there would have been many fundamentally wrong and senseless decisions and policies linking the Crop Over Festival more and more to local Tourism,
a very fickle, culturally destructive industry, to increase its commercial income generating potential.

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Rihanna The Sexy

Pop R&B song bird Barbadian Rihanna’s popularity continues to propagate as she promulgates her bad girl image. Despite the haters she continues to scorch the music charts across the globe. Many Barbadians have expressed concern about how her handlers have managed her image since her break-through Pon de Replay single. The sweet innocent 17 year old Combermerian is no more.

Her recent video (above) confirms once again that Rihanna is committed to wearing the bad girl Madonna like image.  Babadians could like it or lump it, Rihanna’s image is about making money and she seems to be doing a good job at it. The question to be asked against the background of the recent banning of Movado and Vybz Kartel, are we practising double standards given the bad girl image being portrayed by Rihanna supported by her naughty lyrics? Whenever we question how our youth ambassador is managing her career the haters surface. Given her global popularity and the fact she happens to be Bajan translates to many young Barbadians idolizing her.

Should we talk about banning some of her music as well?

Movado And Vybz Kartel Should Be Told; Stay The Hell Out Of Barbados!

Vybz Kartel and Mavado

The Barbados Youth Action Programme, a Government affiliate under the chairmanship of Member of Parliament Hamilton Lashley, has scheduled performances of the Jamaican duo Movado and Vybz Kartel [SIC] for a reggae show on March 27 at the Midway House carpark, Bay Street, The City according to the Nation newspaper. The quote is instructive to shed some clarity on the current debate in Barbados about whether Movado and Vybz Kartel  should be allowed to perform in Barbados.

Another quote which is instructive is extracted from the Jamaican Gleaner newspaper of the weekend: Olivia Grange, minister of youth, sports and culture, responding to this latest saga in dancehall, said: “I am concerned and I have expressed concern about the content in some dancehall songs. I believe strongly in freedom of expression, but that comes with great responsibility. We can do without some of the lyrics, not only in dancehall recordings, but soca and hip hop too, and that is why we took steps to clean up the airwaves. This is an ongoing process.

We have two contrasting positions, a naive member of parliament Hamilton Lashley who believes adding Movado and Vybz Kartel to the entertainment mix of Barbados will help the youth of Barbados to reject violent behaviour. Bear in mind the two dancehall artists have developed a reputation built on violence and smutty lyrics in Jamaica, although the much publicized peace treaty has been getting a lot of air play.  The view expressed by Grange, the minister of youth tells a story of an embattled Jamaica currently battling with the negatives of the dancehall culture.

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Emma Forbes, Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green, Simon Cowell And Company Make Barbados Home For The Holidays

simon cowell_emma_forbes_sandy_lane

Former Live and Kicking host was spotted in Barbados - the first of a number of celebrities set to hit the beach there this Christmas. The 44-year-old, who last week announced that she would be quitting her Sunday morning Radio 2 show, was joined by her husband Graham Clempson - Mail Online.

It is that time of the year when Barbadians will have the opportunity again to measure the Barbados appeal-factor through the eyes of the rich and famous. Last Christmas BU blogged about honorary Bajan Simon Cowell of American Idol fame frolicking on Sandy Lane beach with Sir Philip Green and company. This year UK’s Fleet Street is telling us that a crowd of celebrities from Britain will be winging their way to Barbados to enjoy some respite from the cold North.

We welcome them!

Crop Over And Growing A Waistline Culture


VerseeWild Push It Back Music Video - Bajantube.com

As we do with the 11-plus Examination Barbadians engage the same conversations every year come Crop Over time; too much wukkin-up, lyrics too lewd and quality of the music, and the stakeholders who stoke controversy etc. In 2009, add to the list whether the festival should  proceed in light of the H1N1 virus threat and the mother of all issues the leak of the 18 semi-finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition.

What is evident to BU is the transition from a culture driven festival to one greatly influenced by economic considerations. Is it not obvious to the decision makers that  there is a conflict of interest if the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) continues in the role of sole producer of the festival? The Crop Over Festival is the premier national event used to attract visitors to Barbados, a bonus benefit is the large number of Barbadians living overseas who see Crop Over as the ideal time to visit the land of their birth. There is no question the important economic activity which is linked to Crop Over.

