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Food Fraud MUST Concern Us

The Editor You may be interested in posting the attached article on food fraud which I did in 2000. The topic is topical as Ms. Ena Harvey talked about the topic in today’s paper [8 August 2019]. The scan is from the original newspaper cuttings and gives a run down on the history of food fraud. Food fraud is widespread.

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Agrofest Noise!

The Editor Barbados Underground Barbados,W.I Dear Sir/Madam, There was an article in Barbados Today of 16th.February 2019 entitled “Dumped.” In the article Mr. James Paul bemoans the fact that the two largest sponsors have jumped ship. In 1971 as a final year student in agriculture at the University of the West indies, St. Augustine Campus;Tom Henderson, Professor of Agricultural Extension

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Dr.Lucas Reply to Ministers’ Ideas on Ensilage and Water Quality in the Swamp

The Editor Barbados Underground Barbados,W.I Dear Sir/Madam, Recently, there was an article aired in the media concerning the utilization of fish by ensilaging techniques. According to Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy, Kirk Humphrey, “between 30 and 70 per cent of fish caught by local fishermen is currently being wasted”. The project, entitled the “Fish Waste Silage” project

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Roundup KILLS!

Submitted by Green Monkey Important info for workers in the agricultural sector and hobby farmers/gardeners/landscapers etc. who use Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, especially those who do so on a regular basis. In light of the evidence produced in a recent US lawsuit, anyone using Roundup herbicides would be wise to exercise extreme caution. According to the jury verdict, the warnings

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Final Reply by Dr. Lucas Responds to Peter Webster’s Deleterious Effect of Seaweed on Soils Piece

The Editor Barbados Underground Bridgetown, Barbados West Indies Dear Sir/Madam, In a blog (4th. August) in reply to my last article: Webster had this to say: “The only thing obvious about this statement is the contradiction i.e. that the sodium is leached and yet there is an accumulation. Barbados limestone soils are well drained and there can be no accumulation

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