The DLP is Dying

A predictable event has fired up yet again in the DLP.

It was obvious to the greenest political pundit Dr. Ronnie Yearwood would have to face a challenge for the leadership of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) sooner or later. Many subscribe to the management concept leaders emerge and therefore Yearwood must be able to fight off all comers to establish his bona fides. Although true in theory there is a reality that nuances the political landscape of Barbados given the results of the last two general elections and how it has decimated the DLP brand. The DLP may no longer be considered a credible altenative. If the DLP perform as miserable at the next general election, Barbados will have a constitutional crisis on its hands.

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has been reduced to a comatose state because of two significant defeats by a Mia Mottley led Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in 2018 and 2022. Former DLP President Verla De Peiza for her futile effort leading a DLP in shambles post the so called ‘lost decade’ had to resign. There is a reality that the DLP decision makers must accept, little has occurred since 2022 to positively reposition the DLP brand in the minds of a cynical and apathetic public. It does not mean Prime Minister Mia Mottley and the BLP enjoy the best support. What is means is that in the land of the blind, a one eye woman is Queen.

It must be acknowledged that the Barbados electorate ‘seems’ satisfied with the duopoly given the failure of alternative political parties to take root. Many have registered to run in recent general elections but Barbadians have deemed them not worthy of consideration with all of them losing out to the Treasury. In the prevailing circumstances it would seem the best approach is for some good men and women to join the DLP AND BLP to fuel change from within.

The incumbent Dr. Ronnie Yearwood from all reports should expect to be challenged by former Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and the current First Vice President of the party Ryan Walters for the leadership next month. Sealy acted as deputy Prime Minister in an unpopular Stuart Cabinet and Walters is a relatively new entrant to party politics. Next month members of the DLP will have to decide if Yearwood deserves more time to rebuild the party. should it be Sealy who was a member of the Stuart government and the only candidate with a ‘track record’, or give the inexperiece Walters a chance.

A harsh reality for the DLP is that it has struggled mightily post Errol Barrow to find a popular leader. The late David Thompson does not qualify for consideration. The nature of politics in Barbados is that one of the two political parties will win government by default. There is one requirement of the political party in waiting, it must seem to posses a minimum level of being fit for purpose for the job. After unprecedented defeats in the last two general elections an increasingly cynical and apathetic electorate will be intolerant of a DLP haggling over leadership of the party at this stage – notwithstanding the theoretical argument that it shows the DLP in a good light regarding any member being able to challenge for leadership. The greenest political pundit knows the leader of the BLP and DLP is the individual anointed by the Elders of the party.

If the DLP is unable to close ranks and toss up a credible leaders next month the blogmaster fears it will have something in common with sugar and West Indies cricket. The BLP should avoid sniggering because when Mottley removes herself from local politics it may find itself in a similar position. The state of local party politics is not healthy for maintaining a robust governance system in the country.

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  1. It would be interesting to know if ‘AC’ is still supporting Ronnie ‘Obama’ or has switched allegiance to Richard Sealy. The reality is, Yearwood became a disgruntled BEE after he loss the St. James South nomination to Sandra Husbands and subsequently joined the DEMS. The same political party he would have attacked, if he had won the nomination. Now, he’s singing their praises and talking about Barrow. Politricks.

  2. People keep talking foolishness about “leadership”

    They ignore the age old question as to whether leaders are born or made.

    To say that they merely “emerge” has always been unscientific and given to chance.

    All systems in Barbados have long been so predisposed.

    Certainly, Henry Forde would never have won an election in Barbados and neither would have Bree St.John.

    This backward custom of socalled political party elders choosing who should aspire to serve corporate interests has long been fraught.

    Errol Barrow said during the 70s that Fruendel Stuart was a coward and yet he “emerged”.

    Erskine Sandiford was at best a long-stopping, number two man and yet the ignorant party elders had him “emerge” when Richie Haynes might have been a better choice.

    But who are these elusive “party elders”? Unless we understand this vexing question the discussion is mute.

    We roughtly suggest that they are the yardfowls who populate party headquarters at Roebuck and George Streets year in, year out. Or the constituency offices, etc.

    In short they may include the fishcake frying women or political has beens who themselves failed to make the grade.

    In the management sciences there are scientific ways of determining, with fair accuracy, the relative chances of success of a would be leader.

    But neither political party is known to so rely. Instead, we can expect the spectre of a motley, pun intended, bunch of físh cake fryers and has-beens to pretend that some former minister, or some body with a PhD, or somebody they like should be leader.

