Politicians Doing what they do best – Liaison Officers to be hired for Government Backbenchers

Government backbencher Marsha Caddle – The ‘fine work’ of serving communities

The gap in our system of governance which resulted in the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) winning two consecutive general elections continues to expose inadequacies. More and more important pieces of legislation and information contained in Bills is being discussed in a relevant manner from the Upper Chamber. The latest is Senator Monique Taitt sharing concerns about the plan by government to appoint liaison officers for backbenchers. 

The reason for the liaison officers explained by deputy Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw is to address the high demand from constituents – to quote Bradshaw, “It’s necessary because we have 30 MOs and the ministers are entitled to personal assistants and constituency assistants…when you have 16 or 18 seats, the volume of work is not the same, but in an environment with 30 seats, everyone is coming for them and they don’t have any support system. This will allow them to function better”.

In today’s (29/03/2023) Nation newspaper MP Marsha Caddle was allowed a 1-page spread to defend the decision to create the post of liaison officer for backbenchers. It was a very well articulated defense of government’s decision the blogmaster admits and under normal circumstances would command the support of the blogmaster.

Over the last twenty to thirty years the quality of persons presenting for public life has been in decline and consequently the standard of representation in the hybrid Westminster system practiced in Barbados. A matter of concern robustly debated in the BU space from circa 2007. For too long Barbadians have been giving members of parliament- individuals agreeing to serve the public- a pass. The appointment of liaison officers can be interpreted as a political strategy to solidify support for backbenchers in a lower chamber occupied by 30 members from the BLP, a decision in all fairness that must be considered with a large Cabinet. In the corporate world decisions are being taken everyday to streamline and rationalize to make more efficient, in the public service (including central government) there is a fancy to cling to old ways of getting the job done. Maybe the government can consider a small support unit within the parliamentary group.

In developed nations the use of social media as one means to interact with the public to support traditional approaches has been growing in popularity. In Barbados with the exception of a few MPs this is an approach that is underutilized. The MPs that utilize do not engage, it is a static and one way means of communication. We hear the MPs at election time humbugging the talk shows and a few will dare to enter the social media space. It says to us that the majority of MPs are opportunistic and not sincere in efforts to engage the public. Until our MPS reach out and touch in a sincere manner why should tax dollars be voted to support mediocre representation.

This is a constituency debate all over again. Are we there yet?

43 thoughts on “Politicians Doing what they do best – Liaison Officers to be hired for Government Backbenchers

  1. What a great idea!

    To provide another army of occupation forces as a defence line behind the mainly useless frontline troops of this BLP absolute dictatorship.

    Barrow once called the civil service an army of occupation. Be Jesus christ, this transports such thinking to another level.

    We have a bloated government whose production level has always been questioned but that very organism can now find it as a good idea to provide another 30 jobs for BLP lackeys. In circumstances, if you say that you have or want a democracy the very opposite could have been fostered. Even if that means the correction of the irrationality of a feckless voting population. Self harm even!

    Well done Mottley!

  2. This is so blatantly improper at this time, I am left to wonder if a subsequent withdrawal of these patronage expenses, wasn’t the intent from the outset.

  3. So WAIT!!! …we still have persons expecting RATIONAL behaviors from our political and other leaders..?

    …wunna STILL don’t get the point of ….
    “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat…”

    …it will only get worse going forward.

  4. @David, the concept that MPs need assistance to manage their constituent interactions is obviously fundamental BUT with this also obviously bloated Cabinet this action is ABSURDLY wasteful and ridiculous as they can reassign their already well paid, underutilized MPs to meet those needs.

    I am also moved by your additionally obviously facetious poke that “Over the last twenty to thirty years the quality of persons presenting for public life has been in decline … “… fah real, brother!

    On WHAT basis is that true … surely not solid evidence and even anecdotally it’s very weak!!!

    And please don’t tell me u are basing it on the larger number of parties and thus larger number of prospects as that would be a self fulling truism of your thesis at ANY period of our history.

    The same type and class of people who ran when I was a lad are doing so now: insurance underwriters, lots of lawyers, ambitious entrepreneurs/business folk et al … and moreso today folks with accreditations as ‘professionals’ … oh and yes, also about same number of gad-flies !

    We can diss the political class as much as we like but please don’t diss ALL bajans so tho! 😎🙏🏿 … unless you are saying that collectively we are MORE corrupt and thus not of good ‘quality’ today.

    I gone.

