Local Microbiologist Calls for Curfew to be Extended to 28 Days

The following comment was posted by local microbiologist Dr. Robert Lucas to another blog – Bajans Jettison Social Distancing for Cheek by Jowl. The blogmaster regards it as one of the most important points shared on Barbados Underground since the status of COVID 19 was elevated by Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

David, Barbados Underground

Let me repeat what I have stated elsewhere on the Blog.

The curfew has to rigorously enforced. Once this is done, there is no need for contact tracing. I will explain.

Those who manifest symptoms are easily managed. It is person Z who comes into contact with a person (asymptomatic or beginning to show signs) and is unaware of the fact, who poses the immediate threat. By having the curfew and rigidly enforcing it, means that person Z is localized to a fixed area.

There will be more than one person who qualifies for the nomenclature Z. Since the curfew is rigidly enforced when the Zs become ill and use the hotline, hot spots are known. There will be a number of these hot spots. There should be isolated and all persons in the vicinity of the Z’ screened and placed into mandatory quarantine. No crap about voluntary quarantine.

For this method to work, it means that very tough enforcement it needed. None of this crap about human rights and individual liberty. Human rights and so on can be dealt with after the situation is under control…

Elsewhere on the Blog, I said that a twenty-eight day curfew was needed. I explain my reasoning as follows: there would be different viral incubation times for different individuals. Twenty-eight days would appear to be time for all individuals to show manifestations of the infection.



  • Guyanese cricketers stuck in Trinidad & Tobago

    With airports across the world shut down due to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, several Guyanese cricketers are left stranded in Trinidad and Tobago.

    The list includes discarded West Indies Test opener Rajindra Chandrika, Demetri Cameron, Steve Ramdass, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Paul Wintz, Garfield Benjamin, Samuel Kishnasammy and Dion Ferrier who were all playing in the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board National League.

    Stabroek Sport reached out to a few of those players who shared their views on the situation.

    Their biggest concern, they said was the uncertainty of when they will be able to return home.





  • I also forgot to mention that over a month ago i started covering my hair to go anywhere, never leave home without a scarf wrapped around my face, women and girls love to model their fake weave and this and that, those will hold and transport a plague….and INFECT THEMSELVES AND EVERYONE AROUND THEM…cover your hair and that includes fake weaves..

    still wrapping my head around the slimy trick of shutting down the supermarkets with ONLY 24 hours notice, all to create a panic…all to use an excuse to revive the M-Money scam….evil and repulsive…only jokers in the world to shut down supermarkers and pharmacies so their victims will never know what they are getting and will not be able to do anything about it.

    But one smart died at too smart’s door..


  • “when you go out with you gloves and your mask who do you do with them when you return home?”

    Unlike yardfowls i don’t need politicians or anyone else to tell me i have to either dispose of gloves, headwear and masks and/or spray and wash them, i learned to think independently from a very small child, i know hard back adults with the fowl/plantation mentality would still need a politician to tell them that although the politicians themselves also need to be told that am sure..

    Are the food vendors who sell the FRESHEST, HEALTHIEST FOODS still open..

    i know the crooked unhealthy repulsive fast food restaurants were allowed to stay open though, no one thinks they are a danger to the public, but they believe supermarkets and vendors are, so who goes around buying fastfood DURING A PLAGUE…only those willing to die a horrible death because their education system tells them to listen to wicked crooked politicians……….crooks of a feather…

    “The same people condemning the government’s decision not to close down the borders are promoting the re-opening of supermarkets. Clown show!”

    Only because yall are too dumb, dishonest and too focused on ya SCAMS to figure out how to do it safely and orderly….that wickedness yall pulled setting up the people with chaos at the supermarkets….will return to BITE …REAL HARD..


  • https://www.nationnews.com/nationnews/news/244887/atherley-applauds-changes

    Same clown who wanted the slave churches open because in his slave mind it is an..”essential service”, although churches don’t sell food…now is applauding the closure of supermarkets…the real essential service……this is who wants to be a PM….we just can’t make any of this up…..steupppsss.


  • Barbados’ plantation minded leaders….their evil is exposed for the world to see, violating human rights….taking people’s money every month for water they are not getting, depriving them and their families of water…now for the whole world to see…share, share, share..

    let the world see these black face human rights violators and abusers of their own people….see what they do..they have all been ignoring these people, while Santia boldfacedly lies about the situation.

    they maintain a third world BANANA REPUBLIC/slave society while fooling the people that they are first world and punching above some weight….any outbreak that cannot be controlled can be attributed to them and their callousness and negligence toward the people who elected them….but open supermarkets are the problem …right???

    “April 6 at 9:46 AM
    To the Prime Minister the Honourable
    Ms Mia Mottley.
    The Minister of Education and Prime Minister(Ag) the Honourable Ms:Santia Bradshaw
    The Minister of Water Resources Management the Honourable Mr Wilfred Abrahams.
    The Minister of Health the Honourable Mr Jeffrey Bostic.
    The Minister of Community Development the Honourable Mr Adrian Forde.
    The Minister of Elder Affairs the Honourable Ms Cynthia Forde.
    The Minister in the Ministry of Housing and Lands and Member of Parliament for St John the Honourable Mr Charles Griffith.
    The Chairperson of BWA Mrs Leodene Worrell. The General Manager of BWA Mr Keithroy Halliday.

    Please i crave your indulgence
    We the Residents of Sherbourne and Wilson Hill in St John are appealing to your good offices to help us with this water issue we have been experiencing since last year 2019 of March or April. This is now April 2020 the year of the gathering and boy were we gathering at the community tanks to fetch water or at the water trucks.
    Water as you know is a fundamental human right and right now that right is being abused and denied to us, “the right/the access to safe,clean drinking water”.
    Why are we paying for a service we don’t get? Who gave the orders to turn off the lines feeding these two communities? And why?

    Madam PM because of the Novel Coronavirus Covid 19, you just instructed the Barbados Water Authority to restore water to those customers who’s water was turned off for none payment of the bills but yet we who pays our bills monthly can’t get a drop of water to save our lives. Madam PM this is the epitome of ridiculous(ness).

    You Madam PM you said washing your hands with water and soap was primarily the best way to beat the Novel Coronavirus/Covid 19 Virus and handsanitizers should be secondary. Outside of this Vicious Virus we know how important water is to Health.
    Where and how are we suppose to wash our hands,bathe,wash clothes,cook,clean house,wash wares,drink water if we don’t have access to what we pay for.
    Calls to the BWA has fallen on deaf ears.

    A petition to that office has apparently gone unnoticed. Madam PM a year is too long and this situation is very frustrating and vexing to say the least.