    There shall be no scientific analysis of the strengths and weakness of a Mottley. Or those of the aspirants. And determinations made as to who best represents the capacities needed to defeat Mottley. By the BLP either.

    Certainly, a requirement for leadership should not exclude questions as to how those aspiring leaders will finance the party, while in opposition.

    Those who seek to challenge the present DLP leader are slim pickings when compared to the those considered the best, on both sides. That he, or the one before, and he before, could have so led the party indícates that the DLP will again act to defeat itself and cement a dictatorship in Barbados for a generation, at least.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      A real cesspit…manifesting into an even bigger one..

      They finance by begging borrowing, tiefing and promising bribers millions when they get loans, grants or whatever is generated from the deliberately underdeveloped stagnant economy.

      More of the same failure to look forward to in 5 year increments…uppity negros incapable of thinking in straight lines…..nothing worth bothering about…..

      …if the people dont shift themselves away, oh yes, another 100 years of the same filth.

      Ya couldnt pay me to vote for any of them..I consider it slumming.

  3. @David, a neat piece above that hits solid talking points.

    I would, however, ask why?? on these points you made:

    1.Why is it that “The late David Thompson does not qualify for consideration” re popular party leadership?

    I may understand why his alleged vile corruption colours his legacy BUT on the question of being and finding a ‘popular leader’ there can be absolutely little argument of his bona fides.

    His final ascent to the top may have also been fraught with grave misgivings but his fundamental populace appeal (for whatever reasons 🤦‍♂️😎) was clearly evident.

    2.Why the focus to highlight that “The greenest political pundit knows the leader of the BLP and DLP is the individual anointed by the Elders of the party.”

    This is a TRUSIM of ALL political systems… ALL. Whether autocracy, socialism, democracy or whatever a dominant leader emerges (from within the current actors or from outside) and either co-ops – as in becomes anointed by – or destroys the current power brokers – thus, still gets anointed by those who replace them- to ascend.

    In a “democracy” it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to be a non-anointed outsider, therefore.

    The point being that it is never some miraculous external outside
    individual devoid of connection to the national psyche.

    And 3) re “The BLP should avoid sniggering because when Mottley removes herself from local politics it may find itself in a similar position.”

    I disagree with you on that. I have always seen Marshall as the ‘dark horse’ heir. I use the term ‘dark horse’ because he appears obscure but… his life story to date and his tenure (from early days) as power broker at high levels is quite SIMILAR to Motley and indeed Thompson…. AND he has the SMARTS and in-fighting skills (as they both did) !

    … the BLP’s issues are NOT the same as the DLP’s coming off their absurdly inept governance years.

    Just saying.

    So back to your solid talking points memo!👍

    I gone.

    • @Dee Word

      David Thompson’s body of work as PM was ‘statistically insignificant’.

      On being anointed, is this how it works in North America for example? Do you prefer to compare to Westminster systems?

    • Maybe so .. re “body of work as PM was ‘statistically insignificant’” … but your POINT was about ‘popular leadership’ of a party NOT about success or body of work as the PM!!

      And as far as I have read politics in US and UK and Canada and even in Australia and India – all nations with a variant of ‘Democracy’ the answer is YES… re : “On being anointed, is this how it works in North America for example? Do you prefer to compare to Westminster systems?”

      Didn’t #45 for all his supposed outsider entry co-op and/or take over the party leaders in his rise to party leadership!

      Is that not what Modi did as he moved from long-time state Governor to national status.

      What of Browne in UK and surely the current PM — who is that rare bird (not really) that’s an outsider and yet an insider!

      Looka, governance and pollical leadership requires the SAME skill-set whatever the nation or system. You HAVE TO dominate groups of other highly talented, very ambitious men and women … so you either do so adroitly as you bring them to your side or you ‘take them out’ as you step over their shattered careers.

      It’s rather simple!😎🤣

      Oh @Hants: Fill me in there … I was not aware she was so joined!

    • @Dee Word

      Try to understand the popularity of a party leader must transcend party for
      It to make sense. It
      Is a symbiotic relationship between the internal and external.

    • Brother David, there is nothing not to understand (excuse the for-emphasis double negative) re:”a party leader must transcend party for
      It to make sense.”

      We get first excited about the party leader sweepstakes (when it’s really full on battle) … but then s/he has to excite the nation as s/he did their devoted followers otherwise s/he becomes a LOSER.

      And as we have seen in many cases recently national excitement ALSO means overcoming high negatives … thus even when one seemingly “transcends” the party/national divide you can STILL be a loser: e.g’s Le Pen, US #45.

