Remember the CURFEW Barbadians

Thanks to Kammie Holder the blogmaster highlights the following reminder to Barbadians. Let us all do our part to keep the virus contained – David Blogmaster

AG (Dale Marshall) stated – ALL businesses with a few exceptions are closed from Saturday March 28th at 8pm until April 15th to reduce human interaction and compel social distancing.
The businesses permitted to operate during the day with social distancing are:
1) Supermarkets
2) Pharmacies
3) Abatoirs, butcher shops, fish markets
4) Bakeries
5) Farms
6) Pharmaceutical, food processors, drink manufacturers
7) Banks and Credit Unions (not insurance companies)
8) Cleaning services (companies)
9) Restaurants – only drive thru and take away permitted (11am-5pm)
10) Fuel manufacturers, fuel storage, fuel distribution
11) Gas stations (7am-7pm)
12) Delivery services for food groceries and pharmaceuticals ( 8am-6pm)
13) Hotels and Villas can operate for the full 24 hr – however gaming rooms, spas, gyms, tennis courts, squash and any other ancillary recreational services provided in hotels are prohibited included dine in restaurants
14) Portvale sugar family
15) veterinary services for animals in distress
An exemption has been granted for the completed construction of Harrison’s Point. NO OTHER CONSTRUCTION MUST TAKE PLACE
Weddings – only bride, bridegroom, official witnesses and marriage officer are permitted to attend.
Funerals – no more than 10 mourners, the funeral director, necessary staff and the officiant
No person shall host or attend a private party, sporting event, meetings of social clubs, civic organization etc.
Public Service
Some services will be open but with skeleton staff (9am-2pm)
1) Office of AG
2) Registrar of Supreme Court
3) National Assistance Board
4)Govt laboratories
7)Central Bank
8) Central Purchasing
9) BRA
10) Commerce Dept
11) Post Office
12) Cabinet Office
13) Min of Public Service
14) Min of Foreign Affairs (not Foreign Trade)
15) Meteorological Services
Min of Public Service is finalising a work from home programme for civil servants where possible
Essential Services for whom the curfew does not apply are:
1) Medical profession
2) Para medical profession
3)Hospital/pharmacy workers
4) Caregivers/homehelp (not maids)
5) Police
6) BDF
7) Customs
8) Security services
9) Firefighting
10) Disaster management services
11) Electricity, telecommunications and media services
12) Transportation services
13) Airport and seaport including
14) Water services
15) Collection, treatment storage of refuge
16) Businesses dealing with deceased persons
*Penalty for breach:
$50 000 fine or 12 months imprisonment or both*


  • @lawson

    For Barbados and service based countries like Barbados it would have been a health mix. Today’s news article refers to many of the retuning Bajans it being non essential travel.


  • Lawson, you fool! Some people are hoarding a six month’s supply. I took only what the PM said is available. Don’t see how that could affect the poor. I have left their share for them. I have heard the recommendation made that we should limit our trips to the supermarket because that will reduce the probability both of catching AND OF PASSING ON THE VIRUS. I guess mathematics is not your thing.

    Or is it that you so have a problem with me that it blinds you to that logic? You did say you can’t stand me.

    MORON, I am in the process of planting a garden. Will be happy to share later on, if necessary. And unlike SOME of the hoarders I will also share my purchased supplies if called upon to do so. Told my son just last night that if push comes to shove we could decrease the amount we eat and share. Well, I could anyway because I need to lose a few pounds but he does not have one ounce to spare.

    I have in my possession one bottle of hand sanitizer only and two bottles of alcohol. I told my son in the early days that as he usually leaves home only twice a week and I only once in normal circumstances, we would leave those supplies for those who need them.


    I hope that you are not suggesting that I am panicking. I did not rush to buy any masks in the early days. i left them for those who need them most. I am cool, calm and collected and have been from the very beginning even though I am asthmatic and have experienced on four occasions what it is like not to know where the next breath is coming from. On one occasion I heard the nurse say I was lucky to have made it to the hospital. I knew that I made it because I did not panic. I have since purchased a nebulizer.


  • @donna

    It was a general comment.