In our opinion culture issues have taken a backseat in recent years at the expense of  running the festival as a business. BU has no issue with the need to make money, however it is important to have the correct model to satisfy the business side as well as the need to facilitate cultural expression.

The burning question which must be given serious thought is, can the NCF adequately enable the environment to accommodate cultural expression and in the process grow the cultural industries in Barbados?

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Rihanna, What Are You Doing!?!


Oh Rihanna our once beautiful and unspoilt. How are you? Are you feeling fine? Is this what you want? If we were to jot your current circumstance as an equation would it reflect at the output, I am Happy? See the write-up on Rihanna’a most recent wardrobe malfunction. How are Barbadians feeling about Rihanna the youth Ambassador?

May The King Of Pop Rest In Peace

The Thriller Album has sold the most copies in history.

The Thriller Album has sold the most copies in history.

The death of Michael Jackson yesterday brought home the realization that one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen was no more. Even for those who would not have been enamoured by his genre of music, gerri curls hair style which transformed to straight hair over the years, his eccentric behaviour which featured accusations of sexually molesting boys, all the negatives were forgotten when Michael Jackson the performer entered onto the stage.

To explain his eccentric lifestyle away from the stage many will cite his lack of a normal childhood combined with an undesirable father. His pre-teen performances as the lead singer, afro and all of the talented Jacksons 5 have created timeless and priceless memories for many. Music lovers may feel correct in believing the world may never see another entertainer in the same mould as the multi-talented Michael Jackson. The regard held globally for Michael Jackson can be judged when at the announcement of his death yesterday afternoon media houses around the world stopped regular programming to broadcast US news feeds of his passing.

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New Social Networking Website Launched Which Targets Barbadians

IonBarbados Local Social Networking website

IonBarbados Local Social Networking Website

Sometime ago BU family member ROK made some reference as to why Caribbean people couldn’t invent their own messenger system like MSN or Yahoo. Some family members wondered why Caribbean people have to flock to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Hi5. Don’ t Caribbean people have the ability to create for ourselves? We normally are very selective in the websites we highlight on BU but we feel the young Barbadian who has started this social networking website called IonBarbados should be given all encouragement.

But then again we have a long history of not supporting our own!

For those who are interested, an online social networking site is a place where friends, family and others can meet and exchange information, pictures, play games etc as well as sample ‘goodies’ which the social networking website has on offer. For example if we joined IonBarbados and we had a friend or family member in St. Lucia where the St. Lucia Jazz Festival is currently being hosted, the St. Lucian member would be able to post pictures and chat with others about the Amy Winehouse disaster which occurred if they had snapped a few pics with their camera :-).

We wish the Bajan social networking site all the best!

Ambassador Rihanna Exposed At Reggae Concert

Ambassador Rihanna did a cameo at Reggae On The Hill last week during Beenie Man’s performance. For BU family members who don’t have the ear to understand what he is singing in the video here is the hook line  Me no have fancy car, but me no give you no scar. From reports Rihanna lingered on stage for a little while and then scuttled with her tail between her legs.

The dignity of Ambassador Rihanna exposed by what some people would call a thug in Beenie Man. It is no secret that many of the dancehall/dub artistes who frequent Barbados are very well known to court rooms around the world. We thought it laughable that several of the dancehall/reggae artistes who performed at Farley Hill last week complained about the treatment meted out by the Royal Barbados Police Force. Did they believe that our police force is clueless? People get ‘high’ just walking through the crowd at one of these shows!

Sorry guys but we give the police the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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Are Homosexuals Guilty Of Intolerance?

Submitted by BU family member Rock Solid

Looking at American cable and network news this morning I was shocked to discover that this week in the Miss USA beauty pageant Ms California was denied the crown because she stood up for her beliefs.

It appears that Hilton Perez a homosexual blogger and gossip columnist who was one of the judges of Ms USA Pageant, asked Ms California how would she define marriage? Ms California who is a practising Christian said she acknowledges that people will make their individual choices but respectfully she thinks that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Well who tell she to say that?

This homosexual judge was demonstrably offended and marked her down so low that she ended up the first runner up instead of Miss USA. He sees nothing wrong with that action and has been on all the network and cable channels defending why he thinks she should be ‘more tolerant’.

