Prime Minister Mottley’s Father Awarded Knighthood

“Up to now you can’t say why the man is not deserving. In a small country how do you escape proximity to “power/decision-making”?”

Once I see you heading down this road, I know things bad.
No, No, No.
The onus is upon those conferring the honour to highlight the contributions, which are being recognized. Period.
Is Barbados, the country conferring the knighthood, doing so for work in Bermuda, Belize, Caymans, Turks and a little in Barbados too. Or for the leverage used in the BLP leadership battles.
Seems like another Marston Gibson were a Bajan leaves home and spends much of their career working elsewhere, only to return home and be knighted.
To me, if the PM had an ounce of moral decency, she would avoid selecting her father at all costs, especially in the first few opportunities she gets to bestow such an honour. What’s the rush? Is the man ill? – Northern Observer

To be honest the blogmaster does not pay too much attention to the New Year Honours list. The selection appears to be less than transparent and more importantly we are not enthused by a system that awards titles that is anchored to an irrelevant colonial past.

The New Year Honours List for 2019 released by the Government Information Service is as follows [blogmaster’s emphasis]:-

The Queen has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in the 2019 New Year Honours:


  • Assad John HALOUTE for services to the hospitality industry and philanthropy


  • Elliott Deighton MOTTLEY for services to the legal profession, diplomatic service and the community



  • Dr. Frances Louise CHANDLER, OBE for services to agriculture and sustainable development


  • Ms. Cynthia Joan WILLIAMS for services to nursing and the community


  • Reverend Hughson Carlos INNISS for services to youth empowerment and the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • John Wayne Anderson WATTS for services to environmental health

The decision to award Elliott Mottley a knighthood has attracted robust and muscular public comment across the length and breath of Barbados, notwithstanding the din generated by the holiday season. There is no need to be prolix with this matter. A repost of the blogmaster’s too brief comment to Northern Observer is enough.

Agree with this comment, the optics are bad and the brazenness of doing it in the first year of term is a foreboding act.

The opinion of the blogmaster is not meant to ignore Elliott’s Mottley’s contribution in his field of work. However, if the Prime Minister is serious about being a change agent she must avoid decisions that will distract and deepen citizen apathy. The herculean task to turn the country around is bigger than the aggrandisement of any family member. Even if that family member is her father. In fact some will suggest with good reason that the controversial waiver of the tax and penalties (NOT TAX DUE) in the amount of $1,051,872.28 to Elliott Mottley which came out of an audit of Mottley’s accounts is reward enough.

A word to the Prime Minister should be sufficient.



  • Wuhloss…Piece…hold ya corner AND “watch muh nuh”


  • WE keep saying that yardfowls are not even REMOTELY intelligent… is instructive..

    in 2008…while in the island…I voted and was happy to be INSTRUMENTAL…like many others…in whatever form….in removing their corrupt, blighted asses from the parliament…I had no intentions of making that same mistake twice, not knowing what I now know…

    …but will be happy to be instrumental in removing these useless demons that the electorate HAD NO CHOICE..but to exchange the flip side of the same coin… choice, but come 2023…choices will abound..tick, tock..


  • “In the name of common sense” is either “Lorenzo” on steroids or a DLP agitator who wants to keep the issue in the limelight and he/she has succeeded. I even penned some satire on a make- believe conversation between Mia and Sir Elliot but can’t decide whether to publish same.


  • Even if…no one wants to see the front side or the backsides of THAT CORRUPT DLP GOVERNMENT…in parliament…EVER AGAIN…so it is ok FOR THEM TO GIVE heat.

    ….current yardfowls will not even know the difference..and will even JOIN IN TO HELP…thinking that they are winding up the bloggers….lol…


  • Donna and WARU

    So because the other person used a line | used, it means I am that person? I am not that igrunt. The Blogmaster can tell wunna that I only blog as Enuff. Wunna take wunna self too seriously. LMBAO.


  • @Enuff
    David – Who liable in the event of a libel case?

    Of late you have frequently mentioned “ court clothes” and alluded to libel, is that the new strategy? Some of these people are quite litigious (for Owen mums the word) so are you letting the cat out of the bag?


  • Donna

    Lord mek peace.Yuh mean I just step way from this blog for a minute and a Nuclear War about to erupt ? lol.

    First of all Donna – I thought you would be more discerning.

    That is definitely not Enuff.That is a member from the QC Sisterhood – Mia Amor Mottley HERSELF.Lolllllll

    Look at the sentence construction again and study yuh head real good.

    However I take great offence at that poster suggesting that Donna’s post is always filled with profanity – that is an unmitigated,big ,sour lie – that all who read Donna’s post would recognize.


    Yuh know what got dey head so dizzy – is the fact that the award to the father is being referred to as a ‘SHITEHOOD lol.

    Wunna got to pay me some warm dollars in royalties for dat dey.

    Yuh notice that they send Prodigal out of Bay Street to start responding and directing the public in their affairs.

    Wunna got dey head kerfuffle – tek wuh I telling you – simple as it seems.