  • “I was always cautioned my father-in-law that Trinidad running your grocery business was a recipe for disaster,”

    From the moment Barbados’ black leaders were allowed into the parliament, they developed a DEPENDENCY SYNDROME…as it relates to their people…i could see the factors that were involved back then, but in the 21st century, there is no excuse…

    So as things stand, they are the problem, partly because they are so uselessly SELF ABSORBED, partly because they fell in love with the script UK handed to them which ensured they had to do very little work, except to keep their own people under control, disenfranchised and struggling to survive, even yardfowls….ya should see the condition of some of those utter fools…and from there they took off, all they actively do is find those who would help them enrich themselves and then do only the bare minimum to keep the country afloat, until that too backfired on them, they neglected the people and island for way too long….NOW IT WILL BITE THEM IN THEIR BROAD BACKSIDES….


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  • David,

    I thought as much but I was just checking. I think you know by now how I roll.


  • “Maybe this reality will wake up the young and others in Barbados who believe they are invincible to the virus….this was a very beautiful Bajan woman….maybe they need to read it twice or three times.

    “Barbados TodayLike Page
    8 hrs ·
    COVID-19: Asthmatic, 45 dies in US alone in isolation
    By Anesta Henry

    The coronavirus has apparently claimed the life of Barbadian Dondrew Gibbons who died alone in her Connecticut, United States apartment last Saturday, March 28.
    The death has left the 45-year-old’s grieving relatives in Barbados reeling in pain.
    Struggling to come to grips with the loss is Gibbons’ sister Roxanne Bernard, 42, who told Barbados TODAY that her sister became very ill and had no one there to hold her hand when she took her last breath because she was on a self-imposed quarantine.

    “She died a sad death. She died alone. She had nobody there with her. She had people taking stuff when she was sick but they could not be there with her because the virus is highly contagious. She died alone,” Bernard said.

    Bernard said on Friday, March 20, her sister developed a persistent cough and fever and in the following days, tried recommended homemade remedies. But by Monday, the symptoms began to get worse, particularly the high body temperature which “just was not going down”.
    Bernard said Gibbons followed the advice of her doctor with whom she maintained contact through technology.

    “On Wednesday she keep telling me that the fever ain’t going down. And then by she is an asthmatic she was on her machine at home where she would nebulize herself because she was wheezing. But when she tell me the fever keep spiking I tell myself automatically that pneumonia is what was probably causing the fever not to go down.

    “She was just telling me how weak she was feeling. Her asthma made the situation even worse. About Thursday she sent a voice note and tell me that she was going to the doctor for them to actually give her the test for the coronavirus.
    “On Friday when I sent her a message I realized she read it but she didn’t answer. So I left her alone because I tell myself she probably getting some rest because I know with the flu you feel weak and weary and just want to sleep,” she said.
    “I tried during the day but I did not get her. Then I get her the Friday evening when I get in from work and all she told me is ‘I am pushing through’ and she asked me to just pray. Then my other sister heard her after me and they prayed together around 12 o’clock or so that same night and then she like she died the morning,” Bernard added.

    The grieving sister explained that when she and other family members called Gibbons’ phone that Saturday morning, the calls went unanswered.
    However, when they contacted Gibbons’ best friend who lives in the same area and had been taking food and medication for her during her illness, he too confirmed that he was not getting through to her.
    “He said he would call 911 and let them meet him there and that is just what he did. And they knocked the door and she was just there on the couch unresponsive. But all along my other sister was on the phone with the guy [best friend]. And my sister told me when he told her the ambulance gone she knew that something was wrong.”
    The hairdresser said her sister who would have celebrated her 46th birthday in July left Barbados when she was a teenager to live in the United States with her mother.

    She said Gibbons’ mother also previously lived in Connecticut but moved to South Carolina in recent years.
    “To me it is like within a week and she was gone”, Bernard lamented.
    “Now we don’t know what is going to happen with her body because I hearing that they burning people who died from it. Apparently they are saying that when you die with it it is still there.
    “But even before this she always said she wants to be cremated. I know her apartment is shutdown and locked off until further notice but we don’t know what is going to happen. But the same guy who is her best friend he is who dealing with it because he is close by,” she added.
    Bernard said over the past few days she has shed her share of tears which keep coming whenever memories of her sister come to mind.

