Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid 19

The blogmaster has sympathy for small open, tourist dependent countries. Developing countries with meagre resources that were struggling to manage poorly performing economies have been struck for SIX with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. The challenge for governments to implement policies which balance shoring up livelihoods with public health priorities is real.

The blogmaster will not enter the toxic arena of blame gaming. At this juncture it is not a constructive exercise. Unlike New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries which are commodity driven economies and can support an aggressive quarantine protocol, Barbados has been caught out by operating at the margin which conflicts with the proposal from the local medical association of doctors (BAMP). The proverbial between a rock and a hard place.

  • Have we made mistakes managing the pandemic, YES.
  • Did the country become complacent, YES
  • Do we need to find ways to earn hard currency, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure COVID 19 screening is robust to adequately protect residents, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure authorities enforce laws to signal to those who compromise public health safety are penalized, YES.
  • Do we need to make the local economy less reliant on services, YES.
  • Have successive governments been unimaginative and lazy in charting a more sustainable economic path for the country post independence, YES.

The blogmaster could have added several more bullets to the list.

The harsh reality is that the country is ‘broke’ and to close the country again if it can be avoided to “keep out the virus’ as some promote is silly. The COVID 19 virus will be with us for the foreseeable future. Even if 100% of people take the vaccine health experts are unsure how new strains/variants may compromise the process. Even if the vaccine is 100% effective it will take possibly two to three years to immunize the global population to achieve heard immunity level. Then there is the issue of countries operating outside the purview of WHO like China, Russia…

Obviously Barbadians are concerned given the recent surge in COVID 19 positive cases. It is what it is, we have to deal with what is before us and move on. Have a look at the BU Sidebar Covid 19 Tracker and COVID 19 Update Page. Barbados is not waging the COVID 19 battle alone.

The government needs to ensure that our COVID 19 protocol is relevant/fit for purpose.

Residents need to ensure we adhere to the health protocol – wear your mask properly, wash your hands and physical distance please!

We can do this Bajans!



  • The DLP disciples have zero credibility advising the government about anything. The same government that allowed the south coast sewerage plant to collapse with shit overflowing to the street.


  • David Bu you are correct no one wants to hear anything from the political nightwatchman, Mr Guyson Mayers, Angela Cox, CCC, Austinor Baje .In my view they have zero credibilty as they stood around for ten years said or did nothing while Mr Thompson and Mr Stuart in my view ran this country into the ground.At that point like now they cared nothing about bajans.David BU you have got to be careful in allowing these unpatriotic bajans push this agenda of misinformation on your blog.


  • Interesting …
    On one hand we have some criticizing the govt. On the other hand we have … the Blogmaster!


  • It was the tourist
    Now it’s a brit ( I assumed tourist )

    When did the information if patient 0 was revealed?

    Or was it only revealed to dlpites?


  • When was the information on patient 0 revealed?


  • @Dullard

    Yes, better known as the wall of reason.


  • Every thing I am writing is in the public domain via the LOCAL NEWSPAPERS, the Nation Newspaper, The Barbados Today Newspaper, The Barbados Advocate, You Tube channel , Loop News, CBC News, Starcom Network.

    Freely available to all and Sundry for themselves.

    Nothing made up.


  • Yes, better known as the wall of reason.


    Come on David man. You’ve been doing this long enough to know exactly how this thing works. Opposition – whether justified or not – is part of the game. And what constitutes justified criticism is also part of the game.

    Prior to May 2018, it was Enuff, Gabriel and co. Now it is ac and co. Before Enuff and co, it was ac and co. After ac and co. regain the reins, Enuff will revert to opposition again. And on and on we go around the fabled mulberry bush.


  • As an example, it is within the public domain that our BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN LETTING IN TOURISTS WITH THE VARIOUS VARIANTS of the Corona Virus.


