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Miss Ram and Karma Meet

The issue is, how can the Court decide, there is NO SERIOUS ISSUE to be heard? The government only comes into play because they were the acquirers, and a politician, Dale Marshall, spoke to the matter. When this story broke in March, I fully expected a court challenge. The news it has been declined is beyond belief. It is one

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Fighting For Holidays

Youth violence has always been with us. According to the Biblical account, Cain (Adam and Eve’s first-born son) killed his younger brother, Abel. Even the intervention of God Himself, who counselled Cain to overcome his anger, did not prevent Cain from killing his brother. Cain was jealous of his younger brother’s success. God explained to him that he would be

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The Ancestral Call for Return: Start here. End (t)here

Submitted by Tara Inniss, Department of History and Philosophy, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Some of us in Barbados and the Diaspora saw some posts and short videos on social media this past weekend showing a ceremony taking place in Ghana of Barbadian officials burying the “remains” of an “unknown” enslaved African burial/space from Barbados to

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Middleclass the Forgotten Group After ‘Staying the Course’

The newly elected Barbados government took the unprecedented decision on 1 June 2018 to suspend domestic and eternal payments on debt.  Credit rating agencies were predictably swift to respond by adjusting Barbados’ credit rating to selective default (SD). Even the most ardent of Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters would have admitted the economy was in a free fall and the

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Raped of MY Constitutional Rights by the Law Court

Submitted by Loose Cannon The Judiciary – Loving Law: Caribbean Desires, Perversions and possibilities The Institute for Gender and Development Studies tonight hosted the 25th Dame Nita Lecture: Caribbean Women Catalysts for Change. The Judiciary and legal practitioners should have been there in full force, but alas, only those from Cave Hill were present, that I recognize. The topic:  Loving

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