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Becoming Sane

The main reason given for demolishing the structurally sound 6-storey old NIS building, is that it is not compatible with the “sacred ground” of the proposed Clement Payne park. The Government did not properly maintain the building, and several workers got ill. We are told to believe that the building is a reminder of people getting ill, which is not

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PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society II

An earlier blog titled PREDATORY MARKETING and the Vulnerable in Society provoked several questions from the BU family. A BU family member (Wonderer) was motivated to to put in some leg work on behalf of the BU household to seek clarification. Unfortunately the effort although appreciate by the blogmaster raised more questions. Today I called the Bank Supervision Division of the

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Donville Inniss GUILTY as Charged

Millar told the court that in August 2015, she attended a meeting with former chief executive officer (CEO) of ICBL Ingrid Innes and former senior vice-president with responsibility for business development and marketing Alex Tasker. Following that meeting, she said Innes instructed her to make “an urgent payment” of a referral bonus to Inniss. She said she was uncomfortable with

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Old National Insurance Building to be Demolished

The government plans to demolish the Old National Insurance Building and the adjacent Fire Station to create a park in the city. In related news the Treasury Building will be converted into a “mixed use facility”.It is not widely known that the Treasury Building is another of those “sick buildings”and staff from the Barbados Revenue Authority have been relocated from

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December 2019 Murder Statistics

The monthly murder analysis extracted from – BU, blogmaster The final month of the year saw two murders taking place. The victims were Rondell Alexander (27 years old) and Kirk Bowen (26 years old). The killings took place in the parishes of St. Michael and St. Thomas respectively. Both deaths were shooting related. 2019 saw a total of at

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