  • Guys view
    Should be of interest and concern to all patriotic bajans

    It was reported on the news that our Prime Minister said that she, along with a few other well-placed persons, had received the COVID-19 virus vaccine. I thought that persons on the frontline whose lives were most at risk would be the ones who needed to be vaccinated most,


  • There are more than 3 800 COVID-19 tests still to be processed by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory.

    According to the COVID Communications Unit, 7 489 samples were collected between January 7 and 10, 2021 and 5 440 tests were completed, with 2 049 still to be done. Another 1 808 remained to be processed from the 4 046 collected between January 11 and 14, a total of 3 857 outstanding.


  • Jesus take de wheel re the post by Hal Austin about home porting. Stats matter!


  • Answer this question
    Can barbados labs afford any more test for validating results?
    Does govt really have an understanding that by allowing more visitors to the island that the pressure for faster test results increases placing greater pressure on the officials that conduct the testing and verification of results


  • Yes Jesus needs to take the wheel out of Mia hand
    Barbados is being driven into a culde sac of COVID promises Mia told public that the backlogs would be completed by weekend
    More than that the backlog has increased
    Jesus take the wheel


  • Now we are playing with words.



    The Blog Master
    ALL BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY YARDFOWLS(so they are patriots for now until the Govt. changes)(then they become opponents again)

    Every body else is UNPATRIOTIC..

    “Patriotism is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel” (all you have to do is wrap yourself in the FLAG, works every time on foolish people they believe)


  • CCC

    thats you label? thats all you can come up with?

    I have never label anyone (including myself ) as un/patriotic.

    but i will label you another c word and its not not one of you official names


  • Wuhlaus! Wuh up to last year late I was a DLP yardfowl! Murdaaaah! And it was Lorenzo saying that “she is not the brightest bulb”.

    I cannot bother with you guys. You are stupid, lying and BORING! AND BLOODY MISERABLE!

    You seem to forget that BU comments do not get deleted.

    Here’s my position – this is not the time for political partisanship. This is, however, the time to ask questions of our government, demand reasonable answers, offer reasonable criticism and support and encouragement.

    We must do this in a fair and balanced manner.

    But when you have people like miserable Hal Austin who accuses Mia of hiding from the cameras when the going gets tough and hogging the spotlight when the going is still tough, there is only insanity not reason.


    Masks, physical distancing, handwashing and sanitising are working very well for Donna.

    DLP yardfowls and Bajans who are complaining should try doing that. (Though I know very well the DLP resident yardfowls are already doing so.)

    It has OBVIOUSLY worked for The Dark Knights of the Overseas Parade Ring from the COVID Carrier Countries because not one of them has caught it yet!

    A simple solution to the problem. If we want it.

    If we don’t then we should shut the hell up!


  • how is this for the dlpites jumping to conclusion?

    i have identified the patient 0. it is a black bajan dlp supporter who with the help of another dlp supporter was allowed to ease out and back into quarantine to see his “woman”. he came in with a negative report but was positive on his second test.

    Now you all can spread that,


  • Workers should ‘move’ BWU head – Franklyn
    Article by
    Anesta Henry Published on
    January 16, 2021

    At a time when there are reports of unfair treatment of workers in the COVID-19 environment, trade unionist Caswell Franklyn is not surprised at the deafening silence of General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore.

    Franklyn, who told Barbados TODAY that he is being bombarded with reports of employees, particularly public sector workers, being forced to work in “unfair” circumstances said union leaders should be speaking out about these issues, in the interest of workers.
    At a time when there are reports of unfair treatment of workers in the COVID-19 environment, trade unionist Caswell Franklyn is not surprised at the deafening silence of General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore.

    Franklyn, who told Barbados TODAY that he is being bombarded with reports of employees, particularly public sector workers, being forced to work in “unfair” circumstances said union leaders should be speaking out about these issues, in the interest of workers.


  • That could only be yardfowl Lorenza,, when Mia begged Lawson’s boyfriend to reopen Canada, didn’t i say it was a bad idea….fools were too dumb to see further than being fowls, so an adult had to tell Mia it will end in shit……didn’t it end in shit…steupss…..politics will take a few more of you clowns to the grave, it’s taken so many of you and ruined ya lives already, and even while experiencing that, ya still too stupid to see what’s right in front of you..