    The big gun herself who wanted to shut down the blogs is reading underground just like David Thompson used to read um – and what she is reading she does not like – because yuh dun know the IMF and The World Bank and the regional prime ministers getting the information too.

    But Karma is a bitch.


    Whappax !


  • It is a different person.


  • @WARU January 2, 2019 1:28 PM “The new Constitution River Terminal is like a ghost town.”

    I am likely the only person today who went out and took public transportation. I took two blue Transport Board buses, and two yellow buses without difficulty. I left home at 8:50. Made multiple stops at various business places and got back home at 12;50.

    I used both the Fairchild Street and the Princess Alice bus terminals without difficulty and without long waits. All staff were courteous, and al passengers were a joy to be around. We deservedly cuss the political class, but ordinary Bajans are still the good, decent Christian people we seek. An old woman dropped her 45 in error, a young man picked it up and ran behind her in order to return it. Young men and women rose on the buses without being asked and let their elders sit. Now if only we cold fix the political and business class. 45govt suggested emasculation, but I am not yet ready to cut off the balls of these good young men I encountered today.

    This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.


  • Only person on this blog


  • “Yuh know what got dey head so dizzy – is the fact that the award to the father is being referred to as a ‘SHITEHOOD lol.”

    …that was so funny ah nearly died laughing..

    Enuff…we knew it was not you…that person is too desperate, ya do not have that trait, ya too laid back, that is why ya are going to get run over…lol


  • …putting aside the jokes, Mia needs to FOCUS ON HER JOB…if she wants to IMPRESS US, she got a lot of work to do…and stop making these stupid, delusions of ENTITLEMENT MISTAKES…with her family, they are juvenile….WORTHLESS and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE..

    she continues to give the Blog ammunition..plenty of it…then the yardfowls come out to cry…when people like myself have absolutely NO SYMPATHY…

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  • But David/BU – even it is that person you wouldn’t tell us it is -true ?

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  • Simple..all the drama probably started…after ya got is 3:08.

    Don’t mind Enuff with that court talk…if he really knew what was happening, he would RUN…in the other direction from other fowls…


  • @T.Inniss

    It is a different person.


  • Ok David.

    I take your word for it.


    What did you think about that intervention though ?

    BU is the go to place when you want to feel the pulse of the people.

    It is indeed the People’s Parliament.

    Boy yuh gotta put on yuh amour when yuh come in this place yeah.

    So tell me what you made of that intervention David ? – and I don’t believe it is no low level person either.


  • It is obviously a passionate young BLP supporter.

    Like they are entitled to defend a party position.


  • I don’t believe that is a young BLP supporter.

    So you are now making me second guess whether it really is not Mottley.

    Young people don’t go off on vocabulary and language.That is usually not their focus.

    I am back to thinking IT IS MOTTLEY – or someone senior in the party.

    Its all good though.


  • This is now a new year, yet what passes for serious political discussion on BU continues to assault the mind. We were promised months ago a detailed analysis of the Mottley-led BLP government, so far without any luck.
    We have an on and off running debate about Ross University and housing at Coverley, yet we have tens of thousands of people who are either homeless or living in over-crowded conditions and not a word is said about how wealthy students from all over the world can walk in to relatively decent accommodation while locals are totally ignored. Where is the social conscience of the BLP government?
    We have people who are hungry, many of them suffering from malnutrition, yet there is talk about feeding Ross University students in government facilities. Are Bajans collectively mad?
    But, as I have said on a number of occasions, it will all end in tears.
    This little island, described in all seriousness as a democratic Republic with a foreign Monarch, is a failed state.

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  • @ David
    You can always tell when a blog hits the spot….
    All kinds of party gangsters come out of the woodwork …

    @ Sargeant
    I even penned some satire on a make- believe conversation between Mia and Sir Elliot but can’t decide whether to publish same.
    Yuh gwine mek we beg…???

    PubliSHIT nuh…


  • @T.Inniss January 2, 2019 5:44 AM “for taking back their 10 % salary after giving it up for more than 2 years.”

    But TInniss. If one “gives up” something, and then takes it back, then one has not “given up” anything at all.

    When we were at elementary school and someone gave something and then took it back we wold set a “cat boil” for them.

    But like you I too would like to know whether the BLP MP’s also “gave up” part of their salaries to charity, and if so which charities, how much, and when.


  • @T.Inniss January 2, 2019 5:44 AM “…berating them for taking back their 10 % salary after giving it up for more than 2 years. By the way did your MPs ever give up their 10 % salary back then ? (nobody seems to know for sure) – did it ever go to Charity ? – which Charity though ?”

    But TInniss if someone “gives up” something, then takes it back two years later, that person has not really ‘given up” anything. Back in the day when we were at elementary school, if a person “gave” a gift, then took it back we would set a “cat boil” for them, and soon we would see a large stye on the eye of the unfaithful “giver”

    But like you, I too am curious as to whether the BLP MP’s ever “gave up” a part of their salaries, and if so to which charities, and when.

    And I don’t want to hear no cute talk about not embarrassing the recipients.

