Maid Highest Paid ‘Employee’ at Barbados New York Consulate

The following was sent to BU’s inbox to create awareness about the plight of admin staff working at Barbados Consulates – Barbados Underground

Kerri Symmonds, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Government opening consulates all over the place but the established ones haven’t had increases since 2010, everyone making the government mandated minimum wage from 2022 with the maid in New York being the highest paid employee since she is also the night cleaner making $4,000 monthly as night cleaner. 

So her monthly pay is over $5,000. She has been night cleaner about 10 years. And the office supplies the cleaning supplies, she employs 2 people to work with her.

People in Canada, USA and London haven’t had salary increases since 2010 which were backdated to 2008, because government didn’t have money to cover the entire period 2000 to 2010. Staff turnover in Canada is very high because of the low wages and in New York the monthly salary is $2700 USD since 2008 and rents increasing annually and government opening missions and consulates all over the world.

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Rush to implement fare increase

Last week the government legislated an increase in taxi fares with immediate effect. The increase came 15 years since the last was given – see Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulations, 2023.

The Chairperson of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) Renee Coppin reacted to the announcement by given support to the increase, BUT, criticized the process. She opined there was a lack of proper consultation with key stakeholders by not giving sufficient time to factor the increase in business planning by those who will be most effected. There was a suggestion the increase could have been implemented after a 90 day disclosure period.

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Fair Trading Commission Clarification unclear

In the Friday 13 January edition of Barbados Today (pg 7), the FTC has sought to clarify an ‘alleged suggestion made earlier’, that the new tariff rates will be ‘across the board’. This FTC clarification needs some clarification as outlined in the attachedTrevor Browne (BAPE)

Electricity Tariff Rates Cut by Fair Trading Commission

Submitted by the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE)
Trevor Browne – BAPE

Press release from Barbados Association of Professional Engineers

The Barbados Fair Trading Commission (FTC) in late 2022, granted an ‘interim’ rate increase to the Barbados Light & Power Company (BLPC) based only on that Company’s assertion that they were facing a ‘cash crisis’.

On November 28, 2022, the BLPC issued a letter to the public indicating that they would no longer be entertaining photovoltaic (PV) connections to their Grid, unless appropriate ‘mitigating measures’ were addressed.

These measures apparently require the provision of commensurate battery storage by the applicants themselves, or the granting of licenses to BLPC to install their own battery storage – to be 100% paid for by electricity consumers along with handsome guaranteed profits to Emera.

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Fighting, fighting, fighting – Actions have consequences

For decades the private transportation system has been inadequately regulated by government and public sector- the consequence is a sub culture developed that has negatively affected a generation of OUR children. In the absence of empirical data the blogmaster is prepared to say deviant behaviour by school children promulgated daily in the media is the result. 

In 2018 when the current administration was voted into office, one of the more high profile appointments was former banker and relative of the Prime Minister Ian Estwick as Chairman of the Transport Authority. Estwick’s mandate was to ensure the authority delivery on its mandate to regulate the transport sector. In less than a year it was clear the Transport Authority was another ‘toothless tiger’ and Estwick resigned having failed in his assignment.

In December 2022 we have another update. 

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House Wrongfully Obtained from Government

Submitted by Concerned Citizen. If there is relevant information anyone is willing to share about this matter please forward to the blogmaster @confidentialmessage.
General Manager of NHC Cupid Gill

For some time now I have minded my business but I do not think that what is happening is at all fair to persons deserving of houses. So I have decided to speak out.

There are two houses being built in Savannah Road, Shorey Village, St. Andrew, side by side,
and it is believed that they are being constructed through the Government’s initiative for the
houses destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Elsa. At this point, the houses are near completion.

I am writing because these persons deceived the Government in order to obtain these homes.
Prior to the construction of the two houses, Mr. Thomas alias Catman resided in a wooden house, which was fairly old. However, his lifestyle contributed to the dilapidation of the house as he is a very heavy drinker of alcohol, is old and his surroundings were unkempt. He has a number of adult children who are able bodied and could’ve contributed in the upkeep of the premises. However, they do not live with him. He has one daughter, “Angie”, who visited and took food for him on occasions and tidied up the house. He lived with his girlfriend, Mavis and his son, “Fred”. “Fred” is not all there mentally and would sleep at “Catman” occasionally, if he’s not in The City, Bridgetown.

There was an old unoccupied structure, similar to a shed, which was located to the front of the
house. NO ONE OCCUPIED THIS SHED. “Catman” stored bottles to sell and other old items
inside of it and it was literally nearly falling apart.

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Course Correction Urgently Needed

BU Murder Tracker

The BU Murder Tracker confirms violent; gun crime has become endemic in our tiny society. The 40th murder occurred last Friday and it is possible with about 6 weeks to go in 2022 two more murders to surpass the 2020 number of 41 maybe reached. It is a stretch to suggest Barbados will ‘challenge’ the 48 murders recorded in 2019, the highest recorded in our history.