    But, she said the painful loss was being felt by all family members.
    “We are close. She is my sister by my father’s side and not my mother’s, but we were close regardless. Right now my father is not even talking from the time he heard the news.
    “My grandmother is in her 80’s and she is trying to cope. And when my sister heard Dondrew’s mother this morning she was in shock. It is like she is talking as though she is not gone because Dondrew is her only child. My sister is loved.”
    Gibbons was the coordinator at a centre for children with special needs.
    But even as Bernard mourns her loss, she sounded a warning to Barbadians to take the virus seriously.
    She said though she was not physically there at her sister’s side, she understands the pain and suffering the virus inflicted on her.

    “I seeing a lot of social media posts with people who like them ain’t taking it seriously here. You mean that they can’t see that we fighting this here. People still doing them own thing. People need to work with what they are seeing and stay at home. Go outside if it is only necessary and do the cleaning and sanitizing and what’s not.
    “This virus is nothing to play with. And then now my other sister sent me a picture with a girl I know from here who went down there and contracted it and died.
    “But I guess because nobody died from it here yet people taking it lightly. But I don’t think we need to get to that point. People just need to do the right thing. Because if it gets to that point and people with asthma get it they will die the same way. It will be fatal,” she said.
    Bernard said she missed the opportunity to see her sister last year when she came to Barbados for an emergency.
    “It was my birthday and I was out the day she came by me. So I did not get to see her that day. But we always remained in contact regardless of the distance between us”


  • Take note that US hospitals are stretched like everywhere else, lacking respirators etc and only now building temporary facilitites…ya ain’t got shit in Barbados…so stay your asses inside..


  • In Hungary, the prime minister can now rule by decree. In Britain, ministers have what a critic called “eye-watering” power to detain people and close borders. Israel’s prime minister has shut down courts and begun an intrusive surveillance of citizens. Chile has sent the military to public squares once occupied by protesters. Bolivia has postponed elections.
    As the coronavirus pandemic brings the world to a juddering halt and anxious citizens demand action, leaders across the globe are invoking executive powers and seizing virtually dictatorial authority with scant resistance.
    Governments and rights groups agree that these extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. States need new powers to shut their borders, enforce quarantines and track infected people. Many of these actions are protected under international rules, constitutional lawyers say.

    But critics say some governments are using the public health crisis as cover to seize new powers that have little to do with the outbreak, with few safeguards to ensure that their new authority will not be abused.(Quote)


  • They mean to rob the people one way or the next, this government and the Maloney and all the other well known crooks have joined forces for the next scam, now there is a brand new charity trying to collect money from people locally and internationally and they claim it’s to buy equipment and this and that to fight the virus….you fight the virus individually so that you don’t catch it, you follow instructions from the ministry of health and from WHO organization….why don’t they use all that they STOLE ALREADY to buy equipment…no one with any intelligence will give any of them shit, so they can use it to set up people in Barbados as usual…


  • oh…ah forgot to give ya the name of the scam…it’s the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery incorporated on March 25, 2020…and according to Barbadostoday it was a suggestion made by the PM to chairman of the charity Mallalieu, who heads the board of Directors, with Maloney of course, Altman, Barry Gale and am sure ya will hear about the others shortly..

    ya can check barbadostoday for the other details.


  • mari

    It was just reported that passenger travel through out the usa airports are down by 93 %

    where are all of these tourists that running to Barbados come from?

    Beside in your head ( for political reason) of course


  • Hal Austin
    March 31, 2020 10:08 AM

    In Hungary, the prime minister can now rule by decree. In Britain, ministers have what a critic called “eye-watering” power to detain people and close borders. Israel’s prime minister has shut down courts and begun an intrusive surveillance of citizens. Chile has sent the military to public squares once occupied by protesters. Bolivia has postponed elections.
    As the coronavirus pandemic brings the world to a juddering halt and anxious citizens demand action, leaders across the globe are invoking executive powers and seizing virtually dictatorial authority with scant resistance.
    Governments and rights groups agree that these extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. States need new powers to shut their borders, enforce quarantines and track infected people. Many of these actions are protected under international rules, constitutional lawyers say.
    But critics say some governments are using the public health crisis as cover to seize new powers that have little to do with the outbreak, with few safeguards to ensure that their new authority will not be abused.(Quote)


    It’s the ffing experts.