    We have lots of vulnerable persons in these communities,sick,elderly,children,disable,
    convalescencing people,pregnant women etc. We know it can’t be because of low reservoirs,we know it can’t be lack of rain fall,we know it can’t be a burst main etc because all the other surrounding communities getting water and not these two communities. Madam PM your Government said on this Viral climate it can’t be business as usual so why is it that the BWA can treat us in this manner? Up til this date today nobody from the BWA has made it a priority to come to these two communities and explain the situation to us so people are left to speculate that it’s purpose work. It’s not fair to us who despite not having water for this length of time still have to pay our water bills monthly.

    The Minister of Water Resources just delivered a “World Water Day” message did he even remember us in that delivery.
    Right now we are under a 24 hour curfew what are we suppose to do when our stocks of water runs out? Are we to be exempted from this curfew seeing that water is essential?

    Would you believe Madam PM the BWA instead of coming to us and helping to alleviate our problems could get on facebook last night and post a bundle of crap,hoping that it would exonerate them from this ridiculous behaviour and trying to garner sympathy for they ignorance.

    These water issues are also happening in other parts of St John though not with the frequency as in the first two mentioned areas. such as Church view,Edgecliff,Clifton Hall,Pot House etc etc

    To the Barbados Water Authority do better.

    Sir Dale Worrell LXG Proven not promise


  • Am sure by now at least Piece remembers…..if no one else.

    Bitt Inc scam = A beds…which after years went nowhere, not even when it got sold to Overstock.com

    Then morphed into Fintech in some islands…

    but continued into another scam..

    M-Money scam = Rawdone & Duhkaran…..when after all the horse and pony show on the radio…totally forgot they did not tell the people about their name change from Bitt Inc or their arrogance was so condensed they did not care since they were so condescending to callers who did not trust any of them and were concerned…

    which went nowhere too..until now, shut down the supermarkets and implement their HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATING SHITE…

    hope some memories have now been jogged, it is worrying that so many people forgot and it has not been even fully two years yet…..but make no mistake a vehicle for laundering has to be found and they do not care how they do it or whose HUMAN RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED…

    Any PLAGUE OUTBREAKS in large numbers that cost countless lives, can be blamed on this government and their overt/covert game playing, stupidity and OUTRIGHT GREED..


  • @Mariposa

    Let us apply some simple reasoning: a son of the soil, with a BSc in economics, an MSc in something called political sociology, a former UK Treasury official, and a senior executive of a crypto-currency company who speaks fluent Freench. He was so dynamic that we changed the constitution so he could become a senator.
    So far, he has done wonders in the senate; we even introduced a crypto-currency regulator to cover his business tracks. He teamed up with a former bank economists, who at one point embarked on a post-graduate course in economics.
    I made the silly suggestion that since this economist had signed up for a post-graduate course, it meant she felt she was in need of further education in the discipline; and, as far as the media was concerned, instead of running to this woman every other day for comment, maybe, just maybe, they should try her lecturers and tutors who, presumably, know more about the discipline than she does.
    Of course, to the BU predators, led by the predator in chief, that suggestion was sacrilegious.
    But you are on to a winner. In time even the diehards will come round to your line of reasoning. They are as bogus as their attacks on you – and that is without nitpicking.


  • Here is what is bogus, YOU, a man who rubbishes those who have achieved in the discipline of economics but want to now weigh in by suggesting we reach out to others in the same profession.

    Small minds always attack people. Not one single positive thing you have to say about Barbados except when you romanticize the 40s and 50s life in Barbados. As you have exhaustively opined on BU, Barbados is a failed state, Bajan professionals are appallingly ignorant, You have no intention of returning to Barbados to live. Here is what to do, leave us to hell alone to wallow in our appalling ignorance.




  • While the government plays games with people’s lives in Barbados, Caribbean people including Bajans are fighting for their lives in US……supermarkets and pharmacies are open worldwide and YOU STILL have the option to order online…NO ONE’S human rights are being violated or taken away during a PANDEMIC…this is NOT THE TIME..



  • David it is too early to swell yuh head
    Relax say yuh prays and go for an early morning walk
    Dont forget to wear yuh mask
    Cause yuh never know which one of them people yuh (butt up on) might have entered the island around March 15


  • What i like about Santia is her calm and cool delivery style
    Easy to believe
    Her only problem is that she has to read from Mia handbook in these press conferences
    A diamond in the ruff
    Now look at that i decides with Mia on her choice and hell breaks loose


  • No need to wear a mask if you remain indoors and take responsibility for your health IF you have to venture outside practise social distancing. You will NEVER see the blogmaster cheek by jowl. Individuals are vested in managing their health.


  • @ Mariposa

    Again you are spot on. What we want from our political leaders is confidence, authority, credibility. Santia has that in loads. The president does not. The shouting, hand waving, long waffle is off-putting.
    As I said, all Santia needs I taking advice from decent advisers, and not political friends and flunkies and she will be genuinely world class. I wish her well.
    But, being Barbados, the crabs in a barrel will try to take her down. She has emerged out of this chaos as someone to watch.


  • Finally some real use for the slave church.


  • When ya dishonest, disrespectful and practice corruption against the same people who pay ya salaries.. THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.



  • “Same lowlifes committing the same crimes against the people over and over FOR DECADES…while taxpayers pay their salaries…how could this be fair to anyone seeking justice in the taxpayer funded court.

    If CCJ finds this repulsive and intolerable because they have come to recognize that these vicious thieves and savages, use the court system and laws AGAINST the people. They will not hand down any decision because they all know their criminal syndicate stole the whole Knox Estate.

    “Bordering on the intolerable is how the country’s final appellate tribunal has described the lower Court of Appeal’s failure to hand down its decision in a civil case, four years after it was due.

    In the latest of an ongoing series of criticisms of the sloth of Barbadian courts, the justices of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) made their position known today as they declined to hear the case, Knox versus Dean and others, possibly the longest-running estate dispute in Barbados’ modern legal history.

    The regional court indicated that it was the delay which prompted the applicant to bypass the Barbados Court of Appeal and seek a decision from the CCJ.

    The applicant challenged an earlier order made by Justice Randall Worrell in the High Court to seize dividends from Kingsland Estates Limited which were payable to the estate of the late Marjorie Ilma Knox.”


  • So despite all of that yall still want to trust this evil criminal syndicate of lawyers and all the other lowlife with selecting what you eat without your input…you do not ALLOW YOUR ENEMIES to control ur FOOD SUPPLY…especially knowing that they have robbed the elderly and their BENEFICIARIES generations of people their properties, bank accounts, theur LIVES, their very FUTURES and everything else for decades…good luck to yall i say.


