Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid 19

The blogmaster has sympathy for small open, tourist dependent countries. Developing countries with meagre resources that were struggling to manage poorly performing economies have been struck for SIX with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. The challenge for governments to implement policies which balance shoring up livelihoods with public health priorities is real.

The blogmaster will not enter the toxic arena of blame gaming. At this juncture it is not a constructive exercise. Unlike New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries which are commodity driven economies and can support an aggressive quarantine protocol, Barbados has been caught out by operating at the margin which conflicts with the proposal from the local medical association of doctors (BAMP). The proverbial between a rock and a hard place.

  • Have we made mistakes managing the pandemic, YES.
  • Did the country become complacent, YES
  • Do we need to find ways to earn hard currency, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure COVID 19 screening is robust to adequately protect residents, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure authorities enforce laws to signal to those who compromise public health safety are penalized, YES.
  • Do we need to make the local economy less reliant on services, YES.
  • Have successive governments been unimaginative and lazy in charting a more sustainable economic path for the country post independence, YES.

The blogmaster could have added several more bullets to the list.

The harsh reality is that the country is ‘broke’ and to close the country again if it can be avoided to “keep out the virus’ as some promote is silly. The COVID 19 virus will be with us for the foreseeable future. Even if 100% of people take the vaccine health experts are unsure how new strains/variants may compromise the process. Even if the vaccine is 100% effective it will take possibly two to three years to immunize the global population to achieve heard immunity level. Then there is the issue of countries operating outside the purview of WHO like China, Russia…

Obviously Barbadians are concerned given the recent surge in COVID 19 positive cases. It is what it is, we have to deal with what is before us and move on. Have a look at the BU Sidebar Covid 19 Tracker and COVID 19 Update Page. Barbados is not waging the COVID 19 battle alone.

The government needs to ensure that our COVID 19 protocol is relevant/fit for purpose.

Residents need to ensure we adhere to the health protocol – wear your mask properly, wash your hands and physical distance please!

We can do this Bajans!



  • ‘State of stress’
    by Emmanuel Joseph
    One of this country’s leading attorneys-at-law has revealed that the swab taken from him for COVID-19 analysis has gone missing.
    Queen’s Counsel Barry Gale, who was making a case for an adjournment in a land deal matter before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today, informed the appellate judges that while he has the symptoms of the virus, he still cannot be certain if it is COVID.
    “Yesterday I was informed by the person who conducted the test, who was attached to the Ministry of Health that they cannot find my swabs. What does that mean? It means I have to be tested again. As I speak to you, I do not know if I have COVID.
    I have experienced symptoms of COVID.
    Thankfully not extreme, but I have had headaches, I have had feelings of tiredness, I have had a sore throat, and quite frankly I am anxious,” Gale lamented.
    The senior counsel said he was tested for the virus about a week ago, but has been “a prisoner “in his own home since December 31 after having self-isolated and that the wait for his results had also added to an uneasy state of mind.
    “So I am in a state of limbo and in a state of stress,” the Queen’s Counsel told the CCJ panel of judicial officers.
    And if that was not bad enough, Gale disclosed that his two children have been struck with the virus and the husband of a member of his staff has tested positive.
    “My daughter has tested positive as of early January and is confined with her baby at Harrison’s Point. My son tested positive and he too is at Harrison’s Point. One of my staff, her husband is a prison officer…he tested positive,” Gale informed this country’s final court of appeal.
    He said his office closed on December 18 for the Christmas season and could only reopen last Monday.
    “I, of course, cannot go near my office, near my files, near my library and more importantly I cannot, except through the limited means of zoom communications, communicate with my co-counsel, my junior and the co-counsel representing the other respondents. This has put me at a significant disadvantage,” he stated.
    Gale contended that as a result, he did not feel fully prepared nor was in a position to fully represent his client.
    “And I am not sure you realize what is happening in Barbados…that I still have not got back my test results because the testing programme is in complete shambles. My test has been submitted about a week ago and I have not got back my results…and I am not alone…there are many others in my position,” he said.
    After breaking for a short time to consider the submission for an adjournment, the judges granted a postponement of the start of the appeal hearing until March 16 to facilitate the possible isolation at Harrison’s Point of Gale for the 14-day stay and any other unforeseen issues.
    When Barbados TODAY reached out tonight to Head of Government’s new COVID-19 Communications Committee Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson, she promised to enquire into Gale’s situation with a view to bringing about a speedy resolution.
    “We will have to enquire what is the position with Mr Gale, when it came in and so on. I would need information like his date of birth or passport or ID number, something that would allow us to be able to identify it; but only the lab can say that his sample is lost. But I don’t think he spoke to the lab and the lab would have said that,” Ambassador Thompson stated.
    She however explained that the senior lawyer’s sample may have been tied up in the backlog of cases which the health authorities are doing everything possible to clear while trying to improve the overwhelmed system.
    “We have apologized to everyone who is caught in this position. The problem is a problem of logistics which we are fighting to resolve to ensure that all the necessary resources are available and capacity is increased as a matter of urgency,” she pointed out.
    Ambassador Thompson also said that staff and equipment were being put in place to improve the speed at which testing was conducted noting that between yesterday and today, some 902 tests were done.
    She also stressed that calls to the call centre had skyrocketed from 1,700 per week to 31,000 per week between January 1st and 11th.