    They crave power.

    Now they have created pandemonium they predict the obvious!!


  • Nobody will hold the experts and the press to account!!

    … except Trump.


  • As usual she cannot see her own people capable of shit, can’t promote her own people to do anything….

    so it’s very clear she could not find a group of people who look like her to set up a charity to buy equipment, it must be well known crooks who are on people’s radars…..well crooks tend to attact crooks..


  • John…as long as the virus peaks, the infection and then the deaths should slow down…if it follows the same pattern as China, if the people stay isolated for a period of time.


  • Tough love, but not abuse nor imprisonment nor $50,000 dollar fines….and the same sweeping powers can be used to mobilize the security services…there is not one bajan want to sit in the stadium in the hot sun for the whole day, especially if it rains…

    “While other African leaders have feed their military dogs to physically and harshly abuse their citizens in order to keep them in their rooms while hungry, President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda 🇷🇼 is showing leadership in humanity.

    Firstly, citizens are provided with the needed food to support them to stay indoors without being hungry.

    In spite of this, when you are caught in the streets without any tangible reason, you are made to sit in the stadium for the whole day while basic needs such as food and water is provided for you.

    You do not need to physically abuse and harm people to enforce your order. Humans learn better with love”


  • Problem with Ms. Fighting Imperialism is she takes instructions from minorities and it never bodes well for the Black majority….that is why she gotta go come 2023…ya need leaders who are not owned by anyone..

    If Rwanda can find an intelligent, proactive, forward thinking leader with vision…so can Barbados….right now, none of them presenting themselves qualify….and if there is even one, the others are useless.

    BTW…i do believe it is the same Rwanda removed every colonial law off their statute books….the first Black Bajan ya find with the balls to do so as a leader…will be the first real leader Barbados has ever had…


  • Wel,l if those are the administrators of the fund I will have to find another way of contributing.


  • Donna…just protect yourself and help who you can…Bajans once had a community spirit of helping each other…they will have to return to those days of the 50s through the 80s that many of us remember…forget these crooks, they are headed for disaster, do not let them take you with them…..and don’t give them your hardearned money, let them go sell their asses or volunteer to do some farming in UK, am sure they willl be happy to have european descended indentured servants to farm and pick fruits…..

    John…we may have spoken too quickly…looks like China may have a new outbreak.. hope they get it under control soon.


  • I read about the wonder that is Rwanda many months ago! Why isn’t their miraculous healing being touted more, I wonder?

    That is a very creative way of handling the unruly ones! Brilliant!

    And you know that reminds me of one of my favourite performers out of Africa!


    Never found out what the heck she was saying but it sound too sweet!


  • This performance is even better!


  • Ah Miriam..African Queen…

    All travel will have to be shut down eventually…learn from other people’s mistakes..

    “China reported 48 new cases of coronavirus today, all of them imported – putting an end to four days of declines.

    The figures reverse the trend of recent days after 67 cases were reported on Thursday, 55 on Friday, 54 on Saturday, 45 on Sunday and 31 on Monday.

    There were no new cases in the original virus epicentre of Hubei province, although one patient died in Wuhan where the outbreak began.

    Health officials found no new cases of the virus being transmitted locally, according to the figures released by the National Health Commission”.


  • “Why isn’t their miraculous healing being touted more, I wonder?”

    many would not want that, Blacks can be their own worse enemy, the leaders even worse, engineered that way.

    Rwanda had to pay a very heavy price to learn, maybe they do too…let’s hope not.


  • Yes Yes Donna your a saint because the other guy is worse than you taking twice their share..


  • Well they said it’s your Harrison Quarantine, says so on the sign too, it looks all nice and clean, spanking new, only problem people are asking, who else they are planning to grab and put in there…it was not me asked that question…i would never think they are capable of anythig like that with all those sweeping powers…


  • See what COVID-19 doing to me…???