    “At the same time, Britain, the great spreader, has blocked flights from South America, Portugal and Cape Verde because of a variant of the virus found in Brazil and could likely place restrictions on flights coming from Barbados, after Brits caused the spike here that would cause them to restrict us.”


  • While all along during the ST. George byelection
    The writing was all over the wall that Moore would succumb to Mottley diseased utterances which forgets the rights of workers


  • Your putz boyfriend has done it again, flights from haiti do not need testing till the 21 and two plane loads landed in montreal totally infected. Barbados and some other carribean countries have been given an extra day to get tests which kinda says you guys are not up to speed in testing turn around.
    Yes Angela sure sounds that gleconner was not only getting into the dark rum.


  • David, Tron, Hants and Donna are “ALL BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY YARDFOWLS?” And, Hants of all people????

    Judging by the limited scope of your ‘conversations’ on BU, it seems as though your ‘borders’ were closed sometime long, long, long before the pre-COVID-19 era.
    You have this uncanny ability to come to this forum every day and, (if I may borrow a phrase from a ‘BU regular),’ “say the same things in different ways, never offering any original ideas or any coherent arguments.”

    When did I ever mentioned anything about people in this forum being ‘unpatriotic?’

    I remember referring to times during the previous DLP administration, when DLP yard-fowls (including YOU) and parliamentarians used to respond to critics by accusing them “trying to destroy Barbados’ economy and reputation and scare off international investors,” while suggesting they ‘should bring solutions,’ instead of criticising.

    At that time we were hearing several ‘catch phrases’ such as, ‘wrapping ourselves in the Barbados flag,’ ‘team Barbados,’ and, during the 2018 general election campaign, the DEMS had a bus with ‘The People’s Army’ written all around it…….all of which by their denotative meaning, clearly describes ‘patriotism.’

    I’m sure you recall, but would prefer to purposely forget, when Maxine McClean and Esther Byer-Suckoo described David ‘UNPATRIOTIC’ and accused him of ‘treason,’ when he exposed Stuart’s lies as it relates to CAHILL.

    But, wait a minute. Come to think of it, weren’t you in the ‘political trenches’ spewing anti-BLP rhetoric on every social media platform you could think of…….canvassing and using every means necessary to solicit votes for the then DLP’s candidate for St. Michael Central? Does that means you’re a DLP yard-fowl?


  • Spoken like a true Barbados Labour party yard fowl.


  • Yesterday I mentioned that some of our tourists have a life expectancy of about 63. Later I was browsing the international news and I saw that this tourists died recently at only only 40.

    JP McManus’s daughter-in-law dies suddenly aged 40. Emma McManus died on Wednesday morning [29th December 2020] after falling ill in Barbados. The families of former Irish tennis star and retired businessman Peter Ledbetter, and horse racing magnate JP McManus, have been rocked by the sudden death of Mr Ledbetter’s daughter Emma, who was married to Mr McManus’s son, John McManus. Ms McManus (40) died on Wednesday morning after falling ill at a private villa on the grounds of the luxury Sandy Lane resort, Barbados, purchased in the late 1990s by JP McManus, financier Dermot Desmond, and horse breeder John Magnier.

    Members of the McManus and Ledbetter families had flown to the eastern Caribbean island to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve together, in what has been a long-standing family tradition.

    Informed sources said Ms McManus, originally from Blackrock, Co Dublin, awoke in her room in the early hours of Wednesday and complained of “feeling unwell”.

    Sources said Ms McManus was brought to a local medical centre where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

    A Royal Barbados Police spokesman said they had ruled out foul play and were treating it as a sudden death.

    A post mortem is to be carried out on Ms McManus’s body to help find a cause of death, which will ultimately determine the police investigation.

    A police spokesman said that it was expected that “after the post mortem the investigation will be finished”.

