Denis Lowe Go Away!

The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him – Niccolo Machiavelli

The blogmaster read a report in the press yesterday that former Minster of Drainage (and the Environment) Denis Lowe,  “still has fervour for politics” and intends to throw his hat in the ring come next general election due in 2023. There was an attempt to make his intention serious by giving the story prominence on the front page of the Nation newspaper.

The blogmaster is challenged to present a cogent response to Lowe’s outlandish desire to offer himself as a candidate in the next election.  This is a man who left his ministry with a handful of garbage trucks and had to resort to commandeering MTW trucks and bobcats to remove piles of garbage from the streets of Barbados. What Lowe will be most remembered for is an attempt to foist a gasification waste to energy plant on Barbadians under the cloak of night. Cahill Energy … anyone?

The Nation newspaper reported Lowe’s desire to contest the next election was ratified by the Christ Church East constituency. The blogmaster notes the interesting comeback from president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Verla De Peiza when asked to comment, the party will make candidate announcements at a later date”.

Political pundits are left to ask – how come the leadership of DLP Christ Church East  is so out of touch with the political reality prevailing in the country? What would have motivated a handful of individuals to ratify Lowe’s selection at this time? What would have motivated them to retrieve a spent, incompetent and shady  Denis Stephenson Lowe from the political dust bin? By the way, has he been given a clean bill of health? We recall he had to be away from office for unacceptable periods of time.

The blogmaster criticized Verla De Peiza when she allowed Stuart to share his specious concerns under the party banner earlier in the year. Once again this blogmaster is suggesting she should move with haste to excoriate political skeletons associated with Stuarts unpopular reign. At a time Prime Minister Mia Mottley continues to suck the political oxygen from Barbados’ political space,  Verla De Peiza leader is being undermined by political fiends stinking up her leadership space. If De Peiza wants to establish the party as hers, if she wants to match and surpass Mottley, she must respond with a ruthlessness borrowed from the Machiavellian handbook. If she does not the label of ‘watchman’ will flourish.

The ratification of Lowe by the constituency raises the perennial issue discussed many times on the blog. The private selection of candidates by the duopoly who eventually find themselves elevated to members of the cabinet. BU has posted several blogs exposing Lowe as a stool pigeon and plan for Peter Allard going back to when he was appointed to the Senate.

It is time for political parties in Barbados to reinvent themselves. Men and women must hold their noses and offer to serve. We can implement the best systems to ‘democratize’ the process, it will not work as intended unless intelligent  people with copious integrity raise their hands.





  • @ Hal






    Trevor Prescod: I have done nothing wrong

    Member of Parliament Trevor Prescod, who was removed from his post as Minister of Environment and National Beautification when Prime Minister Mia Mottley shuffled her Cabinet last week, is declaring that he has done nothing wrong in the country to deserve the treatment he said he has endured.

    Breaking his silence, days after being removed from the post, Prescod told those gathered at this morning’s Emancipation Day celebrations, held at the Emancipation Station, also known as Bussa, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, that he never stole even a toffee from the state.

    “Do you believe that I look so outdated that I cannot contribute to the development of Barbados? And I see men much younger and women much younger than me that can’t get up those stairs, serving at the highest level. I have a lot to tell you, but I am not going to tell you all now.

    “This is not the time. I only came out this morning because I had no choice, because I didn’t want the interpretations to go around that I am in such a state of despondency, that I can’t even get out of my bed, and I am turning senile, and I am concentrating on committing suicide,” he said.

    The MP for St Michael East vowed that wherever he goes, whether it is “BLP, DLP” he will always be the servant of the people of Barbados. He said whoever wants him, must “take it, or leave it as I am”.

    Prescod noted that if he could live forever to do the work that allow his people to be recognized as equals in society and everywhere black people live, he would do it.

    He recalled that two years ago when he was at the door of death, at the 11th hour, when he had given up, he stayed in the fight even though he had no energy to fight the colon cancer. He said he had one of the most severe operations, and when his friends visited him in hospital they saw a skeleton with a thin layer of flesh.

    “I had to learn to walk again. You believe that that man, who they now say is dead, who they now say that I am posting things on Facebook about I want to commit suicide, and I have not been on Facebook for a long time.

    “I can only survive with you. It is the people who stood with me before that I ask to stay with me now,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Prescod also issued the reminder that there are a number of “uncle toms” in society who will never allow the masses to escape the shackles of modern slavery. He said that history shows clearly that nobody from a working class family can be at the forefront of the revolution for the freedom of the people.

    ““They use us over and over again to impress upon black people that they are here to create economic enfranchisement. Well I will tell you at some time, the economic enfranchisement that they created. I will tell you in case some of it doesn’t come in the paper.

    “These uncle toms, who write in the newspaper, some of them leaving school, with scripture in home economics and all of a sudden some of them become professors of philosophy in all different types of disciplines, and hide behind school ties, trying to make you believe that they are speaking truth, and they have great vision and clarity with the required intuition to take us somewhere.

    They are the greatest uncle toms and sell out political racketeers. They trick us over and over again. I don’t have any right to anything, but I fight for what I want and trust me, all I am saying to you this morning in the most passive way that I can say it, just read Garvey and see how they treat us,” Prescod said.


  • BAJE



    Which paragraph /lines did the ex minister said that?
    or did you speak to hime directly?

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    He raised suggestions of corruption, nepotism in the hiring practices in the ministry and illegal awarding of contracts during his delivery in which he also stressed that if the Mia Mottley-led Government was truly serious about stamping out corruption, the award of the Portvale contract is a good place to demonstrate this seriousness.

    “They should be put under examination, under oath as part of an investigation into the awarding of the contract. And they should be made to [ appear] at a public hearing on the issue of how this contract got awarded . . . I know this isn’t what I helped campaign about in the last election. This isn’t what is contained in page 42 of this document about stamping out corruption, he said while waving the BLP’s 2018 manifesto.

    Wood subsequently resigned from the BLP of which he was a member for 35 years.


    Wood sounds alarm over award of contract

    Former government minister Anthony Wood has demanded that a criminal investigation be opened into the award of a contract to a local company to repair the roof at Portvale Sugar Factory.

    Maintaining that he would not be silenced in spite of “strong-armed, not so strong-armed and weak tactics” to keep him quiet, Wood argued that it a very serious issue and one which he linked to the death of a British national at the factory last year.

    In March 2019, 46-year-old Paul Anthony Clifford, who was employed by a local building firm to carry out repairs to the roof of the building, plunged 80 feet to his death.


  • @ Tron

    Your suspicion about the so-called race card is an old racist trick. Racism sho0uld be called out wherever it raises its head.


    Have you noticed how discussions about the internal workings of this government is deflected on to nonsense? I am not sure if it is because are unable to sustain a reasoned discussion or if the rum shop culture has so penetrated the wider culture that it has become normalised.
    You get the clowns talking about a prime minister having the right to sack people on a whim. For some, that is the level of their intelligence, but for others it is a shame.
    The question on the table remains: why was Prescod sacked in just 15 minutes aft er two years as a minister? Why was he offered a diplomatic post to Africa by a tearful prime minister if he was not up to the grade of a minister (he was also a minister in the Arthur government)? Why did she want him based in her office? Was it age? She knew his age before the general election? Was it his health? He had health problems long before the general election? Was he offered as a sacrificial lamb to the white and mixed race business community? Ask Allen Kinch and his friends in Cattlewash.