  • Life may never get back to normal, says US coronavirus scientist

    ‘Showstopper’ to halt the global coronavirus disruption will only be an effective vaccine, says Dr Anthony Fauci.

    “Normal” life around the world before the coronavirus pandemic struck may never return, the top US scientist tackling the outbreak said.

    Dr Anthony Fauci said at a White House press briefing that gradually countries will again “function as a society but … if you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there”.

    “If ‘back to normal’ means acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t think that’s going to happen until we do have a situation where you can completely protect the population … Ultimately, the showstopper will obviously be a vaccine,” he said.



  • David
    That’s not the only act of dishonesty by the know-it-all former senior editor, he purposely cherry picks the man’s CV to try to belittle him. Do a google search for Hal Austin lecture at Combermere, even the fact that he got a scholarship to Combermere is listed in his bio. Who you think told this to the organisers of the lecture? The same bio mentions him assisting in the establishment of a MA course at City University London in Financial Journalism, which interestingly includes elective courses in Political Economy. What is political economy and is political sociology not a long established discipline? Rawdon Adams’ economics degree and LSE masters seem to be eating out the hobbit. Imagine he is trying to deride an MSc from LSE, a course of study that is still going today. 🤣🤣🤣


  • Just saw a clip where Prince Donald said the plague was artificially introduced, he used the word induced though….hope to hear more on that, am sure if that is the case, it means that it was a self-defeating exercise, since everyone is at risk, including those who at some point in time will apparently be fingered and accused…if COVID DON’T KILL THEM FIRST…lol

    Life wll not return to the same old no matter how much the backward, visionless nonthinkers who still live on their slave plantations with their slave master mentalities try….that is over.


  • WW

    I see you backed off that 63 x 10 potentially carriers
    shows that your head is not as hard as mari’s :))

    you find out the new number yet?


  • Well the UN got a letter about the disparities in healthcare going on in US, maybe they should get one about the human rights violating criminals for leaders jn Barbados too, who with their black faces love nothing better than to violate their own people’s human rights, not to mention steal from them to please and appease their fellow thieves.


    “Finally, we note that the racist treatment we have described in the U.S. is also faced by African people around the world. We draw your attention to the recent statements made by leading French physicians who suggested experimenting with possible COVID-combatting vaccines in Africa where “there are no masks, no treatments, no resuscitation.”[iv] After an outburst of criticism from prominent Black spokespeople, they’ve tried to backtrack but the Dr. Marion Sims’ (above) white supremacist mindset, whether articulated in French or English, is clear and dangerous.”


  • I did not back off of anything, it is all in your fragile imagination, that 63 x 10 potential super spreaders was given to me by real doctors when yall only had a couple cases and it was referencing infections worldwide at the time, they got that info from real scientists…of which u are not…since then you are 63 X 10 in less that 2 weeks….wonder how ya got there if it is not spreading as doctors initially opined, when ya only started with a couple people now included are 3 deaths.

    When they change their projections, i will let u know, ya wont have to ask.


  • WARU de Salemite needs to stop doing what she does best–putting misinformation in the blog. Who said M-Money was being dusted off to facilitate the supermarkets re-opening? Firstly, mmoney never stopped working; and secondly, I said the usefulness of a facility LIKE mmoney was useful in a time like this i.e. cashless transactions. Stick to copying and pasting and trying to impress BU of your COVID readiness since January. Notwithstanding you being responsible for 80% of the posts on the blog, when one subtracts the cut & paste (which equates to 95%) the remaining 5% adds up to ZERO, pure bilge.


  • WW






  • This is what intelligent Black people would do, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, not depend on a bunch of halfassed leaders who have to depend on everyone else.

    Heard Popuar Supermarket put a system in place where people are seeing what they are getting re groceries, for who shops at Pricesmart, they are being contacted to make arrangements, so this crap about an unopened package being just handed to people like they BEGGED for what they PAID FOR…is not cutting it.

    We should have known something was very wrong when ya elect 29 or 30 LOSERS and they in turn have to HIRE CONSULTANTS multimillion dollar no less paid by taxpayers to tell them what to do and nearly two YEARS later they are still holding on to consultants because they still need to be told what to do..

    This is what a real business person looks like, he can’t go wrong.

    “Houston Chef Jonny Rhodes decided to turn his restaurant into a grocery store to combat food shortages that are happening as a result of the pandemic, Black Enterprise reports.

    Rhodes is the owner of Indigo, a popular soul food restaurant in Houston, Texas. While most states are allowing restaurants to stay open for take-out and delivery only, Rhodes thought his spot could be of better use and made the decision to convert it into a grocery store to give low-income families better access to quality food.

    Broham’s Fine Soul Food & Groceries opened this past week and Rhodes said it was always in the plans. “It is times and moments like these in which we referenced from our inception. This project wasn’t due to launch until the fall, but our people need us NOW. As many have formed opinions on our current state as a nation, nothing has changed then or now about our position regarding food apartheid and food inequality in the nation…[Broham’s Groceries is] our first combat outpost in the fight against food injustice in Black/brown communities,” Rhodes said in a social media post.

    The new grocery store will service the community’s needs while also allowing the Texas chef to keep his employees on staff. Rhodes said not only is there a food shortage, there’s a food desert in his particular community because there are hardly any grocery stores at all, which is not uncommon in many under resourced neighborhoods across America.

    “You think about this epidemic that’s going on, one of the things you see is grocery stores can’t keep things on the shelves. Over here, there are no shelves to be empty, because there are no grocery stores. Instead of there being empty shelves, there’s empty bellies. Since this has taken place, a lot of them [people] are surviving on chips, soda, candy. That’s only going to make what’s going on right now worse. Now, you don’t have the immune system to fight it off, because we’re poisoning ourselves. We just want to be able to provide [an alternative],” Rhodes said.

    Rhodes isn’t sure when his restaurant will reopen, but for now he’s just focused on doing his part. Broham’s Groceries sells food that is locally sourced and is located at 517 Berry Rd. Houston, Texas. They’re open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm CST.

    To learn more about Broham’s Fine Soul Food & Groceries, visit http://www.htxindigo.com.

    Thank you for all you’re doing Jonny!”


  • So why don’t you tell the blog what the new number is…ya act like smeone cares what you think….when a real doctor tells me the number changed…then i will believe something new happened..

    Fowl Enuff…..wuh happen, a spoke got thrown in ya wheel, not so comfortable anymore, not so confident and uppity anymore…now ya have been reduced to COUNTING MY COMMENTS…

    yall want locking up….lol


  • that info was posted on BU by someone already.

