Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid 19

The blogmaster has sympathy for small open, tourist dependent countries. Developing countries with meagre resources that were struggling to manage poorly performing economies have been struck for SIX with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. The challenge for governments to implement policies which balance shoring up livelihoods with public health priorities is real.

The blogmaster will not enter the toxic arena of blame gaming. At this juncture it is not a constructive exercise. Unlike New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries which are commodity driven economies and can support an aggressive quarantine protocol, Barbados has been caught out by operating at the margin which conflicts with the proposal from the local medical association of doctors (BAMP). The proverbial between a rock and a hard place.

  • Have we made mistakes managing the pandemic, YES.
  • Did the country become complacent, YES
  • Do we need to find ways to earn hard currency, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure COVID 19 screening is robust to adequately protect residents, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure authorities enforce laws to signal to those who compromise public health safety are penalized, YES.
  • Do we need to make the local economy less reliant on services, YES.
  • Have successive governments been unimaginative and lazy in charting a more sustainable economic path for the country post independence, YES.

The blogmaster could have added several more bullets to the list.

The harsh reality is that the country is ‘broke’ and to close the country again if it can be avoided to “keep out the virus’ as some promote is silly. The COVID 19 virus will be with us for the foreseeable future. Even if 100% of people take the vaccine health experts are unsure how new strains/variants may compromise the process. Even if the vaccine is 100% effective it will take possibly two to three years to immunize the global population to achieve heard immunity level. Then there is the issue of countries operating outside the purview of WHO like China, Russia…

Obviously Barbadians are concerned given the recent surge in COVID 19 positive cases. It is what it is, we have to deal with what is before us and move on. Have a look at the BU Sidebar Covid 19 Tracker and COVID 19 Update Page. Barbados is not waging the COVID 19 battle alone.

The government needs to ensure that our COVID 19 protocol is relevant/fit for purpose.

Residents need to ensure we adhere to the health protocol – wear your mask properly, wash your hands and physical distance please!

We can do this Bajans!



  • The first inmate released from Dodds tell her story

    The first inmate to come out of HMP Dodds since COVID-19 struck the prison three weeks ago has described the situation there as “bare sufferation”.

    The woman, who served five years and 41 days for financial crimes, was due to be released on January 12. However, like the other 842 inmates, she was placed under lockdown from December 31 as Government instituted a “no one in, no one out” policy.

    Last week, Superintendent of Prisons Lieutenant Colonel John Nurse said there were 20 inmates due to be released by the end of this month.

    Yesterday morning, much to the woman’s surprise, she was told by a prison officer to pack her clothes and say goodbye to her fellow inmates.
    Speaking to the DAILY NATION from her St Philip home via telephone, the woman said she had retained Queen’s Counsel Michael Lashley because she believed she was treated inhumanely.
    She charged that prison authorities refused to tell them what was going on and how many inmates had contracted the virus.

    “They did not tell us nothing. We looked outside and we see the men in black standing guard so we thought someone had dropped off a parcel with an illegal substance, or we thought one of the inmates or officers had dropped down dead.
    “But then they tell we they have three admissions and we on lockdown. Then later in the night they wake us up and say, ‘Everybody put on wunna clothes and put something to cover wunna face and come’. When they say so, I knew they had corona in the jail.”
    When they say so, I knew they had corona in the jail.”

    She said they were immediately taken to a room for a COVID-19 test, then put back under lockdown.

    She described the past three weeks as a horrible experience even though the virus did not infect the female prison.

    The woman revealed that they found out how rapidly the virus was spreading among the inmates through prisoners calling their families or going on social media.

    “They got everybody believing the prison running good but up there is ‘sufferation’. I gine tell people who got family in there to go and check fuh wunna family and don’t believe everything [they hear] when they call up there.” (MB)


  • There seems to be an issue with testing capacity, hence delayed results.


  • CrusoeJanuary 19, 2021 8:14 PM

    There seems to be an issue with testing capacity, hence delayed results

    A fkkng mess
    Monkeys handling guns
    Boris minutes ago closed borders along with stiff rules and regulations to nationals entering the UK
    Now these lazy thinkers call leaders have to find solutions for their economy
    This is not monkey business nor can Mottley flush this gorilla into the ocean like she flush the shite from the south west sewage plan into the innocent sea waters of Worthing
    This problems takes Brains and not a bunch of headless chickens called leaders


  • There is no community spread. I believe what the government tells me.


  • After a while and you cannot identify the source, local spread becomes community spread.

    If these people have gone silent after the big hurrah of bringing Liz Thompson home to head some special communications team, then there must be a reason and most likely it is not good.


  • Donna
    The guy that died at the hospital may have push things off track


  • @ angela cox January 19, 2021 8:07 PM

    No wonder our leader wants to ban social media. Gov should take away all means of communication from prisoners.