  • Don’t waste any energy with a fowl slave who don’t understand the definition of an indigenous African descendant, but only sits behind a computer to attack instead of googling definitions…lol


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    Comrade Prescod has spoken. He was pushed. PM Mottley has repaid his loyalty to her, during her darkest days with this act of betrayal of the Pan African Movement. She has now abandoned any pretense of wanting real change in her government. Prescod has been sacrificed for others that were not near the BLP .
    However, Comrades Prescod , Denny Commissiong and others made a decision to join the BLP and then they started to promote Mottley as the second coming of Comrade Fidel Castro. It was in my opinion an act of ideological treachery , to even suggest that an arch conservative like Mottley could be compared with Castro. There and then I realized the dastardly political game was on. They knowingly used the Pan African Movement to promote the BLP and more so Mottley.
    Unless Comrade Commissiong , Denny and others now show radical public and unapologetic support for Comrade Prescod, they should be branded as nothing more than cowardly political opportunists.


  • “I aks to shat worpot salage.”

    This was the first line of an essay submitted to my father forty years ago when he was a teacher. The others at which I peeked were only marginally better. It was then that I realized just how many teenagers in Barbados could not read or write. It is true that he was at the time teaching at a senior school for children who had failed the Common Entrance Examination. Tom Adams had banished him there for causing his favourite golden boy to lose an election. My father had canvassed for the opposition.

    I thought those children were an aberration. However…..

    Later that year I took a summer job with CXC assisting with organising examination scripts for the markers. I was appalled at the gibberish that was submitted as English and more appalled at the way the markers seemed to search for a way to give the writers marks. But again, it was a Basic paper not General and so I assumed that these were the less than average students. No need to worry too much, I thought.

    Until I entered the workforce several years later and was handed “memoranda” and “reports” written by my supervisors and co-workers. Until I could not understand a written report I had given orally to a police officer. (I caused an uproar when I told him I couldn’t sign that because it bore no resemblance to what I had said and very little resemblance to the English language.) Until my son’s report came home from primary school with the comment that he was not “focus” and until it kept coming back that way with similar infractions by divers teachers Until I found it strange that his last Social Studies teacher at secondary school actually wrote in perfect English.

    Until I had to resort to checking my own English because exposure to the newspapers was making me question my memory. Until now I find myself making some of the same mistakes or deliberately compromising to fit the population that seeks to correct me when I say things like “if I WERE a rich man”.

    Until I no longer bother to correct all my typos and errors because… what the heck! “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!”

    And so… I know that everybody here KNOWS that not all Bajans can read and write and certainly not at the level I display.

    Still, I am happy that you think so highly of us. Though it does appears to clash somewhat with your oft-times assertion that we are a predominantly stupid bunch languishing in a 2 x 3 backwater.

    PS. I often begin sentences with ”and” and “but” for effect, put a full stop at the end of an incomplete sentence and occasionally end my sentences with a preposition. I am getting a little lazy with my punctuation. And thus I shall forestall your critique.

    Yes, there are indeed many people in their fifties, sixties and seventies living in less than comfortable circumstances. It is, however, far from the norm, however for a person of my age and OBVIOUS educational level for a person to have accumulated less than $200,000 in equity in their homes. Middle-classed Barbadians are cash strapped because they often have car loans and credit card bills. Still, most of them at the age of nearly sixty have accumulated considerable equity because mortgages only extend to retirement age.

    Finally.. I am going to take my walk now. On the way I will pass the two storeyed “wall house” albeit on a “postage stamp” plot, belonging to one of the students in that same class my father taught at senior school. She wasn’t very smart but she was immaculate in her presentation of herself -all it took for her to succeed. AND NOT IN BUSH HILL.

    So wuh yuh tink ’bout me?

    You are the only one here trying to deny the obvious.

    Bray on, JACKASS! I’m done!

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  • Tron…worry your head not, she as leader and all who condone and enable with their silence, she as leader and all who participate in and conspire in maintaining a slave society using financial and mental bondage as weapons against the Black population to enrich themselves and their thieving minority friends, with the people’s money, will become very, very famous as times goes along, ya can take that to the bank. We now have confirmation from a former minister that all the black face nuisances in the parliament have ever done is keep colonial schemes of destruction against black majority islanders alive and well….yall stinking traitors, yall no good sell out negros…..because even if ya too dumb to understand how much further these evil crimes against Black people goes, am not.

    so who are the liars and frauds now.


  • @William

    The role of radicals in Barbados is to raise the consciousness of the public, it is a massive challenge in political education. Just look at BU and how difficult it is to exclaim how some individuals (Mr Prescod calls them Uncle Toms) operate. It has been thus before the times of Jesus.
    Remember, after the victory of the Haitian revolution, Toussaint’s very first act was to sort out the spies, traitors and enemies within. I have said on BU before, the independence of Barbados was never a proper settlement.
    Barrow’s first act was to appoint the last British governor as our first governor general. So, our constitutional independence was founded on a betrayal.
    The British also handed political power to the masses, as they had to in a democracy, and business/economic power remained in the hands of the plantocracy. We know they failed because the Trinidadians have moved in and bought up the country.
    @William, look at the Ju-C factory as an example of the competence of the Barbados business class. The Trinidadians bought the factory, moved it lock, stock and barrel to Trinidad and continued to export the sweet water to Barbados, where there was a willing market. That, I suggest, tells you everything about the business class in Barbados.
    Mr Prescod and his colleagues obviously thought that they could progress there radical programme through the BLP. To me, however, it is important to remember the BLP is a coalition party, made up of the old nationalist party, the Conservatives and a number of corrupt lawyers and business people who have no compuncture about handing out money behind the scenes.
    But your point about principled support is well made. Not a single voice, not a single person from the BLP high command has come out in support of Mr Prescod, even if the unethical have been attempting to be the Mr Fixers behind the scenes.
    @William, none of this should come as a surprise to you. For two years I have been calling this government presidency, ruled by an autocratic bully with no ideas and a distaste of details.
    We have had two examples of this recently: her constant hostility to Mr Prescod in Cabinet meetings, as he spoke out on issues of importance to him, which acted as a form of intimidation of the others.So a big Cabinet does not mean more democratic.
    And, one of our favourites here on BU, @PLT, came up with a brilliant idea which has now been adopted by this unscrupulous government and not a word of acknowledgement. In the meantime, the president has had her so-called international television interviews pushing the idea. No ethics, just PR.
    Now even by former Soviet states have adopted the suggestion from @PLT. I do not expect Commissiong to display any ethical behaviour, especially in support of Mr Prescod. Look at his behaviour in the Pan African Commission.
    In the meantime, we on BU continue with our rum shop behaviour, shouting, swearing, behaving badly. As a little boy I saw Nelson Street at its busiest (best or worst?) and it was not a nice site.
    There is something about contemporary Barbados that reminds me of that. But this is the last chance saloon. I do not give people advice, especially when it is not asked for, but Mr Prescod can spend some spare time working on the Israel Lovell Foundation, raising a generation of conscious young people, while representing his constituents. Ivy people are smart.