    This thread was posted by Blogmaster David on 28th March. The first comment was by John2 at 8:20AM same day. Since then, until 1:20PM on March 31, there were 426 comments. Here are same sample numbers:
    David = 51
    John2 = 53
    Wura-War-on-U = 87
    Mariposa = 48
    Hal = 10

    …hope I did not offend anyone for not having them in this sample list….. stay healthy everyone!!!


  • Donna…as you already know and i was saying…hold your money, help each other…these are more than likely on their way to jail…stay away from them, they are hot….time is longer than twine.

    “We have more evidence to tie these people and other people into all sorts of stealing in Kingsland Estates Limited including and particularly Adams Castle


    TERRA (Andrew Mallalieu) prepared a $10 million valuation of my family’s 2 acre Beachfront property on Maxwell Coast Road
    REALTORS valued at $11 million
    Illegal sale to Kalahari Inc purportedly $12 million
    Directors of Kalahari
    Directors changed, flipped to for $18 million
    Was advertised for sale on Internet by Altman for US$12.5 million
    Advertised for sale by Ron Karp for $25 million”


  • what i do, study some languages…i speak more than two daily and still find time to post to BU, FB and everywhere that tickles my fancy…ya need to fill up ya time, but counting posts….lawd..


  • You keep that depressing shit up and Ms. Fighting Imperialism will have her friends pick ya up in a straight jacket, these days ya can’t tell who is who…lol


  • Sorry to hear about that bajan in Connecticut. The elephant in the room that no one has mentioned, is the high rate of non communicable diseases in Barbados. These weaken the immune system.

    I am fearful of the calamity that could come in Barbados, due to this. Ignore those who are passing this off as of little consequence. They are writing / talking rubbish.

    Be very careful and protect yourself and your families. Do what you have to do, but stay away from congregating, groups.

    Unfortunately, there will be deaths. Pray for those who will be afflicted and succumb to this virus.

    Unfortunately many live in close quarters in the housing estates, this is going to be hard to control and those with weakened systems will be susceptible.

    Remember, this virus dehydrates severely, so drink liquids, continually, especially if you have a fever.

    Keep moving as well.

    God Bless.


  • @ Mariposa

    Is the president out and about yet?


  • Waru since when has gibberish been a language


  • History accelerates in crises. This pandemic may not itself transform the world, but it can accelerate changes already under way. One ongoing change has been in the relationship between China, the rising superpower, and the US, the incumbent.
    Being a superpower is not just about brute strength, it is also about being seen as a competent and decent leader. After victories in the second world war and the cold war, the US was such a leader.
    Despite rising economic strength, China is not. But times can change. The coronavirus may accelerate the process. Kishore Mahbubani, a former Singaporean diplomat, has written a characteristically provocative book on the struggle for primacy between the two superpowers under the provocative title Has China Won?
    The answer, he suggests, is not yet. But it might. This is not just because of its scale, but also because of American mistakes, including false perceptions of Chinese reality.
    Perhaps the most important conclusion to draw from his analysis is that global influence derives mainly from one’s own choices. China and the US have each made big mistakes. But the US failure to create widely shared prosperity at home, and its bellicosity abroad, are proving crippling.
    The dismal presidency of a malevolent incompetent is one result. Now has come the virus, an event not considered in this book. It casts a harsh light on the competence and decency of the superpowers. It has done the same on EU solidarity (or its absence), the effectiveness of states, the vulnerability of finance and the capacity for global co-operation.
    In all this, the performance of the US and China is of pre-eminent importance. So what have we learnt? The novel coronavirus, which is causing such social and economic havoc, emerged in China’s Hubei province. There seems little doubt about this.
    The US National Institutes of Health state that it originated in bats. Irresponsibly and tragically, the local authorities suppressed news of the infection, causing a delay of at least three weeks in the response. That let the virus spread across the world.
    Thereafter, however, the Chinese state took brutal action, bringing the disease under control in Hubei and halting its spread across China. Relative to population, China’s mortality rate has been very low.
    Both the initial suppression of bad news and the scale of the response are characteristics of a repressive, yet effective, state. (See charts.) Effective response to the disease will have had a big economic cost in China. But the state encouraged employers to retain their employees, while also providing support to enterprises to do so.
    The official urban unemployment rate has risen very little. The largest group of victims has, as usual, been migrant labour. China can now reopen the economy, though there is a risk of a second wave of the disease as it does so.
    The US has had its own forms of denial, emanating shamefully from President Donald Trump himself, together with huge failures in ramping up testing and providing equipment, as has the UK.
    Columbia University’s Jeffrey Sachs has written devastatingly of the ill will and ineffectiveness on display. Infections are spreading at fearful speed across the country. It could get worse. Italy and Spain show how much worse.
    Yet the US has the additional drawback of a defective health system. The US, like other high-income countries, has now responded with “social distancing”, although Mr Trump has only reluctantly extended it, and a fiscal response, worth $2tn.
    Roman Frydman of New York University, argues that this is neither big enough, given the scale of the American economy, nor well-focused: only a 20th of this sum is going to hospitals, while state and local governments are short-changed.

