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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – On Preventing Corruption 4

The popular local reaction to the impending Integrity in Public Life legislation has been intriguing. Given the populist perception of politicians in general and our seeming inability to rein in the lawless conduct of some notorious sectors of society, cynicism naturally abounds. A fellow columnist and learned friend, in his column last week, categorized it as an attempt to legislate

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Justice Pamela Beckles Rules COMPULSORY Membership in the Barbados Bar Association is Unconstitutional

Justice Pamela Beckles recently ruled in a matter brought by former Bar president Tariq Khan versus Vonda Pile that compulsory membership in the Barbados Bar Association is unconstitutional. The Bar Association has signaled that the matter will be appealed. The following Barbados Underground blog which highlighted the matter was posted in April of 2013. Non Membership in the Barbados Bar

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – On Preventing Corruption 3

The principal technique employed by the Bill for combating corruption is to have specified persons in public life declare their financial affairs to the Commission or, where he or she is a member or staff member of the Commission, to the Governor General under Part IV of the Bill. Immediately, two observations may be made. First, it bears remarking that

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – On the Prevention of Corruption 2

The current official imperative to establish machinery to modernize the statute that criminalizes corruption in matters of state has seemingly not met with universal acclaim, if I am to judge from a number of responses to my offering in this space last Sunday. While there are those who believe that corrupt behaviour among public officials merits the harshest punishment constitutionally

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The Estate of Marie Stewart – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public II

The blogmaster continues the exchange with Sarah Cyrus regarding accusations leveled at Ministers George Payne and Dale Marshall.  You will recall the first exchange represented in the blog post – Family Feud Over Land Matter Gone Public. In an effort to get a better understanding the blogmaster asked a few more questions: 1. With such a large settle for the land, 2.4

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