  • Prescod served in the late Rt. Hon Owen S. Arthur’s Cabinet for the last 20 months of the government’s 14-year tenure. George Payne was in Owen’s first Cabinet and served for the full 5-year term, then another year after the re-election in 1999. GP has been an MP since 1991 and served as General Secretary and Chairman (as recent as last year) of the party. How come the “aggrieved” ain’t querying GP? All we hearing is Allan Kinch/Allen Kinch. If the expert has the details surrounding the sale of the land tell us, including when the agreement was reached. Only a few weeks ago the Cabinet of which Prescod was then a member was deemed incompetent by the same expert.🤔

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  • Back from my walk. A few errors in my last post.:-

    I thought those children were an aberration.

    … divers teachers Until…

    It is, however, far from the norm, however for a person of my age and OBVIOUS educational level for a person to have accumulated less than $200,000 in equity in their homes.

    Put it down to MY rushing to beat heat of the sun.

    I leave them for Baje to correct. My garden awaits. The sun is already too hot.


  • I was bout to ask which buhbadus sum uh dese people livin in because I certainly doan know de country dem describing. But den I realize nuff a wunna doan even live in buhbadus


  • William Skinner

    @ Hal
    In total agreement. I have long argued that even among the Comrades there are some steeped in ruthless classism. As for the numerous detractors on BU especially those in the bosoms of the BLPDLP, I just have settled that they are nice jokers.
    People have a right to defend their parties. However , if a cabinet of 14 was too big for the country, how can a cabinet twice that size be acceptable. On a simple straightforward issue like that , some still tried to justify such a departure from a basic principle. When confronted with such, I remembered how some defended Barrow and the Public Order Act.
    It’s six and half dozen.
    Like I said very nice jokers …..
    Comrade a Prescod is not blameless however because he had to know what side of the fence Mia would choose. She is a Barrowite in every sense of the word. In simple language, any progressive force in the BLPDLP, should know that from day one their days are numbered. And to be brutally honest, I cannot even pretend that I am surprised he was cast into the wilderness when the use for him was no longer needed.
    After all he ain’t cut from their cloth.


  • @ William

    You are right about classism in Barbados. It goes across the board. That is why I say we must link the names, the marriages, and occupations – on a related issue such as reparations, I raised the issue of the ‘coloured’ who owned slaves, and asked if they too will have to pay reparations. The question has gone unanswered.
    Descendant s of these former slave owners are still among us. Ordinary young people may not be familiar with the names, but they are there and they know who they are.
    The revolution cannot be negotiated, nor can it be settled in parliament nor is wearing a dashiki revolutionary. Change will be bloody and uncompromising.
    I have said on BU that the business class and the New Barbadians are all heavily armed and if there is any social breakdown they will come out shooting.
    But do not be intimidated by that. Barbados belongs to Barbadians and they must fight to death to keep control. Some time ago I also raised the issue of the president lining up the BDF and police to clamp down on the people. She will do it.
    @William, time will expose the fakes, the make-believe revolutionaries, those who think they were born to lead.


  • What nonsence i am reading? ALL MINISTERS SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRIME MINISTER NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.Tell me when Mr Barrow fired Mr Connell allegedly under a street light or Mr Edwards or Mr Bryan who dared asked for a reason? Even when Mr Arthur fired Mrs Thompson who asked for a reason.From my me.ory not a fella because they would have received a few choice words.Now all of a sudden the PM has to explain why she fired Mr Prescod or anyone else give me a r/h break!


  • @Hal
    the lord, she giveth and she taketh away.

    Prescod is a big hardback man. he knew the deal. why is he crying now?

    just like Wood. he knew the deal too and crying like baby now.

    no one is listening and no one will listen.

    the Queen Bee ruleth. she even has her own song penned by her own bajan people. They bask in her glory and you all should too. bend that knee please. MAMA MIA.


  • @ Greene

    The Queen Bee, or as I call her the president, is all PR and no substance. As far as I know Mr Prescod is not crying, as far as I know. I am told the prime minister was in tears as she sacked him, not the other way round.
    The truth is that Mottley is fronting for the Cattlewash gang, it is her modus operandi. My concern is that the vast majority of Bajans seem happy with the way the nation is going, which is sad.


  • @Hal,

    the cattlewash gang??? i like that. well some weir in cattlewash the Maloneys and Kinches are singing MAMA MIA and chasing cockspur with a prescod whilst roasting fish over a wood fire


  • William….we should just be satisfied that the former minister and head of a state agency Wood came out and publicly exposed the clearly still ongoing corrupt practices..

    … then a sitting minister Walcott in the parliament just recently highlighted the massive corruption in the private sector, those thieves who love nothing better but to call themselves social partnership and their repulsive corrupting influence in the public sector among civil servants….as well as…AMONG GOVERNMENT MINISTERS….who call themselves leaders..

    .. then Prescott a former minister who should have come out before because he and all of them are well aware of the corruption and kept silent, the massive thefts of taxpayers and pensioners money, all the other crimes they relish in committing and those corrupt contracts that have been happening and in play for decades.

    We have our confirmation in the media no less….none of those frauds nor their fowls can come out and call any of these 3 current and former ministers liars..

    …Barbados needs a full forensic audit and investigation into the billions of dollars missing from the public purse through embezzlement etc….each and every one of those ministers/lawyers/PMs and senators both current and former and their minority friends should be investigated.

    all the other distracting comments are smoke and mirrors, i won’t hold my breath, but if Arthur had any integrity he would have passed on information so that an international investigation could be triggered, i still won’t hold my breath.


  • @ Gr eene

    In every culture, for over 2000 years, there is a story about doing a deal with the devil. In ours we know it as a Faustian deal. I don’t know if you like US blues music, but a lot of the songs are about such deal ie saving the serpent which then turns and stings you.
    The president thinks she is super smart and can get what she wants out of the Cattlewash gangsters, but she is fooling herself. They got Prescod now, but will come again and again and again.
    Today Ms Ram’s property, tomorrow the old eye hospital, next day the east coast, the next moneylaundering on the West Coast. All the president wants is her ego massaged, she wants to be world class. In the meantime, the people suffer.


  • @Hal,
    we like it so. the woo/ weir bassa bassa is not even being discussed. like it never happened.

    not only the cattlewash gang as you call it but the invitation to the opening of parliament to known drug dealers.

    MAMA MIA reaches all people. such is her reach


  • There is a sense of contentment that i have actually done more than any leader selected or elected since 1966 in calling for the total abolition of the current retrograde, subsocial, unworkable, oppressive system still violating the lives of the African descended in Barbados and Caribbean , as well as, the permanent removal of all the accompanying slave titles that the dumb are so proud to model around the place and live for, while on display like they are in a zoo to be observed.


  • correction-

    we like it so. the wood/ weir bassa bassa is not even being discussed. like it never happened. or if it is being discussed there is no engagement from the Hivers

    not only the cattlewash gang as you call it but the invitation to the opening of parliament to known drug dealers.

    MAMA MIA reaches all people. such is her reach


  • @Greene

    Hope you are prepared for when the BLPites respond with a similar question- why Michael Lashley recruited Bounty Killer at Housing. When will it end?



  • @David,

    Lashley was PM? and knowing this and having questioned that association why did a potential PM got in bed with him and his ilk?

    the same can be said of Maloney, too, ent?


  • @Greene

    Just saying it will be tit for tat. Bounty Killer situation was known to all and sundry, including ordinary Bajans. This problem runs deeper than adversarial politics. Barbadians need to be more civic minded and not afraid to call out wrong doing.