    Worst of all, argues veteran anti-corruption campaigner, Frank Vogl, is a $500bn fund for big corporations likely to be under Mr Trump’s unsupervised control, which is contrary to the will of Congress.
    The fundamental American principles of democracy and individual freedom remain attractive to many around the world, despite the global rise of populist autocracy.
    The vigour of its private economy may yet save us all. But today the US is losing its reputation for elementary competence, already badly battered by its long list of futile wars and the financial crisis of 2007-09.
    Parts of government, notably the Federal Reserve, remain effective for now, though who knows what would happen in a second Trump term? But the fundamental capability of the often despised “administrative state” — the bulwark of any complex urban civilisation — really matters.
    At these times of crisis, its absence is lethal. A government at war with science and its own machinery is now very visible to all. For those of us who believe in liberal democracy, these US failures hurt: they give credence to the idea that autocracy works better.
    But the death of decency and competence in core western governments matters beyond even this. The arrival of the pandemic is a global moral challenge. It is necessary to tackle the spread of disease, manage financial shocks, stabilise the economy and help the weak.
    The US has to play a big part. There remains no alternative to its role. We have been reminded that no man is an island in a pandemic.
    As Gordon Brown argues: “Out of this crisis must come reforms to the international architecture and a whole new level of global co-operation.”
    If this is to happen, some states must lead. Any global order rests on co-operation among powerful states. China and the US must not only function. They must function together, recognising the many interests they share, while tolerating their deep differences. If not us, who? And if not now, when?(Quote)


  • @ Crusoe

    You’ve highlighted the harsh realities of COVID-19.

    Unfortunately, several Barbadians aren’t taking this virus seriously and observing the precautionary measure implemented and are totally ignoring “social distancing.” I still see many people huddling together at village rum shops, drinking alcohol and playing dominoes.

    Although RBPF’s public relations office Inspector Inniss said a check with the various police stations throughout the island revealed police officers did not experience any major problems during the past three nights of the curfew, unfortunately, some people chose to be ‘out and about.’ There weren’t any mass arrests, fines of $50,000 or 12 months in prison…… or both. Officers explained the reasons for the curfew to the violators and told them they should adhere to the law.

    Sargeant Seibert Johnson made a similar observation yesterday as well.

    God bless you and yours as well.


  • Lawson…am sure you will be happy to be annexed, be careful what you wish for..


  • Ya takin us over Waru Hal says you guys are incompentant it could be another 1812. Hal thinks North Korea has a great medical system because they have few covid cases. I would suggest it’s because their army are good marksmen


  • How can we me sure about numbers shared by closed/totalitarian governments?


  • You can’t David partly because they have evicted the press but also it seems a lot of people want to feather their own nest Look at the Canadian on the WHO when asked about Taiwan


  • “I would suggest it’s because their army are good marksmen”

    Ur suggestion will be on point. Someone had said the leader said one bullet can cure the virus.

    U are the one who was begging the Prince to take over from Justin. Careful what u wish for. Ya will have to take everuthing that


  • So where is Dr. GP to give us all his medical knowledge……is he in hiding too??…lol


  • These peoople are working 12 hour shifts and more..


  • Let the thieves and their Beggars Charity chase after other people’s money so they can safely hide their laundromat..


  • lawson March 31, 2020 12:30 PM

    Yes Donna your a saint because the other guy is worse than you taking twice their share..

    You ARE an idiot, aren’t you? What could possibly be wrong with taking my share? Where is the harm in that? Are you in the habit of taking LESS than yours????????