  5. Bushman…..now you can appreciate why i stay completely out of politics…it’s ugly, the stench is nauseous and it spreads like a terminal disease.

    Worse is right around the corner.

    You really want your life and that of your family in the hands of those dangerous types.

  6. Hungry politicians cannot a democracy make.

    When they starving. The people around them in droves feel entitled to a regular meal. And a wider population largely no better. These circumstances would always be fraught with peril for any society.

    It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that democracy can never be merely about periodic voting with a misguided and implicit responsibility attached to make self interested criminals accountable.

    These two things can never be reconciled.

    Democracy has always been best claimed as an economic construct where resources are equitably distributed, where manifestations of dictatorship and fascism are suppressed, where socalled leaders, as employees, can be fired at any hour of any day without let or hindrance.

    Such mis-leadership class members should have their shoulders sent looking for their heads.Held accountable!

  7. “where socalled leaders, as employees, can be fired at any hour of any day without let or hindrance.”

    First it has to be IMPRESSED upon such parasites that they are MERELY employees……with NO POWER to take the liberties they believe themselves entitled…

    These nobodies see themselves as elites at taxpayer’s expense… and everything else they can find that is way above their station in life.

  8. We see Donald Trump doing the prep walk.

    While dee criminal Biden crime family, all free as a bird.

    Of course, every US president has been a criminal. Particularly war criminals. Everyone!

    That a socalled democracy, the leading one, has sunk to levels that not even Barbados has reached so far.

    The place reserved for countries like Pakistan. Where incoming administrations prosecute members of those leaving.

    These few factoids alone should tell us what time of day it is. Indeed, “these days are funny nights.”

    The whole establishment is worthy of an appointment with that antiquarian device so much loved!

  9. Nothing to see here just Barbadian innovation at its finest. Hire 30 busybodies whose job is to know everybody business in the constituency, have them run a constituency social media page, and manufacture camera ready moments for the MPs.
    MP turns up with a food hamper, click!!
    MP rides in on Garbage truck to help collect long overdue garbage, click!!
    MP (especially Neil) gets the addresses of all the young single mothers who have been vetted

  10. “We see Donald Trump doing the prep walk.”

    The best platform that could ever have fallen in lap…we will all now get quite the performance…i got a 1738 champagne brandy acting for the dual occasion..

    Ya know it will be a good one…buckle up..lol

  11. Oh, oh, just saw a newspaper clipping says “Inniss being probed.”

    Dont know if it’s all part of DBLP act…

  12. Even heard someone saying “Tasker is in hiding cause he dont want to get extradited to lose 50 pounds”…dont know how they arrived at that one.

    Exact words used ” Donville being probed”..

    What a turn of events, popular sentiment, apparently by the public is he should be arrested in Barbados…looks like his parliament buddies believe that too….and are in agreement ..

    …makes for a good distraction from THEIR OWN CRIMES that they may be deluding themselves are actually going somewhere…lol murdahhh!

  13. Pacha…that’s what i noted during my corporate stints in that realm.. ..employees always feel the brunt first even before investors…with layoffs…restructuring and retraining….i noted there is room for massive improvements…if the powers that be desired..

    Remember Bob’s song ” everyday the bucket ah got ah well…one day the bottom ah go drop out.”

    I actually managed to pin down this particular causation, am sure others did too..

    “‘We are going to see parts of the economy break’: Recession fears move back to the forefront of markets
    Last Updated: April 4, 2023 at 4:06 p.m. ET
    First Published: April 4, 2023 at 2:03 p.m. ET
    By Vivien Lou Chen
    Pimco sees risk of ‘sooner and deeper recession’

    Investors appear to be reconsidering the risk that the U.S. economy could be about to tip into a recession, following Tuesday’s data which revealed the red-hot labor market is finally loosening up.”

  14. The Right Way
    The Law Way

    absolute power corrupts absolutely
    Police are not the law
    Politicians are not the law
    Governments are not the law
    Heads of State are not the law

    #45 Caught a Case like Scarface Al Capone
    who got got for Tax Fraud
    and died in Jail with syphilis

    Al Capone guns don’t argue / Don’t call me Scarface / My name is Capone / C-A-P-O-N-E, Capone
    SEE PDF of Indictment

  15. Former PM Stuart
    “When I was Prime Minister, some people came to Barbados telling me that where Government Headquarters is would be good for tourism development and that the Prime Minister’s office should be moved up to Ilaro Court.