    You always on the net cutting and pasting misleading old shite. how come you cant find new info on time?


  • I was not looking for any new info and believe it or not don’t read everything that is posted here like you seem to do, am not supposed to because you said so, i can think for my self independently WITHOUT MILLION DOLLAR CONSULTANTS and know where to look or WHOM TO ASK if i need any new info, am much better than ya loser leaders who have to run around everywhere looking for praise and attention to big up themselves on facebook and in the pimp media…when none of this is about them…if they were real leaders, they would not have to do that…they would be more comfortable and confident…in themselves….while learning how to be COMPETENT and take care of THEIR OWN PEOPLE…who pay their salaries, for a change, since none of them ever did it before..

    But these are new beginnings…watch muh nuh..


  • Good to hear the police giving feedback that there is more order at the large supermarkets.


  • BTW …tell ya dumbass leaders to get in their Beemers and Mercedes and drive down to Eagle Hall and see what’s going on because the dumbasses shut the supermarkets, only clowns in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD to do so, trying to pretend they are important and special looking for praise and attention…….one supermarket already posted to FB that they have 3,000 orders and cannot take anymore….

    next time try comparing the population size to the amount of supermarkets and pharmacies ya have on the island…f-cking idiots…

    don’t forget to count my comments…


  • man you seem more jealous that she get more attention in the media and face book than you.
    that’s why you cant keep off of facebook and keep hijacking the topics on BU – attention seeking?

    no need for me to count you or any other comments but I sure you already have your score for your daily, monthly,YTD etc. but I don’t think david going give a price or recognition for post the same shite over and over. so yuh luck bust!


  • @ DAVID.

    did you also hear where the supermarkets said they can not handle the load?


  • I said ONE SUPERMARKET…on FB said they have 3,000 orders and CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE…they have to put the vulnerable first, so DO NOT CALL IN ANYMORE ORDERS…wuh happen ya getting frighten..

    i always know up to 2012 Barbados only had about 6 supermarkets, there may be more now, but those have to supply over 280,000 people…if ya SHITE LEADERS had done the MATH…they would understand what that meant….and why NO ONE ELSE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD …closed supermarkets OR pharmacies..

    watch muh nuh…


  • Logistics logistics logistics

    So half day into the latest brain child and it has proven to be another unworkable plan. Yet we are supposed to be surprised. Stupes


  • Mia needs to stop sending out lame brain fowls though, it is embarrassing Enuff…..so many of them got chased off FB, yet they never seem to learn..lol

    It is one supermarket SO FAR said they could not handle anymore CALL IN ORDERS… another one is asking for emails but there is a wait period, those who bought in bulk over the last 2 months will not have any problems waiting..couple weeks.

    .it’s the ones both governments NEGLECTED over the years in the DEPRESSED AREAS and only used them as yardfowls, voters and taxpayers will be the most vulnerable and will need to access the call in order line more often…

    lots of entrepreuners are springing up all over the place though, try not to stagnate or stop them from earning a living to promote ya crooked minority friends…..with ya wicked minded selves..


  • I believe Tron mentioned this more than once..

    🙂 I can understand why they close the supermarkets….

    Have you looked at the Bajan male politicians in their suits.

    Every man has his suit buttons under pressure. Every man jack put on pounds after May 24 2018.

    I would have suggested they hit the gym, but it was easier for politicians to close the markets


  • In a more serious vein….

    In a not perfect system we would expect a misstep here and there. The government performed well in initial handling of the crisis and
    IMHO they continue to do so. My gauge is the number of deaths and number of infections.

    However, as series of small missteps is throwing a bad light on the government handling of this COVID19 problem.

    I will not hazard a firm guess as to why these missteps are occurring, but I would suggest that they widen the group who is providing advice. Be careful that you are not entering an echo chamber and the voices you are hearing are just echoes of your own voice.

    Given the level of criticism from a vocal minority, strongly resist the urge to close ranks and to listen to only ardent supporters.


  • Salemite
    Supermarkets overseas ran out of delivery slots. People are waiting 2-3 weeks. These are not normal times. Yuh expected the supermarkets to get 100 orders? The fact that they received 3,000 orders tells you that the decision to shut down in-supermarket shopping makes sense. Nobody wants to see you in your mummified appearance strolling through supermarket aisles–stan home!


  • It is not fair to just say the government shut-down supermarkets.

    It appears that online/ordering by telephone is still possible. Given, the behavior by some Barbadians, this course of action may be more sensible than having Barbadians “cheek to jowl” in a line. Let’s make full use of available technology.

    Personal note: I used to visit Walmart every evening on my way home from work. My mother and sister laughed at me and my wife wanted to know what I was buying everyday.

    I visited Walmart last Saturday but saw a line and ran home without stopping. It has been about three to four weeks since I visited Walmart.

    My point: In some places the stores are open, but that does not mean that everyone is going to them
    🙂 At some stage, my toilet pare will run out. Home, until then 🙂

    Stay home
    Stay safe
    Good Hygiene


  • Theo…staggered shopping should be taken into consideration, week on, week off can’t hurt, along with telephone, email and other forms of media it may help the telephone backlogs that will occur for orders, just because there are so few supermarkets to handle thousands of orders at a time…

    and look, they did not have to pay me a million dollars for that advice, free of cost….not everything is about money, another lesson to learn..

    Someone sent me a link where Yankee Garments has permission to make masks for the public for those who do not want to use their scarfs etc to cover their face…..

    Here is a very good argument for wearing masks if you plan to get on a plane within the next six months..

    “Washington (CNN Business)The union representing flight attendants for American Airlines says about 100 flight attendants have tested positive for the coronavirus.

    The Association of Professional Flight Attendants, representing more than 27,000 flight attendants, disclosed the figure in a message to its membership and said the airline has “agreed to start providing face masks for frontline team members while at work should you choose to wear one.” The union said masks are being distributed this week.”

    Or ya can just go breathing in their faces like some clowns will do and see what happens..


  • “Nobody wants to see you in your mummified appearance strolling through supermarket aisles–stan home!”



  • Ah know it escaped ya that despite the supermarkets overseas…STAYING OPEN…there are still BACKED UP ORDERS….but you run along…..i have enuff to laugh at right now….i will save the rest for later…


  • Please correct me if I am wrong, but I visited the website of a very popular supermarket in barbados but was unable to order anything.
    (What is being demanded from the government is absurd and unreasonable)

    Wanted to show you a grocery with online business but ended up in the waiting room.
    (What is being demanded from the government is absurd and unreasonable)


    You Are Now In Line
    If you are applying for a position at ShopRite, click here

    Sorry for the wait. The demand for our online grocery shopping service has increased significantly. You may experience longer than usual wait times and limited time slot availability, please know we’re working to fulfill as many orders as possible. Check time slot availability before starting your order.
    Your place in line does not guarantee that a time slot will be available.