  • Oh what a tangle web weave when we practice to deceive
    That is for you David and the blp foot soldiers
    Even Liz Thompson mouth is filled with political utterances and mumble gumble excuses in her attemptb of being dismissive to Gale comments of whom he spoke to concerning his test results


  • The implication for a small country to manage Covid 19 well. You do not want to headline in the Economist.


  • Ontario ER doctor, Dr. Patrick Phillips, discusses significant adverse effects that can occur to public health with poorly thought out lockdown strategies. Note his interviewer Dr. Naomi Wolf, is a doctor of philosophy, not a medical doctor.


  • @Green Monkey

    Proving mental and emotional support is very important. We need to do more. It would appear teenage depression and suicides are up if we listen to the anecdotal.


  • Like

  • Barbados is over its head fighting this pandemic because of poor planning for the side effects that is part and partial of COVID depression should have been a major concern in govt plans
    Thinking of the elderly living alone and having to read the day to day effects of the Pandemic
    Blame yes and plenty of blame to go around
    Head not brains as pandemic has been revealing to the masses loud and clear


  • @ AC,
    It looks like a threesome sharing the same super-kingsize bed. We have a government, a traditional media outlet in The Nation News and an e-media platform group – Barbados Underground all living under the same roof.

    The Advocate link below makes for more informative reading.


  • All have been said
    Time and time again however govt choose the path of political appeasement while giving less thought to the risk

    A Guys View

    Our poor management of our borders created this Covid-19 problem we now confront. The spin demands that the bus crawl be blamed, but if there was no Covid virus in the community, as we were told, none could make its way onto the buses.

    We chose to continue to import the virus without pause, when the science we were following led others to take precautions to protect their citizens. Apparently Barbadians are super human or our lives have no value. I am not sure which option to pick. Truth be told, it was inevitable that the virus would eventually be at large here. It would be naïve to expect that we could import the virus, have our businesses and workers serve the virus-laden visitors, knowing how the virus spreads, and not expect that there would be widescale transmission in the community. Our authorities knew what they were doing and how they were exposing Barbadians and they went ahead and did it anyway.


  • It is only commonsense that with all of the ER’s in major countries overwhelmed with the virus, Barbados would follow.

    The quarantine period was too short. BAMP recommended a longer one. Then, people rent frolicking on beaches and buses, no distancing.

    What do you expect?


  • What do u expect

    I expect govt should have taken in to account all the evidence countries and taken a more commonsense approach to the opening of borders from hot spots


  • What a mealy mouthed post!

    Saying a lot yet saying nothing at the same time.


  • True to form.



  • This one for you…

    “ Ugandan President’s address to his nation*.
    A wisdom to share✨

    Uganda President KAGUTA MUSEVENI warns against people misbehaving during this COVID-19 period, “God has a lot of work, He has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots…”.

    Below is his reported statement.

    “In a war situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. You stay indoors by choice. In fact, if you have a basement, you hide there for as long as hostilities persist.

    During a war, you don’t insist on your freedom. You willingly give it up in exchange for survival.

    During a war, you don’t complain of hunger. You bear hunger and pray that you live to eat again

    During a war, you don’t argue about opening your business. You close your shop (if you have the time), and run for your life. You pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business (that’s if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire).

    During a war, you are thankful to God for seeing another day in the land of the living.

    During a war, you don’t worry about your children not going to school. You pray that the government does not forcefully enlist them as soldiers to be trained in the school premises now turned military depot.

    The world is currently in a state of war. A war without guns and bullets. A war without human soldiers. A war without borders. A war without cease-fire agreements. A war without a war room. A war without sacred zones.

    The army in this war is without mercy. It is without any milk of human kindness. It is indiscriminate – it has no respect for children, women, or places of worship. This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change. It is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.

    Its only agenda is a harvest of death. It is only satiated after turning the world into one big death field. Its capacity to achieve its aim is not in doubt. Without ground, amphibious and aeriel machines, it has bases in almost every country of the world. Its movement is not governed by any war convention or protocol. In short, it is a law unto itself. It is Coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19 (because it announced its destructive presence and intention in the year of our Lord 2019)

    Thankfully, this army has a weakness and it can be defeated. It only requires our collective action, discipline and forbearance. COVID-19 cannot survive social and physical distancing. It only thrives when you confront it. It loves to be confronted. It capitulates in the face of collective social and physical distancing. It bows before good personal hygiene. It is helpless when you take your destiny in your own hands by keeping them sanitized as often as possible.

    This is not a time to cry about bread and butter like spoilt children. After all, the Holy book tells us that man shall not live by bread alone. Let’s obey and follow the instructions of the authorities. Let’s flatten the COVID-19 curve. Let’s exercise patience. Let’s be our brothers’ keeper. In no time, we shall regain our freedom, enterprise and socializing.”

    In the midst of EMERGENCY, we practice urgency of service and the urgency of love for others✨
    God bless us all.


  • David u ought to stay in your lane
    COVID is bigger than your silly article


  • @TheLiar

    Then do not comment.


  • The quarantine period was too short. BAMP recommended a longer one. Then, people rent frolicking on beaches and buses, no distancing.

    What do you expect?











  • Will Approved Vaccines Protect Against New Coronavirus Mutation?
    The makers of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines will test them against the newly emerged variant and voice confidence about the effectiveness.

