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Silly Season Time Again

A short three years ago in 2018 then Prime Minister Freundel Stuart remained in office for 90 days beyond the five year anniversary of the first sitting of parliament permitted under the Barbados Constitution. Three years later incumbent Prime Minister Mia Mottley has called a snap general election eighteen months before it is constitutionally due.  The early ring of the

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Maloney OUT, Bostic IN

Mark Maloney and Jeffrey Bostic

A contributing factor to a high level of cynicism by citizens directed at government is the lack of transparency attached to selecting national awardees. The exercise is regarded as an opportunity for the sitting government to reward party faithful. The same with appointments to SOEs. The 2021 National Independence Awards was no different although some deserving Barbadians received recognition. A

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People Waking Up


Barbados has officially joined the ranks of politically polarized societies. Like the fly on the wall the blogmaster has been observing the quality of debate on a myriad of issues and as a commenter on BU would describe it, the signal noise is deafening and the divisiveness is real. Permit the blogmaster be clear, citizens of a country giving vent

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Journey to Nowhere

Some of us have been following the Danny Fenster story, a US journalist sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Myanmar government for alleged breaches to immigration and terrorism laws. Thankfully the latest news is that Fenster was released and should be back in the USA soon. The blogmaster hesitates to use the word empathetic to hint at being

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The Duopoly: BLP and DLP Must Step Up!

There is the saying he who plays the piper calls the tune. As it pertains to the political sphere, whether abroad or local – players with deep pockets who contribute to political parties expect when said party wins office, political contributions will covert to influence. There is enough evidence in post independence Barbados to agree. In May of 2018 the

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I Want 50, I Want 100, I Want 2000 …We Want Nunthing but Trust

Submitted by Whisper Back in February 2021, according to Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw, a regional company tried to secure one million “non-existent” AstraZeneca vaccine doses through a Florida-based company for $10.2 million US dollars from a legitimate manufacturer for the government of Barbados, in a deal that did not include Barbados taxpayers money.Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw briefly outlined

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Difficult Conversations – Crack Heads

Grenville Phillips

The Barbados National Building Code was published in 1992, as a draft document for review and comment. It was updated and published for use in 1993. For the next 20 years, Barbadian: politicians, senior public officials, lawyers, radio moderators, newspaper columnists, editors, journalists, and building professionals, confidently asserted that Barbados only had a draft building code. For 20 years, I

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Giving Back


Submitted by Paula Sealy Attorney General Dale Marshall has defended Government’s hiring of private lawyers to provide legal representation for the State, saying that the Solicitor General’s Department, is understaffed. Responding to an editorial recently published in a local newspaper about the Mia Mottley Government engaging with private legal services, when the administration has the Solicitor General’s Chambers at its

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Turning Bajan Rum into What?

Barbados has a rich legacy of distilling rum going back to the mid 1700s, the Mount Gay brand is said to be the oldest commercial rum operation in existence. Although several of the colonies in that period also produced rum, Barbados registered the highest production. Increase in global rum supply and other considerations led to many distilleries on the island

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A Citizenry Contented to be Baffled by BS

Let’s see which tranches were defaulted and exactly the amount. And what value the “books” placed on the asset(s). All neatly hidden, because we can never see what those entities who received the “loans” did with that money, other than defaulting on repayment. Everybody got bailed out except the local taxpayer. NorthernObserver (call for transparency by BU commenter in the

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Governance in Barbados

Submitted by Paula Sealy We last had as many as 4000 students write the 11+ in 2003. Therefore it is possible that there are actually fewer students in the education system today than 10 or 15 years ago. However while some primary and secondary schools are overcrowded others remain below capacity. The 2010 National Advisory Committee on Education (NACE) report

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Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early

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