    When it’s your turn, you will have 10 minutes to enter the website.

    We have temporarily disabled our ShopRite mobile app in order to enable the “Virtual Waiting Room” to improve performance and provide a better experience. Please be patient, we hope to have a new release available soon.

    Please bear with us as we are doing our best to serve you in a timely manner.
    Thank you for your patience & understanding.

    What is this?
    Expected arrival time on the website: 3:12 PM
    Your estimated wait time is: 32 minutes


  • It appears that some stores in Barbados has an online presence. However, their websites have very limited functionality.
    Can someone post a link where you can enter a website for a supermarket an order foodstuff?
    How many sites has this capability?

    Perhaps, fingers should also be pointed in direction of the supermarkets. They may have an online presence, but without allowing customer to order foodstuff/items, it is useless in the current crisis


  • But the ability to purchase food from a supermarket online one would have to able to keep a close track of inventory.

    HI PLT………….. Seems like you and your coders can sell a service to these companies
    It might be cheaper for them than buying software
    And all you owe me is one beer.


  • WARU
    And those backed up are the elderly who have also been given special hours to shop in-store.

    “Many customers said they struggled to find a slot within two weeks – or struggled to find any slots at all. Others expressed confusion as to how they can register to be part of the priority service after receiving a letter from the NHS that confirmed their vulnerable status amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Speaking to Retail Gazette, John Baillie, 84, said he had filled an online trolley sufficiently to warrant a free delivery with Waitrose, but couldn’t book a delivery.”

    Your problem is that you’re not too bright. I have been telling you for years to talk less and read more and try to understand. With proper logistics and distribution processes in place, 3,000 orders can be dealt with. The operations of supermarkets will also change and they should reassign and hire new staff accordingly.


  • @John A

    It is to be expected demand would exceed supply at this time, every activity has a carry capacity. Allow the supermarkets to respond to the backlog. After a few days tweak as required. These are unprecedented times.


  • now who expected perfection from day 1?
    who expected the supermarket to service 280 000 people in one day / day one?


    if 1000 get service by one supermarket today alone is a good start.

    Gov can we get some sort of testing for these supermarket workers? at least the temperature check befor the start of work


  • Fowl Enuff..you are NOT UK, nor US….you have less than a 300K population, you can streamline it efficiently, allowing your low income DEPRESSED AREAS to get their groceries FIRST however you do it, they shop more often because their INCOMES REMAIN NEAR POVERTY LINE…or below..

    Those who shop in bulk can either order at the stores that accomodate that level of shopping for either instore shopping OR PICK UP…it is not rocket science, you have two levels of people on the island, well three if ya want to count the wealthy lowlifes…how hard can it be to arrange something that simple, ya don’t even need a degree…but somehow am the idiot…


  • Did i hear that one of the 35 were tested positive
    Also wasn’t there a report stating that the 35 were released from quarantine and barbados govt stated there was no need to test them since they had shown no signs of symptoms when quarantine
    If what i stated is true and knowing that the 35 stayed at a hotel together wouldnt this be a case for having them quarantine again since they were in close contact with each other
    Once again govt has stuck its nose where it should never been


  • Another testimony on social media as to what is happening in barbados

    Mia done know phone-in orders on a massive scale is an even bigger fk up with pop down FLOW, all Mia doing is playing politricks/ laughing bad at the gullibility of bajans, who refused to think,🤣🤣😂, Mia has not even think about the poor, a leader would have set up soup kitchens at certain schools, a leader would ask the hotels to give their perishables to these same soup kitchen to feed the poor and vagrants, but that is not $$$, Mia cannot relate to the average man plight, she can only fake moves at election time, not even you yardfowls have the balls to make her look good by picking up the slack, all you do is attack ppl who point out the slack,


  • Wait, this is the regular Mariposa?

    The body sound real different, not like the regular one.


  • They will learn the hard way that they have been catering to the wrong people for decades , when they actually realize that the low income people in the depressed areas are the ones who grocery shop MORE OFTEN…because they have no choice, they buy as soon as they get any money…..so they will require at least 3 weeks of available shopping out of a month to always have a continous supply of food.

    monthly paid workers, eg middle income shop once a month, those in a higher income bracket, shop every 6 weeks to 2 months….unless it’s market.

    at this time the wealthy on the island should be made to import their own food and don’t take up supermarket space or ordering slots, they have been parasites enuff on the island, or just let Seale and the other lowlifes supply them only, but stay the hell out of the majority population’s way…..so they can have continuous access to food and other supplies they will need to survive.

    it is all about the MATH dear Fowl Enuff……lawyers are not too big on math that is why they don’t do too well in that area.


  • @ David.

    It has nothing to do with demand and supply, as I said yesterday it will not work because of logistics and load. It’s basic maths that’s all and clearly no one bothered to do it before enacting the silly idea.

    Go back and look at my one hour load formula and you will see it comes to 24000 items with 10 cashiers working. How the hell anyone expected 3 girls answering a phone, or a basic online service to handle this load!

    Go back and research what Amazon’s load was say 10 years back and then look at the infrastructure they had in place to handle it.

    All I am seeing here with this governments approach to food supply is one screw up after another. Also don’t let one person come and tell me nonesence about ” oh they was only trying something”. Do you dam logistics first next time. Or better yet just open back the supermarkets with the help of the defence force!

    It is government that is creating the panic buying and not a sole else. Plus if they do open them on Tuesday, watch for more confusion because the panic buying will return and last the whole week probably, as shoppers will fear yet another plan to be thought up restricting access in a few days.

    Wunna know when it will stop? It will stop when the public are convinced they will have total and free access to supermarkets. This will not happen when the plan Wednesday is A and Thursday it’s B and then today em is plan C .

    You ever stopped and asked yourself why no other country in the world closed supermarkets?


  • And don’t forget, the low income shoppers ARE IN THE MAJORITY by the TENS OF THOUSANDS….that is why they will need so many weeks of shopping time, just for them alone….ask the supermarkets..

    because contrary to what Fowl Enuff thinks, ya did not grow anymore supermarkets in the last 2 days, ya still have a small number of them on the island and the majority population remains bigger than the amount of supermarkets ya have….never forget the BASIC MATH…


  • WARU
    The salient point remains–in a crisis such as this online/phone ordering will see demand outstripping supply. The more you talk the more you expose your idiocy. Who do you think the packages at $25, $50 etc are targetting? Secondly, your idea of how people in what you term “depressed areas” shop is flawed and is condescending and insulting. At the end of the day, this is a health pandemic and minimising crowds is key. Go away Salemite, a cut & paste article awaits you somewhere on the internet.