    CNN: Pfizer And Moderna Test Vaccines Against UK Coronavirus Variant
    Pfizer and Moderna are testing their coronavirus vaccines to see if they work against the new mutated version of the virus that’s recently been found in the United Kingdom and other countries, according to company statements. “Based on the data to date, we expect that the Moderna vaccine-induced immunity would be protective against the variants recently described in the UK; we will be performing additional tests in the coming weeks to confirm this expectation,” according to the Moderna statement. (Levenson and Cohen, 12/22)

    AP: BioNTech CEO Confident Vaccine Will Work On UK Variant
    German pharmaceutical company BioNTech is confident that its coronavirus vaccine works against the new UK variant, but further studies are need to be completely sure, its chief executive said Tuesday. The variant, detected mainly in London and the southeast of England in recent weeks, has sparked concern worldwide because of signs that it may spread more easily. While there is no indication it causes more serious illness, numerous countries in Europe and beyond have restricted travel from the UK as a result. (12/22)

    The Washington Post: BioNTech Can Create Vaccine For New Variant In Six Weeks If Needed, CEO Says
    BioNTech said Tuesday that its coronavirus vaccine will likely be effective against the new variant identified in Britain, but that a new version could be developed within six weeks if necessary. Whether regulators would be willing to quickly approve a slightly-modified version of the vaccine that has been cleared for distribution in the United States, Britain and European Union is another story, CEO Ugur Sahin told reporters at a news conference. But from a technical perspective, tweaking the vaccine co-developed with Pfizer would simply be a matter of replacing one mutation with another while the “messenger” molecule remains the same. (Noori Farzan, 12/22)

    Health experts advise people not to overreact —

    Bloomberg: Why The U.K.’s Mutated Coronavirus Is Fanning Worries
    Dubbed the “B.1.1.7 lineage,” the strain has acquired 17 mutations compared to its most recent ancestor. That’s a faster rate of genetic change than scientists typically observe. Some of the changes are in key areas of the virus involved in its ability to infect cells. Preliminary analysis in the U.K. suggests it may be as much as 70% more transmissible than other circulating SARS-CoV-2 strains and may be contributing to a spike in cases in the country. Maria van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s technical lead on Covid-19, told the BBC on Dec. 20 that the WHO is working to understand the extent to which the virus may spread more easily, along with other human behavioral factors that may be driving transmission. It’s also looking at whether the mutation causes more severe illness and can evade the antibodies generated by vaccination. (Gale, 12/21)

    Stat: The Big, Looming Questions About The New Variant Of The Coronavirus
    A variant of the coronavirus that emerged in the United Kingdom has forced London to shut down, led some countries to ban travel to and from the U.K., and set off a global manhunt to find out where else this version has arrived. So what comes next? (Joseph, 12/21)


  • David yuh still frothing at the mout get a grip
    Things here ate getting from back to worse and u have time to be pelting rocks in the wrong direction
    Go read todays news
    Not good


  • Fake: Inhaling hot water steam does not kill coronavirus.

    A message is doing the rounds on the social media that inhaling hot steam from hot water will kill coronavirus.

    The message says that a Chinese expert has assured everybody that inhalation of steam from hot water kills coronavirus 100 per cent. Even if the virus has entered the nose, throat or lungs, this treatment will help. Coronavirus cannot stand the hot water steam. Please circulate this information to all your family and friends, the message also reads.

    Please, if you feel sick 😷 go to the hospital. Don’t try the above fake remedies….


  • Just over a month after resuming flights to the island, an airline partner from one of Barbados’ main source markets has announced that it will stop flying to Bridgetown at the end of this month.

    Travellers found entering Canada with fake COVID-19 test results can now be fined $5,000 for doing so, the federal government has announced.

    In a statement, Transport Canada said proof of a negative COVID-19 laboratory test result must be presented to the airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada.


  • This govt has been delusional from the start believing their own PR message of barbados is COVID free sending the people in a state of denial to the potency of the dreaded disease
    Now sending the country and govt into a tailspin of excuses and apologise


  • Good Morning David,

    Please create a ” Urgent Attention” Post for our readers and citizens education. We need this to reach as many people as possible please.

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  • As BU bloggers have been saying for years.

    ” Dire need for greater self-sufficiency “

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  • “Fighting the good fight” includes making sound decisions so what is the major hiccup at present? Let me repeat, the reliance of a single lab to handle tests is a recipe for disaster, complaints about delayed/lost tests are coming in through the ying yang . To combat the turmoil the Gov’t has brought in a committee of talking heads to allay the public’s concerns. If this was a business one would conclude that customer dissatisfaction is at an all time high, there is a need for additional labs to be brought on board.

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  • @ Sargeant,

    Got the “stay home ” alert on my iphone. Street quiet this morning.

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  • ” Skipper Kraigg Brathwaite believes the West Indies have learnt their lesson and are ready for the spin bowling challenge likely to confront them on the cricket tour of Bangladesh.”

    Bajan players should do well against spin. They have had a lot of practice batting against government spin. ( I am not good at comedy ) lol

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  • So…is this true?

    “The NUPW has told all of its civilian staff NOT to report for duty at HMP DODDS.”