    Prison is no holiday. Those who are in prison are in a special relationship with the state, where fundamental rights do not apply. It is frightening that prisoners are allowed to communicate with their relatives without censorship. It is alarming that former DLP ministers are inciting prisoners. This must come to an end!


  • John 2,

    In what way could one death have put things off track?

    No excuses! In the absence of communication the people may panic. It is better to know the worst than to imagine it.


  • Donna what rubbish you talking you trying to become an alarmist like AC/ Mariposs/ Angela Cox or whatever other name David BU allows her?It was stated yesterday that a full press conference will be held today where persons can ask any questions. I will bet my last dollar none of the loud mouths will ask none.Look at who the ex inmate hired to look at her situation according to Mariposa Mr Lashley or whom some nurses are dealing with Mr Franklyn.In my view some people are playing petty politics with this serious issue and it is unnecessary at this time.I gone.


  • Lorenzo
    Who let the virus into barbados that has now infected over one thousand people and counting


  • Barbados authorities rarely make sense, they always do and say things that sounds backward and ignorant….the man had his underlying illnesses and living with them long before many of us were born, but no, let’s dance around the word community spread and hide information.

    “Doc questions authorities’ reluctance to confirm COVID death – by Anesta Henry January 19, 2021
    Family physician Dr Adrian Lorde is questioning why the elderly man who died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department with COVID-19 has not yet been recorded as the eighth person to have died from the virus on the island since the pandemic started last year.

    Today, in what is becoming a weekly video of his views on how Barbados is managing the pandemic, Dr Lorde said that while the law states that persons dying within 24 hours after being admitted to A&E must receive a postmortem, the reality stands that test results showed that the elderly man had contracted the deadly virus.

    Expressing his sympathies to the deceased, the well known doctor said he cannot understand why health authorities are refusing to say that the man died as a result of COVID-19.

    “What else did he die from? He had the respiratory illness all the time. He is 84, yes. You want to prove it is natural causes so we say we only have seven [COVID-19 related deaths]? I know you want to calm the public and not cause any panic, but you cause more questions than answers,” Dr Lorde said.”


  • Did not hear the announcement but that does not explain the absence of daily figures. Did I miss those too?

    I do not panic but others do. It is best to keep them from doing so.


  • Minister of Health and Wellness Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic is making a fresh promise that he will be taking his second COVID-19 jab in public.

    This comes less than a week after it was revealed by Prime Minister Mia Mottley that she, along with Bostic, Attorney General Dale Marshall and five frontline medical personnel received their first vaccination.

    Mottley said then that the group would receive their second dose “in a few weeks’ time”.

    However, since then, residents have been raising concerns regarding why none of the first vaccine recipients had taken the “jab” for the country to see, even after Bostic himself had indicated that he was willing to take it in public.

    Asked by Barbados TODAY on Tuesday to respond to those concerns, Bostic simply said it was not done in public because of an “issue”, which he opted not to disclose.

    However, the health minister, who has already urged Barbadians not to fear taking the COVID-19 vaccination, promised he would be taking his second dose for all to see.

    “There was an issue in relation to taking the first jab in public, but I assure you the second one will be done in public,” Bostic promised.

    “Without going into details, I am going to tell you how things can be at times. Last year March when we were scrambling to get handheld thermometers to do temperature checks, we were able to get some from a ‘friendly government’ but we could not go public at that time because if something is required in another country there are some sensitivities when it comes to supplies leaving.

    “So in order to protect persons, it is not always possible to do things publicly. But I give you the assurance and I can tell you that the vaccines were taken and the second dose, whenever that is due, you can be sure that is going to be public,” explained Bostic.

    He was speaking after receiving a fresh donation of critical equipment from the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) to assist the country in the fight against the coronavirus.

    Officials have already predicted that Barbados could get its first set of vaccine through the COVAX Facility by the end of March or early April.

    During the brief handing over ceremony, at the PAHO office in Dayrell’s Road, St Michael, Dr Yitades Gebre, PAHO Representative for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, hinted that the vaccine could reach Bridgetown as early as next month.

    Pointing out that there was a meeting with officials of the COVAX Facility on Tuesday morning, he said: “At this point, the COVAX Facility has agreements for six different types of vaccines from five providers.

    “The first transit is expected somewhere late February or early March from the COVAX Facility,” said Gebre.

    It is expected that countries benefiting from the COVAX Facility will get enough vaccine to inoculate at least 20 per cent of their population, but it will be spread out over the year.

    Pointing out that some countries could be in line to get some of the Pfizer doses by next week or early February, Gebre said it was critical that countries display readiness, indemnification and an ability to administer the vaccine.

    Gebre, like World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressed concern that some countries were beginning to hoard vaccine and this could hurt poorer countries.

    Prime Minister Mottley has already indicated that Barbados was going beyond the COVAX Facility to get vaccinations that would be enough to result in herd immunity in Barbados.

    The online resource WebMD says herd immunity or community immunity exists, when a large part of the population of an area is immune to a specific disease. If enough people are resistant to the cause of a disease, such as a virus, it has nowhere to go.