  • @John A

    Appreciate your concerns but the priority now must be to contain the virus by executing strategies to suppress crowds. If there is anybody experiencing stress they can call their MP or relevant ministry for assistance.


  • “You ever stopped and asked yourself why no other country in the world closed supermarkets?”

    ah been telling alyuh that for days, but ya cuss muh.


  • “Who do you think the packages at $25, $50 etc are targetting?

    so exactly HOW LONG are those 25 dollar to 150 dollar packages going to last a household of 4 or 6 people …oh great genieass…a whole month right??


  • See how basic math escapes the self-proclaimed intelligent…ya better take this advice because ah got bottles of wines just sitting there to open, drink and enjoy the WHOLE SHITSHOW…i will make a thing of it..

    this may turn out to be the most colossal of all the cockups..


  • Madness at the Brittons HILL post office no social distancing
    No police presence
    A lady coughing and sneezing and people trying to protect themselves from her
    Long lines again
    The measures lack a sociological and physcological presence of mind
    That is people inablity to touch or relate as to how the human mind behaves when restricted from doing things in a normal and logical fashion


  • Uk supermarkets were never closed. So what happens there is that they let in a certain amount and as I goes out 1 more is let in. Because the Brits know they have free access to the supermarkets they are short lines with no panic buying.

    It is when you restrict access to food that panic starts. It is in times of uncertain policies that panic starts, as was also evident with the hoarding of bottle gas.

    Now to prove my point let’s look at the gas stations that have been left open. They were no long lines for gas were they? The reason was simply that there was no fear of lack of access to it, hence no panic.

    Maybe we should place a psychologist on the advisory board to help explaining human nature and self preservation to the policy makers.


  • What is needed as well is LESS SELFISH LEADERS..here are some real leaders who can teach the selfish ones something….the ones in Barbados are particularly selfish, i remember DLP rats reducing their salaries by only a measly 5% for an economic slow down that they caused and they did not even let a couple good months pass before they repaid themselves and made it retroactive, with Donville claiming all types of shite, ah wonder what he claiming now…

    To hear their friends tell it, BLP ministers are just as bad or worse, selfish to their fatty bones..

    “Update Inside Africa: Coronavirus RWANDA 🇷🇼: NO Salary in April for Ministers and Senior Officials

    Rwanda ministers and senior officials will not receive salary in April and this money will be spent on social programs to help the poor to resist the impact of the economic crisis related to the new coronavirus, the government announced. ” The Government of Rwanda has decided, in addition to all current social protection initiatives, that all members of government, cabinet directors, heads of public institutions and other senior officials will have to give up one month’s salary (April) “, said Prime Minister, Edouard Ngirente, in a press release published Sunday evening.

    This sacrifice is intended to show the “solidarity” of the authorities with the people, in a country that has imposed strict lockdown to limit the spread of the coronavirus. “Together, we will fight this epidemic”, Mr. Ngirente.

    The government has distributed essential goods to around 20.000 vulnerable people in the capital Kigali, but the needs are immense in this country of 12 million people where about 40 % of the population lives below the poverty line.

    This Monday, at 10 GMT, Rwanda had 104 confirmed cases of coronavirus, one of the highest numbers in East Africa.”


  • police picking up and delivering medication and groceries for the “vulnerables” in Georgia.


  • Georgia shelter in place extended until april 30th.

    vacation rentals banned


  • john A

    worldwide with all the shut downs/curfews people are travelling less and the demand for gas has dropped.


  • I asked yesterday and no one responded


    is social distancing a law in Barbados? Can some one be arrested for refusing to keep their distance?
    If no, then it a waste of time calling for police/defence force to assist.


  • One can reasonably assume that anyone perpetrating an action that endangers public health can be charged.


    Liked by 1 person

  • Like it or not it’s the truth, so here it is in a nutshell….but there they are thinking they can breathe life into the dead tourism, better find better ways to employee the people, alyuh and ya useless consultants get paid Enuff…..forever pulling bullshit out of thin air and telling the gullible…”look how great we are, punching above we imaginary weight.”

    ya can toss and turn all night, but it will not change the TRUTH…..and alyuh better look after the people, ya been parasites in their lives long Enuff…..you and ya TIEFING SIDEKICKS..

    Ah sure Fowl Enuff remembers the paycheck to paycheck analogy i described months ago for people living in US, well Covid has turned that into a reality for just about everyone..

    “Barbados through a glass, darkly
    Rasheed Griffith

    Apr 5 · 2 min readBarbados’ successive abortions of fiscal policy has marred its economic prospects. Although economic diversification was on the “agenda” for decades it never materialized.
    And then the inevitable happened.
    COVID-19 fired the kill shot to Barbados’ tourism sector. And the government tried, in vein, to delay its inevitable collapse by subsidizing the tourism sector with the health of the entire population.

    Even an optimistic prediction suggests that global tourism could recover in 10 months after the outbreak is over.
    Now that tourism is gone so too is the economy.
    If it is indeed the case that the tourism sector has collapsed (even if it is just for this year) this means that many of those people currently employed in that sector will be unemployed.
    The population of Barbados is just shy of 286,000 people. The employed labour force as of 2018 was 126,000 people. The tourism industry directly employs 18% of the labour force and indirectly employs 53%.

    Barbados’ unemployment rate for the last 5 years has hovered around 11%. But like every other “unemployment” metric I suspect that 11% is artificially low. If you are not looking for a job (i.e., you have given up because there are none) then you are not counted as unemployed. A collapse of the tourism sector could mean that the unemployment figures will surge.
    Persons that work in the tourism sector do not have the option of “working remotely” or doing work “online”. No tourists; no work; no income.

    How will they be supported?
    Barbados’ welfare system is practically non-existent. According to IMF Article 4 reports, for every $1 the Barbados government collects, 45 cents is spent on paying pensions and public sector wages. The government is effectively broke — slogging through paycheck to paycheck. The economy is so hauntingly unproductive; government expenditure is so confoundingly stretched, that the country has no fiscal room to adjust to this situation.
    COVID-19 is not the cause of an economic crisis in Barbados. COVID-19 merely unveiled the crisis that was already present.


  • Florida that instituted its stay in place a few weeks after most other states is now seeing a surge


  • One can reasonably assume that anyone perpetrating an action that endangers public health can be charged.