      Again very simple.😎

      Alas, currently Mr. Yearwood seems to have NONE of that transcendent appeal!

      Ideally that changes quickly for him… I imagine that the overwhelming party negatives have slid into the background by now.

    • @Dee Word

      The DLP is in a very bad place at the moment, unable to energize its base. We have the old guard expecting that they nice it plays a waiting game apathy will set in after two terms and by default the DLP becomes relevant. The teal leaves are reading differently at this juncture.

  4. Oh BTW, @David, we should be all thankful that Mottley broke that rather strange circumstance (of the last 50 plus years) where it appeared that our leader’s spouse had to be a non-Bajan!!

    Well in fact St. John did …but he was almost an accidental leader so lets give Mottley the credit…😎🤣

    In which other country would you have 50% of your leaders married to a non-national! … that was crazy strange while it lasted!


  5. That within a space of two years that the current DLP leader, we never call his name because we’ve never recognized that he who so presents is himself nothing but ‘poorrakey.

    But that he aspired to be a BLP candidate within a few years of becoming DLP leader is pregnant with meanings. Not only about him but the entire political culture.

    No wonder this empty suit lacks the force of presence to dissuade other empty suits within the vehicle now being used to achieve his personal goals as incredible as they have been.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

      The best news for the year…they are all stuck…can’t move in any direction except for backward…..their plans were too grandiose…

      …..happens when you are a desperate pretending wannabe….and got overwhelmed….with the sheer weight of the fraud…they are fortunate they didnt land behind bars…yet..

    • @enuff

      You see no benefit in a stronger opposition, in this case the DLP? Isn’t it stronger opposition in the country’s interest?

    • The problems of the DLP are big: the party in the opinion of the blogmaster made a mistake when the elders rejected Hewitt. He had charisma and appeared to be a better communicator.

  6. Dying! About another 700 fascists in Ukraine dead again today.

    In just over a month nearly 30, 000 Nazis are dead in counteroffensive which could not manage to penetrate ramparts in front of the first defensive line, and there are about four in layered structure.

    Bringing the estimate of Ukrainian dead to over 350,000 even as Western propaganda still infuses infantile minds that the fascists are winning.

    How otherworldly!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      We knew there would be terrible loss of life and destruction…seems as though it’s nowhere done yet.

      “Half Of Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure Damaged By Russia — Minister

      Half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been damaged by Russian strikes, with some facilities knocked out of service for good, Energy Minister German Galushchenko said on Saturday.

      Speaking on national TV, Galushchenko summed up the results of the Russian missile attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure, saying that the Ukrainian authorities registered 271 hits between October 10, 2022 and March 9, 2023.

      “In terms of losses, 50% of the entire power grid system, including generation assets and the transmission system, has been hit by Russian strikes,” he stated, as quoted by local media. “Unfortunately, some facilities have been completely destroyed and cannot be restored.”

  7. The politics of the West. The empty politics of Barbados allow a country to be sacrificed, in terms of manpower, et al, while the Washington Consensus, Neo-conservatives can fight a war this way without the American people having a clue. And the Bajans polity residing in the ignorance that this system has no hard end point.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright(c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Am now catching up with news.

      Those determined to recreate the small island 1920s and 30s, in Afrikan lives, will remain stuck in their own time warp… one got time for backwarding gazing idiots, the visionless who will never catchup now or ever……

      “Ghana Parliament unanimously passes extreme anti-gay bill
      Victoria Kendi Murumba | Strathmore Law School, KE

      JULY 7, 2023 08:49:38 AM
      The Parliament of Ghana passed an extreme anti-gay bill on Wednesday, which is set to tighten laws against members of the LGBTQ+ community. Ghana’s 275 members of Parliament unanimously passed the bill, known as the 2021 Promotion of Appropriate Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill.

      The bill is set to criminalize the promotion, advocacy, funding and acts of homosexuality. It stiffens prison terms up to ten years in prison for LGBTQ+ advocates and three years for anyone identifying as such. Moreover, the bill seeks to withdraw health services from this community, including HIV medication.

      The bill’s main sponsor, legislator Sam Nartey George, said, “[H]omosexuality is not a human right in Ghana, but a lifestyle choice. A sexual preference.” With this reasoning, legislators viewed preferences as not absolute, meaning they did not hesitate to pass a bill against it.”

  8. Barbados politics seem to be about money or the limits to growth of the economy. The Venezuela initiative sounds like a plan…

  9. “The DLP is dying “
    So what is new…?
    Boss…the Earth is dying… and faster that you think.