    He explained that local autopsies can take “up to a week”, however this would be “up to the pathologist and the coroner”.

    Sources described Emma and John as “a very private couple” who have three children under the age of nine, and reside at a luxury property in Chelsea, London.

    “It’s terrible, as far as is known Emma had no serious health issues. No one knows what exactly caused her death, there was no warning. Everyone is obviously devastated, it’s massively shocking,” one source said.

    “Emma was a vibrant, outgoing person and she was very well liked by everyone; despite their obvious wealth they are two of the most down to earth people you could meet.”

    The source added: “We’re especially heartbroken for John and the children, what’s happened is every family’s worst nightmare. John is a really compassionate guy, our hearts go out to him.”

    Ms McManus is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, while her husband John, a former student at private school Glenstal Abbey private school, Murroe, Co Limerick, has built a successful career trading in antiques, sculpture and art.

    The couple, who were childhood sweethearts, wed in Portugal in October, 2010.

    JP McManus, a billionaire horse owner, businessman and philanthropist, reportedly pulled all nine of his horses who were due to race on Thursday in light of the bereavement.

    Ms McManus’s father Peter Ledbetter, a graduate of TCD, UCD, and Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, represented Ireland at tennis, and helped build up the late Tony Ryan’s commercial aircraft sales and leasing company Guinness Peat Aviation in the 1970s.

    It’s understood Emma, John and their three children were in Limerick to watch the Shannonside hurling team, of which JP McManus has been a long-term sponsor, win their second All Ireland hurling championship in three years, on December 13th, before they flew out to Barbados with family.

    Informed sources said the two families were seeking advice on how best to proceed with funeral arrangements, in light of public health guidelines around the coronavirus pandemic and international travel.
    More here:

    Source: Irish Times, December 31, 2020


  • That’s the problem with yardfowls, i didn’t even know the spread was bad enuff to necessittae businesses closing for that, so ya want to blame us for that too, when it’s the businesses warning why they’re closing.

    my madwoman warnings are MONTHS OLD since the summer…before Mia stayed open and let in all and sundry who are infected and shouldn’t have been allowed to travel anywhere, now UK shut shop in yall faces, ya crying and blaming…wuh we were warning yall FOR YEARS about dependency racist tourism….so cry on, ya better pray there’s a lull in the spread.


  • Can’t believe these, ya tell them something for their own good, they cuss ya, it turns out to be true, they cuss ya still and tell ya mad…..steupppss…


  • Seems like our “friend” Zara Holland is not behaving any better in the U.K. than she did in Barbados

    Covid-shamed Zara Holland snapped not using a mask at her family’s workplace



  • “i didn’t even know the spread was bad enuff to necessittae businesses closing for that”

    Yuh hear lie? That is lie! Murdaaaaaa…de cat got pups. But how you wanted the borders closed but you were in Bdos when it started now you’re in a safe location outside of Bdos watching?🤣🤣


  • A Royal Barbados Police spokesman said they had ruled out foul play and were treating it as a sudden death.

    A post mortem is to be carried out on Ms McManus’s body to help find a cause of death, which will ultimately determine the police investigation.

    A police spokesman said that it was expected that “after the post mortem the investigation will be finished”…..(Quote)

    Wow. Barbados police know the outcome of the autopsy before it has taken place. They have even made up their minds how she died.


  • Somebody asked what is “home porting”????

    This should answer them.


  • Artax,

    Wuh evahbody know Carson C. Cadogan is a DLP yardfowl! And there is nothing you can expose that will change his behaviour. He is shameless and incurable.

    This yardbird disease is worse than the Avian flu. It is easier to diagnose but inpossible to treat.

    But what is it that causes this debilitating brain erosion? What?????


  • Enuff… i knew about one or two businesses closing as a precaution, i didn’t know Carters, Jordans etc had to close until a little while ago….yall little scummy plan of blaming Black people for a bus crawl in ya usual white is right shite didn’t pan out, so now ya want to blame bloggers…put the blame where in belongs, right in front Ms. Big Works Can’t Happen Without Me…and obviously neither could COMMUNITY SPREAD.