Now for the gay activists and so called politically correct crowd who will try like Peter Wickham does to throw in red herrings to distract the argument – this is not about whether we should be having beauty pageants,or whether the women are exploited or whether pageants are merely there to excite men etc etc. The elephant in the room really is:


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Canadian Government Right To Ban Sizzla, No Place For Homophobic Lyrics

Submitted by Noman Faria (Guyana Consul to Barbados)



Last weekend, Jamaican-born reggae star Sizzla was supposed to headline a concert at the Paramount Theatre in Toronto, Canada.  He didn’t even  pack his bags. The Canadian Embassy in Jamaica had denied him a visa, apparently  because of  his songs inciting hatred and violence against homosexual people.  They were quite right to do so.

Sizzla whose real name Miguel Orlando Collins was known to Canadian authorities. He and  another unrepentant homophobe   at the time, Elephant Man, real name O’Neal Bryan had another concert in  the same Canadian city  in October 2007 cancelled after protests from community groups. A homophobe  has an irrational  dislike for homosexuals.

As a spokesperson for the  Stop Murder Music Canada Coalition  correctly noted: This (stopping of this show) was not about censorship or artistic freedom. That stops when hate propaganda is involved.” The SMMCC referred to one of Sizzla’s songs “Log On” which urged people to “stomp” on homosexuals (or “gays” as they are commonly referred to). If  that crude, distasteful and insightful  message wasn’t enough, read what Sizzla says in another  song “Pump Up

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Rihanna The Star, Rihanna The Vulnerable, Rihanna The Gullible?

Submitted as a comment by BU family member Wayne from London

Rihanna and Chris Brown frolicking in Barbados in the recent past

Rihanna and Chris Brown frolicking in Barbados waters in the recent past before their reported incident

Rihanna’s catapulted rise to ‘superstardom’ has been kaleidoscopic.  Just on the cusp of her secondary school career, she was ‘released’ to enter and to pitch her wagon into the world of the fame,and, almost overnight, she became an internationally-recognized celebrity. Continue reading

Rihanna, Barbados Still Loves You!

AP Photo/ Evan Agostini, AP Photo

AP Photo/ Evan Agostini, AP Photo

Last night the news broke that Rihanna would not be able to honour her contract to perform as the opening act at the Grammy Awards ceremony. Almost immediately similar news followed that her American boy friend Chris Brown of about one year cancelled his appearance as well. Then early this morning the international news wires started to sizzle with the news of a possible domestic dispute between the two young international pop stars.

A tribute to the handlers of both stars is the fact that information about the reported incident in California last night has been kept under tight secrecy. Despite the blackout on information reports are starting to emerge of a bloodied and bruised Rihanna. The one fact known to the world which has been confirmed by American police is that Chris Brown “was booked by police on suspicion of making a felony criminal threat.”

Barbados is a small island driven to rumour easily. Last year many Barbadians heard the whispers that boy friend Chris Brown had demonstrated anger on many occasions when some of Rihanna’s male friends would visit. There is the biggest rumour of all that on one occasion the windows of her new SUV were smashed. Maybe the signs have always been there that Rihanna needed to step back. Continue reading

Bajans On Eastern Parkway Labour Day Carnival 2008

A member of the BU household attended the traditional celebrations on Labour Day held on Eastern Parkway in New York on Monday (1 September 2008). According to reports the Barbados revellers drew the #8 slot which is a far cry from #20 which it had done in previous years. As you can see from the pictures the yellow and blue was represented!

We have been having an animated discussion on the Is Wuking Up “Without limits” Barbadian Culture? which was submitted by BU family member Yardbroom. The feedback which we have gotten is that Barbadians wukkup and enjoyed themselves but they did so without the gay abandon which was demonstrated in our Crop Over 2008.

Bajan Yankees must be losing it!

Red Hot Cohobblopot Compliments Of Bajantube.com

Bajantube.com Lil Jon Pit Bull & Machel at Cohobblopot
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Nah Missing Me
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Yardie
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Unleash De Beast
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Krosfyah Sake Passe
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Til Morning
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Khiomal Bashment Bacchanal
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Edwin Handle Yuh Bizness
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Farmer Nappy Chippin
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano part 1
Bajantube.com Lil Jon’s Interview at Cohobblopot
Bajantube.com Patrice Roberts’ Interview at Cohobblopot
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano part 2
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Rupee
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano part 3
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano & Poonka
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Zan
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – T.O.K
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – David Rudder
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Patrice Roberts
Bajantube.com Cohobblopot – Machel Montano Oil and Music