    If they were “afraid of embarrassing the recipients” they could/can all put together and give one large donation to the Salvation Army or the Cancer Society or Cancer Support services, or other such large charities which are not “embarrassed to be seen receiving.”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright January 2, 2019 7:38 AM “Change that will affect that big long list that you typed here recently. Police, Social Services, the Judiciary, Education, our infrastructure, Crime, Druglord Immunity, Criminals in Parliament, Tyrants and Despots. How can that be changed? By the Gun or by the Ballot Box? And though many would say that the number of killings in Barbados suggests that it is happening by the gun.”

    When Doris’ grandson shoots Sheila’s grandson what kind of change is that? Two young men, neither of whom deserved to die, and the “duopoly” as some of you here call it remains in place, the “merchant” class remains in place.

    And Doris is bereaved, and Sheila is bereaved.


  • Sargeant
    Constantly assuming I am an insider or a paid agent is childish. Maybe I am just intelligent enuff to frame my own ideas and opinions (and stick to them) even in the face of hostile opposition from most on BU. You don’t hear me parotting Ministers either, in fact I believe I have a better grasp and experience of, and exposure to, public policy than half the Cabinet. If also you think asking someone if they have court clothes for making potentially libelous comments is a sign of my knowledge of a planned strategy, I feel for you. I run from no one on this blog, not a fella or heffa.


  • @John January 2, 2019 7:49 AM “In 1681, the King of England gave William Penn Sylvania in America as a place of refuge. Many Quakers from Barbados went there to settle.

    A Simple question: How could the king of england give philadelphia to william penn, when philadephia was the home and the property of the indigenous people? All you are telling me was that the king of england was trafficking in stolen goods, and that the white bajans who went to philadelphia were receivers of stolen goods.

    @John January 2, 2019 7:49 AM “I also came across a Philadelphia in Barbados on an old map!!!”

    There is sadly still a Philadelphia Lane in Barbados, the Lane right “below” Collins Limited on Broad Street.


  • T. Inniss,

    That one hit the spot! Shitehoods!


    For those who are preening their feathers and puffing out their chests like peacocks, to be laughed always hurts the most. They really believe they are impressing people with their shite titles. Nowadays “SIr” is like a bad word to most Bajans.


    Can you imagine that I was berated for not considering the children and grandchildren of those I “slandered.” when politicians talk worse about each other in the House and on political platforms than I ever did.

    Double stupse!

    Anyway, it is still my opinion that the haste with which the PM offered the shitehood and the haste with which it was accepted speaks volumes about them both.

    And I know that there is NOTHING there that can constitute a lawsuit!

    Triple stupse!


  • @Hal Austin January 2, 2019 8:14 AM “Simple Simon is at best being disingenuous, at worst being economical with the truth. A Christin culture does not men everybody goes in to church every Sunday. It means in the wider world, if not in narrow, inward-looking Barbados, a society whose values are rooted in Christianity.”

    Where did I mention anything about everybody, or anybody, or nobody going to church on Sundays?

    At what point in Barbados’ history was Barbados’ values rooted in “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, with all thy mind, with all thy strength, and thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”

    Barbados was born and grew up in the in the sin of slavery, where people who called themselves Christians, enslaved God’s African children. This continued for hundreds of years. Is that the period referenced by you and by John as Barbados’ Christian period?

    From 1838 to 1938 there was legal freedom, but the exploitation of God;s African children continued, so much so that the people rose in rebellion against their mistreatment. Is that the period referenced by you and by John as Barbados’ Christian period?

    As you never tire of telling us modern Barbados is a failed state. Is is possible for a “a society whose values are rooted in Christianity” to be at the sme time failed state? Would you or John call modern Barbados “a society whose values are rooted in Christianity.”

    Is modern Barbados that is the period from 1937 to 2019 the period referenced by you and by John as Barbados’ Christian period?


  • The usual bullshit from John..the shitehound in England back then was a THEIF…

    …someone should just pick up John’s house in his decrepit age, chuck his ass on the streets and give the property away to some homeless black people in the ghetto…that would be appropriate…he better don’t let TEETHS and PAIN know where he


  • @In the Name of Common Sense January 2, 2019 11:07 AM “You all are traitors.”

    Please do not come on the blog and cuss this portion of the electorate. The DLP yardfowls spent years doing that, and how did it work out for them?

    Because one hates the Prime Minister and/or her father [and I’ve never met either of them, so I don’t know enough about either to love them or to hate them. They are both strangers to me] that does not make the person a traitor.

    A traitor is one who betrays the their country, who betrays the state.

    The Prime Minister is not the state.

    The Prime Minister’s father is not the state.

    There is no divine right of Prime Ministership or of Kingship, or of Queenship. We all know this, as does the PM, and her father. The Prime Minister was put there not by God, but by the ordinary electorate, and when the ordinary electorate is ready we will remove her.

    if you wish to defend the PM and her daddy, as you have every right to do, then you must come respectfully and intelligently, and truthfully

    Cussing this portion of the electorate is not helpful.

    A word to the wise is sufficient.


