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Open Complaint Letter to Attorney General Dale Marshall and Chief Justice Marson Gibson About Attorney-at-law Peta-Gay Lee-Brace

Here is complaint received about yet another lawyer from an ordinary Barbados. From the supporting documentation this matter has been outstanding for close to a decade- if we start counting from 2011- when a letter to the Disciplinary Committee was lodged. Note this matter was highlighted on a BU in April, 2015. See documents repeated via the File Complaints Against

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Reminder to the Bajan Lawyer Bernadette Callender from Aggrieved Client

Barbados Underground (BU) continues to feature the matter of Justin McIntosh, Brunetta McIntosh v First Caribbean Int’l Bank (B’dos) Ltd (Suit No: CV1339 of 2008) which details a sorry tale of how ordinary Barbadians have no recourse when the legal system fails to deliver justice. At the crux of the dispute is the recalcitrance AND unprofessionalism being demonstrated by lawyer

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File Complaints Against Lawyers —–> HERE

Disciplinary Committee

There is one nettlesome complaint which keeps surfacing from Barbadians at home or abroad. It is always about lawyers wantonly violating standards of conduct as perceived in the court of public opinion and the ‘system’ repeatedly fail to redress. These lawyers reallocate client’s monies, delay simple transactions to the detriment of clients financially, emotionally, illegally and otherwise. The result is

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The following extracted from the Barbados Investors & Policyholders Facebook page – David, Barbados Underground Barbados Investors & Policyholders Alliance 5 hrs ·BIPA is aware of the cessation of premium payments to ResLife with immediate effect and understands that as the Government of Barbados is pushing ahead with its mandate to dissolve the ResLife operations, then this first step in

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Barbados Bar Association Not Helping Ordinary Barbadians

The blogmaster has been observing more and more cases of ‘ordinary’ Barbadians seeking justice for inequities meted out to them with the system failing them when they attempt to seek redress. Whether it is the Office of Public Counsel, FTC, FSC, Ombudsman and the others. In the case of the Justin and Brunetta McIntosh CV1399/2008 matter this is another example

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Are Cellphone Towers Affecting the Bajan Landscape?

Kammie Holder has made his mark in Barbados as an advocating about issues related to the environment. If we had 5 more Kammies… Here is a note Kammie shared with the blogmaster  – David, blogmaster Unfortunately in Barbados because of the #GoatsieSheepleSyndrome which is extremely pervasive, we ignore the things that can impact our lives. Cellphone towers are erected on

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