Remember the CURFEW Barbadians

Thanks to Kammie Holder the blogmaster highlights the following reminder to Barbadians. Let us all do our part to keep the virus contained – David Blogmaster

AG (Dale Marshall) stated – ALL businesses with a few exceptions are closed from Saturday March 28th at 8pm until April 15th to reduce human interaction and compel social distancing.
The businesses permitted to operate during the day with social distancing are:
1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
3) Abatoirs, butcher shops, fish markets
4) Bakeries
5) Farms
6) Pharmaceutical, food processors, drink manufacturers
7) Banks and Credit Unions (not insurance companies)
8) Cleaning services (companies)
9) Restaurants – only drive thru and take away permitted (11am-5pm)
10) Fuel manufacturers, fuel storage, fuel distribution
11) Gas stations (7am-7pm)
12) Delivery services for food groceries and pharmaceuticals ( 8am-6pm)
13) Hotels and Villas can operate for the full 24 hr – however gaming rooms, spas, gyms, tennis courts, squash and any other ancillary recreational services provided in hotels are prohibited included dine in restaurants
14) Portvale sugar family
15) veterinary services for animals in distress
An exemption has been granted for the completed construction of Harrison’s Point. NO OTHER CONSTRUCTION MUST TAKE PLACE
Weddings – only bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and marriage officer are permitted to attend.
Funerals – no more than 10 mourners, the funeral director, necessary staff and the officiant
No person shall host or attend a private party, sporting event, meetings of social clubs, civic organization etc.
Public Service
Some services will be open but with skeleton staff (9am-2pm)
1) Office of AG
2) Registrar of Supreme Court
3) National Assistance Board
4)Govt laboratories
7)Central Bank
8) Central Purchasing
9) BRA
10) Commerce Dept
11) Post Office
12) Cabinet Office
13) Min of Public Service
14) Min of Foreign Affairs (not Foreign Trade)
15) Meteorological Services
Min of Public Service is finalising a work from home programme for civil servants where possible
Essential Services for whom the curfew does not apply are:
1) Medical profession
2) Para medical profession
3)Hospital/pharmacy workers
4) Caregivers/homehelp (not maids)
5) Police
6) BDF
7) Customs
8) Security services
9) Firefighting
10) Disaster management services
11) Electricity, telecommunications and media services
12) Transportation services
13) Airport and seaport including
14) Water services
15) Collection, treatment storage of refuge
16) Businesses dealing with deceased persons
*Penalty for breach:
$50 000 fine or 12 months imprisonment or both*

454 thoughts on “Remember the CURFEW Barbadians

  1. Not a sloth at all, fool! I spent the morning in my recently planted garden. And I don’t wait for a crisis to help people. Once I came into a sizeable sum of money and my father rushed to instruct me not to try to solve everybody’s problems with it. He knew me well. What I DO understand is that you are a jackass who cannot grasp the concept of fractions. The prime minister stated that there are three months’ groceries in stock. I took my three months’ share and retreated to my residence where my asthmatic ass is practising social distancing as instructed. If food stocks run out I will donate to a food bank. When my garden produces I will do likewise.

    Is like you cannot do fractions and you are bad at reading comprehension.

    Still waiting to find out if it is your practice to take less than your share.

    Now the sun is cooling down and it’s back to my composting. Pure BLACK GOLD coming right up! No more time to engage with white shite like you with your unnecessary lectures.

  2. In the Corona crisis, the government should publish the home addresses of Mariposa and other former DLP ministers who now receive high pensions.

    The impoverished masses soon have nothing left to eat, while the DLP grandees drink champagne from golden cups like the white slaveholders used to.

  3. Tron here is what i think of Mia curfew plan for the poor and vulnerable

    Now all across social media is this woman who claims of having no placed of abode locked in handcuffs and decked on both sides by policeman
    Now what was her crime ..Oh she broke the curfew
    Here is an instance wherby this woman could not be having no place of abode
    But the first response by police was to locked the lady in hand cuffs and take her into custody
    I get the feeling that the image was to send a strong measure to the public
    But cuhdear there are many people who are mentally challenged and have no place of abode
    Instead of using the lady as an example could not the police released the information to the public without all the kudoment publicity
    I would bet this is another one of govt publicity stunts to win favour with the people after the govt disastrous handling of the Corona Virus
    With so much crime taking root in barbados daily would it not be better to place a stronger interest in finding the criminal element that keeps barbadians in fear
    How about the squatters living illegally on land why cant govt give them the same type of police treatment that is set aside for curfew law breakers

  4. Mariposa you understand what a curfew means ?Let me break it down for jackass.It means that after 8 pm unless you are in an essential service you are to be OFF THE ROAD comprende?Why was this lady on the road?The police have their job to do and should not softsoap any of these curfew breakers or next thing we know a bunch of lawless persons will be all over the place defying the police, the same ones uou call when anything happens to you.I support the police in making an example of these idiots and so should you.

  5. Lorenzo curfews come with first warnings to individuals when first caught breaking the law
    There could be many real reasons for an individual not knowing the law
    In democracies all constitutional rights must be exhausted in times of crisis before the individual is hauled before a judge without good and fair representation and sentence
    Do u know why the lady was in the street
    Dont u get it into your big head that because govt institute a law under curfew powers that an individual rights are thrown out the window for indeed that is a foolish thought that leads to totalitarian govt
    Btw an individual still has special rights such as a right to religious assembly while curfew laws are in place
    You need to know your rights before taking an ak47 and shooting yuhself in the mouth

  6. Whuloss!

    De Mugabe administration has rehired the Pair of Rented Jackasses who we shall beat mercilessly?

    What is Barbados coming to?

    Then it means that the Salemites are doing their job and the Honourable Blogmaster had to call for backup


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