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    Independent Online

    Afrikaner genes could cure world’s ills
    July 8 1999 at 05:49am

    But Brink is quick to dismiss common perceptions that inbreeding meant incest was rife among early Afrikaners.

    “It’s not like brothers and sisters having children. It’s just a small community and a small gene pool,” he said.

    And contrary to the dogma of racial purity advocated by the propagandists of apartheid, some early settlers did have children with African women, increasing genetic diversity….

    The only way white people / Caucasian can increase their genetic diversity is by mixing with Africans. Isolation and inbreeding increases genetic diseases .This is the key point in this article.


  • Islandgirl I hope your ass is bigger than your brain because you don’t seem to have much.


  • ISG246, miller & Lawson all have one thing in common ( 3 morons).
    Only an oxymoron would think that 40 degrees below zero is the natural environment for humans.
    It is well known that modern humans originated in sun-soaked continent of Africa.


  • It is also a well known fact that modern humans work, you know work , you know make a living, you know look after your family you pin head. You do what you have to do to survive ,not have your hand out for aid your hand out for pity, your hand out for reparations. Your probably pretty busy doing nothing. That’s an oxymoron moron.


  • The UK press has belatedly picked up on the news that Caricom intends to claim reparations from the UK. The press irrespective of their political believes are vehemently opposed to any such claims. The language, currently being, employed by the UK journalists and the ordinary layperson (Brit) is nothing short of incendiary:



  • IBTimes Home > Society
    December 11, 2013 17:44 PM GMT

    The Real Deliverance: Incest Hillbilly Family Disncovered in Remote Australian Valley
    Jack Moore

    The incest cult found in the Australian valleys was reminiscent of 1972 film the Deliverance.

    A disturbing incest cult has been found in New South Wales, Australia, where four generations of family inbreeding has left children deformed and mute.

    In a scene reminiscent of the 1970s thriller Deliverance, the depraved relations of brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts created children that were incapable of speech, had odd features and lived in squalor.

    The name of the valley has been kept secret and the family has been given the pseudonym of Colt to protect the identities of the children. It was only when residents of a nearby town reported that children were living in the hills that anyone realised what was happening.

    Details were made public on the instruction of judges at the New South Wales Children’s Court.

    The incest camp was found in the New South Wales countryside

    He told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that he had watched two women with “about 10 children” get out of a car in his town.

    “They were never clean looking,” he said. There was “no electricity, no water, just scrub” where the families lived, he added.

    ‘I Will Never Get Over What I Saw There’

    Police and childcare workers discovered the camp where 40 adults and children lived in two dirty caravans, two sheds and tents….

    Lawson your cousins await you.
    Great stuff anomous.


  • Confessions of an educated white man
    in response to the “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE” petitions on whitehouse.gov

    Date Posted: Jan 18, 2013 .
    Posted by Lazerhaze.

    In response to the racist nonsense of these “racial purists” and their crusade against genetic diversity in the human population, I have created my own Petition on whitehouse.gov.



    Educate “Racial Purists” in the sound scientific principals of genetic diversity.

    We the sane, rational and reasonable citizens of The United States of America request the Obama Administration to address and begin a educational campaign in schools, health care facilities and in the general public regarding the sound scientific principals and benefits of genetic diversity in the animal kingdom, Including genetic diversity among the human species.
    The science of genetic diversity has proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that genetic purity in a species is proven to breed in genetic weakness and disease.
    The idea of racial purity in the human species has lead people to commit horrific acts of genocide and a establish a general attitude of racism in the populations of many nations including but not limited to The U.S.A.
    Education is KEY! Willful ignorance is DANGEROUS!

    The science of genetics show us these facts, the events of history show this these facts. “WHITE GENOCIDE” is simply a buzzword that fills whites with fear and paranoia about loosing their race. The best thing a white woman can do to produce genetically healthy children with the least amount of susceptibility to genetic disease and defect is to choose to breed with a healthy man that is as genetically different than she is and the same goes for a man. “Racial purity” is a misguided concept that ultimately creates death and disease in each particular race that that practices it. “Racial purity” isn’t the quickest way to wipe out a race. However it provides for the slowest, most painful and most prolonged suffering of the children within the races that practice it because those children’s parents chose “pride and purity of their race” over what is best for the health of the child produced.

    That’s what is most despicable and sad about any “racial purist”. They choose “pride and purity of their race” over what is best for the health of the child produced in their racially pure coupling.
    lazerhaze, Jan 20, 2013


  • Sun, No fear of wanting racial purity up here….why do you think we send all our fat women for you guys.


  • The Origin of Caucasians
    Albinism vs Evolution

    The mainstream media has been feeding the public lies / fantasies for year. However, genetics is showing us the scientific truths.

    Europeans originated from albinos.

    Article #1:

    Genetics Out of Africa
    Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

    In recent years, genetic studies have identified the gene change that caused lighter skin to occur in northern climates.  
    Dr Francis Collins describes this:

    “Recently a major molecular cause of this change in skin color has been discovered in Europeans.  Specifically, the gene SLC24A5 turns out to be critical for the production of melanin, the predominant dark pigment of the skin and hair. … 100 percent of Europeans have a mutation in SLC24A5 that impairs the function of the protein….

    Article #2:
    Increasing the complexity: new genes and new types of albinism

    Article first published online: 17 OCT 2013
    Albinism is a rare genetic condition globally characterized by a number of specific deficits in the visual system, resulting in poor vision, in association with a variable hypopigmentation phenotype. This lack or reduction in pigment might affect the eyes, skin, and hair (oculocutaneous albinism, OCA), or only the eyes (ocular albinism, OA)………

    In addition, two new genes have been identified as causing OCA when mutated: SLC24A5 and C10orf11, and hence designated as OCA6 and OCA7, respectively.

    The gene SLC24A5 is critical for melanin production.
    100% of European carry a mutation in the gene SLC24A5 leading to the production of light skin.
    Two (2) new genes have been identified to cause Albinism. One of them SLC24A5.



    funny i did not see any white slaves or indentured servants in this movie of one mans extrodanary story.one man is the main word.where where the irish and scottish slaves in this movie???????????
    these movies are made to sell. to make more money for the jews that own hollywood.
    really now, this movie was touching i agree and i would not have it .
    done to any colour person.
    but really.
    where are the movies about the raping and killing of irish salves by african slaves?????????????hummmmmmmmmm
    a tear fell from my eye just then.
    i can notfind the article about the windows to the sea and the english slime buying up barbados .i will keep looking.


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