    The PM said in addition to possible assistance through the African Medical Supplies platform, her team was currently working feverishly to get access to vaccines from several suppliers.

    Government is expected to embark on a campaign in the coming weeks to raise awareness and encourage people to take the vaccine when it becomes available…..(Quote)


  • All these koolaid press conferences don’t mean much any more
    People sick and tired of being told the same repetitive song and dance
    People need to hear the naked truth


  • @Donna

    Your concern is valid. Liz was brought back to ensure there was relevant and fluid communication about covid matters, especially managing the surge. Some of us understand it is a difficult time for Barbados and many countries in the world. It is not an easy time. Some here make it out to be an easy matter to solve and cannot shave without slicing themselves or comb hair properly and have to retreat to a weaveon.


  • Look who is cut and pasting.



  • The narrative of potential damage to the Barbados brand due to longer than expected quarantine is a red herring – one that insults the intelligence of Barbadians. Perhaps, the only place where the Barbados brand would be damaged in those circumstances is in the imagination of the heads of a few reactive persons that are perhaps all too accustomed to finding new ways of spending good money on bad ideas. But alas, who doesn’t want a free lunch?” said Forte……(Quote)


  • An opinion like any other commenter on BU.


  • Crusoe January 19, 2021 3:16 AM #: “Not a one who has pushed a position on the blog about either opening up, or criticising the job the government is doing, has commented or stated a clear objection to the suggestion that the Barbados government has done an excellent job to date, based on the statistics.”

    @ Crusoe

    If you pay close attention to the overall comments on issues expressed by the particular individuals who have been “criticising the job government is doing,” what else do you expect other than “political posturing?”

    A new, highly infectious variant of COVID-19 was detected in the UK sometime during September 2020. It was reported that by November, approximately ¼ of cases in London were as a result of new strain, which reached to almost ⅔ of cases by mid December. The UK government placed parts of England under tier 4 restrictions.
    Media reports also indicated that in December, at least 40 countries, including Scotland and Ireland, had either banned or limited flights from Britain, while they sought more details about the new variant. For example, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and North Macedonia banned flights from Britain indefinitely.
    We’re now learning about the emergence of a similar variant in South Africa that shares some of the same mutations to the one in England, but appears to be unrelated………… and a new variant in Brazil, which has led the UK to ban all arrivals from South America.

    Countries with much more medical and financial resources than Barbados have taken precautionary measures by closing their borders or enforcing travel restrictions. As such, I’m of the opinion the Barbados ‘government’ should have likewise closed the borders, especially to those countries where the new strain of COVID-19 had been identified or enforce travel restrictions, until we are able ascertain more information to familiarise ourselves with the ensuing challenges.

    I’m not suggesting ‘government’ and the health authorities have not done an exceptional job in dealing with the pandemic in its initial stages. But, we must realise we’ve moved on to another stage, since the virus seems to be mutating, hence the emergence of new variants.

    Additionally, people are justified in questioning how ‘government’ communicated COVID-19 related information to the public. Even Mottley acknowledged the methods needed to be improved. She responded by recalling Liz Thompson to head a newly established dedicated COVID-19 communications team, which I believe was not the ideal solution and a complete waste of time.

    As I mentioned in a previous contribution, chairman of Cabinet’s COVID-19 Sub-Committee, Jerome Walcott, could address press conferences with opening preamble, introductory and closing comments; the health minister should explain policy; while the public health and medical experts discuss the practical aspects. There isn’t any need for Mottley to be present to make what are essentially political speeches and repeat what was previously mentioned.

    What do we know about this new variant of coronavirus?

    I’ve read that mathematicians in other countries have been analysing the numbers on the spread of different variants in an attempt to calculate how much it’s spreading. Are similar processes occurring in Barbados and, by extension, the Caribbean?

    Does CARICOM have a COVID-19 committee comprising of regional Epidemiologists, medical and public health experts? Caribbean territories should unite in the fight against this pandemic, rather than confront it individually.


  • Another cover-up it seems in ministers taking the vaccine
    Now the question to be asked
    Who waa govt protecting
    Why did govt have to protect any one individual or individuals by taking the vaccine
    More questions to be asked


  • @ Angela Cox

    The more they try to hide information, the more they reveal. What was Bostic talking about? They must come clean.


  • Bostic said there was an issue that bajans didnt see him take his first jab…….one of the four people holding him down didnt want to be seen on


  • Donna.

    The hospital case is the newest and may be the most important case at this time. There are “questions ” surrounding this case and if gov dont have the answers, (to me) it make no sense having a press conference to keep repeating ” i dont have that information yet”. That can become more fuel for “some” who like the flame of fear..
    To me /in the past when there were good numbers (like 0 for a day) gov use to skip a day/two of not giving a report.
    Enuff time has passed the the boxing day blow up should be coming to an end.