  • Heard about the lost test, but many are saying it shouild not be a lost test but a hot needle up that demon’s backside….only telling yall what am hearing.

    apparently they cannot see anything other than the next paycheck,…or they would’ve heeded earlier advice that what’s happening now was a distinct possibility.

    Lawson..ya stuck…don’t worry ya got a lot of company, present company included.

    “It is only commonsense that with all of the ER’s in major countries overwhelmed with the virus, Barbados would follow”.

    i don’t know why anyone is surprised…IT’S A PLAGUE…ya can’t advertise that you’re the only country in the world that it’s safe from then go right ahead and INVITE IN THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE SPREADING THE INFECTION LIKE WILDFIRE….and don’t even have a backup lab. US helped yall with this and that, so nobody thought of temporary lab….check out the pedigrees.

    i’ll tell yall something about myself, i can be very stupid, i actually fell sorry for those now facing the music.


  • “Bajan players should do well against spin. They have had a lot of practice batting against government spin. ( I am not good at comedy ) lol”

    Not bad. My first laugh for the day.

    You sayin dat Reifer mek de team?


  • Speaking of spin
    David clean bowl Mariposa
    Wuh loss muh belly


  • Today PR conference should be interesting
    Yuh mean to say employers demanding quarantine employees to return to work
    What kind of madness that
    Where is the AG to prosecute these employers
    Fuh christ sake their is a national health crisis on hand
    These employers should be carted off to Dodds at this most appropriate time
    Good grief


  • “These employers should be carted off to Dodds at this most appropriate time.”

    particularly now, let’s see how well all that superiority plays out.


  • “Speaking of spin…….. David clean bowl Mariposa.”

    Definitely “Wuh loss muh belly.”


  • CORONAVIRUS Published
    January 14-2021 4 hours ago

    WHO scientists arrive in Wuhan to investigate coronavirus pandemic origins
    Beijing initially turned back members of the team over bureaucratic concerns.

    A worker in protective coverings directs members of the World Health Organization team on their arrival at the airport in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei province on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021. A global team of researchers arrived Thursday in the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic was first detected to conduct a politically sensitive investigation into its origins amid uncertainty about whether Beijing might try to prevent embarrassing discoveries.

    Thirteen scientists arrived in Wuhan, China, on Thursday, following months of discussions with President Xi Jinping’s government.

    The team includes virologists and other experts from the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, Britain, Russia, Netherlands, Qatar and Vietnam.

    A World Health Organization team has started its investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in China despite concerns that the Beijing government might try to block any embarrassing findings.

    It’s alleged “bats returned to the wuhan meat market”..


  • BAJE,

    What do you think I meant when I referred to the quarantine period being too short? The BAMP recomnendation would have prevented this.

    And while I have no doubt the new variant is driving this increase, the timing also coincided with the shortening of the quarantine period.


  • British MPs blast ministers for taking DAYS to ban travellers from Portugal and swathes of South America after learning about new Brazilian Covid strain – as passengers from Sao Paulo reveal they ‘just walked through Heathrow unchecked’

    Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said today that all arrivals from South America, Panama and Cape Verde as well as Portugal will be barred from entering the UK from 4am tomorrow.

    No-one who has been in any of the listed countries in the previous 10 days will be granted entry, except British and Irish nationals who are exempt but will have to self-isolate for 10 days.

    Mr Shapps also said that Chile, Madeira, and the Azores would be removed from the travel corridor list of countries were passengers are not required to self-isolate for up to 10 days on return.

    He said introducing tougher measures was an ‘urgent decision’ to respond to the new variant in Brazil – but the Government was attacked for the delay, which was branded ‘another missed opportunity’ in the pandemic.

    Labour’s shadow home secretary Nick-Thomas-Symonds MP welcomed the move but railed against ‘yet another example of government incompetence, lurching from one crisis and rushed announcement to another.

    ‘The failure to put in place an effective policy on testing before entry and a quarantine system that is checking only one in 100 people is putting lives at risk.’

    Lib Dem MP and party transport spokeswoman Sarah Olney said: ‘Once again it seems the Conservatives have missed the opportunity to help stem the spread of Covid-19.

    ‘They’ve delayed action on cutting travel between the UK and South America, risking the arrival of the new variant.’

    The crackdown was also at odds with the situation at Heathrow today, where arrivals from the soon-to-be-banned countries claimed to have breezed across the border without being checked for Covid.

    Boris Johnson told MPs yesterday the Government was ‘taking measures’ to shield the UK from the Brazilian variant.

    Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s chief scientific adviser, has said it is possible that the strain could make vaccines less effective.

    He said he thinks it is unlikely the mutated strain of the virus will have evolved to get past the immune system but ‘we don’t know for sure’.

    British travel restrictions will affect the Caribbean declined Tourists Industry????


  • Someone i know wrote a linkedin article about opening the Caribbean borders to a one currency etc to stave off the’s quite the read. I do believe some have called for that same innovation over the years.

    not holding my breath.


  • Questions for Tonight’s press COVID press conference.
    A press conference on COVID-19 is scheduled for this evening. Can a reporter please ask the following questions.

    1. The backlog has revealed that the working equipment and competent staff at the lab are being poorly managed. There is an international management standard that is begging to be implemented to significantly improve the system. That would be the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

    Is there any reason why the Government is not managing the labs to this standard?

    2. The new more aggressive strain is expected to overwhelm the health system in Barbados. In preparation, why are we not implement the international management standard immediately?

