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Where is the Leadership?

Submitted by Paula Sealy General elections were held on 19 January. Today is 19 May. It has been over 100 days since the elections. Up to now the secondary schools have no boards of management. This is affecting the schools.   So when will the boards be put in place? Will the Minister of Education explain what is going to the

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Women in Action (WIA) – GIS Issue

Women in Action (WIA) network of organizations and individuals advocating for the closure of the Government Industrial School (GIS) Barrows facility and the reform of the juvenile justice system, emphatically rejects the suggestion made in an interviewed aired on the CBC Evening News on 16th May, 2022 that claims of physical, sexual and psychological abuse made by current and former

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Statement from “Operation Safe Space” on the Government Industrial School in Barbados

I started serving as the deputy chair of the Government Industrial School in Barbados (called the GIS), on the appointment of the Governor General and at the pleasure of the Minister responsible for reformatory schools on August 1, 2018. I must admit that although by that time I had been working with women and girls’ advocacy for just about 18

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Walk to #Saveourgirls


The following is a Press Release received from Global Network for Cultural Development – Barbados Underground On 1st May, 2022 representatives from the Global Network for Cultural Development, Praise Academy for Dance, Orgasmik Intelligence, Politically In-correct, Operation Safe Space, Spiritually Aware Group, We the Forgotten Women, Barbados Youth Action Programme, Full Moon Goddess Circle, Sulam Construction & Property Management Services, Omololu

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Dodds Accused of Failing ‘Deviants’

The blogmaster congratulates Voice of Barbados for keeping the issue of a dysfunctional Government Industrial School (GIS) in the public eye. Barbadians are known for having short memories. The outrage expressed by callers and panelists on the ‘Return to Dodds‘ show hosted by veteran journalist David Ellis is merited although it maybe a case of appeasement for the sake of

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Rihanna, Barbadian Hero


The news that Rakim Mayers was arrested last Wednesday in Los Angeles after vacationing in Barbados with his girlfriend Rihanna breathed life into a simmering concern many Barbadians have to her being named a national hero of Barbados last year. Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky – an American rapper – is charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a

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Prime Local ASSets Sold, Again!


First it was the Barbados National Bank (BNB). Followed by Nation Corporation to T&T owned Caribbean Communications Network (CCN). Then Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T). Not to forget the take over of Light & Power by EMERA. And on the weekend there was the report Collins after 134 years in local hands sold out to yet another Trinidadian concern. In

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Government Initiatives to Address Food Supply – The St. Barnabas Accord

Global supply

Russia’s war in Ukraine will disrupt commerce and clog up supply chains, slashing economic growth and pushing prices sharply higher around the globe, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warned Thursday….the 38-country OECD said that over the next year, the conflict would reduce gross domestic product (GDP) — the broadest measure of economic output — by 1.08 percent

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Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Check Again Senator Nicholls

Submitted by Former Senator and Head of Unity Workers Union Caswell Franklyn The Daily Nation of March 22, 2022 reported that Senator Gregory Nicholls, speaking from the Senate, claimed that the the legislation (Employment Rights Act) has no ability to compel the award made by the tribunal (Employment Rights Tribunal). I am certain that even though not intended, that statement

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Pension Reform for Public Officer a Priority (including Members of Parliament a Priority)

The blogmaster found the comment posted by Critical Analyzer interesting even if provocative. What we can agree is that pension form in the public service- including for members of parliament – must be given a priority. The issue is compounded with the state of the National Insurance Fund that we are left to speculate. Pension Reform as the world tries

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No Respect for Police Officers

The following note was received from a member of the BU family. This is a vodeo making the rounds on Bajan social media. I received the attached video yesterday depicting police involvement with a crowd during an apparent arrest. What struck me was the total disrespect shown for the authority of the police and the blatant attack on them in

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Should Bajans Living in the Diaspora Vote in —–> Barbados


As we draw closer to the time Barbadians will be encouraged to participate in a national debate about a NEW Constitution, one suggestion is to allow Barbadians- who for different reasons- have settled overseas to be able to vote to elect a Barbados government. Especially Bajans who although the primary address is foreign, they have family, property and other interest

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BLP Win 30-0, Again

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in a surprising result won all 30 seats again in a snap election called 18 months before constitutionally due by Mia Mottley. In the coming weeks there will be robust debate about how our democracy optimally serves Barbadians with a muted dissenting voice. One may argue a healthy democracy requires a strident dissenting voice. Barbados

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Barbados Nurses Take to the Streets, Again

Submitted by Tee White On 17 January, striking nurses from the Unity Workers Union once again took the streets of the capital Bridgetown to press their demands that the government address their long held grievances and abandon its attempts to starve them into surrender. United with one voice behind their slogans of ‘No retreat, no surrender’ and ‘Touch one, touch

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