    Pertaining to the numbers:
    i think bostic said the numbers coming out now will be a bit screwed – in that with the back log you may have some positives coming out “today” but the person may have already served the 14 day quaratine.

    he explained that some of the “backlog” had to be resampled for testing again because for various reasons they may not have been able to identify a sample to a person (example – smudging)

    he admitted the because of the backlog there were having problems breaking down the the numbers to answer all the questions from the public.


  • @John2

    The government has to manage the erosion of credibility by breaking the promise to Barbadians to have scheduled press briefings. If no information is available that can be managed in the dissemination.


  • donna

    Bostic said something to the effict that the source of the hospital case can easily found….

    i take that to mean there is already a connection so i dont think the will declare community spread yet/due to this case.


  • David

    You not the one who keep reminding that this is a fluid situation etc etc?

    Are you still waiting for the new southcooast sewage plant that was PROMISED to you by april 2020?



  • @John2

    Let us keep this simple. The government announced a Communications Czar who promised communications protocol. If there is a good reason to change Liz should formally face the people and recalibrate expectations.



  • “Bostic said there was an issue that bajans didnt see him take his first jab…….one of the four people holding him down didnt want to be seen on….”


    Joke #2 for 2021.


  • David

    i cannot verify it because like donna i may have missed it .

    check LORENZO @ 5:45am



  • John2 you want to defend government positions but don’t want probing when you do?


  • Mia sent Bostic out to test the waters while she went silent on the issue of ministers and herself taking the vaccine
    Stay tuned and watch the lies rolled out
    Bostic responses now poses more questions
    Who is govt trying to protect


  • @ Angela

    Trust Mia; she will always tell the truth. This is who we are; we are in this together. The president knows if she keeps her head down she will get away with murder.
    The management of the CoVid crisis has been incompetent, and its communication is woefully amateurish. Anyone who knows about communication, public relations, journalism will find this awful nonsense humiliating. We can do better.


  • Barbados is a failed state. Therefore no surprises here.


  • ArtaxJanuary 20, 2021 8:43 AM

    Logical and sound reasoning, thank you.


  • DavidJanuary 20, 2021 10:45 AM

    Like it is tea break, first session, team batting is 56 for 1 and a few spectators in the stands already cussing the batsmen.



  • It is regrettable there is an anti tourist narrative being stoked in response to government’s plan to reimburse visitors if SLA for Covid testing is not met.


  • Now the sewage is being found in govt communication
    No way to run or no way to hide
    Lets see how govt going to get out of this one
    Bostic words are pretty clear that at the heart of the “issue” there is something wrong
    A wrong that should be told


  • David

    Please enlighten me on to what is the position of government that i am defending .

    And dont shift like ac or ww


  • @John2

    Scroll up!


  • David

    U are shifting. just like the above mentioned two



    so is it true that a nother elderly person walked into QEH and later died from community nonspread Covid?



    rush and hurry to open doors to visitors, then can’t produce.


  • If Prince Donald didn’t come up with the term and lie about fake news to cover his own deceitful ass, don’t know what the likes of Mia would have to attempt to cover up her own ass.



  • forget it, the link isn’t working, it’s a live conference on barbadostoday.


  • So was the latest death at QEH or at a nursing home, can’t get the accurate story….whichever way, heard the deaths are now 9…

    now hearing the person was book(ed)ing in to a nursing home, fell sick, got transported to QEH and died there…

    yardfowls can confirm.


  • So that colonial parliament has been there since the days of slavery, it’s over 375 years old, one of the oldest and Mia is now realizing that no one bothered to educate the Black population about the difference between…

    a lying MP
    a lying government minister
    a lying whatever other scum they got feeding off the Black population and PRODUCING NOTHING other can collecting a salary…..outside of the few who may actually do some work.

    not that people like me care what the difference is anyway…they’re all PARASITES and thieves…just like the minority crooks they allowed to hijack the legislature…


  • There is no community spread. Patriots trust government.


  • It is regrettable there is an anti tourist narrative being stoked in response to government’s plan to reimburse visitors if SLA for Covid testing is not met.


    Visitor complains about being forced to vacation indoors

    A British national who is still awaiting his COVID-19 PCR test results after being in Barbados for over a week is calling on authorities to greatly improve the turnaround time for results, or advise travellers against coming to the island.

    The visitor who has asked to be referred to as Chris, is crying out that it is unfair for tourists who have to spend thousands on plane tickets and accommodation, to have to wait days for results when they were promised they would receive them within 24 to 48 hours.

    “This is a grim reality that tourists and business travellers alike are facing here in Barbados, people paying huge amounts to be stuck in their accommodation for the duration of their trips, and sometimes longer, and at a significant expense.

    “Either testing on the island is greatly improved or the government should advise against travellers coming here altogether as the way things are being handled currently is immoral,” he said.

    Chris, who told Barbados TODAY he had fallen in love with the island and has been coming since he was a teenager, accused tourism authorities of false advertising the turnaround time for test results as 48 hours when there are “huge” delays.