    “I said ‘I don’t have any problem with that suggestion, just come back and tell me when the White House is going to be moved in the United States; come back and tell me when Number 10 Downing Street is going to be moved and when 28 Sussex Drive In Canada will be moved and where’. I haven’t heard from any of them since,” he stated.
    He does have amusing stories, after all, he was a story teller, and a good one….but….let him know the Cdn PM residence, not office, is 24 Sussex.

  16. I am surprised that it took the BLP tall foreheads this long to come up with another nugget to support their members and party members.

    This is what happens when you have a one-party Gov’t, suddenly ministers are elevated to “senior” status with the commensurate raise in salary. Then MPs ensure that their salaries increase at the same percentage rate as ordinary civil servants (remember when they vowed to donate their salary increase to charity?); next you get a new Gov’t public relations unit whose work (or non work) mirrors that of the long standing GIS.

    Many hands in the taxpayer’s trough

    The fatted calf is alive and well.

  17. So Sarge..
    if you inherited 270000 jack asses – what would you do with them?
    …not ride dem??!!

    What do you want the BLP to do?
    Treat them like thoroughbreds with respect and top quality accommodations?
    Does one cast pearls to swine? … or to burros?

    You are just laughing at our poor donkeys…

    You WELL know that in the BLP’s place, YOU would not only ride them rough, but ALSO pelt some rough licks in dey back sides…

  18. Politicians often have 1-4 Personal Assistants aka PAs
    They are there to take the blame when shit hits the fan
    and things go Tits up

  19. Given what’s currently in circulation, all their small island fraud is shackling out….prime examples will be made…tick tock.

  20. Pacha, Bushman etc..i have NEVER read such utter SHITE in my life. Maybe we should now be appreciative that they are so fraudulent, pretensive, dangerous, evil and treacherous, they could not take a pass in destroying their own people and WILL PAY….they are the only ones believing they wont.

    Hurdles to laying corruption charges, says AG By
    By Marlon Madden
    The Barbados Police Service’s lack of practice in investigating corruption and offenders getting better at covering their tracks have made it difficult for authorities to press charges against anyone in public life.
    Attorney General Dale Marshall admitted this on Monday as he acknowledged that “to date, we have still not charged anyone, nor have we brought a case against anyone”.
    “I don’t see it as a failure. I think it is just a reflection of the fact that investigating corruption in a modern environment is extraordinarily difficult,” said Marshall.
    “If there is one thing we can say is that the individuals who are engaged in corruption learned from the mistakes of the past and they are very careful as to how they conduct their misdeeds.”
    Marshall was speaking during the opening session of a regional training workshop on Anti- Corruption: Misconduct in Public Office, at the Radisson Aquatica Resort.
    Noting that investigating corruption was “simply not something that is part of the dayto-day activity of our investigators in the police service”, he said: “Historically, we have not done a lot of investigative work in this type of area.
    Our people are trained . . . but training without practice is just having possession of the theory.”
    “So, while we as administrators and you as prosecutors may have all of the tools available to you unless you have the tools to investigate what is happening then I fear we will be in theory and no practice,” Marshall added.
    Noting that Barbados had a “chequered history” when it came to the issue of corruption, he made reference to former Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce, and Small Business Development Donville Inniss being imprisoned for two years in the United States on money laundering charges. Inniss, who returned to the country a week ago, was jailed for his part in a scheme to launder $36 000 in bribes received from executives of the Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) to help the company secure two government contracts.
    “That particular minister was charged with money laundering, not with corruption, because the alleged corrupt act took place in Barbados, but the funds were routed from Bermuda to the US and then the whole thing fell apart,” said Marshall.
    He acknowledged that as a result, “there is a huge discussion as to whether we are doing enough to tackle the issue”. “As a country that has been bedevilled by the stigma of corruption in recent times, we have had to try to think of innovative ways of addressing the issue,” said Marshall.
    He added that he was satisfied that the Mia Mottley-led administration was persistent in ensuring that measures were in place to tackle the issue of corruption Marshall pointed to the passing of the Prevention of Corruption Act last October, the Whistle blower Protection Act, the Public Procurement (Amendment) Bill currently before Parliament and the establishment of an anti-corruption unit, as measures being taken.
    “All of these things we have done because we want to underscore the importance of accountability for all public servants. None of them [is] going to be popular,” he said.
    After a failed attempt in August 2020, lawmakers laid a revised Integrity in Public Life Bill at the end of January this year, hoping that the changes made would ensure the passing of the anti-corruption legislation.
    Marshall told the gathering of regional Directors of Public Prosecutions and law enforcement and anticorruption experts that one of the challenges for Barbados “has always been exactly what structure we are going to adopt to deal with the issue of corruption”.
    However, stressing the importance of addressing the issue of misfeasance in public office, he agreed that “the failure to detect, investigate, prosecute and punish corruption had a corrosive impact on the rule of law”.
    The Attorney General said it was necessary for Barbados and other regional jurisdictions to “bring in people” from time to time to investigate alleged corruption given that “everybody knows everybody” and “it is difficult in a small society like ours to be able to convincingly pursue matters in terms of investigation where acts of dishonesty are involved”.
    He later explained that an investigation would be carried out whenever police receive a report or a tip but the anti-corruption unit, headed by former police chief Darwin Dottin, took that a step further to investigate any alleged act of corruption even if no official report was made.
    “Therefore, I think we have a better chance now of rooting out corruption by means of investigation and prosecution,” Marshall said.
    Chargé d’ Affaires at the British High Commission Charley Williams and Director of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement with the US Embassy in Barbados Reggie Singh underscored the importance of weeding out corruption in the Caribbean as they pointed to the massive financial impact corruption could have on the economies.
    They also reminded that corruption had the ability to erode public trust and the integrity of public institutions, as well as direct funds into a range of illicit activities including the smuggling of people, guns and drugs; fuel transnational crime; and destabilise countries.
    “Combating corruption effectively through strong investigations and prosecutions is essential,” said Williams.
    Singh said that strengthening the capacity of Caribbean justice systems to combat corruption is a top priority for the US government, adding that no country was immune to corruption and cooperation between countries in the region will, therefore, be critical in tackling the issue.”