  • CCC

    also look up the meaning to EXPECTED!


  • its amazing how some refered to the fact that not all tourist are white when they had the problem with the black tourist at sandy lane. now it seem like only touristare white with the spread of the virus – even when there is no medical evidence that it was spread by a tourist / white person.

    i will soon hear that i am white.


  • Read ePaper
    Home / Covid-19 / WORLD: Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream

    WORLD: Chinese city reports coronavirus found on ice cream – by Barbados Today January 17, 2021
    SOURCE: The Associated Press — A city government in eastern China says the coronavirus was found on ice cream produced there, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch.

    The government says employees of the company in Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing, are being tested for the coronavirus. There is no indication anyone has contracted the virus from the ice cream.

    Most of the 29,000 cartons of ice cream in the batch had yet to be sold. The government says 390 sold in Tianjin are being tracked down and authorities elsewhere were notified of sales to their areas.

    China has suggested the disease, first detected in Wuhan, came from abroad and has highlighted what it says are discoveries of the virus on imported fish and other food.


  • If Mia. thinks she has the resources to contain the virus
    She needs to think again


  • Ontario is reporting more than 3,400 new COVID-19 cases today and 69 more deaths, including 36 residents of long-term care homes in the province.

    Provincial health officials are reporting 3,422 new infections today, up from the 3,056 logged on Saturday but down from the record 3,945 confirmed one week ago.


  • Been sidestepping and dancing around the word community spread for too long, allowing useless tourists who believe they’re above the law to do as they like…don’t care how we told them they’re playing fast and loose, they didn’t hear.

    so when are we going to see A DIVERISFIED ECONOMY…this is going into year 3 of BLP wasting time, the virus is not in a hurry, some last for YEARS….

    since all that time wasting, i know people who have set up companies all over the place…offshore…no one, except fowls training to be jailbirds, are sitting and waiting for government to cockup everything and cause their future generations to be stuck in poverty.


  • Air Canada still flying to Barbados ?

    Emergence of new strain could cause Ontario’s COVID caseload to explode, doctor warns


  • With a back log of 3,800 test awaiting results
    Only God knows how old some of these test are and if in the final analysis if some of these test are not good enough to produce a correct results given length of time period awaiting testing results


  • so when are we going to see A DIVERISFIED ECONOMY..with the Black majority at the TOP for a change.

    note to Mia…only those who have been victimized generationally need relief, others who really GOT THIS…know they don’t need any politicians, government ministers, lawyers etc, the world has moved on and left all of you behind.


  • I want a break down of daily statistics on Corona Virus by race, This should be interesting and informative. not only by gender,

    This should be interesting and informative.

    Arrange that for me blog master.



  • We shouldn’t have to STILL be telling Mia to diversify the economy. The opportunity is right there. Do it now or stay doomed, no one is begging you either. It’s your job.


  • Is it true that Kooyeman has 3 virus cases and refuses to close, just hearing that.


  • Your incorrigible behaviour on the blog confirms what we know.


  • What does this comment mean!


  • Was kooyemans ordered to closed?


    Dear Travellers, Please note that we are currently working through a backlog of COVID-19 PCR tests at our testing facilities which may impact how soon you receive your results. We will post an update on when we have resumed to our standard 24-48 hours turnaround time. Please plan your travel accordingly. – Last updated 12th January 2021


  • Come on blog master, there is nothing “incorrigible” about Angela Cox.


  • @TheOGazerts January 17, 2021 8:39 AM “…his gift of gab… One day he will realize that to some…he is irrelevant.”

    Not that gifted.

    Is already irrelevant, hence the rage.


  • @ Carson

    They will never discuss @Angela’s arguments, rather they resort to abuse and personal attacks to divert attention. I am sure you pay close attention to the cyber bullies who attack her and have formed an opinion of them, especially the ones who resort to nothing but personal abuse.
    But she is quite clearly made of sterner stuff.