    NOTHING is more obvious to all but the blind and deaf. Yet we have invented a red herring called ‘global warming’ and we spend our time discussing how we can ‘dress up this fish’.

    So what is so different about the DLP brass bowls inventing a ‘leadership challenge’ so that we can all distract our minds from the small matter that our WHOLE island is on its deathbed, and that the doctor-in-charge is a relative of Satan himself – called the IMF…?

    Perhaps our time now would be best spent finding a good PRIEST….. and preparing for the inevitable… which ALL living things MUST face..

    Let the dead bury their dead.

    • @Bush Tea

      Unfortunately those ‘inventing of challenges’ as you refer to them have implications for all of us. All roads lead to the people who for the most part are disengaged. How ironic.

  10. The DLP can never hope to win power again unless they get serious about rebuilding the party. All they doing now is fighting to divide up zero into multiple parts which we all know still leaves zero at the end of the day.

    1) Rewriting their own constitution and have all party members ratify it.
    2) Carefully examine the role and duties of the President and Leader of the Party since they probably don’t fit current day Barbados.

  11. All roads lead to the people who for the most part are disengaged.
    Have you considered the possibility that the people are actually a bit smarter than you give them credit for…
    …even if they are not quite smart enuff to go the next step…?

    Skippa, the average man in the street can tell that some shiite is SERIOUSLY wrong with our whole approach to life and living.

    Why do you think intelligent young people, with their whole lives ahead of them, are behaving as they are… ?

    …a young fella once asked a highly qualified teacher to tell him why he should study, work hard, and sacrifice every damn day …to end up like him…. The teacher retired and became a dreadlocks.
    Apart from the fact that it is what is expected, what is YOUR answer to that boss?

    Persons at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy can be led to think that conforming to societal rules that will move them up in the order can be a lifetime endeavor.
    HOWEVER, those who are born into an environment where esteem and self actualization are now the driving needs CANNOT be motivated by the traditional drivers used in the past.

    Unless leaders can therefore create a meaningful environment that meets such current needs, intelligent and empowered youth will be completely LOST… and will rebel.

    Since the old leaders only know how to offer a ‘corn beef and a rum’, and the young ones have not the WISDOM needed to offer self-actualization and to build esteem, there is only ONE way for us to go… downhill.

    The REAL problem is that we are at a point where ONLY spiritual guidance can offer the kind of motivation needed to see the turnaround that you so badly wish for. Unfortunately, we have discarded ANY thought of such guidance, and we continue to build on Maslow’s (now redundant) lower order needs – Good luck with the IMF shiite!

    • @Bush Tea

      You have made a few points to ponder but in the opinion of the blogmaster your focus is mainly on the symptoms.

      Some citizens have disengaged and the blogmaster is not convinced these only include many at the bottom. It is a dysfunctional system that assigns advantage to the influential, those with deep pockets etc.

      The question you cannot run away from is how do we disrupt the system to make it work better for the masses. Cussing individuals all day will not do it. The extreme in some societies is that blood has to be shed in some form to catapult change that is transformative. We know this will probably never happen in Barbados.

      Our system has been hijacked by a political class like in many other places that practice our brand of democracy, this is not a Barbados only problem.

  12. Those 2 words leaders & create…dont go together, not mutually inclusive…

    Creatives are BORN..

    wishy washy politicians are creatures of scripted manmade systems…

    It will never work….firstly, they will have to KNOW what to do…they dont, and those who do will never tell them so they can turn it into corruption..

  13. Bushie
    It impossible for the dominant Bajan mind to accept that we live in an age of radical, we say radical, because they never liked that word, transformation. And all the old foolishness must die, one way or the other.

    You yourself have adroitly pondered “what a time to be alive”.

  14. In politics, we’ve previously charged Mottley with being a serial beggar.

    The American Secretary of Treasury, Janet Yellen, recently in China, to bed the Chinese to continue accepting useless USDs and buying USD demoninated paper …..

    Amid fears that by next month after the BRICS launch their gold and minerals backed reserve currency, as anticipated, empire will collapse overnight as the smart money heading for the hills.

    So begging is the new normal, we suhilos.

    So let the foolish Bajans continue talking dated shiiite!

    • Knowing what i now know, which am sure is not close to or anywhere near everything…it did not have to be this way….none of it….

      But the selfish, wicked and ignorant, who dont have the ability to see anything else…wasted decades on the irrelevant…now it’s biting them..

      ..hence the beg-o-rama for decades to come…they will end just as they started.