One More Time Brewster Road Crew Aug 08-08

Machel Montano Spices-up Cohobblopot For Crop Over 2008

l-r David Rudder,Patrice Roberts,Pit Bull,Machel Montano and Lil Jon

Bajan Reporter gave the blogosphere his opinion on the bubbling hot controversy which is simmering in the Cohobblopot – see link Caribbean Integration Hypocrisy – Red Hot Controversy? How can extra coverage and sharing of knowledge be detrimental to Barbadian calypso? Choopse!, we agree with a lot of what he wrote. However some additional things can be said.

One of the key feature events on the Crop Over calendar is Cohobblopot. It has historically been produced by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), except on one occasion to represent a potpourri of Barbadian culture. The event has suffered its highs and lows through the years. In recent times the lows have been coming all too regular for a myriad of reasons. There is no doubt that the lack of management talent at the NCF, combined with inconsistent performance by local entertainers along with regular doses of controversy have dogged the major event.

The latest controversy sparked by the participation of Soca Superstar Machel Montano we have viewed from several viewpoints. Continue reading

Bajantubes Weekly Crop Over Top 20

1. Edwin Yearwood – Handle Yuh Bizness
2. Pong – On Pon It
3. Lil Rick & Gorg – Wuk Up U Hear Wha I Tell U
4. Lil Rick – One More Time
5. Nard – Socarobics
6. Edwin Yearwood – Nah Missing Me
7. Bobo – Riddem Of The West Indies
8. Rupee – Feet Don’t Fail Me
9. Alison Hinds & Lil Rick – Wash Off
10. Fraud Squad – Pork Mout
11. Abacu & Fakaroo ft Stabby – The African Song Rebootah
12. Stabby De Guard – Stabby
13. Natahlee – Sun Til Sun
14. Khiomal – Unleash De Beast
15. Jana & Rashida – Candy World
16. Mikey – Explosion
17. John Mahameed – Hold The Brass
18. Mr Dale – Til Um Dun
19. Square One ft Alison, Blood & Oshaka – We Gine Down
20. Hypasounds – Party Mood

Khiomal Start De Madness Music Video

Edwin Yearwood Nah Missing Me Music Video


It's Crop Over Time And Barbados Has Turned Into One Big Party Space

It is the penultimate weekend before the big Crop Over do. There is so much happening in Barbados by way of Fetes, Calypso Tents, Pic of the Crop Semis, Euphoria next week, Machel Montano’s big show at Llaro Court car park, Square One reunion at Kensington Oval, Brewster’s and Pork Limes and the list goes on. The BU family wish the festival well given it significant contribution to the national coffers. As you all can see from the video (seen above) we are showing our age and make no apology for it. The Mighty Grynner’s presentation is vintage, while we appreaciate that the younger generation have a right to listen to what they heart’s desire, the BU household does not have to listen to the crap we have been watching on Bajantube portrayed as music :-). Continue reading

Crop Over Keeps On Going

Source: Nation Newspaper

This is the time of the year many Barbadians at home and abroad look forward to participating in our national Crop Over festival. What about those who directly participate in the tent goings, singing calypso etc, and the many others who benefit indirectly from the enormous economic activity which flows at this time of the year? We have seen numbers bandied about over the years about the true value of Crop Over to the national purse, maybe up to 400 million dollars. Whatever the true number all who should know agree that it is a significant contribution. Maybe it explains why year after year there is the predictable controversy about how much money should be allocated to the various stakeholders, and the Calypsonians usually head those with cap in hand.

The festival is comprised of several stakeholders e.g. National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and by extension government, musicians, masqueraders, sponsors and others. The festival has come along way since the early 70s. Many Barbadians we are told now depend on the festival for a significant percentage of their annual incomes. Yet again in 2008 there is the hint of a controversy regarding a clash between the show Euphoria staged by a private concern and the NCF’s Cohobblopot. Our recollection appears to be that the same conflict occured last year. Why can’t the stakeholders understand this is our premier national festival and not some rum shop activity? A couple weeks earlier we had the spat between the Calypso associations and the NCF over a planned tribute to Red Plastic Bag. The BU household was split down the middle on that matter but yet again a matter which could have been avoided with good planning and communication between the stakeholders. Continue reading