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RH PR Spiel from BWA Conflicting with the TRUTH about the Sewage Plant

After listening to the two Barbados Water Authority (BWA) officials (Nicole Austin of the Waste Water Unit and Joy-Ann Haigh Corporate Communication) on the Sunday talk show it prompted the blogmaster to have another listen to an earlier program of the 13 November 2017 with Patricia Inniss the manager of the Waste Water Division. It […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Demands Government Address the Nation to Update on South Coast Sewage Crisis

Submitted by the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Barbadians have given the Democratic Labour Party Administration the benefit of the doubt since the inception of the South Coast sewage issues that every effort was diligently exhausted to ensure that this problem would have been quickly rectified. It is apparent that this problem has now escalated to […]

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No Power… No Vision

The Barbados Light and Power Company (BL&P) is one of the local utilities most Barbadians will agree has provided a better than satisfactory level of service through the years. The blogmaster does not have access to the ‘power outage’ history of BL&P since it was delivered to the Canadian power company EMERA. However, if one […]

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David Estwick and the BWA Board Must Resign Over the South Coast Sewage Mess

Early in 2017 the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) introduced changes to the management team.  Acting General Manager John Mwansa was replaced by Keithroy Halliday, Charles Leslie assumed the role of Director of Engineering, Wayne Richards was appointed to the post of Project Director, Patricia Inniss took over the Wastewater Division and Joy-Ann Haigh retained her corporate […]

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Barbados Water Authority Press Conference | Sewage on South Coast a BIG Problem

The problem of sewage running on the street of the South Coast is so serious BU shares a public service recording produced by the Barbados Water Authority which attempts to explains the challenge.

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Public Forum Report Released

The report coming out of the Public Forum by a group led by Dr. Ronnie Yearwood and company in July 2017 (Shantal Munroe-Knight, Krystle Howell, Donna Every, Dr. Joseph Herbert, Corey Layne, Teisha Hinds, Jason Carmichael, Dr. Troy Lorde, Lisa Gale and Jeanelle Clarke) is attached for comment. The document can also be accessed on […]

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Barbados Murder Statistics December 2017

Submitted by 21-year-old Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne is the island’s latest murder victim to date. Alleyne, a cousin of Rihanna’s, was shot and killed on Boxing Day. Based on my count, the total number of murders for 2017 is at least 31 persons. The emphasis on my count is important because figures on the Nation […]

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Weeping for Hal Gollop QC | DECISION- CV1753 of 2015- M. Agard v M. Mottley and J. Walcott

The Barbados Court handed down the decision in favour of Mottley and Walcott in the matter CV1753 Maria Agard Vs Mottley and Walcott. Read the full text of the decision: DECISION- CV1753 of 2015- M. Agard v M. Mottley and J. Walcot

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Accounting Firm Held Liable for Negligence

The split decision handed down recently by the Supreme Court of Canada (Deloitte & Touche v. Livent Inc. (Receiver of)  ) held the accounting house- albeit conditionally- responsible to extend a duty of care to clients. By negligently conducting the audit, and impairing Livent’s shareholders’ ability to oversee management, Deloitte exposed Livent to reasonably foreseeable risks, […]

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Not So Fast Bizzy!

Reconcile the front page story in the Nation newspaper of yesterday (15/12/2017) with the document below for 10 marks.

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South Coast Sewage Stink Makes for Political Capital

Dr. Hugh Sealy’s comments carried by the Nation newspaper makes for compulsory reading. It is important because he is one of the few technocrats available who worked on the South Coast Sewage plant project team at start up- a plant that is failing and as a result leaking raw sewage on the popular strip frequented […]

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Gratitude to Nelson ‘artist’

by Peter Thompson – submitted as a letter to the editor of the Nation newspaper and circulated on social media. THE LAST SUNDAY SUN Editorial, No Good Reason To Deface Statue, is a lost opportunity for Nation Publishing to contribute positively to a conversation among Barbadians about the history and future together of those who […]

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Town Hall to Train Managers and Workers ISO 9001

To: All Barbadian Workers and Managers Are you being managed properly?  Are you managing others properly? There are various ways of managing customer’s complaints, including. fear, intimidation and murder (North Korea). embarrassed by being shouted at by the manager. bored with a conversation with the HR department. However, the most effective method at permanently solving […]

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Clement Payne Movement Denounce the DLP Decision to Privatize the BNTCL

Dear Sirs / Madams, The Clement Payne Movement sent out a Press Release yesterday pertaining to the Fair Trading Commission’s decision on the proposed sale of the BNTCL to the SOL group of companies and other related matters. Unfortunately we were operating on the basis of erroneous information published in the Nation Newspaper about the […]

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Barbados Public Debt to GDP 1980 to 2012

by Amit Uttamchandani of The objective of this post is to locate, explore and compare/contrast historical public debt to GDP data for several Caribbean countries. First, we have to find the data: The Google query “debt to gdp imf” brings us – ironically – to the IMF (Barbadians take note). In particular, this page: […]

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Maureen Holder’s Press Conference | Subject-line Patrick King and Mia Mottley

It is no secret the BU household abhors the way both the Barbados Labour Party (BLP and Democratic Labour Party have interfered with the management of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) over the years.  The abuse of the media outlet in the Pine has become so blatant that the majority of Barbadians have opted to […]

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United Progressive Party (UPP) Mini Manifesto

This is the first in a series of mini manifestos issued by the United Progressive Party as a part of our conversation with the nation of Barbados. After the delivery of the manifesto the Progressive Party and its candidates will make themselves available for further discussion. Given the constraints faced by Barbados the approach taken […]

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IMF Staff Completes 2017 Article IV Mission to Barbados

The IMF released the following report on Barbados today (22/11/2017) – Barbados Underground End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive […]

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