  • Watch your language, girl! The “big ups” are reading and they believe that only they should be allowed to cuss!
    One of them actually cuss me fuh cussing!



  • “Whenever I read this sh*thole blog, it makes me sick to my stomach. But nothing can outdo the comments,,,blah blah blah”

    This person berated me for the use of the word shite whilst using the word shithole.

    Wuhlaus! Wuh ent dat a ting nuh????!!!!

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  • Enuff on January 1st @ 7:40 p.m.

    @ Tinniss

    You read and listen to respond in line with your narrative and not to understand.


    I now realise the exact quote you were referring to that – ‘In the Name of Common Sense’ – used.

    Things that make you go hmmm.

    I was told they usually sit in the war room in Roebuck street – or in the Opposition office – before elections – and send out these projectiles.


  • @In the Name of Common Sense January 2, 2019 11:33 AM “…to know such an obscure word.”

    Beknighted is not, I repeat NOT an obscure word.

    If you feel the love and the need to defend the PM, do so.

    But I beg ya please, leave the English language alone.

    When it comes to the English language I don’t tangle with Hal, nor Donna, nor WARU.

    I know better.



  • motley mottley….. actions like this lean more toward the first spelling


  • I change my mind .I have read over the comments by that person – and Mia writes better than that.I do not think it is Mottley.


  • “A traitor is one who betrays their country, who betrays the state”

    yeah…by selling out YA OWN PEOPLE to cow, bizzy, bjerkham, tempro, Maloney, etc….and every lowlife white, Indian, Syrian yall can find…TO BRIBE YA…

    by taking bribes from minority criminals….to sell ya people…

    by helping bizzy, cow, pemberton et al rob the NIS PENSION FUND for their 4 seasons scam…and also rob Cowell, Webber, this one and that one, hence ALL YALL ARE BLACKLISTED…across Europe…

    by helping the lawyers ROB THEIR CLIENTS…

    by helping keep the supreme court in a constant state of corruption that has now rendered it non-functional…..AND CLOSED to active cases..

    by bringing into the island every lowlife crook and tief they can find…to help them ROB THE TREASURY..


    by not LOCKING UP those from the DLP who ROBBED THE PEOPLE AND ISLAND..

    by having offshore accounts and not shutting down all ya fellow crooks who also have offshore accounts and return the money AND PROPERTIES to the people to whom it rightfully belongs…

    by protecting ya fellow lawyer/crooks who rob everyone…all their clients…thief all their land, rob the dead, dying, disabled and abled….

    by allowing only certain people to traffic cocaine, guns including ENGAGING IN the stolen cars racket out of Europe…..into Barbados…

    by having certain traffickers protected and their drugs escorted…by ****** when it enters the island…






    it suits yall..

    don’t mess with me…yall WILL REGRET IT…

    AND..ah have not even started on the Peter HARRIS SCAM YET….but take time Barney..yall will come again…


  • @In the Name of Common Sense January 2, 2019 11:46 AM “You all keep mentioning it a lot, so just wondering. You all actually think I am a BLP yardfowl? That is a sad commentary on Barbados.”

    Not only are you mashing up d people language, you mashing up logic as well. Because somebody on BU calls you a yardfowl, how does that get to be a sad commentary of the good 280,000 people of Barbados most of whom have NRVER been on BU.

    Did it occur to you that the yardfowl comment is just ONE PERSON’s opinion?

    An opinion that hundreds of thousands of Bajans may or may not share?

    Defend the PM as is your right, but I bag ya use some logic.


  • @Donna January 2, 2019 12:37 PM “Silly fool does not know that I write simply so everyone can understand. PS. Who does cuss more, drink more and whore more than the “elites?”

    Cuhdear Donna. Ya din have to beat up In the Name of Common Sense so bad.”


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  • @Prodigal Son January 2, 20191:12 PM “kicked their arses to the curve big time.”

    Please forgive me for issuing the correction, but the phrase is “kick to the curb” as when a person or an object is kicked out of building and lands on the CURB, that it the thingy, that may save their behinds just before they hit the main road and get run over by a cement mixer.

    Repeat after me: CURB.


  • wuhloss…Piece..”watch muh nuh”….murdahhh!!!



  • That list right there the TRUE DEFINITION..of DLP, BLP and BAR ASSOCIATION TRAITORS… the people of Barbados..ya won’t find any others..outside of that cancerous criminal circle…except for those who bribe them…


  • I am not surprised by the reaction of my opponents to a well-known saying. Yet one professes to be a member of the intelligentsia.🤣🤣🤣


  • I was here shaking in my boots. Now I am afraid to type a single words.

    Grammar, misspelling and typos are being corrected.

    My/your patriotism is questions…

    Good job HaHa guy. You met him/her on his battleground and vanquished him/her.


