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Please Remove the Word "Democratic" from the Name of the DLP!

So, the would-be “Emperor” of Barbados has finally deigned to set a date for General Elections after subjecting our country to a seven and a half week demonstration of utter contempt for our system of governance — the system of Parliamentary Democracy. Barbados — as Mr Freundel Stuart well knows is a Parliamentary Democracy. The Constitution of Barbados makes it

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Cuba is Making Progress Mr. Degia!

David Comissiong RESPONDS  TO MOHAMMED  IQBAL  DEGIA’S NATION  NEWSPAPER  COLUMN  ON  CUBA AND  THE  ISSUE  OF  RACE. How easy it is  for the Nation Newspaper’s columnist of East Asian descent, Mohammed Iqbal Degia, to get up on his journalistic soapbox and assume a posture of being “blacker” than all the Pan-Africanists and Afro-centrists of Barbados  by self righteously railing against

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Barbados the Offshore Domicile Implicated in Loblaw Tax Avoidance Case

The case playing out in Canada which involves Canada’s most visible retailer Loblaw and the reported attempt to avoid paying taxes by channelling transactions through the Barbados registered Glenhuron Bank Ltd is likely to do the Barbados offshore sector no favour. Barbados is established as a mature offshore centre, however, in recent years there is clearly an attempt to more

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Opportunities for Small Business to Grow EXIST!

Despite all the challenges, impediments and red tape currently associated with the growth of small businesses and start-ups, I still see a world of possibilities out there for those persons really determined to be their own boss, especially in the tourism sector. A recent case in point was a small farm offering free range eggs with complimentary delivery on what

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Just Like Freundel Stuart, Arthur Holder is WRONG–Don’t Take the Money!

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. – Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 13) WHETHER  THE  ADVICE to “take the money” comes from the Democratic Labour Party’s Freundel Stuart or from the Barbados Labour Party’s Arthur Holder it is WRONG — ethically, morally, politically and legally WRONG ! It would seem that the BLP’s Arthur Holder just

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