    I would also assume that the person would have to be a known carrier of the virus for that to happen.

    closest offence I can think of is probably failing to carry out the instruction of a police officer. but….no lawyer am i.


  • @ John A

    You ever stopped and asked yourself why no other country in the world closed supermarkets?



  • For thos who keep on saying that Barbados is the first/only contry in the world to close it supermarkets – or did it with only 24 hrs notice.



  • You keyboards warriors want more? or you all can only google what you think is the truth or what satisfy you all to suit your agenda?

    now move on to the next criticism of the government but keep it truthful


  • David

    I posted two more link that would show the government is probably copying something from Mauritius playbook but they didn’t show up.


  • @John2

    as you like googling and the example of Mauritius so much go and Google ” closing of supermarkets in Mauritius a major mistake”. When you done there Google the statement by Navin Ramgoolam on how civil servants there were paid only to find supermarkets closed. Now when you done there Google the chaos there experienced when the supermarkets were reopened.

    You mean the one example you could find to feature mirrored here in terms of failure and chaos.

    Also they are 195 countries in the world you know how many closed their supermarkets besides Barbados? Yep 1 more and that’s the one you chose as your example. LOL


  • @ John A


    as you like googling and the example of Mauritius so much go and Google ” closing of supermarkets in Mauritius a major mistake”. When you done there Google the statement by Navin Ramgoolam on how civil servants there were paid only to find supermarkets closed. Now when you done there Google the chaos there experienced when the supermarkets were reopened.

    You mean the one example you could find to feature mirrored here in terms of failure and chaos.

    Also they are 195 countries in the world you know how many closed their supermarkets besides Barbados? Yep 1 more and that’s the one you chose as your example. LOL






  • @John A

    An option for the government to consider is California and make the wearing of a mask compulsory at the supermarket. It is accepted that the supermarket is a hotspot for contracting the virus.


  • @ DAVID.

    Yes that’s is an option or do what Mauritius ended up having to do after all the confusion. They reopened the supermarkets and allowed people to shop based on the first letter of their surname. Which incidentally was suggested to them BEFORE they closed the supermarkets, but they refused to entertain it then. They then had to come back and implement the same recommendation 2 weeks later.


  • @John A

    The key is to mitigate the spread therefore the mask important which does not prevent your suggesting. In fact both are recommended.





  • de pedantic Dribbler

    JOHN A you have prosecuted this supt closure relentlessly but have you stopped at any point to ask the basic question like why the govt thought this drastic step was necessary ??

    Based on your formulas and cashier-order logistics are you so convinced that the order and delivery process cannot settle down to accomodate the consumer needs??

    This is different and it’s surely stressful and who knows maybe it’s also a diabolical plan to move Bajans to an e-commerce platform to benefit some group of people but putting the last opinion aside I hope the govt persevers and get this limited-contact shopping process to work over next two weeks.

    Being the only country closing supts can be an awesome example of what’s possible…if they planned properly and this was not a half-assed program.

    As noted many expect the Barbados positives and hospital inpatient numbers to explode shortly and the govt would be absolutely incompetent if they do not ride out this wave of discontent with the supt closures and aggressively fight that surge… They messed up before and have to aggresively fix it now … so give them some wiggle room.

    If they reopen supts in less than two weeks I hope they have a damn good reason…beyond upset shoppers….because this inconvenience of waiting extra hours on a phone or extra days for foodstuff pales SIGNIFICANTLY to NOTHING if cadavers start to increase or numbers of Bajans start to head down to the old naval base.

    Simply said…this angst over food shopping is MISPLACED.

    Liked by 1 person

  • At the onset of the covid-19 pandemic the private sector in Barbados made it clear to our government that the country had to remain open to business.

    Fast forward a few weeks and we now have an announcement from the Chairman of the Private Sector Association of Barbados Edward Clarke (a member of the minority community) advising the government to have a complete lockdown of citizens except for: patients attending the hospital and things of that nature (sic); citing his fears that this would be the only way to block the spread of this virus.

    You may question why this dramatic U turn from this particular individual and his rump of an organisation. Perhaps they have at looked at the economic international landscape and have concluded that the game is up for them. The Barbados economy has been tailored over the years to accommodate them. They have had a cosy relationship with either of our governments whilst under paying and mal treating their employees.

    It is evident to me that they are nervous of the future as we enter a period of uncertainty. Mr Clarke probably resides on a large plot of land with room to stretch his legs. He does not live cheek-by-jowl unlike the majority of his Barbadian citizens. Mark my words his words are a reminder of the old Barbados where a black man was all but barred from walking through Bellville after a certain hour of the day.

    His U-turn reflects a fear from his peer group. They (The Private sector Association) have instructed the government to have a complete lockdown of the island for their benefit. It looks like the natives are to be punished and to be kept under virtual lock and key in order to accommodate the personal interests and fears of this minority group. Please tell me that I am incorrect in my analysis.



  • Because the Brits know they have free access to the supermarkets they are short lines with no panic buying…….(Quote)



  • Information for the not so bright on how to PRIORITIZE for the vulnerable and less fortunate READ..the elder, disabled and LOW INCOME POPULATION…read the majority population in the society for SUPERMARKET OPENING…..each establishment can decide WHOM THEY WANT TO PRIORITIZE…it is not rocket science and can be done easily in a less than 300K population…most of whom live ON OR BELOW THE POVERTY LINE.

    In a letter last week to customers, the supermarket’s CEO said: “You will have seen that we put restrictions in place this week to ensure that more products are on shelf for longer. From Monday 23rd March, we are consolidating our opening hours and all our supermarkets will be open from 8am to 8pm, Monday-Saturday, including those with an Argos store. Sunday opening, Sainsbury’s Local and petrol station opening times will stay the same.”

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all of the chain’s supermarkets will dedicate the hour of 8am – 9am to serving elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers.

    NHS ID holders have priority Monday to Saturday, from 7.30am to 8am.

    To find the opening hours for your local store, visit stores.sainsburys.co.uk

    From Monday to Saturday, the German supermarket chain will be open between 8am and 8pm. Sunday opening hours remain the same – 10am to 4pm (or 6pm in Scotland). As of 28th March, Aldi has opted to give priority access to emergency workers at any time of the day. That means that as people queue to access a store (due to social distancing rules meaning that fewer customers are allowed in at once) NHS staff and 999 workers will be able to come to the front.

    To check your local store, visit: aldi.co.uk

    The supermarket is opening an hour earlier than usual in order to let elderly customers do their shopping.

    To check the opening times of your local Lidl, visit: lidl.co.uk/about-us/store-finder-opening-hours

    Iceland will open its supermarkets early for elderly customers to visit before stores open to the public.