    He said while his family arrived on the island on Tuesday, January 12, their second PCR test was booked for Thursday, January 14, but the entity responsible for carrying out the testing “did not bother to turn up” with no warning.

    He explained that they then had to turn to another facility to come to them on Friday, January 15. They are still awaiting the test results almost 96 hours later.

    The visitor said he has called and emailed the testing facility but has received no response.

    He also indicated that he has been calling the Bes-Dos-Santos Laboratory to inquire whether his family’s results were at that location, but he was told to call back the entity responsible for carrying out the test.

    “We paid a great deal for the test under the premise that turnaround times are approximately 24 to 48 hours. It has now been close to 100 hours since I have been tested which is misleading and false advertising.

    “We are desperate to leave our accommodation, as we are currently paying to have a security guard at our villa whilst in quarantine amounting to US$135 per day, a government requirement. We are scheduled to leave the island on Saturday, January 23. At this point, we have now spent over half the trip in quarantine,” he said.

    “To make matters more difficult, to return to the UK, we have been told that we need to provide an additional negative COVID-19 PCR test to be obtained no more than 72 hours prior to arrival back in the UK as per new COVID regulations. Failure to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test back in the UK results in a minimum £500 fine.

    “Given these huge delays in the turnaround of test results on the island, I do not see how this is even remotely possible and it is likely, that we, and many other travellers, will be fined a great deal when returning home,” he added.

    He said he was aware that authorities have issued an advisory informing travellers about the backlog of COVID-19 PCR tests at testing facilities which may impact how soon they receive their results.

    The advisory also indicated that an update would be posted when the standard 24-48 hours turnaround time has been resumed and asked travellers to plan accordingly.

    “I feel like no one is giving the correct information out. It is very misleading because people aren’t setting realistic expectations for travellers.

    “My partner even sent an email to the Prime Minister [Mia Amor Mottley] and she responded very quickly, asking the Minister of Health [Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic] to help in some way. It has now been a week since I have arrived.

    “I understand this is now a problem for a number of people who have arrived recently on the island. If I was just here for one week, I would have spent my entire time in quarantine,” Chris said.




  • @ WURA-War-on-U January 20, 2021 11:51 AM

    That is retribution for slavery!


  • We Will Wrestled this to the ground

    Quote Minister Bostic


  • Here comes the #throwashadecrew who are living in covid infested countries. Specifically the US and UK.

    Will the Real Bajans please raise yuh hand.


  • I listened to most of the conference but yet to hear any of the talkers say that people must PAY MORE CARE TO THE ELDERLY, particularly those with underlying conditions and are most vulnerable.

    ]..everyone is not like me cause i would point a gun at ya face ya ever come near me….see what gets ya first…..even family members know there is a distance to be kept.

    PROTECT THE ELDERLY…don’t expose them to ya infected selves..


  • “who are living in covid infested countries. Specifically the US and UK.”

    specifically the countries being pimped for tourists, ya can’t have it both ways….diversify the economy or keep the infection spread…variant and all.

    “That is retribution for slavery!”



  • Wuh loss and Mia invited the people from COVID infested countries to come and live in Barbados
    A country that has a large percentage of the elderly
    Now the umbrella man talks about shade throwers from the infected country


  • @ David January 20, 2021 12:44 PM

    As a globalist AND patriot, I raise my hand!


  • @ WURA-War-on-U January 20, 2021 1:26 PM

    The British used to lock up the Africans in Drax Hall, now the descendants of the Africans quarantine and torture the British with the bad food in the Hilton.


  • I heard Emmanuel Joseph ask Mia if she don’t think that allowing visitors in from high risk countries is putting people in Barbados at risk and she said ..”no, next question.”

    we are hoping for the best, but that forceful answer makes sure that should things go sideways, no, “we all won’t be going down together” as she also asserted, she’ll be taking that dive to the bottom all by herself…


  • It was a rude, arrogant and contemptuous reply. Then she looked away. Awful.


  • It was a rude, arrogant and contemptuous reply. Then she looked away. Awful.




  • But then again the blp thinks bajans are idiots
    Hence her response falls in line with such thinking


  • Mia’s response to Emmanuel Joseph is now a social media meme. She could have elaborated, but the “ question” answer….smacked of not caring what people think, it was her time to shine, not go all disconnected.


  • Sounds like a page out of Trump play book
    What a dam shame


  • Is there a link for the press conference. Would love to watch.


  • Seems as if Covid-19 and US politics took all the oxygen out of the room.

    Wura, corruption investigator, has been drawn in


  • And the big lie continues
    No community spread

    Management at Courts and Servitech say the work stoppage earlier today was not a form of industrial action, but rather a COVID-19 positive case.

    Trisha Tannis, managing director of parent company Unicomer, said they were following health and safety protocols.

