Fighting The Fight Against The Corruption Of Public Morals

CEO Senator Santia Bradshaw of Pyramid and Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East (

Sometimes the most optimistic person in this world is forced to hang their heads and cry shame. Listen to the audio of one of the most popular artists in Barbados. Although recently fired by Voice of Barbados (VOB) he had no difficulty getting back on the airwaves compliments of SLAM 101.1. He is everywhere, on the ZRs, in the dancehalls, the calypso tents, on facebook, dub fetes, he is ubiquitous. He has a loyal fan club mainly comprised of our young minds.

What does he have going for him? He is a member of the Pyramid stable of artists managed by budding politician Senator Santia Bradshaw.

BU family you be the judge. Is he entitled to unbridled freedom of expression under the cloak of freedom of expression? How should we view the role of CEO Senator Santia Bradshaw of Pyramid and Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South East in this matter. Do we have a case of an artist corrupting public morals?

What can we say? What are we to do?


  • Wunna see any ah dem Jamaican Dance Hall Skinout an’ Ruf Wuk vidias..?

    Man I loves dem… the camera men peering under women’s skirts, man proper stuff…! Unfortunately a lot of this activity takes place on the street… in front of children…!


  • @ Random Thoughts

    You have not dealt with the issues I raised, you simply referred me to some reading…….a rather juvenile attempt at distraction.

    In Bajan slang………….you are a ningnong, a dunderhead, a duncey boy.


  • Alcohol destroys the liver, the brain, the heart (increases blood pressure when it adversely affects the portal vein…in conjunction with liver damage) and as an aside causes loss iof judgement in driving etc.

    So, stop drinking the ‘firewater’ that we import for megabucks.

    Same method used to destroy the Native Indian Civilisations of America. And still is.


  • And if you have to smoke tobacco, smoke it by hand rolling tobacco proper, without the nicotine poison used in most commerical cigarettes.

    Nicotine – cancer, artey clogger, brain clogger i.e. poison.


  • Beverly Myers, take a big high 5! You see how selective freedom of expression is on this blog? Girl, you too right! The owner/host of this blog babbling on yet again abut his version of “freedom of expression”, babbling on about how Lil Rick and his sort and how it corrupts morals, blah blah blah and yet he allowed and continues to allow one immoral and sick “BU family member” to call a murdered white woman “white trash”? Well, well, I guess Lil Rick would have to become a “BU family member” in order for his “art” to be acceptable to David. Too funny and too pathetic.
    Beverly, here is the pathetic part. David will never see the similarities or the hypocrisy of his position.


  • The gist of the blog is not so hard to understand. BU is questioning the moral compass of people in leadership positions or positions of influence. Possible impacts on public morality is something which we must always be cognizant as a society. It is reflected in our laws.


  • As much as I am a Dem , I think that we dissuade and make others disinterested when we attempt to attach party- politics to everything that happens . This has nothing to do with Ms. Bradshaw as a politician . This garbage started a long time ago , so what we now see is the pushing of the envelope ,where folk like Rancid-Thoughts not only have a voice , but also an audience


  • @Hamilton Hill

    Don’t you agree we have to begin to hold people accountable?


  • In this country when wunna like somebody , they can getaway with any shite.
    Lil Rick is loved , for what reason one cannot really say so he gets away with any shit and people make excuses for him.
    Add some names to Lil Rick and you see what I mean, you will see the came thing.


  • In Bajan slang………….you are a ningnong, a dunderhead, a duncey boy.

    never heard this as bajan slang


  • @ David | January 6, 2011 at 3:47 PM |

    @Hamilton Hill

    Don’t you agree we have to begin to hold people accountable?
    Seems to me that you are trying to stop the horse LONG after it has bolted from the stable. Best of “luck” to you in such a pursuit.


  • I sure do , but all that I am saying is that we have chosen to look the other way while our country slides to hell in a hen basket . As a matter of fact I wrote a ” Letter to the editor ” at the Nation the very year we were treated to the unfermented Wine , that was hard on the ears only . I said then that we bordered on behaviour that was licentious . Since then the envelope has been pushed by the same persons every year , and we say nothing all because the all mighty (nothing else matters ) dollar rules .


  • It aint immoral but is there any more stupid spectacle of young men going about with their backsides out of their pants and their pants around their knees longside of their brains.


  • Wunnah all check out allison hinds in Friday’s Nation pouching back on a white woman who look like she ready to wick allison right there in the excitement.

    As if that wasn’t enough she then went and pouch back she jello boxy on a lil young fella.

    Buh wha’ the hell does be goin’ on in these public places at all.

    To my mind allison hinds started this whole vulgarity on stage and because she is a woman nobody talked about it.


  • Dem got nuff morals here. Like when yuh buying sanitary napkins, dem does wrap dem up nuff times in brown paper so yuh cahn see tru de plastic bag, someting ah cahn understand to dis day. Yet used condoms are shrewn all over de place, and yung men walking bout showin de crack of dem behinds. LOLLLL yes moral we got nufff ah dem!


  • @islandgal

    The danger in your last argument is that we stand the good chance of procrastinating on trying to solve our problems.


  • @ru4real | January 8, 2011 at 12:11 AM |

    Correct. But, it all falls under the heading of ‘keeping the masses stupid’.

    Yes, even the well to do youngsters do this, but the difference is that the well to do families ensure that the youngsters get over this ‘phase’ and then go and study to become doctor or engineer or business major.

    But, the non well to do, merely stay with their pants down and lime pon de block listening to stupid lyrics.

    It is called keeping the masses ignorant and stupid.

    Think its by accident? And the fools fall for it.


  • Sir Bentwood Dick

    Ll Rick is the modern meaning of sick
    He just likes to shake his .ick

    Wining up and winin down
    Going all aroun and around

    Wining on Lucy and Farah too
    The heat built up could warm an igloo

    Behind and in front
    Even up in front the ..nt

    Gals shake dem sweetness fuh days
    In all kinda ways

    All because lil rick
    Likes to shake his .ick

    No better botsie than Ally
    Guh down come back up an rally

    Till we tire
    And set it on fire

    Exposing the dutty wine
    Some gals looking so fine

    As it guh roun and round
    No man ent mekking a sound

    Pants tuh the ground
    Makes it faster when the time comes tuh pound

    Gone from waving the rag
    Tuh pouching the backside, getting ready tuh shag

    Allyah blaming the young
    As if the ole people never us-ed tuh guh down


  • Allison Hinds should be SHAME !!!
    for disrespecting women


  • What music is played at Church Fairs and children parties? Don`t parents put their children in Kiddies Kadooment to gyrate to vulgar music and say lewd wukking up is we culture. Thats where the confusion and double standards start.


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