A Picture Sums It Up!


The sights and sound…yes the pic is meant to arouse sensibilities on a Sunday morning

There is a lot one could blog about this image. In this case the less said the better (check those grinning in the picture). All who witnessed this and similar incidences on the road, what was your thinking? Have we become numb to the point it makes no difference?

Recently Minister Stephen Lashley commented on the slack dress sightings at the popular  Wadadah’s Back 2 School Party. What does he and others in authority plan to do about it if anything? Yes individuals are responsible for their actions but some times one has to save jackasses from themselves.

  • Onions, off tuh the Opposition benches with you!



  • Wait..this talk about CHILD …how dis get in ?…..man SLIME is wanna middle name….We talkin bout wuk -up bigotry…..you see a CHILD in dis video?


  • @ac:
    “given the amount of people who visit the island and engage in the activities of crop over what if this is a family and not from barbados?”

    Great way to deal with it. Some of the first comments I read on this topic were like “Ohh, but what if that woman/girl is a minor herself?”, now some already at “ohh, but what if it is not bajan ppl?” – just waitin for “ohh, and all the grinning crowd no bajan ppl either”…
    Your way to ‘argue’, losin yourself in foul excuses and false reasoning…
    I really would not wonder, if that was cause of feeling yourself criticised for living similar ‘easy lifestyle’ – no responsibility for nothing. Always other at fault.

    By the way, when already talking about foreigners, who’d come for crop over: What do you think, which kind of people would STILL like to come visit the island, if seeing such a photo? — Only pedophiliacs and perverts!

    My question to you, ac, according to how superficial and ignorant you keep talking about this:
    Would you then even mind about THAT…?

    (really not expecting a serious answer)


  • Secondly @ac:
    “the middle eastern art of belly dancing is provactive andwidely recoginized and accepted/as part of their culture they are highly conservative and religious .but that does not stop them from endorsing it and teaching their children at young ages.”

    Apples and Oranges! This just shows 2 things:

    1. You don’t know any much about the middle eastern culture…
    Belly dancers have to train hard to even get as far to become one. They have, especially because of the strong connection to culture and traditions, a high standing in society, and most of all: Belly dancers have to strictly stick to a dresscode, as part of a kind of code of ethics!
    If a belly dancer (who traditionally/originally only have been MEN!) would pose and dress up like a hooker, not even considering that a baby boy was included, they would have to face more than just being criticised like that girl in this case. They’d lose the privilege to perform/work as a belly dancer and been treated as a total shame. Not only, but especially by their own families!

    2. …you obviously do not know enough bout your own culture (assuming ur bajan)!
    If you ever wanted to compare “belly dancers” to something similar in bajan culture, than at least be clever enough to compare them to those REAL traditional dancers – moving on the road in bands; wearing colorful costumes, which also show much skin and look really sexy and provocative; also wukkin and wining as part of their dance!
    Because these dancers indeed represent culture and traditions. And opposite to wannabe-matures like the female in the photo (no matter if 15 or 51), these true bajan dancers show CLASSY behavior – by how they dress, by how they dance, by how they act!

    Only by stating, the woman’s behavior (not the woman – but her behavior) would represent piece of bajan culture, you already slander bajan culture like no other coudn’t do any better.


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