  • Enuff 68…the miscalculation backfired…so how are ya going to help ya masters…when you have no clue what is going to come out


  • what??? no more smartass come back for me tonight …don’t worry…..yall will forget and do it again…that is guaranteed…lol


  • Once upon a time not so long ago when the dlp was in power.
    On BU there was a man using the moniker Colonel who would make it his business to post pictures of garbage piling on the streets of Barbados
    Now lol and behold Colonel excellent work of posting pictures of a filthy barbados is no more since the blp came to power
    Could it that he died or was / is a political top brass bowl yardfowl too busy eating his full share of compensation off the govt / taxpayers table
    For certain cant see how he can ignore in full sight garbage piling mile high up in the sky and dead dogs lying amongst the filthy site and not post a picture on BU


  • I am tiiired proving y’all wrong. Keep trying, wunna can’t win.


  • Beat the bushes search
    This expression originates from the way in which hunters walk through undergrowth wielding long sticks which are used to force birds or animals out into the open…

    Waru and Mariposa beat the bush and you jump out

    Enuff the quail…


  • lol…I can remember when lowlife Cheney claimed he mistook an over 6 foot tall man for a quail and filled him with buckshot…lol…


  • “I was told they usually sit in the war room in Roebuck street – or in the Opposition office – before elections – and send out these projectiles.”

    now they know that my projectiles carry warheads…


  • @T.Inniss January 2, 2019 6:31 PM “I was told they usually sit in the war room in Roebuck street – or in the Opposition office – before elections – and send out these projectiles.”

    Just like your DLP folks sit in the war room in George street or in the Opposition office (If ya had one) and send out these projectiles.


  • @ In the name of common sense:

    Use some of that same not so common ‘common sense’ and haul your behind. No one invited you here. If you get ‘bad feels’, stop coming to this blog or you may pass out, hit your head and conk out. Silly person…….


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Whuloss boasie whey to begin? or is dat begun?

    @ in de Name of Commun Sense.

    De ole man ent got much edykashun en I would beg you tuh forgive de ole man.

    Dere is some remarks dat I wud like tuh respond tuh

    You sed and I quote or is that coat?

    “…and in case pieceuhderock didn’t know, we are working toward regional integration, so services rendered to other Caribbean territories, are services rendered to Barbados)…”

    My lady I did not know dat!

    And hey I was, wid MY ingrunt self, totally unaware dat dese two peeple, Mugabe and she fader, was doing all uh disfor regional integration

    I shud be ashamed uh meself.

    Whu dat might mean then that they might have been central in CARICOM INTEGRATION INITIATIVES OVER DE YEARS


    BUT AS TO THE SECOND PART OF YOUR QUESTION you asked “…why do you all hate Mia Mottley so viscerally?…”

    You need to step the fvck back though and take a look at the proliferation of comments ACROSS THE ENTIRE BU WEBSITE.

    Under all the bluster and jaw breaking language, you will notice a message of fear arising from the unilateral actions of Mia Mugabe as she changes the Constitution, refuses to Honour Bond Issues, defaults on sovereign debt, hires 27 ministers, ups her salaries, hires Jong the Spy who was banned from Grenada

    He was banned, much like her father, the recent Knight was banned from Bermuda

    Yes, these several endless infelicities would breed such abject disrespect or what you call “visceral hatred” a la Owen Arthur

    Watch how this article is going to max 1500 entries


  • @Sir SimpleSimon, I always assumed you would be Dame SimpleSimon…yuh had an op – lol?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you

    Ladies and gentlemen

    This is a psychologist who has been engaged to disrupt your remarks about Mugabe


    All of you focused on yourselves and your language etc AND STOPPED TARGETING MUGABE

    Which means their strategy worked


  • @Bajan in NY January 2, 2019 9:53 PM

    @Sir SimpleSimon, I always assumed you would be Dame SimpleSimon…yuh had an op – lol?

    Yeah man!!! Lolll!!! Years ago. One no longer has to be binary. Good surgeons, good psychologists, and the cooperation of the state…

    And you are good to go.

    A happy new year to you.


  • I knighted myself too.

    No need to wait on any Queen.

    When I can do it myself.


  • A BEACH BAR has taken over a significant section of the popular Batts Rock, but its French owner is denying it is barring Barbadians from the beach.

    Which Prime Minister said ” land should be put to its best use ” ?


  • @Hants

    Didn’t we cover this on BU?

    Batts Rock and Recolonization


  • @ David why is this news in today’s Nation ? I thought the BLP government ministers read BU.


  • @Hants

    Hard ears they wont hear…


  • @In the name of common sense

    Your January 2,2019 11:07 AM is spot on, “as to the vile manner” in which WARU T.Inniss Piece of slug Donna Mariposa post on BU


  • @ David,

    In 2007 I spent half a day at Batts Rock .It was memorable and I saw the ruins of the Bearded Fig Tree Disco ( one of my old hang outs.

    That day there were about fifty Bajans enjoying the beach and the sea.

    Now Bajans have to navigate a path to the sea.

    I give up. The youngsters will have to decide if they want to accept the continuing loss of beach recreation.

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  • A Frenchman s’il vous plait?