    3. There are two types of vaccines currently being used in the west. The two mRNA vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, and the conventionally developed vaccine by Oxford/AstraZeneca. Which type is Barbados planning to import.

    4. Will Barbadian be given a choice on which type of vaccine they want to take?

    5. The PM recently noted that we paid a deposit of BD$5M to purchase COVID vaccines for 20% of Barbados’ population. Barbados’ population is 287,010. 20% of 287,010 = 57,402 people. $5M/57,402 people = BD$87.10 per vaccine.

    The cost of each mRNA Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is BD$40.70
    The cost of each mRNA Moderna vaccine is BD$67.83
    The cost of each non-mRNA Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is BD$8.14.

    If we are paying for the less risky non-mRNA vaccine, the BD$5M can pay for over 600,000 vaccines. If the deposit was BD$0.5M instead of BD$5M, the cost of each vaccine would be BD$8.71, which is more in line with the cost of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine (BD$8.14).

    Can the BD$5M deposit amount be confirmed?

    6. If the deposit amount was BD$5M, will we be seeking a refund for overpaying?

    Best regards,


  • how did some of you arrived at the point that the person who who “spread” the virus is a visitor. That person was not revealed or not yet found. Didnt we have returning “bajans” that were positive/awaiting results?


  • David;

    The authorities appear to be having some difficulty in disseminating cogent information on the spread and development of the pandemic in Barbados. Here are some suggestions whereby this might be improved:-

    Develop a new dashboard that would reflect the same info on the current daily GIS dashboard as they are discussing on the “every-other-day” press conferences. i.e. the data being discussed would be the last data generated.

    Use the new dashboard to give some clarity to the often bewildering data from different experts at the press conferences; i.e. use the dashboard as a backdrop for the information being discussed.

    Segregate and publish the incidence of local and imported cases . This would, in one fell swoop, give some indication of the dynamics of daily and running totals of case incidence in these 2 very different locales.

    Consider adding the following info to the official dashboards:
    Date of test reporting;
    Imported vs. Local cases;
    Active cases
    Number of available beds per covid quarantine site, ventilator equipped beds, PPE equpment,
    Clusters (by name); New daily cases; cumulative cases; number of cases released from quarantine.

    The Regular Press conferences should be no more than half hour preceding the News at 7:00:PM unless. Press conferences for discussion of policy and new information could be in any format necessary but if data on case incidence is being presented the Dashboard for that date should be used.

    Source: Lyall Small


  • @ Tony January 14, 2021 11:26 AM

    Many here on the forum probably didn’t get it. The new mRNA-vaccine technology is the biggest scientific breakthrough since the jet airplane, the atomic bomb and the Internet. The Germans and Amercians can adapt the high-tech vaccine within a very short time.

    It is not so easy with the other vaccines.

    Has our government actually talked to BioNTech or Moderna personally or do we want to trust second-rate vaccines from UK-Oxford and China?


  • BLP (Barbados Liberal Party) is synonymous with good Corona governance. The people admire Mia Mottley like never before.


  • The cheapest vaccine is the least reliable one

    The cost of the best vaccine is the highest priced. Shipping and storage must also be included in the final total.


  • Prime Minister Mottley will join the press conference this evening.


  • An addiction to public relation. We have a CoVid task force, led by Dr Walcott, Liz Thompson has been brought back from New York to head up the communications team, yet the president wants her few minutes in the limelight.
    She has a serious problem.


  • @ Mariposa

    Have you noticed that when the going gets hot the president runs and hides? Where is the commissioner of police?


  • Simpleton.


  • @ David January 14, 2021 4:23 PM

    Our Most Honourable Prime Minister Mia Mottley leads the country on the front lines. Like Admiral Horatio Nelson in his day.

    It was a mistake for our government to give in to the angry xenophobic crowd. Gov should have simply replaced the head with Mia Mottley.


  • Question for Mottley
    With our health system stretched to the max
    Our limited manpower in having test results in an orderly manner
    Business closures brought about becauses of employees quaratine
    How much longer are u going to allow people from hot spots to enter the island


  • this is what a reparations discussion should look like..with people involvement, not a tiny crowd deciding they want 50 billion dollars with no imput from the DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES…and nothing in for them but a bunch of sick buildings calling it infrastructure…steuppss…

    “A “historic” public debate marking the start of city-wide discussions on slavery reparations has been launched.

    Panellist, Jendayi Serwah, said Bristol’s Conversation on Race and Reparations on 14 January will be the start of a “long process” looking at what reparations mean.

    The event will be held with Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and African heritage community organisations.

    The discussion will feed into a full council meeting to discuss the issue.

    Ms Serwah, from the Afrikan ConneXions Consortium, said current work in the city to have better Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) representation within institutions and giving money to communities “is not reparations” and “not enough”.

    “This historic event will bring together African heritage grassroots leaders to find out what they want reparations to look like and where to go from there,” she said.”


  • @ Tron January 14, 2021 4:44PM

    “It was a mistake for our government to give in to the angry xenophobic crowd. Gov should have simply replaced the head with Mia Mottley.”

    Love ❤️ itttttttttttrttt


  • @ Tron January 14, 2021 4:05PM

    I made reference to the New COVID-19 Variants.