  • @ Hal






  • @David

    fair enough. but if you criticise me for something whilst in power and then you get in power and do the same said very thing or worse, can you or your sycophants really defend that?

    then again they did with number of ministers and the merc and the hotel etc.


  • @Greene

    That is the politics, have no problem with the games politicians play, sensible citizens however must be able to tell the difference and pursue issues in the interest of making Barbados a better place.


  • This narrative about Cattlewash etc is further grasping; but then again the always uninformed expert declared there’s no plan or policy for redeveloping Bridgetown. Here is an excerpt from an article in Barbados Today about this same parcel of land when the owner fenced off the car park:

    “At the more popular Copacabana, which employs over 50 people and operates a beachfront departure lounge for Virgin Atlantic’s passengers, owner Raj Chatrani has already started to look for new parking areas, which would be announced later this week…….Chatrani said: “There’s a whole master plan to put down rooms and accommodation in the area which is great and good, and I think that will bring life to the area.”

    Prior to this 2020 article, in 2019 we were told by the then minister of tourism “a major investment conference is to be held in early April to examine how to pump millions of new cash into aging hotels and other properties for tourism”.

    Before the pandemic were we not hearing of Indigo at the Caribbee Hotel site, another hotel on Hincks St and a proposal by a former Coca Cola executive at the Pierhead? I implore the BU gang to read more and Google helps.🤣🤣🤣


  • So when is Mia going to CRIMINALIZE ALL FORMS OF RACISM…arrest the culprits and make sure they get very long prison sentences, in Barbados and stop accepting and using it as a tool to draw racist tourists into the island and stop accepting it as normal practice and standard operating procedure on her people by the accused corrupt in the private sector….and stop accepting it as normal practice by those whites who buy beach properties or build hotels with their crooked selves and don’t want to see Black people on the beaches.

    slavery is supposed to have been abolished but there are still several forms of this curse still being practiced in Barbados and am sure other Caribbean islands.

    every emancipation day you get the same stupid dysfunctional talk about freedom this and that coming from one PM or the other, but the very next day, it’s racism and all the other human rights violating crimes….as usual..SOP..

    so why was the racist nelson statute not removed before emancipation day with all the Mia insulting talk about freedom, that too will return to bite….different mindsets watching.


  • @ Hal Austin August 3, 2020 2:50 AM

    Many male Aborigines of Barbados think that reading and writing is enough.What people in Singapore and China call work ethics, people in the Caribbean and apologists like you call exploitation and slavery. I’m just sick of all the begging and crying of adult men. It’s so disgusting. Prescott and others behave like little kids begging their mummy for candy.

    That is why it is good that we now have a dynamic female leader who is finally driving the men to work.


  • This is what should be taught in the schools in Barbados and the Caribbean and not the whitewashed colonial lies that continues to breed destruction.


  • @ Tron

    Apologists? First, I cannot read or write and what have I got to apologise for, or is this taking your buffoonery to another level? Give examples.


  • Like

  • NorthernObserver

    Find an article in early June about coconut trees planted on the beach side of the Jemmotts property.
    It claimed the ownership of land was in dispute, and the reported new owners Savoy, had received no permission to plant said trees, and Min Prescod had them removed after investigating the matter.
    Savoy is Kinch. So once Min Prescod was removed from office, the presumption is it had to do with this incident.


  • Kinch threatened legal action. If memory supports his lawyer mentioned was Barry Gale.


  • @Hal,

    when she fired Prescod, which she can do for no cause, she might have been crying in joy and not in sorrow


  • I will await the enlightenment that can only be provided IF and when Prescod and Wood speak instead of talking about speaking.

    I speculate mostly in private.


  • Donna:

    What is it Owen had to tell us about Mia again?

    Truly I don’t expect to hear from Wood or Prescod.


  • NorthernObserver
    All I have indicated is that there are properties that have been identified along Bay Street for redevelopment. The Savoy, it appears, being one. You can run with your conspiracy theories about trees and Prescod’s removal from the Cabinet. In all my years I have never seen a PM being asked to justify a reshuffle. Sexism?


  • Cuhdear,

    That is my expectation as well.


  • @David August 3, 2020 11:09 AM “…why Michael Lashley recruited Bounty Killer at Housing?

    Greene August 3, 2020 11:19 AM @David, ” Lashley was PM? and knowing this and having questioned that association why did a potential PM got in bed with him and his ilk?”

    My response: Bounty Killa’ was working at or for Housing?

    Stupse. I applied for a guvment pick way back in 1971, when this current house and the previous were mostly l’il children. I still haven’t hear back

    So Bounty who was not yet born, got a pick and I din get mine yet?


    David or Green can you please tell me what i need to do to fast forward my application? Any pick will do. Doing labour work or anything so.


  • bend the knee to MAMA MIA. say you love her and Bim is your oyster. that simple


  • You better fire the expert if you waan win a seat.🤣🤣🤣


  • NorthernObserver

    Savoy is the developer, the property is lot 4 of the old hospital.
    Not MY theory. I directed you to a public article on the matter, Nation June 1.
    I could care less about the shuffling of ministerial chairs. It happens frequently everywhere. Well within every PM’S mandate.
    We had one senior Minister in Canada who stepped down to “spend more time with his family” and in 6 weeks was a VP for a Bank. I gather the Banks don’t work you as hard, as is required in public office 😂😂


  • William Skinner

    To the best of my memory it is the PM , who brought the explanation into play when she said that it was not about “dismissing ” anybody and that she will be calling on those whom she had removed from cabinet. This is the first time in the history of Barbados that I ever heard a PM attempt to explain removing anybody from cabinet. So, she has no one but herself to blame, regarding the need for an explanation. If you fire people you dismiss them so it is indeed about “dismissing.” You cant have it both ways.


  • @Northern Observer

    You have your dates mixed up.

    Trees fall in land battle
    CONTROVERSY CONTINUES over ownership of a section of land at Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, St Michael.
    For the past five months, Government and developer Allan Kinch, director of Savoy Development (Barbados) Inc., who purchased three parcels of land for $4 million from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. last year, have been involved in a dispute about the rightful owner of the property.
    Yesterday, Minister of the Environment and National Beautification Trevor Prescod told the DAILY NATIONthat several trees were “illegally” planted on the beach and had to be removed.

    AN EXCAVATOR uprooting the coconut trees yesterday.
    Prescod said he was informed over the weekend that the trees were erected and after checking with other Government departments, he realised no authorisation had been given for them to be planted.
    “In the ministry’s and other Government departments’ view, [Kinch] encroached on the land space that belongs to the Government of Barbados,” he said.
    “It is also offensive in relation to all the people who are accustomed enjoying the benefits of the physical surroundings.

    Prescod (left) listening to Queen’s Counsel Barry Gale, who is representing director

    MINISTER OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND NATIONAL BEAUTIFICATION Trevor Prescod of Savoy Development (Barbados) Inc. Allan Kinch, as the excavation was ongoing. ongoing. (Pictures by Jameel Springer.)
    “So I’m doing justice by removing the trees he planted. I will leave the trees here and give him a reasonable time to remove them.”
    Prescod, accompanied by officials from his ministry and acting general manager of the National Conservation Commission, Ryan Als, watched as an excavator uprooted the trees around noon, following a meeting with officials from the Ministry of Housing and Lands, and the Lands and Surveys Department.
    The minister explained that in January, Kinch was instructed to move the trees, as they were impairing the view of lifeguards there. Since then, the trees were moved further back, close to an area used as a car park.