    As Pierre the elder once said “Mangez la merde”


  • “I am tiiired.”

    yep..ya definitely ‘tiiired”….lol


  • “This is a psychologist who has been engaged to disrupt your remarks”

    can’t be much of a psychologist if they only made things WORSE….and got Enuff in Wonderland stuttering…lol

    and caused EARS ENUFF…to perk up in real, real INTEREST…

    and got ******* shitting rreal, real bricks…cause they did not know that more people knew than they thought…


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ in the Name of Common Sense.

    Lest you succeed with you mission and detract us from the goal here is and item regarding the murder of Rebecca Middleton in Bermuda when Sir Mugabe was Attorney General and delivered his stellar services.

    The news item which you as an educated reader and writer reads

    “…The incident is remembered as one of Bermuda’s darkest moments, and led to a drop in tourism due to negative publicity and boycotts by those who believed a gross miscarriage of justice had occurred.

    To this day, Mr Middleton (the father of the murdered woman) believes that the powers that be in Bermuda were more concerned with protecting the island’s reputation than securing justice for his daughter. (DOES THAT INFORMATION BLANKET REMIND YOU OF ANYTHING??? LIKE THIS YOUR ATTEMPT TO HUSH UP THE BLOG ARTICLE???)

    “Just about everything that could go downhill, did go downhill. The Attorney-General (Elliott Mottley) told me he hadn’t lost a case in 10 years and was going to get a conviction, and he ELLIOT MOTTLEY, left town two weeks before the trial.”


    Ecce Homo behold the man, father of the woman who put up his name for national honours, who in the face of such a heinous murder, gets out of Dodge City, at such a critical point

    Yessiree, for according to you we writers do “viscerally hate de Mottleys for no reason at all” and all this publicly available dereliction of duty and moral turpitude present ample reasons why WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD GIVE MOTTLEY THE KNIHHT & MOTTLEY THE TYRANT OUR UNWAVERING SUPPORT


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ WARU

    But they are a psychologist if they are able to drop one comment and get the blog to veer off from the bad optics of the Elliot Mottley knighthood to people establishing their linguistic credentials and subject verb agreement.

    Most people can be goaded WARU.

    You just need to know how to yank their chain.

    If you do it with sheep all it does is baaaaaa

    However if you do it with lions or dragons, they will maul you or breathe fire to consume you.

    This article that the Honourable Blogmaster has posted is pure genius

    Every single BLP minister has come to take a peek at it.

    IT has their attention.

    You need go understand this and what the opportunity presents as it relates to the Mottleyian NEPOTISM GENE and how to frame that appointment SO EARLY IN MIA MUGABE’S REGIME not so much as poorly thought out AS MUCH AS CRASSLY IMPLEMENTED

    It shows to all bajans that Mugabe Mottley DOES NOT GIVE ONE FVCK ABOUT WHAT ANY OF WUNNA THINK


    You are getting side tracked by Peter Harris matters

    Even my Brother Hants tossed in Batts Rock and while it is understood that this is the focal point of the blog @today we have to understand attention span of 10 seconds.

    Keep hitting hard, like T. Inniss is, focus on the optics.

    The purpose is to get Mugabe’s own people to open their eyes and see the dictatorship and to stand up like men and women with balls.

    This is what the sheeple need to see


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a few items here for various people thank you


  • Barbadians have already seen the vulgar spectacle of the knighting of a mottley, can you imagine a mottley being knighted in Barbados

    But more vulgar is the plan to use millions of taxpayers money to build a monument in Queens Park for Dieghton.

    Taken from a face book page

    All i can say is i’ll be dam



  • “You are getting side tracked by Peter Harris matters”

    Not for a second…there is more GOING ON…THAN MEETS THE EYES…


  • I did not get distracted, Piece. I digressed as Mia often does in her speeches but what I admire about her is that she always returns to the exact point at which she left off.

    I did the same.

    How often do you wish me to say the same thing? I even posted it on another thread. But just to please you hers goes –

    The haste with which this knighthood was offered and the haste with which it was accepted speak volumes about the PM and the Knight.of the Shitey table.

    She seems more concerned that her father should get what she thinks he deserves than she is about the rest of us.

    The message is clear and has been received by all those with common sense rather than common shite in their heads.


  • And for good measure – It makes me wonder if the picture with Donald Trump now occupies pride of place on her nightstand.

    A truly crass and classless move.

    And chilling!


  • @Mariposa,

    The ethical confusion of the prime minister’s father’s knighthood is that two members of her family who deserve recognition are caught up in this general condemnation.
    Ernest Deighton Mottley, former Mayor of Bridgetown, and her paternal grandfather, was one of the most formidable architects of social policy in the post-slavery history of Barbados, who the trivia of party politics, the malice and envy of Errol Barrow and the intellectual weakness of our social historians have combined to reduce to the margins of our political history.
    He it was, not the nonsense of Barrow’s free education, who brought quality secondary education to the children of ordinary working men and women; he it was who fed the hungry through his free Queen’s Park kitchens; he it was who provided clothes and cash to the poverty-stricken.
    Also Elton Elombe Mottley, the prime minister’s uncle, is the most outstanding cultural historian and analyst of his generation and it is a blatant disgrace this economy-obsessed government has not found a place for as a consultant in the NCF – which he more than deserves.
    All this is overshadowed by an ethically bad decision to award her father a knighthood. When added to her choice of consultants and senators, it says a lot about the prime minister’s moral moorings.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Donna