    Information about the characteristics of these variants is rapidly emerging. Scientists are working to learn more about how easily they might spread, whether they could cause more severe illness, and whether currently authorized vaccines will protect people against them. At this time, there is no evidence that these variants cause more severe illness or increased risk of death.

    Have a great evening folks. Remember, Mia love ❤️ all of us…


  • The blogmaster is a RealBajan. Do not forget it.

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  • So Mia steps up to the roaring sea waters to calm the waters
    Most noticably on a news day which states that the UK intends to put barbados on the high risk list
    Mia knows that with all the negative publicity barbados Brand has received
    The necessity to plug more leaking holes was a “must”


  • Our Supreme Leader on TV right now. Great!

    She’s also absolutely right to rebuke social media. Time for our government to ban all anti-government social media.


  • What waffle.Once again an attack on social media and its alleged fake news. Why did the president and attorney general get a vaccination before frontline workers? We are all in this together.


  • Also couldnt help but hear her utterances in accusing bajans as being insensitive and not being good team players in their mouthings against govt decision to refund vistors
    Well the lecturing that she gave the people boiled down to only what she thinks is fair


  • Barbados is not a brand. Barbados is a nation.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Wait specifically heard Mia said she got the vaccinated
    Right away it was time for me to pause and asked
    No fanfare
    No media first hand report to verify
    Then a question came to my mind
    Did she use her leverage as a leader to go outside of Barbados to get vaccinated
    Now i dont know !but questions along those lines needs to be asked for full transparency


  • Why no publicity until after the event? Why not the governor general? Why not our centenarians? Why not our frontline workers? Where are the trade unions?


  • What are takeaways from today’s national briefing by intelligent people?

    • Authorities are working to eliminate backlog of test by end of weekend after applying nearly 30k tests.
    • the prison outbreak situation has been arrested
    • the government exploring options to source vaccinations by March
    • Covid 19 infections trending down.


  • My take away the need for Mia to take control of this controlled media blitz
    All came about in lieu of what might be a UK decision to put barbados on the high risk list
    Since their are still back log of test not down all numbers giving going forward does not give a true an complete recording of the factual day to day testing and results


  • How many COVID deaths have we had since the casedemic?


  • @ chancellor

    “1) Authorities are working to eliminate backlog of test by end of weekend after
    applying nearly 30k tests.

    2) the prison outbreak situation has been arrested

    3) the government exploring options to source vaccinations by March

    4) Covid 19 infections trending down.”

    Tell dem Bajan dem.. 🇯🇲 🙌🏿


  • Looks like the last COVID death in Barbados was on April 30, 2020, almost a year ago.


  • Ferroll working good.


  • Mia can continue to rail against those Bajans who have the temerity to think for themselves. However covid-19 has exposed the poverty of plausible leadership within our country.

    It was our leader who allowed airlines to continue their trade and in the process opened the door to the spread of covid-19 to the island. It was our leader who trumpeted the Welcome scheme. It was our leader who failed to plan, adequately, for community spread. It was our leader who failed to ensure that the island would have an adequate supply of the vaccine.

    I was appalled by Mia’s justification to compensate those irresponsible tourists whose presence on the island endangers the lives of the locals. Mia talks loudly about satisfaction. A word that most Bajans are not familiar with when they interact with the majority of service providers on the island. The folks of St Johns are billed for a water service which is at best intermittent.

    It is our leader who should take ownership for the mess that we are in. Mia has to desist from attacking those Bajans whose views she does not share. Whilst her attack of social media is a sad indication that she is unable to empathise with the hearts and minds of the citizens of the country of her birth.


  • Barbados invited the Tourists to vacation and escape Covid.

    Nice hotels, beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, cheap rum.

    Mistakes have been made by Governments and not only in Barbados but in Canada where I live.


  • How many folks have we heard have the flu in what is known to be the flu season?


  • It is our leader who should take ownership for the mess that we are in. Mia has to desist from attacking those Bajans whose views she does not share. Whilst her attack of social media is a sad indication that she is unable to empathise with the hearts and minds of the citizens of the country of her birth.







  • For starters we have to to do a few things differently..

    we must have a PM who has the interest of the 97% of the Barbados population the BLACK PEOPLE at heart and not the interests of the 3% population of Barbados the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.

    We must get rid of JEFFREY BOSTIC AS MIN. OF HEALTH. Because he does not KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING. a WASRE OF TIME. this is not the two bit so called Barbados Defence Force which is nothing but a drain on the Barbados Treasury. He does not know what he is doing. Replace him with someone competent.

    Replace the joke LIZ. I don’t understand why they bring in her in the first place. Nothing but a square peg in a round hole. OWEN HAD TO FIRE HER. Too useless. She is just there to PULL THE WOOL OVER BLACK PEOPLES EYES and to white wash things. The truth is furthest thing from her mind.


  • mia amor mottley must stop listening to the WHITE BAJAN DE FACTO PRIME MINISTER OF BARBADOS. He did not face the 97% of the population the BLACK PEPLE AT GENERAL ELECTIPNS TIME in may 2018. He never climb onto a political platform but he and his BARBADOS PRIVATE SECTOR CABINET in their offices want to run Barbados. they must be ignored at ALL COSTS.

    Listening to the DE FACTO PRIME MISTER by the prime minister mia amor mottley has proven to be the height of .disaster. He telling HER to keep the borders OPEN. WORST “ADVICE” in the World.