    “There was no [industrial action]. Management was made aware of a positive COVID case and asked the staff not to enter until we received guidance from the Ministry of Health. All staff were screened and a small number sent for testing. The operation reopens on Friday morning after the bank holiday,” she said.

    Workers did not report in this morning and were seen in and around the compound. Potential customers were turned away as he entrance was blocked by cones. (CA)


  • Missed the press conference. Were the figures updated? If not, what explanation was given?


  • There is a pattern with black face politicians, when they’re picking up Black people’s money by the tens of millions to give to minority crooks in the social partnership, they make a big splash and boast, but when it’s time for the Black population to get access to THEIR OWN MONEY…there is ALWAYS a …we can’t do this, we can’t do that, we have to do only what we can and a litany of LIES… wonder billions is missing from the economy and Black people don’t have a dime of it….the wretched of parliament act as if the money belongs to the social partnership of thieves…..


    there is not enuff in the social partnership to reelect anyone to the parliament…still gotta come back to the Black population to BEG THEM FOR THEIR VOTES…

    tiktock, it’s soon 2023.


  • A bunch of clusters running govt

    A rehearsal of the same except health officials had to admit that an individual having underlying conditions and becomes infected with Covid
    The death would be treated as a COVID case number


  • Theo…go on barbadostoday page, the press conference is there.


  • Of course they will find ways to suck money out of your pocket, until they screw up the new gimmick too..

    Theo…if you dont see the press conference it was removed to put up some kinda useless boastful shite in it’s place, that i wont waste time reading.


  • Police should investigate whether the opposition has anything to do with the new COVI19 death. This cannot be completely ruled out after all the agitation.


  • Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV

    Re the supporters of Barbados’ closing it borders as COVID-19 prevention measure. .At what point would you reopen the borders…..when the vaccines have had sufficient worldwide penetration? WHO would determine that?? that but more importantly how long would it take for that determination to come? supposed it had taken 2+ years to develop the vaccines ??? can Barbados afford to close borders for an indeterminate period?? Literally what logic would be used and how long would it take to reopen the doors once it has been closed. For the present circumstances surrounding this virus, border closures in my opinion was always a “sledgehammer to crack a nut” solution. The equivalence of strangling oneself as a cure for the cold. It is a very last resort measure to implement.

    Dr. Ralph Gonsalves stated that “curfews, lockdowns and states-of emergencies don’t work”, that “current restrictions and regulations will be tightened and managed more closely and, where necessary and desirable, his government will ramp up the restrictions and controls”. Although I agree with his statement at a basic level, the impression might be given that he conceded defeat to the virus. The aim is to strike a balance between allowing economic activity WHILE REDUCING the virus spread. The logic for night time curfews is sound and more pragmatic than for example a daytime curfew or daily stay at home order. Most people socialize when they leave work. Therefore night time curfews allows for necessary (and temporary) social interaction during working hours(between customer & employees), more people at work mean less people doing the “less than necessary”( prolonged) social interaction during the day and reducing the “less than necessary” social interaction that MOSTLY occurs at night. It has nothing to do with the virus spreading easier at night which is nonsense.
    In my mind, this virus is so pervasive that local\community spread would have be a eventuality in every country in the world
    The tactic NOW as it should have always been for every country from the BEGINNING of this pandemic is to reduce the number of ACTIVE CASES in any period to place less of a burden on medical facilities hence aid in the saving of lives. Barbados now has more active cases than some larger countries e.g. Australia and New Zealand, but that is expected to be transient and eventually go down . In these two countries they have now managed the virus to the extent that they can allow limited attendance to sports facilities in their countries. It means that a MATURE, MANAGED response can be successful in combating this virus.


  • @ Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV January 20, 2021 7:51 PM

    Thank you, DLP Antigen, for your valuable, neutral contribution against the opposition’s inflammatory smear campaign! If Donville or Chris were in power now, we would have to feed all the COVID19 bodies to the sharks.

    In about 2 weeks, the clusters will be eradicated. The opposition should already practice now to apologize for the evil agitation.


  • @Hal Austin January 20, 2021 10:41 AM “The management of the CoVid crisis has been incompetent”

    Why don’t you tell us how brother Boris & Co. have been managing? Have they been incompetent? No comment on the Covid19 response in the place where you and your lived ones love? What happened? The cat got your tongue?

    3,505,754 Covid19 cases in the United Kingdom, including 38,905 new cases

    93,290 Covid19 deaths in the UK, including 1820 new deaths

    1,840,945 active cases of Covid19 in the UK, including 3,947 who are in serious or critical condition

    51,491 Covid 19 cases per million people in the UK; 1,370 Covid19 deaths per million people in the UK.

    Barbados 4,020 Covid19 cases per million people; 31 Covid19 deaths per million people in Barbados.

    The UK’s infection rate is 12.8 times higher than Barbados’

    The UK’s death rate is 44 times higher than Barbados’

    And not a word from Hal.

    But we can still catch up with the UK if we play the @ss.

