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Minister Michael Lashley Struggling to Deliver Average Transportation Service

The following comment was posted by BU commenter Artax in response to a statement by BU that questioned Minister Michael Lashley’s ability to supply an efficient public transportation service in Barbados – Barbados Underground Transport Board has been STRUGGLING for months to put at least 85 units on the road per day. “How did (Lashley) plan to rollout a contingency?”

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Transport Suggestion

Submitted by Anthony Davis There has been much ado about the Transport Board’s new service which was supposed to be rolled on 22 June, 2014. My question is: Did they really mean 2014 or do they mean 2015 or 2016? The service is just as mediocre as before! Does the Transport Board not have to strive for service excellence like

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Transportation Feedback

Submitted Ready Done Last night I was in the Fairchild street bus terminal and low and behold the entrance still has not been fixed. It has been in the current state for more than 10 years. It seems there was a serious attempt to fix it about three weeks ago. Instead, the first gate now not accessible, reducing overall passenger

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Transport Board Implements Hub and Spoke System In The North Of Barbados

Of late the BU family has been critiquing government’s lack of an efficient communications strategy. The reluctance of the Fruendel Stuart government to better communicate to an eager public by scheduling regular press briefings, frequent the numerous talk shows to list two examples cannot be explained. It is difficult to imagine why any government in the prevailing economic climate would

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