    Putting WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS interests first, who are only interested in MONEY, but not in BLACK PEOPLES LIVES, has proven to be nothing but detrimental to the Country. They have enough MILLIONS ON TOP MILLIONS , ON TOP OF MILLIOINS to last them for 2 or 3 life times over..


  • When people start dying Mottley will see that she is on the wrong course.


  • Which is worst?????

    Downgrades from a few WHITE PEOPLE in an office in New York and the Country functioning?????

    Or 1000 cases of corona virus and the Country in paralysis????


  • Keep taking the Ferroll!!


  • DavidJanuary 14, 2021 11:35 PM

    What have lockdowns and border closures done for New Zealand and Australia? New Zealand population 4.8million, 2246 Covid cases, 25 deaths to date.

    UK population 68million. Covid cases 3.3million, 86,000 deaths.

    Population adjusted NZ numbers based on UK Covid rates 236,000 cases, 6140 deaths.

    This is while the UK has had lockdowns, but implemented in a haphazard way, with periods of opening up for economic activity (December shopping etc). Plus, UK has never really closed borders.

    One may argue is that the most significant action is border closure i.e. stopping non essential travel.


  • Mia needs to stop worrying about social media and DO THE JOB THAT THE BLACK POPULATION ELECTED HER TO DO…cause if she thinks she’s fretting now, she should see what has developed and waiting in store for black leaders/people who hate themselves and refuse to take care of African people. No one has the time to waste anymore, we, meaning African people have future generations to think about.


  • @Crusoe

    What ever conclusion is drawn this pandemic is proving to be a challenge for ALL countries. What the PM said last night is true, we have to learn the discipline to exist with the virus for the foreseeable future. Certainly until we build herd immunity.


  • “It is our leader who should take ownership for the mess that we are in. Mia has to desist from attacking those Bajans whose views she does not share. Whilst her attack of social media is a sad indication that she is unable to empathise with the hearts and minds of the citizens of the country of her birth.”

    amazing she can always feel white, syrian and indian pain, but has no ability whatsoever to feel the Black majority’s pain that black politicians always help create…again, if she only knew what’s in store for black self-hating sellouts she would do what’s necessary to take care of the BLACK MAJORITY WHO ELECTED HER and pay her salary and shut down those big, obese belly, greedy fraudulent theiving social partnership minoirty frauds, put them in their place…but politicians don’t listen…..echos of Prince Donald…she will want to put up a fight and LOSE…


  • Let her continue fighting to keep white supremacy alive at the expense of Black/African people. It’s for the short term, lasted long enuff…this is its death knell. Only yardfowls and blind politicians can’t see what’s ahead.

    am giving every hint that i can. Racism, thefts of black people’s money and properties, racist dependency, slavery, whoremongering tourism, disenfranchisement and thefts of opportunites from young black people, thefts of vat, refusal to pay taxes, thefts of taxpayers money and pension fund gotta go.


  • When is a system or program not working????

    When the results are not showing that we have a grip on the pandemic.

    When the pandemic is appearing in every community of Barbados. We are FOOLING our selves that we are doing “a fine job” yet our numbers are growing every day. We have now passed the 1000 mark in RECORD TIME. We are are on our way to the second thousand in RECORD TIME. The facts are there as reported in the local newspapers.

    We NEED TO COMPLETY CLOSE OUR BORDERS. What is the sense to letting in DESEASE TOURISTS to spread their disease?????

    When 40 countries placed a lock down on UK Tourists , the foolist Govt. here said not us, we know better. Let whosoever come. We want the MONEY.

    We are now paying for that stupid decision with “sack cloth and ashes”.

    The only thing to wait for , is the DEATHS.


  • The biggest joke of all.

    MIA AMOR MOTTLEY of the Barbados Labour Party is one of the first people to take the Vaccine.

    Lord come for your World.

    Every Country with the Vaccine is giving it to the front line WORKERS FIRST. These are the ones saving lives not sellout BLACK POLITICIANS, Then to senior citizens, those most at risk , then politicians are down the line. BUT NOT HERE IN BARBADOS!!!!!

    They are giving it to the AG, a man who has overseen the highest murder rate in Barbados history since Independence with no let up. But he is a PRIORITY. A man who should resign because of his poor performance in office.

    Politicians who can not even save themselves out of a SHOWER OF RAIN, are being given first shot at the Vaccine. I am surprise that she did not bring in only 30 doses and give them to her lackeys in Parliament only.


  • So these are the questions and comments made on social media in reference to Mia vaccination

    There are some bajans who would believe anything that certain people say. Anybody who knows anything about medication, especially vaccines will tell you they come in batches, that’s why specific times are allowed to administer them. If Mia stammered so much last week when she talked about the four vaccines do you honestly think she took any. Follow the script. If she said she took one lots of clowns without costumes will follow.
    My question would be
    1. When did it arrive?
    2. How was it stored?
    3. How long did it take to be administered from the time it arrived ?
    Something don’t only smell fishy , some people are calling it perfume.


  • DavidJanuary 15, 2021 5:15 AM

    Agreed. But I have one question. Who is ‘WE’??? Not saying this as criticism, nor to sit trouble, but to posit discussion on the socioeconomic implications of a continued lockdown. Again, despite me NOT directly advocating for opening up.