  • Were Jordans, Carters etc ordered to close.


  • When will govt / health official make the admission that there is community as well as local transmission
    By doing so the people would take the threat of the virus more seriously and not be inclined to let their guard down
    I am of the opinion that govt making such a conclusion might impact of visitors coming to the island
    Hence govt continues to play Russian Roulette to protect the visitor dollar


  • The testing system has collapsed. People are still waiting weeks for their test results.

    Therefore, it would be best if the international airlines stop flights to Barbados. Let the locals eat stones if the tourists stop coming.

    However, it is not our government that is to blame for all this, but the opposition, which may be complicit in the bus-crawl-orgy.


  • Barbadians are resilient people and would never eat stones
    Before tourist barbadians survive
    This belief that barbados would collapse if tourist stop coming is a lazy thinking idea
    One propped up by the Lily white community whose interest and dollar is wrapped up in Tourism and couldn’t careless about the rest of the economy


  • Ww

    As usual u refuse to answer the question

    From my understanding it was their choice to close or not

    U don’t have to close just because someone in the building was exposed to the virus

    I have been in the office where 4 persons tested on positive on different occasions and office was never closed
    Only person in close contact were asked to stay at home but none tested
    Over a year and we still up and running

    But I like how Barbados being over cautious


  • If he was ordered to closed and refused then that’s a problem

    If not then he has a right to remain open if he choose to

    It up to the workers and shoppers to stay away


  • Some businesses does not have all the proper ventilation to filter polluted contaminates
    Hence now living within the reality of a pandemic
    The wisest choice is to close and sanitize when the building becomes infected with COVID


  • Ministry of health would determine that


  • John2January 17, 2021 3:37 PM

    Ministry of health would determine that

    A responsible and caring employee would not have to wait on health officials to make such a determination on closures during a pandemic which affects the well being of employees
    Again i reiterate that buildings in barbados are not fully equipped with proper ventilation to filter virus
    I guess u would be one of those employers who would prefer to jeopardise your employees health


  • The employer got his choices

    The employees got their choices
    Employees in Barbados has shown before that they will not work under conditions that they think is a risk to their health
    (On many occasions)

    The shoppers got their choices


  • John2
    There is a moral responsibilty to which employers must adhere and show towards the employee first and foremost
    Yes we have choices
    However an employee would most likely within an environment of high job losses protect their job and pray all turns out well


  • The danger is real.

    “California congressman contracts coronavirus before second vaccine shot
    Democratic Rep. Lou Correa contracted the coronavirus before he could get a second dose of vaccine that would have improved his immunity”


  • “As usual u refuse to answer the question.”

    i said i heard, why answer if i asked a question, you’re the one confirming things, am not in your group of knowing the goings on.


  • I am not confirmed anything

    The employer just have to follow the law

    Bajan and employee got more power than u giving them credit for
    With ou without union leaders. And the public will stand with them if they think they are correct

    In other words if they don’t go work and they get fired then no one shopping there after it becomes public


  • Tourism sector takes another hit

    Article by
    Barbados Today Traffic Published on
    Jan. 17, 2021

    Barbados’ already battered tourism sector is about to take another hit, which could potentially result in American visitors leaving the island in large numbers over the next eight to ten days.

    With the COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of slowing down, and new, more infectious strains of the viral illness being discovered in South Africa, Britain, and just days ago in Brazil, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a new order giving its citizens until January 26 to return home, be faced with new COVID-19 restrictions, or being barred for returning.

    According to a posting by the United States Embassy in Barbados on the weekend, the CDC has ordered that all airline passengers travelling to the US provide proof of a negative COVID-19 viral test or recovery from COVID-19.