    MINISTER TREVOR PRESCOD said the trees were illegally planted on the beach.
    Prescod said he was surprised when he was recently informed that the said trees were replanted close to the high-water mark, a few metres away from where they were initially planted.
    “About two days or so I saw workmen taking the trees from where he had replanted them and took them back close to the water levels . . . .
    “So afterwards, I checked a number of Government departments to find out if any authorisation was given and no one knew anything about it.”
    Prescod added that the developer also cleared the land and uprooted a number of trees.
    While the excavation was ongoing, Queen’s Counsel Barry Gale, who is representing Kinch, visited the area and spoke with the minister.
    Later, Gale told the DAILY NATION his client was acting within in his rights.
    “Where he planted the coconut trees are on his land and about 150 feet away from the high-water mark. Savoy Development entered into a contract with the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTI) to purchase that property in 2015.

    uprooted trees left on the sand.
    “The property was publicly advertised for tourism development. My client submitted plans for development, which included a hotel, restaurant, a bar and the restoration of a jetty that used to be there. He accepted the BTI’s terms of $4 million, signed an agreement and made a deposit in 2015.”
    Gale added the BTI subsequently tried to get out of completing the contract and legal action was taken. Last year the Government agency agreed to complete the sale.
    He said the BTI’s lawyers prepared conveyance for the property, which went right down to the high-water mark, and new plans were drawn. Last December 31, the conveyance was completed.
    Gale said Kinch wanted to enhance public access to the popular bathing spot and provide amenities including parking, bathrooms and picnic tables.

    Source: Nation


  • @ Hal Austin August 3, 2020 1:51 PM

    Prescott is a typical opportunist. He had zero shame about entering a far too large cabinet and strangling the taxpayer.

    Those who terrorize the people with over-regulation and taxes should not be surprised that there is almost no black entrepreneurship in Barbados. Prescott should learn this sentence by heart – if he can understand the meaning intellectually.

    Prescott’s resignation was long overdue. He should apologize to the people for living at the expense of masses for two and a half years instead of starting a business.


  • Well what goes around….is that the same Prescott who removed a Black man from the Bathsheba area who had a thriving business there so he can please and appease some racist coke head bajan white surfers who did not want to see the man prospering down there….that was bound to return and bite him…all who put shitehound racists before their own people will meet karma face to face..abolish the racism.


  • @NO
    We had one senior Minister in Canada who stepped down to “spend more time with his family” and in 6 weeks was a VP for a Bank
    You may not know this but six weeks could be a long time to spend with the ”family”. Imagine you are a high powered Minister in Ottawa, travelling the world with lobbyists at your beck and call, travel allowance; expensive lunches; chauffeur driven limousine; the world is your oyster and suddenly you are home taking up space on the couch, hogging the remote watching Leaf losses; stuepsing when the better half wants to watch the soaps; examining the wife’s groceries criticizing the way she keeps house and suddenly she realizes that she has more “boss” than she bargained for and she gives an ultimatum. Suddenly that VP job at the bank is a godsend but yuh know this pandemic gwine do wonders for lawyers’ accounts all that “family time” is stressing out marriages too much time together and they find they can’t stand each other.

    But I digress one arm of the Gov’t agrees to sell a plot of land and the deal takes awhile to close when the Gov’t changes, suddenly that plot of land becomes important to the new Gov’t and it tries to nix the deal but the buyer says no way Jose, meanwhile the Minister steps in and orders that trees the buyer plants be removed as the Gov’t still “owns” the land and that causes legal hostilities.

    If a tree falls on the beach and there are plenty of people around, how far does the sound travel? Some people are speculating that the noise travelled all the way to the PM’s Office on Bay St.

    Speaking of Carlise Bay, where can I find a Cornwallis?


  • David
    “Savoy Development entered into a contract with the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. (BTI) to purchase that property in 2015.”

    Thanks!! Remember I asked the expert to tell BU the date of the agreement not the sale? Imagine an award winning journalist but always short on facts.🤣🤣


  • @Lorenzo at 9:34 a.m.

    If Barrow behaved badly, in a high handed and autocratic manner, should we be proud of that behaviour and seek to emulate it?

    If Arthur bahaved badly, in a high handed and autocratic manner should we be proud of that behaviour and seek to emulate it?

    Help me our here nuh!

    I trying to teach the grands right from wrong.

    I don’t want them to grow up believing that their “superiors” [in a democracy what is a superior anyhow?] can treat them in a high handed manner, and in return all they can say is “yes please massa” or “yes please mistress”

    Help me nuh, becausin’ the grands bright as shite, and won’t accept nuh foolish, illogical “explanation”

    Foolish me was under the impression that massa day dun de’d.


  • NorthernObserver

    The minister was Scott Bryson, I will leave it to you to tell us about his wife 😂😂
    Yes, speculation.


  • NorthernObserver

    My apologies if I mixed the dates, on my phone, and I thought it said June 1.


  • @Greene and Hal
    Re; the Cattlewash gang . Do you know with the long-suffering people in St Joseph and St John still crying out daily over the lack of piped water, that the residents of Cattlewash in the same St Joseph, do not have community water tanks,or that the BWA tanker truck does not pull up in the area to allow them to come out with their buckets and washpans? No sir, the same BWA, and successive ministers have assured the residents an interrupted supply of water.


  • @NO
    I was speaking about a generic Minister 😊 didn’t Jim Prentice resign from Cabinet and go to CIBC as Vice Chair? However, he got back into politics in Alberta and later perished in a plane crash.


  • NorthernObserver

    Memory says he did. It also says he left Cabinet stating he was joining CIBC. He didn’t use the “spend more time with family” line?


  • You better fire the expert if you waan win a seat. {Quote}

    @ Enuff

    Check out how Greene does with some shyte arguments bout politics and you gine see he does behave like one of them old time politicians from the 1970s.

    Stuart buy a Mercedes-Benz for the official PM car, Mottley said he should not have bought at that time, government change and she, as PM, using it and Greene have a problem with that. Yuh done know if Mottley did sell the Mercedes and buy a Toyota or even a Suzuki Swift, the same Greene would of had a problem with that.

    Once anybody say something negative bout the government you done know he gine believe it. Austin talking bout how Mottley was crying when she removed Precod from the Cabinet and his poochlicker Greene running with the GOSSIP and don’t know if it TRUE or NOT. But then again, he say that Austin does always be right.

    If Greene want to run for then DLP, he got to realise the young people nowadays ain’t bout that 1970s shyte, and he gine get he ass wash in licks and even lose he deposit, just like the other deposit loser that does got nuff, nuff talk.


  • @Arri

    Do people in Cattlewash get an un-interrupted supply of water, or don’t they? It is not clear. By the way, do our golf clubs still water their courses? What about homes and hotels with swimming pools?