  15. “your focus is mainly on the symptoms….”
    Surely you jest…
    We are using two different languages from different worlds.

    Like Judas, you think that the boss Bushman was here to save the Jews from the Romans…. and you think in terms of pieces of silver.

    Bushmen see a much bigger picture, one that transcends physical things that turn into dust in short order…. But feel free…

    @ Pacha
    It impossible for the dominant Bajan mind to accept that we live in an age of radical….
    True Dat!
    BY FAR…the most AMAZING age EVER….

    The ability to recognize this reality is beyond the ability of the average BB….
    Bushie is still trying to rationalize the source of your insights….

  16. Pacha…Bushman…what they ALL DID is unforgivable…and they are such low vibrational thinkers…swamp dwellers……everyone of them only aspire to get the outdated …”is we turn now”……moment to do the same self reducing shite pon the replay…

    I will NEVER forgive them for what they have done…they really should confess, but they are too evil and uppity….so it will catch up with them…nipping at their heels now….make no mistake…they know EXACTLY what am speaking about.

    • Yes, the fight against the lovers of slavery is vastly more difficult than that against the slave master, the hegemon, Our determination therefore is their extermination, at any cost!

  17. The Greatest.

    “Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley was awarded one of Venezuela’s top honours.

    The Order of Liberators of Venezuela, first class, was conferred by President Nicolas Maduro.”

  18. DLP’s conundrum can be likened Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiment,
    which states that if you seal a cat in a box with something that can eventually kill it, you won’t know if the cat is alive or dead until you open the box. So, until you open the box and observe the cat, the cat is simultaneously dead and alive.

  19. I joined the DLP a couple of months ago. I joined the party because Barbados requires a counterbalance to the governing party, and no third (or fourth) party has ever gained any traction in the local political landscape. My loyalty is to Barbados, not to any political party.

    • PLT

      Why don’t you seek the leadership for there is nobody there.

      Indeed, you will be a better bet to fill this vacuousness which has existed for a long time.

      Though we reassert our contention that even you cannot stem this civilizational slide into the brave new world Huxley forecasted.

  20. 2018 was a devastatingly poor electoral performance by a governing party in a Parliamentary democracy. 2022 made it an all time world record for poor performance in any Parliamentary democracy at any time in history anywhere around the globe.

    My Party has not yet looked into the mirror and conducted an honest self appraisal of thent reasons for this awful failure. We cannot rebuild our Party into one worthy of Errol Barrow’s legacy until we understand and correct what went wrong.

    I believe there are 3 major reasons for the dramatic rejection of the Party by Bajan voters: destabilizing internal power struggles, economic mismanagement, and uninspiring communication. I think these are the important reasons because the made many Bajans feel that their government did not have a handle on things and was therefore incapable of leading them out of difficulty.

    1. The DLP has indulged in internecine internal leadership power struggles that have undermined the Party President as well as damaged public confidence that the Party could lead the society in a coherent direction. This was apparent when they the eager 11 undermined former Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, it was seen again in the way former Party leader Verla DePeiza was treated, and it is recurring in the ad hominem attacks on current Party leader Ronnie Yearwood being circulated with the photos of other candidates on social media. We need to stop this self destructive behavior.

    2. The DLP failed to manage the local fallout of the 2008 global economic crisis. The 23 consecutive credit rating downgrades were just one symptom of this failure, not its cause. The cause of the failure was a lack of competence in macroeconomic management. We must not repeat this failure.

    3. As catastrophes followed one upon the other in the waning years of the Stuart administration: credit rating downgrades, sewage flowing in the streets, vicious attacks on our offshore financial sector by the OECD… it felt to too many Bajans that the Government did not care enough to speak honestly to citizens on a frequent basis. It reinforced the conclusion that the Stuart administration was saying nothing because they were doing nothing because they knew not what to do.

    My hope is that I can help the party correct these mistakes, so that it can become an effective Parliamentary opposition or alternative to the governing party in the minds of the electorate.

    • Senor Thompson, best wishes.

      Many have said that the DLP needs new members exactly of your profile (experienced/road tested, accomplished, intellectually solid and able to practically appraise the errors of the past).

      Hopefully, your appeal and ‘Welcome Stamp’ fame attracts others with similar desires to seriously rebuild and not merely remodel a decayed structure!

      It will be a BIG fight as surely you are aware.

      I earnestly wish you well … and with your tenure thus far I would back you wid that titanical refloat too.

      Oh btw, either another item #4 or an addendum to internal squabbles: Hubris.