  21. Getting ready for the Prince Donald Show..

    “Donald Trump faces 34 felony counts after his so-called “witch hunt” arraignment in a Manhattan court Tuesday, which carry a combined maximum sentence of 136 years in prison – although any ruling is expected to be far less if he is found guilty.”

  22. Waru
    Barbados is an establishment which is and has always been, like any crime family, highly protective of itself.

    A senior lawyer in this current government once told this writer that he\she would never bring a legal action against another professional.

    Could you imagine!

    You must come to see all systems around us as having corruption purposefully built in. Without levels of corruption everything else is meaningless.

  23. Me thinks the pretenders forgot all about the BIG RED BAG of evidence of corruption they were modeling around and claimed existed…..because they were going to lock up this one and that one…..pre 2018, lying to be elected….post 2018, lying to be relected…..by 2020…there was no more mention of the red bag..

    maybe they should hand the red bag of evidence over to an agency or country that can prosecute since Teets said Barbados cannot prosecute corruption…and since US already set a precedent, easy peasy…

  24. “A senior lawyer in this current government once told this writer that he\she would never bring a legal action against another professional.”

    I have heard them myself…the popular code they all pledge allegiance to……that is why Teets is reinforcing that corrupt rule they have all abided by since 1940 when the bar was established.

    Another strong reason the population cannot win any cases in that scam judiciary…plaintiffs and defense attorneys never work against each other, they collude with each other and work against their clients…saw it firsthand when they thought…” we got she now.”..in my personal injury case, man did they get a shock..one abandoned the case completely….

    They will never lock up each other when they ALL have information on what they have each done on and off island in the last 83 years.

  25. Cant allow small island liars to tell you differently…

    “Berlin’s Health Minister Declares Covid Pandemic In Germany Over.”

    I did hear a clip this morning saying at least 25 people a week are alledgedly dying on the island, including young children and babies…the person got proof so the coverup artists can’t say they are lying.

  26. When i said coverup artists, i meant POLITICIANS….so you are are a politician now, did the hat fit…why did you take umbrage..

  27. The Nuremberg Kodex…nuremberg codes…, unless something happens, we dont get educated. I did not understand the power associated with those codes….before.

    In this covid virus/vaccines mess…the violators of the codes are seen as:

    Medical establishments

    Guess those who jumped out to bully and force people will have their names highlighted on nuremberg 2.0 documents as defendants…mekkin dem famous enuff. Looks like the year will be tres interessant.

    Is that not what they wanted, ..lusted and craved…notoriety.

  28. Politicians, no!

    Stinking christians do whatever’s the devil’s will within a deafening, even ungodly, silence.

    Even as Palestinians continue to be genocided. Even as they pray at Al Aqsa Mosque, said to be one of the holiest places in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

    As Russian Orthodox churches in Ukraine are invaded, priests arrested, and churches taken over by the fascists government there. Like the Zionists are seeking to do at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Have been doing progressively for decades. Amazing how the Zionists became more fascist than the very fascists themselves.