  • I am yet to see any of the BU intelligentsia post that the colonial system in Barbados and the Caribbean should be completely and finally abolished and dismantled right out of the lives of the majority Black population of African descent, yet to say any of you call for the abolishing of racism and the racist system that the colonial trained black face leaders keep using as a weapon to maintain a slave society to keep the African descended populations chained to it as colonial the west, they are such well trained monkeys, that they will never do it on their own without some catalyst of force and change, they can’t even see what is happening around them right now, but got long useless talk and self-defeating colonial laws to apply against the people for every occasion.


  • MAMA MIA knew that the Govt commissioned the merc for the use of the PM. it was convenient at the time to criticise Stuart and the DLP for any spending no matter what. just like she did the DLP’s connection with Maloney and the construction of the hotel via Commissiong and under the guise of not having an EIA knowing full well that that was only a delay tactic.the 12-14 cabinet members under the DLP MAMA also condemned

    if she was so incensed about the efficacy of buying an expensive veh during economic hardship, yes, why not sell it after she wiped out the DLP? if she was so incensed about the DLP’s relationship with Maloney why not investigate it? i wouldnt even talk about the hotel, cos i am sure even a drone like you will get the picture. and i dont mean the picture of her and Maloney arm in arms now that he has become the patron saint of the hive. and if 12-14 ministers were too high a number what about doubling that along with numerous advisers, gurus and other hangers on? there is something called hypocrisy, even in politics

    i dont need to know what exactly transpired between MAMA MIA and Prescod. i dont care. that is a matter for the hivers.

    then there is the matter of the association with known drug dealers and that rather interesting invitation to parliament. the police were embarrassed, i heard, when they pulled out their invitations, signed and certified. care to wish that away?

    ubi multa sunt apes mel.


  • The expert with the “Bajan living in the UK condition” claimed this government only interested in the Cattlewashers because it sold Allan Kinch and/or Allen Kinch the land at Bay Street. David the blogmaster has demonstrated that the agreement to sell to the Cattlewash crew was since 2015. Yuh would think after been proved wrong (again), the fella with BLIVUKC would stop…nah he back cattlewashing.🤣🤣🤣



    Is there not a pumping station at cattlewash ?
    on the left when you coming down the hill and the sea is directly infront of you.
    Stop trying to mislead the public. That PS was there for decades/generation now.


  • Look, Greene, you need to stop with that 1970s crap and come with some real issues.

    You keep talking bout a Mercedes-Benz, inviting so called drug dealers to parliament and Mark Maloney is shyte arguments. People don’t look at that crap when they going to vote.

    First things first, between 2008 and 2013, the DLP performed the worst of any government in Babadus. The country went on go slow from the time Thompson get sick in March 2010 when he was complaining of stomach pains till about 6 months after he get buried on the 3rd November 2010. Sinckler, Denis Lowe, Lil Hitler Kellman and Stuart do so much shyte it was a pray. A lot of people thought that the DLP would get beat on the 2013. Even Arthur did sense victory that he overthrow Mottley to lead the BLP into election battle.

    But yuh know Bajans are forgiving people and they overlook the shyte the DEMS do and give DEM another chance in 2013.

    But look at this now. Before the 2018 elections, wunnuh DEMS get all bout the place talking bout Mottley ain’t a real lawyer because she ain’t got a LEC, Denis Lowe say she gine introduce same sex marriages, Maureen Holder say that she will never become PM and the PDC man that does sell socks out by Woolworth, Mark Adamson, had protests and posters saying Mottley is a lesbian and should not be PM. Wunnuh push dem lesbian and LEC things to the max. And to top it off, the first night wunnuh launch wunnuh 2018 election campaign with the meeting near by the Stadium, wunnuh get and cuss Mottley left, right and center. Lil Ceasar Lashley, Michael Lashley, Pitbull Estwick, The Ghost Who Walks Todd, Sleeve Jacket Blacket and the rest of wunnuh behave worse than Natlee in one of she videos.
    Yet wunnuh get beat 30-0.

    So Greene, yuh mean you ain’t learn nothing from the LEC and lesbian shyte? You really feel that you coming here on BU every day talking the same stupid ass shyte arguments bout a Mercedes-Benz, Mark Maloney and drug lords are SERIOUS ISSUES that could make a government lose an election?

    Look, guh way, do.


  • BU, the crew that never sleeps. ‘morning gals and guys.



    You said you were only curious about the drug dealer invitation the the last two days you mention it at least twice. at least in the last three days you brought it up every day. seem like more than curiosity to me now, seem like an obsession.

    Dont know who you trying to reach with that “propaganda” the ones that going hold on to that you already reached – the DLPites.

    The independents / swing voters don’t care about that unless you can pin something like he selling drugs for the boss lady. and you have to come with hard evidence not just hear say.

    HOW about

    You guys having a martins bay or bath group? Try to get/convince. the best political asset you have (sealy) to get back in the ring and start showing some leadership. i mentioned his resume before- best in his ministry and acting pm. he is also a bridge between the old guard and the newbies. Don gone and cant come back, Sinkler gone and cant come back, struart gone and cant come back. But all of them (and all the other oldies) maybe enticed with maybe a senate or chairman pick in the future.
    In the mean both he and Stephen young and experience enough to bring long the newbies and get rid of those two “loser”/ night watchmen that really doing more harm than good to the party image.

    He can use the excuse that he took the few years off to recharge and be with his family and also to give the bee a chance to work for the country.
    he also got to be a bit more ruthless and decisive, bajans like a little of both in their leaders, so he got to she he got some ump in him. to me he a bit too quiet/soft (just my opinion)

    And for those of you crying over a huffing common man in the game of politics really don’t understand the game of politics.
    No wonder some of us will always be on the outside looking in

    Remember huffed all of Mascoll kingman so that he could become PM

    POLITICS is a science if you don’t understand it you will fail/get used.

    Richie was any different? he also wanted to be PM just as much as DT, MAM. TA and EB


  • DT huffed mascoll


  • “propaganda” you say. uuuum. it didnt happen then? sorry my mistake. i mean obsession.

    the rest of what you wrote has some merit


  • Do you not understand the ” ” ?


  • Robert and John2

    Why wunna wasting wunna time engaging wid AssholeGreene, de man who prostitute he intellect to de DEE ELL PEE? Dat is like talking to racists PachaAss and Millidiot who knows evuhting or copy and paste wura. Nuttin good cuh cum from talking to shytes who talk shyte.


  • Mottley and co saves economy and gets high praise for COVID response, and meanwhile de Dems recycling sh*t. Lowe always wanted to bring Deltro and Cahill. Um is a shame that he couldnt follow de Deltro man who get lock up in Canada. But if yuh smart, yuh gine stay tuned to wuh in store fuh de low man, court wise


  • the last man with silver on his sleeves, it is alleged, went to Jenkins when a certain BLP sweetmout PM put a horn pun he. lets hope it doesnt happen again.

    the president of VECO which built Dodds admitted in an affidavit that he paid bribes to politicians in S America and the Caribbean. he said it was expected as a matter of doing business.

    the BLP has a history of roughly 14 years in power previous to this. 13 years and 350 days of those were spend grafting, it is alleged.

    my friends in the UK used to say to me, in that v cheeky British way, during those years, that Barbados was for sale. embarrassing, it was.


  • I seem to remember one fella called Darcy Boyce who went on to be a DLP senator an ministuh chaired de technical committee which choose de contractuh fuh Dodd’s.


  • @ John2

    no i didnt because it true as was reported so there was no need by you to use the term propaganda with or without quotations.