    Yes chilling

    But let de ole man quote from Plato’s Republic and provide and even more chilling prescience of this Tyranny in the Making

    “…And therefore she Mugabe must look about her and see who is valiant, who is high-minded, who is wise, who is wealthy; happy man (and women with voices and opinions, like you Donna), (t)he(y) are the enemy of the Mugabe-ites all, and (they, the Mugabe-ites) must seek occasion against the outspoken dissenters whether you (dissenters) will or no, until she Mugabe has made a purgation of the state.

    Yes, I (Plato) said, not the sort of purgation which the physicians make of the body; for they take away the worse and leave the better part, but she Mugabe WILL DO the reverse [which is to destroy the living healthy flesh and keep the necrosis AND THE CANCER ]…”

    this is de ole man’s transliteration of The Republic…


  • “It makes me wonder if the picture with Donald Trump now occupies pride of place on her nightstand.”

    They only know how to mimic and part racists ..THEY DO NOT HAVE AN original idea in their heads…outside of..”gimme de vote and watch me nuh”


  • They only know how to MIMIC and PARROT racists…..


  • “All this is overshadowed by an ethically bad decision to award her father a knighthood.”

    It was a bad move, makes you wonder, exactly what was her hurry, so this year is Elliott, will Leslie Haynes be next year, which will really cement the SHITEHOOD label for those useless titles.


  • is instructive that yardfowls still believe this is some win OR lose competition…they are STILL to process with their limited brain cells…that this is about doing the RIGHT the people who elected Mia and her lot…and who PAY THEIR SALARIES..

    they still manage to show up the inadequacies in and embarrass the miseducatuion system..


    Liked by 1 person

  • @Sir SimpleSimon January 2, 2019 10:24 PM

    A happy new year to you.

    Thank you Sir, much appreciated and heartily reciprocated to you and your family.
    Keep on posting as you are one of the few who do so without a political bias.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Sir Simple Simon at 10 :26 PM

    Which liniment you “knighted “yourself with? Ben Gays Balsam? Or Canadian Healing Oil? I did not know those alternative “knighthoods” still exist.


  • Donna

    You see the number of posts this blog racked up.Close to 600 comments.

    It is article like these which will keep Mottley and those around her – feet close to the fire.

    These comments will not be allowed by Ellis and VOB or the call-in show – or as letters to the Editor in the Nation.

    Peter Harris and Barbados Today – will always follow the money – hence the termination of Kaymar’s employment.

    Lemme tell yuh – Mottley in for a big shock if she thinks people voted her party in because they were in love with her.

    That last election was a vote against the Dems Government – and Freundel communication style – which for most persons did not satisfy their desire.


  • Watchman ya blind bat!

    My post was as most people who can read would acknowledge, not my normal mode. I just could not resist the metaphor introduced by T. Inniss.

    And because I still can’t resist – you have now exposed your posterior (otherwise known as ASS).

    PS. Are your peeps going to look after the problem with the boulders or do you kiss ass for free??????????



  • Watchman so blind he kisses ass cheek and think it is face.

    Liked by 1 person

  • T. Inniss,

    I voted because the people (not myself) could not continue being ignored, disrespected, ridiculed and threatened by the last administration – not to mention the out of control corruption. The biggest insult was when Fumbles thought that he could fool us that all was well. That took the cake!

    I voted in the hope that the expected 30-0 drubbing would send a message to Mia and Co. that a similar fate of ignominy would befall them if they didn’t repent and change course.

    Alas it appears to have sent a message to them. But the WRONG ONE! She has taken it as carte blanche to do whatsoever she pleases and slap us in the face with a KNIGHT’S GAUNTLET!

    Now look at that SAD SACK FACE! That’s one for the history books. Will hers be next???


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright who wrote ‘ Even my Brother Hants tossed in Batts Rock “.

    no comment.


  • @ Brother Hants

    If you were to toss in a Fleur de ole man might have been an easier target but… in all seriousness this specific item is going to go to 1500 UNLESS THE HONOURABEL BLOGMASTER Breaks it in 2.

    But he will not do that because (a) it will pause the momentum of the article and (b) it would only appear as if he is supporting the Mugabe thrust WHICH HE IS NOT

    @ Sargeant

    De ole man will revert to your comments about the Libel Talk presently but rest assured that THAT WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVELY PURSUED BECAUSE IT WILL CEMENT THE MATTER OF MUGABE BEING A DESPOT

    She cannot touch Barbados Underground UNLESS SHE WANTS WAR, FIRE & FURY heheheheheheheh


  • @January 3, 20198:19 AM “in the face of such a heinous murder”

    I am always hearing the term heinous murder, but nobody has ever explained to me what is a non-heinous murder.

    Can someone please explain, just in case i am ever asked to work on a jury.