    How the stinking Western Christians are as criminal in feeling nothing for their Orthodox co-religionists entirely because of their Russian connections.

    This is what liberalism has come to mean. The display of a highly selective determination about which suffering is worthy, which is not.

    In a sane world even Hitler may be found to have had a point. That the Russians should not be burdened with forever having to assuage the barbarity of the Anglo-Saxons and this recently invented Zionist project. That no spiritual construction could have ever been Judaic centered.

    Even as Rome burns, trivia on an isolated rock is to be our main focus. We are urged to ignore a galloping perdition for a false serenity on an island in the clouds.

  29. The evil small time politician/christain and self absorbed cabal of thieves are the ones believing they can trap everyone in their Bridgetown Slave Agenda….they are the danger to everyone of African descent everywhere…..they are the ones need a final dealing with so they meet their well deserved end…

    these black on black crimes coming from a parliament of FRAUDS cannot go into another generation without being stripped down for public viewing worldwide….i got just the tools.

  30. Pacha…the nerve of a fly by night attorney…fooling their imps slaves fowls and pimps that Barbados police dont practice law, that can lead to arrest of the corrupt, they only practice theory.

    Lol….the nerve of a fly by night lawyer dismissing the police who have for years been hosted in metropolis countries and accomodated in certain courses….at taxpayer’s expense, police , some of whom have LAW DEGREES….but that is not the vehicle to practice law against political corruption, only theories….these need exposing until they are TOO ASHAMED to run for public office or until Nuremberg gets them..

    Their time is running out…apparently they are the only onès cant see it, which is a good thing..

  31. Well! War brekkin out in Eastern Asia. Maybe!

    The Zionist political actors are to meet as war cabinet.

    Missiles were exchanged between the Zionist entity and southern Lebanon.

    This as the regional political situation is being radically transformed. As the Americans illegally occupies north eastern Syria. As Al-Aqsa Mosque is being criminally and violently invaded. As the Resistance Front, within the West Bank, Gaza, Yemen, the 1948 lands, Lebanon and Iran, as its center, have gained in strength.

    For the Zionists occupiers internal schisms, even the accusation from Netanyahu that America is conducting a color revolution in so-called Israel, the spectre of fundamental threats to the very existence of the Zionist entity, all suggest a war will serve as a timely political distraction for them as thousands rise up a weekly marches to denounce a fascism now elected as government.

  32. And the Zionists have been attacking Syrian territory for a decade or more. Occupies parts of Syria, Lebanon.

  33. The issues am having with that geographical location based entirely on bbc news i heard since a toddler and a thin ancient book handed to me while a very young teenager… is a better understanding of the millennia blood drenching of and from varying groups on that area of sand in North East Afrika and its surroundings, wrongfully mislabeled the middle east. Am still to get the full dynamics behind that ancient situation on our ancient ancestral lands that seems to be never ending.

  34. “Dr. Paul E. Alexander, clinical epidemiologist, former WHO-PAHO and US HHS consultant/senior Covid Pandemic advisor.”

    Pacha..i saw someone resembling this dude post on multiple local media…not to give children or young people that toxic shot..it was very likely him in a nationews article on the topic..even before it was rolled out last year on the young…now am seeing a post where FDA alledgedly admitted graphene oxide is part of the vaccine content…

    Little by little the reveals will leak out until it’s time to arrest local clowns…most are looking forward to it and dont ever want them to see daylight again….

    ..well you know like you, i hold strongly that le guillotine or anyone of its cousins should immediately be put in play..

  35. Pacha…to make this covid virus vaccine drama even worse for big pharma and their regional mini me bullies who ran that scam..

    ..saw a video last night based on what happened to the Princess from somewhere in the eastern regions…still in a coma as reported…but one of those seasoned and highly respected doctors with such speciality…broke down in its entirety what really happened..it cannot be disputed….they themselves are trickling out the same info..

    .without a doubt Nuremberg 2.0 is DEFINITELY in play…there can be no other outcomes based on the proof as outlined and presented..

  36. It was bound to reach the point where calculations are made based on exactly how many bodies these small island deceivers have on their hands individually, from the fraud they eagerly perpetrated on the people…

    Now hearing some have anywhere between over 500 BODIES…..to over 2500 that they alone are accountable for….lots of blood on their hands..

    ..that does not include all the injuries..

    Looking real good…..Karma rocks.

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