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FTC Must Prosecute Kirk Brown

Kirk Browne

The quest for quick money by gullible Barbadians has tossed up the latest crook in the name of Kirk Brown, popular DJ, entertainer. In June 2021 Director of Consumer Protection Dav Leslie-Ward at the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) issued this statement “(FTC) working on getting the regulatory framework to deal with all “blessing circles”/pyramid schemes”. The blogmaster has posted on

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BU Covid 19 Dash


Submitted by Lyall Small David; attached are 2 Charts on the daily incidence of Covid-19 in Barbados from 1st August to 8th October. They try to provide a picture of how the 3rd wave of the pandemic has been progressing here. They are essentially based on the raw data. The data suggests, to me, that we are near the eye-wall

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EMERA Wants Increase!

Barbados Light & Power

It harrows the blogmaster with fear and wonder (thanks Artax) that the Barbados Light and Power company (EMERA) sees it fit and proper to apply for a rate increase. The company in its PR communication to deflect the decision assures low income households the increase to billing will be negligible IF approved by the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). The assumption

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Heather Cole Responds to Arthur Collymore

Heather Cole

If Phoenix crowdfunding is what Arthur Collymore is referring to, it was perfectly legal as we were in the processing of forming a non-profit.  One person benefits in a Ponzi scheme.   Our operation would have been a modern version of the Barbadian Meeting Turn, therefore benefiting everyone.  A Barbadian website builder named Alvin Herbert developed a website for us.  It was a fraught

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Time for Barbados Government to Issue Mandatory Vaccination Directive

If the blogmaster were Prime Minister of Barbados the following edict would be issued as at 6PM today: Effective 15 October 2021 all persons entering banks and supermarkets will be required to show proof of being vaccinated for COVID 19 as well as adhering to existing COVID 19 protocols. Effective 1 November 2021 all medical personnel must be vaccinated as

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I Want 50, I Want 100, I Want 2000 …We Want Nunthing but Trust

Submitted by Whisper Back in February 2021, according to Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw, a regional company tried to secure one million “non-existent” AstraZeneca vaccine doses through a Florida-based company for $10.2 million US dollars from a legitimate manufacturer for the government of Barbados, in a deal that did not include Barbados taxpayers money.Acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw briefly outlined

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Mark Maloney Scammed!

Thanks to Bajan Citizen for producing relevant links to the latest story making the rounds about Mark Maloney being scammed out of US10 million dollars purported to be a payment for 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on behalf of Barbados and two other governments. The blogmaster has two questions: On what basis was Maloney’s company Radical Investments Ltd

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Fighting the Covid 19 disease continues to soak up scarce financial and human resources in small Barbados. We should not forget before the pandemic impacted the globe, Barbados was struggling with managing the economy among other challenges. One of the other challenges is still with us – rising gun crime. We learned recently of a shipment of at least 30

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Minister Duguid, Who Are the Owners of EWBSB?

The country continues to be embroiled and pitched forked from one issue to the next; transitioning to a republic, pandemic, tanking economy, DLP resurrection, National Insurance Fund (blogmaster’s pick)… The latest issue choking public conversation-feeds is veteran journalist David Ellis answering the call up to national duty to serve in the role as Covid 19 Public Advisor. The blogmaster has

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Barbados based Fintechs on the MOVE


The advancement in technology has given rise to Fintech companies. These companies are utilising technology to innovate in order to deliver financial services once the preserve of traditional operators. Although an underdeveloped sector in Barbados we have a company or two leading the way. In a previous blog – Excellent News BUT …! Barbados Underground highlighted the success of GIFTS and

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16th Actuarial Review of NIS Funds Available, Finally!


The following was updated to the NIS Website today with the following notification: The NIS wishes to advise that the 16th Actuarial Review had been laid in Parliament in March 2021. It is available on our website and can be found by clicking Actuarial Reviews under the Documents tab or The 16th Actuarial Review of the National Insurance Fund, Unemployment Fund and

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An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Our coming transition to republican status is a proud moment for our country. As has been acknowledged before, it is not a slight to Her Majesty, Her Family or the UK, for which we have tremendous respect, but rather represents the ultimate statement of confidence in ourselves and our boundless capacity. Our commemoration of this moment comes at a particularly

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Excellent News BUT …!

An approach to creating new pathways to generate economic activity by the Mottley administration has been to discover new and deepen existing relationships with African countries. It is axiomatic that an island built on slave labour should prefer to nurture a wholesome relationship with the Mother Country. Despite the political noise created when Prime Minister Mottley toured African countries early

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Barbados Fuel Price Change July 2021

Submitted by From mid-night July 7, consumers in Barbados paid more for diesel and less for gasoline. The retail price of gasoline fell from $3.88 BDS per litre to $3.87, a decrease of one (1) cent / -0.3% from the previous month. The retail price of diesel rose from $3.10 BDS per litre to $3.12, an increase of two (2)

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The following communication was widely distributed to BWA, Members of Parliament, Bankers, Law Firms and others – Blogmaster Dear General Manager Keithroy Halliday, Today Thursday July 8, 2021 a group (around 4 persons) of BWA staff led by supervisor Rueben Sealy came to my office at Lot 243, Flamboyant avenue, Sunset Crest  around 1.15pm with the intention of disconnecting my

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