  • @ Donna

    Yes Donna, the problems of boulders in a watercourse were created by people vilely like you .


  • I doubt very much that this knighthood was about Sir Elliott who looked pretty frail the last time I saw him (on TV). Perhaps it is about Lady Amor, because after all Barbados has NEVER honoured any of its women who like Amor, who like my mother, and probably yours too, have essentially spent most of their lives being excellent wives and mothers.

    In Barbados no political party, NONE acts as thought it believes that being an excellent wife, and being an excellent mother is important work. Work which has tremendous social and economic value.

    I mean looka, we have set up statues everywhere to MEN, especially to political men, but do any of us even know the names of the MOTHERS who raised these eminent men?

    For example look at the Wikipedia entry for Frank Walcott “Frank Walcott was born in Saint Peter, and his policeman father died when Walcott was very young.” From this we don’t even know if this eminent man was even born of a woman. Yet since his father died when he was very young, his MOTHER very likely raised them. How come then she is treated as a nonentity? A person unworthy of even being NAMED?

    So if this award it to the eventually widowed Lady Amor [women typically outlive their husbands] for her contribution to raising our Prime Minister I have no problem with it.

    Raising a prime Minister must be a pretty difficult job. I haven’t managed to raise one yet, although I am still working on it.

    But on the whole we Bajans [heck, the rest of the world too] must do more to honour the excellent work that MOTHERS do.

    MOTHERS don’t only give birth, a little thing which typically takes only a few hours. MOTHERS reproduce the society.


  • @ Simple Simo,

    The rest of the world? Evidence. In the UK we have organisations such as Wages for Housework, in which a Barbadian was/is prominent. And the contribution of homemakers is recognised in law. Half the marital assets must go to the wife in a divorce. And, in a now famous divorce case, in cases where the husband is wealthy and makes most of his money post-divorce, he still has to provide for his ex-wife, even if she re-marries. Further, pensions in divorce is a specialism in pensions law.
    Barbados, that democratic Republic with a foreign Monarch, is not the world.


  • Thanks for the confirmation my brother. The confirmation that Sylvan Greenidge and Rovell Morris has been relieved of their jobs at the Grantley Adams International Airport. Their contracts we’re cancelled.

    The only sin committed by these two gentleman, whose work at the Airport has been stellar, is that, in the case of Mr. Greenidge, he deared to resign from the BLP because of the direction it is heading and in the case of Mr. Morris, he is the son of former DLP minister, Mr. Bobby Morris.

    Really now, is this way Barbados wants to take it’s politics? That whenever a government changes political knives are sent out to chop down persons who do not share the incoming government’s political point of view. Maloney enjoyed work under the DLP and now the BLP. Is it only because he is white?

    If this is the BLP’s style then my heart bleeds for Barbados because the country is far too small to engage in that kind of political canabolism.

    I am informed that the common courtesy was not even extended to Mr. Morris to be taken home by the company’s messenger after the keys to the company vehicle he drove was taken from him.

    Who remembered the lot of talk and empty promises made in the Covernant of Hope? The BLP’s promise in their 2018 Manifesto of building a new Barbados.

    What is the real state of affairs at the Airport? We heard that the Airport is being leased to a foreign entity. Now we are seeing efforts to suggest that the government is restructuring this operation that already makes millions of dollars in after tax profits. Thanks to the works of these two gentlemen and their former colleagues.

    A job to continue building an efficient Airport was too good for these two black working class Barbadians but Maloney, COW, Simpson and the rest of the white shadows will continue to reap the economic benefits of this country.

    One recalls the so-called bitter hostility that appeared between mia and Maloney, but that has now quickly become a marriage of convenience.

    Well if Barbadians can’t see where their country is heading then God help them.

    Taken from a fb page


  • Is Maloney white? He appears to be brown-skinned to me, with a Southern European complexion. In the old language, he can pass -and he obviously does. He won’t get away as white in the old South Africa.


  • Dear Hal: Thanks for keeping me up to date on all things U.K.


  • But believe me neither Barbados nor the rest of the world is where the U.K is at when it comes to recognising the WORK that MOTHERS do.


  • @Simple Simon,

    I left out a very important part in the divorce matrix: where there are children under the age of majority, in the case of a divorce, the family home goes to the wife.
    Oh, and one advantage of colonialism (not that I am recommending it) is that legislation passed in the mother country eventually has to be applied in the colony, unless there is internal self-government.


  • @Hal Austin January 3, 2019 3:25 PM “Is Maloney white?”

    Nevev met him, but have met his brother who worked as a teller at CIBC on Broad Street about 20 years ago. If they share the same parents, and by appearance they do, Maloney is what is called “white Bajan”

    However I don’t know how he defines himself on the census form. I’ve worked as a census taker, but not in his neighbourhood, but in the neighbourhoods where I worked I met both “black” and “white” Bajans who defined themselves as “mixed”


  • Hal, maybe this current government led by a female prime Minister will find more tangible ways to honour the child rearing /reproducing the society work which is still principally done by women. Women just like your mother and mine. Women just like our sisters and daughters.


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