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Sandals MoU? Part III

Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond continues his piercing examination of the Sandals transaction – David, blogmaster Sandals/Beaches Tobago Illustrative Master Plan The previous article delved into the published information on the three existing State-owned hotels and juxtaposed that with the proposals for a Tobago Sandals. Apart from the unsatisfactory position with the State’s existing hotel investments and the reluctance to give

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Sandals MoU? Part II

The following entry by Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond should be of interest to civic minded Barbadians and in particular the BU family. He continues to prosecute the pillar issues which underpin the arrangement supporting the introduction of Butch Stewart’s Sandals to Trinidad and Tobago. In Barbados the models being used to promote the Hyatt and Hilton projects are not dissimilar.

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Is iMarketsLive a Scam?

The following link was submitted by fellow blogger The BU household felt compelled to share – in the public interest – with the BU family given the high interest shown by Barbadians in the iMarketslive product. The blogmaster aligns with the view that venturing into the complex forex world requires a level of expertise. – David, blogmaster WARNING: This

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The George Brathwaite Column – Renewed Thrust for Functional Cooperation

“Not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies.” – (Thomas Paine). Traditional and non-traditional threats, in addition to the vulnerability and dependence of Barbados, and the geopolitical paltriness of most if not all Caribbean countries, are still matters that should grab our attention. All of these countries have been ‘cruelly exposed’ to the vagaries of stagnant or

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Sandals MoU?

Social advocate Afra Raymond continues his work by calling for transparency with the agreement between Sandals and the Trinidad and Tobago government. The Butch Stewart company also featured in the Barbados newsfeed this week when newly elected Prime Minister Mia Mottley signaled that she will be meeting with Stewart soon to discuss  the expectation of her government. -David – Barbados

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