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Paradise (Clearwater Bay Ltd) Sold to Pharliciple Inc

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Barbados Association of Professional Engineers Issues Statements on Potholes and South Coast Sewage Problems

Submitted by the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) issues three press releases:- The Potholes Problem (1) The Potholes Problem (2) The South Coast Sewage Problem  

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2018-2019 Estimates Debate

The following was extracted from the Government Information Service website:- Government’s Budget, setting out the Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue for the financial year 2018-2019, was today laid in Parliament, together with a projected forecast for the current financial year 2017-2018, and the Barbados Sustainable Recovery Programme (BSRP). These will form the basis of the […]

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A Citizen’s Response To The Newly Amended Police Act

So, even in the face of wise counsel from such eminent and well respected Barbadian patriots as Senator Sir Roy Trotman, Senator Sir Henry Fraser, Senator Lady Carol Haynes, Senator John Watson, and Senator Sir Trevor Carmichael, to the effect that the Bill to amend the Police Act has such critical implications for the Constitutionally […]

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USA Embassy Unfairly Issues PUBLIC Health Advisory on Barbados

The following communication was brought to the attention of the BU blogmaster by the Administrator of Facebook page Social Education and Accountability in Barbados. –NB: This was going to [be] posted last Monday. However there was so much noise on the topic that the concern was that it would be lost in the fog.– Our […]

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Economy Faces Serious Macro Economic Challenges Says Governor Haynes

The fear of Barbadians who have followed the performance of the local economy for the last ten years had their fear confirmed by Governor Cleviston Haynes today when he delivered the Economic Review for the last quarter of 2017. After TWO terms the policies of the incumbent government continue to fail to jolt the economy […]

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BILL to Amend the POLICE ACT Major Step to POLICE STATE

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, CITIZEN  OF  BARBADOS Tomorrow– Wednesday the 31st of January 2018 — the Senate of Barbados will be considering a Bill to amend the Police Act that was laid in the House of Assembly by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite. The main component of this Bill is a […]

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Local Biotechnologist Comments on American Advisory | Should Barbadians be Concerned About ELEVATED Levels of Bacteria in the Water? | Should Food Establishments on the South Coast be Closed by Government?

Dr. Robert D. Lucas Dun-Low lane Bridgetown Barbados, BB11157 Tel.246-426-6512 28th, January2018 The Editor Barbados Underground Bridgetown, Barbados West Indies Dear Sir/Madam, A press conference was held on the 26th. January that sought to clear the air over the discrepancies in microbial findings and interpretation of the potable water quality on the south coast […]

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Neil Holder of Barbados Integrity Movement Challenge to Mia Mottley of the Barbados Labour Party to a National Debate Remains Unanswered

Neil Holder the leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) has issued the bold challenge to Mia Mottley for a National Debate. Here is an opportunity for Mia to grab the public spotlight? Is it a case of she having too much to lose and Holder all to gain?

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Resolution Life Barbados, Resolution Life UK (?)

Surprise, surprise after almost a decade Resolutions Life Assurance Company (Reslife)– a company formed to receive the assets of the failed CLICO Insurance Limited with a top up from taxpayers- was recently established.   Why have we expressed ‘surprise’? There is a general election bell to be rung soon of course. On behalf of the […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement | Happy Errol Barrow Day

Our greatest challenge of recent has been that of finding positive leadership! We have lost our way when our very leaders and those reposed with the responsibility of taking charge of our great nation are found to be feathering their own nest at the pain and suffering of the masses. How can we exercise good […]

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Unfunded Government Pension a Worry

Fiscal Problem In Barbados ! eb2d17288e33d24ec34a90fd04dca0d0 Dr. Justin Robinson recently shared some interesting information on Facebook, he attempted to breakout government expenditure and revenues – see the presentation, ‘facts on the Fiscal Situation in Barbados last 20 years. A focus on Transfers and Subsidies‘. Successive governments have been challenged by the size of the transfers […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement – South Coast Sewage Project Not Listed on Contractors Website

South Coast Sewage Crisis_Statement_180116 The Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) recognizes that the current state of the South Coast sewage system is a looming national health crisis in the making! BIM feels compelled to act at this time to ensure that this national crisis is managed and resolved so as not to escalate to epidemic proportions. […]

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RH PR Spiel from BWA Conflicting with the TRUTH about the Sewage Plant

After listening to the two Barbados Water Authority (BWA) officials (Nicole Austin of the Waste Water Unit and Joy-Ann Haigh Corporate Communication) on the Sunday talk show it prompted the blogmaster to have another listen to an earlier program of the 13 November 2017 with Patricia Inniss the manager of the Waste Water Division. It […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Demands Government Address the Nation to Update on South Coast Sewage Crisis

Submitted by the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) Barbadians have given the Democratic Labour Party Administration the benefit of the doubt since the inception of the South Coast sewage issues that every effort was diligently exhausted to ensure that this problem would have been quickly rectified. It is apparent that this problem has now escalated to […]

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No Power… No Vision

The Barbados Light and Power Company (BL&P) is one of the local utilities most Barbadians will agree has provided a better than satisfactory level of service through the years. The blogmaster does not have access to the ‘power outage’ history of BL&P since it was delivered to the Canadian power company EMERA. However, if one […]

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David Estwick and the BWA Board Must Resign Over the South Coast Sewage Mess

Early in 2017 the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) introduced changes to the management team.  Acting General Manager John Mwansa was replaced by Keithroy Halliday, Charles Leslie assumed the role of Director of Engineering, Wayne Richards was appointed to the post of Project Director, Patricia Inniss took over the Wastewater Division and Joy-Ann Haigh retained her corporate […]

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Barbados Water Authority Press Conference | Sewage on South Coast a BIG Problem

The problem of sewage running on the street of the South Coast is so serious BU shares a public service recording produced by the Barbados Water Authority which attempts to explains the challenge.

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