  • Ww

    Then if you don’t know the answer the is nothing wrong with saying “ I don’t know”


  • John2
    Your answer shifts the responsibility off the backs of employers and place it on the backs of the employee
    No going to debate this any further
    But rather say
    Wrong is Wrong


  • Marketing Strategy

    Sandals set to offer guests complimentary COVID-19 tests on departure


  • The responsibility for the employer is to do what’s best for his business under the law of Barbados

    The responsibility of the employer is to do what’s best tonprotect his health

    You is the one that say the ports should be closed to put life ahead of economics

    If the workers are not comfortable then don’t go to work – call out for a few day or quit


  • Salemite
    Again I asked, how would you have escaped were the borders closed? I do recall you claiming to be in Barbados when the supermarkets were closed.🤔


  • I had 4 cases in my offices within the last four years

    I even shared lunchroom and bumped fist with one of my coworkers who had to stay at home the next day because his test was positive

    I flew on planes , ride on train , drove on shuttles/ busses with other passengers
    And was never tested by my job or missed a day of work because of the virus

    Closing a business because someone tested positive is not necessary ! I understand why Barbados is doing as a precaution and I agree with that method do Barbados

    All the other talk is just making a mountain out of a mole hill


  • Within the last year…….. not four year


  • Again when is govt going to admit there is community spread in barbados via local transmission


  • So.this 84 year old man barbadians shows up at QEH dies of COVID


  • We could well be witnessing the start of an ominous trend in the Caribbean.


  • Some commenters seem to be enjoying the current Corona disaster and travel restrictions. How obscene! Real patriots are now standing by their government and praying for their Supreme Leader and all honourable Cabinet Ministers.

    I’m about to go to the refrigerator, pull out a chicken and burn it in my backyard to appease our dear Goddess Bim and ask her for blessings on our government.


  • It is after 9 PM. Don’t you be inviting any neighbours to eat barbequed chicken with you.


  • What kind of monkey obeah is that??? I think you have to kill the chicken yourself.


  • @ Cuhdear Bajan January 17, 2021 9:28 PM

    Do I look like I live on a farm? Goddess Bim will be forgiving. By the way, the chicken must burn completely, as an offering to the Goddess.


  • a good fight. lol


  • Fowl Enuff…why are you trying to get on to my itinerary, am not taking you anywhere with me, stay where ya are, ya look good there…….so didn’t Ambassador Covid get in and out of Barbados during the time when the supermarkets were closed, has she not since returned to the island, so why couldn’t I…as far as i know Barbados is STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS…never closed, it’s the destinations from where yall pimp tourists gotta shut you down, ya will never do it on your own…ya should be helping Mia draft a document TO DIVERSIFY THE ECONOMY….as we’ve been saying FOR YEARS.

    Hope yall are satisfied?

    “A health alert posted on the website of the US Embassy in Barbados on Saturday said: “US citizens in countries where adequate COVID-19 testing is not available or may not be able to satisfy the requirements, should depart immediately or prepare to be unable to return to the United States until such time as they can meet the requirements.”

    This follows recent action by Britain which said from January 18 all travel corridors with the United Kingdom will be suspended.

    A media statement from the British High Commission said emergency measures were introduced “to be in place for at least one month in order to protect the UK against new virus variants”.


  • Am going to let yardfowl John2 who does not know he’s an indigenous African indigenous to the Americas, Caribbean and the WORLD included, as we all are;

    does not know that he was born in the Americas;

    does not know that universal and international human rights laws also applies to BLACK/AFRICAN bajans and other Caribbean/American diasporan people;

    ….knows nothing about himself other than he’s a yardfowl……tell me what to say…….🤣🤣🤣..hilarious.


  • HantsJanuary 17, 2021 6:24 PM

    A year too late. They have now realised that to stop a virus you have to stop the movement of people carrying it from crossing continents.

    Who would have thought?


  • angela coxJanuary 17, 2021 4:03 PM

    Where an employer forces a sick (for whatever reason, not just Covid) employee into work, there is always the option for the employee of getting into work early and coughing in the bosses office.

    After all, there is no risk, the boss has confirmed that coming into work is perfectly safe.

    Not that I would do it.


  • angela coxJanuary 17, 2021 4:03 PM

    Though I know someone who has, when the boss was making snide and obnoxious remarks about people being sick.

