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People Waking Up


Barbados has officially joined the ranks of politically polarized societies. Like the fly on the wall the blogmaster has been observing the quality of debate on a myriad of issues and as a commenter on BU would describe it, the signal noise is deafening and the divisiveness is real. Permit the blogmaster be clear, citizens of a country giving vent

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Time for Budget is Now


Amid the din of Covid 19 noise muted calls from the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and the United Progressive Party (UPP) for the government to deliver a ‘budget’ have gone largely unnoticed by the public. The blogmaster agrees given the comatose state of the local economy the call is justified. It is no secret the BLP inherited a sick economy

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GOD Bless BIM…god bless the Republic

Barbados barring no unforeseen event will be declared a Republic on the 30th November 2021. For many including this blogmaster, it has taken too long and with hindsight should have been part of the independence transaction in 1966. It is embarrassing to listen to some Barbadians in 2021 justifying why the Queen of England should be regarded as head of

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Another Heather Cole Column – Republic or Monarchy?

Heather Cole

“Whoever has the gold makes the rules” John Hart Medieval Kings were created by wars and conquest and passed on their titles to their descendants. There are no kings in Western democracies. The majority in Europe are ceremonial relics of antiquity so it is highly irregular that successive governments in Barbados have created a strange phenomenon where they elevate men

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Down With Negativity!

One of the challenges of life is the constant battle to detach from an incessant stream of negativity about us. It is not uncommon for those who hold an optimistic outlook about life to be ridiculed by what seems to be a majority. This blogmaster lives it and knows it. To avoid being suffocated by the constant tide of negative

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Join Hands Barbados – Connecting the …

Some on the blog remind us ad nauseam the influence global events have on Barbados. Such a global perspective will fail to resonate with people locked to promoting narrow agendas. It is human nature to retreat to a comfort level thinking, a high level of self awareness is required to be situationally aware at all times as it relates to

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In Defence of OUR Prime Minister

The blogmaster has been a long time admirer of what is perceived as a higher level of expression of love of country expressed by Jamaicans, Bahamians, Trinidadians and a few others compared to Barbadians. A visit to the USA, UK and Canada to name three destinations Caribbean people have emigrated in numbers, you are sure to find ‘spots’ where food

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Journey to Nowhere

Some of us have been following the Danny Fenster story, a US journalist sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Myanmar government for alleged breaches to immigration and terrorism laws. Thankfully the latest news is that Fenster was released and should be back in the USA soon. The blogmaster hesitates to use the word empathetic to hint at being

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Where is the Trust


We live during a time there is a lack of leadership being observed in ALL spheres of endeavour. ALL of the aged old structures of governance established to regulate the quality of life of people continue to be compromised and eroded. It is a global occurrence, those who confine critique to local affairs are being dishonest or live in a

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Position Should be Reserved for Bajan

Jens Thraenhard

In 2015 when Canadian electric power house Emera huffed the Barbados Light & Power the blogmaster and others in the BU intelligentsia supported the view it was a short-sighted decision. The National Insurance Board under then chairmanship Tony Marshall decided to grab the 30 pieces of silver to bolster sagging international reserves.  It was an incorrect decision because by any

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Dennis Johnson, he did it his way

Dennis Johnson

The Barbados Underground household extends sympathy to the family of the late Dennis Johnson. Some may recall Dennis was an active commenter to the blog in the period 2008 to 2015. Unfortunately he stopped because of the constant ad hominems and how anonymity was abused to distort by a few. Notwithstanding his position this blogmaster respected the man for what

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People do Things for a Reason

Submitted Paula Sealy Political people do political things for a reason Especially during the silly seasonTeachers your shepherd was all bout WildeyYour president … canvassing daily No Bee … but busy all through the PineOn Saturdays as early as nineWikie in Lascelles Terrace is baseBut he will learn to know his place Not too long before he retiresSince he’s a

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