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Adrian Loveridge Column – Sleight Promotion

Delivering consistently good customer service, across the board, has for a long time has been one of the greatest and contentious challenges on Barbados.  And even if locals have been conditioned to accepting the many failings, our visitors are starting to rebel, contending whether increasingly high prices, are indeed offering actual value-for-money or justifying the prices charged. While running a

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Unnecessary Amputations

It seems that one of the easiest things to do in Barbados is to order the demolition of important buildings.  This is because we are not strict guardians of our heritage – we are not even loose guardians. Our level of guardianship is like that of a renter, who has no property to pass on.  Paying tax on land already

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Adrian Loveridge Column – We Need a Plan to Fill Rooms All Year Round

This week, I would like to follow on from my tourism wish list for this year, but by putting suggestions on how we can make a meaningful difference to the industry locally. Whatever we do collectively to increase airlift into Barbados, unless the average annual room occupancy for our hotels, villas and other accommodation options can be dramatically improved, we

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Monday Sermon – God Cares

Sometimes we may be tempted to think that God is very far from us, and is disinterested in our concerns.  That is what satan wants us to believe, so that we can get discouraged and do something reckless. Jesus frequently taught that God cares about us, by comparing us with other things.  Hear Jesus. “Look at the birds of the

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