  • WURA

    And here’s the African king to go with her.


  • Yes Donna…King Masekela..

    A duo whose spiritis could never be broken.


  • It’s never ending, the best minds will take a hit.

    “Tributes are being paid to world-renowned South African scientist Gita Ramjee, who has died from Covid-19-related complications.

    “She dedicated many years of her life to finding HIV prevention solutions for women,” her colleague and friend Gavin Churchyard told the BBC.

    Head of UNAids Winnie Byanyima said Prof Ramjee’s death was a huge loss at a time when the world needed her most.

    South Africa has the largest number of people living with HIV in the world.

    The country has begun a three-week lockdown as part of efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus.”


  • Donna what a greedy sloth get my share. What a terrible example of bajan spirit. Your selfish maybe not as bad as others but selfish all the same. The sad part is you can’t seem to understand that your behaviour is awful. I am sure you will help the people who cannot afford their as you say SHARE. By purchasing it


  • Not a sloth at all, fool! I spent the morning in my recently planted garden. And I don’t wait for a crisis to help people. Once I came into a sizeable sum of money and my father rushed to instruct me not to try to solve everybody’s problems with it. He knew me well. What I DO understand is that you are a jackass who cannot grasp the concept of fractions. The prime minister stated that there are three months’ groceries in stock. I took my three months’ share and retreated to my residence where my asthmatic ass is practising social distancing as instructed. If food stocks run out I will donate to a food bank. When my garden produces I will do likewise.

    Is like you cannot do fractions and you are bad at reading comprehension.

    Still waiting to find out if it is your practice to take less than your share.

    Now the sun is cooling down and it’s back to my composting. Pure BLACK GOLD coming right up! No more time to engage with white shite like you with your unnecessary lectures.


  • In the Corona crisis, the government should publish the home addresses of Mariposa and other former DLP ministers who now receive high pensions.

    The impoverished masses soon have nothing left to eat, while the DLP grandees drink champagne from golden cups like the white slaveholders used to.


  • Tron here is what i think of Mia curfew plan for the poor and vulnerable

    Now all across social media is this woman who claims of having no placed of abode locked in handcuffs and decked on both sides by policeman
    Now what was her crime ..Oh she broke the curfew
    Here is an instance wherby this woman could not be having no place of abode
    But the first response by police was to locked the lady in hand cuffs and take her into custody
    I get the feeling that the image was to send a strong measure to the public
    But cuhdear there are many people who are mentally challenged and have no place of abode
    Instead of using the lady as an example could not the police released the information to the public without all the kudoment publicity
    I would bet this is another one of govt publicity stunts to win favour with the people after the govt disastrous handling of the Corona Virus
    With so much crime taking root in barbados daily would it not be better to place a stronger interest in finding the criminal element that keeps barbadians in fear
    How about the squatters living illegally on land why cant govt give them the same type of police treatment that is set aside for curfew law breakers


  • Mariposa you understand what a curfew means ?Let me break it down for jackass.It means that after 8 pm unless you are in an essential service you are to be OFF THE ROAD comprende?Why was this lady on the road?The police have their job to do and should not softsoap any of these curfew breakers or next thing we know a bunch of lawless persons will be all over the place defying the police, the same ones uou call when anything happens to you.I support the police in making an example of these idiots and so should you.


  • Lorenzo curfews come with first warnings to individuals when first caught breaking the law
    There could be many real reasons for an individual not knowing the law
    In democracies all constitutional rights must be exhausted in times of crisis before the individual is hauled before a judge without good and fair representation and sentence
    Do u know why the lady was in the street
    Dont u get it into your big head that because govt institute a law under curfew powers that an individual rights are thrown out the window for indeed that is a foolish thought that leads to totalitarian govt
    Btw an individual still has special rights such as a right to religious assembly while curfew laws are in place
    You need to know your rights before taking an ak47 and shooting yuhself in the mouth


  • Piece the Legend


    De Mugabe administration has rehired the Pair of Rented Jackasses who we shall beat mercilessly?

    What is Barbados coming to?

    Then it means that the Salemites are doing their job and the Honourable Blogmaster had to call for backup



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