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CCJ Has Ruled – Lawful Way Forward Imperative

Press Release, Guyana Trades Union Congress – 20th July 2019 The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) calls for level headedness to prevail in the interpretation of the Consequential Orders of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Those orders specifically address three areas of focus for resolution on the way forward since the 21st December 2018 no-confidence vote against the APNU+AFC Government

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Peter Wickham’s Comments on Guyana’s Purported Voter’s List are MISGUIDED

Submitted by  Rickford Burke, President, Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Regional political scientist and pollster, Peter Wickham, was quoted in Demerara Waves news on July 14, 2019,  as saying that Guyana’s APNU+AFC coalition government should go to the polls with the current voters which was used in the 2015 when the coalition won. Evidently Peter does not have a

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Call for Caribbean Governments to Tax Cruise Sector MORE AND Tax Air Passengers LESS

Can tourism dependent Caribbean governments learn something from oil producing countries? When relatively small and poor oil producing governments sought to get a fair price for oil – their main source of national revenue – they banded together to negotiate more effectively with the multi-national oil companies and the larger developed nations, which were the major consumers of their oil.

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Minister Henry’s Lawsuit Is An Abuse of Court Process & Attempt To Suppress Free Speech

By Richard Millington Guyana’s Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, on June 24, 2019 secretly filed a defamation lawsuit against President of the New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) Rickford Burke, in Guyana’s Supreme Court. The lawsuit alleges that Burke, who resides in the United States, stated on his Facebook page on March 9, 2019, that Henry “has failed

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Submitted by CARIBBEAN GUYANA INSTITUTE FOR DEMOCRACY (CGID) Guyana’s Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), today (Yesterday), June 21, 2019 said via its Facebook Page, that it intends to “file private charges” against me for “inciting violence” because I called on Guyana’s security forces to investigate allegations that the PPP has been acquiring and stockpiling weapons. Calling on the police to

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Freedom of Information Underpins Strong Democracy II

Citizen Advocate Afra Raymond continues to prosecute the important FoIA – David, Blogmaster “…3. (1) The object of this Act is to extend the right of members of the public to access to information in the possession of public authorities…” —Objects statement in FoIA “…Because outside of national security matters and matters of the Cabinet…there are few other matters on

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