      I think it deserves it’s own bullet really as THAT too requires a serious understanding, review and correction!

      Again … success ahead!

    • We cannot make this stuff up, then again we have to tolerate that it is a democratic process.

      Four confirmed for DLP presidential battle

      It’s official.
      Three contenders will go up against Dr Ronnie Yearwood for the presidency of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) next month.
      After the closure of nominations on Sunday, the party’s third vice president Ryan Walters, former Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and ex Minister of Economic Affairs Dr David Estwick had secured nominations to be on the ballot during the DLP’s August 18-20 annual general conference.
      Walters, who last week publicly made the case for his presidency and expressed a lack of support for the direction in which it was going under Yearwood’s leadership, got four nominations.
      Sealy was nominated by his St Michael South Central branch; while Estwick, a former St Philip West MP, received the nod from his branch as well as the Christ Church East branch.
      Meanwhile, the current DLP president will be going into the general conference with 14 constituency branches having nominated him.

    • Dream on ….. If you must.

      We suggest that this level of rot …….

      Goes beyond the DLP, as an entity. For there is not much of a muchness in the BLP either.

      We’ll locate this malaise within times when systems, always decaying, finally collapse.

      We therefore consider that the DLP is not dying, that it is dead.

      And recall conversations with the late Anthoinette Thompson at a time the DLP was on life support.

      By this logic, progress has been made towards an embrace of the morgue.

    • @de pedantic Dribbler said “either another item #4 or an addendum to internal squabbles: Hubris
      I think it deserves it’s own bullet really as THAT too requires a serious understanding, review and correction!”

      I understand that hubris is a grave character flaw, however it has never been an impediment to political success in Barbados. Dipper, Tom, and Ms. Mottley each were notable for their hubris.

    • If refloating the Titanic would help Barbados, I’d volunteer for the expedition

  21. Whilst Peter’s comment is worth putting in the ‘Hall of fame’ we feel it necessary to give him a warning (because we wish to keep him with us) “Don’t let Bushie get near your submersible”.

    Have a great day all

  22. “I joined the DLP a couple of months ago. I joined the party because Barbados requires a counterbalance to the governing party”

    Have you learned how to run yet?

    Mek It Run (Run Rasta Run)

  23. I going with Ryan . The two elders should stand down. The search is for a younger/ newer person that was not featured in the lost decade. There is evidence in the fact that a “cross over” newbie defeated one of the elder statesmen of the party
    Also note the backlash when Stuart spoke at the meeting before the last election

    I agree with most of what Ryan said as reported in BT and hope he hits the ground running when he is elected next month

    • The following article from John Beale is interesting. A political party must be able to attract sponsorship to fund its activities. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

      Leadership to help the DLP matters
      ONCE AGAIN the old guard of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) continues to wish to rise from the dead – but they are not Jesus.
      We still live in a democracy so any member of the DLP can seek the leadership of the party. However, the DLP should understand that the previous administration needs to be forgotten from running again. That is, if they wish to have any chance of winning seats (far less than winning an election).
      If Richard Sealy and David Estwick are interested in the party they should work to help the party and forget about their bids for election.
      Their continuing hopes of a resurrection will do serious damage to the resuscitation of the party.
      – JOHN BEALE

      Source: Nation

  24. Ryan is a businessman and a leader in his business. He may not be a Babis Thompson or Errol Barrow but we will see his style evolve. At least he sees the problem in the party and put his hand up to solve it.

    Winning next month will be an assist to winning his seat which is one of the closest it the last two election
    Another factor is the current legal problem with his opponent in that constituency

    Winning at least one seat will allow the party to obtain some funds
    Right now I am still seeing another 30-0 but I thing going with Ryan is the best chance to reducing that possibility

    Let’s see his political leadership style

    John2 is not John Beale but we think alike on his his. Omment

    • Ryan Walters is Barbados General Manager for Restaurant Associates (Barbados) Ltd., the company that owns the franchise rights for Burger King and Little Caesar’s Pizza. Restaurant Associates used to be controlled by Bizzy Williams but he recently sold his interest to Jamaicans.

      Being the general manager of a franchise operation, owned by local or offshore oligarchs, that pays a few Bajans meagre wages in dead end jobs while serving unhealthy food is not much of a record as a businessman.

      What has he created or led that is of benefit to Bajans??

  25. “ My Party has not yet looked into the mirror and conducted an honest self appraisal of thent reasons for this awful failure. We cannot rebuild our Party into one worthy of Errol Barrow’s legacy until we understand and correct what went wrong.”
    A refreshing honesty.