    So we must still:

    ONE: Wash hands

    TWO: Wear masks which cover BOTH our mouths and our noses

    THREE: Keep at least 6 feet away from other people

    We can’t can’t say “no Covid ’bout here” until there is no covid anywhere in the world.

    We are truly all in this together.

    I too have family in the UK, the USA, Canada, and in many countries of the Caribbean.

    Their worry is my worry.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan,

    You do realise that for every single Barbadian there exists 200 Brits. A large majority of these Brits live in cities.

    It should be far easier to manage and maintain covid-19 on such a small island like Barbados. Please stop trying to score cheap points as it serves no purpose.


  • @TLSN January 20, 2021 8:44 PM “@ Cuhdear Bajan, You do realise that for every single Barbadian there exists 200 Brits.”

    My response: Yes I do realize, which is why I quoted cases per million people.

    The United Kingdom has had 1,370 Covid19 deaths per million people, while Barbados has had 31 deaths per million people yet not a word from Hal nor from you accusing UK health officials of being incompetent.

    @TLSN January 20, 2021 8:44 PM It should be far easier to manage and maintain covid-19 on such a small island like Barbados.”

    My response: True. And Barbados’ covid response is so much better than the UK’s that our mortality/death rate is 44 times LOWER than the UK’s, and not a word from Hal or from you about the UK’s response. And this is not to boast, because things can still go really, really badly if we refuse to wear masks correctly, wash our hands with soap and warm water or an alcohol based hand sanitiser, and if we refuse to keep our social distance.

    Cudear Bajan, completely non political, and who has close friends and relatives all over the Caribbean, Europe and North America, so no “agenda” here except sending “this covid monster back into the bushes from whence it came.” Because none of us is safe, until all of us are safe.

    I wish you well.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan January 20, 2021 10:11 PM

    Thank you for supporting our Supreme Leader and her rightful government!


  • I wonder what you and Hal would say if instead of 9 deaths, we had had 44 times as many.


    Almost certainly if Barbados had had 396 deaths by now some of those people would have been your relatives and mine, and Hal’s and Baje’s too.

    I am thankful that a family friend was seriously ill last week, is better and at home now.


  • @Tron January 20, 2021 10:15 PM @ Cuhdear Bajan January 20, 2021 10:11 PM “Thank you for supporting our Supreme Leader and her rightful government!”

    I don’t think she is Supreme, and I am pretty certain that she does not think so of herself either. But I believe that our health officials and our political officials have been doing a pretty decent job in very, very difficult circumstances. And it is our duly and honestly elected government, not her government. We the taxpayers, both local and foreign pay everybody and for everything.

    I wish us all well, and I will continue to :

    Wash my hands
    Wear my mask
    Keep my 6 foot distance

    Cuhdear Bajan
    Completely Non-partisan


  • TLSNJanuary 20, 2021 8:44 PM

    And if you read my population adjusted example, comparing Jamaica to Barbados, you would see that deaths to date in Jca are roughly four times that of Barbados.

    Jamaica is also an island.


  • yardfowls are going to die being stupid, never listen to yardfowls, they’re a stain on the earth, skid marks..


  • So PM says NO to closing the borders
    What she does not realise is that control is the main reason many are asking for such policy
    Think about the school system which has all been in lockdown and children schooling on line still cannot access adequate technological equipment for proper learning
    The time is long past due for govt to take a hard look on the educational damage that is happening to the school children
    Keeping our borders open would continue to be a negative impact on our educational system as it keeps the future of our children in limbo
    The PM needs to look further beyond the impact of the economy and look at the future with which an economy cannot survive without a strong educational system if the education of the children become drawfed because of govt failure to recognize


  • Critical Analyzer

    There is nothing wrong with open borders.

    What is wrong is there is no preventative treatment being told to the public. Our per patient treatment costs for COVID needs to a few dollars instead of the thousands it has to be currently.

    Where is the discussion of medical treatment?


  • The travel fallout continues
    “A member of Ontario’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution task force has resigned from her role after travelling outside of the country during the holidays.
    Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of auto-parts manufacturer Linamar Corporation, on Tuesday said she spoke with Premier Doug Ford and retired General Rick Hillier, who chairs the task force, and made the “difficult decision” to step down from her role. She said she did not want her travel to “cause distraction” from the work of the task force, which is helping to chart Ontario’s vaccine rollout plan.
    The Globe and Mail inquired on Tuesday about Ms. Hasenfratz’s travel after learning that she was in Barbados over the holidays. Ms. Hasenfratz did not say in her statement where she travelled. Public health officials have for months been urging Canadians to avoid non-essential travel.
    “While it is true that I travelled outside the country over the holidays, I followed all pandemic protocols of both countries and remain in quarantine today as public health guidelines require,” Ms. Hasenfratz said in a statement to the Globe and Mail.
    “I regret my decision to travel, and I apologize to the Premier, General Hillier and members of the Task Force for any impact this may have had on their work.” (quote)
    There are also a host of social media, particularly Instagram, serial posters who haven’t been seen in weeks. you KNOW they travelled, and posting pics in a sunshine destination, or with a tan for the fairer skinned ones, it currently a ‘bad thing’.


