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Barbados the Offshore Domicile Implicated in Loblaw Tax Avoidance Case

The case playing out in Canada which involves Canada’s most visible retailer Loblaw and the reported attempt to avoid paying taxes by channelling transactions through the Barbados registered Glenhuron Bank Ltd is likely to do the Barbados offshore sector no favour. Barbados is established as a mature offshore centre, however, in recent years there is clearly an attempt to more

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Replacing Archbishop Dr. John Holder

Submitted as a comment by BMcDonald to the The Grenville Phillips Column – I Know Who Helped Me The well intentioned rule, that the candidates for the office of Bishop of Barbados are only known on the morning of the election, has clearly not prevented commentary and speculation about prospective candidates in the mass media, even in the Anglican newspaper.

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Freundel Writes His Name on History’s Page

I did not dissolve it – deliberately – and of course the experts have been giving expressions to their surprise. ‘This is the first time in Barbados’ history, that a parliament was allowed to stand dissolved by effluxion of time’. That is how history is made. History is not made by things happening the same way all the time. History

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Increase in the Murder Rate

Blogger at doesn’t only track the movement in the petrol price. Although it is early days to push the panic button the early trending is a worrying sign. – David, Barbados Underground There has been a 60% increase in the number of murders between January and March 2018 compared with the same time frame last year. Jan to March

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‘The Beach Belong to We’

Submitted by Tara A. Inniss. PhD (UWI) MSD (UNSW) BA (York). Department of History and Philosophy, Cave Hill Campus, The University of the West Indies, Barbados,, The History Forum Blog When Gabby wrote ‘Jack’ in the early 1980s, he was responding to hoteliers asserting their rights over beach front property. Some almost 40 years later, Barbadians have felt secure

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