  26. Allow me to roll out what I wrote some time ago.

    This Benjamin Franklin quote should be first and foremost in the thoughts of DLP members.

    “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

    First there was Verla who was replaced by Yearwood and now some of the “old guard” wants to replace Yearwood. Musical Chairs is a party game, it should not be used as part of the process of selecting political party leaders.

    • The storyline playing out is – The Canalization of a Political Party.

      It is a party that requires a leader to inspire majority membership what is required to tackle the huge challenges ahead. There is nothing wrong with Yearwood being challenged by all and sundry, how he responds and dispatches the challenges will help to grow his brand and stature in the party.

  27. Ironically, a similar question could be asked of Ronnie Yearwood. “What has he created or led that is of benefit to Bajans?” And, given the current state of the DLP, I’m sure people are curious to know how ONE man, who RECENTLY join that political party, plans to go about trying to change an ingrained ‘political, cultural status quo,’ which ‘new’ member and president, Yearwood, has been unable to penetrate…… and long-standing members are apparently unwilling to change?

  28. David

    Verla dispatched all her challengers


    First good luck

    Ask the same question about yearwood !

    From ur description then Ryan must have some business /management/ dealing with people skills. And just last year the franchise increased

    What he serves has nothing to do with his political career
    As far as I know Bajan are free to choose what they want to eat and not only bajans eat at those franchises
    I am in Georgia and the main ingredient in my lunch will be breadfruit and sweet potatoes ( you get what I am saying ).

    Agree that in there those jobs are usually deadend but theyare paying someone bills ( probably preventing suicide) and it is up to the employees to make them into stepping stones not dead ends

    IMO. Ryan has the best chance of becoming leader of the opposition if he is given the chance to Lead the party , build the party and proof to be an effective leader
    He has a very good chance of winning his seat without becoming president but an even better chance if he does the above.

    • John2, I do ask the same question about Yearwood. He too is a young man, but his contribution to post secondary education in Barbados is not trivial. I have read things he has written and published and I think he has the intellect to lead Barbados. I also listened to him explain his economic development proposals to the International Business Association conference last year and concluded that they were better that any others that I have heard from politicians of any party.

  29. Ok
    Go back to ur statement about improving brand and what does that tell you ?

    Btw. Were ur the opportunist pastor that was supposed to be the savour? Surely he can run again like eswick is doing Not one word since his defeat

  30. Ronnie was a B
    Now he is a D
    But first he was a B

    It appears that being a party member is more permanent than being a Bajan. Those of us in the diaspora often see folks attempting to dig up our navel strings and bury it overseas and would even deny us our citizenship. But it appears that if you are a B, there can no Damascene moment where you realize the error of your ways and become a D.

    The way how they keep insisting he was a B makes me wonder if they believe he took some party secrets with him. But I know the party, it is almost devoid of ideas and the few ideas they have are either scams or screw-up

    Scam and Screw-up
    Vaccine acquisition … the fools were about to purchase free vaccines

    Port scammers – I still don’t know what currency we purchase them with. I am hoping Jamaican dollars and not US or Barbados

    Major screw-up
    Children survey – Who was in the classroom with our innocent children? Was it Chester the molester?

    National slogan – done by CheatGPT. You could google and find similar.

    Everything they touch turn to dust. Hopefully the DLP has more sense than to allow a pack of BLP pundits/hacks/partisan to pick its leader.

    Ronnie was a B
    Now’s he here with we
    No sign of schemes or scam
    Displaying the innocence of a lamb

    Watch how they moan and groan
    Always claiming Ronnie is one of their own
    Unable to grasp anything more than off or on
    Fools, Ronnie was there, man long gone

    The way to go
    is with Ronnie O

    • What does it say about the DLP that a former BLP candidate became a member and in a relatively short time is elected to lead the party after TWO disastrous showings at the polls?

    • In very simple and practical terms @David, it would say the party members were sensible: to look for an outsider who had -supposedly – different and better ideas !

      Nothing wrong with dat!

    • @Dee Word

      He has not done enough to impress that it motivated members of the old guard to come back? Don’t bring the BS that it is meant to be a democratic process.

    • Well in truth dat is the case, not so! 😎🤣

      But also fah trute don’t you perceive that said old guard were simply biding time … regardless of who took the helm in that interregnum – if I may call it dat- he or she would have faced this same dynamic, I believe.

      And I would further say that even if the new leader had been able to truly refresh the party there would STILL have been old stalwarts too addicted to power who have found a way back.

      Call it democracy if you like or the BS that is political life!