  • Cuddear agree with you.By whatever comparison anyone uses Barbados has done very well in terms of controlling the death rate in Barbados to 9 persons.There are persons on here like Austin , Baje, Dullard, Tsln, Waru and a few more who reside in countries who are yet to have control over infections and deaths but they are health experts in running their mouths in giving authorities in Barbados what they should do.Save the advice for your own countries if those persons which to hear any thing from you.Let bajans here in the failed state solve their own problems.I wonder if any of you have family or friends here?Some of you shouting close the borders.Tell us how would we earn foreign exchange to run the country to provide pensions to the elderly and medicines to the hospitals or provide buses or garbage collections to the society.Private sector companies would have to close sending home more bajans.Is this what some of you want?It is always easy to stand and the sidelines and be critical but very hard in these times to create a balance between lives and livelihoods.In my view the government and the health officials are doing the best they can at the moment and most right thinking bajans are 100% behind them.The time for petty political games is not now but later on.Therefore the overseas gloomers can take a hike.


  • Northern difficult decision to step down.. the conversation probably went like this
    Do you think they will catch me,
    The Bo Derek hair do may tip them off
    Arcand the quebec MNA didnt leave when he traveled to barbados
    Yeah but he is a man and a liberal you can do black face and hang around in that party
    What if I say I was seeing how they are handling their vaccination roll out on the island
    Ha Ha Ha
    okay I resign.


  • @Lawson…..Since it was a Provincial body and not a federal one, maybe the question was “are you going to ram a firecracker up my ying-yang”?


  • “Tell us how would we earn foreign exchange to run the country to provide pensions to the elderly and medicines to the hospitals or provide buses or garbage collections to the society.”

    yall falsely claim to be the most educated people in the Caribbean if not the world…so why would anyone have to tell ya how to go about diversifying an economy…we have long known that yall don’t have the first clue…OR IT WOULD’VE BEEN DONE ALREADY….unless ya really TOO STUPID AND CORRUPT.TO SEE WHERE YALL ARE HEADED.

    at this time, no one who understands give a shit anymore…..Black/Africans in Barbados have options, the only way they won’t is if they don’t want them…that’s on them..

    BTW… FacetoFace Africa ran an article…hope yall ain’t planning to rob the Liberians with ya lies, deceit and tiefing minorities in the we gathering scam….or someone will have to tell them what to expect…the good thing about Liberians, they don’t fcuk around and would through down a civil war and kill all you tiefing fcukers.


  • What goes into any of their heads optics is everything, if things aren’t going as expected don’t compound the problem by letting the idiots undermine you. Ford had his own cottage incident but I am really tired of being lectured to, doing my part in hunkering down as much as I can and watch the ones at the top flaunt the rules. I was going to the island twice , spain,england ,scotland this year cancelled sometrips had some cancelled on me, there is no I in team we are all in it together supposedly. I think the maddest I have been seeing that putz trudeau in a picture at harrington lake after telling us not to go to our cottages on the quebec side. Rules for thee but not for me.


  • Waru why not just do what you guys always do wait till some one comes up with a new or good idea then copy it, I saw gweneth paltrow on the news this morning, which reminds me, how are your smell like my asshole candle sales going.


  • “Waru why not just do what you guys always do wait till some one comes up with a new or good idea then copy it.’

    you mean TIEF IT,..

    i don’t know, why dont ya ask ya boyfriend.


  • Happy Errol Barrow Day if only he could be here to address our present mirror image
    Our educational system in crisis
    The childrens future hangs between an economic boondoggle and a Covid crisis
    Leadership lost without having viable solutions having an answer which can affect a sustainable economy negatively and topple the fragile health system
    The question of what mirror image barbadians have of themselves is just as relevant and important today as when Barrow asked of the people themselves


  • Waru lol glad you still have your sense of humor


  • Wash your hands
    Wear your mask. And “yes” you should wear your mask even at home if you or members of your household are going out to work etc., or when you have visits by “others” to your home.
    Keep your 6 foot distance

    It isn’t that hard people.


  • Barrow would have kept the borders opened under the same conditions that currently exist.


  • @ angela cox January 21, 2021 10:15 AM

    My sincere condolences to all on Remembrance Day! Today we commemorate the founder of the DLP, the party which is responsible for the whole economic mess.

    It would be best to abolish this day as a public holiday and celebrate 1 October instead.


  • the problem with home schooling / lack of technological equipment etc is not unique to Barbados and is more prevalent throughout the world than you can imagine.

    its a PANDEMIC.


  • Barrow was a regionalist
    Most likely he would have COVID as an opportunity for all Carribbean nations to come together and build an economic empire upon which they can be economically self reliant without having to ask the big international countries to hold their hands during times of economic crisis


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