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Transport Authority Attempts to Break the Law

In the last 24 hours the public of Barbados was apprised of the decision that several suspension letters issued to Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) by the Transport Authority had to be embarrassingly withdrawn. Although Chairman of the Transport Authority Ian Estwick is reported to be tight-lipped why the claw back was made, Chairman of the Association of Public Transport Operators

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Call for Caribbean Governments to Tax Cruise Sector MORE AND Tax Air Passengers LESS

Can tourism dependent Caribbean governments learn something from oil producing countries? When relatively small and poor oil producing governments sought to get a fair price for oil – their main source of national revenue – they banded together to negotiate more effectively with the multi-national oil companies and the larger developed nations, which were the major consumers of their oil.

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Press Release from Association of Public Transport Operators (APTO) When the Association of Public Transport Operators (APTO) and the Alliance of Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) held discussions with Government in July last year about the poor financial condition of the PSV sector, specifically minibuses and route taxis, they presented a case for an increase in the bus fare charged

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Is Antigua Based Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority Threat to Airline Industry?

After trying to avoid the subject intentionally for many years, is it now the time to focus all our attention that any change in the proposed majority beneficial ownership in LIAT (1974) Ltd could bring? Following a whole pile of forays into competing with LIAT over the past couple of decades, which included Carib Express, RedJet, Caribbean Star and Sun,

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Of PSVs, Dress Codes and Vicarious Liability

I was especially intrigued this week by the action of the PSV employees to strike against commuters because of their dissatisfaction with being compelled to wear uniforms emblazoned with the logo of the Barbados Transport Authority rather than that of the owners of the vehicles, and the ensuing discussion in which I believed I heard, though I might be mistaken,

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PSVs on Forty Year Rampage

One of the enduring problems Barbados has experienced in the last 40 years is the inability of stakeholders to efficiently manage the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) sector. The result of which has seen the rise in a sub culture of an alarming proportion that threatens to destabilise the orderly society Barbados is known.   There is the negative ‘underground‘ music

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