    Don’t think he enjoyed his flu a few weeks later, but guess what, apparently that position on absence changed when it came to him.


  • Like

  • Should be “”to wait “on line 1


  • This is the a very dangerous disease.

    You may get Corona virus and you may survive. You may get Corona Virus and you may DIE this Barbados Labour Party Govt. was pussy footing with a loaded gun for too long. It has now gone off. That is what BLACK BARBADIANS were trying to prevent.

    But the Govt. were listening to only the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS who don’t really like us and keeping our borders open to MAKE MONEY , they don’t care anything about BLACK lives although they make up 97% of the Barbados population And the strange thing is , the politicians in our Parliament some how look like us but it doest make a difference. They only care about the 3% of the population the WHITE BAJANS AND INDIANS.

    MONEY is more important than BLACK LIVES to the Barbados Labour Party Govt.

    When we had far less issues with the Virus than we have now, we wisely CLOSE OUR BORDERS TO KEEP Barbadians safe, but not now. WE HAVE OUR BORDERS WIDE OPEN. Letting in DISEASE TOURISTS who are promptly spreading the disease.


  • How many more BLACK BARBADIANS MUST DIE ??????


  • When are the govt officials going to stop relying on spin to hide the truth
    Minister Bostic words Yesterday is sound prove that govt only interest is damage control
    After stating that the elderly man had COVID he use a subliminal form of coverup noting that the death does not necessarily mean the man died of COVID
    However the question now remains outstanding to be asked and uncovered are the words COMMUNITY SPREAD and its impact on the public


  • “Not that I would do it.”

    they should cough in the wannabe slave masters office and on eveything they touch, see how well being a slave master works out for them then.

    2021 is a defining year. It’s the year to get all these racists, parasites and thieves for minorities PRIED OFF THE BACKS of the Black/African population, get them completely away from living off black people generationally…the perfect opportunity, Black people owe them NOTHING…

    If Mia loves thieves and racists so much, she should allow them to LIVE OFF HER INSTEAD…she acts as though she owes them, then she should be the one being sucked dry economically and socially.

    If she does not use this opportunity to DIVERSIFY THE ECONOMY…and get rid of parasitic racists out of Black people’s lives, we will know where her head is at and the Black population should act accordingly…enuff with the sellout negros.


  • Nobody wants to see barbados going through the same fight as international countries in fighting the virus
    Messages sent to govt are words sent of caution hoping that govt would heed ..pause..and respond
    No exemption card by Corona was given to barbados
    Hence govt should be aware and seek to retreat on those policies which have taken barbados down a road towards more death


  • If Mia loves thieves and racists so much, she should allow them to LIVE OFF HER INSTEAD…but not off the VAT, treasury and pension fund, that don’t belong to her, nor to them, she acts as though she owes these racist thieves, then she should be the one being sucked dry mentally, economically and socially…goddamn parasites, the whole lot of them.


  • Should The family must take MIA AMOR MOTTLEY to court for the death of their relative??????.

    Is Her Govt. an accomplice?????. She listened to one the WHITE BAJANS AND KEPT THE BORDERS OPEN letting in DISEASED TOURISTS from where ever to enter our Island and spread their disease willy nilly. Will we hold her accountable????.

    Who will die next????? Your Mother, your Father, your Aunt, your Uncle, your next door neighbor, the guy down the street????Who else BLACK BARBADIAN are we willing to sacrifice in the interests of the all mighty dollar????


  • The man was eighty-four. Past our life expectancy for men by about ten years and probably with co-morbidities. If you know how settlements are calculated, taking Mia to court and winning would yield only a pittance at best. Indeed, they would hardly find an attorney to take the case.

    Seems unfeeling but true.

    Doubt they would win anyhow. The PM could easily argue that people cannot live without money anyway.

    Some people think with their hearts. Others use their heads.

    Everyday an individual takes calculated risks. Indeed life cannot truly be lived without them.


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