    Each day, elderly shoppers can now visit between 8am – 9am to get their shopping first. The final hour of trading Monday to Saturday will also be for NHS staff only.

    To check local store’s opening times, visit iceland.co.uk.

    The supermarket has introduced an NHS hour at all of their stores every day, Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8am.

    To check opening hours for your local store, visit groceries.morrisons.com

    M&S has announced that it will give the first hour of every Tuesday and Friday morning to NHS and emergency service workers.

    To check opening hours for your local store, visit: marksandspencer.com/

    Although opening times have not yet changed, Waitrose do currently have a measures in place for the elderly, the vulnerable and those who look after them in, with a prioritised and dedicated shopping hour every day. This is the first opening hour of the shop.

    To check opening hours for your local store, visit: waitrose.com/

    Co-op announced that it will be offering priority shopping to the vulnerable and those who care for them from Monday to Saturday 8am – 9am and Sunday 10am – 11am.

    To check opening hours for your local store, visit: finder.coop.co.uk/food

    Although opening times haven’t changed, different Nisa stores are offering help to the elderly and vulnerable, by offering extended services to customers, including free deliveries.”


  • That is how the SHITEHOUIND MINORITIES are in Barbados, believe they should always be calling the shots to benefit themselves only, and the black face corrupt, idiot governments always allow them to do and say as they like as it regards the wellbeing of the Black population, they are probably trying their best to manipulate the situation to stay in control so they can live FREELY OFF THE BACKS OF THE MAJORITY POPULATION WHOM THEY HATE, the racist garbage. Not one black face leader came out to put this piece of trailer park trash in his place, the sell out negros….as usual.

    “(a member of the minority community) advising the government to have a complete lockdown of citizens except for: patients attending the hospital and things of that nature (sic); citing his fears that this would be the only way to block the spread of this virus.”

    They better believe the game is up for them, but the no good government has to be watched, selling out their own people resides in their bloodstreams…..they love to see parasites living off their people as long as they get their CUT.

    “Perhaps they have at looked at the economic international landscape and have concluded that the game is up for them. ”

    From ya saw the government suddenly shut down supermarkets and refuse to budge despite knowing it was the most stupid thing to do, no one else in the world did it, ignoring the fact t that they must remain open, ya know the filthy minorities have a hand in that…..lock down the population so they can’t move and buy enough food to survive…and see how else they can control everything through the black face sell out negros, they have been doing it for decades and have it refined to an art form, but watch what will happen during this plague.


  • Any abled and even some disabled persons can purchase what they need within 30 minutes, and that is for large shopping, most people only pick up a few items…EVERY COUPLE DAYS…beccause that is all they can afford…and how they can afford to shop….every couple days translates to 3 or more visits to the supermarket PER WEEK..

    ..Supermarkets have to ENFORCE… strictly NO BROWSING and NO INCONSIDERATE SHOPPING as many Bajans are known to do, leaving their carts everywhere to hamper others from moving quickly…..and acting like they have never shopped before…

    I told yall the lowlifes believe they have CAPTURED SLAVES for their tiefing minority partners so the popular sentiment would be to keep them locked down and the fowls came out for me for saying that, but i know when to chill that bottle of wine..to enjoy the SHITSHOW..


  • Jamaica allows it’s MAJORITY BLACK POPULATION freedom to INNOVATE and CREATE…here is the outcome, progress and UPWARD MOBILITY….compare the difference to Barbados’ useless sell out leaders who have RINGFENCED their people like CAPTURED SLAVES to appease tiefing parasitic minorities. That is the difference between REAL leadership and the sell out PLANTATION mentality.


  • “It is evident to me that they are nervous of the future as we enter a period of uncertainty. ”

    They are also nervous because they, just like both governments know, that they are the ones who have been importing and trafficking the guns and drugs on the island for over the last 3 decades, destroying the same depressed communities with their government contract to build prisons for black people while they profut frim theur drug and gunrunning protected by taxpayer paid traitors in the parliament…they know that they all WANT LOCKING TO HELL UP…both them and their sell out negros.

    Ah…this plague, the great equalizer.


  • A.

    yes you would be the first to respond because you are the one that came with the “FACT” that Barbados is the only government in the world that closed the supermarkets – AND DONE IT WITH ONLY 24 HRS NOTICE. then all the other join in .

    Now you are all proven wrong so instead of admitting it,,,,,just switch it up

    sing another tune now!

    As you say some times



  • Salemite
    “so exactly HOW LONG are those 25 dollar to 150 dollar packages going to last a household of 4 or 6 people …oh great genieass…a whole month right??”

    Wuh kinda argument this Abigail? Are there restrictions on the number of packages per person? No! So people can order to suit the size of their pocket and family. Secondly, are the stores only opened once a month or week? No! Thirdly, is one barred from ordering or buying additional food from the other options available? No! Today’s paper proves this–some take the packages, some don’t. Fourthly, yuh earlier stated “low income DEPRESSED AREAS [should] get their groceries FIRST however you do it, they shop more often because their INCOMES REMAIN NEAR POVERTY LINE…or below”. Now you’re arguing that the packages can’t last a month. Regular shopping in Bdos means weekly not monthly. You’re contradicting yourself because you’re a pick-a-noisette and scam artist!! Stick to cut & paste.🤣🤣🤣. I have had enough sparring with you, stay safe, read more, listen even more and talk, far, far less.


  • it a pity you can now find all the thing that are rwong with the Mauritius model but for nearly a week you could not find the facts that the song you and you group was sing was wrong


  • Also they are 195 countries in the world you know how many closed their supermarkets besides Barbados? Yep 1 more and that’s the one you chose as your example. LOL



    now there also a few cities India some with population greater and less than Barbados that had also closed their supermarkets – but they did it for only two day. yes I used that example because that was the closest to whats going on in bim . and yes its a country while the other are cities…but compared to Barbados thay too are comparable.

    becareful what you LOL at!


  • @John 2

    Do we know if local supermarkets hired additional staff to attempt to respond to increase demand?


  • @John 2

    Do we know if local supermarkets hired additional staff to attempt to respond to increase demand?


  • Try keeping the supermarkets closed that long, until a vaccine is found ya DUMBASSES..

    that, with an ever MUTATING AND HIGHLY ADAPTABLE PLAGUE can take years……months if we are extremely lucky, but it is difficult to get the slave minds for leaders and fowls to grasp these simple things…

    this is me reading more..


    “Although control policies such as physical distancing and behavioural change are likely to be maintained for some time, proactively striking a balance between resuming economic activities and keeping the reproductive number below one is likely to be the best strategy until effective vaccines become widely available,” said Wu.


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