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Mia Mottley Government Must Work Harder to Build Trust with Barbadians

Prime Minister Mia Mottley was a bubbling fountain of information yesterday. She was courteous enough to advise Barbadians she will be jetting off to New York to attend a climate change meeting at the United Nations, New York and will take the opportunity to have a bilateral exchange with the President of Ghana. One positive all will admit is that

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Difficult Conversations – Open Letter to All Members of Parliament

Dear Parliamentary Representatives of the People of Barbados: I feel compelled to write you this open letter, since you plan to make Barbados a Republic within three months, and no fair discussion of this issue is allowed in our traditional media. MAKING PROMISES. When we make promises, we exchange something valuable if we break them. That something, is our integrity.

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Minister Duguid, Who Are the Owners of EWBSB?

The country continues to be embroiled and pitched forked from one issue to the next; transitioning to a republic, pandemic, tanking economy, DLP resurrection, National Insurance Fund (blogmaster’s pick)… The latest issue choking public conversation-feeds is veteran journalist David Ellis answering the call up to national duty to serve in the role as Covid 19 Public Advisor. The blogmaster has

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Chasing the Virus

The following was posted @10:05PM on the 13 September 2021by Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV to blog in reply to GP and JOhn Knox on the Barbados: Following the Science on Covid 19? Your two posts above make medical sense neither the “virus” or the “vaccines”” are behaving typically. That is amazing when one of the most common respiratory virus behaves

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Days Harvesting Peasants Over

Submitted by Nathan J Green The Vincentian ULP Government is out of control. With orders from above, unelected bureaucrats armed with arbitrary rules and no need to back them up stonewall and attack Vincentian citizens at every turn. Often bureaucrats and their minions are sent by the political hierarchy to harass and deliberately inflict financial and social damage on citizens

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Difficult Conversations – Crack Heads

The Barbados National Building Code was published in 1992, as a draft document for review and comment. It was updated and published for use in 1993. For the next 20 years, Barbadian: politicians, senior public officials, lawyers, radio moderators, newspaper columnists, editors, journalists, and building professionals, confidently asserted that Barbados only had a draft building code. For 20 years, I

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Barbados based Fintechs on the MOVE


The advancement in technology has given rise to Fintech companies. These companies are utilising technology to innovate in order to deliver financial services once the preserve of traditional operators. Although an underdeveloped sector in Barbados we have a company or two leading the way. In a previous blog – Excellent News BUT …! Barbados Underground highlighted the success of GIFTS and

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Forgive Politicians, ‘They Know Not What They Do’


The blogmaster replied to retired trade unionist Facebook post titled Barbados Exports to Caricom and the World: Robert Morris you have highlighted maintenance issues we must confront, however, you did not address the inadequate capacity as a country to earn in order to satisfy conspicuous consumption behaviour and generate employment opportunities. Robert Morris replied: David King, Sorry to repeat. You

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Giving Back


Submitted by Paula Sealy Attorney General Dale Marshall has defended Government’s hiring of private lawyers to provide legal representation for the State, saying that the Solicitor General’s Department, is understaffed. Responding to an editorial recently published in a local newspaper about the Mia Mottley Government engaging with private legal services, when the administration has the Solicitor General’s Chambers at its

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Gonsalves and Police Police Raids


Submitted by Nathan J Green We Should Not Assume Gonsalves Knew About Police Raids Before They Happened Is PM Ralph E Gonsalves a Marxist-Stalinist? I do not think so! Despite some people voicing that opinion over the years. A search warrant is a written authorisation that allows an official police investigator to enter premises to search for material or individuals.

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Covid 19 and Economy Fatigue ‘Virus’ Spike

The COVID 19 virus is wrecking havoc on the Barbados landscape based on the number of infections experienced in recent days. Our worse fears are being realised with 92 reported infections listed in the recent dashboard. During a press conference yesterday authorities advised current trajectory if left unchecked could see 500 cases of Covid 19 infections daily starting as early

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