  • well then, that should be another contract and connection to the DLP that the present AG should investigate. i am sure he would be eager to commence an investigation


  • “copy and paste waru”

    at least ah know where the AMERICAS IS and ah know AH WAS BORN IN THE AMERICAS…..and ah know the definition of INDIGENOUS…..look how much more i know than fowl slaves…lol..

    .all of that gotta to go into a book, i will be doing the world a massive injustice if i don’t let them know how stupid fowl slaves really are…lol


  • @ Silversleeves

    Hear Greene talk bout Maloney being a villian when Mottley was de Opposition Leader and he is a hero now she is PM.

    Yuh know he always talking about the BLP 14 years and how embarrassing it was when he friends in the UK uses to tell he that during those years Barbados was for sale?

    You know that Darcy Boyce did round the BLP for all of that 14 years and duh uses to call he Owen Arthur bag man? And the same Darcy Boyce went on to be a Senator and Minister in the former DLP guv’ment?

    I hope you see the shyte old time arguments that wanna be politician does bring to BU?

    BLP 14 years of corruption
    Mark Maloney
    Mottley invite drug dealers to parliament
    Mottley criticize the BLP for having 14 ministers, now they got 26
    And the one he get from Freundel Stuart – Mottley does talk, talk, talk bout nothing

    Other than that, he does talk bout the shyte gossip from he master that got the UK Condition as if it is true.

    Greene is a real, real JOKER.


  • all of that gotta to go into a book, i will be doing the world a massive injustice if i don’t let them know how stupid fowl slaves really are…lol {Quote}

    Good luck wid yuh autobiography.


  • It’s a good thing i was never a fowl for government ministers and politicians nor a slave then, the book should go down really well……BU has had a ton of fowl slaves over the years to choose to write about, imagine not knowing that ya born in the Americas….when i tell people that they tell me straight up …maybe the person did not go to school and if they did they were not paying attention…lol…imagine not know that African descended people are also indigenous to the Americas….then saying they educated….ah still holding muh belly and bawling about that one…

    sitting in front of a computer and attacking people and still don’t know the definition of indigenous, ah will give that one a whole chapter by itself….lol


  • The people right bout you being crazy and delusional, hogging the blog.

    Everybody know that this region is referred to as the Americas. If you go on WHO, PAHO or any other international organisation website, you would see that they does call this region the Americas, including the West Indies, Mexico and South America.

    As far as I read, I never see NOBODY say that the Caribbean is NOT in the Americas. But if yuh ask you to bring proof that somebody say so on BU, you gine back off as usual. That’s because you is a NOTORIOUS LIAR that is famous for fabricating things, even forging people email addresses to send malicious information.

    And a next thing too. I read people saying that you CANNOT CALL AFRICANS that get bring here as slaves and their descendants, indigenous Africans. But you just like to show people how foolish you are and don’t know the meaning of the word “indigenous’ by still insisting that descendants of slaves are indigenous.


    Let we see WHO gine get the last laugh.


  • You really think somebody cares about that shit, post away….at least we will get some laughs….ya must think yall can threaten me with something….ya may even find some other sites to post it too…more to laugh about….damn idiot fowl slave.


  • @ Greene

    Have you read the crap about holistic education from a publicity-hungry former education minister? I am sure she is going to explain what she means, apart from ‘morals’.


  • Robert
    “ I read people saying that you CANNOT CALL AFRICANS that get bring here as slaves and their descendants, indigenous Africans. But you just like to show people how foolish you are and don’t know the meaning of the word “indigenous’ by still insisting that descendants of slaves are indigenous.“

    Yuh got too much sense fuh she. I wan’ know how people dat ent got a clue bout de composure uh dem ancestry cuh say dem indigenous to anywey? I ain’t got uh clue how much slave masters raped how much uh my female ancestors and how much uh my ancestors are products uh dat? So how I gine be uh indigenous African when I cuh got bare white people in de bloodline? I certainly look black an I clearly am black because all de ancestors I know look like me. But I cahn be sure bout nuhbody from 200 years ago. Wura de children if yuh got any uh yu interracial marriage, dem wuh be indigenous Africans too?

    But anyhow wuh yu like to do is distract. I doan know who more foolish yu or de dee ell pee idiots who bringing back lowlow.


  • And you feel people care bout the shit you talking bout that people don’t know that they born in the Americas or don’t knoe the meaning of indigenous?

    You is a real foolish b***h, yuh.

    You are a known LIAR and jackass that always making a nuisance of yuh stupid lying self pun BU.

    EVERYBODY on BU know that you is bloody jackass blog nuisance.


  • MAMA MIA knew that the Govt commissioned the merc for the use of the PM. it was convenient at the time to criticise Stuart and the DLP for any spending no matter what. just like she did the DLP’s connection with Maloney and the construction of the hotel via Commissiong and under the guise of not having an EIA knowing full well that that was only a delay tactic.the 12-14 cabinet members under the DLP MAMA also condemned

    if she was so incensed about the efficacy of buying an expensive veh during economic hardship, yes, why not sell it after she wiped out the DLP? if she was so incensed about the DLP’s relationship with Maloney why not investigate it? i wouldnt even talk about the hotel, cos i am sure even a drone like you will get the picture. and i dont mean the picture of her and Maloney arm in arms now that he has become the patron saint of the hive. and if 12-14 ministers were too high a number what about doubling that along with numerous advisers, gurus and other hangers on? there is something called hypocrisy, even in politics


    @ Greene





  • Silversleeves

    You en realize WARU is a blog nuisance that does take people ideas from social media sites and copy and paste them to BU to make it look like if it is she own ideas or she is the first to know bout it.

    I doan know if you could remember when that UK woman that died in Sargeant’s Village, how she was all over BU making people feel that she was up in the do. But all she was doing was waiting until somebody say something on Facebook and copy it to BU like she get first hand info.

    Silversleeves that mean that COW Williams. Bizzy and all them white people that got in black blood is indigenous Europeans?

    I black and considered a descendant of Africans. But I got white family, my grandmother did half white and she had cousins that did white. So my grandmother and she cousins are indigenous Africans too?


  • Alyuh don’t have anything to contribute to the island other than dumb shit, ya just as ignorant, intellect and IDEAS challenged as ya leaders, the island is about to collapse, do you even understand that. ..have you heard the voice clips going around….

    Black creatives prefer take their ideas somewhere other than in RACIST and APARTHEID practicing Barbados, do you understand that…..they are fed up of having their best ideas stolen…and don’t benefit them nor their families.

    have any of you come up with an ideas yet that can net the island a few billion dollars, outside of what ya stole from PLT….and which will not work at the height of serious infections….maybe in another 3 years if at all.

    the problem with yall , ya never thought ya were Black let alone African so ya can never associate with the word indigenous, which simply means a WAY OF LIFE of people who have lived in one area for centuries upon centuries as Black people have across the earth until invaders arrived, so you will never be able to connect to the word…but UK needs their slaves, so ya are right where ya should be..