    If ‘we’ is only the average worker, who cannot get work right now, to pay mortgage or rent, then there is an issue.

    If that is the case, the lockdowns will have to end, full stop. We discussed public health resourcing on the other thread, if that is the case.

    If ‘we’ is capital and labour jointly, then yes, we can talk about extending lockdowns. Because I cannot see how we can talk about only one subset of the economy hurting, the workers, when capital keeps its nest egg tucked away, waiting for eventual open up. This is a crisis for all to take a stake.

    I did notice that the PM thanked Republic Bank for their stance, although I do not know the specifics. What about the rest? What about the other large entities that have earned substantial profits from Barbadians throughout the last century?

    Are they willing to contribute in a logical and yet somewhat significant manner? Let us be clear. As you say, this is a crisis of overwhelming proportion.

    So, why should labour be the only one to suck salt and bear out the next eight to twelve months, while the vaccine gets distributed and then the outcome is known with more certainty?

    I cannot see that as equitable nor pragmatic. No doubt from the PM’s comments, she tried with some others. But where is the commitment?

    While I am far from WARU’s seeming revolutionary viewpoint, I cannot see, without such commitment, that the status quo will remain.

    When this is over, if I may be optimistic, I suspect that changes to financial structures and economic activity will come, if the contributions to address this crisis are not seen as equitable.

    We see people internationally boasting about stock markets. What does that say? There is plenty of money to address this crisis, but the political will, the capital, is being withheld, because the priority for some is holding in to wealth, while the masses suffer.

    I am definitely not advocating wholesale sucking of assets from the large corporations. But certainly, such sufficient contribution as makes sense.

    If it is not forthcoming on a voluntary contribution basis, then internationally, tax the top 10%, by an additional 10%, to fund the response to this crisis, not out of the fiscal budgets.

    Think that is not fair? Well, skipper, it is the most significant crisis since World War Two, so it is, what it is.

    The pandemic can be the catalyst for recognising that not enough is done by the top 10% for those who they make that fortune from, the bottom 90%.

    Some may not like to hear it, but it is what it is. Change is required.


  • @Crusoe

    You have zoomed to the kernel of the matter of which the saying comes – never let a crisis go to waste.


  • They need to get it through their thick skulls…IT’S A PLAGUE and this is only day 15 of 2021…ya can’t fast talk a virus away.

    “Around 90,000 people in the U.S. could die from COVID-19 in the next three weeks, according to projections from the Centers for Disease Control.

    The forecast estimates that by Feb. 6, between 440,000 and 477,000 Americans will have died from the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. If that prediction is accurate, between 53,000 and 90,000 people in the U.S. will die in the next 21 days.

    The CDC’s projections are a compilation of predictions from multiple groups that have been tracking the pandemic.

    The U.S. has been setting and resetting single-day COVID deaths records in the past two weeks, with more than 38,000 people dying in 2021 alone.”


  • Maybe the number of COVID deaths has more to do with how they are categorised than the disease itself.


  • @John

    Why does how Covid deaths are being categorized matter?


  • “While I am far from WARU’s seeming revolutionary viewpoint, I cannot see, without such commitment, that the status quo will remain.”

    you may draw a little closer before this nightmare virus is over…the black face proponents of white supremacy over African lives cannot resettle into the same philosophy which is their comfort zones, especially since the mental and economic damage to Black people have become total after decades of misuse.

    they must be ISOLATED.


  • @TLSN
    @Angela Cox

    T|he president is acting out a well rehearsed play. First, she appoints an army of co-called communications experts: Liz Thompson, Dr Walcott, Santia, Drs George, Forde and Best, Col Bostic and numerous others.
    No matter who is fronting the campaign, she must come back and out herself to the front. She believes she alone can explain to Barbadian people what the issues are.
    We had Ms Thompson and Col Bostic explaining the allowances, which had no place in a public meeting about CoVid, but she came back and in a long, rambling, bubbling speech went over it again.
    She also tried to hide behind her nationalistic nonsense, which would be at home in Trumpland, t ht she is a Barbadian, as if that was ever questioned, and what little tales she heard as a young woman.
    In every speech now she takes time out to attack the social media, which so far remains outside her control, as telling untruths, but she is never specific.
    The message is that we must associate truth with Mia and lies with social media, yet she remains tight-lipped ab out the real truth.
    When did she get the vaccines? W|ho or where did t hey come from? How many were they? Who determined the five people to get the vaccines? Why was the attorney general selected and not genuine frontline workers? Why was she selected and who selected her?
    The implication being that if you were a true Barbadian you would agree with her (This is who we are), to say otherwise means you are not a Barbadian, or as the chairman of BU says less elegantly, a real Bajan.
    It is propaganda, straight out of the Dr Goebbels play book. The real truth is that the president is in the pockets of the dishonest hotel owners; she is pu8tting livelihoods before black lives; she has lost control of the crisis and cannot provide the leadership the nation needs; and it is time for someone to challenge her leadership.
    Mottley has failed. Barbados is a failed state. It will end in tears.


  • The Barbados Labour Part Govt. is doing a piss poor job. One that only the Barbados Labour Party yardfowls.

    Are the Covid 19 team made up of only Barbados Labour Party lackeys??? If so then we are in real trouble. They will tell her what she want to hear and not what must be said.


  • should be “can like” on line 2


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