There is a resignation by the blogmaster that the Barbados leadership at the policy making AND non governmental level lack the nous to successfully implement effective monitoring, enforcement and social approaches to revert to a norm where a murder was big news on the island. One only has to reflect on our helplessness to stop the minibus culture that has taken root since the 80s, our inability to address concerns repeatedly raised by the Auditor General, a contentment to maintain landfills instead of executing an effective waste to management program, growing traffic congestion and lawlessness on the roads, the sloth to wean the country from fossil fuel consumption AND last but not least our burgeoning court system.

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Prime Minister Mia Mottley Defends frequent travel overseas

Prime Minister Mottley on her return from overseas after taking a few days off as well as attending COP27 in Egypt, Rwanda and South Africa called a press conference on her return to Barbados to brief the nation. There is criticism Mottley’s time could have been better spend on island given the precarious state of the economy and rising crime situation. DLP spokesman Paul Gibson has been scathing in criticism levelled at Mottley, questioning cost of trips overseas and size of delegations.

The blogmaster has cautioned many times in this space that managing the optics in any situation is important, however, Mottley has demonstrated with the appointment of a bloated Cabinet she intends to do it her – she has an aggressive style – even if it is obvious the configuration of the Cabinet is about political considerations and not about many hands making light of the work. Some of us are not fools although we understand the games politicians play at the expense of the masses.

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Guns and More Guns – Murder Statistics January to October 2022

Acting Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce

The young and the reckless are having access to guns at an “unprecedented” level, with police admitting they have “not yet touched the surface” on the issue.

Attributed to Assistant Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce
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Alternate View on Barbados’ Economic Road post Republic:The Independence Economic Order

Kemar J.D Stuart, Economist and Director Business Development , Finance and Investment Stuart & Perkins Caribbean

Barbados national day represents the death of government led socialist values, a transition over to a new economic management style of governance where the trappings of the old independence subsidized social services government begin to diminish and Citizens will be required to each pay more to fund their basic living necessities as government can’t continue to subsidize the cost of providing some goods and services and at the cost asked of Barbadians. International debt service and IMF terms and conditions are already eroding the independence economic model as Barbados now look to China for social investment to fund our new international lifestyle. A lifestyle without God where the innocent are exposed to international banks who violate directives by government ministries.

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Business as usual at Ministry of Education

Prime Minister Mia Mottley is on leave until November 3, 2022 and the public – despite offering strident dissatisfaction about the colossal muck up at the Ministry of Education arising from the infamous IDB Science Test – not a single person has been terminated for such a fatal mistake. The only casualty appears to be Peter Wickham.


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Minister of Education McConney Survives Cabinet Reshuffle

Minister of Education Kay McConney

The latest in the world of local politics has been the announcement by Prime Minister Mottley of a Cabinet reshuffle that includes the deployment of MP for the City Corey Layne to the Attorney General’s office. Minister of Education Kay McConney continues to enjoy the confidence of the Prime Minister at a time there is public dissatisfaction directed at the Ministry of Education over the IDB Survey. 

Before the news of the reshuffle the blogmaster intended to share a thought about the political chaos unfolding in the UK. Particularly the fact members of the cabinet and prime ministers have been routinely resigning. The UK will have 5 prime ministers in a 6 year period with the recent resignation of the Prime Minister Liz Truss holding that office for 44 days. 

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9-day Wonder Redefined – A Matter of Governance AND Holding Public Figures Accountable

It is running more than 14 days since the IDB sponsored Science Test 11 year olds were coerced to complete. If one follows the newsfeeds the noise in the public space although fading continues to demand answers for the disrespect shown to children, parentss and actors in the school system. The kernel of dissatisfaction is the covert manner offensive questions were clandestinely inserted in the MOE/IDB sponsored Science Test.

The blogmaster has made his position known in an earlier blog – checks and balances were compromised at every step of the management process – which includes the Ministry of Education as the government agency responsible under our laws for administering education and the last defence, the management at the schools which without question allowed non school personnel for a period to assume responsibility for young children on different occasions.

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Barbados Murders Continue to Climb, Civil Society Clueless

BU’s projection is that the number of murders for 2022 will exceed 2021 – See BU Murder Tracker. Have we done enough to identify and address the underlying factors driving gun violence in Barbados? Obviously there is need to improve enforcement measures but what about the pressing need to also address social behavioural factors? We must do better.

BU Murder Tracker

See for the latest update to the Barbados Murder Database (2022) and Barbados Murder Statistics January to September 2022.

There have been at least 29 murders between January and September 2022 (up from 26 last month). The steps involved in the following analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

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