    …ya prefer embrace colonialism because yall are programmed slaves, ya prefer embrace racism and apartheid because that is what slaves were created to do, embrace their own destruction….and ya foolish leaders are no different…that is what everyone is laughing at….me included…time to take a good long hard look at yaselves for a change…am the least of ya approaching problems.

    it’s very embarrassing, but am enjoying the show, all some people feel is pity, i don’t have that luxury, nor the time.

    ya been praying to have white bloodlines for a long time, most of you don’t though, so sit on that and even if ya do, in some instances it’s only 7% or less and in some instances can go up to 20%..unless ya have one parent who is caucasoid…but yall been trying to be white cause ya so FILLED WITH SELF HATE…. though ya know ya will never be accepted….ya have no shame, it’s still the one drop rule, ya ass is black live with it…

    i have more european blood than i want, can give away some….but consider myself African and indigenous to the Americas… comfortable in my own skin and with my ancestors so i dont need to question anything…besides if ya weren’t so lacking in knowledge ya would know that ya bloodlines, some anyway, outlines Native ancestry as an African descendant…….through the various cousins stretching across the earth..

    sounding real stupid though…”oh, i have white blood so i cant be an indigenous African”…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Hal Austin August 4, 2020 2:55 PM,

    quote] Have you read the crap about holistic education from a publicity-hungry former education minister? I am sure she is going to explain what she means, apart from ‘morals’. [unquote

    i read that with some interest. no doubt in the coming weeks we will hear more


  • Side note:
    ” I wan’ know how people dat ent got a clue bout de composure uh dem ancestry cuh say dem indigenous to anywey?”

    I don’t want to get into indigenous/homogeneous/ heterogeneous or a discussion with a BUgenius. Sometime to make a point we throw out the baby and the bath water. I am quite certain a large number of folks have a “clue bout de composure uh dem ancestry”; some goes back over a hundred years.

    Why did I focus on just that bit. It strike me as a put down of many families in Barbados. Perhaps I was too sensitive.


  • Jackass, how you could be indigenous to the Americas as a African descendant of slaves?

    If the African slaves COME HERE AFTER the Europeans and the white European indentured servants, then that mean that white Bajans could consider themselves Europeans and INDIGENOUS to the Americas too.

    And to quote from you, besides if ya weren’t so lacking in knowledge ya would know that the white bloodlines, some anyway, outlines Native ancestry as a European descendant…….through the various cousins stretching across the earth.

    People like you does mek me SICK. Wunnuh so does always JUMP PUN BANDWAGONS preaching bout BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS, black lives matter and how yuh comfortable in yuh skin, and how WICKED white people are, because it does sound good pun paper and mek people FEEL that yuh doing something to advance black enfranchisement.


    Yuh mean to tell me that after all the sounding good RHETORIC, YOU COULDN’T EVEN FIND ONE AFRICAN DESCENDANT that was GOOD ENOUGH for YOU TO MARRY?

    Yuh see the IRONY in this and how much of a JOKER, SELLOUT and HYPOCRITE YOU IS?

    Yuh see it is YOU that GINE GET LAUGH AT?


  • @Greene

    Do you remember the educational target set for 2030? We are living in a world in which new technologies are coming on stream almost every year. In Wuhan, the epicenter of the CoVid-19, patients were fed their food and treated with their medicines by robots. The Japanese are also ahead with robot technology and wider artificial intelligence.
    China is leading the world in 5G and we are living in a world in which US tech companies, data factories, are by far the fastest growing and wealthiest. Data is the new oil.
    Yet, all we talk about is scrapping the 11+ and throwing our hands in the air when young people fail the entry test to be police men and women and thinking we are high achievers when we become lawyers. We cannot even train our own nurses, a nation that once supplied the UK’s NHS.
    But, no doubt, we will get a holistic educational proposal, with hands flaring, fingers pointing, and photographers snapping.


  • Theo…Barbados has developed into an ugly, self-hating racist disgrace for a Black society, with too many Black people not knowing who they are and do not want to be associated with any Blackness….the brainwash is total…how the hell can you have 80% AFRICAN ancestry or even more, some have up to 93% African ancestry in the Caribbean….and think ya other than Black African, is beyond me…but that is their thing, am proud of my African ancestry and even prouder of my ancestors and always will be…

    … it does not take away from any European rapist ancestry that came along the way, it just gives me more ammunition to work with….so they are kinda sorta appreciated too… your ancestors, ya deal with the reality of it, and European ancestry actually comes in handy and useful for certain things, if ya can understand what is going on….

    ….but to hate ya dominant African ancestry because ya programmed to be self-hating and always longed to be white in some delusional twisted part of ya mind…. is a goddamn mental disease..

    now if they had the intelligence and spirituality that they were born with, if it had not been knocked out of them, they would see the many blessings..


  • But, no doubt, we will get a holistic educational proposal, with hands flaring, fingers pointing, and photographers snapping. {Quote}

    The PM must make a speech STANDING AT ATTENTION or AT EASE wid her hands behind her back, lest the pseudo-intellectual political analysts gine make SILLY, JUVENILE references to her hands flaring, fist pumping and fingers pointing.

    Thiatis what is passes as intelligent debate.


  • Theo…Barbados has developed into an ugly, self-hating racist disgrace for a Black society, with too many Black people not knowing who they are and do not want to be ASSOCIATED with any Blackness….the brainwash is total {Quote}

    So, wait, dis EXPLAINS why you MARRIED A WHITE MAN?


  • @Hal,

    with some speed we must shift our educational focus from purely academics to the practical sciences. there is still room for traditional education but if we want to jump start our society we must focus on this from primary school or we may be left behind or in the least be playing catch up

    MAMA MIA got this. she got the vote now watch her


  • “So, wait, dis EXPLAINS why you MARRIED A WHITE MAN?”

    yall like to be up in people’s sex lives and in their bedrooms too much when ya aint biting them on their private parts …ya pimping and voyeuring….if ya mind ya business as much as ya mind who is married to whom and who has children with whom, the island just might be in better financial shape, but gossipy fowl slaves can’t help themselves..

    ..with the amount of different bloodlines i carry i can marry just about anyone, so sit on that and spin around…ya might get a thrill..


  • @ Greene

    After ten years in the political wilderness and two years in government, the Mottley government should have had an idea of the kind of educational system they want.
    Instead what we get are silly proposals to dumb down the 11+, and half-baked ideas of about speaking Mandarin. There is no firm vision on any public policy area. None.
    What we have are lots of PR opportunities. Mr Jong is earning his keep.


  • They care nothing about upgrading the miseducation system to anything higher than the colonial mindwash..which is not suitable to this nor any other decade….am sure now the kids are at home, at least that is what some are saying, and have the time they are learning much more just from doing online research than they have learned in all their years in those schools where their minds remain stagnant,….and where most turn out just like BUs fowl slaves, anyway…

    sorry for the kids because it is now a violent environment that they are forced to assimilate into…in the schools, they may be safer at home….

    so ya got a government who never knew how to diversify from the one horse dependency tourism created for them in the 1800s by some colonial riff raff crook……they don’t have any innovative ideas unless they TIEF IT…. they have nothing to show that they can actually tell someone they ever created…..the other government was the same thing too …so the people never stood a chance….and they themselves cannot see that they are merely placeholders..

    they don’t know what to do now that everything is falling down around them, don’t know how to upgrade the education system to benefit the majority population…..and they are selling plantations so their white friends can have marijuana slave plantations and can pretend to be slave masters…reducing the people to slaves again, but they are so proud to be going nowhere, won’t want to take that away from them….would report them for modern day slavery though…ticktock…..bunch of useless lowlifes..


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