    • Should it matter they were biding time?

      What should matter is the value being added to the party by them running.

      One does not have to do any scientific research to know Sealy and Estwick are not good for a DLP brand at this juncture given what has transpired from 2018.

    • This is part of the problem, a hurry to field candidates. There is some culture transformation and other structural changes to its governance structure that needs urgent attention.

    • No, I have no plans to run for a seat. My strength is my ability to contribute on the policy level… although the party also desperately needs internal modernization of its internal IT systems, and I have done that for private sector organizations.

  31. Don’t feed them.. They’ll take your words, twist them and send them back your way.

  32. The truth about a tenderonis

    To quote a couple of Bobby Brown Singles from 1988 if “Roni” had run for BLP in the last two elections he may have won a seat or (perhaps not) but when he switched to DLP he lost, but that’s his “Prerogative”..

    Get Busy!
    Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me (now now)
    Why don’t they just let me live?
    I don’t need permission, make my own decisions
    That’s, that’s my prerogative
    They say I’m crazy, I really don’t care
    That’s my prerogative
    They say I’m nasty
    But I don’t give a damn
    Getting girls is how I live

  33. If Mia wanted Yearwood to remain in the BLP she would have found a way to keep him in the Party. Leaders manage to keep those they consider valuable around by placing them in prominent positions until the next go around. Case in point Kay McConney to the Senate and then shoehorn her into John King’s seat in St. Philip.

    Yearwood was right to leave the BLP, who wants to be in Party where they weren’t wanted.

    • DLP leadership challenge, again

      THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL reactions to the news that three leading members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) have been nominated to contest for the party leadership currently held by Dr Ronnie Yearwood.
      Thus far, three main stances can be identified. First, there have been the usual “objective” suggestions which hold that the challenges are healthy for internal party democracy, but which have remained silent on the merits or demerits of the challenges.
      A second group has seen the challenges as being symptomatic of internal weaknesses facing the DLP, and/or Yearwood himself. From their perspective, the reality of the challenge is itself proof that the leadership issue has not been resolved.
      This suggestion that “all is not well” within the DLP has been expressed most clearly by the youngest of the challengers, Ryan Walters, who in a July 16 op-ed in another section of the Press, lamented that while the party, under Yearwood’s leadership tended to “complain about not having subventions while spending 10 hours every day criticising the Government”, it seemed to have neglected the task of rallying “our members and supporters by re-engaging with them and reenergising and equipping them with a renewed vision for a better Barbados”.
      Diverse opinions
      Also echoed in Walters’ criticism was the persistent complaint by committed DLP members of alienation and side-lining. Walters therefore hinted at the need to build “cohesion among our members such that everyone is able to understand one another’s perspectives while still respecting diversity of opinion on certain issues”.
      A third perspective stands squarely in the “don’t touch Ronnie” camp. This group rejects any suggestion that a leadership challenge
      is necessary. Its main spokespersons have raised a rather curious, and borderline apologetic claim that the party has not “resoundingly said ‘no’ to [Yearwood] in any form or fashion”.
      Much of their argument is built around the notion that given the consecutive 30-0 electoral defeats of the DLP, it is best to leave the leadership untouched, to allow the party to settle down around Yearwood.
      A truer assessment, however, resides between the first and second perspectives. It is clear that Yearwood has not resolved the DLP leadership challenge. Indeed, the persistent challenges from the “old guard” is not a fault of the “old guard” but is an objective reflection of the DLP power dynamics.
      There is nothing to separate Yearwood from other leadership aspirants. No one has a seat. No one has an incontrovertible claim to leadership. In such a context, the challenges from three-term parliamentarians who might feel themselves better suited for the leadership than Yearwood, are easily understood.
      At the basic minimum, the next undisputed leader of the DLP, will be the person who is able to win one seat (hopefully his/her own) in a General Election. Unless that happens, there will continue to be leadership challenges with the DLP.

      Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs. Email

      Source: Nation

  34. Ronnie was a B
    Skipped the C and headed for D
    The man didn’t stop he going for G
    Now on his way to M, N, O, P
    With his momentum he might reach T
    Oh lawd, Ronnie just reached the letter Z

    Now he’s heading for 1, 2, 3
    Do you think he will reach infinity?
    He’s a man with a mission
    Willing to share his vision
    But a few has him typecast
    And locked in a role from a distant past
    Like parrots they sing the refrain
    Over and over again
    Ronnie was a B

    B or D
    Ronnie is the man for me

    Ronnie O
    Is the way to go

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